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Dynasty 5/22/2020

(EAW Intro plays.)

(The show begins with the recap for Gateway to Glory. The epic showdown between Chris Elite and Cage looked to finally get the conclusion everyone wanted but was derailed in the end by Impact and the steel chair he wielded. Imp left DC and SKabler incapacitated as the opening match of GTGended without a true winner. Next, we watch World Heavyweight Champion Drake King successfully defend one of his two belts in a match against HOLLYWOOD SOSA Henderson. After this, Sarah Price shocks the world by defeating Darcy May Morgan and becoming the NEW Specialist Champion after a hellacious back and forth. Kensingten Calhoun-Astor finds herself on the losing end to another POC as TLA trumps her in their match up. Next up, the heated rivalry between Lethal Consequences and The Visual Prophet saw King Viz [with help from Jessica Miller] triumphantly vanquishing LC giving the unified tag team champs two wins out of the three matches they were scheduled for at GTG.)

(Next, a ladder match featuring Christian DeMarco, Eddie Terial, Kasey Kaos, Hegel, Korey Gaines, and Ronan Malosi went on with the winner recieving a special opportunity. Kasey Kaos survived the six person ladder match and beat the five opponents to secure the victory. Next, Andre Walker beats Justin Windgate and W1LH3LM to become number one contender to Jalyn Garcia’s New Breed title despite incredible efforts from W1L and Windgate. Kassidy Heart and Serena Bennett put their hatred for each other aside and defeated Sienna Jade and Impact in a match that finally gave Serena Bennett the revenge she had been seeking from Jade and Imp. Finally, the main event between challengers Fire & Ice and Unified Tag Team Champions Drake King and The Visual Prophet ended the show in spectacular and tragic fashion. Raven Roberts and Rex McAllister dethrone Drizzy and Vizzy to win the belts but after this, Drake snaps and turns on Viz and unleashes a hellacious beating on the King of Elite. Drake nearly burns Viz’s flesh with his signature branding iron until security pulls him away as the show goes off the air.)

(The show begins with the usual shot of the EAW Performance Center in New Jersey that has been the location of the show since the Coronavirus pandemic began. We see the empty seats and the state of the art tron and stage as we get a shot of the ring before we turn to the voices of Dynasty at the commentary booth.)

Stew-O: Gateway to Glory is in the books and the road to PAIN FOR PRIDE 2020 IS OFFICIALLY HERE AS WE WELCOME YOU…TO…FRIDAY NIGHT DYNASTY!!! I am Stew-O and I am joined by my partner in crime, Flannery McCoy…

Flannery McCoy: This is the best place to be in professional wrestling!

Stew-O: …And the enigmatic fanatic Jake Mercer!

Jake Mercer: The Impact Zone is ROCKIN TONIGHT! I can FEEL the fans energy from across the globe as everyone tunes in to the show right now!

Stew-O: Indeed. Tonight’s going to be a special show as the fall out of Gateway to Glory will be big. Impact was finally beaten by Serena Bennett but still has issues with Chris Elite and Cage after ruining their match at GTG.

Flannery McCoy: Couple that with Kassidy Heart and Sienna Jade’s friendship being tested at GTG and their National Elite title match coming at PFP this year. Serena Bennett will have Cage and Chris Elite on her Blue Carpet Treatment show and Kass will face newcomer Christian DeMarco tonight as well.

Jake Mercer: Hot Takes gets it’s biggest guests yet as he reunites The Jaded Hearts for an interview as well. RONAN MALOSI IS A FUCKIN STAR FOR THAT!

Stew-O: Lethal Consequences hopes to bounce back after losing to King Viz and takes on World Champion and former Tag Team Champ Drake King in the main event.

Flannery McCoy: Drake turned on Viz at GTG and has clearly thrown all of their unity away permanently after they came up short against Fire & Ice. Drake was livid as he took out all his frustrations out on-

(‘This is Your Life’ by The Dust Brothers and Tyler Darden plays.)

Flannery McCoy: Speak of the devil and he shall appear!

Jake Mercer: That’s one handsome lil’ devil, I do declare.

(Out walks a laser focused Drake King, one belt hanging from his left shoulder, a leather jacket on his back with no shirt under it, a pair of black slacks, and his hair flowing majestically off his head to his shoulders. Drake looks stern as he slowly makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring.)

Stew-O: We are starting tonight off with the man that defeated the incredible efforts of SOSA Henderson to retain his World Title but saw his second belt be snatched away by Raven and Rex. The tension between Viz and Drake was always on the surface but the loss of their tag belts was the breaking point for Drake it seems.

Flannery McCoy: Everyone knows Drake is a user. He used Joshua Nichols and Jake Smith, he used his sister, he used Jax and Terry, he did to Viz what he’s done to everyone. The saddest part is, Viz was the only one who went to the lengths to prove himself to Drake and try to establish trust only to be turned on anyway.

Jake Mercer: Look, Drake is always right. Always. Maybe he has a good reason for nearly giving Viz 3rd degree burns on his gorgeous ebony face. Drizzy is in the Impact Zone, so…let’s hear what he has to say!

(Drake enters the ring, stands, receives a microphone from Stephie Love, and looks around the empty center as his music fades. Drake then points and demands a steel chair as the ring bell keeper obliges him. Drake takes the chair, unfolds it, and places it in the middle of the ring. Drake faces the stage as he lays his World Championship on his lap.)

Drake King: I can feel the judging eyes of all the EAW fans watching me right now. I can feel the hatred in your hearts pointed at me at this moment. It’s ok. I get it. But, anybody holding resentment towards me, just know…I am always right.

(Drake tilts his head to the side as he massages his World Heavyweight title.)

Drake King: Always.

(Drake turns back to the stage as he stares without blinking.)

Drake King: I always knew the day was going to come. I knew it was inevitable but even I got caught up in the mystic of out all. The luster, the fabrication, the charade was hard to avoid getting too caught up in. But, Drake King always knew how this was going to end. I couldn’t stop the train from derailing no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t save this situation no matter how much I wanted to. At one point, I really did want to. Save the situation, I had hope it could be salvaged but in the end…deep down…I knew it was going to come to ahead. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I saw my way out of the darkness. I was Drizzy 2 Belts but the darkness surrounding me was suffocating. The Visual Prophet was suffocating. His horrid antics, sexual innuendos, perverse behavior, his insistence of trolling me, my girlfriend, even my sister…it was hopelessness and bleak for me. To you all out there that found entertainment in these shenanigans I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that KILLING this Drizzy and Vizzy debacle HAD to happen. It had to be burned to the ground for me to TRULY be the Paragon I am. I am not a joke, I am not a failure, I am not some straight man in a b-level buddy cop movie. I am not a tag team specialist, I am not someone’s partner, I am not a guy who needs ANYBODY ELSE to prove I am the best wrestler in EAW history. I didn’t need Jake or Viz or anyone else and me destroying SOSA Henderson solidifies that. But, losing to Fire & Ice because a distracted, horny, pedophile named The Visual Prophet couldn’t hold up his end of the bargain was the last straw. I knew then, when he was trying to explain and beg me for forgiveness that the weakness that was linked to me was right before me. So…

(Drake runs his fingers through his hair.)

Drake King: I simply eliminated that weakness.

(Drake King takes a deep breath, tilting his head back, basking in his own isolation.)

Drake King: Everything is ok now. I am ok. No, I am better than ok. I am free from the obligation of carrying any other lackluster performers for the rest of my career. I am free to continue to focus on being the greatest wrestler that ever lived. I am free to end the careers of anybody that even hints at being on my level. Rex and Raven beat me in a tag match but if they EVER wanted to take a shot at the REAL prize in this company, the most important title in EAW, and the greatest champion in sports…by all means, come forth now. As a matter of a fact, if there is ANYBODY in the back or on any brand in this company that has me picked to be worse now then before Gateway to Glory I advise you to think long and hard on if you TRULY believe I’m a guy that needs another guy to help me win. I am not one to back down from anyone. Male, female, dog, cat, squid…IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A SHOT AT THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…my door is open. Come on in. Because with The Visual Prophet out of my life…my attention is fully on never losing this coveted World Heavyweight Championship.

(Drake sits in the ring as silence surrounds him again. A sinister smile begins to emerge.)

Drake King: This entire roster has a chance to challenge for my World title right now and you would think they would be climbing over one another to race to this ring but nobody shows their face yet. Why? Because the man that beat SOSA Henderson and nearly burned Viz’s face clean off with a branding iron is here and in rare form. LC will learn once again how true I am tonight but even that clout chaser refuses to come claim a title shot from me. I’ll up the stakes; the first person to come out here and accept my offer will get their title match at PAIN FOR PRIDE! There, not only will you face me but you will co-headline the biggest event in sports entertainment. Anybody prepared for that? The eagerness is clearly lacking from you pathetic-

???: Hey, enough of all that crap!

Drake King: …What…the..

Stew-O: Is that…?

Flannery McCoy: JESSICA! It’s Jessica Miller! Drake’s sister is walking on stage!

Jake Mercer: She looks pissed off! That signature Miller eyebrow twitch is on her face like it was on Drake’s face at Gateway to Glory!

(Out walks Drake King’s sister, Jessica Miller. Jessica is pissed off as she stands on stage wearing a Drizzy & Vizzy shirt with a pair of jeans and Chuck Taylors.)

Jessica Miller: I cannot believe you. I simply cannot believe you. You turned on Viz, why? Because you were tired of carrying him? Cause he can be annoying sometimes? I know you are my brother and I love you but are you kidding me? Like you are the greatest person to be around all the time! Like you REALLY believe you are this perfect wrestling specimen that doesn’t make mistakes. He who is without sin casts the first stone, Drake. You threw a boulder at a man that has been DYING to prove his friendship to you. A guy that’s bent over backwards, sometimes frontwards cause he’s a little gay, but mainly backwards to build trust with you. Viz did everything to build a legit bond with you and the FIRST sight of trouble, you throw him and everything you guys had away? Really?

Drake King: Jessica, you can’t be serious, You are defending Viz? Are you out of your mind? Did he slip you something in your drink or are you just still messed up from that kidnapping?

Jessica Miller: Speaking of that kidnapping, Viz SAVED ME from Lethal Consequences and this is how you do him? What if LC and his booty warriors had done something to me? Viz came along and saved me and you turned your back on a guy like that?

Drake King: I’m going to take care of LC once and for all tonight. But…Wait…how do we even know Lethal Consequences was behind that situation? Isn’t it convenient that Viz was the first one to find you?

Jessica Miller: GIVE ME A BREAK! You were as heartless then as you were at Gateway to Glory. You seemed more disappointed that Viz found me before you could then anything else. You seemed like you wanted to turn my horrible situation into one that made you look like the hero. But, it was Viz that was heroic that day and you seemed thrown off by that. You also made it seem like you cared so much about Sierra Bradford’s safety before your tag match yet were gloating over and over about being right about the situation. You ran to social media to gloat while she was nursing a broken freaking ankle!

Drake King: What? No…wait…

Jessica Miller: Face it, Drake. You are a narcissistic, heartless, emotionless monster! You are an egomaniac who uses everyone up around you. You blame everyone else on why relationships with you fail EXCEPT the one constant element in all your failed relationships; you. You are the only singular piece that remains when things crumble or go bad. Maybe the problem wasn’t with Viz getting pinned by Raven, maybe the problem wasn’t JUST his to deal with, maybe you should have stood by him like he’s stood by you for months. The guy could have cashed in his King of Elite opportunity on you but WENT OUT OF HIS WAY to avoid that because he actually had love for you, Drake.

Drake King: His love means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Besides, I never believed him. He’s a manipulator who toys with people and can never be trusted fully.

Jessica Miller: Or maybe YOU are the manipulator? You used him to become the first Double champion in years, you seemed mad about his interferences in matches but helped him just the same almost like it was an obligation rather genuine help. You cost him a match with Cage and never apologized yet Viz ALWAYS helped you win when he got involved. Maybe it was YOU playing mind games and I think Viz signing that peace treaty gave you comfort in knowing you could finally turn your back on him because he said he would never challenge you for your World Title. Maybe that’s why you gave up being apart of one of the best tag teams in EAW history. Maybe that’s why you screwed your best friend-

Drake King: HE WAS NEVER MY BEST FRIEND! NEVER! NEVER EVER EVER EVER WAS HE MY BEST FRIEND! I could NEVER be best friends with a creepy psychopath like that. NEVER! Who can be friends with a man like Viz? Huh?!

Jessica Miller: I think I could…

Drake King: :sethscust: What?!?

Jessica Miller: I’m done talking to you, Drake. I think it’s time I devote my time with someone that actually cares about me. I think it’s time I comfort and support a man that cares about someone other than themself. I’m going to call Viz and check on him as he nurses up the injuries you gave him and see how he’s doing. Maybe, when you grow a heart, you could do the same?

Drake King: Hey! No! Nah, you…HEY!

(Jessica turns and walks back through the curtain as the stoic Drake is in the ring livid. Drake stands, pointing at the stage and screaming into the microphone.)


(Drake picks up the steel chair, folds it, and BANGS it on the ring mat.)


(A quick, deep, scream comes out Drake’s mouth as he begins to turn red with anger.)

Stew-O: Trouble brews in House Miller as Jessica finally sets Drake straight on his behavior these past few months.

Flannery McCoy: It’s always messy when families air out their dirty laundry in public but if it wasn’t Jessica saying it, Drake might not have gave it any attention. That’s his sister telling him his issues in front of the world and it appears that has Drake flustered.

Jake Mercer: I stand with CHAMP CHAMP! I mean, CHAMP cause he doesn’t have the two belts thing going on anymore. Drake is right, he is always right, Jessica is just dick-motized by King Vizzy and his slither snake. Jessica better not get caught on the wrong side of this because she could lose a brother if things turn even worse.

Flannery McCoy: Jessica isn’t defined by her brother, Jake. Besides, Drake has LC to worry about and potentially a Pain for Pride opponent that he claims could come from anywhere to challenge him for his World Heavyweight Championship!

(The scene transitions to a commercial break as Drake throws the microphone at Stephie Love and snarls as he stares at the stage.)

(Nike Foamposite commercial starring Visual Prophet prior to being hit with a branding iron. No this wasn’t recorded in the early 2010s.)

(Dynasty comes back on air to Stephie Love in the ring)

Stephie Love: The following contest is a special five way elimination match!

Stephie Love: To eliminate your opponent you must win by pinfall or submission. The winner receives a tailor-made opportunity!

(The lights dim as ‘Ricky’ by Denzel Curry begins to play through the speakers at the Performance Center as W1LH3LM shoots out from the backstage. He’s wearing his orange and black tights. After some seconds go by and the theme of ‘Ricky’ continues on his way to the ring. W1LH3LM wastes no time as he enters the ring through the ropes and strikes a pose with his extended on the top turnbuckle.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first…He hails rom Toronto, Canada…He weighs in at TWO HUNDRED FIVE POUNDS…W1111LH333LM!!!!!

Stew-O: He put up a good fight at Gateway To Glory, and his future looks bright despite a few setbacks. With a tailor made opportunity well within his sights, he needs to put in a similar type of effort to pull off the victory.

Flannery McCoy: He said he needs this opportunity more than everyone else. We’ll soon find out what he’s willing to do just to prove it.

(‘Judas’ by Fozzy replaces ‘Ricky’ as Hevel saunters out to the stage, wearing a smirk on his face. Then he continues to saunter his way to the ring. He mockingly scoffs to the empty seats in the arena before moving on to the ring.)

