The Inelegant One

Although Maxwell still possesses the world-class skills and lavish lifestyle, he lost the perfect looks that he once had. The aftermath of the Midsummer Massacre match against Lucas Johnson, Strawberry Steve and The Woogieman clearly wasn’t kind to him, especially to his face. Literally. Losing some of his confidence, he started wearing a protective mask to hide the numerous imperfections and now releases his anger on others, telling everyone about how the disfiguration on his face was caused by pure jealousy. Despite this, some people still express their disgust and even amusement for his looks, and as a result, Maxwell has lost all respect for others. He believes that the people who make fun of him are the same ones who are just as ugly as they say he is. He does not believe in being “inelegant” himself but rather thinks that the fact that people dwell on his misery is a poor attempt at making themselves look better. Through being absolute scum in making fun of the poor, calling out fans for being hideous, and any other actions he can do to offend others, he makes himself feel better and more motivated to beat the hell out of anyone who comes in his way.

Written by Fight Grid

Lindsey Kingsley

Helena Merriman