2024 EAW Hall of Fame

(EAW intro plays.)

(The camera opens up to a shot of the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. After panning around the stadium, the camera fades over to a separate area in the stadium, which has been reserved for the Hall of Fame ceremony. Fans are seen in attendance, excited as an announcer’s voice is heard.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you all TO THE 2024 HALL OF FAME CEREMONY!!!!!!

(The fans in attendance cheer loudly, and the announcer continues.)

Announcer: At this time please welcome the host of this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony… TYRONE MONTGOMERY!!!!!!

(The camera pans over to the stage, as Tyrone Montgomery is seen walking up to the podium with a smile on his face. The fans in attendance are cheering for him, and as he approaches the microphone, he begins to speak.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Ladies and gentlemen I’d like to once again welcome you all to the Hall of Fame! Over the years we’ve seen some very deserving Elitists enter the Hall of Fame, and that’ll once again be the case this year as we look to close out yet another huge season. There have been tons of incredible moments this season, from the fantastic matches to the new Champions being crowned. Pain for Pride is going to be historic this year, with a lot on the line, but before we get there let’s take some time to celebrate the incredible Elitists being inducted to the Hall of Fame!

(The fans cheer, and Tyrone continues.)

Tyrone Montgomery: There are a bunch of very talented individuals being inducted to the Hall of Fame this year, many of which I know very well as members of the Dynasty roster. Now I don’t plan to keep you all waiting, as I know you’re all here to see the people who will be joining the Hall of Fame this year. So with that being said, let’s bring out the first inductee!

(Limmy Monaghan appears in a confessional.)

Limmy Monaghan: I remember I told you a year ago that I’d listen to Taylor Swift, and to celebrate your induction, I’m gonna listen to a Taylor Swift song while I write this!

Limmy Monaghan: It’s been three minutes and I turned that shit off to put on some Oasis.

Limmy Monaghan: That’s a joke btw. This is absolutely YOUR NIGHT and despite that being all banter, I’m not actually going to be that cruel. :100: On a much more serious note, this is an insane accomplishment. Very few reach the Hall of Fame, even less do it twice. And to be honest, you could do it a third, a fourth, a fifth – however many times you wanted to. You’re that fucking good. And the thing is, nobody would even be mad, either. Nobody would complain if you decided to just go all out, focus on one character, and make it all the way to the Hall of Fame a third time. We’d just all be in awe like we are now.

Limmy Monaghan: I wasn’t here for Cameron’s rise to the top. I mean, she was the Answers World Champion when I first got here, my very first FPV, but it was Ms. Extreme that I got to watch. I’ve always been a huge fan of the character, I edited her Pain For Pride Universal Women’s Championship preview vid, and she has always been a pivotal part of Holly’s character, quite literally the standard I have set for her. The fact that you’ve made it to the Hall of Fame with Camille just speaks volumes to how good that character is and the influence it has on us. You’re truly a gold standard in this place, and it’s ALWAYS been a pleasure to have you.

(Jake Smith is seen in a confessional.)

Jake Smith: Camille is adopted hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Jake Smith: Sorry, had to. I think it goes without saying the impact that the Ms. Extreme character has had on this company. I remember when I first came here she was fucking Taeler Hendrix and that’s enough to turn anyone off but seeing her here now with this immense growth that she has and all these accolades to show for it really feels just right. There is nobody like Ms. Extreme in this company and the fact that you, Cam, have continuously kept your foot on the gas pedal with her and continuously evolved her as a character is something that can’t be understated.

Jake Smith: Which brings me to the handler herself, and I know you’re going to hear this often and it’s not the first time it’s been said in a Hall of Fame environment, but it speaks levels to the type of writer that you are to have two characters in the Hall of Fame. Only so many people can do that and to add yourself to that list I can say is a very long time coming. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Ms. Extreme, and seeing as she’s in the Pain For Pride main event, I can only assume that it’s big things going forward. Congratulations!

(The camera cuts to TLA in his ring gear in the confessional.)

TLA: Where that bitch at? We gonna throw down imma win that Answers World Championship drop that puta with the quickness. You know you ain’t fuck with me you get fucked with. We gonna get real Hardcore up in here take it to these streetz n shit. Wait why is a vato in a box? This ain’t the ring.

(The confessional door opens as an EAW production official whispers something in TLA’s ear before leaving.)

TLA: Oh it seems I was mistaken. Our match is not until this weekend. I heard that Ms. Extreme was getting a ring and assumed she wanted to meet me in one. I ain’t backing down from a challenge like that shit. But now I see shit is a Hall of Fame ring. Congrats y’all getting inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight. It’s like yo fiftieth induction so that is real historic. But what will be even more historic is at Pain for Pride you in the Hall of Fame tonight but soon when I get thru with yo ass you gonna be in the Hall of Pain (for Pride)!

(TLA looks back and forth awkwardly before leaving the confessional and asking where the fuck his shirt is.)

(Bronson Daniels is seen in a confessional.)

Bronson Daniels: Hi mother, you hear it every time, and you won’t stop hearing it from me, you gave me the first chance to succeed in this game and that will forever be appreciated, I hope I made you proud so far. You’re an amazing writer, genuinely elite at handling all types of different characters, got outta me some of my most greatest writing up to this point out of the mess that was Grand Rampage a few months ago, you’re one of the greatest for a reason.

Bronson Daniels: That is why this induction does not come as a surprise to me, you might be the legendary Cameron Ella Ava but you also went ahead and made another Ava sister who is heading down that same path and that is truly unbelievable. You’re very captivating as a writer, extremely kind as a person, and a figure in EAW that is never going to be forgotten.

(Drake King is seen in a confessional.)

Drake King: While I know I’m not the first or the last to say this, it’s still very impressive knowing what those like yourself are able to do even with all the responsibilities you have. I’ve been here to see your work as Cameron, Candice, Ms. Extreme, Consuela, and even matches and segments all while you work and that’s all extremely impressive, and something that’ll never be taken for granted. You have so much range as a writer to be able to do so well with so many different characters. This induction is for Ms. Extreme though, and Ms. Extreme is an amazing character that completely deserves this induction.

Drake King: From PURE Champion to feuding with Charlie Marr to the Universal Women’s Championship reign to the feud with Kennedy Street to now facing TLA at this year’s Pain for Pride, Ms. Extreme’s career has had so many great highs, and this was all possible because of how talented of a writer you are. You’ve been great both to work with and face, and there’s not many people out there who could end up in the Hall of Fame twice, so this says so much about how much you’ve done and how great of a run you’ve had with Ms. Extreme. Congratulations!

(Usagi Senshi is seen in a confessional.)

Usagi Senshi: Oh Cam, the fear that I was in to even dm you in the first place a couple of years back. One of the first people who I have had the opportunity of feuding with so early on in my career with the Candice Blair character and even though I haven’t been able to do much against or with Camille herself, it is always worth noting that she is one of the best character works Cam has ever done.

Usagi Senshi: I have become very good friends with Cam, someone who I can confine to and always talk or vent to. Someone who I was so fearful of dming at the start really became one of my closest and best friends up to this point, to the point where it could really be a mother-daughter like connection the lessons that she gives me sometimes. :mjlol: I love you girl and I’m proud of you for everything that you have been able to accomplish, it’s only up from here.

Usagi Senshi:

(Roberto De La Rosa is seen in a confessional.)

Roberto De La Rosa: It was an honor to work on a few of your matches while working on the Dynasty writing team; Ms. Extreme is a very cool character and to see a glimpse of your work with her was very cool to see especially and to end off the season with a world title match at Pain For Pride? Well deserved all around, another one of your character now in the Hall of Fame that’s nothing but legendary all thanks to your hard work and great promos throughout the season and from even before that as well Congratulations on the induction couldn’t have gone to a better person!

(Myles is seen in a confessional.)

Myles: One of the most impressive and hardworking writers of all time. It’s one thing to maintain so many characters, but to deliver on all of them at the same time? I don’t know how y’all do it. When I first entered EAW and I wasn’t familiar much with the names being thrown around, I still remember that the Ava family was one of the coolest things in EAW to me. It just added so much to the world-building of EAW as a whole, so I’m very glad that I now get to witness my first Ava-induction. I say first because we all know that there will be more to come.

Myles: No matter which character of yours I’ve promoed against, it’s always been so fun, and as for Ms. Extreme specifically? What a great character. The ongoing story we’ve witnessed her going through for years now has been a pleasure to watch, and I’m glad it has led her here. From one ginger to another, congrats!

(Donovan Duke is seen in a confessional.)

Donovan Duke: You compete against anybody with the last name Ava and you better be ready to fight. Ms. Extreme might be the toughest one out of all of them. I have always had great battles with Ms. Extreme and I have always been ready for the challenge that she brings to the fight. I have always appreciated the interactions we have had outside the ring and she has been nothing but encouraging and positive to me and no doubt many others. She worked her ass off and has earned her right to go back to the Hall of Fame!

(Ronn Banks is seen in a confessional.)

Ronn Banks: From LEGION to the HOF :wow:. I didn’t think this would be the endgame when you randomly brought this character back for REVOLT but you’ve been consistent with her for so many years now and it’s been great to see. She’s somebody who brings a different side and aggression out of you and it’s cute to see your bipolar rage at work sometimes. But in all seriousness this is much deserved and you’re my alt induction twin this year so congrats. I hope this was able to be under better circumstances than the first time you were inducted into the HOF.

(The scene fades in and Kassidy Heart is seen sitting in a confessional.)

Kassidy Heart: I’m doing this out of character because my family hates the Ava family. Plus I think it’s more meaningful if I just speak from the heart. My character doesn’t have that.

(A smile crossed Kassidy’s face and she started talking.)

Kassidy Heart: In my time handling Voltage, I’ve had a few characters come along that I’ve found myself inspired by and excited to write for. Ms. Extreme was one of them. I loved the fact she was so wildly different from Cam and Consuela, but she still had this awesome family legacy. Couple that with her background and the injuries, and you had a character that you wanted to cultivate and push.

Kassidy Heart: We have had our fair share of bitchy girl moments, but the respect I have for you as a writer has never wavered, Cam. I admire your dedication to handling multiple queens, working full time, and busting your ass as a back-up writer. You’ve always been good at what you do, but over the years you added scenes to your promos from time to time, and truly embraced the art of storytelling. It’s been great to see and I still get excited to read your stuff when you bless us with a peek into the Ava family behind the scenes. I know how time consuming scene writing is, and it’s something I plan to get back into next season, but when you make time for it, it can be really rewarding and it helps add even more layers to already developed characters.

Kassidy Heart: I guess what I’m trying to say is feed me more next season :drakelike:

Kassidy Heart: Camille’s career has been fun to follow. She’s been involved in some amazing matches over the years and she’s endured her fair share of torture and trauma. I know that you’ve had struggles with her, but you always overcame them and I’m glad, because Ms. Extreme is a huge part of EAW. She is one of the cornerstones of the fed, and even though I have a soft spot for Cam, I definitely think she’s overtaken her in terms of star quality. And that’s actually saying a lot, considering how much Cameron has accomplished and been through. I definitely think Ms. Extreme’s best days are ahead of her, and it’s already been pretty fucking impressive. I’m happy about that, and I’m happy she’s in the Hall of Fame now. Both the character and the handler deserve it.

Kassidy Heart: Tonight, along with Banks actually, you are joining a small club of people who have managed to immortalize two characters. To be in the same company as Kendra/Sienna, Ahren/Jack, HBB/Cleopatra, and Banks/Malcolm is impressive, and considering how versatile you have proven yourself to be, you are more than deserving of being in this group of people. And that right there doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the work you do as Candice, because she is by far the most non-Ava Ava out of the whole group. The Disney stuff you have done with her is brilliant, and our feud on Showdown this season has been one of my favorites. The match at the Disney Park was so creative and I actually went back and read it the other day. I just enjoyed that dynamic.

Kassidy Heart: Candice might be the most out there Ava, but you have certainly grown the most with Camille. After all, remember when this was the version of her that you used? :troll:

Kassidy Heart: You got a type, don’t you sis? But hey, I personally love Taeler Hendrix. Maybe she will be the new face of Harlow should that character ever again see the light of day again :mjlol:. I know that out of all my characters, Harlow has been your favorite, and I appreciate everything you did for her. In general, I appreciate everything you have done for me, because I have always been able to count on you to be there if Voltage needs something.

Kassidy Heart: THAT, right there, is something I want to make sure you know. If you take nothing else away from my words tonight, hear this. Your writing and your time is never taken for granted. Every segment and every match that you write extra for Drake and I is noted. I know how precious time is and thank you for always being willing to share yours with us. That means more to me than anything else you have done or that we have been through, so truly… thank you.

Kassidy Heart: As I start to wrap this up, I want to make sure that you are publicly given your flowers by me. This season alone you have had some interesting storylines and both of them have centered around two of EAW’s biggest matches. Ava Warfare back at Territorial Invasion was an absolute blast to watch. I love that you made sure the sisters were treated equally, and it was hilarious to watch them go back and forth. But perhaps the most impressive thing you have done, which goes far beyond any title won or match written, is how you handled this year’s Grand Rampage.

Kassidy Heart: I will speak for the board and say that your effort did not go unnoticed. It was an impressive display of promoing and you more than did Cameron and Camille justice. More importantly, you did yourself justice and reminded everyone why you are a fucking formidable promoer. It takes a lot to impress me these days, because I have been here almost seven years now, and in the game much longer, but you exceeded my expectations and girl, I was in awe :wow:.

Kassidy Heart: As I wrap this up, I want to say congratulations to you as a handler and to you as your character. Ms. Extreme is a bad fucking bitch, and you aren’t so bad either. Love you, girl. I can’t wait to see which of your queens I get to book next season :blessed:!!!

(Kassidy makes a heart with her hands and the scene fades away.)

(After this, the camera fades to the stage.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Here to induct Ms. Extreme into the Hall of Fame, please welcome… Andrea Valentine!!!

(‘Roll With Me’ by Charli XCX hits, and the crowd explodes with cheers as Andrea Valentine begins walking out. She has a smile on her face stepping up to the stage, and the Hall of Famer begins making her way up to the podium where the microphone is. After this, she begins to speak.)

Andrea Valentine: When I was asked to be the one to do the induction speech for Ms. Extreme, I can honestly say that I was shocked and absolutely touched all at once. I was already so happy for Cameron to have another character going into the Hall of Fame as it was and I was planning to be getting around to sending her a message letting her know that. While she got to me first, it was before she could even ask that I was going into how amazing it was for this to be happening for her and that I was so glad she was getting this recognition.

Andrea Valentine: After all, besides Consuela, Camille was another character of hers who I’d had plenty of interactions with and if you’ve gotten to know Cam’s cast of characters over the years, you know they all have their own unique voices and personalities. At one point, I’m sure that she had all four active and it takes a certain type of talent and dedication to be able to do that. I don’t know how she, Kassidy, and Minerva can do it because I’d be stressed the hell out and it’d be fucking over for me, honestly :sob:!

Andrea Valentine: But in getting to specifically know Ms. Extreme and how different she is from the other Avas, then you’ve probably opened up a promo by her at one point or another and come across classic lines such as “Yes, I quoted Hannah Montana. Don’t judge me.”, and “I’m not Mother Teresa, but I am mother.” There are undeniably many more to be found besides just those few, and if I really wanted to go searching for them, this opening would be a whole hell of a lot longer.

Andrea Valentine: But then there’s my favorite, which was just so eloquently stated and said with just such an obviously deep, considerate thoughtfulness directed toward Theron Nikolas:

Andrea Valentine: “Kill yourself.”

Andrea Valentine: Shakespeare couldn’t do it :wow:!

Andrea Valentine: Who else but Ms. Extreme though, right? But quite honestly, it was what made me really take notice of her years ago because I somehow just couldn’t get past the fact that someone had just so plainly said that. I know, what a lot of you have got to be thinking though is: “of all the crazy shit that was going down around that time and that’s one of the things that stuck out to you?” But hear me out! Sure, there was everything that had gone down between the Ava family and DEDEDE just a few months prior to that where she was also involved, but for some reason that really stuck out to me the most about her after the fact. Maybe it was because at the time that I came across it, it made me wonder if I could have gotten away with writing that like it was so routine? Would it be treated like it was just another casual thing on my part with no one being surprised and then just going about their business like it was just any other day? I really hadn’t thought so all things considered and decided to leave anything like that to her :sweat_smile:, but the more I paid genuine attention to Ms. Extreme, the more I got to understand what she was like, who she was supposed to be, and that she came across in a way where she very much understood who she herself was.

Andrea Valentine: Brash, smug, confident, very much talk-the-absolute-most-shit-first-and-ask-questions-later – and I was drawn in.

Andrea Valentine: Maybe it had something to do with Camille and Andrea’s personalities seeming like such complete opposites. To me at least, Andrea was a bit more mindful of things and how she’d position herself, whereas Ms. Extreme was going right for the fucking jugular right out the gate. Being on Empire limited their interactions but when the brand dissolved and they found themselves on Voltage together in Season 13, I really didn’t anticipate at all that they’d end up as friends one way or another and I feel like my first thought probably actually had to be something along the lines of how I hope Cam wouldn’t use Ms. Extreme to absolutely fucking murder me :slight_smile:!

Andrea Valentine: But as Season 13 went along and things played out how they did with The Beating Hearts of Voltage forming, I had once again found myself rooting for Cam’s success much like I had done with Consuela back during Empire. Ms. Extreme had quickly become one of my most favorite people in EAW and I needed to see her come out on top in every brutal bloodbath she was asking for on those Voltage shows! But even when understandably she didn’t, everyone who contributed to her stories made her look like a total badass every time, someone worth cheering for, and a character to truly be appreciated. The way Cameron took off and ran with what she was given to build Ms. Extreme up into who she’d turn out to be was great to see – and it made me want to keep doing the same.

Andrea Valentine: While at this point I felt I had gotten a better grasp of how some things work in EAW, I was still learning and often looking to Cam’s work to improve like I’d done before; I wasn’t about to try to turn Andrea into Ms. Extreme 2.0 by literally any means because I could absolutely fucking never :mjlol: but being put alongside Camille – along with Raven Roberts and Consuela – was nothing short of a huge benefit for me in every aspect. Going against Veena and Charlie with them saying some of the most outlandish shit every week, going into War Games with Raven also (and winning, #QueensOnly :nail_care::relieved:), and so many other moments between all that together – there wasn’t a better way to take on everything that was laid out in front of us and I wouldn’t change a thing about any of it. I was often relying on Cameron as a source of inspiration and guidance even if it was in a way where she didn’t really know it, so Ms. Extreme would turn out to be no different for me as time went by and that whole alliance turned out to be a huge help.

