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Battleground 12/3/2018

( EAW Intro plays. )

( “Welcome to the Party” by Diplo starts playing as the Battleground intro plays through the screen. Soon after the camera shows the Prudential Center as the fans start cheering before the camera transitions to show Ian Ross standing in the center of the ring with a microphone)

Ian: Hello, everyone! I am Ian Ross, the Battleground General Manager, and I would like to thank everyone for coming to tonight’s show!


Ian: We have a number of exciting matchups! But first, I’d like to take a trip down memory lane! When Battleground first returned earlier this year we had a rather interesting roster and a number of questions regarding our stability. But look at what’s happened since then!

(Amber Keys flashes on screen)

Ian: Amber Keys was our first call up and already is one half of the Empire Tag Team Champions!

(Jack Haze and Johnny Walker appear on screen)

Ian: Jack Haze and Johnny Walker have moved up to Showdown and this coming week will take on the Dragon Slayers! A team that competed for the Unified Tag Team Championships earlier this year!

(The crowd murmurs with excitement at the recent call ups)

Ian: Battleground has thrived in its current incarnation and we want to celebrate! Therefore, next week Battleground will present its very first special, “Wildcard”!!!


Ian: The stakes will be raised and each match will have several points on the line! It’s a major opportunity to see some of the Battleground roster make their mark and take the leap up to the main roster! It will certainly be an exciting event that is sure to change the framework of EAW for the foreseeable future!

(Ian smiles at the cheering crowd with a look of pride)

Ian: Thank you all for your time! Enjoy the rest of the show!

(Ian exits the ring and walks to the back)

(First promotional commercial for Wildcard)

(The camera fades into Maria Del Rey in the ring.)

Maria Del Rey: The following contest is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall!

(“The Night” by Disturbed hits as Jason Ryan leads Eric Crane down to the ring. Crane bows down before Ryan as if to honor his master but Ryan tells him to stand up as he takes his place in the corner of the ring.)

Maria Del Rey: Introducing first they are the tag team of “Wrestling’s Redemption” JASON RYAN and “The Possessed” ERIC CRANE!!!

Ben Knight: These guys are a little bit crazy.

Clark Ruggiero: These guys are a little bit rock and roll. Wait nevermind…

(“Sleep Apnea” by Chevelle hits as Kaiva Santos leads Solomon Hill down to the ring.)

Maria Del Rey: And their opponents they are the tag team of “The Devil’s Daughter” KAIVA SANTOS and “No Soul” SOLOMON HILL!!!

Ben Knight: Damn No Soul and The Devil’s Daughter vs. Wrestling’s Redemption and The Possessed. I legit can’t decide which of these tag teams is darker.

Clark Ruggiero: They both scare me that’s for sure. If I start crying and hiding under the table during this match I apologize in advance.


Ben Knight: We are underway as Jason Ryan and Solomon Hill are starting things off against each other in the ring. Eric Crane and Kaiva Santos have taken their places on the apron.

Clark Ruggiero: Both men lock up in the ring violently as they thrash around the ring tryin to get position. Hill easily shoves Ryan back up against the ropes before the referee forces the break. Hill backs off as he crouches into the ring only to lock up as soon as Ryan comes off the ropes! Hill takes Ryan down with a Snapmare going into a headlock but Ryan tries to power up and tosses Ryan across the ring. Ryan comes back and tries to take Hill down with a Shoulder Block but just gets taken down himself! Ryan immediately back up but Hill goes around behind him grabbing the arm tossing him over with a classic rasslin’ throw! Ryan back up as Hill grabs him trying to keep him down with a headlock but Ryan breaks free and begins to pace around the ring looking to catch Hill off guard. And he does with a leaping Dropkick taking Ryan down to the mat!!!

Ben Knight: Jason Ryan rolls out under the bottom rope to the apron as Solomon Hill charges in with a Baseball Slide! But Ryan rolls out of the way! Hill goes under the bottom rope but catches himself on the ropes! He pulls himself back up and leaps into the ring. Springboard Clothesline takes down Ryan! He goes in for the cover!!!



Clark Ruggiero: Kickout by Jason Ryan! I don’t know how he survived that one but he did! And immediately Solomon hill locks in a Reverse Ankle Lock on Ryan! Ryan now struggling dragging himself across the ring trying to get to the ropes desperately. He tries to get there… and he makes it!!! The referee forces the break as Jason Ryan immediately gets back up and makes the tag in to his partner Eric Crane!

