(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera opens up to a shot of EAW Headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. It then goes inside the building to reveal Molly Waters as she is seen standing by with a smile. After some time, she then begins to speak.)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fight Grid, your source for news all throughout the Land of Elite! As always I am Molly Waters, coming to you LIVE with BREAKING NEWS regarding the Road To Redemption Marquee Event in just two weeks’ time!

(The television screen next to her shows a replay of what happened at the end of Voltage, after the match between Cameron Ella Ava and Andre Walker. After Cameron got a huge victory over Andre, Jamie O’Hara would launch a heinous attack on his Road To Redemption opponent, leaving him hurt and possibly injured at his hands to close the show.)

Molly Waters: Starting off first with solemn news, as you may already know on Voltage Jamie O’Hara would attack Andre Walker to end the show with a steel chair, trapping it around the arm of the former World Heavyweight Champion and dealing a considerable amount of damage to it. While at first the diagnosis on the condition of Andre would allow him to compete at Road To Redemption, further evaluation saw the injury become severe, and have him out of action for the foreseeable future. So with that in mind, I have officially gotten word from the Commissioner of Voltage Captain Charisma that the match is officially cancelled.

(Molly bows her head for a moment and pauses. It’s definitely a dampener considering how exciting of a match it could have been.

Molly Waters: But regardless, the show must go on, and we still have a lot more matches in the wait for all of you to enjoy when Road To Redemption comes around! Especially this one which is our next piece of news!

(The screen then transitions over to replays of what happened this past week on Saturday Night Showdown and Sunday Night Voltage.)

Molly Waters: As you may already know, there have been rumblings of a Showdown versus Voltage brand showcase match appearing on the card. Heidi Huxley has already announced the participants for her brand, those being Delilah Rose, Miku Sakai, Princess Candice, and Caroline. Along with that we have seen them already make their move, interfering in the tag match between NICHOLISM and Donovan Duke and Mia Santoro, and sending the four Voltage Elitists out of the ring in triumph. Well with that we have official confirmation that the match is official! That along with who will be announced on the Voltage side, and fittingly enough, it will be Alex Myers and Ruler of NICHOLISM, along with Donovan Duke and Mia Santoro! This match could not be more exciting! Road To Redemption is getting closer and closer and with that the excitement is through the roof! But for right now, that is all for tonight. Thank you all for joining us, as always I am Molly Waters, signing out.

(Molly gives one last look at the camera with a smile on her face, before the camera fades out to show one last shot of EAW Headquarters. Following this, the camera begins to fade to black.)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 11/26/23

Elitist of The Month – November Edition!