Stephie Love: And introducing his opponent, from New York, New York, weighing in at TWO HUNDRED TEN POUNDS… He’s known as THE VILLAIN and PERFECTION PERSONIFIED… HEVEL!!!!

Jake Mercer: This guy got dropped hard on his head at Gateway To Glory, but he’s the Villain. He can’t be killed!

Stew-O: I’m not so sure he couldn’t have promoted that during his week long silence, but at any rate he has just as much of a chance to secure the tailor made opportunity as anyone

(‘The News Countdown’ hits, as Eddie Terrial walks out from backstage. He’s extending his arms out, and then begins making his way down the aisle, throwing fake jabs at the air as he taunts at the camera.)

Stephie Love: And introducing their opponent, from New York, New York, weighing in at ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE POUNDS… He’s known as ‘THE HEADLINER’…..EDDIE TERRIAL!!!!

Flannery McCoy: This man came close many times to retrieving the briefcase with the unique opportunity inside at Gateway To Glory, and it’s just too bad because he looks like another promising rookie that has the chance to go places. Jake?

Jake Mercer: Yeah, normally. But this guy, like Hevel, didn’t even make a peep during the week so you have to wonder just how confident he really is about his chances this time around. Promise can only get you so far. The more you break that promise the less faith people have.

(“Hell On Heels” By Pistol Annie’s blast through the speakers as Kensingten Calhoun-Astor begins to make her entrance down the ramp away as she confidently strides down the ramp with a noticeable smirk on her face)

Stephie Love: Introducing their opponent…She hails from Savannah, Georgia! Weighing in at ONE HUNDRED FORTY THREE POUNDS!!…. She’s ‘THE FIRST LADY’… KENSINGTEN CALHOUN-ASTER!!!

Stew-O: Kensingten put up a valiant effort at Gateway To Glory against TLA, but came up just a bit short, but with this tailor made opportunity at stake we likely haven’t seen her best yet.

Flannery: Kensingten is a star in the making, and despite her loss at Gateway To Glory many still see a bright future ahead for her. I can’t wait to see what she’s able to do with this new opportunity on the horizon.

(‘Me Muero’ by La 5a Estacion now starts up as an energetically charged Angel De Plata Jr makes his way out on the stage. He doesn’t waste too much time after doing a traditional pose of making his way to the ring.)

Stephie Love: Introducing their opponent…He hails from San Antonio, Texas…He weighs in at TWO HUNDRED FIVE POUNDS…ANGEL DE PLATA JR!!!!

Jake Mercer: Well this guy has been in a major slump to say the least, but I suppose he’s got a big opportunity here to turn it around.

Stew-O: Sometimes all it takes is one victory, Jake. Angel De Plata Jr. has shown promise at times this season, but this is a point in the season where he can turn it all around.


Flannery McCoy: Here we go! The bell has rang and this elimination match is underway! We already have W1LH3LM, who’s had a helluva good first couple of months since joining Dynasty, he’s going after a Hevel! Eddie Terrial goes after Angel De Plata Jr, but Angel was ready for it! Angel with quick strikes that immediately staggers ‘The Headliner’s into the ropes! Irish whip by Angel De Plata to Terrial! Dropkick takes down Eddie Terrial! Terrial immediately rolls from the ring, and W1LH3LM still has complete control his situation with Hevel throwing some stiff shots to the midsection of Hevel who’s trapped in the corner! Axe&smash by W1LH3LM, and then he follows up with a running bulldog that takes Hevel down to the canvas! He goes for the cover on Hevel!

Ref: ONE!!!….TWO!!!….

Stew-O: And a Kickout by Hevel! And from behind is Kensingten Calhoun-Aster with a knee to the back, and then a chop block by Kensingten that takes down W1LH3LM! Kensingten wastes no time as she goes after Hevel now who’s still trying to shake off that previous attack from W1LH3LM! She now strikes Hevel only for Hevel to block the attempt! Now a headlock by Hevel! He cinches it in on the smaller Kensingten, and gloats a bit as he does!

Hevel (off mic): Does that hurt honey!!?? Know this. You people are all rude and unexcused up there in Savannah. Probably why your crime rate is poor up in the shithole parts, honey. But maybe you come back to my place tonight where I can teach you some real manners babydoll!

Kensingten (off mic): Lawd spare me the dread of this filth! Down South there’s a name for people like you. SCUM!!!

Flannery McCoy: Well, normally it’s pretty hard to tolerate Kensingten’s questionable attitude, but yuck! Hevel is a straight pig! Probably why he’s getting those extra sharp, stiff elbows to the midsection, and this causes Hevel to release the headlock! Backhanded palm slap to Hevel! Side kick by Kensingten now! W1LH3LM grabs Hevel from behind and delivers a tornado inverted DDT taking Hevel down!

Jake Mercer: Well Angel De Plata Jr still has a pretty good handle on Eddie Terrial, keeping the advantage after whipping him into the steel steps! Angel hops up on the barricade! Eddie Terrial trying to recover, pretty slow I must say. He’s giving Angel a chance to go from here to Mexico and back again before be lands his next move! Angel leaps off the barricade but Eddie had it scouted and lands a SUPERKICK in mid-air! Angel De Plata Jr is down and out! Eddie Terrial slides back into the ring now.

Stew-O: In the ring W1LH3LM has Kensingten pinned in the corner, forcing that boot right to her throat. He lets up finally and then rushes right at her looking for a running knee but Kensingten moves out of the way and avoids the contact! That didn’t quite go how W1LH3LM intended it to! Kensingten hurries out and on up to the top turnbuckle! W1LH3LM doesn’t realize it! Handstand headscissors takedown down by Kensingten to W1LH3LM! Kensingten wastes no time in going back outside the ropes again! She has W1LH3LM where she wants him as she steps back outside on the apron! She’s setting up for-standing somersault legdrop by Kensingten! The cover by Kensingten!

Ref: ONE!!! TWO!!!

Flannery McCoy: W1LH3LM kicks out with some ease there. It’s going to take more than that to put this young man away. Hevel has Eddie Terrial from behind, looking for a suplex but not quite! Eddie blocking it! Eddie Terrial with an elbow to Hevel’s midsection! But a forearm by Hevel rocks Eddie! Dropkick by Hevel sends Eddie into the ropes, and side kick to the head of Eddie Terrial! Terrial is down! Standing moonsault by Hevel and the cover!

Ref: ONE!!!…TWO!!!

Jake Mercer: EDDIE TERRIAL shoots an arm up! Hevel slaps the mat in disgust! Angel De Plata Jr. rejoining the action going on in the ring! Chops to the chest by Angel to Hevel! Angel whips Hevel but Hevel reverses it and sends Angel to the ropes! Now coming back Angel with a step up enzigiri to Hevel that sends Hevel against the ropes! DDT BY ANGEL THAT DRILLS THE HEAD OF HEVEL STRAIGHT INTO THE CANVAS NEAR THE ROPES! AND A REVERSE SHOOTING STAR PRESS BY ANGEL DE PLATA JR. TO HEVEL! ANGEL MAY HAVE HIM HERE!

Ref: ONE!!!…..TWO!!!

Stew-O: Kensingten and W1LH3LM are now on the outside, W1LH3LM just stopped himself from being tossed into the barricade, and lands a perfect lariat on Kensingten who didn’t anticipate that coming. Now W1LH3LM takes Kensingten by the hair and slams her head into the barricade! Now W1LH3LM whips Kensingten into the ring apron where her back is jarred against the hard part of the ring to the extent that she falls to a sitting position! Remember, this is a elimination match, so there’s no count outs in this type of affair. But you must get the win in the ring! W1LH3LM makes his way up on the apron and up to the top turnbuckle with Kensingten slowly getting back up on the outside, what’s gonna happen here? Kensingten is back to her feet and in the perfect position for W1LH3LM. BUT WAIT! EDDIE TERRIAL SNEAKS UP FROM BEHIND AND KNOCKS W1LH3LM LEGS OUT FROM UNDER HIM AND HE’S CROTCHED ON TOP OF THE TURNBUCKLE!! THIS KID HAS SHOWN HE CAN BE QUITE THE OPPORTUNIST WHEN GIVEN THE CHANCE. EDDIE CLIMBS UP TO THE SECOND ROPE AS HE GRABS W1LH3LM! WHAT A GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE BY EDDIE TERRIAL!

Flannery McCoy: He doesn’t look like he’s done! He sees Kensingten back up and standing out of the corner of his eye, but she’s still shaking the off the affects of the attack by W1LH3LM from a moment ago! Eddie Terrial bounces off the ropes! TOPE CON HILO!! KENSINGTEN ANTICIPATED WELL AS SHE COMES TO JUST IN TIME AS EDDIE FLIPPED OVER THE TOP ROPE CATCHING HIM IN MID FLIGHT, AND EDDIE TERRIAL JUST CRASHED AND BURNED ON THE OUTSIDE BARRICADE! HE MIGHT BE BROKEN IN HALF!

Jake Mercer: Serves him right! What an idiot! What was he thinking?? Here’s another idiot, and this one wears a mask! Angel De Plata Jr., another illegal immigrant I’m sure, is taking advantage of the down and scolded dog that is W1LH3LM with a couple of stiff boots to the ribs! Those have to hurt. Now Angel goes to meet Hevel again and puts him down with a bodyslam, and now Angel De Plata Jr. off the ropes and running senton to Hevel! Kensingten is back in the mix now, but Angel doesn’t yet realize. Now he does! It’s too late however as Kensingten just delivered the three quarter facelock russian legsweep on Angel! Kensingten wastes no time in grabbing Angel back up and locking in the cobra clutch from a standing position. And now a running bulldog by Kensingten Calhoun-Aster! Kensingten fully aware of where she’s at in the ring and everyone within eyesight backs into the corner turnbuckle and hops on to the second rope. Angel still laying prone and KENSINGTEN CALHOUN-ASTER WITH THE HEART OF DIXIE!! THE SHOOTING STAR KNEE DROP CONNECTS! KENSINGTEN IMMEDIATELY TRANSITIONS ANGEL RIGHT INTO A LITTLE TOUCH OF SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!! THE KATAHAJIME IS LOCKED IN! ANGEL DE PLATA JR IS STRUGGLING TO ESCAPE THIS HOLD! CHOKE HIM OUT KENSI! ANGEL FLAILS HIS ARMS ALL AROUND! HE’S REACHING FOR A LEG, AN ARM! SOMETHING THAT HE CAN COUNTER THIS BUT KENSI IS CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM! ANGEL HAS STOPPED STRUGGLING!

Kensingten (off mic): Come on good sir, do your job! Ask him!

Referee (off mic): Angel do you quit!!??…. Angel! I asked do you quit! He’s not responding.

Stew-O: That’s all she wrote for Angel De Plata Jr. Kensingten got on a roll of momentum against Angel and took full advantage.

Stephie Love: Angel De Plata Jr has been eliminated!

Flannery McCoy: And you can see Kensingten is proud of her work after getting as she rises back to her feet! W1LH3LM is on the outside now rolling Eddie Terrial back into the ring! Eddie still trying to recover from crashing into the barricade earlier! W1LH3LM grabs up Terrial and grabs him by the tights and delivers a perfect Northern lights suplex, but he doesn’t release the tights. Instead he delivers another Northern lights suplex! W1LH3LM doesn’t release Eddie though! Another Northern lights suplex! Eddie Terrial is feeling the effects of those multiple suplexes! W1LH3LM is back up! He’s backing himself into the corner, and he’s calling for Eddie to get up! Eddie slowly staggers back to his feet until he finally turns around. C4 BY W1LH3LM TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF EDDIE TERRIAL! THE RUNNING SINGLE LEG REVERSE DROPKICK CONNECTS!! W1LH3LM WITH THE COVER!

Ref: ONE!!!…TWO!!!…THREE!!!!

Stephie Love: Eddie Terrial has been eliminated!

Jake Mercer: Goodbye Mr. Terrial, no headlining match in your future. I’ve heard the 24/7 Battle Royal calling your name since your first match! HAHAHA!!!

Stew/Flannery: :skip:


Kensingten (off mic): Serves you right, big city SCUM!!!

Stephie Love: Hevel has been eliminated!

Flannery McCoy: Kensingten eliminates another from this match, but she’s got no time to rest! We’re down to two, and W1LH3LM from behind with a clubbing clothesline that knocks the ‘First Lady’ down to a knee. W1LH3LM grabs Kensingten forcefully by her hair and then sends her shoulder first into the corner ringpost! Kensingten felt that one, that may have dislodged her shoulder. She’s still in this through, but a chop block by W1LH3LM that takes Kensingten down! W1LH3LM sticking the boots go the back and head of Kensingten now! W1LH3LM had a nice showing at Gateway To Glory, even though he came up a bit short, but he still has a great chance to make up for it here in this elimination match that’s for what is being referred to as a tailor made match!

Jake Mercer: Knowing Starr Stan that could mean anything! I’m so torn here on these two, because Kensi deserves some love too after how she was treated throughout her whole ordeal with TLA all the way into Gateway To Glory! She’s worth more to this brand and company in my eyes, so why not Kensi?

Stew-O: Both certainly have a good chance to turn things around with a win here tonight, but only one can win. Only one can walk out of here with a tailor made opportunity! W1LH3LM grabs Kensingten and sends her to the ropes, and he tries lifting her coming back. He was going for something but Kensingten immediately counters with a roll up small package!! She could steal it here! No! W1LH3LM eacapes the predicament before the referee could make the count! Both competitors are back to their feet! Lariat by W1LH3LM misses it’s mark! Kensingten ducked it! Kensingten looks for Something To Cry About one more time, but it’s countered by W1LH3LM! Headbutt by W1LH3LM! Another by W1LH3LM! KENSINGTEN NOW USING HER HEAD AS WELL!!! HEADBUTT BY KENSINGTEN! SHE RELEASES W1LH3LM! VICIOUS FOREARM BY KENSINGTEN THAT KNOCKS W1LH3LM OFF STRIDE! IRISH WHIP TO THE ROPES! KENSINGTEN MISSES WITH THE SHOOT KICK TO W1LH3LM! THE CLOTHESLINE BY W1LH3LM MISSES! A LITTLE TOUCH OF SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY! SHE HAS IT LOCKED IN ON W1LH3LM!! W1LH3LM IS STRUGGLING TO GET OUT!! THE MORE HE FIGHTS THE WORSE IT GETS FOR HIM!! HE’S TRYING TURN OVER BUT KENSINGTEN IS NOT EXACTLY A LIGHTWEIGHT! SHE’S CONTINUING TO CHOKE OUT W1LH3LM!! AND W1LH3LM IS TAPPING!! HE TAPPING!! THE FIRST LADY WINS!!


Stephie Love: W1LH3LM has been eliminated!…Therefore the winner of this elimination match, and has scored the tailor made opportunity!….KENSINGTEN CALHOUN-ASTER!!!!

(‘Hell ON Heels’ by Pistol Annies begins to play as Kensingten Calhoun Aster sits up completely satisfied with her performance as W1LH3LM rolls out of the ring. She stands up as the referee raises her hand to award her the victory.)

Flannery McCoy: Congratulations to Kensingten Calhoun-Aster on her victory this week on Dynasty. She may have come up a bit short at Gateway To Glory but she didn’t let that discourage her in any way tonight!

Jake Mercer: Kensi did it, and deservedly so! She was mistreated badly over these last several weeks by TLA, but now she can breathe a sigh of relief because now she’s got herself an opportunity that no doubt should get her to Pain For Pride! WOOHOO!!

