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The Monstrous Man

Institutionalized convicted felon who was put away for 10 years after his involvement in a murder conspiracy case at only 15 years old. He spent additional time in the Louisiana State Pen after being charged with kidnapping, armed robbery and aggravated assault w/ intent to kill. In November of last year another incident took place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama which resulted in him being slapped with an attempted murder charge, facing up to 20 years in prison. He got off on a technicality due to the uncorroborated reports from multiple witnesses. After the charges against him were dropped, he was given a chance at another EAW contract; and is making the effort to reform his behavior to prove to the world, and most importantly, his parole officer, that he is able to remain an autonomous member of society.

Operation Doomsday (2018)

Donovan Cross