Andrea Valentine: I’m sure we can all attest to building attachments to our characters – wanting to see them win, or be a part of these big stories, feuds, and moments – but there’s something else to taking that step back and taking the time to look at what someone else is doing, and honestly getting invested in that. While I’ve always felt that way about Cameron’s lineup of Avas – because hello, 2018 Road to Redemption against Mr. DEDEDE was giving me anxiety FOR her and that shit had absolutely nothing to do with me in the slightest! – something about Ms. Extreme’s journey and rise to the top as one of the best just felt so earned and deserved, not to mention personal. I don’t think there’s any denying that Ms. Extreme had shown time and time again to be someone who could be a World Champion at some point, and despite any of the setbacks you faced following Season 13, I was more than happy to see you pull through all of that and get your moment showcased on a big stage at the end of it all :blessed:! I would only ever hope that you felt the same way in light of all that, because to me, it just made the moment even greater.

Andrea Valentine: The Universal Women’s Championship reign you’d go on to have just further solidified it for me that Ms. Extreme really is a fucking queen, with you having owned it the entire way and proving that the success you had was absolutely all worth it and deserved up to the very last day. To see you have that Pain for Pride moment was easily one of my favorite moments in all the years that I had been here. I know I’ve already personally told you this but I’m saying it again, that writing for Ms. Extreme and being able to tell her story – whether that was in matches or in segments talking shit – was some of the most fun I had getting to play a part in someone else’s development whenever I got those assigned to me. After everything that you had ever done for me – from answering any questions I might’ve had, just being welcoming and friendly, making yourself available to speak to when I was feeling discouraged and trying to compel me to stay motivated, and being someone who I know was looking out for me – I truly hope I was able to deliver and that the intention and purpose I went into those with to try to do you enough justice was met.

Andrea Valentine: That’s why I really can’t put it into enough words what a real honor it is for you to have picked me to do this for you, because when I think about EAW and what it means to me, you’re among the first people who come to my mind. You’ve seen plenty of people come and go over the years for as long as you’ve been here, but you’re also one of the first people who took notice of me and Brody was so quick to tell me about what you said with the hopes that I’d stay – and to have everything come back around for this about 7 years later where I’m the one getting to go on about how great you’ve been and the impact you’ve had on me really means so much because it’s all so true.

Andrea Valentine: But in saying that, I hope you know not only what you mean to me but to everyone else in EAW’s community as well. The responses to the announcement of your induction say so much and I’m sure others will have had something to say before me also. Over the years I have gotten to know you as someone who’s kind, advocates for others, says what’s on your mind, and puts in the work that leads to a Hall of Fame induction just like this. I hope you take all of this as a reminder that you’re someone who’s transcended eras and accomplished so much, while also being friend to others, someone that others can rely on or lean to for whatever they may need – even if it was mostly the reassurance for me that there could be more ahead if I kept up with the work but it honestly helped me so much more than you know. As someone who was so integral to me having been in EAW and staying here also, it makes me so proud to see you take Ms. Extreme to this level and now have it be official that she truly is the undeniable legend that I and so many others already knew that she was :wow:!

Andrea Valentine: That being said, it’s my pleasure to welcome to the stage, EAW Hall of Famer, Ms. Extreme!

(‘Red Thunder’ by Butcher Babies begins to play as Ms. Extreme walks out in her designer dress. One of the rare sights of Ms. Extreme wearing a dress. She looks around the sea of colleagues and the EAW Universe up on their feet, applauding her. One of the moments, where you can see Ms. Extreme getting emotional as she walks up to Andrea Valentine. The two of them embrace each other and talk briefly as Ms. Extreme begins to walk up to the podium. Her music dies down as Ms. Extreme waits for the crowd to calm down so she can begin her speech.)

Ms. Extreme:

Ms. Extreme: I got like about twelve years worth of shit to talk about. I understand that we got other speeches to get through and that whoever is posting this shit is going to have cramped hands by the end of the weekend, but I gotta admit – I really didn’t plan a speech. :lupe:

Ms. Extreme: Ms. Extreme has never been about preplanning shit. I’ve always spoken out of my ass and that’s either gotten me into serious trouble or championships. You never really know, honestly. This speech is going to be all over the place, so bear with me. Before I get into the non-kayfabe part of this speech, I gotta tell everyone that I absolutely deserve this induction because I’m the motherfucking GOAT. There is no other Elitist doing it like me. My range, my versatility, my AURA cannot be matched. This moment was truly inevitable and I am going to totally spend the rest of the night flaunting that Hall of Fame ring to all the motherfuckers who thought that my attitude wouldn’t get me anywhere in life.

Ms. Extreme: When it comes to the non-kayfabe portion of this speech, I have no fucking clue on how to be myself. When I was told by Banks that he needed a song for my Hall of Fame induction video, I had woken up from a two hour nap as I was getting ready for my 2 to 10 PM shift on a Saturday night and I thought that the sleep paralysis demon that tends to creep up on me on days where I decide to sleep on my back rather than one of my sides was playing tricks on me. The only response I gave was: “:comeagain:” because I had thought I was hallucinating. I had the same emotions that I did twelve years prior than that then dickhead chairman messaging me on Facebook: “babe, you’re going on the HoF” and me responding: “LOL nice joke” and then, he got upset/mad because I wasn’t as over the moon as he wanted me to be.

Ms. Extreme: Normally, I’ve never been the one to express my happiness because I always felt like I shouldn’t be happy. I always felt like I was always wrong to feel happy during small moments like this. Even as I’ve begun to establish myself with Cameron, Consuela and eventually, Ms. Extreme or Camille as most of you have referred to her as. Still, it felt odd to feel any sort of happiness when it comes to the milestones that I’ve accomplished. Most of the time, I’ve felt happier for my friends rather than myself. In other instances, I’ve always felt upset for them whenever things don’t get their way. My investment for my friends getting whatever they want in life has been something that I’ve always wanted more than for myself. In more cases than one, it’s also become a toxic trait and something that has caused damage more than help. More on this at 11.

Ms. Extreme: I had done a lot of ‘masking’ throughout my life. I’m not as expressive which may or may not come as a shock to those that have gotten to know me over the years. I know how Ms. Extreme or Camille would feel about this whole idea of being in the Hall of Fame, but the handler of Camille is still trying to process all of this. I suppose, I’m flattered at the fact that there’s one or two people who thought that I deserved this and I’m not one of those people. :wow:

Ms. Extreme: Although, I am going to be honest – Ms. Extreme is a character that came into place back in Yahoo Answers. The earliest memory that I could date back was back in YWWA, an efed run by Psycho Dude 99. It was one of those feds where you had to be personally invited into. It wasn’t one of those feds where you could just sign up so casually. The moment when I had actually gotten the invite, I couldn’t use the ‘Cameron Hart’ or Cameron Ella Ava, character as she developed to be a few years later. My Yahoo Answers username was ‘Ms. Extreme’ due to my obsession with Lita around the time. That’s what the ring name became to me. Early on, these two were basically the same person since the concept about fleshing out characters, developing them and providing inside depth on them as human beings rather than fighting machines.

Ms. Extreme: Still, I felt like these were two completely different characters. Eventually, they began splitting apart and becoming two different individuals. At some point, Ms. Extreme began being asked to join feds like CWF, LEGION and YWSE. so I suppose that gave her a ‘prestige’ feeling that Cameron didn’t have. Cameron was more of the go-to character that you could sign up with your friend’s friend’s friend’s efed and that was that. I began to see Ms. Extreme as someone who was superior to Cameron — by the way, I just surpassed my Cameron speech number count from 2012. :blessed:

Ms. Extreme: Okay, anyway, Ms. Extreme became the superior one. Ms. Extreme was seen as a bigger deal than Cameron Ella Ava at the time. Throughout all of that, the feds did die down. Ms. Extreme began to be used less and less because there was no way that I was just going to put her in some random bum ass efed that was going to close after one show. :mjlol:

Ms. Extreme: I think that one of the last recalls of Ms. Extreme came from Psycho Dude 99, who wanted to have YWWA make some sort of ‘comeback’ of sorts on Yahoo Answers. However, much like the times, e-feds had begun to move to Webs. A lot of the e-fedders had grown out of the Yahoo Answers circle and Psycho Dude could see that. Still, he had his loyalists. I think one of the things that my boyfriend at the time had compared him to was like Paul Heyman when he was running ECW. Like, Paul had his guys, who would bash their heads against the wall for Paul without any second thought. He had his scathing haters who wanted to see him fall. After the first show, where Psycho Dude would continue his twenty-eight year title reign that would be like if Bruno Sammartino and Roman Reigns had a fucking baby, but somehow, Hulk Hogan got his hands on that child. I think that one day, I had spotted some post from him about declaring war on…*Extreme Answers Wrestling.*

Ms. Extreme: Pause for silence.

Ms. Extreme: At that point, I had assumed that it became a whole thing where you needed to be invited to be part of EAW. I had the impression of “oh, I’m not good enough then?” But, I think it was like a couple days after that thread, my friend (eventual boyfriend) at the time, had invited me to be part of the efed. I was hesitant at first since I felt like I was choosing a side. I had to pick one or the other. Still, I was encouraged to take part in the EAW’s Xat Chat at the time and check out the place before making a decision and that was when I had a very important figure head of the place message me. And, I think that you all know who it is.

Ms. Extreme: Hi Ronn Banks. 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Ms. Extreme: I think that before he left, we had like two one-on-one conversations. Mostly about joining EAW. First one encouraged me to join the fed. I joined the fed, never promoted for it. Maybe, it was just intimidation on my part when you saw those like the Heart Break Gal, Christy Cruise and the motherfucking goat herself, Kendra Shamez, who we would cross paths here and I believe LEGION? Honestly, it’s so fucking long ago and I can’t seem to remember shit before 2016, so this timeline is more than likely jumbled up. Yeah, I didn’t do any promo for EAW. Eventually, I deleted my account from the side since Webs had the option where you can just delete your account from any other Website. It had been too much, so I wanted to keep things up to date and organized. Didn’t think much about it. I went on with my life. A couple of months later, which may or may not have been around the same timeline as YWWA declaring ‘war’ on EAW, but I could be mistaken. I believe I was there to watch a live show and support some friends there. After a while, I had gotten a ‘ping’. A message from…

Ms. Extreme: To sum up that conversation, he called me out for no showing a Turbo match and honestly, it was nothing really personal. It was a nice place. It was advanced. It had a lively roster that wasn’t going to die down. It was stable. Still, I was hesitant. I just didn’t think that I could hang with the other Vixens. It was intimidating to me. Eventually, with some thinking, I managed to sign up. So, if anyone wants to blame someone on me still being here, blame Ronn. At this point, Ms. Extreme was put in the backburner since I think that Angelina Love (who was my pic base for Ms. Extreme at the time) was reversed by the SG1, so I was left with using Cameron Ella Ava and the iconic nepo-baby wrestler Lacey Von Erich (please come back, so I can have relevant media again).

Ms. Extreme: Despite Ms. Extreme being in the back burner, my journey with the Cameron Ella Ava character was quite interesting. I mean, when you’re one of the very few females in this efed, it becomes *really* interesting. I think that such a core memory and some shit I wish I could forget was being in some weird ass love triangle with Hurricane Hawk and D*ark D*mon. And, unfortunately, it wasn’t just in the script. 😐 It was like Matt Hardy and Edge, minus the cheating and Lita wanted none of this shit. Meanwhile, I was like:🧍🏻‍♀️While both had their pros, they both had their cons. One has a bipolar Irishman with his skeletons in the closet. I would be here all night, talking about the lore of all of this shit, but that’s like seven years worth of lore and no one cares about that shit.

Ms. Extreme: And the other one liked Justin Bieber.

Ms. Extreme: This Justin Bieber. Still, I am forever appreciative of what Hurricane Hawk did with the Cameron Ella Ava character. He really helped prop her up. He took me underneath his wing and helped get the character going until I won the Vixens Championship at House of Glass seven months later. So, when it came to the whole idea of REVOLT! Pro Combat, Hawk would contact me about teaming up. Something that we wished would have happened around the time, but his personal life had gotten in the way. In the process, Hawk would help gain the Ms. Extreme character some traction as I think the performance against Liquid Swordz really got things going. While I take pride in the REVOLT 1 match between Ms. Extreme and Sienna Jade putting me on the map, I think that the tag match with Liquid Swordz during REVOLT 2 really showed that she can offer something that had been missing in such a long time and that was a badass motherfucker.

Ms. Extreme: The merge between REVOLT! Pro Combat and Elite Answers Wrestling came into fruition and so did the conflict about my third characters. It had never been heard of before. The rules always said two characters and due to the lack of booking for this character, I had assumed that she wouldn’t be part taking in this whole transition. It wasn’t until she was brought back during Cameron’s feud with Mr. DEDEDE, leading to the whole tag team match at Operation: Doomsday, where I was more over the moon to be booked at Ms. Extreme again. She had history with both members of Liquid Swordz and it was one of those issues that just meshed well together. After the FPV, I was gone until Road to Redemption, where she would help Cameron defeat DEDEDE — despite certain motherfuckers thinking that I’d just leave the company like that. :mjpls: Still, I looked at the situation where Ms. Extreme would walk away in the sunset and that was it. The character would hit her father with an Equalizer and that was that. That was her retribution from the Red Wedding.

Ms. Extreme: And then, the King of Elite tournament came around and Cameron was announced to be injured and taken out of the tournament. And who was her replacement?

Ms. Extreme: It had been my fourth match ever in EAW for Ms. Extreme. And, they were going to put me in a PURE Championship match against Erebus Jennings to advance to the next stage of the King of Elite tournament. I was more than excited because it gave me an opportunity to promo for Ms. Extreme and it gave her an opportunity to showcase herself. I thought it would be a nice way to add Ms. Extreme to the mix. Maybe, give Erebus a good title defense and then, I’ll be on my merry way with this character and then, I won. Four fucking matches in Elite Answers Wrestling and you gave *this* character a championship? I had never seen anything like it before. I was part of an era where it would take months for new talent to earn their titles. At least, that’s how it operated with Cameron and then, Consuela. Took seven months for Cameron to win her first title. Took Consuela almost a year to do so.

Ms. Extreme: It was amazing and it give Ms. Extreme the rise I was not expecting. Oh boy, when DEDEDE let me go from Taeler Hendrx to Becky Lynch, it was like a whole side of Ms. Extreme had been turned on. I had envisioned this pic base for her since 2016, where I had strongly considered bringing her in. Annoying people till the end of time to bringing her in, only to make Consuela last second because I wanted to use The Bellas media. The most iconic pic base change of that year. Karl Anderson Jamie O’Hara could never. But, the last time that I would even think about using her in a character way wouldn’t be until late 2017 when REVOLT was somehow a thing and Xavier Williams/Theron Nikolas had invited me to be part of the fed. I was contemplating Candice Blair Ava, but she was like in Strong Style Wrestling and I wanted my characters to crush the e-fedding world and make them as individuals rather than one person. So, I figured in bringing Ms. Extreme, someone who had wasted years of her life with an injury and she’s looking to make a comeback to professional wrestling. It was a struggle with what I wanted her to be presented, but if there was one thing that I wanted to keep consistent, it was making her absolutely angry.

Ms. Extreme: What makes Ms. Extreme, Ms. Extreme is her anger and spite and that’s something that people are surprised to hear about. Cameron Ella Ava had that older sister mentality, where she felt a sense of superiority. She had taken advantage of her sister’s absence from the wrestling world and became a household name, at the expense of her sister’s world just completely crashing down. Consuela Rosa Ava was nothing more than the opposite. Someone looking for their spot in the wrestling world outside a very established twin sister. Strong-willed, delicate, poised, but not afraid to speak her mind, but does it in an eloquent manner. You had Candice Blair, who was supposed to be the combination of the three, but her presentation was of a young Cameron Ella Ava, a vain, obsessed twerp, who you were looking to see crash and burn. With Ms. Extreme, she was the opposite. She was not like the other three at all. Badass, gave zero fucks, spoke her mind with zero consequences, rude, vulgar and a loner. She’ll play devil’s advocate for the sake of disagreeing. I had this perfect description of Ms. Extreme. A solid idea of what I wanted for the character.

Ms. Extreme: Then, I got traded to Voltage and Kassidy Heart, sweet, angel and innocent, Kassidy Heart, decided to do one of the things that I would have NEVER Ms. Extreme do in a billion years and that was put Ms. Extreme in a stable with Andrea Valentine and Raven Roberts. Now, fantastic handlers. Some good friends of mine. Ms. Extreme wasn’t the friend that most people wanted in their lives. She had no friends. She only knew how to burn bridges. Yet, it was the Beating Hearts of Voltage that really showed that Ms. Extreme was more than a hot-headed little shit. That she was more than capable of having friends. She was more than capable of having emotions. She could be a badass, but be a hero when she needed to be. I really commend Kassidy’s booking when it came to Ms. Extreme’s rise during her first season on Voltage. And then, the whole story that she went through that led to her headlining Pain for Pride and winning the Universal Women’s Championship. With her, I always remained calmed and found a way to trust her and the vision that she had in mind.

Ms. Extreme: The idea that I was trusted with the Universal Women’s Championship was kind of crazy. I knew that I wanted it to go a lot better than Cameron Ella Ava’s Women’s World Championship reign back in 2017, which caused me to almost retire from EAW as a whole. Something that never crossed my mind until that moment. When I was trusted with the Universal Women’s Championship, I knew that I wanted things to go a lot different. I was not going to hold back and if I saw something that I didn’t like, I was going to call out on it. Although, I don’t think that I had to do that. My bar was the South Pole at this point, so I had zero expectations. I thought everything was perfect and I thought it ended perfectly as the woman who inducted me tonight would end up dethroning me. Looking back, I have nothing, but gratitude for how that reign went. I was grateful and it had been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Plus, I knew that Andrea Valentine was going to be a wonderful successor to the title.

Ms. Extreme: I don’t allow many people to see that side of me. I tend to be a private person when it comes to the handler outside of my Ava-centric universe that I have been so fortunate to see grow and blossom due to some of the most amazing writers that e-fedding has to offer. While it seems like people know me, they don’t really know me – if that makes sense. I could go on with my endless obsession with Taylor Swift and Jay White. I could go on with my hatred for whatever mid Japanese wrestler that Dyllan – or Komatsu Ogawa as some know him as – seems to like. It wasn’t until his high enthusiasm with professional wrestling as a whole, which really helped ignite a passion for it that had disappeared a long time ago. Beforehand, I credit the series of matches from Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega for providing something that American, mainstream wrestling had been missing. I remember staying up all night to watch DOMINION in 2017 where I had to watch Okada and Omega go to a fucking draw. Like I was so fucking livid at the time and one of the last times I pulled an all-nighter for a wrestling event. :mjlol:

Ms. Extreme: So, shout out to Dyllan for being such a gem when it comes to the knowledge that he’s presented. An actual human encyclopedia, for real. Don’t ever change.

