BREAKING: “Battle Of Egypt” three event deal cancelled, EAW forfeits $300 million!

This weekend’s Battle of Egypt was set to mark the beginning of a successful international venture for Elite Answers Wrestling. EAW grossed $150 million in profit for this first Battle of Egypt supershow, witnessed by 45,000 fans live and over 47 countries on the EAW Network. EAW and the country of Egypt were confident about the turnout for the event, they had solidified a deal for two additional shows to take place in Egypt. It was announced that Battle of Egypt II: Clash in Cairo was set for January 2021 from the Cairo International Stadium. 

Before Battle of Egypt, Vice President HRDO and EAW Management had a meeting with the EAW Elitists about the prohibition of intergender violence. Management explained the strict contract between EAW and Egypt which prevents any physical contact of any form. 

After the main event between EAW Champion Charlie Marr and Answers World Champion and Chairman of the Board, Mr. DEDEDE, Amber Keys made her shocking return to EAW as she delivered a low blow to DEDEDE. Keys proceeded to attack DEDEDE before members of the Egyptian National Army detained Keys. 

Despite the success of this event, Egypt will be voiding the remaining $350 million of the half-a-billion dollar deal. The remaining two shows have been canceled due to violations in the contract strictly prohibiting intergender violence of any kind. Members of the EAW Board of Directors declined to comment on the matter. 

As for Amber Keys, she has remained silent and away from the public eye since this year’s Midsummer Massacre event back in July, following an unvictorious bout against Felix Hartley in a Barbed Wire Bra & Panties Match. She is expected to appear on this weekend’s Showdown event to further explain her actions. 

If more information comes up, we’ll be the first to let you know. 

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