Ben Knight: Eric Crane blasting in now as he lights up Solomon Hill with a series of right hands! Hill falls back but Crane continues going in with a series of hard chops to the chest! Hill charges off the ropes but Eric Crane leaps over him! Sunset Flip! THE COVER!!



Clark Ruggiero: Crane nearly pulling it off very quickly right there! Solomon Hill recovering slowly as Crane helps him back up to his feet… only to immediately take him down with a Snap Suplex! Hill crawls over to his partner as he makes it the tag to Kaiva Santos! Kaiva now coming into the ring as she immediately tackles Crane to the ground and begins to lay into him pummeling his face into the mat! Crane retaliates with a hard boot to the face before taking her down with a Running Clothesline! A Clothesline from Hell one might say! Crane with the cover!!!



Ben Knight: Kaiva kicks out! Eric Crane now looking to finish things! He grabs Kaiva… BLADE RUNNER CONNECTS! THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER!!!

Clark Ruggiero: Wait Jason Ryan is stopping Eric Crane and asking to be tagged in!

Jason Ryan: I have opened your eyes Eric! Now let me open them further!

Ben Knight: And Eric Crane completely trusts Jason as he tags him in! Jason comes into the ring and grabs Kaiva pulling her up! Why not just go for the pin?!?!?

Clark Ruggiero: But Kaiva with her fingernails right in the eyes of Jason Ryan! Ryan staggers back as Kaiva tags in Solomon Hill!!! Hill comes into the ring and grabs Ryan! EMPATHY BYPASS CONNECTS!!! THE COVER!!!






(“Native Blood” by Silent Planet hits as Solomon Hill and Kaiva Santos celebrate in the ring.)

Clark Ruggiero: What the hell? Jason Ryan just cost his team the match!

Ben Knight: Nonsense Clark. Jason Ryan has opened the eyes of Eric Crane! He saved him! Eric would have been the one to take the L if it hadn’t been for him!

Clark Ruggiero: If you say so buddy…

(Commercial break including an IHOP commercial featuring Xander Payne.)

(Camera cuts back and opens to the empty ring as “Brains Flew By (1964 version)” by Westside Gunn hits as Visual Prophet walks out with a microphone and makes his way to the ring)

Vizzy: So it appears that two punk ass bitches calling themselves “The Revolution” have taken a certain interest in me, even getting involved in my business.

(The crowd boos at mention of The Revolution)

Vizzy: well I ain’t got a lotta time out here tonight to waste because I don’t feel like talking as much as I feel like fighting. See, I already got a match tonight but I got that shit on lock. So how about it, boys? Why don’t The Revolution get their asses out here now so I can teach them a lesson?

(Vizzy faces the entrance ramp and waits with his arms out, as if to welcome The Revolution to the ring, but nothing happens)

Vizzy: Come on! Y’all got the two-on-one advantage! I don’t give a damn! I just wanna kick some ass! I ain’t got all night!

(Vizzy stands with his arms crossed but still nothing happens)

Vizzy: Fine. Just know that if y’all get involved in my business again, I’m having no mercy in your bitch asses.

(Vizzy exits the ring and makes his way back to the back, looking annoyed)

(Commercial for Sephora featuring Impact. “Sienna is right here off camera. Why the fuck am I in this?”)


Maria Del Rey: This triple threat match is scheduled for One Fall!!

Crowd: One Fall!

(“Scars” by I Prevail hits as Denis Cercel approaches the stage. He has a blank stare on his face and doesn’t even pay attention to the crowd before continuing down the entrance ramp.)

Maria Del Rey: Introducing first, weighing in at 210 pounds, from Romania, DEEEEENIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS CERRRRCELLLLLLLLL

Ben Knight: Do you think Denis can focus on this match tonight, since he’s been having issues with Eric and Jason?

Clark Ruggerio: I’m sure he’ll be fine. He has what it takes, but he does need to stay focused.

(Denise Cercel steps through the ropes, and poses, with his arms spread, soaking in the boos from the crowd as his music fades out)

Maria Del Rey: And one of his opponents…

(“Siren Assassin” by Kristine Elezaj blasts through the speakers as Karina Ann approaches the stage. She has a cocky grin on her face before walking down the entrance ramp)

Ben Knight: She looks confident tonight, especially after defeating the undefeated Kaiva Santos last week.

Clark Ruggerio: Absolutely Ben, let’s see if she can create a streak of her own.