Ms. Extreme: Fortunately, this efed has given me a ton of mixed emotions over the years. I have been here since I was about thirteen years old. I’m in my late twenties now. Most of you were in your dad’s ballsack while I was winning my first Vixens Championship. I have been here through so many chairmans, corrupted politics and Robbie V and HBG flirting on the main chat. Like, can we all be a bit cordial here????

Ms. Extreme: I’ve been in this company when women’s wrestling wasn’t as held to a high standard as their male counterparts. At some point, it was me, Cleopatra and Kendra Shamez holding the fort down for so long. Two amazing characters and individuals. The versatility between these two handlers is something to be studied. One can go from SOSA Henderson to Azrael. One can go from Kendra Shamez to Sienna Jade. Normally, in the art of professional wrestling, it takes two to tango. I couldn’t have grown to be the promoer and character I have with any of these characters without these two.

Ms. Extreme: With Sienna Jade, our match at REVOLT 1 was one of our favorite moments with each other. We were able to part-take in such a monumental point in an upstart efed. We had the opportunity in the palm of our hands to start another division that could have rivaled Elite Answers Wrestling. To be able to clash with each other at different points in our e-fedding experience has been amazing to see. You are one of the most selfless souls that EAW has to offer. You are a true gem to this community. Something that should be praised a lot more. Someone who has always wanted the best for the female characters around here and that’s fucking rare in an environment where women are known to hate other women. Thank you, for all you have done for the Ms. Extreme character. Even with Cameron when you had the reigns on Empire and wanting to give women the platform they weren’t getting anywhere else. Thank you for all you have done for the betterment of women in this e-fed.

Ms. Extreme: We can’t talk about Sienna Jade without talking about the monster that she created in front of our very eyes, Kassidy Heart. I am not deserving of your kindness. I’m going to be honest. We have had instances where we had our disagreements. I have had my instances of giving you some unnecessary backlash. Mostly out of the need to protect my core group of friends without realizing that you considered me a friend (surprisingly) as well. I know that things are fractured between the two of us and that’s my doing. Throughout all of that, I never stopped respecting you for your contributions to keep EAW afloat. You are the reason why EAW hasn’t died. You are the true anchor for keeping this place from going down under. You can go from being a Chairwoman to a head booker to a writer to an active roster member and do it so flawlessly. I admire all the work you have done. Especially, with this being the first class decided by you and with the names that were selected, it’s an honor to be selected in the bunch. I wasn’t expecting it whatsoever. Like I said earlier, I thought this was some prank.

Ms. Extreme: You are a compassionate woman, who wears her heart on her sleeve. I understand it’s not easy being you whatsoever. But, don’t feel bad for being passionate. Don’t feel bad for feeling investment in your stories. Don’t feel bad for being you, Crystal. You are one of the most creative people that e-fedding has had in a long, long, long time. A true innovator who has highlighted the benefits of character development and eloquent writing. I appreciate you for what you’ve done to me and all of my characters and that will never be erased.

Ms. Extreme: Ronn Banks, fuck you, bitch.

Ms. Extreme: I’m just joking. You have always been a polarizing figure in the e-fedding world. You had people who will sing your praises. You had people who wish that you were dead. As shocking as it sounds, I have always sung your praises to a community, who wanted nothing more than to tear you down. I didn’t know you for long. We didn’t have many one-on-one conversations. You kept EAW going, taking it out of the brink of death. Someone who did their best to keep this e-fed together. A true, solid ‘foundation’ that has really helped in more ways than imagined. I’m going to be blunt, but things have never been perfect between the two of us. We’re both emotional individuals. We’re both stubborn. It’s sometimes a challenge to get through the other. We don’t clearly seem to understand each other or our reasonings for part of the time. At the same time, it’s almost like looking in a fucking mirror. I do see eye-to-eye on how bright the future of this business with. Your ability to scout out potential and future World Champions is something crazy. Kassidy Heart, Xander Payne, Drake King, Myles, Andre Walker, Michael Machina, Drake Armstrong, Milli Banks, Hans Grayson, Joso — I’m most likely forgetting a bunch of other people, but those are the names that I can name off the top of my head. Give a round of applause for the future, please.

Ms. Extreme: Sometimes, I don’t know whether to thank you or punch you in the face for bringing me to this e-fed. But, I’m going to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and know that you are appreciated when it comes to my e-fedding journey. The same thing goes for Mr. DEDEDE. Nothing more than a kick-ass foil to the Ava family. Someone who helped Cameron and Camille to get to the level that I didn’t think was possible. I could not ask for a better foil. One of the most intelligent people that I have ever talked with. Being able to co-write Showdown with you for that period of time is something that I always tend to remember. Someone who thrusted me into a board writing position after years and years of working almost every other trade. From MVE writer to match writer to wiki editor to live show hype girl and adding board members to my resume for a year was something that I never expected. I’m thankful for my time as a board member. I thank you, DEDEDE for everything that you provided for me. For your years of contributions and the advice that you helped me to reach this point.

Ms. Extreme: Writing Showdown was something that I really hold near and dear to my heart. I know that my booking and writing has mixed options. I’m aware that I’m never going to be anyone’s favorite booker. But, I’m proud of some of the things that I have done as a writer — one of them is being the booker of the RIGHTFUL 2020 Feud of the Year! Also, helping contribute to the rises of Bronson Daniels and Jake Smith are some of my proudest contributions. Shit, even to see Jake being inducted tonight, makes me want to shed a tear because I helped get him to this point. I gave him a shit ton of camera time during Under Siege with four segments in one night and I felt like it led to something. After seeing him have a great showing against Jack Ripley at House of Glass, I knew that he had something special within him. When I had the opportunity to trade him for Jenny Cien, I did not hesitate. I wanted him on my brand and I put the PURE Championship on him in less than a month. One of the most iconic moments of my Showdown tenure. P.S. – I felt like Jake’s confidence was because of my booking at one point and I am terribly, terribly sorry (not really.)

Ms. Extreme: With Bronson, my other son, it wasn’t until Banks had told me to keep a little eye on him until I began to realize that he had that same sparkle that Jake did. I was very protective of Bronson. There was something telling me to be. Maybe, some weird ass mother’s instinct, but I knew that this was someone who I needed to protect at all costs. Bronson and I like to joke around that I “birthed” him and honestly, I felt like if no one had provided him with the trust and faith to evolve as a character, who was? Never am I the only to put as much faith in a newer character that’s not an alt from an established handler. Honestly, I despise having to push characters that haven’t proven themselves. I believe in paying your dues. Like, I’m not sure how everyone else does it, but I hate it with a passion. But, with Bronson (and somewhat Jake) it worked well and when Bronson gets his Hall of Fame induction next year, I can rest comfortably at night knowing that it all worked out in the end. 😌

Ms. Extreme: I know that I’ve thanked and shouted out a few people already in this speech, but I got a couple of notable names, who we haven’t talked to in quite some times, but I’ve always held them in high regards, no matter what. One of those names is Xavier Williams/Theron Nikolas.

Ms. Extreme: I’ll be looking forward to the day that he decides to vanity search his name through this discord and finds this. But, I’ve been friends with Xavier since… 2016. It was one of those weird friendships that I didn’t think would continue once my relationship with my then-boyfriend ended. Those two were quite the pair of besties around that time, but I appreciate the fact that he didn’t decide to turn his back on me when the whole shit went down with him being blacklisted and Xavier eating some of the damage from that. It was a rather unfortunate situation, but the fact that he still wanted to be my friend in a period of time, where everyone had turned their backs on me, was something that I really needed. Just one friend. Just one person that was there for me, even when he was having a tough time with everything. Now, I can’t even tell you how much that meant to me. How much that really helped me when things began to fall apart with my relationship. It was this situation in particular that caused me to open my eyes and realize that the situation I was in with my ex was not normal whatsoever.

Ms. Extreme: Xavier is probably one of the most creative people that I’ve ever met. His ability to promo as Xavier Williams, Theron Nikolas and whatever eighty alts that he decided to make, promo once and only to lose inspiration and drop them is something to be studied. I have been more than fortunate to become a better writer whenever he decided to hit me with the “wanna write a match, pal?” He was one of the few people that actually gave me a chance when I wanted to pursue writing in the first place. I wanted nothing more than to began back up writing in 2016 because being talked about it and asked: “why the fuck you want to help them for?” from a very supportive ex of mine, who just didn’t want to see this place go further. Still, it was Xavier who wanted to take that risk with me. Someone who saw someone that could help him and well, that led to Empire and then, the rest was history. His writing is something that we should all embrace whenever he decides to pull up a Google Doc and write his first match in like two years. His ability at storytelling. Even the struggles and triumphs that his characters have gone through is something interesting to me.

Ms. Extreme: Maybe, it’s one of the reasons why I gravitated towards the Theron Nikolas character. I was there since the very start when he was promoing for the 24/7 Battle Royal at Pain for Pride X. I was there when he was getting fed to Tiberius Jones for like three FPVs in a row. I was there when he had finally won King of Elite and became Answers World Championship. When he had went through Bullet Club member like he was trying to collect Infinity Stones or some shit. Like, he went from Adam Page to Marty Scurll to Adam Cole and Jay White — like did you have an obsession with Bullet Club members? But, Jay White the goat, so that’s a W, I guess. You have been nothing more than incredibly selfless with me. Even when I’m not deserving of it. You have always helped with keeping my mind straight and thinking about my worth. Bryce, I could not thank you for all that you have done for me. Even if you think that you didn’t do anything, you have done more than you could ever think. I hope all is well for you and that you’re living your life to the happiest and fullest.

Ms. Extreme: The next ones are Jack Ripley and David Davidson. The High Rollerz. You’re not redacting them here, omg. David, you alright. Now, Jack, you’re bih and ho, and just generally a bad person.

Ms. Extreme: You and David are two people who came into my life during one of the lowest moments of my life. And, I’m not going to lie – I thought you and David were the same people for years. Like, the two of you seemed so in sync. Almost like you shared one braincell and it was a matter of who got that braincell that day. But, it was one of the unexpected friendships that I was able to make back during the dark period of my life. It was because of David’s kindness and ability to give me a message on the site – when we had zero interactions out of character, beside the fact that me and my partner back then were in a feud with The High Rollerz — which started Jack’s disdain for Cameron, by the way. :mjlol:

Ms. Extreme: But, David Davidson is one of the reasons why I decided not to end my life. I know, that sounded kind of dark and something unexpected. I’m trying to keep this wholesome, but I just want all of you to get a closer look at those that I have kept in my life for reasons people may not understand. Our exchanges throughout the week let me be aware that there are good people in this world, especially online, who are going through their own struggles. There are good people that care and know that David was going through his own struggles. Some of the shit that no person deserves too and still, felt the need to reach out to me was something that I cannot repay him for. The kindness that he showed me in one message was what got our friendship going. His compassion to want to listen to me and even sprinkle some of his trolling and humor in the process is what helped put a smile on me for the first time in weeks.

Ms. Extreme: At some point, it led me to meeting Jack, who is basically what he sounds like in his promos. But, at the same time, he is a softie. Someone who LOVES animals. He had a farm at some point. Someone who was always gushing about his girlfriend and eventually, his wife. Someone who can be a bit hotheaded. At the same time, it’s always fun to talk to him. When it’s him and David in the same PM, it’s like they’re talking in a mirror because they are so much alike. It’s kind of terrifying. Still, I just wanted to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Jack, David, thank you two for the friendship that you’ve provided me over the years. Even when I have not been the most social person for quite some time. You two are so fucking creative. The ideas that you constantly come up together or apart is something that has inspired me to become creative myself.

Ms. Extreme: Next, I want to thank Alex Myers/Usagi Senshi/Sabrina Carpenter’s #1 Fan. Who would have ever thought that writing an Extreme Enigma Battle Royal would lead to our friendship? Not only that, but when we both bonded over Taylor Swift, it was over for everyone else. It led me to a growing appreciation for Sabrina Carpenter and how she is the future of pop girlies. Girl, you are one of the most talented people in this efed. You edit videos. You promo. You write matches. Like, I can remember last year, where we were trusted to write the 24/7 Battle Royal. A match that you volunteered us for, by the way. I kept telling you all the day before that we needed to get this match done, but somehow, it had never clicked with you that this match was going Day 2 and you began to write your half of the match like you were on drugs – at some point, DURING THE FUCKING SHOW. It was some of the scariest shit that I had ever seen. Still, the match turned out fantastic. I am forever envious of all that you’re able to do. I love the moments that we talk about Taylor and Sabrina.

Ms. Extreme: I love those instances of you thirsting over TikTok girlies and their dances. The moments that we can be open and vulnerable with one another. You are stronger than you think you are. Someone who has never been afraid to be her real, authentic self. You have been able to accomplish so much in your young life. You’re as stubborn and unruly as me. My daughter in some sort of way, but I don’t condone some of your behaviors sometimes like eating Oreos, hot wings and uncooked spaghetti. I am the worst role model that you should be exemplifying. I hope that you learn to do better than me rather than like me. I have had fun getting to know you and getting to see how your mind works. You are fascinating and one of the coolest individuals that I have ever met. I hope that you never change and learn to be a better person than me in life.

Ms. Extreme: Another one is Ryan Wilson. It’s truly been a treat to develop our friendship since Gateway to Glory 2019 during my reign as PURE Champion. We kind of lost contact. But, we began to talk again with this whole Ms. Extreme/DOMINION alliance on Showdown last season. Truly one of my favorite things to come of that season. Ending up on Dynasty and establishing the friendship between Camille and Ryan has been amazing to see. You are an absolute workhorse, who has stepped up to the plate within the last season. It has been amazing to see you grow with each promo, taking feedback, taking feedback and going the other direction with it. To see the Ryan character develop and embrace the underdog role has been a treat to see. He’s faced quite a few hurdles over the years, but it’s been refreshing to see you work your way around them and try to better your character. I’m always going to root for Ryan to get that next big accomplishment. I hope that you remember to keep your head up no matter what.

Ms. Extreme: Everyone’s roads are different. Some longer than others. Some with more objects in the way, but there’s a destination. There’s something for you at the end of this. You have helped me with being fortunate for all that I have accomplished. You have helped play a role with keeping me down on Earth and reminding me that I’m a two-time Hall of Famer for a reason. Thank you for being my personal hype man during this week and reminding me to enjoy the moment when it comes to being a Hall of Famer, when I was struggling on how to react to everything. Continue to be you, my friend.

Ms. Extreme: So… the next one I’m going to thank is Jamie O’Hara.

Ms. Extreme: Now, it’s difficult to make this a short one since I’m at 6.5k in this speech. But, Jamie was an unexpected factor in my life that I was not expecting. Like, we had the same mutual friends, part of that same circle, but we really didn’t interact until Pain for Pride 9. We had faced each other as opponents. The match was truly one of my favorite matches ever. Xavier’s writing was unmatched. I went to Xavier to praise the match, only for him to tell me that it was *Jamie* who ended up writing the match. It was my favorite Pain for Pride match ever. And, for the first time ever…Jamie had interacted with me. Saying that he was glad that I liked the match. Like, I tried to around 2015 around his EAW Championship run and that dickhead would no sell me. I thought he didn’t like me originally and after some point, I stopped trying to interact with him. And, I think, it was until December 2016, when I had shown up to the chat for the first time in six months, where people were trying to ship me with him. I’m not sure what was everyone’s kin with enemies-to-lovers, but okay. At some point, he ended up ‘marrying’ me on Xat. Mostly because he wanted to piss off someone, but he never ‘divorced’ me. That was the biggest mistake of his entire life.

Ms. Extreme: One of my core memories around the time was bonding and playing Connect 4 with him on Xat. It was also venting to him about how bad my relationship had gotten (like at 10/11PM at night), which I had no told anyone before and somehow, he didn’t tell me to fuck off. He was as sympathetic as you could get from Jamie O’Hara. He really helped me in an aspect of giving me the strength to end a five year on-and-off relationship. Opening my eyes and assure me that it wasn’t normal at all. He was there during the aftermath of all of it. His friendship was something that I will never take for granted. He showed me a genuine friendship during a time that I wasn’t asking for a friendship whatsoever. From those past few holiday seasons with us talking almost every day to that one Christmas Day, where we talked non stop for twenty-four hours, I have valued all of those conversations. Any opportunity to just sit, talk and go off on some of the most random shit like his weird ass handwriting in his leather notebook to our time differences to the debate between Celsius and Fahrenheit. ℉ >℃, by the way. It’s always a great time just chilling and not worrying about shit. Like, he was someone that I could spend the entire day just conversing with and it would not get dull.

Ms. Extreme: Time moved too fast when it came to those moments. I know as we’ve gotten older and life has begun to take us in different directions, it’s gotten tough to do that and it terribly sucks. But, that’s just life. I have always been his biggest cheerleader. I have always been his biggest hype woman. I am forever going to want him to get whatever he goes after in life. I want what’s best for him. I want for him to live life to the fullest and feel satisfaction in what he’s been able to accomplish. Go for that job. Accept that promotion. Give that suggestion. Go after that girl — if she’s single. Go travel to Japan or New York. Go to Kansas City to catch that Chiefs or Royals game. Go take that mental health break, he deserves all of that.

Ms. Extreme: Jamie, you are more than deserving to have all of your dreams come true. You are one of the bravest people that I know. Someone who has always gone after what they wanted in life, grabbed it by the balls and taken that world by storm. I will continue to be your biggest supporter in whatever aspect of your life. You deserve everything great in your life. You deserve everything to align with you. You’re my best friend no matter what. No matter how many people come in and out of my life. No matter how many people take specific spots in my heart, you will always have a special place in it. I love you from the bottom of my heart, Jamie. If this is truly the last time, then, thank you for all you have done for me. To provide me with the trust to allow the Jamie O’Hara character into my Ava-centric universe and to give Cameron that happily ever after. I could never repay you for all you have done for me. Thank you.

