Ahren Fournier


Ahren has been on a tear since joining EAW. Winning the Interwire Championship at Grand Rampage made Ahren change his point of view. He kind of sees wrestling in a different light; a more positive light. Instead of trying to destroy wrestling, he wants to fix it. He sees the ex Interwire title holders and he doesn’t want a title that should mean so much as a joke prop as he perceived it to be made out to be while they held it. He wants to build up the Interwire Championship into a legit title, that is admired by millions as it should be. Sure he wants to help the professional wrestling world, but he definitely goes about it in a very smug way. He still thinks he’s better than everyone for not coming into wrestling the generic way; paying their dues and such. He’s going to help wrestling and create a new image about it. One without the comedic undertones, and jokes of the wrestling world whether you like it or not.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Ryan Wilson

Chris Elite