Maria Del Rey: Weighing in at 120 pounds, from Montreal Quebec Canada, KARRINNAAAAA ANNNNNNNN!!!

(Karina steps through the ropes and smirks, she flips her hair and walks off to a corner, where she catches a glimpse of Denis staring at her)

Maria Del Rey: And their opponent..

( “Disposable Teens” (with Silent Hill Siren intro) by Marilyn Manson hits as Celes Dumont approaches the stage. She was a twisted grin on her face before continuing down the entrance ramp)

Maria Del Rey: Weighing in tonight at 120 pounds, she is the Dominion’s own twisted sister…CELEESSS DU…MONT!!!

Ben Knight: She kind of freaks me out..

Clark Ruggerio: Oh lighten up Ben, she’s here to make a name for herself. Let’s see who wins this triple threat match!!

(All three superstars are pacing the ring before the bell rings)

Clark Ruggerio: Referee is calling for the bell and the match is underway!

Clark Ruggerio: Karina Ann immediately slides out of the ring, avoiding Celes and Denis

Ben Knight; What a great strategy. Let the other two go at it first.

Clark Ruggerio: Denis and Celes with a collar and elbow tie up! Denis easily pushes Celes onto the mat, but wait Celes with a leg drag! Denis goes face first into the canvas! Karina Ann still isn’t getting into the ring, she’s just standing there watching the match..

Ben Knight: She needs to get in there if she wants to win this thing..

Clark Ruggerio: Denis is quickly back to his feet, he goes for a clothes line! Celes ducks and connects with an enziguri! Denis is stunned and falls back against the ropes, Celes with a running clothesline of her own! Denis falls out of the ring! Celes poses facing away from the carnage… Karina Ann slides into the ring and goes for a roll up!!

Referee: ONE!.. TW…

Clark Ruggerio: Celes instantly kicks out and jumps to her feet, she’s giving Karina a twisted stare.. Karina looks like she’s seen a ghost.. But goes to slap Celes in the face! Celes grabs her arm, arm drag connects! Karina is back to her feet, and another arm drag!

Ben Knight: Celes goes for a another drop kick! No, she misses! Karina with a running knee, it connects! She goes for the cover!

Referee: ONE!.. TWO!!…

Clark Ruggerio: Denis pulls Karina off of Celes by dragging her out of the ring! Celes rolls to the side to recuperate.. Clothesline from Denis connects! Karina is down! Denis picks Karina up off the floor…

Ben Knight: Watch out, here comes Celes!

Clark Ruggerio: Celes is back to her feet and climbs the turnbuckle!

Ben Knight: What does she have in mind!?

Clark Ruggerio: Meteora from the top rope! It connects to both Karina and Denis! and now all the members are down!!!

Crowd: This is awesome!!

Clark Ruggerio: Celes is using the apron to pull herself up. She grabs Karina by the hair and lifts her up and pushes her back into the ring.

Ben Knight: Denis still hasn’t moved since that top rope meteora. He may need medical attention… or maybe he’s just playing possum..

Clark Ruggerio: Karina is back to her feet! She strikes Celes in the face with a right hand! Celes retaliates with a strike of her own! These women are going at it!! Wait! Karina has the upper hand! Knee to the midsection!!! I think she’s going for it!! She’s going for the money shot!

(“Sleep Apnea” by Chevelle blasts through speakers..)

Ben Knight: What the hell?! That’s Kaiva’s music!!! But where is she?! Karina has taken her sights off of Celes… and she’s staring at the stage..

Clark Ruggerio: Kaiva is running through the crowd! She jumps over the barricade and begins climbing onto the top turnbuckle!

Ben Knight: She’s motioning for Karina to turn around!! (Come On you son of a bitch!)

Clark Ruggerio: Karina turns around! Kaiva leaps from the top, and connects with the Devil’s Devastation!! A beautiful stunner from the top rope!! Karina is out! Kaiva stands over her with a devilicious stare!!

Ben Knight: Karina asked for it after defeating Kaiva last week… Jesus Christ, Karina is not moving!

Clark Ruggerio: My god.. Karina is out! Kaiva slides out of the ring and walks backwards up the ramp taunting Karina with a mocking hair flip..

Ben Knight: Denis is back to his feet! Denis slides into the ring.

Clark Ruggerio: Is he going to try to steal one!? He covers Karina for the pin! But before the referee can begin the count, Celes attacks Denis! She grabs Denis, she connects with a right forearm! And a left! Denis shoves her off, he connects with a big boot! Celes is down!

