The Hunter

Dictionaries define a hunter as a person or an animal that hunts. However, that is quite a simple way to describe them. You see, hunters are ruthless beings, one who possesses heightened senses and the ability to deal with any situation even if every element works against them. They are rulers of the wild, a place where everything is built to kill. They are trained to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike and when such a situation does arise, they are taught to capitalize on it with everything they possess. Blade views EAW as a jungle, full of wild animals who call themselves heroes, villains, faces, heels. Just as a hunter does not discriminate between big and small animals, Blade does not care if a wrestler is ‘big’ or ‘small’, ‘legendary’ or ‘nobody’. For him, everyone is equal, everyone is a target.

Written by Fight Grid

Aniyah Mitchell

Dynasty 9/6/2019