Ms. Extreme: I want to thank Andrea Valentine for that wonderful speech. It was a no-brainer that I trusted her with the honors. Someone who has written for Ms. Extreme in the past, nailed the character and someone that understood the complexity of the character. Andrea has been a great friend to me. From the get-go, I always saw something special in Andrea. She had the tools to be something great. Someone who utilized all of that to her advantage. One of the best Kelly Kelly’s since Kendra Shamez. I am so glad that Brody and Aria (not that ARIA) led you to EAW. I’m not sure what the women’s division would have been like without your presence. You are one of the nicest people that I have met in this spot. Someone that reminds me to have fun in these environments when it tends to bring the ugly out of people. Such a shame that we will never live an age to see Liv Morgan Andrea because she would have devoured everyone on the roster. :wow:

Ms. Extreme: I want to thank the EAW Board for blessing me with this induction. Omar, Jake, Drake, Xander, Ronn and Kassidy. I’m not sure how you guys do it, but thank you for putting up with me these past several years. I’m aware that I haven’t been the easiest to have on the roster. I’m aware that I have let my emotions get the best of me on multiple occasions. I have let my investment in all of these stories get the best of me. I have let it transform me into a terrible person at some point. As someone who has been in your position before, I should have been more sympathetic with all of you. I have been in your shoes. I have had my deal with roster members who have been tough to handle. Sometimes, I tend to forget that I was on the opposite side at some point. I was someone getting myself into the burnt end into what is one of the most thankless jobs out there. If no one has thanked your head writers today, this would be the day to do so. Thank you to all for what you do.

Ms. Extreme: Thank you to all of the video makers, gfx people and those who have contributed to making Elite Answers Wrestling as advanced, relevant and beautiful as the years progress. If you were to compare the site ten years ago to the present day, you would be incredibly shook at how far it’s come. I understand that all of you are in separate parts of the world. All of you constantly sacrifice your sleep, spending time with friends and family and that time you get when you’re done with homework. A lot of you were children at some point (or still are), who had found themselves with the daunting task of playing a role that makes Elite Answers Wrestling stand out from the rest of the competition. We all love and appreciate what you do.

Ms. Extreme: Thank you to the friends that I made along the way — Zane/ARIA, Limmy, Drake Armstrong (#1 Ms. Extreme supporter), Bea/BRAE, TLA (I’m gonna whip your ass at Pain for Pride), Rex, Raven, Milli. There are probably some people that I am missing, but this speech is probably longer than the Pain for Pride match I still need to write. :mjcry:

Ms. Extreme: Most important, thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout the years to get to this particular character to this stage. I am so sorry for this long ass speech, but as I said, it’s twelve fucking years of things that I wanted to put out there. I can’t wait for next year to have a word limit on the inductees! Woo! Okay, so I’m struggling on how to end this shit. But, fuck you all. I love you all. #MentalHealthMatters. Be nice to each other. Eat your vegetables. Drink water (that means you, Ronan). Now, play my fucking music.

(‘Red Thunder’ hits once more as the fans cheer loudly, and Ms. Extreme raises her Hall of Fame ring. The fans continue to show their support for the newly inducted Hall of Famer and former Universal Women’s Champion, and Ms. Extreme has a smile on her face seeing this. She begins to take her leave, as the camera pans back over to Tyrone Montgomery.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Fantastic speech from Ms. Extreme, who has been a great part of the Dynasty roster throughout this season. After this she’ll be taking on TLA for Showdown’s Answers World Championship at Pain for Pride, so we’ll see if she can add even more to her already stacked resume! Moving forward we’ll be seeing our second inductee of the night, and this is bound to be a great one. Let’s see who’ll be joining Ms. Extreme in the 2024 Hall of Fame!

(Limmy Monaghan is seen in a confessional.)

Limmy Monaghan: There’s a lot I have to be thankful for when it comes to you, but the one I’m most thankful for is…


Limmy Monaghan: But also; the very fact I’m here, the very fact that you were able to accept that I was a stupid edgy 13 year old and have matured since 2018, took a risk, and let me back in. The fact that when I went to Dynasty in the 2020 draft, I immediately got a tag title shot with Mark Macias, dethroned Rex & Raven. The fact that when Mark Macias quit, you didn’t give up, and still gave me something to work with. The fact that when Mason Massacre quit, you didn’t give up, and gave me something to work with. The fact that I won the PURE Championship, the fact that even when I stumbled at Pain For Pride 14, when I didn’t perform, you still gave me a chance a year later, and I became World Champion for the first time. Genuinely, THANK YOU.

Limmy Monaghan: EAW has been a big part of my life. My writing is infinitely better, my humour is a lot more bearable to look back on now, my music taste IS GOOD NOW. The fact that I’m at the top getting to write with people like Myles, like Andre, like Cy, I am so truly grateful for and it’s because you took a chance on me and it somehow paid off. I legitimately did not expect to win ANY title, nevertheless the tag title. I came in as a bald comedy jobber and if not for you and Kass seeing something more than that, I’d probably not be here rn. I’d have gotten bored because I’m not that creative comedically, and either made a new character or gave up. I kept pushing because that’s the standard you have set for everyone here. Thank you, once more. Thank you.

Limmy Monaghan: Also Limmy isn’t adopted and his parents are still alive I think so if you come back you can’t cook me for that!!! 1-0 me.

(Jake Smith is seen in a confessional.)

Jake Smith: I remember you saying on multiple occasions that the Malcolm Jones character was meant to be a testament. To prove that you were able to hang with this current generation of Elitists even though Ronn Banks retired back in the stone age. I’m glad to see that you were proven right, and we’re here now with an induction into the Hall of Fame that was a very long time coming because you are a selfless human being. :troll:

Jake Smith: Malcolm is such a unique character who you played to a tee. It goes without saying the type of writer that you are because you’re you, and that goes without saying. You just had to be there to see it, and the character created so many memorable moments like carrying Chris Elite as the leader of The Blicky Boyz and that one Myles promo that still gives him nightmares every so often. Having faced you before as both him and the Banks character, I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone else considering how deep you’re able to cut with your words. Congratulations on the induction, and thank you.

(The camera cuts to TLA wearing a suit in the confessional with a lawyer.)

TLA: I am afraid that it has come time for all of this to come to an end. You see you may have fired me in the past but tonight that is not what is going to happen. Instead I am going to get my revenge by firing yo ass instead! I have all of the paperwork drawn up and you might own EAW but now I am taking shit over. I am firing you and I promise that after tonight you will never EVER see Malcolm Jones again!

(TLA does an evil laugh as his lawyer shuffles through the ironclad paperwork that will ensure Malcolm’s firing.)

TLA: You might have been a great character and had a great run in EAW. You might have had some of the best promos ever and your feuds with Drake and SK were straight legendary but none of that will save you from this shit. It is so joever. EAW is mine. NWF byke! I am el jefe now. :ufdup:

(TLA is shown straightening his tie as he leaves the confessional and begins firing everyone in his path.)

(Bronson Daniels is seen in a confessional.)

Bronson Daniels: So, everybody in this Hall of Fame Class has contributed in some form to my experience in EAW. One of the most impactful ones, especially in recent memory, is Banks himself. I say it time and time again and I hope you never forget how I feel about the chance you have given me since 2022, I am eternally grateful for the career you trusted me to have up to this point, it’s all been an honor. Thank you.

Bronson Daniels: I can’t begin to imagine the other work you do for this place outside of handling booking, but we all know the impact you have on EAW and can all acknowledge that if you never came back then God help us all. Of course, it was Malcolm Jones who got inducted though, so let me not take away from the storyteller and writer you were as Malcolm, very early on in my EAW career you were a big inspiration to my writing style, you, along with SK evolved a writing style still prevalent today and truthfully you were one very hard-hitting guy. I remember we randomly had promo beef when I handled Ashley Flores. Fun times.

Bronson Daniels: To wrap this up, you’re a great person, I love working with you, and I love talking to you. You have an undeniable charm when it comes to the person you are and an amazing presence in EAW overall, one with an undeniable and unforgettable impact in shaping the culture of today’s EAW.

(Drake King is seen in a confessional.)

Drake King: Malcolm Jones was without a doubt one of the best characters in EAW I’ve been able to see. Some of the very best promos in EAW came from him, but that just goes to show how talented Banks is. Nobody else could’ve portrayed a character like this, and facing someone that talented really brings out the best in you as a writer. Banks was already a legend in EAW by the time I joined, but having been around for most of Malcolm Jones’ run, I’m glad to see this character enter the Hall of Fame.

Drake King: This applies to way more people than just myself, but Banks, you’ve helped me so much throughout my time in EAW and trusted me with a lot more than I deserved, including being the final match of the character being inducted today. You played a very vital part in my time here, and the fact that so many others feel the same way should say just how important you are to this place. EAW as a whole wouldn’t be as organized as it is without you, but there’s also many different Elitists here who were given opportunities by you and were directly helped by you to reach the points they’re at today. Your impact will always be around no matter what.

(Roberto De La Rosa is seen in a confessional.)

Roberto De La Rosa: Malcolm was before my time yet that doesn’t mean one can’t see what a massive impact he had for not just the industry but the community as well. People go back and look at his work and to this day use what he’s made as inspiration for their own work that goes to show how much influence he has had for a lot of people here in EAW. Going back to read that one promo on Drake “Mickey” King was some crazy ass work that goes to show that you more than deserve the spot even if you don’t think you deserve it or hey maybe you do all I know is that without your hard work none of us will be here continuing to build on from what you started as a whole. Good job and congratulations on the induction amigo mío.

(Usagi Senshi is seen in a confessional.)

Usagi Senshi: When I joined EAW a couple of years ago, it was only like a month away from what would be Malcolm’s last match here in EAW, so I never really had the honour of being around to watch the development of him as a character. With that being said, everything that I have gone back to read, his work and all, was incredible. But that is something that I’m sure isn’t a surprise when you realise that Malcolm Jones was handled by one Banks himself. :troll:

Usagi Senshi: Within this community, Banks has taught me a lot of leessons and even though we haven’t had the best of relationships at times, he is someone who I have extreme respect for and someone who I continue to look up to this day. This is well deserved and I am extremely happy that Malcolm gets his flowers in this way. Congratulations!

(Myles is seen in a confessional.)


(Cameron Ella Ava is seen in the confessionals.)

Cameron Ella Ava: (off camera, whispering) You’re really putting him in the same class as Myles? Oh my lord…

(Cameron Ella Ava realizes that she’s on camera and begins to change her entire demeanor.)

Cameron Ella Ava: Camille may have said a lot more. But, Malcolm Jones was quite an interesting character. Like, the idea of alts was something that I never saw Ronn doing back in 2018. There was talk about how someone should have used a Montez Ford pic base, but he ended up doing that. It gave him an opportunity to not be a “cac” like Ronn Banks. I’m all for people developing characters that relate to themselves without making it be an extension of yourself. Not sure if that makes sense. Malcolm was unapologetically himself. Someone who was not afraid to speak his mind. Someone who made some of these Elitists afraid of what he was going to say. I know that Myles is shaken, not knowing if Malcolm is going to do a 2024 version of “smoking on Myles’ dead parents” promo. Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore. Malcolm more than deserves his spot here. To be the handler of Ronn Banks and then, Malcolm Jones just shows Ronn’s versatility as a handler who is able to go from one character to another. Something that should be admired, regardless. Congratulations, Malcolm!

(The scene fades in and Kassidy Heart is sitting inside of a confessional. When the cameraman tells her go, a wry smile crosses her face.)

Kassidy Heart: Congratulations.

(With that, the scene fades out.)

(A few seconds later, the scene reopens, and Kassidy is seen again. Unable to help herself, she rolls her eyes.)

Kassidy Heart: Obviously that was never going to be the only thing I had to say to you, but at least it was still more than you said to me in 2022 :umad:!!!

Kassidy Heart: 2022 was an interesting year for the two of us and even now, the shit lives rent free in my head. You know this, because somehow, on what seems to be a weekly basis, you are privy to most of the shit that cycles through my head at a rather frustrating, debilitating rate. I give you a lot of credit. You should have gotten rid of me ages ago, but for some reason, we’re both still here, and we both continue to endure our toxic cycle.

Kassidy Heart: I call it toxic for a number of reasons. One, we are both type-A, explosive personalities so it does lead to a lot of arguing. Two, despite this, I don’t think there is a single person in this game I speak to more than you, and no, Banks, that’s not something I would trade. Let’s be brutally honest with one another. There is very little we have in common. We do not have the same sense of humor. We don’t listen to the same music, watch the same television shows, and you don’t keep your nose buried in books like I do.

Kassidy Heart: But, over the last six, almost seven years, you have been the one constant in my life, and that extends to my offline life as well. You have been there for me, even when you didn’t have to be, and I have NEVER taken that for granted, not once. They say people come into your life for a reason, and sometimes I think God put us in one another’s paths because he actually has a pretty sick sense of humor. I don’t know how else to really articulate how we are with each other, and what we mean to each other. We are just us; Crystal and Nathan :troll:.

Kassidy Heart: I don’t really like to talk publicly about my mental health, as you know more than anyone, how much I value my privacy. But as the person who is on the receiving end of a lot of my mood swings, I want to open up a little bit about this. Without going into details, there is a lot of shit that dwells inside of me. I can be okay one minute, and spiral down and go into a depression for days the next. You have learned to give me space during these times (mostly, lol), and have truly grown in how you handle these situations. There are no words that I could ever say to you that will express how much I appreciate you for that, but seriously, thank you.

Kassidy Heart: You might know me better than anyone, and I think that despite our ups and downs, I have been able to be a great friend to you as well. I know that I have busted my ass for you over the years, because doing stuff for other people is how I show my appreciation. I may not be able to help to the extent that I used to, but I hope you know that all the stuff I have done for Dynasty is purely out of love and respect for you. When it comes to this game, you are my partner. You have been my go to person since you accused me of being Jacob Senn in REVOLT. Don’t think I was gunna do a confessional and not bring that shit up. I had too, because that’s what started all of this. Kendra had a lot of help in keeping me in this game as well, and one of my favorite memories I have of you is back when Ms. Extreme and Sienna Jaded were fighting for the Freeweight Championship. You had the audacity to ask me if I would ever be able to do a promo battle like that and I said ‘no’. :mjlol:. Here I am, having won a Grand Rampage, and handling four characters.

Kassidy Heart: I would say, ‘who fucking knew’, but something tells me you did. You just had to send in Kendra to make sure I stayed :wow:.

Kassidy Heart: I do not regret my time here, at all, because time here has been time spent with you, and quite frankly, I do think you’re pretty fucking cool. Cac Banks and Malcum both deserve to be enshrined, and I’m actually glad you dropped your humble act and gave Malcum this accolade. It is deserved, and honestly, he is one of my favorite characters I have ever written for. I don’t know if you know this, but I have always dreamed of being a strong, independent black man. Thank you for allowing me to live that fantasy through your character! 😛

Kassidy Heart: In fact, thank you for everything you have allowed me to do in this efed. Writing has always been my passion, but even I believe that this fed has helped me hone my skills and become stronger. Handling multiple characters and personalities only makes me better, and it’s part of why I’m always interested in making so many alts. I just love writing and allowing me to do that through Voltage is perhaps the greatest gift you have given me.

Kassidy Heart: We can talk all night about how strong and incredible you are as a promoer. I literally think Myles has nightmares about you :mjlol:. But it is what you have sacrificed in and out of character for the betterment of your peers that matters more than anything. You have been a selfless efedder, and I know that you take more pride in the accomplishments of others than you do in anything you have actually achieved yourself. You are truly unique in that way, and it will not be forgotten. Thank you for creating this community and giving us all a place we can play this game safely.

Kassidy Heart: As a person, you are smart and you are creative. You are frustrating, difficult, and passionate. Your future offline is bright and it honestly wouldn’t shock me to see you run your own wrestling company someday. I have no doubt you’re going to be a millionaire, and I hope you get everything you could possibly want out of this life.

(Kassidy takes a moment to pause, and then she nods her head.)

Kassidy Heart: And the most important thing I can say to you tonight, is thank you for being my best friend. I truly do not give a fuck how contentious our dynamic can be at times, you are one of my best friends and I love you. With love comes hate, and we have that too. But something tells me that both of us will continue to suck it up and make due, because you need me, and I tolerate you 😛.

Kassidy Heart: Nah, you are one of my best friends, and you are my closest confidant. Thank you for learning to become a listening ear for me, and helping me out. I will never take you for granted, in or out of the game, and I hope that means something to you. It certainly does to me.

Kassidy Heart: Congratulations, but if you ever get pissed again about me forgetting what I changed the password of the Peacock account too, I will block you. Love you so much, my little buddy… my little ray of sunshine 😀

Kassidy Heart: Now, let’s move on to the important stuff. I have this idea for a fifth alt, with the name August-Kate Ophelia Bridgerton; AK Bridgerton for short because how cool is AK?!?! So for the pic base, you know I have been sucked into the rabbit hole that is NXT and I that A-

Voice: (off-camera) Alright, cut her. That’s what we’re not gunna talk about.

Kassidy Heart: WAIT! LET ME FI-

(The scene abruptly fades to black.)

(Seconds later, it reopens once more.)

(Once again, it’s Kassidy.)

Kassidy Heart: Ily. Congratulations. Thank you.

(For the final time, Kassidy’s confessional fades out.)

(Andrea Valentine is seen in a confessional.)

Andrea Valentine: Hi, Banks. I’m sure you’re gonna get a lot of these but at the same time, I’m sure it’s expected. After all, I think it’s very much safe to say that you’re the reason a lot of us ever were or still are in EAW and it definitely helped that, in my case, you were really friendly and persistent in communicating with me… even if it took me like 2 weeks to respond or at other times if I ever replied at all :sob:. I’m so sorry :sob:. Nonetheless, I’m glad you kept at it because if you hadn’t, then I might’ve never actually gotten to be a friend to you or know you as more than just the guy who randomly @’s me in a Discord server and then sometimes deletes the message before I actually get to see it :mjpls:.

Andrea Valentine: But in all seriousness, I really appreciate all of what you did for me. You took chances on me and looked out for me, wanted to help me however you could – and maybe some things didn’t always work out but I still wouldn’t change anything. Thank you so much for everything you’ve ever done, my time in EAW absolutely wouldn’t have been what it was without you :heart:!

(After this, the camera fades to the stage.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Here to induct Malcolm Jones into the Hall of Fame, please welcome… Methuselah!!!

(“Praise Gawd” by Kanye West plays over the PA system and Methuselah walks out to the podium dressed like this:)

(Methuselah fiddles with the microphone pause and adjusts it so that it is centered properly in front of his lips, no diddy.)

Methuselah: ♪ I don’t like you, you don’t like me, it’s not likely… we’ll ever be friends. Why pretend?♪ … Banks back at it again… ♪I don’t like you, you don’t like me, it’s not likely… we’ll ever be friends. Why pretend? MJ back at it again :wow:

Methuselah: EAW Hall of Fame I gotta warn you all right now, there is going to be a lot of glazing in this speech. It’s going to look like a Krispy Kreme in this muthafucka, so Im sorry in advance, but at least you know it comes from the heart. I’ve been granted the opportunity to fulfill a calling that has been twelve years in the making, and I’m not going to pass this up because let’s be honest, a muthafucka like me doesn’t have another twelve years, and neither does our beloved inductee :mjgrin: with his old ass.