Ben Knight: Why isn’t Denis going for the pin!? What does he have in mind!

Clark Ruggerio: Denis lifts Celes up off the mat! He’s going for a finisher here! NO!! Celes with a kick to the mid section! She runs towards the ropes, connects with a running knee! Denis still won’t go down!

Ben Knight: WOW! Celes picks Denis up off the mat.. Jesus Christ the strength..She has Denis up on her shoulders!! GREETINGS FROM JUNON connects! Denis is out cold!!

Ben Knight: Karina is out cold due to Kaiva.. Celes goes for the cover! The referee begins the count!

Referee: ONE!……TWO!!….. THREEE!!!!!!


(“Disposable Teens” (with Silent Hill Siren intro) by Marilyn Manson hits. Celes stands up with a twisted grin as her hand is raised high over bot Denis and Karina)

Maria Del Rey: Here is your winner…..CEEELLESSSSS DUUUUU MONNT!

Ben Knight: What a triple threat.. Karina Ann almost had this one wrapped up too. I think the rivalry between Karina and Kaiva is far from over.

Clark Ruggerio: That match was pretty sweet. What a great win for Celes Dumont though. It seems as though Denis was not on his A game this week.. But nonetheless congratulations Celes!!

(Celes rolls out out the ring and walks up the ramp. Karina comes to and is seen holding her head, and Denis looks furious at another loss.. Celes Dumont’s music fades out)

(Commercial break featuring Madison Kaline and the Louisville Sluggers.)

(Karina-Ann is seen storming around backstage, her hair a mess and looking very angry)


(Chase Vantigon approaches Karina with a microphone)

Chase: Karina, obviously things didn’t go your way after interference from Kaiva Santos.

Karina: Yeah. Thank you. I’m aware. Kaiva can’t handle one loss after last week so she’s trying to take me out like a coward.

Chase: Well is there anything you’d like to say directly to Kaiva?

Karina: You know what? Yeah. How about this Kaiva. If you’re as big and bad as you say you are, step up and face me next week at Wildcard! I’m laying out the challenge. I’ll talk to Ian Ross. You just show up.

(Karina storms off as the camera fades)

(Commercial for Road to Redemption on the EAW Network)

Maria Del Rey: The following contest is a TAG TEAM MATCH scheduled for ONE FALL!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Maria Del Rey: Introducing first…

(“The Bomb” by Pigeon John hits, the lights dimming slightly and a spotlight focusing center stage, marking Rich Kennedy’s position as he is met on stage by cheering fans.)

Maria Del Rey: From Buffalo, New York…weighing in at two-hundred and sixty pounds, RRRRRIIIIICCCCCCCHHHHHH KENNNNEEDDDYYYY!!

(Rich jogs down the ramp, clapping hands with some enthusiastic fans along the way as he approaches the ring.)

Clark Ruggerio: Rich Kennedy looking great tonight, Ben, what do you say?

Ben Knight: I stand by everything I said about Rich last week—the brash rookie has a great future laid out ahead of him. His confidence and his charisma is definitely going to get him very far! Whether it’s Voltage, Showdown, Dynasty, or hell, even Empire, I know that I can’t wait for his main roster call up.

Clark Ruggerio: I’m afraid I have to agree with you, Ben. Even after being defeated last week in a triple threat, Rich Kennedy gave us an impressive display last week–I’ve got high hopes for him tonight!

(As Rich takes his stance in the center of the ring, reaching to grasp the microphone being lowered in front of him, “Mein Hertz Brennt” by Rammenstein begins to play and the crowd immediately responds with boos.)

Maria Del Rey: And introducing his tag team partner, from Cologne, Germany, weighing in at two-hundred and nineteen pounds, he is “The Kaiser,” XXXXXAAAVIIIERRRRRRR AAAAARRRNNOOOOLLLLLLLLD!!

(Xavier Arnold begins laughing as he begins his march to the ring, brushing off the negative reaction from fans at ringside. Rich Kennedy relaxes and retreats to a corner, shaking his head as he watches his tag team partner walk down the ramp.)

Ben Knight: The audacity of Xavier Arnold, interrupting Rich Kennedy that way!

Clark Ruggerio: If there’s anything I know Xavier for, it’s for demanding that he and his ego remain the center of attention at all times. I’m looking forward to see how the ego of these two men interact tonight—I doubt there’s enough room in the ring for both of them!
(“Headfirst for Halos” by My Chemical Romance picks up in the arena as The Revolution step out onto the stage, fist bumping before making their way down the ramp.)

