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(Fight Grid intro plays.)

(The camera, as per, faded in from black to show a pan around of EAW Headquarters located in Newark, New Jersey. From there it transitioned over to the inside as Molly Waters would be seen seated at her Fight Grid desk with a beaming smile on her face. As the background music faded out Molly began to speak from there)

Molly Waters: Welcome to Fight Grid! Where we have all the breaking news from the world of Elite Answers Wrestling right to your virtual screens with news from none other than the blue brand, Saturday Night Showdown. Unfortunately, some sorrow news tonight involving a elitist involved in the King of Elite tournament in the form of former EAW World Champion, Andrea Valentine.

(The camera pans out to show a TV to the right of Molly as it shows footage towards the end of the main event matchup of Andrea Valentine and Harlow Reichert on the latest episode of Showdown)

Molly Waters: After the matchup between Harlow and Andrea where Harlow got the victory. The already injured Andrea Valentine suffered a heinous attack at the hands of the returning Xavier Williams, he targeted the injured ankle of Andrea even more in an act of vengeance with belief that she was the one that put him on the shelf for so long a few months ago. We don’t have much info on the ankle injury but there’s one thing we do know and that’s the fact that she will be unable to compete in the King of Elite tournament with her Round One match next week against Alexis Chambers. We will have more information regarding her injury on next week’s Showdown but we wish her a speedy recovery, but likewise, the show must go on. 

We have learned that her replacement in said King of Elite matchup will be none other than Ronan Malosi. Which means on next week’s episode of Saturday Night Showdown it will be him going up against a opposition in which he knows very well stemming from Territorial Invasion, and their encounter on the Rated R&R show this week, and that is one-half of the Maidens of Malpractice, Alexis Chambers to see who will be advancing to Round Two in route to the King of Elite event in Tampa. That’s all the news we have for you today! Thank you for joining us, I’m Molly Waters, signing off.

(Molly waved to the camera with a cheerful expression as the camera panned out slowly, as it did so it would fade to a dark backdrop of black as it ended from there)

(Fight Grid logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Showdown 1/2/21

Most Valuable Elitist #254