(‘2nd Sucks’ by A Day To Remember plays as Dynasty General Manager makes his way out on to the stage. ‘2nd Sucks’ dies, with Kensingten now taking notice of the GM, who’s paused on the stage for a moment. He produces a microphone and now raises it to speak.)

Starr: Well done, Kensingten. Congratulations on your victory. As you know, the winner is set to receive a tailor made opportunity. That’s what everyone knew coming in. What you didn’t know was what that opportunity would be. With your victory tonight, Kensingten, you’ve now earned yourself a spot in the No Way Out match at the Voltage exclusive event, Fighting Spirit. Best of luck to you!

(‘Hell on Heels’ by Pistol Annies plays again as Kensingten is now raising her hands in a victory celebratory manner, smiling from ear to ear as she nods her head in approval as the Dynasty GM takes his leave to the backstage.)

Stew-O: Wow! What an announcement! GM StarrStan just made it clear that Kensingten Calhoun-Aster’s victory for the tailor made opportunity just earned her a spot in the No Way Out match, where she will be competing against six other women for the right to go on to Pain For Pride to wrestle for the Universal Women’s Championship!

Flannery McCoy: Definitely a good way to kick off Dynasty for Kensingten Calhoun-Aster to make up for the disappointment of coming up short at Gateway To Glory. With this opportunity, she’s in a good position to fast track her career to the next level! We’ll have to see how she handles it next week at Fighting Spirit!

(The shot shows Kensingten Calhoun-Aster celebrating as she makes her way up the ramp before fading to black.)

(A recap of the tag match between Impact/Sienna and Kassidy/Serena at Gateway to Glory airs highlighting the tension leading up to the match specifically between two halves of the Jaded Hearts.)

(Dynasty’s broadcast transitions to the inside of the empty EAW performance center ring, where Ronan’s signature potted plant, wooden desk, and poorly hung flat screen monitor are set up for another Hot Takes segment. “Come On” by Waterproof Blondes continues to play throughout the arena speakers as Ronan Malosi stands in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand, prepared to share some of his dumbass opini–insightful points of view with the EAW audience watching from home.)

(Ronan flashes a toothy grin into the camera as he raises a microphone to his lips.)

Ronan Malosi: Welcome most esteemed members of the EAW viewing audience to another episode of Ronan Malosi’s HOT TAKES! I am Ronan Malosi, and I am here to once again, broaden the perspectives of the EAW Universe with some more exclusive HOT TAKES!

(Jake Mercer is heard whooping and clapping from the announce table. Ronan takes a moment to point at Jake Mercer and thank him for his support.)

Ronan Malosi: Let’s get straight to it then! Here’s a Hot Take for ya–I know this has been a topic of debate for a few days, but Future is a FANTASTIC father figure. Absolutely unbeatable in the parenting division, just take a look at how much love he has to show for his six year old son on his birthday!

(Ronan turns to the teetering flat screen which now shows a screencap of both Future’s and Russel Wilson’s birthday messages directed at Baby Future.)

Jake Mercer: :mjcry: How precious, you can feel the love through that very intentional and thoughtful selection of words intended to uplift that young man and remind him just how appreciated he is by the man who birthed him. Russel could never.

Flannery McCoy: :dahell: The child doesn’t even have a Twitter account!

Jake Mercer: It is a message that will be recorded in time to be remembered for future generations to come–get it?!

Ronan Malosi: Here’s an even better one–one that I’m sure many members of my beloved EAW audience can agree with! HOT TAKE: instead of the Jaded Hearts, The High Rollerz should have won Tag Team of the Decade! :whew:

Jake Mercer: :notbad: He brings up a great point. Jaded Hearts overrated af.

Stew-O: Are you out of your goddamn mind, Jake?

Flannery McCoy: Don’t even question it, Stew, the man is clearly smoking some of the finest of rocks to make a claim like that one.

Ronan Malosi: Yes, the Jaded Hearts. Tag Team of the Decade, currently on track to team up with one another in a week for old times sake to take on the Blicky Boyz at Fighting Spirit!–Hot Take, Chris Elite carried Malcolm Jones to glory, Bhris made that man who he was. :wow: But enough, ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce to you my guests for the evening…starting first with…”Unfuckwithable” SIENNA JADE!

(“Unfuckwithable” by Deez Nuts starts to blare throughout the performance center arena speakers, and Sienna Jade slowly steps out onto the stage and down the ramp. She wears high waisted blue denim jeans, a form fitting white tank top, and her signature leather jacket thrown over it.)

Jake Mercer: Absolute Gawdess if I ever did see one. :blessed: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m thankful to be in the presence of Sienna Jade.

Flannery McCoy: I can only hope that Ronan Malosi can say the same. Sienna hasn’t been too happy after her and Impact lost to the team of Serena and Kassidy and Gateway To Glory. It almost even seemed for a moment that there might be some tension between Sienna and Impact, as well.

Stew-O: As if tension between Sienna and Kassidy wasn’t enough.

Jake Mercer: Sienna’s UNFUCKWITHABLE! She’ll be just fine, you’ll all see!

(Upon entering the ring, Sienna Jade scrunches up her face as Ronan pulls out one of his wooden chairs for her to sit on. She crosses her legs uncomfortably, but tries her hardest to appear unbothered despite the cheap setup Ronan has.)

Ronan Malosi: And next, let’s bring out the second half of the Jaded Hearts–she’s “The Mauler,” “The Queen of the Ultraviolent,” EAW’s National Elite Champion–KASSIDY HEART!

(Kanye West’s “Monster” starts up and out comes Kassidy Heart, National Elite Championship tossed over her shoulder. She wears her ring gear tonight as she’s facing Christian Demarco later on in the evening.)

Jake Mercer: The National Elite Champion doesn’t look much happier than Sienna to be out here tonight, either. Probably would much rather be gagging on some Gawd cock right now. :wow:

Stew-O: Can’t say that I blame her. It’s been tough for Kassidy in the past few weeks to keep “The Mauler” at bay when going up against her best friend. After she was accidentally thrown off the apron by Sienna at Gateway To Glory, I almost thought Kassidy was about ready to blow a gasket right then and there.

Flannery McCoy: Can’t say that I blame her. Even though it was an accident, Sienna could have potentially hurt Kassidy pretty badly–or worse, cost her and Serena the matchup.

Jake Mercer: If a professional can’t take bumps without getting their feelings hurt, then they might be in the wrong profession, but that’s just my opinion. :sas2:

(Kassidy takes a seat on the second wooden chair, not at all impressed with the tacky red shag carpet laid on top of the ring canvas. She turns to face Sienna who quickly looks away.)

Ronan Malosi: Thanks for joining me, ladies! I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to give the EAW Universe what they need–more HOT TAKES!

Sienna Jade & Kassidy Heart: :mjgrin:

Ronan Malosi: And I have one I think you both might find interesting. HOT TAKE–Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart should DEFINITELY go one-on-one at Pain for Pride 13! And I’m not the only one who thinks so, check the polls on the EAW Network! This would be a match for the ages, think about what this match would offer, it would be historic–

Sienna Jade: I can’t speak for Kassidy, but I know that the last thing I would want to do is be forced to compete against my best friend for a second time.

Ronan Malosi: But did you really compete against her if you refused to share the ring with her at GTG? :mjgrin:

Kassidy Heart: Not the point. Chris Elite is going to lose his Gawd Contract at Odyssey anyway, so what’s the point of keeping this match? I really hate the fact that he thinks he can take control over my career.

Ronan Malosi: Oh, but ladies. Even you two have to admit just how much press was surrounding your match at Gateway To Glory—don’t be shy, give us some more! Just last week, Kassidy, you called Sienna out about her romantic involvement with your husband, the chairman!

Sienna Jade: That is a goddamn lie and Kassidy should have known better than to ever say something like that!

Kassidy Heart: You were the one who said I was delusional and brainwashed.

Sienna Jade: Or course you were, what else would prompt you to say something like that?!

Ronan Malosi: :milit: it’s getting spicy already. Here’s another HOT TAKE for you, Sienna, you’ve never beaten Kassidy Heart in one-on-one competition. Why rob yourself of an opportunity to finally prove to the EAW Universe that you’re capable of defeating her?

Sienna Jade: :oh: Um. Well…

Ronan Malosi: This is the perfect chance to fix a blemish on what is otherwise a flawless resume. C’mon, Sienna, you know deep down that the fact that Kassidy being considered the chosen one to carry the torch in EAW post the REVOLT merger rubs you the wrong way. You’ve been undervalued for YEARS, Sienna—not unlike myself—you can finally get yourself a win at a Pain for Pride, something you have yet to achieve as a singles competitor!

Sienna Jade: You’re out of your mind, Ronan, there isn’t a single person living or dead who thinks that Kassidy Heart carried the REVOLT torch. There’s no question whether or not I’m the very blueprint for women’s wrestling as you know it, the bread and butter of EAW’s women’s division. No offense to Kassidy, but that’s just not a thought we need to entertain, and certainly not a good reason at all for me to go against the love of my life. :lupe:

Ronan Malosi: Think, Sienna. Think about how Kassidy ignored you all last week–she chose your rival enemy over her supposed best friend–

Kassidy Heart: That’s irrelevant. I already explained to Sienna that I was focused on getting another win on my record, that’s all. It has nothing to do with my feelings towards her. I love and respect everything Sienna has accomplished.

Ronan Malosi: I dunno about that, Kass, Sienna has always taken credit for making you into the star that you are today. You can finally show her and the rest of the world that Sienna didn’t make anything! You have yourself to thank for the magnificent career and accomplishments you’ve been able to claim all by yourself. HOT TAKE! By kicking her ass at Pain for Pride and unleashing The Mauler on her, you can show Sienna things that she could never dream of doing, let alone teaching anybody else how to do!

Kassidy Heart: Listen, we left everything in the ring at Gateway to Glory. What’s done is done. We have Fighting Spirit to worry about soon, and stressing about which one of us is the better competitor does absolutely nothing for the match we have coming up in a week.

Sienna Jade: I couldn’t agree more, Kass. There’s no need for us to go back and forth regarding issues that aren’t even pertinent to us. Together, the Jaded Hearts have formed one of the tightest, and most unbreakable bonds professional wrestling has ever seen. There’s no one else in this industry who uplifts me more than Kassidy, and I will always do the same for her.

Ronan Malosi: C’mon, ladies! Face facts. You two were destined to be rivals, even the EAW Chairman attempted to pit you two against each other–that’s exactly what happened after his falling out with Sienna, HOT TAKE! His relationship with Kassidy is just one giant plot to finally get back at Siena and turn her very closest friend against her. And it’s starting to look like he might have been successful–

Kassidy Heart: Don’t you dare try to tell me what my husband’s intentions are. He knows how much Sien means to me, and he would never do anything to manipulate or hurt me.

Ronan Malosi: :usure: Really, Kassidy? After what Ry-Ry did to you to get you to marry him, you’d think anything was possible–I certainly wouldn’t put it past the chairman to use you as his perfect little pawn, you’re just the person to do it. Face it, the best way to hurt Sienna Jade is to go straight through Kassidy Heart, and he’s got you both exactly where he wants you–


Stew-O: And Sienna Jade close behind, following up with a swift kick to the balls of Malosi, who falls straight to his knees in agonizing pain! But, no, they don’t stop there! Sienna grabs hold of one of the wooden chairs–AND STRIKES RONAN MALOSI IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Jake Mercer: :noah: I can’t believe the coveted Hot Takes props are being used in this manner!

Flannery McCoy: And Kassidy drags Ronan Malosi right up–she stands him up on his feet while Sienna bounces off the ropes for some momentum–OH MY GOD, SUBCULTURE! SIENNA WITH THE LEGSWEEP AND KASSIDY WITH THE SPINNING HEEL KICK, WHAT A COMBO!

Stew-O: But I don’t think they’re done, Flan, take a look here–Kassidy down on one knee–do you think they’re gonna go for it?!

Jake Mercer: :kellycry: Yes I think so–Sienna getting another running head start here and–oh my GOD, SHE PLANTS HIS FACE RIGHT ON KASSIDY’S KNEE PAD! THE BEAUTY KILLER! And Ronan, out cold, rolls flat on his back dead center of the ring!

(It takes a moment, but “True Love” by CFO$ begins to play suddenly while Kassidy and Sienna look down at Ronan on the ground. Seemingly pleased with themselves, they both crack a smile and turn to embrace one another in the ring. The camera is unable to fully pick up the words exchanged, but it’s clear that coming together to put an end to Ronan’s attempts at pushing them further apart only brought them right back to each other.)

Flannery McCoy: Well, bois, it certainly looks as though the Jaded Hearts are on the same page headed into Fighting Spirit! It’s somewhat of a shame Ronan had to fall victim to them, but at least he was useful for once! :mjgrin:

Stew-O: I suppose that’s what you get when you decide to insert yourself in the middle of Kassidy and Sienna’s friendship, Flan. Personally, I’m very excited for the reunion. Their match against the Blicky Boyz is one that has been heavily anticipated for years now, and it’ll be a real treat to catch. You won’t want to miss it!

Jake Mercer: So I’m really the only one who’s still itching for them to go at each other’s throats? Just me? :sas2: Alright then.

(The final shot before Dynasty fades to commercial break is of Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart linking their pinkies together as they walk up the ramp and head backstage.)

(Commercial break — an ad for Whole Foods Market starring Serena Bennett.)

(“GATTI” by Pop Smoke and JACKBOYS hits as Andre Walker steps out onto the stage. He begins to sing along with his theme song as he begins to strut down the entrance ramp arrogantly.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is set for!!!!

Jake Mercer: TWO FALLS!!!

Stephie Love: Two falls?

Flannery McCoy: Now you have Stephie Love questioning you… ONE FALL STEPHIE!!!!

Stephie Love: Thanks love! Introducing first.. From Brooklyn, New York!!! Weighing in at 185lbs!!! THE NOTORIOUS!!!! ANDREEEEEEEE WALKERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Stew-O: Here he is! The new number one contender for the New Breed Championship! Last weekend, Andre Walker defeated both Justin Windgate and W1LH3LM to become the number one contender for Jalyn Garcia’s New Breed Championship at Fighting Spirit!

Flannery McCoy: What a match that was! The fact that Andre was able to take down a former New Breed Champion in Windgate and a rising star like W1LH3LM at the same time shows that he is more than ready for the opportunity that awaits him! He has only taken one loss in his young EAW career and I know that he will do whatever it takes to keep it that way tonight! Jalyn Garcia will definitely be watching this match and Andre needs to make it clear that he’s more than ready to take that title away from the reigning champ!

(“Paranoid” by I Prevail hits, as SKA steps out onto the stage. He has a smirk on his face as he is ready to take on the number one contender. SKA struts down to the ring confidently as Stephie begins to speak)

Stephie Love: And his opponent!! From Rotterdam, Netherlands!!! Weighing in at 256lbs… COLD BLOODED!!! SKA!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: This is SKA’s first match back on Friday Nights. He’s been gone since January to be with his family during their time of need, but he’s finally making his return to some Dynasty action tonight!!

Flannery McCoy: Don’t forget, SKA also competed last week in Voltage where he defeated both Lisa Wren and Beau Cassidy. He didn’t seem like he had much ring rust at all after picking up the victory there.

Jake Mercer: But now he’s up against Andre Walker, another young talent on the roster that has proven time and time again that you can never count him out. Let’s see if SKA can continue building onto his return by picking up a huge win over Andre Walker tonight!


