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BREAKING NEWS: EAW World Championship Match Confirmed for Shock Value!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The scene fades into Molly Waters, she is sitting behind a news desk as always seemingly as a backdrop is behind her with the EAW logo at the EAW Headquarters in New Jersey. She gives a bright smile as she straightens her papers and begins to speak for what surely is going to be a big announcement)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this installment of Fight Grid Live! We’re coming at you breaking news for sure about the upcoming Voltage free-per-view, Shock Value! This is a big one for sure as this concerns the EAW Champion, Andrea Valentine and the match that she’ll have at the show which should come as no surprise if you take a look. 

(The camera then pans out just a little bit to the right to a TV screen showing the scene at the recent EAW free-per-view, Clash of Kingdoms. Specifically the match between Malcolm Jones and Rex McAllister.)

Molly Waters: Before the match had ended, Malcolm Jones had rolled up Rex McAllister only to be interrupted by Charlie Marr who pulled the Ref out of the ring and ended the match abruptly leaving both men bloodied. Despite the restraining order and Captain Charisma assuring us that Charlie Marr was doing promotional work outside of where Clash of Kingdoms was being located and in Australia, Charlie Marr still showed up either way and attacked Malcolm Jones at something we won’t be forgetting for a while. But that’s not all…

(The camera then turns back to Molly Waters front and center)

Molly Waters: Immediately following the altercation, backstage Charlie Marr and EAW Champion Andrea Valentine had a run-in which surely wasn’t going to turn out well either way. Not being very pleasant to one another Charlie Marr demanded a rematch for the EAW Championship which he lost to Andrea at Road to Redemption in the Voltage Extreme Elimination Chamber. It was then stated that Andrea wasn’t going to back down as she said, any time, any place, any match and she would be willing to put the EAW Championship on the line against Marr. As such Charlie taking advantage of what Andrea said putting his luck to the test, has stated he challenged her to the same match that he won the EAW Championship against Malcolm Jones at Bloodsport…

(A pause between Molly Waters’ words is put in as she elicits a smirk before speaking)

Molly Waters: THE ELECTRIFIED STEEL CAGE OF DEATH! Surely adding to the SHOCK Value of this free-per-view, making it even more exciting for watchers who are anticipating the free-per-view! This joins PAKA and Korey Gaines as one of the confirmed matches we’ll be seeing! Voltage will have more on this story next episode, as it’s time for me, to sign off.

(Fight Grid logo appears.)

Written by Fight Grid

Most Valuable Elitist #212

Dynasty 2/21/20