Methuselah: In 2011 I had what I genuinely believed to be my last EAW match in the Main Event of Pain for Pride against a young man by the name of Ronnald C.M. Bankerson. Great guy, I wish him all the success in the world. Except for that night though not gonna lie I was so cooked. But it wasn’t very long before I made peace with the prospect of never doing this again, and believe it or not, it isn’t the last time I’ve had that thought occur. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some very climactic programs with some of the most gifted, incredible creative minds I’ve ever seen.

Methuselah: A few names come to mind, and if yours isn’t included, please know this is far from a slight on you: programs I’ve had with Xavier Williams, Chris Elite, Jamie O’Hara, and most recently Drake King have been some of the ones on the top of my head where I felt like if the programs I had with them were the final chapter of my long story as an active participant here, it would be an honor for me and I would be dignified.

Methuselah: I’ve gotten the chance to see and admire some of what today’s roster is doing from the shadows, and the opportunity to still do this with some of y’all is a privilege to me. I may not be as readily available as I used to be, but please believe I’m not really different from a lot of you, like at all. In fact, one of the things that we have in common, just at the front of my mind, is the fact that I would not make it to this point in EAW without the young man we call Ronn Banks.

Methuselah: Let me repeat that again for effect like I like to do in the promos: I, Mr. DEDEDE/Ryan Adams/Methuselah/SheriffPapi69, am not here right now without the man we call Banks/Chairman/Slavedrivingasshole/and perhaps the moniker that will go down as his magnum opus, Malcolm Jones.

Methuselah: I really hope he doesn’t try to be all humble and do the whole “back atcha” thing since he knows I’m inducting him this evening. I’m expecting a Hall of Fame level ether headed my way. Banks and I have been friends for 18 years. 18 fucking years. I can’t even believe I’m saying that. Literally long enough for me to have knocked up Dirti Diva and paid off the child support. That’s how long he and I have been through this. In that time I’ve been hired, fired, rehired, I’ve gone on strike, I put myself over. I was kinda problematic. Like even for my own standards. By the time Banks and I started having conversations again in early 2012, I’d already taken enough time to reflect on the way that I was; and by this time twelve years ago, I was entering a new chapter in my career, and Banks was on his way out for what would be four painfully long years without him.

Methuselah: I didn’t know how much responsibility I’d have to take up at the time, but I was able to look back and see just what kind of sacrifices it took for Banks to lead EAW to the point it was at in 2012. I looked back at the inaugural Hall of Fame ceremony in 2009 and how things were surrounding that time period, and I always lamented over how self-centered and wrapped up I was in my own shit. I hated that I didn’t get a chance at inducting Banks myself and telling the story, so much so that I even cut a promo about it in 2012 because I knew then that if I could turn back time I would have given him the flowers I owed him then and there and I would have done it the right way.

Methuselah: Most of us know Malcolm Jones for the godlike abilities, the accomplishments, and the scores he was able to settle under that persona. But to truly understand the success of “Malcolm Jones,” you have to understand the sacrifices of Ronn Banks. They’re joined at the hip.

Methuselah: I’ll tell you why they’re joined at the hip. Being the founder and creator of EAW and being a brilliant, diligent, responsible, natural-born leader is a gift that I know will take him anywhere he wants to go in his life. But y’all, we’re heading into the 17th annual Pain for Pride event. Do you want to know what Banks was doing at the first Pain for Pride? No Google, no Siri, no cheating—what was Banks doing at PFP 1? He wasn’t in the headline for the World Title, he wasn’t in a match for any title, he wasn’t even in a match. He was the special guest referee for my match against HRDO. He went out of his way to make HRDO and me a bigger deal by being a part of it when he absolutely didn’t have to. I know HRDO was grateful, considering his willingness to come out of hiding to return the favor three years later, and if I haven’t gotten the chance to thank you for that, then thank you, bro. Truly. Titan vs. Titan doesn’t get to that point without you doing that solid for us.

Methuselah: The following Pain for Pride, Pain for Pride 2, and surely you would think since he took the backseat at the inaugural PFP, he would be in the main event this time, right? With as great of a writer as he is and as much as he’s held himself back. Maybe he’ll be going into PFP 2 as the World Champion and dropping the title to some promising new main eventer to give him the rub? Wrong. He was in the opener against Montell Smooth. Who? Exactly. Just one of the million guys and girls who you take a gamble on when you’re in a position like Ronn’s and still continue to take gambles on no matter how much you’ve been disappointed.

Methuselah: The 3rd Pain for Pride, and okay great, Banks finally has the World Title despite being someone who you could have started up and centered your own entire Fed around. And this time another man he took a gamble on by the name of Karl Impact ended up paying off in spades, same goes for the Hall of Fame stable that he founded, Generation Genesis. And of course, when Imp went over, it was—to this day—one of the biggest wins of his career in my opinion. It solidified 2010 as the Year of Impact, and it was everything that Banks wanted in the end. The same thing happened in 2012, with Heart Break Boy being the one to seemingly end Banks’ career in EAW at PFP 5. So losing to Banks at PFP 4 was the LEAST I could have done. If anything, it should have been my idea. Especially considering the other names that benefited from being around him in that year. I will always look back at 2011 and be ashamed that it wasn’t me who decided every bit of how that finish went down. I should have been the one literally putting the match together, including the post-match. I will never live down missing that opportunity.

Methuselah: My bad for the war stories, by the way, y’all. You’ll have to excuse me, I don’t want to make this drag out for anybody, but there’s just so much detail that I feel like I’m still glossing over. Maybe someone will pick up some value and perspective from my retrospective because this is important to me and in these 18 years I’ve been friends with Banks aka Malcolm Jones, I’ve learned things from his example that I just simply can’t take to the grave with me. A good example is when EAW was a brand in the Answers Wrestling Federation back in 2007. I made my return around that September following a month or so away, which at that time may as well have been four years out of the game. I came back expecting the same position and rank, but by then Banks had recruited a bunch of new names and they didn’t respect me. I damn sure didn’t respect them. I was the writer for…I’m gonna say AWF: War at the time? Yeah, I believe so, since HRDO was writing for the other brand AWF: Legacy and he was bodying me. Crude and HRDO had like half of the fed on lock, and between Mak and Ronn on the EAW brand and me just simply being rusty as a GM, nobody gave a fuck about what I was doing on War. Eventually, I made enough enemies to antagonize half of the Fed against me, and the first person to support me when I was on the verge of being bullied into exile was Banks.

Methuselah: “AWF Revolution” I believe we were called. One thing led to another, and by the time winter rolled around, half of the company split off to create a rival promotion labeled “ACW.” Banks decided rather than follow the crowd, he would start the story all over again, and EAW returned to independence on Christmas Day 2007, starting the run that EAW has literally carried on to this day.

Methuselah: I turned my nose up at joining EAW earlier that summer, not even out of disrespect. I was just too self-centered to look at the bigger picture. Despite all that, on Christmas Day 2007, the world was granted the rebirth of EAW, a gift that has kept on giving for two decades, and this is the guy that I get the privilege to induct tonight. Now do you see why this speech is so damn long?

Methuselah: Flash forward now, because history has a funny way of repeating itself when you give it enough time. By 2017 Banks made his return at the Showdown Supershow ‘Wrath of the Dragon’ on screen, but behind the scenes, he had been reintroducing himself into the environment after being away on retirement for four years. I don’t have to get into the gory details, but from my perspective, it was clear that there were people who had either lost sight of what Banks sacrificed to get EAW to the point where it could have a PFP X in a Season X—the way we were in that season. Either that, or there was resentment harbored from his run, because another part about being the leader of something as massive as EAW is you’re never going to get the opportunity to be The Beloved Mr. Wonderful who has no enemies and is on everybody’s good side. Unfortunately, it’s too much to ask for those who carry any sort of grudge to set their differences aside the way Banks was willing to. It was too much to ask for them to accept the past as being the past and just try to see a pioneer for what they objectively are. But that was the environment that welcomed Banks upon his Season 10 return. I know that in his heart, it’s mostly under the bridge. The drama and controversy that came up has a novel’s worth of recount, and tonight isn’t about that.

Methuselah: By that point, I knew what it was like to be the EAW Chairman and to be where the buck stops, and to have the vitriol and expectations placed on your shoulders. I knew what it was like to have to be the glue at times for the machine we all love. There was no way I was going to sit on the sidelines and act willfully ignorant about what was going on. A lot of people felt the same way Banks felt about EAW’s culture in 2016 through 17, but Banks was simply the catalyst to the cultural shift that this place needed. All it takes is a toxic mindset for an echo chamber to become the suicide pact that brings the entire operation down, and EAW was beginning to turn in that direction. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the repeated disrespect that Banks was dealt even as he willingly worked in the background for our developmental brand at the time. Imagine that, the founder and creator of the company that has now lasted a decade, has decided to come out of retirement, put people over, and manage the developmental brand. And all you have to say to him is “fuck you.” Really.

Methuselah: So as fate would have it, December 2007 brought us the resurrection of EAW as an independent Fed by way of the AWF Revolution. Ten years later, and the resurrection of EAW’s culture arrives through the medium of Revolt! Pro Combat. :whew: A story so good you’d think Kass wrote it :wow:

Methuselah: But it wasn’t a story; it was reality. And it got no more real than the incarnation that would shake this entire game to its core, known as Malcolm Jones. Take my word for it, Malcolm Jones was something unlike anything else we’ve seen in EAW history. I knew I had to be a part of that saga, to dance all in the videos in some way. I have a pretty good idea of EAW history, so I’ll explain what MJ was. Malcolm Jones, in anime terms, was basically Luffy in Gear 5, or Naruto in Sage Mode. Without Malcolm Jones, Banks is still in everybody’s top five. That’s again if he never comes back. But when you include the material he produced as MJ, there’s nobody you can honestly put above him.

Methuselah: It took me too long to come to that understanding, but I’ve been given enough time to look back and reflect on Malcolm Jones and just how dominant he was, and it’s more clear to me than ever. Malcolm Jones was the most feared character and promoer in the history of EAW. There’s no one who struck terror in the hearts of their opponents like MJ. The creative element, the freedom of expression that he finally allowed himself, and the ability to tap into the well of emotions inside him and play kill-or-be-killed competitive. “Malcolm Jones” displayed the killer instinct, the wit, and the mindset that he poured into running EAW, building storylines, setting foundations, and leading the community that we have here. Malcolm Jones was a moment of triumph that I was able to live vicariously through, because it was his opportunity to blend reality with creativity and blur the lines in a way that put the entire fucking game on notice. And I mean the ENTIRE game.

Methuselah: Perhaps Malcolm Jones’ most noteworthy work was the scorching “Fuck EAW” promo where he allowed himself to shake the proverbial bees’ nest and clock basically everyone on the planet without even trying, viewer discretion not advised. Smoking on Myles’ dead parents was pretty wild too, not gonna lie. But probably the promo that, despite being cut in arrogant heel fashion, resonates the most with me is the one he cut as Ronn Banks where it ends in “I AM EAW.” I believe that one was the one he cut against Theron Nikolas right before I screwed him over at Pain for Pride Festival :lupe:

Methuselah: In all seriousness, those three words, “I AM EAW,” are words that I’ve always wanted to see come from Ronn Banks. Because it’s true. I’ve seen the vast majority of all 18 seasons worth of EAW’s history; I’m old, damn get off me. Think about your favorite speech from a TV show, movie, manga, comic book, anime character, or etc. Think about that one-liner where they call their shot, they declare what’s theirs, they say EXACTLY what was on your mind as the diehard fan and loyalist. That was it for me. Again because it’s facts. I just ran through exactly why. Malcolm Jones was a victory lap not just for the man behind Malcolm Jones, but for the culture, and for people like me who’ve gotten to see it all play out and see exactly how much it took for him to get to that point. Even though he still allowed other people to eat along the way, what he got to do was make the statement emphatically on who the fuck he is and what the fuck he’s capable of. He pulled everybody’s card, and if you weren’t willing to give him respect for his abilities, he was going to take it by any means.

Methuselah: Now I’m going to stop the glazing and turn the time over to the man of the hour. In closing, I’d just like to remind the world of an adage that goes back to the dino days where Banks/Malcolm and I first met. As the saying goes, “You cannot kill what you did not create.” It makes all the sense in the world why the legacy of Malcolm Jones and the man behind arguably the most formidable character in EAW history will never die. GIVE IT UP FOR THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE 2024 HALL OF FAME, MALCOLM JONES :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: BAH GAWD

(As Methuselah stops speaking, ‘Christopher Walking’ by Pop Smoke hits. The people in attendance begin cheering loudly, and before long Malcolm Jones begins walking to the stage. He meets Methuselah at the podium, shaking his head before turning to the microphone. Malcolm has a smile on his face looking at the fans in attendance, and he begins speaking.)

Malcolm Jones: I truly appreciate the warm welcome and the remarks, it feels good to be able to say that Malcolm Jones is a Hall of Famer. Obviously, being in a position of power it’s a bit of a taboo spot to be in when it comes to decisions for the HOF regarding yourself and I’ve always tried to be as selfless as possible and not put myself out there. I tried to push this induction back as many years as I possibly could, but I felt like this year was finally the best time to go ahead and finally do this. When I think of the Hall of Fame I think prestige, I think body of work, I think impact, legacy, stature etc. This is why we don’t just throw people in there for the sake of throwing them in there.

Malcolm Jones: We’ve gone years not even having a Hall of Fame and we even skip some years when we absolutely have to because it’s something that I feel like has to be 100% right and genuine and deserved and not just thrown out there for the sake of numbers. I’d like to think of the Malcolm Jones character as somebody who at this point has reached a status where it feels long overdue, where he had such an impact that you feel like you just had to be there, and even going back and reading old promos doesn’t paint the full picture. Although I’ve spent most of my years with the Banks character, Malcolm Jones is probably the most near and dear and special to me off the simple fact that Malcolm Jones solidified me as an e-fedder.

Malcolm Jones: I know it sounds crazy to think because at the point that Malcolm Jones was introduced I was already a HOFer as Banks, the founder of EAW, a staff member etc, but this was also a time where I was still just getting my feet back wet into this game. I had my run as Banks before retiring back in 2012 and there was a 5 year period without me. In that period, a lot of narratives were thrown out about me and a lot of people who didn’t know me or have any interactions with me had their opinions on me formed by individuals that did, and that was either for better or for worse. For better you had some people treat me with respect and be welcoming when I returned, for worse.. well… let’s just say as a result of some dickhead opening up floodgates for everybody I fired to make a return, smear on my name became so prevalent that a lot of people I didn’t even know had issues with me before we even met.

Malcolm Jones: Narratives about me as a person also came with narratives about me as a promoer, chairman, overall efedder etc. So once I left there was some who liked to spread a “Banks was never that good of a promoer” narrative. To be fair, when EAW first started the standards for what made a good promoer were drastically different compared to even 2017. There was a point where the average promo was 500 words and you’d probably be looked at as an alien if you came in and posted a 5k word promo. The website we used had word limits per post so if we were to post a promo that was 2k words it’d have to be like 3-4 separate parts posted on the promo page. When things got moved to Forumotion during my retirement that kind of helped expand things but most people were posting longer promos by that point anyways. Even by the time that I retired in 2012, hell even back in 2011 we were posting longer promos and I always prided myself on going back and forth with the best of the best. Nonetheless, that was a narrative out there and I found out quickly that the community at the time in general didn’t think that a lot of people from the older days could adapt or keep up with the guys from the modern days of 2017.

Malcolm Jones: The competitor in me made me wanna challenge that narrative and prove that I AM as good as ever even with 5 years off and I could keep up with and outdo whoever people thought was the best of the best, so from there I was inspired to come back as Banks and prove doubters wrong. I had a good run with a few matches and I’d like to think I proved my point, but once you get a hit you end up wanting to come back for more. This time I wanted to do something different though. Banks was on a part time basis and I wanted to start from the ground up and really do something different, let loose and do something that was more relatable to me and more comfortable to me and this is where the idea for Malcolm Jones began. MJ started off as just a spitball idea, something to keep in the back pocket but not necessarily something I was 100% behind yet. I wanted to do something that combined all of my interests whether that be fashion, music, sports and just the overall culture and implement that into a character. Not to mention I had never played a black character before in EAW and I’m a black man irl so that had to change. I had been a fan of Montez Ford(who had barely just debuted on NXT), as well as Bianca(who I ended up suggesting another individual change their pic base to), both of whom I discovered back in 2016 when they were just on the live event circuit. Both of them caught my eyes ironically before I ever even knew they were dating.

Malcolm Jones: Montez had a look to him that most black male wrestlers didn’t at the time that made him seem a lot more cool and relatable and not corny and that made me gravitate towards him just as a fan. I saw him as a future star so I kinda put my stocks in him and with that I was inspired to make a character. All of this ironically coincided with the formation of the developmental brand at the time, NEO. NEO was something that had a lot of potential but was being severely mishandled and the person involved was not equipped to run a brand at all. At that point I was considering puting MJ straight on a main roster brand if I did so decide to go forward with this, but the tumultuous situation at NEO opened up a door for me to take that over, revamp NEO as it’s booker and bring a whole new light of excitement and hope to newcomers who sign up and look to have an easy transition to being booked. As booker I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try out this character and if it works great, if it doesn’t great, low risk high reward type situation.

Malcolm Jones: I think I hit the ground running. I don’t exactly remember everything but I do remember one of if not my first match being against Ryan Wilson, shoutout to him for still being around. I had some cool moments like trying to set up a feud with Sinister Ace(Pehrox’s extremely green and nooby first character) but he was adamant on teaming with Ryan Wilson. I remember the interaction I had with Chris Elite on the show when he was at his absolute hottest and gunning for the WHC. I remember it even captured DEDEDE’s attention to the point that he pitched the idea of being in a faction with him called the Gawd Complex. Him leading a young me, a young Astraea and eventually adding a white hot prime Chris Elite into the fray was like a dream team at that time and I think we would’ve stood out and been the coolest thing going in EAW at that time especially during that era.

Malcolm Jones: That faction to this day is probably one of the biggest “what ifs” to me because there was a lot of amazing things left on the table. Things fell through once behind the scenes issues lead to me leaving EAW and starting REVOLT, and even though The Gawd Complex had to end early, the journey I partook in after that made it all worth it. REVOLT was where I really began to find my voice for this character, an honestly with all of the behind the scenes drama going on I channeled a lot of frustration I had about those situations and just put the aggression into my promos. It was there where I began to start teaming with Chris Elite as the Blicky Boyz and had some great battles most notably against DEDEDE and Impact, Liquid Swordz. REVOLT was short lived but the short time spent there was incredibly necessary, changed the industry for the better and introduced some names and concepts that would be stables in the industry for years to come.