Stew-O: Here we go! SKA and Andre Walker both make their way to the center of the ring where both men lock up! Walker quickly takes the advantage as he locks in a standing side headlock onto SKA! SKA quick to reverse it as he wraps his arms around the body of Walker and runs them back against the ropes!! SKA uses the momentum from the ropes to push Andre off of him as Andre goes running to the ropes at the other end of the ring!! Andre bounces back off of the ring ropes and is met by a Japanese Arm Drag by SKA!!! What a move by SKA!!

Flannery McCoy: Andre Walker quickly pops back up to his feet as does SKA!! Walker goes for a forearm to the head of SKA, but SKA ducks underneath the arm and gets from behind Andre!! Andre turns around and is met by strong kick to the abdomen by SKA!! SKA grabs a hold of Andre Walker as he wraps his arm across the shoulder of Andre!!! STO BY SKA!!!!

Jake Mercer: NO!!! Just as SKA was about to bring Andre down to the canvas, Andre started connecting with some precise back elbow shots that landed directly onto the side of SKA’s head!! Andre with another shot! And another!! This time SKA lets go of Andre Walker as Andre shoves him back! SPIN KICK BY ANDRE WALKER!! IT CONNECTS RIGHT INTO SKA’S ABDOMEN!!! SKA clutches at his stomach in pain as Andre turns around and runs to the ropes behind him! He bounces back and lands a nasty running forearm that sends SKA falling back into a seated position in the corner!!

Stew-O: Andre looks directly at SKA as he takes a few steps back! Andre now charges at SKA and goes for a running knee strike onto the seated SKA in the corner!!! NO!! SKA moves out of the way just in time as Andre Walker crashes his knee up against that bottom turnbuckle!!! Andre clutches at his knee in pain as SKA slowly makes his way up to his feet. Andre is grabbing at the top rope in the corner and uses it to get back up to his feet. His knee is definitely bothering her as he isn’t able to put all of his weight onto it!! IED!!! SKA JUST CONNECTED WITH A RUNNING CORNER DROPKICK ONTO ANDRE WALKER!! Andre instantly falls to the canvas from the corner!

Flannery McCoy: SKA now stands up and makes his way to the side ropes. He leaps up! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT ONTO ANDRE WALKER!!!


Flannery McCoy: Andre is definitely feeling the effects of that move as well. He’s grabbing at his right knee, the same knee that he bashed against the turnbuckles moments ago!! Meanwhile, SKA rolls off of Andre and clutches at his chest and upper abdomen in pain! Andre slowly getting up to his feet now as SKA slowly follows. AND SKA CHARGES AT ANDRE WITH A FOREARM TO THE HEAD THAT CONNECTS!!!

Jake Mercer: SKA now gets off to the side of Andre and grabs a hold of one of his left leg and lifts him up!!! SHIN BREAKER!!! SKA JUST SLAMMED ANDRE’S RIGHT LEG INTO THE MAT!!! AND HE FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A LEG HOOK SAITO SUPLEX!!! What a combination by SKA as he goes for the pin!!!




Stew-O: Kickout by Andre! SKA gets back up to his feet. He grabs Andre by the head and brings him up to his feet as well. SKA with a quick back handed chop that stings Andre Walker in the chest! Another back handed chop by SKA as he follows up by irish whipping Andre to the other side of the ring!! Andre runs to the ropes, bounces back, and is met by a powerful right hand by SKA!!! NO!! Andre ducked under the arm and continues running to the ropes! He bounces back as SKA turns around!!! BICYCLE KICK TO THE FACE BY ANDRE WALKER!!! It sends SKA straight to the canvas!!!

Jake Mercer: Andre Walker now makes his way over to the corner as he again grabs at that right knee. He begins to shake it out as it seems like the pain isn’t bothering him as much anymore. Andre looks down at SKA who is getting into a seated position on the canvas. AND ANDRE WITH A POWERFUL PENALTY KICK THAT SNAPS AGAINST THE SPINE OF SKA!!! SKA screams in pain as he is arching his back in that seated position!! Andre now grabs SKA by the head and brings him up to his feet! He kicks SKA in the abdomen and pulls him in! SNAP BRAINBUSTER BY ANDRE WALKER!!! IT CONNECTS AND HE DROPS DOWN ONTO SKA FOR THE PIN!!!




Stew-O: Kickout by SKA!!!

Flannery McCoy: Look! Andre Walker isn’t too happy about that close call as he gets on one knee and uses his frustration by striking SKA in the face with sharp forearms!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!! FOUR!!! FIVE!! SIX!! SEVEN SHOTS TO THE FACE BY ANDRE WALKER!! Andre back up to his feet as he walks over to the head of SKA and stomps down hard onto it!! SKA clutches at his head in pain after all of these shots. Andre grabs SKA by the head and brings him up to his feet once more!! Andre now picks SKA up from the side and connects with the PENDULUM BACK BREAKER!!! Andre keeps SKA’s back resting on top of his knee as he presses down onto the chest, head, and neck of SKA!!! He’s adding so much pressure onto the lower back of his opponent!! SKA is screaming in pain right now as Andre holds him in that uncomfortable position!!!

Stew-O: Wait look!! SKA is being smart and using his free legs to kick Andre in the face!! Andre is caught off guard by the first kick!! SKA with another kick!! And another!!! BUT ANDRE DRIVING HIS ELBOW INTO THE CHEST OF SKA ONCE MORE BEFORE SHOVING HIM OFF OF HIS KNEE!!!

Flannery McCoy: That was smart on Andre’s part as well. He knew he was getting into a bad situation with those kicks landing on him, but he still had control of SKA’s body and decided to shove SKA off in order to prevent getting hit with any more of those kicks!!

Jake Mercer: Andre Walker now clutches at the side of his head where he was just kicked. He shakes it off as he stands straight up and walks over to the side ropes. He leaps.. AND ANDRE WALKER GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT OF HIS OWN!!! NO!! SKA rolls out of the way as Andre lands on his feet!! SKA quickly gets up and lifts the stumbling Andre Walker up into a fireman’s carry position!! SKA now runs with Andre Walker in his back!! AND SKA CONNECTS WITH A ROLLING FIREMAN’S CARRY SLAM!!! That may have knocked the wind right out of Walker!!!

Stew-O: SKA gets up to his feet. He walks over to the corner and climbs up to the top rope!! He’s looking down at Andre Walker!! SKA leaps into the air!! FROG SPLASH!!

Flannery McCoy: NO!!! ANDRE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AS SKA SLAMS CHEST FIRST AGAINST THE CANVAS!!! Andre slowly gets up to his feet as SKA is popped up to his knees from the momentum. AND ANDRE WALKER WITH A PENATLY KICK THAT LANDS RIGHT INTO THE CHEST OF SKA!!! Andre takes a step back.. AND CONNECTS WITH ANOTHER KICK!!! AND ANOTHER!!! AND ANOTHER!!! Andre Walker is simply blasting SKA with these ferocious kicks!!! Andre now grabs SKA and brings him up to a standing position!! Andre takes another step back and charges at SKA with a running clothesline!! It connects as he sends SKA over the top rope!!!

Stew-O: But look!! SKA managed to hang onto the side ropes as he landed on his feet on the ring apron!! Andre Walker notices this as he walks over to SKA!! But SKA connects with a strong right hand!! Andre connects with a right hand of his own!! SKA from the apron connects with another!! Andre with another!! SKA now with a slap across the face!!! Andre takes a second then kicks SKA in the abdomen!! SKA hangs onto the top rope from the ring apron but is bent over!! Andre grabs SKA by the head and pulls his head into the ring between the middle and top ropes!! KINGS KILLER!!!! DRAPING DDT BY ANDRE WALKER!!!!! ANDRE HOOKS THE LEGS!!!!




Jake Mercer: Kickout by SKA!!!

Stew-O: Andre Walker can’t believe it!! He quickly gets up to his feet as he is now stalking his opponent! SKA slowly getting up to his hands and knees!! Meanwhile, Andre Walker is looking at him with a cold stare!! SKA makes it up to his feet!! Andre Walker charges at him!! DAWNBREAKER!! CANADIAN DESTROYER BY ANDRE WALKER AS HE FLIPS SKA AND SNAPS HIS HEAD ONTO THE CANVAS!!!! Andre hooks the legs!!!





(“GATTI” by Popsmoke and JACKBOYS hits as Andre Walker gets up to his feet. The referee grabs Andre by the wrist and raises his arm in the air)

Stephie Love: Here is your winner.. THE NOTORIOUS!!!!!! ANDRE!!!!! WALKER!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: What a match between these two young Elitists! Andre Walker continues to impress here tonight after a big win over SKA!!

Flannery McCoy: With his match against Jalyn Garcia next week, you’d have to assume that this was a great win for Andre to pick up heading into his first title match!

Jake Mercer: Let’s just hope that Andre is able to bring the New Breed Championship back to the red brand. I’m tired of Voltage taking all of our gold as of late.

Stew-O: Well if Andre brings his best then the New Breed Championship may find its way back to Friday Nights. And knowing Andre, I wouldn’t expect him to bring anything less.

(Andre Walker is seen celebrating his victory in the ring as the screen fades to black)

(Commercial break)

(Kensingten Calhoun-Astor appears in a Spotify ad promoting the new single for her good friend Doja Cat)

(Dynasty comes back on air)

Stephie Love: The following is scheduled for… ONE FALL and IS A Cash In The Vault Qualifier Match!!

( ‘Smoke and Drive (Remix)’ by Machine Gun Kelly plays over the PA system as The XTreme Classic appears on stage and makes his way to the ring casually. )

Jake Mercer: I knew I smelled that disgusting aroma of hemp around! Damn it.

Flannery McCoy: Oh as if you never took a hit in your life.

Jake Mercer: I was young and stupid back then.

Flannery McCoy: Now you’re just stupid right?

Jake Mercer: Shattap!

( ‘Come On’ by Waterproof Blonde Ronan Malosi makes his way out to the stage with an absolute clear smug look on his face as he struts out with a cocky pip in his step on his way to the ring )

Stephie Love: Introducing first! From Cape Town, South Africa… weighing in at 280 pounds… THE CAPE TOWN CRIPPLER; RONAN MALOSI!!

Jake Mercer: Big opportunity here tonight for Ronan, a shot at being a Cash in the Vault Participant!

Flannery McCoy: Will his recent success carry him to victory? We’ll see!

( Ding Ding Ding!!! )

Stew-O: AND HERE WE GO! A full week of trash talking culminates in tonight’s match! This should be a good one with Cash In The Vault Implications! Both men now circle each other. Ronan looks already angry and looks like he could tear a hole in the XTreme Classic’s chest ala Mortal Kombat while the pothead looks at his opponent with a cool demeanor as if nothing bothers him. Both men stop at the center of the ring and we hear Malosi trash-talking away at his opponent who doesn’t seem phased or … Wait he doesn’t even seem to be listening!

Justin: Oh I’m listening alright, loud and crystal. I just don’t give a f-

Ronan: You sonova-

Stew-O: Woah! Windgate is giving The Crippler the bird with the biggest look of indifference I’ve ever seen!!! This infuriates Malosi who lounges forward, pouncing almost but Justin ducks to the left followed by a thumb to the eyes of his opponent who holds his face before being brought down with a solid clothesline!

Justin: What? You gonna have to speak up dude! I can’t hear over all your bullshit!

Stew-O: And with that, he smacks Malosi across the face taunting the big man! Telling him to get up and steps back letting him which the Crippler doesn’t hesitate to do visibly looking to want and strangle his foul mouth opponent BUT WINDGATE DOES A GROUNDED SUPERKICK TO RONAN’S FACE!! Down goes the South African again!!

Justin: What’s that? What?

Stew-O: Justin Windgate with the first round of offense in his favor as he is mocking his opponent who looks at him with intent to kill in his eyes as he recovers from the superkick slowly. The Xtreme Classic picks Ronan up and throws him into an Irish Whip! The big man bounces off the ropes and gets collected by a Dropkick sending him on the mat! Ronan gets up and gets brought down with a Clothesline! Ronan gets up again followed by another Clothesline! Ronan gets angrier and angrier as he gets up again! Boom! Third clothesline! Ronan gets up slowly now and engages in a clinch which is transformed into a snap suplex by Justin! Ronan gets up again yelling he looks as though he is hulking up! He lounges at Justin who dodges again, Ronan bounces off the ropes and gets stopped by a kick to the midsection followed by a quick driven DDT!! Malosi stays down this time laying on his back as Windgate stands up and takes a Toreador pose.

Justin: OLé!!

Jake Mercer: Is that guy taking anything seriously?

Flannery McCoy: He is entertaining!

Stew-O: Windgate casually moves to lean against the ropes looking directly at our announcer’s table!

Justin: I ain’t doing it for you Mercer!

Jake Mercer: …

Flannery McCoy: Oh snap!

Ronan retreats to a corner in the meantime looking to regain his barings as Windgate turns and rolls his eyes. Walking up to the big man he throws a series of fists to him followed by a set of kicks to the chest keeping Ronan down! He grabs the man by the hair now pulling him up before he climbs on the second ropes and looks at us again!

Justin: I miss having fans around! I miss them saying One!

He punches down hard one time on Ronan’s face.

Justin: TWO!

He punches a second time!


Stew-O: With each count, he punches Ronan with equal force and precision and once the ninth strike hits he goes;

Justin: You okay buddy?

Stew: And down his fist goes for a tenth consecutive strike after he kissed his knuckles for good luck. He gets off getting out of the way of Ronan who walks stumbling like a zombie before falling down like a tree!

( Add more before going for the switch )

Justin goes for a crossbody from Irish whipped but caught by a Ronan!! Ronan has him in his arms like a bag of potatoes!! He then dashes forward and brings Windgate down with a running power slam!!

Ronan: It’s my turn now bitch!!

Stew-: The tables are turned and it is Ronan moments to go on the offensive! Ronan grabs Justin by the neck putting him into a bear hug! He is rag-dolling him with force! Justin is in pain but drives a few elbows to Ronin trying to get free however the Crippler puts him into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Justin is down holding his back while Roman smirks and shouts had him to get up mocking his earlier actions.

Ronan: There is no way out for you! I am the next king of Dynasty! You should bow before ME!!

Stew-O: All the while kicking him in the midsection and kicking him in the face as his opponent is on the ground going into a corner. Malosi picks him up makes him stand and then drills his shoulder into some stiff shoulder blocked like tackles that look like they could bruise ribs. He then continues to attack with a series of MMA style punches to the head and midsection of the Xtreme Classic before setting him up for another overhead belly-to-belly suplex projecting him almost on the other side of the Ring. What power by the Crippler!

Jake Mercer: What force by Malosi!

Flannery McCoy: If he keeps this up the match will be over quick.

The crippler sends a few elbows to the face of Windgate who seems to be retreating to a corner. The angry man does not stop, grabbing his opponent by the throat motioning him towards the center of the ropes! He lifts Justin up in the air for a CHOKESLAM onto the OUTSIDE APRON!! That’s the hardest part of the Ring!!! Justin slides down on the outside floor as Roman looks down upon him with a satisfied smirk on his face admiring the damage he’s done. He’s looking towards us at the announce table now!

Ronan: Now that is a classic!!

Stew-O: A war of both actions and words from the two competitors who know they can be heard as they are battling surrounded by empty seats. Ronan rolls to the outside of the ring as the referee begins the count he should be careful hence risking a double count-out if he and Windgate remain outside too long. Malosi drills a savate kick into the chest of Justin who was on his knees before getting him up into a short-arm clothesline! Justin is down looking dazed as Ronan is laughing!!

Jake Mercer: Oh no not that crap again!!

Flannery McCoy: Gross!!