Marie Del Rey: And their opponents, at a combined weight of four-hundred and thirty-three pounds, the team of Joshua Nicholls and Jake Smith, THE REVOLUUUUUTIOONNN!!

Clark Ruggerio: And here come Jake Smith and Joshua Nicholls! I’ve been watching these two individually for a while now, Ben, and I have to say that I admire their passion for the business! It makes perfect sense to me that these two would align themselves in the way that they have here.

Ben Knight: Not too sure about that one, Clark, they’re already on the bad side of one of Battleground’s hottest stars,Visual Prophet.

Clark Ruggerio: Vizzy’s no one to be afraid of, Ben! Give The Revolution some credit! They’re here to revolutionize Battleground and EAW—what better place to start than by eliminating the out of place oldhead?!

(The Revolution enter the ring through the middle ropes, taunting Xavier and Rich in the corner and posing for the fans for some cheers before

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Ben Knight: There goes the bell, and this match is underway! Looks like Rich Kennedy is gonna start the match here against Jake Smith of the Revolution. AND JAKE SMITH CHARGING AFTER RICH KENNEDY WITH A RUNNING FOREARM, KNOCKING RICH KENNEDY TO THE GROUND! And Rich looks stunned as he sits on the ground, staring up at Jake Smith who looks to charge after Rich once again—but Rich scurries into the corner, tagging Xavier Arnold, making him the legal man, and he looks absolutely stunned as the referee instructs him to step into the ring!

Clark Ruggerio: Jake Smith with a smile on his face as he taunts Xavier, almost daring The Kaiser to step in between the ropes and into the ring! Xavier steps in, slowly approaching Jake–they lock elbows in the center of the ring! But Xavier swiftly maneuvers himself behind Jake, grabbing him by the waist, looking for a–there it is, a german suplex planting Jake in the middle of the mat! But Jake kips right up, and he grabs Xavier by the elbow for an arm drag takedown! Xavier is down, looks like he landed right on the back of the neck there!

Ben Knight: But Jake isn’t done—Xavier with his back on the mat, Jake standing over him–LEG DROP TO THE ABDOMEN of Xavier Arnold! Now, Jake Smith with the tag to Joshua Nicholls, and he goes right to the top rope—no, he can’t be looking for it yet—HE IS!!! BLUE VENGEANCE! THE MOONSAULT CONNECTS! IS HE GOING FOR THE PIN?!



(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Ben Knight: WOW!

(“DESTROYA” by My Chemical Romance picks up throughout the arena as the referee raises Joshua’s and Jake’s hands in victory.)

Maria Del Rey: Here are your winners, by pinfall, THE REVOLUTION!

Clark Ruggerio: They made short work out of these two tonight, Ben! I can’t wait to see what they may have in store for us next!

Ben Knight: Now before we get into this match, we would like to announce that Myles will not be medically cleared to compete tonight as he was attacked earlier today backstage by an individual who we could not identify. He was found trapped under a forklift in what seemed like a premeditated assault.

( Footage is shown as Myles was found trapped under a forklift. Referees and medical staff ran over to help Myles who was unconscious at the time of the discovery. )

Ben Knight: Like we said, Myles will not compete tonight and the triple threat will now be turned into a singles match between Vizzy and Bowie Gray.


(‘Blood // Water’ by grandson blasts through the speaker to a mixed reaction as Bowie Gray steps onto the ramp. He scans the crowd in attendance before walking down the ramp )

Clark Ruggiero: Bowie Gray has just come off a win from last week where he won a triple threat that was highly contested. Bowie Gray has began to take his professional wrestling career seriously as of late and if he could pick up another victory tonight, that could prove lots of things for him.

Maria Del Rey: INTRODUCING FIRST! From Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 185 pounds…. BOWWWWIEEEEEE GRRAAAAAYYYYY

( As Bowie Gray gets into his respective corner, ‘Brains Flew’ by Westside Gunn blares throughout the arena to another mixed reaction. Vizzy takes a short look at the crowd before confidently strolling down the ramp )

Maria Del Rey: AND HIS OPPONENT! From Long Island, New York, weighing in at 285 pounds… VIIIIZZZZZZZYYYYY

Ben Knight: Now this is an interesting match-up, Vizzy weights one hundred pounds more than Bowie Gray. Now, people could say that is an advantage or a disadvantage, but I believe it is both. Vizzy has strength in power because of his size, but Bowie has strength in agility because of his smaller size.


