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BREAKING NEWS: Match change for Reasonable Doubt!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera fades in from the EAW Headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey where Molly Waters as always is seen sitting behind her Fight Grid desk as she looks up with a smile on her face as she does so as the camera focuses on her. It takes a moment as she lets the music in the background play out before she begins to speak to the audience at home)

Molly Waters: And we’re back! Welcome to Fight Grid where we give you all the latest breaking news going on in the world of Elite Answers Wrestling! As for tonight we have an update on the Showdown exclusive free-per-view, Reasonable Doubt as we have breaking news concerning the event!

(The camera pans out as it shows the TV that’s above Molly as it shows a recap of Showdown from a few weeks ago. Jack Ripley is shown making his way into the office of Ryan Wilson after winning against him the week prior. And with that Ryan decides to give him an award for his win against him)

Molly Waters: Jack was given an opportunity to be the first person in the Interwire Championship number one contenders match at Reasonable Doubt, which he accepted. He was later joined by SKA who was the second person confirmed for the matchup after he himself got a reward for his victory as well the week prior, he was also joined by James Ranger later in the show when he challenged Wilson and in turn got the opportunity,and of course followed by Bronson Daniels and his inclusion into the matchup after winning against Ripley later in the night in their match via countout.

But the participants in the match are in question now as we’ve just gotten news regarding the first person added into it, Jack Ripley. Unfortunately during training for the event Jack injured himself during it and was taken to the hospital. We’d go to learn later on that he had suffered from a grade 2 ankle sprain, it was mild, only taking a few weeks to recover, but we learned that he was not going to make it to Reasonable Doubt to fight in the matchup.

As for the match itself, with the exclusion of Jack Ripley out of the match there has been no suited replacement found for the match in his place. Therefore the Interwire Championship contendership match has now been changed to a triple threat, where Bronson Daniels, SKA, and James Ranger will all fight for a chance to face either Consuela Rose Ava or Alexis Chambers for the Interwire Championship at Road to Redemption! For now that is all we have for Fight Grid tonight, prayers go out to Jack Ripley as we hope he makes a smooth recovery, I’m Molly Waters, signing off!

(Molly keeps a wide smile as the camera pans out and away from her as the screen goes black)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

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