BREAKING NEWS: Constance Blevins Issues a Challenge for Bloodsport!

(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera fades into the outside of the EAW Performance Center. The camera pans around a bit showcasing the center situated in New Jersey as the camera finally cuts to Molly Waters, seen standing right in front of it with a bright smile. It’s a few hours before Dynasty is kicking off and that is known before she begins to speak)

Molly Waters: Welcome to Fight Grid! I’m coming to you all today with breaking news which happened earlier in the day. Let’s cut to it right now!


(The camera fades out yet then fades into the Performance Center once again. It’s obviously earlier in the day as the doors to the center push open as someone is seen coming out from the Performance Center. Constance Blevins is seen making her way out as she looks around to see multiple cameras following her as she makes her way down a pavement. She rolls her eyes in response to the cameras before finally breaking the silence as she shakes her head)

Constance Blevins: Why out of everyone in the world, when you have the Ava Families, Sienna Jade’s, Serena Bennett’s, or Andrea Valentine’s of the World, would you be following me? Seems pretty stupid if you ask me.

Reporter #1 (Off-Camera): Well I just wanted to know why we won’t be seeing you on the upcoming Voltage this week?

(Constance stops in her tracks for a moment and smiles sarcastically at the Reporter before beginning to speak again)

Constance Blevins: I’m sure it probably has something to do with the fact that not I’m blonde, not a high-profile relationship with a former World Champion, and I’m not an intergender competitor fighting for male championship title belt. Let’s be honest, no one really bats an eye about women’s wrestling anymore, do they?

Reporter #2 (Off-Camera): Well to correct you a bit that wouldn’t seem to be the case. At Bloodsport Minerva versus Serena Bennett for the Universal Women’s Championship is a heavyweight match-up and also has the potential to be one of the greatest Universal Women’s Championship bouts since its creation at Pain For Pride XXII.

Constance Blevins: I get that, and I can say for certain that I’m happy for my sister. But my problem when you look at it from my angle is, why just one? Why a single women’s match? I mean correct me if I’m wrong here like you just did, there’s definitely more than one right? Why aren’t we showcasing the women’s division at the forefront on a regular basis? I mean if I remember correctly tonight the number one contender for the Specialists Championship, Harper Lee is facing SEBAS. What’s the deal? Are you kidding me? Does that literally have anything to do with what’s happening at Operation: Doomsday? If you want me to cut it into terms that you can understand, it makes me sick. We’ve got titles like the Interwire Championship and the National Elite Championship that are held in higher regards than the Specialists Championship because the women holding them and competing for them care more about competing in a male division rather than to elevate the Specialists Division itself. That’s why I have a problem with the person holding the National Elite Championship, Sienna Jade. You know something? How about I just face Sienna Jade at Bloodsport?

Reporter #3 (Off-Camera): Would you be fighting her for her National Elite Championship?

Constance Blevins: Whatever floats your boat but I’ll be pretty blunt with you here, I couldn’t give a damn about that belt. If I do happen to win it, I will throw it in the trash where it rightfully belongs. You know the only thing I do care about worthwhile in this little challenge that I put out? Beating the hell out of Sienna Jade and giving her just a little reminder of how competitive the women’s division that swallowed her up and spit her out just last season actually is.

(After Constance says that last remark, she picks up the pace and brushes through the reporters as she goes out of the camera frame and isn’t seen as the camera fades out.)

(The camera then fades back into Molly Waters still standing where she was before as she begins to speak.)

Molly Waters: To give you a little more clarity, after that I managed to get in touch with our National Elite Champion, Sienna Jade. After laughing hysterically for a good five minutes, she has stated that she will issue a reply to Constance on Voltage. And that will all be seen soon enough, and that is all! I’m Molly Waters, signing out!

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Dynasty 7/17/20

Showdown 7/18/20