(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera opens up to Molly Waters sitting behind her desk in EAW headquarters. She looks at the camera, and doesn’t waste any time, beginning to speak after the camera fades in.)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Molly Waters, and I’m here with breaking news. After Voltage went off the air last night, the action continued. Let’s roll the footage.

(The camera cuts to recorded footage of Jesse Barlow, Hannah Marin, and Colby Sol. The trio are leaving the arena when suddenly, Jesse is attacked from behind with a lead pipe! Colby Sol turns around, and immediately goes to try and attack, only to be taken down as well.)

Hannah Marin: HELP-

(Before Hannah could finish, she’s grabbed from behind, and the person grabbing her covers her mouth. The man that attacked Colby and Jesse walks into the camera’s view, and the attacker is revealed to be Cepheus St. Claire. Cepheus begins repeatedly hitting both men with the pipe, causing blood to begin pouring down from their heads. Cepheus drops the pipe, and aggressively stomps on Jesse before walking towards Hannah. Lonnie Delmonty is revealed as the man holding Hannah, and Cepheus grabs Hannah and takes her from Lonnie before beginning to speak.)

Cepheus St. Claire: This is just a warning. This is far from over.

(Cepheus tosses Hannah to the ground, and both men walk away from the camera’s view as Hannah can only watch. As the two men leave the view, the scene finally fades back to Molly Waters in her office.)

Molly Waters: Now, Captain Charisma, who is once again in charge of Voltage, has released a statement on the attack. The statement reads: “Due to the attack that occurred after Voltage was off the air and the issues between Cepheus St. Claire and Jesse Barlow that have been simmering since last year’s Pain for Pride, the two of them will face off at Fighting Spirit: Omaha in an ‘Ultimate Opportunity Barbed Wire Ladder Match.’ While I won’t reveal what this could be, I will say that it involves Pain for Pride, and may the best man win and this beef be put to rest.” So there you have it. Jesse Barlow will be facing Cepheus St. Claire in an Ultimate Opportunity Barbed Wire Ladder Match. What could the opportunity be? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. That’s all for now, see you next time.

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 5/10/20

Most Valuable Elitist #223