Stew-O: Malosi is clearing his nose on his opponent!! Talk about humiliation on a disgusting level! He is then picking Justin up propping him into an Irish whip into the barricades near the timekeeper! This match may turn sour in a hurry! Ronan is clearly on the business end of this attack at the moment as he grabs Justin again going for a few lunch box strikes with balded fists to the back of Windgate who goes back on his knees! He gets picked up and placed over Malosi’s shoulders WHO DROPS HIM WITH THE WIDOWMAKER!! THE FALLaWAY SAMOAN DROP ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Malosi is all smirk and laughter as he picks up his opponent again and rolls him into the ring.

Ronan: See this? This is what happens when you don’t take me seriously! You get wrecked!!

Stew-O: Malosi is slowly climbing to the apron while Justin is getting to his feet near the ropes. Ronan is on the outside wanting on the apron wanting to throw a punch at Windgate but gets blocked! He throws one of his own instead! Ronan tries again but he is blocked all the same and then PELE KICK TO RONAN! HE IS REELING ON THE APRON DAZED!! Justin moves his hands to his lips in a double blunt smoking move before grabbing the top ropes, grabbing Ronan’s head, AND DRIVING IT DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!!! THE HAIL MARY FROM THE RING TO THE OUTSIDE HOLY COW!!! RONAN IS DOWN LOOKING OUT AS WINDGATE IS GETTING UP!! THIS IS A GAME CHANGER AS RONAN HAD THE UPPER HAND UNTIL NOW!! Ronan doesn’t seem to be moving as Justin moves to roll him into the ring!

Jake Mercer: COVER!!

Official: ONE! TWO! THREE-

Flannery McCoy: WHAT???

Stew-O: MALOSI…JUST…KICKED…OUT!!!!! HE WHO SEEMED KNOCKED OUT INTO NEXT WEEK HIS SURVIVAL INSTINCT AND COMPETITIVE DRIVE GETS HIM TO GO ON!!! He is still down and Justin doesn’t want to waste any more time he looks to the nearest corner and goes atop of it he is signaling for the Shooting Star Press! HE IS GOING FOR THE X-FACTOR!! HE LEAPS! PERFECT EXECUTION! IT LANDS … BUT RONAN ROLLS IT INTO A PIN!!!! HE’S HOLDING THE TIGHTS!!!!

Official: ONE! TWO!! TH-

Stew-O: NO! WINDGATE LIFTS THE SHOULDER UP AS WELL!!! WHAT A RAPID PACING MATCH THIS IS GROWING UP TO BE!! Both men are going at lengths in order to win this match!! Both are slowly getting up facing one another and start to throw howitzers at each other and Ronan has the upper hand! He Irish Whips Justin into the ropes! He goes for a crossbody like earlier BUT RONAN MOVES TO SPIN FOR THE WIDOW’S END! HE EXECU-NOOOOO!!! WINDGATE REVERSES IT INTO A HURRICARANA!! Malosi goes down but he quickly gets up ONLY TO GET STRUCK BY LIGHTS OUT!! THE REVERSE CUTTER CONNECTS BY JUSTIN!!

Jake Mercer: COVER!!

Official: ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!


( ‘Smoke and Drive (Remix)’ by Machine Gun Kelly plays over the PA system as Justin is on his knees and the referee raises his arm in victory! )

Stephie Love: The Winner of this Bout: The XTreme Classic: JUSTIIIIN WIIIIIIINDGAAAAATE!!!

Stew- O: What a great match between the two of them tonight!

Jake Mercer: Hate to admit it but that damn stoner gave a good fight.

Flannery McCoy: Let’s not forget about Ronan, he went all out with it but it was just not to be. There is always next time for the King-to-Be.

(Highlights of the Drake King vs SOSA Henderson match at Gateway to Glory air showcasing the amazing back and forth match between the two men that resulted in SOSA coming up short.)

(The camera cuts to Stephie Love in the ring.)

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

Crowd: Silence and sadness

Stephie Love: And it is a qualifying match for the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match!

(“DEVIL” by Shinedown hits as the lights shut off for the pre-chorus.)

Stephie Love: Introducing first from Jackson, Michigan weighing in at 235 pounds he is “The Social Stain” JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASON MCKORRRRRRRRRRRRRMICK!!!!

(Jason McKormick comes out showing off his mohawk to the camera.)

Jake Mercer: Damn a mohawk. That is badass af. I need to get one of those.

Flannery McCoy: You couldn’t pull it off.

Stew-O: She’s right. Only I could pull it off.

Flannery McCoy: Cap

(“Love Sosa” by Chief Keef hits!!!)

Stephie Love: And his opponent from Hollywood, California weighing in at 191 pounds he is “BULLETPROOF” SOSA HENDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSON!!!!

(SOSA Henderson comes out and it is clear he is wildin’.)

Flannery McCoy: Here comes SOSA Henderson I guess.

Jake Mercer: He is a famous rapper Flannery. Show some respect.

Stew-O: I am jamming to his fire tracks while watching his matches in Lucha Underground wrestling.

Flannery McCoy: Wait is that a real promotion?

Stew-O: What are you talking about Flannery. Of course it is a “real” promotion. I looked it up on SOSA’s official history online. This isn’t like some of the bullshit that Jake spits every week.

Jake Mercer: I only spit the truth.

Flannery & Stew: Cap


Stew-O: The two men stare across the ring at each other waiting to get this thing started. We are underway as SOSA Henderson and Jason McKormick lock up in the ring. No wait… SOSA just slid out under the ropes. SOSA slipping away! What a dirty snek! But a smart move there playing mindgames with his opponent. McKormick in the ring hopping around staying warmed up for SOSA’s eventual return.


Flannery McCoy: SOSA Henderson slides back into the ring making sure to put the referee between himself and his opponent. SOSA playing it safe here tonight before climbing back in to the ring and locking up with the slightly larger opponent in Jason McKormick. They lock up… Jason quickly transitions into a headlock. He’s capturing SOSA to make sure he can’t get away again! SOSA shoves Jason off him against the ropes… but Jason fires back taking him down with a hard shoulder! SOSA goes flying back against the ropes and over the top to the outside of the ring! But SOSA lands on his feet on the outside! SOSA looking out across the EAW Performance Center with a look of disgust on his face before sliding back into the ring. SOSA stalking around his opponent as Jason looks to lock up again… but a big kick from SOSA right to the gut!

Jake Mercer: SOSA Henderson grabs the arm of Jason McKormick as he tosses him towards the corner. But Jason immediately charges back out with a vicious Clothesline taking SOSA down! SOSA right back up only to be met with a boot to the gut! Jason giving SOSA a taste of his own medicine! Jason grabs SOSA… SPIKE DDT CONNECTS!!! The cover!


Stew-O: Kickout! Not even a two count there! Jason McKormick picks SOSA Henderson back up and tosses him towards the ropes. But SOSA holds on to the top preventing his opponent from tossing him back to the outside. Oh so now he doesn’t want to go out huh? He bounces back… But Jason holds up a knee catching him from behind in the lower back! SOSA falls down to his knees holding his back in pain as Jason moves in for the kill. Driving his knee down hard onto the back of his opponent. Again! Again! Again! SOSA driven down onto his belly in the ring as Jason stands over him with a smile on his face. Jason kicks his boot across the face of SOSA one more time for good measure before aggressively grabbing his head in his arms. He pulls SOSA up and throws him into the corner… Hard knee shots to the lower back as he has SOSA up in the corner… Whip across the ring…

Flannery McCoy: SOSA Henderson sent back first with a thunderous impact to the opposite turnbuckle as he collapsed in the ring. Falling face first and holding his back in pain as Jason McKormick moves in. Jason saying something here. Sounds like he intends to do it again! He grabs the head of SOSA…

Jake Mercer: But SOSA pulls his arms and drags him right on through the ropes!!! Jason McKormick falls to the outside and SOSA Henderson with a grin on his face! Looks like he may have been faking just how badly he was hurting there to gain the advantage!!! The damage has still been done however as he is still holding his back…. Jason up on the outside… SOSA runs the ropes… He tosses himself over the top!!! SOSA spins in midair coming down on Jason with a Crossbody!!! What altitude there!!! The height is unreal!

(A replay airs showing SOSA Henderson flying over the top rope with an unrealistic degree of height before he came crashing down.)

Stew-O: Jason McKormick crawls towards the ring steps but is stalked by SOSA Henderson who slams his head down on the steps. The referee counting now but it is not like SOSA gives a f-

Referee: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Flannery McCoy: SOSA lifts up Jason McKormick off the ground… and drops him face first over the barricade! Jason comes crashing right down on his face before falling back to the floor. SOSA looking real proud of himself as he pulls Jason back up once again dragging him and tossing him into the ring.

Referee: FOUR! FIVE! SIX!

Jake Mercer: SOSA Henderson follows inside and immediately goes for the cover!


Stew-O: Kickout by Jason McKormick but SOSA Henderson immediately back on the attack! Well placed stomps right to the face of Jason! And he comes off the ropes… Leaping Splash connects as he goes for the cover once more!


Flannery McCoy: Powerful kickout by Jason McKormick but SOSA Henderson immediately locks him into a headlock! Trying to keep him trapped but Jason is powering out!!! Elbow shots to the gut! He is breaking it! He powers out… Hard right hand to the face sends SOSA spinning around as Jason grabs him from behind… He pulls him back into an Inverted Backbreaker!! That injured back coming into play as Jason goes for the cover!!!


Jake Mercer: Kickout at the last second by SOSA Henderson! Jason stalking SOSA now with hard kicks trying to keep him grounded but SOSA is coming right back up! Jason keeps him down with the most exciting move of all time! A headlock! Oh lawd this gets me pumped up when I see hard hitting action like this!!!

Flannery McCoy: :skip:

Stew-O: SOSA Henderson powering out of the headlock! He lifts Jason McKormick up entirely with the headlock still applied!!! BACK DROP CONNECTS!!! Both men back up… But SOSA connects with a Leaping Dropkick sending Jason right back down to the mat with a thud. Jason starts to roll towards the outside possibly trying to escape but SOSA will not be having that! He grabs onto the head of Jason digging his fingernails into the bald parts of his head as he drags him back inside the ring. He lifts Jason back up… and drops him with a thunderous Brainbuster!!! SOSA now stalking his opponent what is he looking for here…

Flannery McCoy: Jason McKormick on hands and knees as SOSA Henderson charges in! PAID IN FULL!!!!





(“Love Sosa” by Chief Keef hits as the referee raises SOSA Henderson’s arm in victory.)

Stew-O: SOSA Henderson did it! He has qualified for Cash in the Vault!!!

Flannery McCoy: Jason McKormick gave it his all but he will not be going to Pain for Pride this year!!

Jake Mercer: Well at least not in this capacity. Never say never Flannery!!!

Flannery McCoy: That is true. Who knows what could still happen. But for Jason the future is unsure, while SOSA has just punched his ticket to the grandest stage of them all! I love SOSA!!!

Jake Mercer: I knew it! I knew you were a b-

Flannery McCoy: *slaps Jake*

Stew-O: :skip:

(The camera cuts to a commercial for “Bitches Who Don’t Love SOSA” featuring a 500 pound woman with green hair talking shit about SOSA Henderson for several minutes until she gets tired and needs a cheeseburger.)

(The camera fades backstage where the fiesta is in full swing.)

TLA: Yo make sure you got them Poons all around you. You know they gonna keep you social distanced. You go too far in one direction you just gonna bounce off. These bitches are bouncy ya heard? These bitches bounce almost as much as my lowriders do comprende? You know they all natural right?

(Guests of the party are shown being separated by Poons wearing bikinis who are shown bouncing guests into their own separate areas in order to stay socially distanced.)

Steroid Dawg: *barks as if to say you ain’t keeping me distant*

(Steroid Dawg attempts to sneak beneath the legs of the Poons to rejoin TLA at the bar. However, a poodle wearing a bikini appears and bounces Steroid Dawg back into her own area away from TLA.)

TLA: Pobrecita that’s my dawg that. Let mah dawg come over here.

(The bikini wearing poodle bears her teeth at TLA as if to say “no exceptions motherfucker”.)

TLA: :whoa:

(The camera cuts out to show the party is in full force as lights flash across all the hallways of the Performance Center. A laptop is shown hooked up to speakers blasting the latest fire tracks from adobehouse across the entire building.)

TLA: Yo we up in the EAW Performance Center. Kensingten Calhoun-Astor was hoping my brown ass would be across the border by this point in time. Pero as y’all done saw at Gateway to Glory shit ain’t turned out like that. Nah shit turned out very very differently! Gotta get that EAW Network and check out me beating that spoiled princess’ ass straight on back to the trailer park like I do. You know we hittin’ up the Performance Center and we got all the lil hoppas out looking to get some of that good mota. Got the drank flowin’ like a waterfall out here. These young ass motherfuckers ain’t getting out of this party with they virginities in tact. We making each and every one of y’all a woman we makin’ each and every one of y’all a man anoche. Ain’t no escaping it. Ain’t no fighting it. Just gotta let it all hang loose and enjoy that vida. Life is short y’all gotta enjoy this shit while it lasts :wow:

(The Poons are shown twerking as they shake that thang across the entire EAW Performance Center. The amount of mass being dropped causes the entire building to shake as several people fall over and security comes running to see what the hell is going on.)

TLA: Yo we ain’t gonna stop the party. You ain’t gonna stop the party. Just try and come at me bruh and I will show you what happens to people who come at me bruh.

Security Guard: Yo we just here for the Poon. Gotta stay tranquilo papi

TLA: Damn straight. You know we having the time of our lives and that’s something that even the World Champ can’t understand. Cuz if he was around up in here he would have prolly betrayed half the people in this room by now. Ain’t nobody like his bitch ass even his bitch don’t like his bitch ass. Shoutout to my ese Visual Prophet you know he deserves better. Like I ain’t even listen to shit Drake had to say earlier cuz I ain’t got time to listen to him try to justify his own bullshit. It ain’t none of my business tho unless he make it my business in which case we gonna settle shit real quick and imma show him that he may have taken my oro but he ain’t taken my fight from me. I stay on that comeback celebrating n shit like I do.

(The Adobe House music blasts even louder across the speakers. One of the Poons goes over looking to switch it to something else but looks through the songs on the laptop and shrugs.)

Poon: Ay papi can we listen to something else? I ain’t seeing much variety over on this laptop.

TLA: Oh you know we only got the best out here. We be bringing straight fire why would you even need anything else?

Poon: Truuuu

(The Poon begins twerking aggressively all over the place wreaking havoc wherever she goes. People are shown desperately trying to dive out of the way but due to the social distancing rules just bounce off the Poons in various places and are sent flying backwards into other Poons. This causes a large chain reaction in which Poons begin bouncing back into other Poons all the way across the floor.)

TLA: Oh shit watch out we gonna have a crash up in here!!!

(At the far end of the room one of the Poons is send falling backwards but with nobody behind her she goes falling backwards. She drops all that cake down on the table with the laptop as she falls backwards breaking through it. A loud crackling noise is heard as the music cuts out. She pulls herself up and looks around at the wreckage behind her.)

Poon: Oh no my bad! I guess I was a little bit clumsy hehe!

TLA: It’s iight mami! I’m sure we can find some better music elsewhere. We gotta go find Malcolm to hook us up with that Pop Smoke album leak. We will be wildin’ all night long amigos.

Poon: Damn sorry I broke your laptop TLA. It looked expensive!

TLA: Oh that? Nah I just found that piece of shit lying around backstage and decided to hook it up. Ain’t no big deal.

