BREAKING NEWS: Are The Rumors True?

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[SCREEN BAR – Camping World Stadium, Orlando Florida.]

(The camera fades backstage after an incredible weekend of Pain For Pride: Kingdom where we saw new champions crowned and careers end, but a rumor started circulating around after Pain For Pride went off the air with the amazing Myles versus Jamie O’Hara match that ended up being Jamie’s retirement, but the focus was on Myles wife, Minerva who was overheard saying, that the end was here.The Voltage correspondent Sofia Clarke is seen ready to address the situation as Camping world Stadium has long cleared out.)

Sofia Clarke: Hello EAW Universe! On the heels one of if not the most amazing night of professional wrestling, Pain For Pride: Kingdom, we did find out that there is a rumor going around that we may have seen Minerva’s last match, the 2024 Hall of Fame Inductee and three-time World Champion. I tried to get some sort of word with Minerva, but she had already left, considering she lives 30 minutes from the stadium, but I will continue to try and get a word with her, but what we did find out is that Minerva will address the EAW, the fans and the entire world at the annual Draft Show this upcoming weekend live from San Juan, Puerto Rico on the future of arguably one of if not the best Women’s Wrestler on the roster. Many of us are on our toes hoping this is not true. For Sofia Clarke, this is breaking news, I will bring more as it continues to develop!

(Sofia Clarke smiles as the camera fades.)

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Written by John Helms

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