Ben Knight: Vizzy now extending an olive branch as the referee has just called for the bell. Vizzy looking to shake hands with Bowie Gray as we are getting started here. Bowie Gray looks like he doesn’t even want to be here nor even want to show Vizzy some respect by shaking his head.

Clark Ruggiero: Well, you always want to get in your opponents head or show some respect before a mat- OH!!!! VIZZY WITH A SLAP ACROSS THE FACE OF BOWIE GRAY THAT WAS HEARD AROUND THE WORLD!

Vizzy: Shake… my… damn.. hand..

Ben Knight: Just when you thought Vizzy was showing some respect, he slaps someone in the face. Bowie Gray looking up to Vizzy after that pounding slap with a disgusting face! AND A SLAP OF HIS OWN! Vizzy getting a taste of his own medicine as Bowie Gray just returned the favour!

Clark Ruggiero: Vizzy now looking up to Bowie Gray with the same face that Gray made! What is in the mind of both of these men? ViZZY WITH ANOTHER SLAP!!! NO!! Bowie Gray ducks it and circles around Bowie, pushing him into the ropes! Vizzy goes bouncing into the ropes as Bowie Gray takes him down with an arm drag!

Ben Knight: Vizzy not getting anytime to apply any hold as Bowie quickly transitions the stance into a headlock. Vizzy getting out of the hold quickly but Bowie trapping him with a grounded headscissors! Vizzy trying to kip-up out of the headscissors but Bowie applies more pressure and power into it.

Clark Ruggiero: Vizzy now getting up to his feet one second at a time while Bowie still has the headscissors applied. BOWIE ROLLING VIZZY INTO THE MAT WITH THE HEADSCISSORS! Vizzy quickly gets up to his feet and takes down the charging Bowie with an arm drag!

Ben Knight: Vizzy quickly trying to transition into a back wist lock but Bowie counters it into a headlock. Vizzy now pushing Bowie into the ropes while he’s got the headlock locked in on him. Bowie releases the hold and rebounds off the ropes! Vizzy with a huge shoulder block taking Bowie down to the mat! Vizzy now running the ropes as Bowie gets up and BULLDOZES THROUGH VIZZY! WHAT A DISPLAY OF PURE STRENGTH!

Clark Ruggiero: Both men sending each other messages as Vizzy gets up! Bowie rebounds off the ropes and dropkicks Vizzy into the ropes! Bowie now jumping over the turnbuckle! DIAMANTE KICK!! NO!!!! Vizzy gets out of the way and dazes Bowie with a forearm smash!
Ben Knight: Vizzy now running the ropes and back! BOWIE ROLLS INTO THE MAT AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A STEAMROLLING CLOTHESLINE! Bowie outsmarting Vizzy as he picks him up! He hooks him up! FISHERMAN SUPLEX! No! Vizzy rolls him up!


Clark Ruggiero: Both men now making their way up to their feet quickly. Bowie Gray with a yakuza kick to the jaw of Vizzy. Vizzy rebounds off the ropes and responds with a vicious headbutt of his own.. Bowie goes staggering into the middle of there ring as Vizzy runs into the ropes!

Ben Knight: He rebounds off the ropes! RUNNING KNEE!! BOWIE SPINS AROUND AND THE KNEE! Vizzy turns around and blocks the slap attempt from Bowie! SPINNING BACKFIST!! NO!!! BOWIE DUCKS IT!! BOWIE SHATTERS THE JAW OF VIZZY WITH A JUMPING KNEE!! Vizzy goes down onto one knee while Bowie goes over to the corner! This could be it!


Ben Knight: Bowie now getting up to his feet while Vizzy uses the ropes to help him get up! BOWIE GOING FOR ANOTHER ATTEMPT!! PARALYZED!!! YES!!! IT CONNECTS!!! COVER!!!


Ben Knight: NO!!!!!! HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE GET HIS SHOULDER UP!?!?!? VIZZY SHOWING RESILIENCE HERE TONIGHT! Bowie arguing with the referee as Vizzy slowly rolls out of the ring to recuperate.

Clark Ruggiero: Bowie now turning his attention to Vizzy as he steps onto the apron side that is adjacent to where Vizzy is. BOWIE RUNS AND SOARS BETWEEN THE TURNBUCKLES!! VIZZY WITH A RUNNING KNEE!! HE CAUGHT EM’!!! THE RUNNING KNEE IN MID AIR!!!




