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Astraea Jordan

Chicago’s Finest

After REVOLT! Pro Combat was bought by EAW, Astraea Jordan found herself back from excursion and once again on her old stomping grounds of Empire. After accumulating multiple titles on her excursion and a new state of mind, she is back to redeem herself and prove why she is truly better. In the past she has had to tone down her real self but now she feels she can be completely free which means nothing but trouble for anyone standing in her way. While she usually prided herself on being the most professional, this “being free” has her speaking her mind and doing more of what she wants, when she wants (i.e. hood activities – don’t forget where you came from). Trained by legends of the business CM Bank$ and Mr. DEDEDE, Astraea is incredibly confident in her ability which has long been justified. After overcoming previous injuries and shedding herself of unneeded stress and snakes, there’s very little – if anything at all – that can stop Astraea Jordan from reaching her full potential. Outside of her in-ring endeavors, she works as a personal trainer and fitness model and is a growing internet personality. As her stock grows, Astraea isn’t shy on improving her quality of life but she also shows love for her home – Chicago. She constantly donates money to the city and its schools and does charity work in her free time to give back. We love a real role model.


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