A. Catalina Flowers

The Caribbean Rose

Long time EAW fangirl and former ESPN correspondent, Anna C. Flowers first signed to Elite Answers Wrestling in late 2018 as a Fight Grid correspondent and interviewer. Prior to her in-ring debut, Anna, now going by her middle name, Catalina, would have been described as a happy-go-lucky, bright-spirited, convivial young woman. However, since then, Catalina has come to realize that the amiable and optimistic attitude wasn’t going to be enough to receive the admiration from those in the business she’s grown to love. Anna Catalina Flowers has made a complete 180, now unashamed to flaunt her luxurious lifestyle in the faces of her co-workers; no longer humble, the lavish and elegant lifestyle involving fine wine, fine arts, fine jewels, fine clothes, and everything surrounding the high class experience she lived behind the scenes is now out in the world for everyone to gawk at–whether for better or for worse has yet to be seen.

Written by John Helms

Strawberry Steve