BREAKING NEWS: General Manager Kennedy Street Announces Huge Implications for the Showdown Elimination Chamber!

(Fight Grid Intro Plays.)

[SCREENBAR: Bulacan, Philippines]

(As the camera pans in, the beautiful Kennedy Street is seen sitting at her desk inside the confines of her traveling office in a pink button up blouse, matching pants, and heels. Standing next to her is Heidi Huxley and Veena Adams, both dressed in professional attire. The bombastic blonde doesn’t look very happy at all.)

Kennedy Street: I was going to enjoy my day off, honey. Tour the Philippines and not have to worry about work until tomorrow night on Showdown, sit back and enjoy Dynasty with my good friend, the esteemed General Manager, Tyrone Montgomery, but no, work is never done. Now, I could have saved this announcement for the show, but why? I rather all eyes on me and the Pink Brand. Blue for those in denial. I would first like to start off by saying, Hurricane Hawk was a good General Manager that made bad choices. He is a very smart man with the knowledge to have led this brand to be the very best but failed in doing so when he allowed the inmates to run the asylum. There were never any consequences for the actions of those that decided to walk all over him. Kennedy Street on the other hand, well she takes no malarkey, honey.

(Brushing her hair back, she continues to speak.)

Kennedy Street: Having heard a lot of talk this past week on promotional television with Adam Lucas and Donovan Duke, basically complaining about the opportunity that was given to them by giving not only two of the very best that this brand has to offer but a chance to bring some gold back to Showdown and watching these two ingrates try to throw it away by calling me out on false accusations and making it about ME when it should be about the Unified Tag Team Championships has not fallen on deaf ears. Jumping at the chance to become the General Manager of Showdown is a dream come true that the EAW gave me. After fifteen years of wrestling, I wanted to give back to the greatest organization in the world, honey. So, my first duty as General Manager and they try to throw it back in my face. So, this is what is going to happen as I have already talked to Captain Charisma on Voltage, but this Unified Tag Team title match WILL go on as scheduled where both Adam Lucas and Donovan Duke WILL wrestle The Prescription. Because if you don’t, I’m going to pass some serious repercussions to your blatant actions.

(Veena Adams smirks, Heidi Huxley nods but Kennedy is not done.)

Kennedy Street: Since Hurricane Hawk allowed for this roster to get away with murder, The Sexy Flawless GM will not. On December 10th and 11th, we will see Road to Redemption emanate from Beijing, China honey. This is a huge event for ALL of the EAW and especially me as it will be my first official Free Per View as General Manager of Showdown. So, I have made the decision to show these two Elitists that I am not Hurricane Hawk and your actions do have consequences. So, with that said…. For your outright disrespect to this company, your fellow Elitists who would give up anything for this title opportunity and the unprofessionalism displayed this week by two of the biggest stars on Showdown. Adam Lucas and Donovan Duke who have already qualified for the Chamber? WILL ENTER IT AT NUMBER ONE AND TWO TO START THE MATCH. The rest of the four picks will be at random. Thank you and enjoy this weekend’s festivities…. Honey.

(As Kennedy Street sits back, she smirks as the camera fades to black.)

(Fight Grid Logo Buzzes)

Written by Mikaela Street

Dynasty 11/18/22

Showdown 11/19/22