(‘Brains Flew’ by Westside Gunn hits to a loud crowd reaction. Vizzy kicks the referee out of the ring before he begins to flaunt his victory in the center of the ring )

Maria Del Rey: Here is your w-

Ben Knight: ITS THE REVOLUTION!!! JAKE SMITH AND JOSHUA NICHOLLIS ARE NOW PICKING AWAY AT THE BATTLE HARDENED VIZZY! Jake and Josh have unfinished business with Vizzy and it is clear.


Ben Knight: Jake and Josh now retreating to the ramp! Just like that, The Revolution are sent packing! After their grueling and intense match, Vizzy and Gray work together to get rid of The Revolution and it works tonight! What an unlikely alliance!

(Commercial break featuring 24-hour locksmithing service by Amber Keys.)

(The camera cuts back to the arena where Maria Del Rey is standing in the ring.)

Maria Del Rey: The following contest is the semi finals for the TAG TEAM GRAND PRIX!

(‘True Love’ by CFO$ plays as the Jaded Hearts make their way to the ring together.)

Maria Del Rey: Introducing first, Kassidy Heart and Sienna Jade… THE JADEDDD HEARTSS!!!!!

Clark Ruggerio: This is the semi finals for the grand prix! I’m sure either one of these teams could end up the winner!

(‘Dont Stop’ by InnerPartySystem plays as Noah Reigner comes out the stage, before ‘Revolution’ by the Beatles hits, and Jack Haze follows.)

Maria Del Rey: And their opponents… The team of Jack Haze and Noah Reigner… THE STONED RAIDERSSS!!!!

Ben Knight: What a match we have in store tonight! It’ll be a tough contest for sure!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Clark Ruggerio: Kassidy Heart and Jack Haze start things off. The two get into a collar and elbow tie up, with Haze able to out power Kassidy. Kassidy backs up, allowing Haze to push her right into her own corner. Kassidy turns it around, and stomps into the midsection of Jack Haze. Kassidy makes the tag, and the two continue stomping until the count of four. Sienna Jade now, pick up Jack Haze, and just drives her knee into his midsection multiple times! She continues the knees, until Haze catches her, and manages to push her towards the middle of the ring. The two charge at each other, and Haze is able to hit a baseball dropkick on Sienna! Haze now attempts to make the tag to Noah Reigner, but Sienna is able to grab Haze by the foot, stopping him from making the tag! Haze is reaching for Noah, but KASSIDY!! Pulls Noah from off the apron, leaving Haze without a partner! Sienna gets to her feet, and ducks a clothesline from Haze, before hitting a combination of chops! Sienna Irish whips Haze to her corner, and tags in Kassidy, before hitting a double hip toss on Haze! Kassidy now goes for a cover.


Ben Knight: Haze is able to kick out. Kassidy though, attempts to put Haze in a Camel Clutch, but he is quick to make his way outside the ropes. He climbs back onto the apron and hits a shoulder block to Kassidy, backing her off, allowing Haze to hit a huge slingshot spear, before rolling towards Noah, tagging him in! Noah comes in, and immediately takes down Kassidy, who was getting to her feet, with a dropkick! Noah runs towards Sienna, and knocks her off the apron! Kassidy charges at Noah for a Clothesline, misses, and is dropped after a Step-Up Enzuigiri! Noah urges Kassidy to get up, and once she does, she’s once again dropped, this time by a Falcon Arrow! The cover now by Reigner!


Clark Ruggerio: Kassidy kicks out! What a burst of energy by Reigner in the Grand Prix semi-finals! Reigner picks Kassidy up, and irish whips her into the ropes, but she instead stays at the ropes, backing up from Reigner! Noah is forced to back up by the referee, but he’s dragged out of the ring by Sienna! Sienna, going back to the apron, but an advantage is easily given to the Jaded Hearts! Kassidy steps out of the ring, but is pushed into the ringpost by Jack Haze! Noah gets back to his feet, and smashes Kassidy’s face on the apron before sending her back into the ring. Noah also gets back into the ring, and he tags Jack Haze back in. Jack comes in, and hits a drop toe hold on Kassidy, before getting a headlock in on her. Kassidy is struggling, but Sienna once again makes the save, pulling Kassidy to the ropes, forcing the rope break. Jack Haze goes towards Sienna though, giving Kassidy the distraction needed to hit a rope stunner on Haze! Kassidy gets back into the ring, but is immediately met with a German Suplex by Haze! Both Haze and Kassidy are down! Kassidy though, is able to make the tag! Sienna, rushes in and immediately pulls Haze towards her corner, before slingshotting him into the turnbuckles!