Malcolm Jones: Once we got back to EAW it was go time. I found my voice and I knew I could go toe to toe with basically anyone. Now I will admit that on the surface level it probably seemed extremely premature for Malcolm Jones to be in a PFP main eventing match at that point, but 1. It wasn’t my idea to be in that position I believe it was DEDEDE’s and 2. EAW was not in any position to be picky at that point. Merging REVOLT and EAW came with a really big transition period, a lot of names that were staple figures were no longer in EAW and new names emerged and this was an opportunity for people to step up and really prove they belong at the top. Some people tried to use that as a way to politic and statpad and legacy manufacture with minimal effort on the promo front but some people actually cared about proving themselves as the top dog not just in script but out of it as well. At this point Chris Elite was the top guy on Voltage and in script MJ was nothing more than the extremely hyped rookie who was possibly overstepping by challenging him, but I was ready to show why MJ belonged and why this wasn’t just some fly by night thing. MJ lost the match but I showed that MJ had arrived and that this was only the beginning, and boy was it.

Malcolm Jones: I spent that next year really just working my way up and showing what I can do. I had a nice lil tag title reign, an Interwire Championship reign that came to a halt at the hands of a young Drake King, and then it was time for prime time once again as I turned around and captured the EAW Championship and went onto face Chris Elite in a rematch. Between SK, Drake, and Charlie.. those three were definitely my greatest rivals in script and I had a lot of fun promoing against them. I had a lot of great back and forths over the years against some of the best of the best and I always approached it with that same chip on my shoulder to prove that I indeed do belong. None of this would have been possible without the bookers and people who helped push and motivate me behind the scenes, believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. DEDEDE being the first person to really put the battery in my back and give me the confidence that I had something special with this character and it wasn’t just in my head.

Malcolm Jones: Bookers like Raven who at the time took the Showdown position under unexpected circumstances and stepped up and helped bring the brand back to a good space and helped push MJ forward. After Season 11 I found myself as a fixture on Voltage for years to come. Kassidy is one person who really took a huge liking to the character and did some amazing things with him story wise, even down to the way he was portrayed by her it’s not often you find a white woman from Alabama who is able to accurately portray a black hood dude from Harlem NY :mjgrin:. Somehow it worked tho, it worked like a charm she kept me motivated with the great ideas and stories she’d come up with and it was a perfect combination. So thank you Kassidy for believing in me and being an even bigger fan of MJ than I was at times. I hope u know that the few times we faced each other I only went super hard on you because ily and I had to do my best against the best! :troll~1:. That goes to everybody else, if I ever offended you in my promos or made you second guess if I actually disliked you or anything… the fact of the matter is I actually liked you a lot! I always went the hardest at those I loved the most, it was just my way of ribbing you I guess. Ultimately though, the main goal for MJ wasn’t just for self satisfaction… but it was for the overall betterment of the future of EAW.

Malcolm Jones: I could help people improve with promos by giving them pointers and whatnot, but the better way to do it for me was to face an up and coming Drake King who showed flashes of potential but was still very raw, and not hold back against him. Then years down the line he’s so good and reliable that he’s the guy who ends up being the one to end the in-ring career of MJ. Do the same against a young Jake Smith, same with Myles etc. There’s always been a method to my madness and I hope I inspired somebody to improve and step their game up and really bring it in their promos. If I was able to accomplish that then fuck the titles and accolades, THAT is the goal achieved that I’m proudest of. Today I see a lot of the same people we were hands on in trying to mold into the future, now living as the PRESENT of EAW and I see a whole new generation of guys coming after them and I just hope the things I was able to instill and the examples I was able to show, you guys can do the same for the ones coming after you. Don’t hold back, show them there’s levels and give them a goal to work on reaching.

Malcolm Jones: I’m very grateful for this induction. All these years doing this shit and I never actually got to write my own single induction hall of fame acceptance speech. Not to cry over spilled milk or seem like I’m salty about some shit from 2009 as a grown ass man now because it’s really not that serious in the grand scheme but I would’ve liked to do things on my own terms. When the Hall of Fame happened in 2009 I was actually on leave because my computer was broken and I had no say in the HOF actually even being a thing. If I did there wouldn’t have been a Hall of Fame for at least a few more years. Mak for whatever reason or the other decided to introduce a Hall of Fame one and a half years into EAW’s existence and make himself the headliner and give me a forgettable induction written by somebody else with me being inducted by somebody I wouldn’t have chosen at the time. Politics gon politic but the fact of the matter is it was a premature decision that kinda impacts things to this day because we end up having to skip some years when there aren’t enough qualified candidates yet, granted it’s not fully because of this.

Malcolm Jones: Somehow Demon in 2012 managed to top those shitty HOF decision making skills by deciding to force a HOF class during RTR season when I deliberately didn’t do a HOF for PFP considering the fact that we were in the middle of a period where there was NO qualified candidates. It’s cool though. The lesson in all of that is, don’t force something for the sake of stroking your ego and being selfish. It won’t age well. It’s always better to have true and real intentions behind whatever you do instead of being self-centered and thinking about yourself before you think about anybody else. Think about the overall implications and how things look from the outside and not just how it helps you personally. I say that not about a HOF induction, but anything. If you hold a position of power or influence, make sure you use it in the right way and make sure you’re doing something that will help generations that come after you. That’s what it’s really about, I always did it for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. This Hall of Fame induction is better late than never and clearly, my story was far from finished and I had so many more chapters being written and I didn’t even know it.

Malcolm Jones: Make the right decisions, be selfless and help others so that one day you can be there to write your own story the way you want it to be written, don’t take shortcuts. I wanna give a special shoutout to those who embraced me when I first came back. Kendra was one of the few people who helped me feel comfortable in the chat when certain people were sticking their nose out. DEDEDE always went to bat for me and was willing to torpedo this whole shit in defense of me. I wouldn’t be standing here right now giving this speech without your loyalty and I thank you for that to this day. MJ was great times and served every purpose I set out for it to serve and I’m glad I got to face a lot of guys as they ascended to the top and became Hall of Famers in their own right. I can confidently say EAW is in a better position than it was when MJ first became a thing, and that’s what it’s all about. From a spitball idea, to NEO, to Gawd Complex, to REVOLT, to Blicky Boyz, to Drillmatic, to the world titles, to 4 straight PFP main events, all the way to the Hall of Fame. It has been a helluva ride and I can honestly say I did this shit till the wheels fell completely off because that’s how hard I went each and every time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Malcolm Jones: At this point all I have left to say are two words………..

Malcolm Jones: Thank you.

(As Malcolm Jones finishes his speech, ‘Christopher Walking’ is heard once again. Everyone in the stadium loudly cheers for the Hall of Famer, putting a smile on the face of Malcolm Jones as he shows off his Hall of Fame ring one more time. From there he begins to make his way from the podium, as the camera fades back to Tyrone Montgomery.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Malcolm Jones has had a fantastic career, and there’s really no doubting that. With everything he’s accomplished he absolutely deserves to be a member of the Hall of Fame, just like the inductees coming up. We’re nowhere near finished yet, and very soon we’ll be seeing our third inductee into the 2024 Hall of Fame! Ms. Extreme and Malcolm Jones are both incredibly deserving Elitists, so let’s see the third inductee, who’ll be joining them in this year’s Hall of Fame class!

(“Jimmy” Monaghan appears in a confessional.)

“Jimmy” Monaghan: Ahem.

(He holds up a phone…)

(Limmy Monaghan appears in a confessional.)

Limmy Monaghan: Not gonna lie I have no idea who I just saw leave this booth, but I’m sure Jake has a lot of friends, so I’m not gonna question it! :troll:

Limmy Monaghan: On a MUCH, MUCH more serious note; this is incredibly deserved, and a long time coming. I’m incredibly happy that at one point in time we were involved in numerous stories together, and have shared the spotlight together. Whether it be closing out the Christmas show in 2020 in a brand new faction, beating Impact and DEDEDE in the same night together via definitely legitimate means :troll:, our Grand Rampages, our Pain For Pride segments, or the fact that I’m actually responsible for the mud wrestling back at Pain For Pride 13, it’s been a GENUINE pleasure this entire time.

Limmy Monaghan: I’ve known you since 2018, and I’ve definitely done a lot to annoy you over the years whether it be in our out of EAW but you’ve always stuck by because you are a genuine friend. You mean a lot to me and you’re responsible for why I’m here. Not just inviting me or pushing me to join, but if it wasn’t for the standard you set when it comes to my writing way back in 2019, I wouldn’t have even considered this place. My first title match in any e-fed was against you, when I was a trash editor, and every step of the way you’ve always been someone I look up to in just about anything. I can’t say it enough, you DESERVE this, not just earned. Congratulations K1NG!

(The camera cuts into the confessional which appears to be empty before panning downwards to show TLA sitting down on his knees.)

TLA: Que pasa Jake? It’s yo boi TLA out here and you know I just wanted to get all down here on yo level and speak to you man to man. You a good kid and you overcoming all of them heigh disabilities n shit real inspiring. I ain’t even know if they will be able to see you at the podium when you give your Hall of Fame speech but I respect you for trying. Gonna have to get you a ladder or some shit so you can reach the microphone but I believe in you lil buddy you can do it!

(TLA is shown patting the top of the camera as if he is patting Jake himself on the top of his balding dome.)

TLA: Much luv homie y’all one of the chillest people here. The nicest homie ain’t nobody got a bad word to say about working with you. Congrats and Ilysm. <3

(Bronson Daniels is seen in a confessional.)

Bronson Daniels: Keeping things short is TRULY difficult, but it is you we are talking about after all so you balance it all out.

Bronson Daniels: You already know how close we are and have been, our beginnings in the editing community, and of course, the infamous 420’s. It is truly impressive how you can do something as stupid as that just for me to sign up here, but here we are now, you tell me if it paid off. You’re a big influence on my career here, and you deserve all of this.

Bronson Daniels: The shit you do is insane, the work you excel at is insane, your writing as Jake Smith is great as is, but take in all that you do OOC and we’re entering entirely different stratospheres. From graphics, to writing and booking, to recruiting an entire gen of future mainstays and World Champions. A great at everything typa guy and also one of the kindest, funniest people I’ve met online and a joy to be around. I had fun spending a majority of this season beefing with you, I hope we’ll get the chance to have one more big singles match one day, but until then, enjoy all the success that has come and that WILL come your way.

(Drake King is seen in a confessional.)

Drake King: I don’t think there’s anything I can say except you deserve this. I don’t think anyone knows just how much work really goes into all this until you’re actually doing it, and you’d understand that as someone that edits, works on Dynasty, writes for Voltage and handles two characters. You have a lot on your plate but you continue to deliver, and this has been the case for years. We joke a lot, mainly because you’re probably one of the most unserious people I know, but beyond all the jokes there genuinely might not be anyone as dedicated as you, and it says a lot when despite everything you do, all your work is still this great.

Drake King: To talk about Jake Smith’s character specifically, I’d actually like to repeat something I said very recently. It’s crazy that this character was at one point a great face knowing how unlikable he is as a heel, and that just speaks to how good you are at playing these characters. It’s been that way for years and even this week you’re once again doing amazing work. There shouldn’t be any doubt that you deserve this and have deserved this for a very long time, and as your friend who has worked with you basically every single week for years, I’m so happy to see you accomplish this. Congratulations, Jake.

(Usagi Senshi is seen in a confessional.)

Usagi Senshi: Ahhh Jake, such ups and downs that we have really had in our friendship since I joined this community back in 2021. I know I have been extremely difficult to deal with at times and have been a pain in your ass, but it is not without ill intent. All the love and the respect for you. You are one of the hardest working people who has ever been here in EAW and that is saying quite a lot. You help with graphics, video editing, head writing, match writing, whatever it may be. You have done so much for this community and I for one am grateful for everything that you have helped me with too.

Usagi Senshi: I thank you for all of the times you dealt with me whether it was for bad or for good, or I was in need of someone to talk to. You’ve always been there for me and you have truly earned this.

(Donovan Duke is seen in a confessional.)

Donovan Duke: I’ll keep this as quick as I can. We have been partners. We have been opponents. I have made more short jokes about him than I can count…sorry…kinda. No matter how many remarks I make to him, he truly plays a big part behind the scenes. Jokes aside, Jake Smith has been part of almost my entire career and whether he likes it or not, he helped me immensely when we were a team and I am forever grateful for everything he has given to me. Years have passed since we were Insurgency together and I still call him one of my brothers in arms. I knew how badly he wanted to reach the top of the mountain then and I always tell him how proud I am of him. You’ve worked your ass off to get here and now you can enjoy it. Congratulations, my friend. I am so happy for you.

(Roberto De La Rosa is seen in a confessional.)

Roberto De La Rosa: Oh brother who let this jackass get inducted?!? Nah, Jake you deserve this induction one hundred percent no questions asked! From winning Cash In The Vault two years ago, to having back to back world title matches these last two Pain For Pride even all the stuff you did before my time it’s damn good shit mi amigo. On top of that the work you do with graphics and what not is also heavily appreciated not as appreciated as us being friends #WHJ type shit…

Roberto De La Rosa: Just from those occasional chats to those PS parties all of that has been such a great experience and you being one of the factors of many that has kept me around here for as long as I have goes to show that you really are a very awesome person in this community who deserves their flowers even if he’s as unserious as they come.

Roberto De La Rosa: Though let’s not get it twisted; those unserious moments are also some of the funniest things that can happen in chat or even in parties cause man… Top tier comedy though congratulations again on the induction man you made us all proud even if you’re a dickhead at times much love from me to you hermano!

(Cody Maverick is seen in a confessional.)

Cody Maverick: I’ll be honest. I absolutely hate this motherfucker. Just like anyone else, I am always wishing for the downfall of Jake Smith but that’s neither here or there. I have no problem separating art from artist and over the last five years he’s certainly paved his way as a Hall Of Fame talent and that’s something that I can truly give him respect for. He’s always been a tough challenge and one hell of an opponent to go against.

Cody Maverick: Now with the IC bit out of the way because I probably would’ve thrown a couple of Fuck Jake Smith’s in there, I genuinely appreciate this man and all he’s done for Dynasty and also the support that he’s shown for me since getting here. He works his ass off for EAW all the time and he doesn’t need to hear that part from me but I’m saying it just to make note of how much of an inspiration he is to keep going and grinding in this place. I owe a lot to him, I feel, and I hope to face him one more time so I can finally whoop his ass and shut him up for once.

( We see Jay Jerry Johnson in a confessional. )

Jay Jerry Johnson: Jake Smith’s Hall of Fame introduction means nothing without his favorite son, Jaykey amirite?

Jay Jerry Johnson: On serious note, Jake has become a very good friend of mine. I mean, I didn’t initially like him at all. Like bruh he seemed like a cunt when I first met him who constantly nitpicking my shits. I thought he was the worst but I learned my mistake and apologized which leads to the point Jake ended up being a pretty cool dude to me. He’s very helpful and always reaches out when I’m doing something wrong so thank you again for all your help. Seriously, such awesome workhorse who willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best outcome possible whether it’s in show writing, promoing, video editing, graphic designing, or anything else you dedicate yourself to. Your hard work shows how much you care about what u doing. We all gratefully appreciate the kind of person you are.

Jay Jerry Johnson: You are a man of many talents. A great editor, a great writer, and a very intelligent person in your field. Cooking is surely one of your skills but I’m not talking about physically cooking in the kitchen (we already knew why); I mean managing content out here. Congrats fr tho. Just as you are proud of me, we are proud of you. Cherish this role for real, man, you truly deserve it.

(Myles is seen in a confessional.)

Myles: EAW as a whole is one big extended family for me, but amongst it are the ones whom I consider my immediate brothers, the editors who I knew from before I was even in this place. Among that batch is TheChosenLean, the weird little dwarf brother who’s the only guy I’ve ever seen to somehow have both a My Chemical Romance stan phase and a NBA superfan phase.

Myles: As peculiar as he is, he is still part of that editor e-fedder brotherhood, so I feel such a sense of pride in seeing him be given his well-deserved induction, especially since Jake specifically is one of the funniest, hard-working, multi-talented and friendly people I’ve ever met. Behind the scenes, you are one of the people responsible for this fed being what it is today. And as an Elitist, you have one of the most entertaining characters in the history of EAW. Jake Smith is a hilarious character to watch, and only a mind like yours could truly do justice to him. You deserve this, brother. Congrats.

(Cameron Ella Ava appears in the confessional as one of the producers makes sure that her body mic is set up properly.)

Cameron Ella Ava: Who is this for, exactly?

Producer: (off-screen) Jake Smith.

Cameron Ella Ava: ( talks off camera, whispering) Wait… so that wasn’t a joke? 🤨 We’re deadass inducting him to the Hall of Fame?

Producer: (off-screen) Correct.

(Cameron Ella Ava sighs as she begins to unclip the mini microphone from the collar of her dress as the producer steps in to stop her from doing that. The two of them begin bickering. The audio becomes inaudible at some point. But, it results in Cameron sitting back down.)

Cameron Ella Ava: Now, Jake Smith was someone who was a stand out during my time writing Showdown. Someone that I was shook when I got him on the Showdown brand. I knew that I wanted to help make him into the star that he was destined to be. I had some of my funnest moments with booking him and just making him this out of life character. Him and Bronson and eventually, Ronan and Ryan, made this shit fun for me. But with Jake, I really enjoyed booking him, developing his character and giving him a sense of ego that cannot be stopped today. The whole ‘The Jake Smith Show’ persona was something that really elevated his character to the next level.

Cameron Ella Ava: At some point, he was one of the most entertaining things on the Showdown brand. His progress throughout the years has been a treat to see. From him going back to Dynasty to grow to his time on Voltage, where he was able to win Cash in the Vault where he continued to expand on that growth to Showdown where he got that first World Championship. It seemed poetic to me. I will always continue to root for Jake to succeed. One of the kindest people that I have come across. Someone who has always remained a vibrant soul and fellow fast food worker! Congratulations, Jake! Highly deserving of this moment!

(Milli Banks is seen in a confessional.)

Milli Banks: Jake, wow. What a fucking achievement, my guy. With how hard you work and all you do for our community, it was only going to be a matter of time before you got inducted. :wow: This was only inevitable. You’ve done so much for this place and are a true jack-of-all-trades. Promoer, booker, show writer, creative, graphic designer, video editor, like damn, give me some of your talents please??? You cannot be a greedy bitch and hog up everything. 🙄 But for real, I am so, so happy for you. This couldn’t have happen to a better person and I am so glad to call you a friend. You’ve always been a welcoming, kind soul with me and I appreciate you more than I can truly put into words. It’s been a blast getting to bully the Dynasty roster and becoming a pal over the past year, and I cannot wait to see what else you do.

