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(Fight Grid Intro Plays)

(A very nerve-racked Mikaela Street is trying to keep her composure as so much has changed now heading into Showdown’s Last stand. First Sheridan Muller was taken out and her career in EAW could be over, that puts the Cash in the Vault in limbo right now. SOSA Henderson had stepped up and took her place to face Chef Viz in a No Disqualification Match, but now even more has changed.)

Mikaela Street: Hi… this is Mikaela Street, and it has been a crazy 24 hours for the Showdown Brand. Kennedy Street had to make an executive decision that we all saw SOSA Henderson get placed in the match with Chef Viz, stepping in for Sheridan Muller. Well, now we have even more breaking news! I….

(But before Mikaela could finish, Kennedy Street walks out and she doesn’t look too happy. Mikaela quickly turns her attention to the General Manager of Showdown.)

Mikaela Street: Kennedy! Hi! I didn’t expect you to join us!

Kennedy Street: I’m going to be brief honey as I’m tired and Kennie needs her 8 hours. Earlier today there was an injury to Serenity Valdez, and it doesn’t look good either. Within the span of a week Showdown has lost two main event stars and both he Empress of Elite crown and the Cash In The Vault. This is downright crazy honey. Serenity was caught in an altercation with Veena Adams at the local gym, footage will be released on Showdown of the incident but what we have seen is that Veena took Serenity out and basically honey…. She might be dead.

Mikaela Street: DEAD!?!

Kennedy Street: Yeah… work with me honey, dead as in we are probably never going to see her again as she looks like the Elephant Man. Anyway, The Temple of Trials match needs to be changed. Since Serenity cannot compete, I have forced Veena to relinquish one of her partners, and so I chose Ashlynn Quinn since she took out Serenity, it is only fair. The Temple of Trials match will now be Jon Kelton, Pandora Paisley, Halsey Neel, and Usagi Senshi taking on Veena Adams, ARIA and both members of IDOL-GUN, one of them could be the Iconic Cup Winner.

Mikaela Street: What about Ashlynn Quinn?

Kennedy Street: Well honey, I have decided since Madison Kaline is such a huge fan of Kennie’s? That Ashlynn Quinn will be inserted in the match with both Madison Kaline AND Delilah Rose, and now it is a Triple Threat and the winner? Gets IN the Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption. That is all. Bye honey.

Mikaela Street: Byeeee!

(Kennedy Street walks off leaving Mikaela flabbergasted, she turns back to the camera.)

Mikaela Street: Thank you all and see you at The Last Stand! XOXO!

(Mikaela waves as the camera fades to black.)

(Fight Grid Logo Buzzes)

Written by Mikaela Street

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