Now, starting off with CHRISTIAN’s character. CHRISTIAN is a very rich, very egotistical son of a bitch who sees himself as a king and better than everyone else. He’ll dick around and flex the amount of money he has, and he talks shit about his opponents every time he gets the chance, which, along with being too cocky, can lead to the opponent getting the advantage against him. Onto his overall in ring guidelines. First off, like stated in the alignment area, CHRISTIAN is Cowardice, but Ruthless at the same time. Now, you might be questioning this. “How can he be Cowardice AND Ruthless?”. Well, let me explain. When there’s a dangerous situation near, CHRISTIAN is always the guy to run first. He runs away from his problems. If he’s not ready for a fight, he won’t compete. Simple as that. BUT… When CHRISTIAN gets a jump, the upper hand, on his opponents. He’s extremely ruthless. He has very little to no limits. He will enforce as much pain as he possibly can to his opponent.

Written by Fight Grid


Dynasty 9/6/2019