Milli Banks: At the very least tho, I’m glad I got to beat you while I had the chance. No way I was gonna get into Grand Rampage, lil bitch. 😭🫵

Milli Banks: Nah, but fr, ilysm, you’re a great person, and you deserve this so much. Keep killing it, GOAT. You are now one of the literal greatest of all time and no one can ever take that away from you.

(Ronn Banks is seen in a confessional.)

Ronn Banks: Congrats little dude I always knew you had it in you to eventually get to this point. You’ve been around since 2018 if I’m not mistaken and you started off as a really annoying kid who nagged his way into things and was just very persistent and consistent. While raw and green on the promo front at the time, one thing I always noticed from the jump was your work ethic and your passion. You had the fire in you to make things happen and even if you came up short or it wasn’t the best result, you did the best you could. You’d have some outlandish ideas like marrying your wife in the backyard and then abandoning her once you changed pic bases, you even sneakily took on the Josh Nicholls character and began promoting on his behalf.

Ronn Banks: As wacky as a lot of things you did at the time, I saw a silver lining of a kid who had a lot of passion and energy and it just needed to be channeled into the right direction. As years went by you improved, matured and you’d eventually go onto become somebody I trusted to work with when it came to booking Dynasty. Somebody who reached the heights of becoming a world champion, Grand Rampage winner, and a lot more. Ironically enough even as you’re about to become a Hall of Famer I think you’re going to become even better. You’ve been a jack of all trades and somebody who does a lot of little things that may seem thankless but I don’t take for granted and am grateful for. You even have tapped into your recruiter bag bringing us a lot of young talented people who look to have bright futures here. You’ve emerged as a leader in the community and top name and I’m very proud.

(The Hall of Fame ceremony returned from break and ‘Partition (Smearcase Trap Remix)’ by Beyoncé had started to play. The host for the evening, Tyrone Montgomery, smirked into the camera.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Class of 2022 Hall of Fame inductee and one-half of the reigning Unified Tag Team Champions… KASSIDY HEART!!!!

(Kassidy walked on stage, looking absolutely gorgeous. She was dressed in a custom-made Alexander McQueen two-piece outfit tonight. The top was a dazzling, silver metal corset complete with sweet-heart neckline that cut off just above her midriff and was laced together in the back with black leather ribbon. The skirt was made entirely of black leather, with an asymmetrical hem, split on the left side to reveal the majority of her toned, tanned leg and thigh, and wrapped around her waist, tied together with a black leather bow. Strappy silver Jimmy Choo platforms, black leather collar, red lipstick, and slicked back hair completed her look.)

(Kassidy crossed the stage and took her place behind the podium, a melancholy smile on her face. She waited for the reaction of the crowd to die down before she started speaking.)

Kassidy Heart: Of course I’m going to do this induction out of character because if I tried to induct Jake Smith as Kassidy Heart, then I would just shit on him the entire time and talk about how I beat him like six times last season.

(An arrogant smirk crossed her lovely face.)

Kassidy Heart: To his credit, the seventh match was a no contest but I found that kind of annoying. Shocking, right? :troll: Needless to say, this is exactly why I need to talk about Jake from a personal perspective.

Kassidy Heart: I was surprised when he wanted me to induct him, even if he asked for Harlow Reichert instead of Kassidy Heart. Banks told him no, which made me laugh, so here we are. I’m actually honored that Jake wanted me to do this, because it’s not a secret that I have a soft spot for him. That said, my first experience with Jake wasn’t a very good one. So let me tell you guys this story.

Kassidy Heart: Once upon a time, the recently returned Raven Roberts was Showdown’s booker. He was overwhelmed one day with the amount of stuff he had to do, so I asked him if there was anything I could do to help. He sent me a match to proof read, which is fine. I don’t mind doing that. So I started reading this match.

(Kassidy paused, unable to keep the sour look from crossing her face.)

Kassidy Heart: I read for a little bit longer, thinking that surely this shit had to get better.

Kassidy Heart: It didn’t.

Kassidy Heart: It was literally one of the worst things I have ever read in my life.

Kassidy Heart: I went to Raven and demanded to know who the fuck wrote such an awful match. He was like ‘it’s the kid who plays Jake Smith.’ I took a dramatic, deep breath before I replied, ‘is he fucking illiterate?’ :mjlol:

Kassidy Heart: Raven’s reaction was ‘:mjlol:’, or something like that. I was annoyed because here I was, taking precious time out of my Saturday (of watching shit TV, probably because back then, I didn’t go to bed at 6PM), proofing a match that literally looked something like this, and before you bitches accuse me of exaggerating, I’m literally not. Are you ready?


Kassidy Heart: And yes, I am aware that the word ‘punctuation’ is spelled incorrectly. In addition to being allergic to proper grammar, Jake didn’t know how to use spell check either. To be honest, I don’t know if I ever helped Raven with Showdown again after that. I do know that eventually, Jake ended up on the Voltage writing team and I wasn’t about to spend my Sundays dealing with that bullshit, so I taught him proper English and how to write like he had more than a third grade education. I’m not even joking. Ask him. He will tell you.

Kassidy Heart: To say that Jake has come a long way from me proofing the worst match in the history of all matches (it made me so mad, I was having Drake King drop F-bombs at ringside because I didn’t know the character didn’t swear at the time, lol) is an understatement. Jake has turned himself into the heart and soul of EAW from a backstage perspective and that is the very simple truth of this matter.

Kassidy Heart: I’m going to do my best not to get emotional as I continue on with this, but I can’t help it. Jake is a special kind of soul that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I don’t think any of you can fathom how much he does for all of us on a weekly basis, even when he doesn’t even have the time. I have told him before that it’s alright for him to say ‘no’, but that’s not who Jake is as a person. He is a people pleaser. He wants to help and he wants to do a good job, and if it weren’t for Jake and Drake, I would have quit running Voltage a long time ago. Those two are the reasons you get a show on Sundays, along with the wonderful writers we have had helping us along the way. Both of those guys are workhorses, and Jake especially does not get enough credit.

Kassidy Heart: He is so much more than a promoer and I will probably reiterate that multiple times as I talk about him tonight and why he is worthy of this induction. Jake is honestly just a good person. He’s a pathetic simp, yes. But he is still a good person.

Kassidy Heart: One of my favorite Jake stories comes from a few years ago. It took place in the board chat, and I believe it was after we had done that upcoming season’s draft. Banks needed a Brandi Lauren render for the graphics team, but at the time I was on face number two for Harlow Reichert. Well you all know Jake is my primary graphics maker, so I had given him my password to Brandi’s Patreon account.

Kassidy Heart: The render he posted for Banks was a beach bikini picture he cut :mjlol2:. And seriously, I spent a good half an hour trying to find that stupid ass render to show you all, but I finally gave up. I know it’s either in the board chat somewhere, or the graphics chat. But that right there was classic Jake. Banks was like absolutely not, even though I did find a message of him asking if she had nudes :troll:

Kassidy Heart: Brandi Lauren is a gorgeous woman, so really, I can’t blame him.

Kassidy Heart: For a while, I sent Jake a daily picture of Brandi Lauren :mjlol:. Bro has always loved redheads. In fact, Jake loves redheads, alt girls, and Julia Hart now that she’s goth. Needless to say, he definitely has a type.

Kassidy Heart: In fact, Jake’s penchant for emo music is what led to us bonding in the first place. His playlist mirrors my own, solidifying the fact that Jake is nothing more than an early 2000s MySpace girl. He is my kindred spirit, to the point where we can quote the classic teen movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ from memory. From My Chemical Romance, to Hot Topic, to Twilight, to ‘Titanic’, and so many other things we both like, I can honestly say that Jake is most definitely my child, in some type of cosmic, spiritual way.

Kassidy Heart: I am protective of him, there is no doubt. The name of the fucking weirdo escapes me, but he was the one who kept all the spreadsheets on his EAW opponents. Well, Jake cried ‘rape’ in main chat, and come to find out, this guy was sending him suggestive fan fic in DMs and let me tell you, I was fucking livid. I saw red, and completely went off, and quite frankly, unless I’m talking to Banks :troll:, I am not a confrontational person. But you fuck with Jake, and apparently I’ll go HAM.

Kassidy Heart: To quote my own character, it would serve you all well to remember that. :umad:

Kassidy Heart: Another thing I want to point out about Jake, that I want everyone to know, is that as a promoer, this kid is a great sport. His early years here were rough. He basically handled a tag team by himself and lost multiple title matches. He didn’t complain. He didn’t give up. When he was competing for the PURE Championship, he lost that title a few times before he finally won it. Again, he didn’t complain. He didn’t give up. He just shrugged it off and kept pushing, and I know that’s hard to do. I’ve given up alts because of that, because quite frankly, I just don’t have Jake’s easy-going mentality. But I’ll tell you guys this, if we could all take a page out of Jake’s book and just go with the flow, this game would be a lot more fun for all of us.

Kassidy Heart: Now I could stand here and continue to talk about how Jake’s handled all the adversity and shitty hands he’s been dealt with grace, but to me, as great as Jake is as a handler, he is so much better at just being an amazing person.

Kassidy Heart: It goes without saying that if Jake were not in EAW, this place would not be the same. He is fully involved in Dynasty, and quite frankly, he’s probably even more invested in Voltage because he’s a little biased towards me :mjgrin:. I’m teasing, of course, but Jake is a huge part of Voltage behind the scenes. He has helped us almost every single week since I can remember. Even though he continues to grow up and get busy, he makes the time to go above and beyond for Drake and me when he really doesn’t have too. And I’m going to be honest, I don’t think we could do Voltage without Jake. When I log off on Sunday, he steps in to make sure Drake is supported and has backup if he needs it. This season alone, Jake has written some of the best and most creative segments our brand has had, and he produced his Magnum Opus match for us this season as well.

Kassidy Heart: I wanted to do something that I have never seen done in EAW with the Extreme Elimination Chamber and in order to do that, I need someone creative and who could tell the story I wanted. Let’s be honest, my days of writing incredible, jaw-dropping matches are well behind me. I reached my peak, but Jake? He hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he’s capable of in terms of being a creative because he’s never had someone pushing him to go outside of his box. I did that back in December when I gave him the necessary notes to pull off the infamous double heist. It was a risky endeavor to put two cash-ins in a single match and I didn’t want to offend the Showsters of the world by OvErBoOkInG the match. Jake had to be careful in how he crafted it and he was.

Kassidy Heart: He did it.

Kassidy Heart: The match went beyond my expectations and let’s just be honest, sometimes with Jake, having high expectations means you are guaranteed to be let down. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I would share a story that happened only a few weeks ago, but I don’t want to sound like a diva :mjlol:. Let’s just say, when it comes to Jake, a person needs to be very, very patient. Regardless, the Voltage chamber Jake wrote this season might very well be one of the best in EAW. It’s right up there with the chamber that detailed the absolute destruction of New Eden.

Kassidy Heart: Jake might not always show it, and he might sometimes half-ass his fucking promos, pissing off all of us who actually believe in him, but when he does sit down and put his mind to something, he is one of the most creative members of the EAW community.

Kassidy Heart: In the early days of getting to know them and working with them, I often that I wish I could put Jake’s creativity with Drake’s impeccable grammar and I would have the perfect efedder. Now, both of them are able to stand on their own, in all areas of this game, and for someone who hates kids and never wants her own, I do feel like a proud mom when it comes to both of them. I think Jake, especially, might be the most improved efedder to ever come through these doors; from his writing to his graphics to his overall chat personality. He’s come out of his shell, has embraced growing up and discovering who he is as a person, and he’s never lost his kindness towards other people. I could probably stand here for hours and continue talking about all of Jake’s good qualities but what I’m going to focus on right now is his patience.

Kassidy Heart: I’m not above admitting that I have put Jake through a lot of shit. He’s been on the receiving end of my temper on more than one occasion. He’s always been respectful (God, I sound old now), and has no problem admitting when he is wrong, and not many of us can do that. It’s actually taken quite some time (and therapy in real life) for me to admit that I need to do a better job at holding myself accountable. This has never been a problem for Jake, and where patience comes in, is the fact not only does he handle others with care, he treats himself carefully as well. The other children might be able to dispute this, but I have never truly seen Jake get pissed off at himself. He doesn’t fight back when you give him criticism and he takes it on the chin, while making sure not to get down on himself. For someone who’s 20-years old, that’s remarkable, and I can not help but respect him for that. More often than not, I am my own worst enemy, and I’m just grateful that Jake hasn’t had to spend most of his formidable years beating himself up.

(A thoughtful smile crossed Kassidy’s face and she chuckled to herself.)

Kassidy Heart: I’ve talked about a few of Jake’s more interesting moments and shared a few stories, but what I’m going to tell you about now is the deep impression he’s left on this place and his fellow board members. There was a time last year, right around King of Elite, when Jake seemingly vanished without a trace. We let a few days go by, but the show was coming up and Jake was set to defend his newly won Answers World Championship against Impact. Of course we all discord called Jake and @ed him like a million times, and I think the kids tried to track him down via Twitter and PlayStation. It got to a desperate point, so much so we were willing to call Popeyes and ask if they had a kid named Jake working there. I know that seems kind of broad, but we have ways of narrowing down locations and stuff :troll:. Well I called one of the Popeyes and it gave me a constant busy signal. Granted if someone would have actually answered, I’d probably hang up but yeah :mjlol:. We were THAT worried about Jake. If there is one thing I can say is that Jake is dependable. He is always online. He is always able to be reached. I thought the kid had died.

Kassidy Heart: Thankfully, it was just a rare winter storm that took out his part of Texas and he finally got in touch with us.

Kassidy Heart: When you’re that worried about a person that you’re willing to go above and beyond to make sure they’re okay, that’s how you know they matter.

(Kassidy paused, and looked out at the crowd.)

Kassidy Heart: I love you to pieces, Jake, and there are not enough words to express just how much you mean to me, and to the rest of EAW. I’m actually writing this at work, so I don’t want to get too emotional, but I’m also not going to let you walk away from this induction not feeling like you’re one of the best things to ever happen to this place. You are and that’s not up for debate. From your characters, including the shitty Shane Thorne one, to your promos, show writing, posters, and editing. You have become a jack of all trades, and this place needs you to function. I need you to function, because you do so much for me. There have been so many moments over the years that I have been grateful for you, and moments where I have wanted to kill you.

Kassidy Heart: One day we’re going to cross paths on the bridge we both take, and if I’m irritated by you on that day, I’m going to run your car into the water.

Kassidy Heart: Don’t worry. It’s not that deep. You’ll survive it, hopefully.

Kassidy Heart: But honestly, it’s more gratitude and love than anything else because if I ever did have a child, I’m sure it would be you. I’m not going to stand here and kiss your ass, but you know what your value is. You know how much you mean to me and everyone else here. There will never be another Jake Smith, and that’s because you’re truly one of a kind. There is no one who can go from a jobber, to a mid-card gatekeeper, to a crackhead, to Drake King’s whipping boy, to someone who actually fucking won Cash in the Vault and successfully cashed it in, to someone who came back in his villain era. It’s been a remarkable ride. Jake Smith has been a cheater, a loser, a murderer, to someone who now owes a certain shadow dweller his life. Bail is expensive, you know, so get ready to pay up.

Kassidy Heart: I know that somewhere down the line we will face each other again, and yes, I will win. But when the time comes for me to retire, I will reiterate the promise I made to you in my own Hall of Fame speech. Jake Smith will be the one to finally end the incomparable Kassidy Heart. I know that’s not the gift I’ve built it up in my head to be :mjlol:, but I like to think that would be something for you to remember me by for however long you stay in this game after I am gone.

Kassidy Heart: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have ever done for me, for Drake, for Banks, for Omar, and for everyone else in this place. I’m speaking for the board, and I know they won’t disagree, and just on a personal level, thank you for just being there. Thank you for your constant availability when it comes to stepping in and helping out. Thank you for all the graphics, especially the Harlow ones, despite the fact she went through three different faces. Thank you for the laughs and making chat a more fun place to be. Thank you for overcoming your illiteracy. That’s the most important thing 😛.

Kassidy Heart: Once again, I love you to pieces. Tonight, we’re going to bump My Chemical Romance and other awesome emo songs. When Pain for Pride is over, I expect you to finish off your graphics thread, and more importantly, I’m ready to cash in on new stuff for all my queens for Season 18.

Kassidy Heart: Congratulations, Jake. This is well earned and well deserved.

(Kassidy grinned and took a deep breath.)

Kassidy Heart: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest member of EAW’s Hall of Fame…. the man I beat six times last season and of the most lackluster Answers World Champions in history … JAKE SMITH!!!

(After this, ‘Stop Breathing (Burn In My Light Intro)’ by Playboi Carti hits. Jake Smith begins to walk out, and he has a grin on his face as he makes his way to the stage. He walks up to the podium and takes a moment to look at the crowd, before finally beginning to speak.)

Jake Smith: Yeah bitches! Eat that! I got into the Hall of Fame! I’m the greatest of all time and there’s nobody like me! I’m better than everyone else in this class, I don’t know why I’m not the headliner! Everyone else has said all that I needed to say in their confessionals, they praised me and said that I was the greatest and that’s what I’m going to do this entire speech!

Jake Smith: I’m kidding, frankly I don’t know how I’m able to promo as the Jake character the way I do. I told Drake this, but I literally just shut off my brain and put pen to paper. That’s how you get the works of art that I put out that might be used as a way to put me into a mental institution. So I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to sit here and give you an elaborate rundown of my career like Pehrox did during his speech that one year and waste everyone’s time, that’s just not who I am. I think it’s been long established that I’m a very selfless person and that I’d do a lot for others and not really be able to give myself anything in return, so in true Jake fashion, that’s what I’m going to do. You’ve already thanked me enough for what I’ve done, so now I’m going to thank you and talk about everyone that has gotten me here in the first place… good or bad. :mjgrin:

Jake Smith: I think we kind of expected this to start with Pehrox, Xander Payne, whatever you want to call him. But I’d also like to group him together with the community that I was a part of before I was in EAW which has become a rather unfortunate discussion piece over the years. Bullet Freakin’ Club is a name that I’m sure plenty of people are familiar with. I usually block that piece of my life out of my mind, with the likes of LastBreath, GP, AC, Arturo, and whomever else is better off being left in the depths of hell other than being brought up. But I also can’t ignore the fact that those slumps were my first introduction to EAW… and this e-fed was not perceived in a very positive light there for obvious reasons. I don’t need to go into the details of it, but the fact that I was able to go from that to still managing to find my place here is still astounding looking back at it, and the same can be said for plenty of people you know who you are.

