Midtown Manhattan , NYC

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera opens up to a shot of the outside of EAW Headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey. It does a panaround for a moment before the camera transitions to the inside, none other than Molly Waters is seen behind her signature Fight Grid desk with her hands clasped together and a smile on her face. She lets the camera move closer to her and takes a moment before she begins to speak)

Molly Waters: Welcome to another installment of Fight Grid! Where we have news all throughout the world of Elite Answers Wrestling where we’re coming to you tonight with breaking news regarding all three brands this week! In an exciting surprise, the locations of all three brand exclusive Free-Per-Views will be moved from the illustrious World 1 Theatre to elsewhere involving a socially distanced crowd!

Molly Waters: Following the safety protocols of the NBA, and not just them, but seeing how other sporting events have gone lately, EAW will be moving their last brand Free-Per-Views of the Season to three of their favorite venues, and each of them goes as follows!

Molly Waters: Voltage’s Shock Value will now be taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York! Showdown’s Under Siege at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida. And finally, Dynasty’s Reckless Wiring will be taking place at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah! With each venue having a crowd of about 5,000 socially distanced members of the EAW Universe in attendance!

Molly Waters: Amazing news indeed and definitely sets a precedent for brand exclusive Free-Per-Views to come! Tickets will go on sale this Friday and the hype is real as the time begins to wind down for our first Free-Per-View, Shock Value on March 20th! Thank you for joining me today on Fight Grid, I’m Molly Waters, signing out!

(Molly smiles once more as she waves to the camera as it pans out, that being the last shot as the scene faded to black from there)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 2/28/21

Elitist of The Month – February Edition!