(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The scene opens up to a pan around of the outside of Elite Answers Wrestling Headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey. It then goes to the inside where Molly Waters is seen seated behind her Fight Grid desk, smiling happily while the camera pans closer to her. When the opener is done, Molly then begins to speak towards the EAW Universe at home.)

Molly Waters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fight Grid! Your source for all news throughout the Land of Elite with yours truly, Molly Waters. And we’re coming to you tonight with breaking news on the Sunday Night Voltage side of things! Kicking it off right now we have footage from after the most recent show in the parking lot of the arena, which features former World Champion Drake King and 24/7 Battle Royale winner Samael. We know the two of them have had their issues these past few weeks, but now it seems to have boiled over, let’s roll it.


(The camera then transitions over to the parking lot where a rental car is seen halted to a complete stop before it could completely pull out of the arena. The front door has been ripped open and left ajar while the shot focuses on a body completely limp down on the ground next to it. The long hair and beard reveal that it is indeed Drake King, but it’s tattered with red along with the rest of his face being entirely blurred out so it’s obvious that he’s been bloodied and beaten unconscious. The camera then pans up to reveal two people, Dr. Doyle and Caine are seen standing above Drake. Dr. Doyle is obviously furious, having warned Drake during the show about what happened, and how Caine would be up to something dangerous… and this is what that is. Caine bears a serious face while Dr. Doyle yells at him.)


(In the background, a swarm of people are seen rushing out to the scene. Captain Charisma, along with security and medical personnel are seen, with members of security immediately coming in and holding back Caine and even Dr. Doyle before anything else can happen. Meanwhile, Captain Charisma and medical are seen checking on Drake, who hasn’t responded to their attempts at waking him up. The camera pans closer to the blurred face of Drake, before a member of the security team steps in and holds his hand over the lens, forcing the camera to completely shut off while the scene transitions back to Molly standing by.)

Molly Waters: There’s a rumor going around after that footage was released that Samael is demanding to face Drake at EAW’s first Free-Per-View of the Season, Midsummer Massacre. But right now, nothing more is known at the time. Until then we have some more footage being released this time concerning yours truly and Eden Sinclair. After the show, I got the opportunity to interview Eden on recent events after this past episode of Voltage, and you’ll be surprised to hear what she has to say. But why take it from me? Let’s roll the footage!

(The camera then goes back to the arena, but this time the backstage area. A shot of Molly Waters is seen before the camera pans out to show a very displeased Eden Sinclair standing beside her. Molly clears her throat cueing the beginning of the interview before beginning to speak.)

Molly Waters: Eden, as you know, this episode of Voltage was certainly an interesting one for you. I just wanted to take the time to get your thoughts on the entire thing if you don’t mind?

(Eden sighs before holding out her hand and flat out taking the microphone from Molly. It’s evident that she’s visibly upset after a number of things that went down today.)

Eden Sinclair: Yes… interesting if that’s the way you want to put it. I’m very disappointed in what we put out today and I thought after the stern talking to that these Voltage people would know better. But after what happened at the… “Toon” Palace and being shown firsthand just how unruly everyone is in this absolute madhouse, it’s clear that it’s going to take a lot more than a slap on the wrist to revert the savagery that Captain Charisma has allowed on this brand. It just doesn’t make sense to me why people believe they have this much power to themselves here, so much so to believe that they can make their own matches and fight one another without any sort of consequences. I plan to address several things next week to open up Voltage, and furthermore, several Elitists will be subjected to further disciplinary action for what went down. But while we’re here, I’m going to take the time to set the record straight.

Eden Sinclair: I have told TLA this personally, but effective immediately, his match against Daryl Kinkade at Midsummer Massacre has been canceled. Along with that, I will also be canceling Theron Nikolas versus Hikari Kanno for the Free-Per-View as well. This type of unkempt chaos will not be showcased on an event as important as the first Free-Per-View under the EAW & Disney partnership banner, and instead, both will be taking place on August 7th. Let me make one thing clear, neither I nor Captain Charisma signed off on either match, and I am not going to allow the inmates to control the asylum this Season and take Voltage’s marquee event spots. But… that’s not enough. Because who’s to say this unacceptable behavior won’t translate over to Showdown, or Dynasty. That would be unacceptable, and now I have to go out of my way to show that nobody is exempt from facing the consequences.

Eden Sinclair: Which is why because of their behavior earlier in the night, the Universal Women’s Championship match between Harper Lee and Andrea Valentine is also being canceled. Hurricane Hawk and Heidi Huxley will be announcing a rescheduled date for that match soon, but I hope that shows that this type of blasphemy will not be tolerated in this new EAW. Furthermore, people can either get on board with the new Voltage or get out, because the Disney vision is the right vision… and no one is going to mess that up.

(Eden shoves the microphone back into Molly’s hands before turning around and walking off. The camera then transitions back to the Fight Grid scene with Molly standing by.)

Molly Waters: Bold words for Eden, and I’m surely interested to see how that’ll translate in the coming weeks with all of these major announcements. For now? That’s all we have for you today! Thank you for choosing Fight Grid and as always I’m Molly Waters, signing out.

(Molly waves at the camera while it pans back and transitions to another shot of EAW Headquarters. It’s the last shot seen before everything from there begins to completely cut to black signaling the end of the scene.)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 7/17/22

Dynasty 7/22/22