Poon: Oh… wait do you think that was Lethal Consequences’ actual laptop?

TLA: Nah nah… well maybe but who knows. Besides I am sure he’s got all his shit backed up on the cloud. Ain’t no way he would be that irresponsible to just leave it sitting around and vulnerable. Don’t worry I’m sure he will understand. If he struggling after all them Ls he been taking lately then La Pantera Sexual can slip him a few pesos and get him a nice new sexy laptop. Get him that special browser that lets you browse the Poon Palace website all incognito. Ain’t gotta worry about a thang!

(Steroid Dawg is shown taking a piss on Lethal Consequences’ broken laptop as the camera fades to black.)

(Dynasty cuts to Stephie, who’s standing by.)


(“Don’t Sweat the Technique” by Eric B and Rakim begins to play through the PC’s speakers and moments later, Lisa Wren steps onto the stage.)


Flannery McCoy: Welcome back to Dynasty! In just a few minutes we’re going to see whether it’s Lisa Wren or the former Specialists Champion, Darcy May Morgan, moving on to Fighting Spirit to compete in the Universal Women’s Championship contendership match!

Stew-O: I fully expect No Way Out to be one of the highlights of Fighting Spirit: Omaha next weekend and what a hell of an opportunity for the struggling Lisa Wren. One victory is all she needs to get herself back on track and there would be no bigger victory than this one here tonight!

Jake Mercer: It’s going to take a special effort to knock off Darcy, though, and I’m not sure if Lisa has what it takes to do that. We all know Darcy is as tough as they come, and it will be interesting to see if Lisa is up for the challenge!

(Lisa has made her way into the ring and is getting set. Her music has faded and it’s soon replaced by “Spotlight Savior” by Iggy Azalea.)


(Darcy walks on stage and begins to confidently make her way to the ring.)

Stew-O: It was definitely heartbreaking for Darcy to lose the Specialists Championship this close to Pain for Pride. She fought with a lot of heart and pride, but ultimately it wasn’t enough to put away Sarah Price.

Flannery McCoy: It wasn’t, but one could argue that losing that belt is a blessing in disguise for Darcy. If she wins tonight and then goes on to win No Way Out, she will get a chance to headline Pain for Pride against either Minerva or Kasey Kaos.

Jake Mercer: To headline Pain for Pride would be huge for Darcy and so would getting a chance to win the Universal Women’s Championship. It’s not a matter of if with Darcy, it’s more like when, and that could happen sooner rather than later.

(Darcy gets in the ring and gets set, and a few moments later, the referee calls for the bell.)

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)






Jake Mercer: Darcy has mounted Lisa and she’s unloading right now! The heartbreak over losing the Specialists Championship coupled with this No Way Out opportunity really means a lot to DMM! There is no way she is going to let this slip through her fingers and she’s doing everything she can tonight to just beat the tar out of Lisa Wren and get herself to Fighting Spirit!

Flannery McCoy: As you all know, the No Way Out match taking place next weekend is for the right to headline Pain for Pride against either Kasey Kaos or Minerva in a Universal Women’s Championship match. There is a lot at stake in this match, especially for Darcy who had a sure ticket to the biggest show of the year until Sarah upset her last weekend.

Jake Mercer: Lisa is finally able to fend off Darcy and she scrambles to her feet! Darcy isn’t wasting any time and she barrels towards Lisa, looking for yet another running knee strike! This time Lisa sees it coming and she ducks, which sends Darcy crashing into the ropes! Lisa rushes towards Darcy and hits her with a dropkick! DMM spills to the outside!!!

Stew-O: Let’s not forget what this could mean for Lisa, guys. This is a woman who got a few wins when she first arrived on Dynasty, but as of late, she’s been stuck in a rut. For the last few weeks, Lisa has been floating between brands but she’s come back home tonight to try and knock off Darcy for this spot in the women’s No Way Out match.

Flannery McCoy: Darcy has pulled herself up and is attempting to get back into the ring, but Lisa with a baseball slide! She knocks Darcy back to the ground, and lands on her feet on the outside! Lisa immediately puts the boots to Darcy, and now she’s leaning down to grab a hold of Darcy’s hair! Lisa pulls Darcy to her feet and she attempts a whip into the barricades, but DMM is able to plant her feet! She nails Lisa with a forearm to the face, but Lisa fires back with one of her own! Both women with rapid forearm exchanges and it’s Lisa who is able to get the better of Darcy and she finally sends her into the barricades! Lisa wisely rolls into the ring to break up the pin, but now she’s back down.

Stew-O: It’s nice to see this type of aggression from Lisa. I’m sure all of us would like to see her become successful here. If she’s able to get this win over Darcy, the entire course of her career could change. She would find herself with a chance to potentially headline Pain for Pride and compete for the Universal Women’s Championship.

Jake Mercer: Lisa Wren is such an advocate for women’s wrestling, and I really hope she gets the chance to compete for the Universal Women’s Championship. Obviously I don’t want to see that come at the Dropkick Darling’s expense here tonight, but can you imagine Lisa as a world champion? We really would get Empire back :wow:!!!!

Flannery McCoy: :whoa: Nobody wants that!

Jake Mercer: :mjgrin:

Stew-O: Lisa has continued stomping and kicking Darcy, and now she’s got the former champion back to her feet. She nails Darcy with an uppercut and rams her headfirst into the LED ringpost!

Flannery McCoy: NO! Darcy managed to get her foot up! She catches Lisa with a back elbow and is able to whirl around and connect with a spinning back fist! Darcy catches Lisa before she can fall, and she slams Lisa’s face off the hardest part of the ring! She throws Lisa back inside and slips in behind her, grabbing Lisa into a nice variation of the camel clutch! Lisa attempts to scoot towards the ropes, but Darcy lets go and unleashes several clubbing blows to the back of Lisa’s skull! She gets back up and stomps on Lisa’s head!

Jake Mercer: Lisa attempts to roll towards the ropes, but Darcy grabs her by the ankle and pulls her back to the center of the ring! Darcy with a choke now and the referee is forced to take action! Darcy breaks the choke right before the five, and she hits Lisa with a series of right hands to the face! She gets Lisa up and whips her into the corner! Lisa hits back first but she’s able to get her feet up as Darcy comes flying in with a corner clothesline! She stuns Darcy and Lisa unloads! Rights and lefts to Darcy’s face and head! DMM is covering up! Lisa takes advantage and hits Darcy with a heart punch! Darcy crumbles to the mat and Lisa follows up the heart punch with a double foot stomp to Darcy’s chest! She goes for the cover!



Flannery McCoy: Not enough! Darcy kicks out at two!

Jake Mercer: Lisa is quickly back on offense, though! She knows that with someone as experienced as Darcy she can not waste any time. Giving Darcy a chance to breathe is dangerous because we’ve watched her time and time again get a second chance in a match and capitalize! Lisa with clubbing blows to the face and she quickly tries for a crossface Indian deathlock! Darcy is able to roll out of the way, and grab the ropes, but Lisa attacks her almost immediately! The referee is pulling Lisa away, pointing out that Darcy has the ropes, and Lisa is furious! She lunges for Darcy once again, but ‘The Leading Lady’ pulls herself onto the apron! Lisa shoves the referee out of the way and heads for the ropes!

Stew-O: Darcy ducks between the top and middle rope and catches Lisa with a shoulder to the gut! She tries for a forearm smash, but Lisa ducks and pops Darcy right in the jaw with a nasty right hand! Darcy almost loses her footing, which allows Lisa to grab a handful of hair and try to pull Darcy into the ring! Darcy fights her way free and pulls Lisa onto the apron! Both women are fighting on the apron of the ring now! This has been a back and forth battle since the moment the bell rang! Each of them want a chance to earn their way into the No Way Out match at Fighting Spirit!


(Lisa Wren does appear to be unconscious as the camera zooms in on her face.)

Darcy May Morgan: :mjgrin:

Stew-O: The referee goes to check on Lisa and sees that she is unresponsive! Darcy is screaming at him to get back into the ring and start the count!!!






Jake Mercer: Lisa’s eyes have started to flutter, but the referee is up to six now…



Flannery McCoy: I think Lisa realizes she’s about to lose the match and an opportunity to compete at Fighting Spirit!!!!










Stew-O: DARCY THROWS LISA BACK INTO THE RING AND CLIMBS UP TO THE TURNBUCKLES! :lupe:! We don’t see Darcy take these kind of risks too often, but when you think about what’s on the line tonight, I’m not surprised! Darcy gets herself set up on the ropes and she waits for Lisa to get up! Lisa is moving slowly because she took a lot of punishment on the outside! But she is finally up AND DARCY FLIES! DIVING DOUBLE KNEES FROM THE TOP ROPE! LISA IS DOWN AND DARCY REACHES BEHIND HER TO HOOK THE LEGS!!!!





Flannery McCoy: Jake, you always have interesting ‘facts’ about our competitors. Do you have any insight on Lisa?

Jake Mercer: :lupe: Well, I know Lisa portrays herself as a feminist and wants to see Empire make its return, but did you know she once supported the Crowe’s Nest back when she was a fan and proudly wore a #FuckEmpire t-shirt?! There is no pictorial evidence of this obviously because it’s all been deleted, but Lisa was a real big support of the #FuckEmpire movement :wow:!!!!

Stew-O: :wow:!!!!

Flannery McCoy: :usure:???

Jake Mercer: It’s true! Anyways! Darcy has Lisa grounded with a headlock, but Lisa is using her strength to fight her way back up! Both women are vertical now and Lisa elbows Darcy in the gut a few times to break free! Lisa rushes the ropes and brings Darcy down with a clothesline! Lisa quickly hits the ropes a second time, leaps over Darcy, and uses the opposite set of ropes for a springboard moonsault!! That was beautiful! No wonder Lisa Wren was the first ever plus sized gymnast in Canada! She would have made the Olympic team too if they would have had a leotard in her size!!!

Stew-O & Flannery: :mjlol:

Stew-O: Lisa opts not to go for the cover and I hope that doesn’t come back to haunt her! She’s helped Darcy up and is pummeling her with rights and lefts now! She gets Darcy into the corner and starts striking her with several well placed kicks to the mid-section! She follows it up with a nice little knee strike to the jaw and pulls Darcy from the corner! Lisa with a running bulldog and that plants DMM! Now Lisa goes for the cover!!!



Flannery McCoy: DARCY KICKS OUT!

Jake Mercer: I can’t help but wonder if Lisa made a huge mistake by not going for the pin after the springboard moonsault. It looked like she had knocked the wind out of Darcy and that could have resulted in a three count.

Stew-O: Exactly right and now Lisa looks frustrated. She’s going to have to think quickly and find a way to put Darcy down. She jerks Darcy up by the hair and I think she’s going to set her up for an inverted suplex!! The inverted suplex could be what Lisa needs to finish off Darcy, but Darcy just caught Lisa with a thumb to the eye! She blinded Lisa! Darcy rakes Lisa across the face and slams her boot into Lisa’s gut! Darcy quickly grabs Lisa and she places her across her shoulders!!!





(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


(“Spotlight Savior” by Iggy Azalea begins to play across the PA system and Darcy takes a moment to just lie there and soak up her victory.)

Jake Mercer: And just like that, this match is over! Darcy just booked her spot in the No Way out match joining Voltage’s Raven Roberts and Ms. Extreme, Showdown’s Alexis Chambers, and our own Kensingten Calhoun-Astor!

Stew-O: One chapter closed for Darcy at Gateway to Glory, but it looks like she’s started another one here tonight. Darcy May Morgan has just begun her quest to become a world champion here in Elite Answers Wrestling.

Flannery McCoy: Despite recent losses to Serena Bennett, Sienna Jade, and Sarah Price, Darcy has bounced back in a big way tonight. I can’t wait to see what she does in No Way Out next weekend!

(Darcy has finally gotten up and the referee is raising her hand in victory. It’s a sweet moment for the Leading Lady as she comes to the realization that she has a pretty great chance of headlining Pain for Pride. She looks at PFP sign that is hanging up and shakes her head, a look of determination crossing her face.)

(Dynasty fades to break.)

(Camera cuts to a commercial featuring a cat climbing inside a box that it barely fits in.)

(Dynasty returns from commercial where we see Serena Bennett sitting comfortably across her blue velvet loveseat. As “Surfin’ (ft. Pharrell Williams)” by Kid Cudi continues to play throughout the speakers of the EAW performance center, the camera focuses on Serena who’s wearing a black, criss-cross crop top, a blue leather mini skirt, and thigh high black velvet boots with her signature blue bottom. She’s seen singing along to “Surfin’” until her music dies down.)

Jake Mercer: The fact that we have to sit through this joke of a segment after we’ve already been blessed with Dynasty’s flagship talk show Hot Takes irritates the hell out of me. :scusthov:

Flannery McCoy: Is there anything about Serena that doesn’t irritate you?

Jake Mercer: Meh. Nothing I can think of, to be honest with you, it really might just be everything.

(Serena stands and raises a microphone to her mouth in preparation to introduce her guests for the evening.)

Serena Bennett: Man, there’s just something about my Blue Carpet tonight that just don’t feel right. I miss all y’all watching from home, dawg. Jake, Stew, Flan, I hope y’all know exactly how blessed you are to witness a show like this one with a front row seat, ‘cause I want nothing more than to celebrate my Gateway To Glory victory with the EAW Universe, but I can’t. Fuck COVID-19, forreal. If it weren’t for Ms. Rona, Bhristopher would have never had to cancel our shows, relegate us to the damn performance center. I’m all about safety and shit, but this right here–this ain’t fair. But nah, I don’t wanna continue to be negative here, we on the road to Pain for Pride, we got Odyssey tomorrow, Fighting Spirit next week, and two Hall-of-Fame men who are featured on both cards will be joining me here tonight and I’m quite honestly getting impatient standing out here talkin’ to my damn self, so, Dynasty Commentary Team, please welcome my guests–first, CAGE!

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Butch Vig Mix) By Nirvana begins to play throughout the arena speakers. Out comes Cage with his classic denim jeans and white tee, taken aback by the quality of the velvet blue carpet laid out down the ramp. He enters the ring and grabs a seat on one of Serena’s fluffy blue armchairs as his music dies down.)

Serena Bennett: That’s right, Cage, go ahead, make yourself comfortable. Please help yourself to a Crip-A-Cola while I introduce my very next guest, you know him very well…CHRIS ELITE!

(“Invincible” by Pop Smoke blares throughout the speakers of the performance center while Chris Elite struts out onto the stage and walks down the blue-carpeted ramp. He sports a red Nike Tech tracksuit with white Air Force 1’s. He looks perturbed as he gets a closer look of Serena’s blue set up as he approaches the ring; the camera catches Serena as she is seen and heard singing along to the Pop Smoke song.)

(Chris Elite enters the ring and grabs a microphone before reaching for a bottle of soda and flopping down onto an armchair. He looks down at the soda and chuckles as his music dies down.)

Chris Elite: “Crip-A-Cola” tho, beloved? :mjgrin:

Serena Bennett: Shut ya ass up, just when I was about to thank you for joining me. Fuck is the problem? Disrespectful ass, that soda is downright delicious. Don’t you think so, Cage?

Cage: Ye, sure. Don’t worry about a damn thing that bald-headed midget has to say though, Serena, he just mad his bumass ain’t making any money off these sponsorship deals like you. You stay in your bag, gotta respect that about you.

Chris Elite: :mjlol: :mjlol: :mjlol:

Cage: Something funny, dickhead?

