24/7 Battle Royal confirmed for Pain for Pride Festival

Sources from have confirmed yesterday that the 24/7 Battle Royal will be returning for Pain for Pride festival.

This provides a major opportunity to any given Elitist who should happen to be a participant in this match, due to the winner being awarded a “24/7 contract” entitling them to a championship match at any place, any time, in any venue, for any championship or title in the company. The 24/7 contract has been a pivotal part of the careers of several Elitists including the likes of Rated R Shaman who made his career resurgence under the pseudonym “Drastik” and went on to become the Answers World Champion at the very next Marquee Event. A full list of participants is expected to be revealed soon, however several rumored participants have been named below:

Liam Archer
Jack Ripley
Ryan Wilson
Garrison Cooper
Shane Gates
Maximus Grier
Marco Core & Rico Core, among several more names yet to be confirmed.

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Written by Fight Grid

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