Ben Knight: Sienna grabs Haze and turns him around. Into the ripcord, WITCHES HAMME- NO, HAZE DUCKS IT!! HAZE WITH A RIPCORD OF HIS OWN NOW!! INSTANT KARMA!!! THE COVER NOW BY HAZE!!!


Ben Knight: Sienna kicks out! That might have just been by reflex, but Haze almost won the match for the Stoned Raiders! Haze now, picks Sienna up, attempting to bring her to his corner, but Kassidy grabs ahold of Sienna’s hand! Haze, attempting to drag Sienna, but Kassidy won’t let go! She finally does, but she makes the tag, and Haze doesn’t notice! Haze drags Sienna to his corner to attempt a tag, but Kassidy runs in with a dropkick to Haze, before a drop toe hold by Kass, and a Shining Wizard by Sie- OH!! NOAH REIGNER, WITH A CLOTHESLINE TO SIENNA FROM THE APRON AND SHE’S TAKEN OUT!!! Kassidy attempts to knock Noah out too, but Haze rolls her up!


Ben Knight: Kassidy kicks out, and Haze makes the tag, but Kassidy! Hits a huge high knee to Noah Reigner before he could get all the way through the ropes! Kassidy now with a DDT out of the ropes! Kassidy backs up now, PAINFULLY EVER AFT- REIGNER DUCKS IT! HE ROLLS HER UP, RIGHT INTO THE HOUSE EDGE!! NOAH WITH THE COVER!!!




Clark Ruggerio: NOW IT’S HAZE PULLING KASSIDY OUT THE RING!!! BUT KASSIDY HITS THE NORVINA LIGHTS ON HAZE!!! Kassidy now, taking time to recover while the ref is at a count of four, but Reigner is getting to his feet. Reigner, runs off the ropes, SUICIDE DIVE TO KASSIDY!!! WHAT A MATCH THIS HAS BEEN!!!! Kassidy and Noah, both taken out, but Jack Haze and Sienna Jade, both doing their best to get their respective partners back into that ring. The referee at a count of six, and both competitors are back in the ring, but neither are able to get up. Both Haze and Jade are trying to get their partners to wake up, but this match has taken too much out of them. Kassidy and Noah now, are finally getting back up, and NOAH IS THE FIRST TO GET THE TAG!!! Noah, having to roll out, but Jack Haze is legal! He runs right towards Kassidy and grabs her legs, but she is quick to push him off, jumping to tag in Sienna!

Ben Knight: Both Kassidy and Noah are out of this match, being taken out after what we saw moments ago, and Sienna is exhausted, as is Jack. Sienna is the first to charge at Haze, but Haze hits a huge dropkick, before going onto the second rope! Haze waits for Jade to get back up, and hits a diving dropkick, followed by a kip up!! Jack Haze is getting back into it, and the Stoned Raiders are looking to advance to the finals! Jack Haze, puts Sienna in the fireman’s carry, but Sienna slips behind, and is able to hit another Witches Hammer, sending Haze into the corner! Kassidy is able to crawl onto the apron, and they make the tag! A SECOND PAINFULLY EVER AFTER TO NOAH, WHO WAS TRYING TO GET INTO THE RING!! Now the Jaded Hearts pick up Haze, THE BEAUTY KILLER!!! THE COVER BY KASSIDY!!!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


(‘True Love’ by CFO$ plays as the Jaded Hearts celebrate their victory, advancing to the finals.)

Ben Knight: Hard fought victory, but the Jaded Hearts are going to the finals.

(Backstage, Ian Ross is seen in his office, worried, when one of the security gaurds show up.)

Ian Ross: So, what have you found? I can’t just have unknown people attacking Battlegrounds superstars.

Security: Sir, we have good knews. I believe we have found the identity of the person that attacked Myles.

Ian Ross: You have? Great. Let me see.

Security: Here. We’ve managed to get it in good quality on camera.

(The tape shows the footage of Myles being attacked, and when the attacker turns around to the camera’s view, it’s revealed to be…)

Ian Ross: So.. It was Xander Payne..

(Screen fades to black)

(EAW logo buzzes)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Voltage 12/2/2018

Most Valuable Elitist #162