Chris Elite: Nah, you do you, beloved. Really over there still simping, unprompted, kissing Serena’s ass as usual. Like she give a fuck about you in the first place.

Cage: Oh, I’m the simp? And this is coming from he bozo who can’t stop talking about her in promos, complimenting her left and right, huh? Wanna talk about people riding your dick all day long, you can’t seem to get off Serena’s.

Chris Elite: And that’s exactly why she like me better than you. You’re just jealous.

Serena Bennett: :hhh: Who said I liked either one of you?

Cage: And that’s supposed to mean something to me? Nah, man, I am not stressing over Serena Bennett whatsoever–no offense, gorgeous, but I got better things to worry about, such as what’s next for me at Fighting Spirit. I’m certainly not pressed over whether or not a woman is interested in me, I’m not like faggot ass Chris, I have no problem reeling women in. He’s too busy being stuck far up another man’s ass, wanting to stick his thumb in it and all that.

Chris Elite: Nah, that’s ya WCW, don’t deny it. And wow, more gay jokes, real original. You not pressed, meanwhile, you got caught hopping on Serena’s socials not even five minutes after you found out she rejoined the Dynasty locker room, you should be embarrassed, a beautiful woman Serena would never consider allowing a cac man to so much as look at her the way you be doing.

Serena Bennett: Y’all know I have a man, right?

Chris Elite: Soccer has a goalie, that means you can’t score? :mjlit:

Cage: Fuck you, Chris, that’s why I fucked your ass up just last week, if it weren’t for Imp, I’d have smoked your ass, put an end to your bitching and moaning once and for all.

Chris Elite: :mjlol: You know if it hadn’t been for that fat motherfucker’s interference, you’d have lost. Shittin’ me.

Serena Bennett: Um, for once, did either one of y’all think that maybe, just once, you could focus on something else besides beatin’ on each other…maybe the actual bad guy in the situation?

Cage: :oh: The bad guy?

Chris Elite: And who exactly do you consider the bad guy, sweetheart?

Serena Bennett: It’s Impact, shithead. Mans is running around trying to get the better of you every chance he gets, Bhrissy, that’s twice now. First at Grand Rampage, now at Gateway To Glory, and what, you too busy wondering about whatever the fuck Cage is doing instead of directing your attention at somebody who very well could stop you from winning at Odyssey and bringing that Answers World Championship home. And Cage, you know that man has got beef with you, too, I’d be pissed as hell if he cost me a match like that, he’s clearly still up in arms over what happened all those months ago. Y’all have a common enemy and you’re lookin’ right past him as he runs rampant over both of y’all.

Chris Elite: Nobody over here is worried about Cage at all. Wish I knew what you were trying to get at inviting us both out here, Serena, if you wanted us to run a train on you, you didn’t have to bring us all the way out here for that. And why the fuck you so obsessed with Impact for anyway, damn. Didn’t he beat on your ass, too?

Serena Bennett: Yawn, did you miss the part where I knocked that motherfucker out cold, and pinned him clean? Who the fuck you thought you was talking to?

Cage: You so cute when you get angry.

Chris Elite: There he goes again, damn. Get off her dick, let her breathe, she don’t like white boys, I thought she told you so.

Cage: Then you have just as little of a chance with her than I do.

Chris Elite: I at least have half a chance. :mjgrin:

Cage: And that’s already ten times more of a chance than you have at defeating DEDEDE tomorrow night, that man ran circles around you all week. Can’t wait ‘til you no longer have that stupid ass Gawd Contract to wave around.

Chris Elite: Here you go, is you dumb, stupid, or dumb? How many times I gotta tell you, worry about yourself, beloved. Rex finna beat that ass to a pulp and I can’t wait to see it happen. That’s exactly why you gotta work so damn hard to continue to prove yourself around these parts. Picking fights with men like me, men like Rex, just so you can stay relevant ‘cause you know your Pain for Pride spot is still up in the air ‘cause you couldn’t get a Grand Rampage victory you was gunning for. I almost feel bad for you. I’m walking into PFP with the belt. Rex is walking in with a Grand Rampage main event title opportunity. Even Serena is for sure gonna be walking into something game changing. What might Cage be getting up to, you wonder? Hell if I know, it’ll be a miracle if this clown doesn’t up and quit again like he always does whenever shit don’t go his way. This company isn’t big enough for everybody, Cage, not everybody finna eat, the only way you can eat these days is by feeding off of someone else’s name and career–like you been doing me for fucking weeks now.

Serena Bennett: :mjgrin: Damn, so much for tryna get these two on the same page.

Cage: Not a single soul over here is worried about you either, Chris, I already told you what it was. I’ve since moved past out match, you’re the one who can’t seem to let go, I come out here try to be cordial, back up Serena and show her some respect on her very own show unlike your ass who came out the gate with the pettiness. She asked for my opinion on the beverage she was kind enough to offer me, too, so don’t make it seem like I’m out here simping. But that’s Chris Elite, for ya, can’t ever stop complaining for a single second, all you do is look around this place and find something to be upset about. You know what? Bring that Answers World Championship back to Dynasty next week. I dare you. Then since you wanna be so big and bad, face me at Pain for Pride for that same belt so I can tear it off you. Lemme give you something else to be upset about.

Serena Bennett: :gladbron:

Chris Elite: How about this–suck my dick, stupid. I’m not handing you a title shot, I’m not handing you a match, not shit. You been getting handouts ya whole fucking career. And you so done with dealing with me, huh, now you all of a sudden want a match for my title? Nah. Shit, I would much rather give Serena an opportunity to compete, she has done far more work in far less time than you have since returning.

Serena Bennett: Now, hold on a minute, Bhrissy, let’s not start talking crazy–

Cage: Serena?! Been putting in work? More deserving of a title opportunity?! You serious?! Y’all wanna come at me for taking breaks every so often, but what about her?! You just gonna act like she didn’t up and disappear for no reason ‘cause she couldn’t take the heat?

Serena Bennett: Nah, bro, fuck outta here with that. Gimmie my props where I deserve ‘em, I was injured, puddin’, I didn’t fucking quit anything. I came back and showed up and showed everybody they was wrong to doubt a woman like me–

Cage: Here you go, another women mad as hell ‘cause she can’t keep up with the state of this industry. If you couldn’t stand the heat, you should have stayed out of the kitchen, sweetheart. You have no business in a men’s championship scene. I’ll never understand why the let you bitches on our brands in the first place.

Chris Elite: Oh, but what happened to being respectful? :mjgrin:

Serena Bennett: Eat my ass, Cage, before I’m forced to make you regret ever doubting me and my in-ring abilities.

Cage: Oh, dear, I’m shaking in my boots. What am I possibly going to do to defend myself against a one-hundred fifteen pound shortie like yourself–



Jake Mercer: Serena Bennett looks awfully apologetic for hitting Chris on accident, and Cage is seen cackling at the center of the ring–but Chris charges right after Cage, shoulder first–and he knocks both Cage AND Serena Bennett over! It’s a three-way brawl in the center of the ring, Serena finding herself on top of Chris somehow, laying punch after punch in the back of the skull while Cage tries to pull himself from underneath Chris!

Flannery McCoy: It’s an absolute mess out here, Serena’s Blue Carpet setup being destroyed while these three roll around on broken glass bottles and soda–Serena should really invest in some plastic packaging!

(Eventually, the three of them separate–Cage is able to duck under the bottom rope to make his way up the ramp, leaving Chris and Serena in the center of the ring to catch their breath.)

Stew-O: I doubt this is how Serena envisioned this unfolding here tonight! I thought she might have had some good intentions in mind, hoping to bring them together to take down a common enemy, but that’s certainly backfired!

Flannery McCoy: It definitely looks like Serena has found herself in a position she never intended to be in at first–but throwing Serena into the mix might add another dynamic to the feud that’s been building between these two!

(Our final shot is of Cage standing at the top of the performance center ramp, talking his shit while Dynasty fades to commercial break.)

(“Monster” By Kanye West hits, as Kassidy Heart steps out onto the stage wearing a black and gold attire. She has the EAW National Elite Championship wrapped around her waist as she looks towards the ring and proceeds to walk down the entrance ramp)

Stephie Love: The following contest is set for!!! ONE FALL!!!!!! Making her way to the ring!!! From Sydney, Australia!!! Weighing in at 125lbs!! She is the National Elite Champion!!!!! THE MAULER!!!!! KASSIDYYYYYY HEART!!!!!!!

Stew-O: And here she is! The Mauler picked up a major victory last weekend at Gateway to Glory against Impact and Sienna Jade with Serena Bennett!

Flannery McCoy: That was a huge victory for the Mauler as we are now on our road to Pain for Pride. She hasn’t been pinned since October and has been on absolute tear since! She’s competed in numerous high level matches and continues to show why she is one of the best talents in EAW today!

(“Anxiety” by The Black Eyed Peas hits as Christian Demarco steps out onto the stage. He looks very hesitant as he looks down and sees his opposition standing in the ring. Kassidy gives Demarco a cold stare as Demarco begins to breathe heavily. If you look close enough, you may even see some sweat dripping down the side of his head. Demarco closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, lets it out, then opens his eyes before walking down the entrance ramp towards the ring.)

Stephie Love: And her opponent!!! From Apple Valley, Minnesota!! Weighing in at 216lbs!!! He is the Omega Male!!! CHRISTIANNNNNN!!! DEMARCO!!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Why does this dude look so scared?

Stew-O: I mean, he does have an anxiety disorder. Plus facing someone as talented as the Mauler probably doesn’t help.

Flannery McCoy: Yeah, I mean think about everything Kassidy has done in her career. Think about everything she has physically gone through. For Christian to face someone at Kassidy’s level this early on into his career is almost suicide!

Stew-O: Don’t act like Christian isn’t aware of this. I mean the man went through hell and back in that ladder match at Gateway to Glory. I’m sure he knows the consequences of facing someone as dangerous as Kassidy Heart, but he’s here to face those fears and show everyone that he can overcome them even with his anxiety. If he wasn’t, then he definitely wouldn’t have came back after what his body went through last weekend.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Stew-O: There’s the bell! This match starts off as Kassidy Heart begins to walk towards the center of the ring. Meanwhile, Christian Demarco looks a little hesitant as he stays in the corner.

Flannery McCoy: It doesn’t seem like Demarco is that confident going up against The Mauler tonight.

Jake Mercer: Why would he be? He’s up against on of, if not, THE most dangerous woman in all of EAW.

Stew-O: Kassidy is standing in the center of the ring with an annoyed look on her face as she is ready to get this fight going. Christian Demarco closes his eyes, shakes his head, then opens his eyes before taking a few steps towards Kassidy!


Stew-O: NO! Kassidy Heart ducks underneath the arm as Christian runs right past her! Christian turns around but is quickly met by a strong kick to the side of the leg by Kassidy!! Christian reaches down and grabs at his left leg after that shot, but Kassidy quickly connects with another kick that lands right into the chest of Christian Demarco!! Christian stumbles back a bit as he clutches at his chest.. BUT AGAIN KASSIDY WITH ANOTHER POWERFUL KICK!! This time is sends Christian back towards the ropes! Christian rebounds back.. SPINNING HEEL KICK BY KASSIDY HEART AS IT CONNECTS RIGHT INTO THE ABDOMEN OF CHRISTIAN DEMARCO!!!

Jake Mercer: Christian Demarco is bent over from that kick to the stomach. Kassidy quickly runs over to the side ropes, she rebounds back, RUNNING BICYCLE KICK BY KASSIDY!!! IT CONNECTS AS CHRISTIAN INSTANTLY HITS THE CANVAS AND KASSIDY HOOKS THE LEGS!!!




Stew-O: Christian Demarco with the kickout!

Flannery McCoy: Kassidy quickly gets off of Christian and turns him onto his stomach. She steps over his body and reaches for his head!! THE CAMEL CLUTCH!! KASSIDY HEART HAS THE CAMEL CLUTCH LOCKED IN ON CHRISTIAN DEMARCO!!!!

Jake Mercer: This is definitely not the position that Demarco wants to be in right now! Kassidy is pulling back on Christian’s head and neck while also applying a tremendous amount of pressure to his lower back!! You can see how much pain Christian is going through right now just by looking at his face!! Kassidy is really trying to end this one right here!!!

Stew-O: Kassidy continues to wrench back as hard as she can, but Christian quickly forces his knees up under him! Christian now uses all of the strength he has to get on one foot! He places his other foot down and stands up as he has Kassidy in a piggy back position!! Christian now runs backwards.. AND SLAMS KASSIDY HEART BACK FIRST INTO THE CORNER TURNBUCKLES!!! Kassidy lets go of Christian, as he groggily steps out of the corner.


Stew-O: NO!!! Christian turned his head back and saw Kassidy coming at the last second! He was able to duck down as Kassidy ran right past him!!! WAIT!!! DEMARCO FROM BEHIND!!! HE ROLLS KASSIDY HEART UP!!!



Jake Mercer: And there’s the kickout by Kassidy!

Stew-O: Christian Demarco quickly gets up to his feet as Kassidy looks pissed! She gets up to her feet as well and charges at Christian Demarco!! DROPKICK BY CHRISTIAN DEMARCO!!! HE JUST CAUGHT THE MAULER OFF GUARD!!!! Christian can’t believe that he just took down the champion like that as he is in shock!!

Flannery McCoy: But Kassidy quickly gets back up to her feet! Christian quickly connecting with a strong right hand that lands on top of Kassidy’s head! Christian now with a kick to the abdomen, as he now grabs at Kassidy’s wrist! Christian now goes for an irish whip on Kassidy towards the far ropes!! No!! Kassidy reverses it with an irish whip of her own as instead its Christian who goes running towards the ropes!! Christian bounces back.. RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE BY KASSIDY HEART!!!

Jake Mercer: NO!!! Christian Demarco ducks underneath the knee and gets behind Kassidy!! Kassidy turns around.. AND IS MET BY AN ENZUIGIRI KICK BY CHRISTIAN DEMARCO!!! Kassidy is standing groggy in the center of the ring. Christian sees this as he runs to the far ropes! He bounces back and leaps in the air for a running crossbody!!!!

Stew-O: SPEAR!!! SPEAR BY KASSIDY HEART AS SHE CAUGHT CHRISTIAN DEMARCO IN MID AIR!!!! She may have taken the wind right out of him!! Kassidy goes for the pin!!





Flannery McCoy: Kassidy Heart now stands up as she quickly drives her foot into the abdomen of Christian with a powerful stomp!! That stomp forces Christian into a sitting position. Kassidy takes a few steps back, then charges at Christian with a penalty kick!!! It connects!! Christian instantly falls flat against the canvas! Kassidy is looking down at Christian Demarco and decides to grab him by his head as she brings him up to his feet! Kassidy quickly kicks Demarco in the abdomen as he is forced to bend forward! Kassidy pulls him in and lifts Christian up into a powerbomb position!! What strength by the Mauler!!! And Kassidy quickly runs to the corner and CONNECTS WITH THE HELLO FRESH!! SNAP BUCKLE BOMB!!!

Jake Mercer: Christian Demarco has crashed hard against the turnbuckle as he leans up against the corner! Kassidy Heart walks over to the opposite corner. She looks at her opponent from the opposite side of the ring. She charges at Christian Demarco!! PCS!! POST CONCUSSION SYDROME!!! HELLUVA KICK BY KASSIDY HEART IN THE CORNER!!!


Flannery McCoy: Christian is in absolute shock right now as he realizes that he was just seconds away from getting his head taken off of his body!! Kassidy is getting her right leg from off of that top rope in the corner as she finally plants it back down onto the canvas. She turns around and is met by a European uppercut from Christian Demarco that sends her back into the corner!! Christian now grabs the champion by the arm and whips her across the ring!! Kassidy runs to the other corner as she crashes back first against the turnbuckles!! Christian quickly charges at Kassidy Heart and leaps in the air!! LEAPING CLOTHESLINE ON THE CHAMPION!!!! IT CONNECTS!!!!!!

Jake Mercer: Christian takes a step back from the corner as Kassidy groggily steps out of the corner. Christian gets past Kassidy and climbs up to the top turnbuckle behind her! Kassidy turns around.. HEAD CASE!!! CHRISTIAN JUST LEAPED OFF OF THAT TOP ROPE WITH A TORNADO DDT AS HE PLANTS THE HEAD OF KASSIDY HEART INTO THE CANVAS!!!



Stew-O: It looks like Christian is trying to rotate his arm that is locked in!! He’s screaming even louder, but he forces that arm free!!! Kassidy is still beside Christian, but Christian with a quick Peterson roll as he has both of Kassidy’s shoulders pinned down to the mat!!!!





Stew-O: Christian quickly gets off of Kassidy and clutches at his shoulder. He looks back at Kassidy who is getting up to her feet as well!! Christian closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, then opens them back up! Kassidy is up to her feet. SUPERKICK BY CHRISTIAN DEMARCO!!!! NO!!!! KASSIDY CATCHES DEMARCO’S LEG!! SHE TOSSES IT TO THE CANVAS, THEN QUICKLY LOCKS HER LEG IN WITH HIS!!! SHE REACHES OVER HIS BACK AND GRABS AT HIS OTHER LEG, AND FALLS BACK TO THE CANVAS WITH IT!!! GAWDS GIFT!!!! THE BANANA SPLIT IS LOCKED IN!!! KASSIDY IS PULLING DEMARCO’S LEGS APART!!!! HE’S SCREAMING IN PAIN WITH NOWHERE TO GO!!!! AND CHRISTIAN TAPS OUT!!!!!!!


(“Monster” by Kanye West hits, as Kassidy lets go of the submission hold. She stands up in the ring as she is handed her National Elite Championship by the referee. The referee then raises her hand, as she looks down at Christian Demarco, then drops down to the canvas before rolling out of the ring and making her way back up the ramp)


Stew-O: What a match by Kassidy Heart! Christian Demarco definitely surprised us all by the effort he put towards this match, but at the end of the day, Kassidy knew exactly what she needed to do in order to secure the victory.

Flannery McCoy: I feel like the more Christian competes, the more confident he gets, but again, it’s going to take more than confidence to defeat The Mauler.

(Kassidy is seen raising her National Elite Championship in the air. She has a smile on her face as she is glad that she was able to make her opponent tap out tonight. The thought of her pushing her opponent to the limits where he has no choice but to admit defeat makes her smile shine even brighter. The camera then shows Christian Demarco clutching at his groin and inner legs in pain as the screen fades to black)

(Video revealing the fourth Hall of Fame inductee airs. //

(Camera pans back to the EAW Performance Center, as Stephie Love is waiting to announce the main event match as she prepares to make her announcement)


Stephie: The FOLLOWING contest, is your MAIN EVENT of DYNASTY!!! And it is set, FOR ONE FALL!!

Jake Mercer*yelling: ONE FALL

Stephie Love: :wtf:

(“This is your life” By The Dust Brothers & Tyler Durden plays as Drake King makes his entrance donning a fur coat leather jacket and his all-black attire with the World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist)

Stephie Love: Introducing first, From Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing in at 220 pounds…HE IS THE WORLDDD HEAAAVYYYYWEIGHTTTTT CHAMPIONNNN!!! “The Paragon”, DRAAAAAKKKEEEEEEEE KINNNNNNGGGGGGG…!!!

Stew-O: This man has been the center of questions. Earlier stating why he did what he did to Visual Prophet and it’s left a sour taste in all of our mouths. Drake King basically indicates that the Visual Prophet was a use for a need and what really matters is the World Heavyweight Championship around the waist of the self-proclaimed Paragon!

Flannery McCoy: Yeah we saw the turmoil between Visual Prophet and Drake King and we haven’t seen Visual Prophet since Gateway To Glory!

Jake Mercer: Well Duh, He got frickin fricked up by Drake King, you were there, I was there, Stew was there, you think he’s just going to come back next week after that ass whooping?

(“Friend Vs Friend” By Company Flow plays as Lethal Consequences makes his way through the curtain and down the short ramp)

Introducing his opponent, from Oakland, California! Weighing in at 230 Pounds!!! “The Inevitable” LEEEETHAAAAAALLLLLLL CONSEEEQUENCESSSS….!!!


Stew-O: This match is underway, as we start off with a strong lock-up by the two combatants! Drake King aggressively slapping a side headlock on LC! LC though not trying to stay in this for long as he then begins to back himself up into the ropes! And shoots Drake King with his own momentum breaking the side headlock as King comes forward LC takes him down with a shoulder block! King rising up quickly as LC follows it up with an open-handed chop to the chest of Drake King! And he then slaps on a side headlock of his own.. AND THIS TAKE TAKES DRAKE KING DOWN TO THE CANVAS! LC in the dominant position as he begins to wear down his opponent! Drake King noticeably frustrated, LC tightening his hold! Drake is trying to fight up to his feet, Drake rising, rising as LC’s grip is beginning to loosen! Drake pushing LC off of him! And swings for a right! LC ducks the incoming blow as he connects with a jab of his own! And he delivers a big open-handed chop to the chest of Drake! And then follows it up with a boot to the mid-section of Drake! Applying the front facelock! Before connecting a snap suplex! Drake blocks it with his inside leg! And he sends a body shot to Lethal Consequences!

Jake Mercer: Drake delivering another big body shot to Lethal Consequences! And then pops up for a shot to the face! And another big shot to the face! And he delivers another big right hand! Drake grabbing LC and whips him into the ropes, LC coming forward off the momentum and HE GETS DROPPED BY A DROPKICK BY DRAKE KING! LC quickly scrambles up to his feet, as Drake grabs him and places him between his legs! He lifts Lethal Consequences high on his shoulders! HE COULD BE GOING FOR A SIT OUT POWERBOMB! But Lethal Consequences quicky shakes the cobwebs and begins delivering swift and brutal right hands onto the top of the skull of Drake King as Drake drops LC and he lands on his feet! LC runs at Drake and floors him with a clothesline knocking him down to the canvas! Drake up quickly and backs himself to the ropes! LC runs and clotheslines Drake over the rope! But Drake manages to land himself onto the apron!

Flannery McCoy: Drake pulling himself up, as LC looks to grab him and drag him back inside the ring! But Drake with a shoulder thrust into the mid-section of Lethal Consequences! LC backing up as DRAKE KING! SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES FOR A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE DROPPING LC! High-risk move paying off there for the former Interwire Champion! Drake King grabs Lethal Consequences up to his feet and tags him with a big forearm smash to the face! Lethal Consequences answers with a forearm right back! Drake comes with a short superkick to the mid-section of Lethal Consequences! LC hunched over! Drake then with a punt kick to the shoulder that pops LC up! Drake runs off the ropes towards Lethal Consequences! BUT LC SIDE STEPS AND DELIVERS A BIG BACK BODY DROP LIFTING DRAKE KING HIGH IN THE AIR AND DRAKE CRASHES INTO THE CANVAS HARD!

Jake Mercer: Lethal Consequences waiting on Drake King who is gingerly rising up to his feet, and LC grabbing Drake from behind! AND HE LIFTS HIM FOR A HIGH ANGLE BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX DROPPING DRAKE KING ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! LC popping up quickly as he feels the momentum switching once again in his favor! LC grabbing the legs of Drake King and, HE QUICKLY TRIES FOR A FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! LC trying to lock in that figure four but Drake fighting it! He’s fighting it with everything he has! LC trying for it! BUT AS HE TURNS HIS BACK DRAKE KICKS HIM PUSHING HIM AWAY! Drake rising to his feet as LC turns quickly, AND DRAKE SHOOTS FOR THE SUPERKICK! LC dodges, waist lock behind Drake King! AND HE SENDS HIM OVERHEAD FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX! But Drake King lands on his feet! LC turns! AND DRAKE FINALLY CATCHES LETHAL CONSEQUENCES WITH THE SUPERKICK RIGHT ON THE BUTTON AND DRAKE KING HOOKS HIS LEG!!


Stew-O: LC still alive after eating that nasty superkick! Drake King now not wasting any time as he grabs LC by his hair, before placing him between his legs! Drake lifting LC in the powerbomb position once again! AND HE RUNS!!! HE’S GOING FOR THE BUCKLE BOMB!!! BUT LC SUNSET FLIPS!!!!!! AND HE RISES!! AND HE TRIES FOR THE BLACKOUT!! LC TRYING TO SET THE SHARPSHOOTER UP FIRST!! But Drake fighting, and he pushes LC off! LC turning as Drake rises, BUT LC QUICKLY DELIVERS A STEP UP ENZIGURI!!! The beautiful move by the Hall Of Famer! Drake is rocked, LC grabs Drake King up AND HE PULLS HIM IN FOR A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! LC STILL HOLDING ONTO THE ARM OF DRAKE KING!!! AND HE GOES FOR ACID REIGN!!! Drake pushing LC off! LC backed into the ropes! DRAKE RUNNING AT LC!!! BUT LC WITH A HIP TOSS SENDING DRAKE OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Drake hitting the floor outside hard!

Jake Mercer: LC making his way to the apron! Before dropping to the outside floor! As he grabs Drake who was just rising to his feet aggressively AND THROWS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE!!! Drake shouts out in pain as LC is delivering the offense! LC grabbing Drake by his hair and pulling him over to the steel steps, AND HE BEGINS TO SMASH THE FACE OF DRAKE KING INTO THE STEEL STEPS! LC not done as he grabs Drake who was slumped over the steps again AND HE SLAMS HIS FACE INTO THE STEEL! LC isn’t done as he now drags Drake King towards our table right here, AND HE SLAMS THE FACE OF DRAKE KING ONTO OUR ANNOUNCERS DESK! Drake is getting the tar beat out of him by Lethal Consequences tonight! LC throwing Drake down to the floor before he begins to uncover our table! The monitors, everything! This match is taking a chaotic turn! As LC turns around, DRAKE KING WITH A SUPERKICK!!! HE SUPERKICK’S LETHAL CONSEQUENCES AS LC LAYS ON THE TABLE!!!! LC JUST GOT SUPERKICKED AND HE LANDED ON THE TABLE!!!! Drake climbing up onto the table as he pulls Lethal Consequences by the hair. DRAKE DOUBLE UNDERHOOKING THE ARMS AND COULD BE GOING FOR THE PRELUDE TO DESTRUCTION!!! BUT LETHAL CONSEQUENCES FIGHTING OUT OF IT!!! STRUGGLING AND SHIFTS HIS POSITION AND BACK BODY DROPS DRAKE KING OFF THE TABLE AS HE CRASHES DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR!! Lethal Consequences saving himself from what could have been a disaster in this match! Drake King is feeling the effects as he hit the floor hard! LC drops off the table before grabbing Drake King up to his feet and sends a big right hand to the jaw of the World Champion! Before he connects with a boot to the mid-section! And he powers up Drake AND HE POWERBOMBS DRAKE KING ON THE ANNOUNCERS DESK BUT IT DOESN’T BREAK!

Flannery McCoy: Lethal Consequences grabbing Drake King by the hair before he immediately sends him inside the ring! LC could be closing in on a big-time victory here tonight over the World Heavyweight Champion! LC waiting for Drake King to rise up to his feet! LC patiently waiting as he could be looking for that LCR elbow! Drake rising upholding his midsection as he’s obviously in pain after being slammed onto our table! Drake rising as LC RUNS FOR THE LCR BACK ELBOW!!! DRAKE KING SNATCHES THE REFEREE IN HIS WAY AS LETHAL CONSEQUENCES HITS THE REFEREE!!! THE REFEREE IS DOWN!! LC is pissed! BUT DRAKE KING IMMEDIATELY WITH A LOW BLOW ON LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!! Drake King, sliding out of the ring! And he grabs a steel chair! Pushing the timekeeper out of his hair and snatching it up like Drake, slides inside the ring! The Champion waiting for his adversary to rise up to his feet! Lethal Consequences pushing himself up after that shot to the groin! AND DRAKE KING SWINGS FOR THE HEAD OF LETHAL CONSEQUENCES!!! LC DUCKS!! The chair drops out of Drake’s hands as LC runs!! GOING FORWARD OFF THE ROPES FOR A JUMPING CLOTHESLINE TAKING THE CHAMPION DOWN AND LETHAL CONSEQUENCES DROPS AS WELL AND THERE’S NO REFEREE!!!

Stew-O: This match has turned into utter and complete chaos! Both men down! The referee is completely unconscious after the LCR he received! And…

(Jessica Miller is seen running down to the ring and enters the ring as both LC and Drake are down and she looks at both men before she grabs the chair)

Stew-O: Jessica Miller is here! Earlier she confronted the World Heavyweight Champion about his actions and it’s safe to say it wasn’t a friendly exchange between them! Drake, rising up slowly as he sees Jessica! And he smirks! Drake smirks AS JESSICA AND DRAKE SHARE A HUG!!! ARE THINGS RECONCILED? IS SHE UNDERSTANDING WHERE DRAKE IS COMING FROM WITH HIS ACTIONS!!! Jessica turns around as Lethal Consequences begins pushing himself up with the ropes! Jessica waiting, she’s going to crack that chair of the skull of Lethal Consequences! SHE’S GOING TO EXACT REVENGE FOR THE KIDNAPPING!

(Jessica immediately turns around and smashes the chair into the skull of Drake King)

Flannery&Mercer&Stew: OH!!!! SHITT!!!!!



(“Friend Vs. Friend” picks up once again as the referee gingerly rises up and raises the hand of Lethal Consequences as Lethal Consequences shoots a look at Jessica Miller before he shakes his head and begins to leave the ring)


Stew-O: What in the hell did we just see? Jessica Miller coming down here and aiding Lethal Consequences to a win?

Flannery: I have no words. I’m just confused. Why?

Mercer: This is some good shit, it’s like a soap opera I didn’t even know I wanted.

(Drake King is seen trying to stand with a cut on his head from the wicked chair shot as blood begins trickling down his forehead as Jessica Miller is handed a microphone and “Friend Vs Friend” fades out)

Jessica Miller: By the way, about that ‘open challenge’ you issued earlier in the night. I think it’s my duty right now to tell you that Viz told me personally to tell you to consider your challenge accepted because he’s cashing in his King of Elite crown at Pain for Pride!

(Jessica throws the microphone at Drake King as Drake has a look of confusion as he’s still shaken up from that chair shot)


Flannery McCoy: Pain for Pride can’t get here fast enough! This collision is going to be so personal, so brutal. You have to imagine this is going to be one of the best Pain for Pride matches in EAW history with everything that Visual Prophet and Drake King have been through with one another!

Jake Mercer: Drake looks lost! But he has a date with Visual Prophet and the one thing that is important to him Visual Prophet is dead set on taking from him!

Stew: What an episode of Dynasty tonight as the red brand continues to push towards Pain for Pride! I’m Stew-O signing off when I say! GOODNIGHT!!!

(One last shot of Jessica Miller leaving the ring and Drake King clutching his World Heavyweight Championship as his face is now a crimson mask)
(Camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Fight Grid

Most Valuable Elitist #224

Odyssey 2020