Jake Smith: That of course is thanks to one person and that’s Pehrox, and needless to say his contributions to EAW are something that will be remembered for a very long time. No matter how many members I poach from a certain community, it will never compare to the legendary work that he did bringing in everyone from the editing community over to here. Without that, simply put, there is no EAW, there is no Jake Smith, nothing. Over the years he and I have been great friends, and even though I could go on the whole tangent with him having literally nothing inside of his head and suffering from something that we call Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, he knows that I will always care for him and everything that he’s done.

Jake Smith: Moving into my time with this company there is another person that I have to thank, who may not be here currently and also left a pretty bad impression the last time he was :mjlol:, the Visual Prophet! Viz was one of the first major opponents that I faced here and it was when we were both on the Battleground brand, and he beat my fucking ass. He cooked me an unbelievable amount of times whenever we faced and it seemed like up until recently he was the only person that could use Jessica Smith against me. He’s always such a creative mind and a creative writer and his impact here goes without saying. He runs laps around everyone and always seeing him promo and write is always a blessing. But I know you’re not here to see me talk about the character part, you’re here to see me talk about his headwriting days. :mjlol2:

Jake Smith: Small shoutout, my true greatest rival.

Jake Smith: Three times, three fucking times, I beat him three times.

Jake Smith: Back to Viz… When I first joined the Dynasty brand it’s safe to say that I was still finding my way in this company. I was still a naive little boy and guess who was handling the brand at the time? Viz! Even though it was a short period of time, Viz’s Dynasty is one that’s remembered for a lot of reasons, and most of it pertains to what he was able to bring to the table in terms of creativity and storylines. Even though the most I can remember from my time there is losing to Jenny Cien and Vic Venom, what he was able to do with Jake was none short of hilarious and after all this time I kind of take for granted the amount of trust that he put into me when he had no need to. A legend through and through, wherever you are right now I hope you’re reading this.

Jake Smith: Someone else who had to deal with my shit back in the day is someone who just recently returned back to EAW, hi Raven! At the time he was the headwriter of Saturday Night Showdown and that was where I got my start after being promoted from the Battleground brand. I was, needless to say, a fucking child and he had to put up with a lot of that at the time from a character standpoint and a out of character standpoint. When Banks forced me to backup write as he does for anyone, Raven was the first one to show me the ropes and I was out here putting up absolute stinkers week after week, and I think at one point I turned in my main event match on Sunday afternoon while I was on a cruise or something. I don’t know, it’s safe to say I have no clue how he survived that, and he has the right to continuously make fun of me the way he does for what I put him through. So it goes without saying that he plays a major part in my career as well, and I thank him for that.

Jake Smith: But another major problem that he just so happened to face was the fact that I was out here running my own tag team partner’s character against the rules. So you know what? Let’s thank Josh Nicholls for a moment. Fun fact for those who didn’t know, when I first met him back in my Roblox wrestling RP days he went by the name of Dan. I was AJ Styles, he was Chris Jericho, and my earliest experience as a member of the online community was teaming with him as Y2AJ. :wow: So needless to say I would peer pressure him into becoming Josh Nicholls, and for a couple of months he was Josh Nicholls… then he had some issues and I started discreetly ghostwriting for him. Long story short, I didn’t do a good job, I got exposed by the end of the Season, my bad Dan.

Jake Smith: One of my favorite moments in chat was when he typed in chat during Pain For Pride and got interrogated to see if he was actually Josh Nicholls I was spamming his dms feeding him information that he could answer with and ended up fucking up and fucking us both over. My bad for that as well. We don’t talk nowadays except for that one time you randomly dmed me on Playstation a year ago, so at least you remember me. But you were my earliest friend and I’ll never forget that. Thank you, Josh Nicholls.

Jake Smith: Fun fact, do y’all remember that Remi Skyfire and Darcy May Morgan used to be a team? They were called Valkyrie, Drake and I lost to them, and I’m going to give a short thank you to both of them for completely opposite reasons. Remi / Jax Walker for dipping out on us while we were in the Round Table together and getting Jax completely fried. Darcy for being such a stellar writer who did so much in the short time that she was here. So yeah, just wanted to put that out there since I’m running down my career, which I said I wasn’t going to do but fuck it we’re already too far in.

Jake Smith: I couldn’t talk about my career without talking about the man who I had the most fun with the entire time, Terry Chamburger! Terrence, my man! You and I have been through a lot together, haven’t we? From Jake decapitating Terry’s head off, to Jake fucking Terry’s sister, to even the out-of-character shit like backup writing and whatnot that I won’t get into, you’re such an underrated part of my journey and it always makes me happy to see you message me every so often with congratulations and whatnot, you truly do care. You’re someone that rolls with the punches a lot more than most people do, and doesn’t deserve some of the shit said about him, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a great person, and deserves all the credit in the world for everything that he’s managed to accomplish. Keep up the good work, and shout me out on your Twitter account one day so I can get followers.

Jake Smith: My personal favorite shoutout of the evening…

Jake Smith: Small shoutout to Mark Michaels for being a piece of shit, but I’m only mentioning him because he was the person I beat to win my first title. I could only imagine what he would say if he was here, he’d probably call this Hall of Fame speech overbooked, but nothing is more overbooked than you somehow managing to get Roman Reigns in that fed and somehow managing to make the greatest wrestler of the modern era into a basic white man with negative aura. So yeah, hope you’re doing good rotting in hell you piece of shit. That goes for you as well Shaker Jones, I don’t know you just came to mind while I was talking about him.


Jake Smith: You deserved to get scammed bitch boy.

Jake Smith: Alright I lied I got another shoutout that’s my favorite.

Jake Smith: So when I won the PURE Championship during my two reigns with the title there was one person who popped up a lot… Jacob Senn! If you want to call him Santo Muerte then feel free, but I’ll call my name twin his actual identity. A genuine piece of shit who had the audacity to sneak into this company and try and assimilate, just to rat himself out and expose himself by thinking that if he suggested a grand reveal it would actually go through. Then being idiotic enough to agree to return even though you were obviously just here to be the butt of the joke and get cooked by JAKE SMITH of all people. Goddamn man, you are one stupid individual. I hope you’re doing well in whatever bottom tier fed you’re in right now, and I hope your sex offender friends get word of this as well and mark me as a war criminal. Fuck you.

Jake Smith: Random shoutouts in between go to Ryan Wilson, Shane Gates, Lucas Johnson, and Lance Blackfyre. Well, Ryan shouldn’t actually be bunched with them he’s actually a really nice guy who’s still in the company, but you get the point. Shoutout to Shane too, hope he’s having fun in college or Kenya or wherever he said he was now.

Jake Smith: Another favorite. :wow:

Jake Smith: I’m genuinely running out of people so give me a moment. Thank you to the legends that I slayed while I was The LEGEND! KILLER! Classic, I know. Thank you to Lethal Consequences, Vic Vendetta, Tyler Parker, all of them for bumping and feeding the Jake Smith comeback.

Jake Smith: Thank you to the members of Insurgency / Insurrection that we have long forgotten. Maxwell and MITSU, why MITSU you may ask? Because Limmy and I thought that MITSU was going to be a part of the group we made an entire contract just for Banks to tell us no and us having to make the painful move of kicking him out of the GC and putting Maxwell in it instead. Shoutout Maxwell. I’ll get to the rest of the members of Insurgency in a bit.

Jake Smith: Shoutout Jamie O’Hara, we’ve had a couple of talks over the years especially when you were the head writer of Showdown and it’s always been fun. One of the moments I remember vividly was when you booked me in a match against yourself because I insulted AEW, and then you absolutely charred me and ruined my self-confidence for a week. Thank you for that. Absolute ledge as you would say.

Jake Smith: Justin Windgate as well, you’re probably reading this I don’t know. Always a joy to talk to and such a kind person. You’re always willing to help and when you were a backup writer you were always putting your best foot forward for Dynasty. Great writer and I hope to see you back amongst us at some point. Miss ya.

Jake Smith: One last shoutout before we get to the main course goes to SOSA Henderson or HBB. Talented ass writer and I’m glad to see you pop off on the promo page this week in the 24/7. I’ve had the opportunity to write with you a lot and seeing the type of layers that you can bring to each character that you’ve had is absolutely stellar. Keep it up man and I can only wish the best for you.

Jake Smith: Alright, now to the people you were waiting for me to thank. :troll:

Jake Smith: My first title after the PURE Championship was the Unified Tag Team Championships and that of course came with none other than my good friend Chris Elite, or SK. You’ve always been a hilarious person and even though you do have your moments :mjgrin:, you’re still here and I’m glad that you’re still around even if it’s not as an active competitor. You add to the atmosphere of EAW and we all thank you for your time.

Jake Smith: Roberto, yes, I know, Roberto, you’re here as well. My La Familia partner, my friend, you’ve been around for quite some time and we’ve grown to be best buds. Even though you do piss me off sometimes it goes without saying that you’ve got a lot going for you in the future, keep it up. Stream YNLJordan!

Jake Smith: Hans, hi Hans, shoutout to you as well. Always such a bright mind and a talented graphics designer, it’s always so nice to have you around even if you are being murdered by the daily grind of college every week. The Hans Grayson character is always so fun to write and needless to say you’re a very cool person who is a good friend all around. So that’s just me saying that I’m really glad to have you here.

Jake Smith: Jay, my son, my child. You’ve grown so much and I think everyone knows just how far you’ve progressed in terms of your writing and whatnot. A talented graphics designer, video editor, you’re really like a little spawn of me and that’s scary to think about. I’ll still pass you the torch when I retire… whenever that is, and as long as you return to us I have nothing but positive things to say about you.

Jake Smith: Along with that is Jon Kelton, wherever you are. Legitimately I’d have more to say about Kelton but I don’t know where he went, he’s like a missing persons case I only see him on the forum. But he and I are bros as well and we go back a couple of years since he came back. Always the homie and he apparently knows where I live so I have to stay on edge regarding what I say about him. :mjlol: Goat shit.

Jake Smith: Bunched together are Seb and Brae respectively, you might know them better as Michael Machina and Bea Valentine, or Daniella Atlas and BRAE, pick your poison. I’ve known you guys for about four years now and I don’t regret it for the world. My bestest friends who I could talk to for hours on end. I’m so glad you two found EAW along with everyone else, and seeing you both succeed really does warm my heart. I know I pestered you guys a lot about this e-fed back in the day, but now you know why because I genuinely care for it and knew how much you could bring to the table. Look at us now. Here’s to the future.

Jake Smith: Hi Sae, hiiii Sae. I could talk about numerous things when it comes to you but I think it goes without saying. Your work as Milli Banks and Halsey Neel are out of this world, and knowing the type of writer that you are it really is one in a million when it comes to you. A like-minded individual who I’ve gotten to know a lot more over this past year through Dynasty backup writing and just talking in general, you’re a welcome addition to this company and words can’t describe how much you mean to me and everyone else. Keep up the amazing work, but you don’t need me to say it because you know how great you are. :wow:

Jake Smith: It was about time I got to the other members of Insurgency, my bad for taking so long. Thank you to both Limmy Monaghan and Donovan Duke respectively for their contributions to my career. Limmy, you know how good you are, and you know how much we’ve bonded over the years over numerous things. You’re one of my best friends and we’ve been through it for the longest time now whether that be in regards to our favorite hobbies or blacklisted members we don’t seem to like. Glad to have met you and been able to get to know you the way that I have.

Jake Smith: Donovan on the other hand is the kindest person alive, and sometimes I wonder how that’s even possible but here he is. Always so caring and considerate, he and I have talked countlessly over the years and I’m glad to see that he’s still going strong after all this time. My Goat, keep killing the game.

Jake Smith: It feels like I’m thanking the entire fed but trust me I’m almost done… I think.

Jake Smith: Ronan Malosi! You sack of shit! You and I have, surprisingly, been like-minded individuals and you’re always a joy to talk to about a number of things. Even though you do annoy the shit out of me sometimes that doesn’t change the fact that you are the absolute best, and are the model Elitist in this company. A hilarious friend and someone who I wouldn’t be able to live without, here’s to us and our wack-ass dynamic of a buddy cop film.

Jake Smith: Bronson Daniels, Freakin’ Adam, whatever you want to call him. You and I have always been best buddies even when you forced me to team with you as The 420s. It’s been a crazy ass ride up to this point but seeing everything that we’ve done from promo against or with one another to struggle to cut Mercedes Mone renders, it goes without saying that you are an essential part of my time here in EAW and I’m so glad that you’re here. Thank you for everything, and this reminds me that I have more renders to send you after this, so have fun with that buddy.

Jake Smith: Omar / Minerva as well has always been a crucial part of my career here in EAW up to this point. A stellar writer who I already said a lot about in my confessional, but that deserves to be repeated multiple times over considering how much he means to EAW. A great person all around who does a lot more for this company than anyone could ever imagine. Bethany and Jake forever! Fuck Adam Lucas (shoutout to him too my GOAT)! WOO!

Jake Smith: Shoutout to DEDEDE or Methuselah as well. We don’t talk a lot but everytime I do you’re always such a kind person and someone who I will still convict of tax fraud. Once in a generation writer and I think literally only Kass remembers the time I was booked against him and he literally scared me off for the rest of the week. Not my finest moment…

Jake Smith: And of course, we get to my favorite people. Drake King, Drake, Justin, whatever you want to call him, I’ll call him Justin. It was not understated in your own Hall of Fame speech just how much we worked together over the years, but I legitimately look at you as a brother to me, I’m just the stupider half of the two :troll:, and being able to do a number of things with you whether that’s promo, write matches, kick your ass in WWE 2K, or just talk to you about stuff is always so fun. You’re a unique personality and a unique character who deserves the world. One day Jake Smith is going to beat Drake King and it is going to be the best day of my life, until then, I don’t mind being the lesser half of the two. Round Table forever!

Jake Smith: Hi Banks. It’s been quite some time has it? I mentioned earlier that my earliest memory with you was being absolutely charred by Malcolm Jones in my first couple months in this company, but now seeing where we are now I can’t understate how much you’ve done for me. We always continuously talked to one another about EAW and we’ve gone through a lot of shit together whether that be me doing something stupid or having to deal with a now ex-member or whatever, I know how much of a help that I am to you and frankly I wouldn’t change that for the world. Sometimes I may annoy the shit out of you and do some questionable things, but the fact that you manage to put up with that still astounds me to this day. I should have been banned from this company a very long time ago, but somehow I’m here and I guess I have you to thank you for that. You are the reason that EAW is still running today and the fact that you’re still going this strong after all the shit that we’ve been through is a testament to the type of character that you are. Here’s to many more years of bullshit out of me that you have to tolerate, thank you for everything.

Jake Smith: And of course, last but not least, we get to the person who I chose to induct me into the Hall of Fame.

Jake Smith: Hi Kass, I know I did a Jake this past week and pissed you off, but I thank you for allowing me to choose you tonight for this moment. I’ll cut right to the chase, without Kassidy Heart, there is no Jake Smith, and a part of me wonders where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for her. She’s been there for me through thick and thin even though she doesn’t deserve it, and just like Banks, I’ve drawn her ire and she’s had to put up with a lot of my shit over the years that nobody should ever have to go through. I know that I’m a person who makes mistakes too often to count, and most of the time it ends up hurting the people around me even though that’s not my intention, but the fact that I have a good support system around me such as the likes of Banks and Kassidy to help me in spite of that is what allows me to be inducted into the Hall of Fame today. I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to meet you and get to know you over the years, from the restless nights of backup writing to the number of graphics that I’ve tirelessly made for you, to being an out of this world e-fedder who I could only dream of being. If there was anyone that I was inspired to look up to and be like, it’s Kassidy Heart.

Jake Smith: I’ll say this again, I legitimately don’t know where I’d be without her. She really is like a maternal figure to me in this game and people like her don’t come by often, so you really do have to cherish every moment. I’m honored and privileged to be the person that I am to you, and once again I thank you for agreeing to induct me into the Hall of Fame. I’ll even ignore the things you probably brought up in the speech to make fun of me. :mjgrin: Ilysm.

Jake Smith: I was going to dedicate this last bit of time to making fun of other ex-members who aren’t in this company, once again, in true Jake fashion, but I’ve already gone on long enough. As I’m typing this it’s 12 AM and I’ve been writing straight for a good 2 hours now and I haven’t even started my Answers World Championship match, but that’s just who I am I guess. I know that no matter what, I somehow get it done and maybe that’s not a healthy thing, but oh well. I guess you can look up to me in that sort of way.

Jake Smith: This leads me to the future of this company. From Blackheart / KASAI, to Drake Armstrong, to Akari Kiyoko, to Cody Maverick, to Zane / ARIA, and whoever else I didn’t mention up to this point. You have the keys now. This is your moment, and while we celebrate what I’ve done for this company, I want you to do even more and excel my legacy. I’ve mentioned this before but I’m like a proud father watching all of you succeed, and I only wish the best. I hope you guys continue to do more and look at this not as a Jake Smith dicksucking festival, but rather a testament. If I can do it, then you can do it. Even now I still don’t know how the fuck I did it. :mjlol2:

Jake Smith: A lot of people end this off with how they’re future is going to look going forward, and I don’t know. In case you didn’t know already pretty soon I’m going to be headed off to college, and I know that Banks goes on this whole spiel that it doesn’t really affect EAW that much, but I never know, and it’s going to take me a bit to gauge it out. But I’m not leaving for a bit, I’m here for the long haul and I know that it was meant to be this way. When I first left EAW for a short break I was never truly on break, I was continuously dragged back in (which I never really minded) and even returned a couple months earlier than I wanted to. This company has been embedded into me and perhaps it’s a testament of how much I’ve done for it. I know at some point through I’m going to have to leave it behind and start my own life. Rough math, I’ve spent about 30% of my life in EAW, and that means neglecting my friends, family, social life for a number of e-fed related things. I don’t want that burden on me for the rest of my life.

Jake Smith: So I’ll say it right now, the next time I go on break, I don’t plan on coming back. At some point I’m going to have to leave this behind like most people have, and I’ve come to terms with that. But luckily for you, that’s not going to be for a long time. So guess what??? You get more of Jake Smith!!! Take that, bitches!!!

Jake Smith: So to those of you who have sticked around to the very end, thank you. I have more promos, match writing, video editing, graphics designing left in me and I can’t wait to show it to the world. This induction has been one that I’ve waited a very long time for but that doesn’t mean just because I have that I’m going to wrap it up going forward, nah, fuck that, I want more. I’m going to keep going until the wheels fall off, because I love EAW, I love it so much, and I can’t wait to bullshit around with you some more and watch this place blossom.

Jake Smith: So now that I’m here, as a Hall of Famer, I can say one thing… I trusted the process. Not just The Process, THE process. I went from nothing to something and if anything that should inspire you to be more yourselves. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see the future of this company being inducted into the same Hall of Fame as me. That is something that I simply would not trade the world for. I love you all. ♥️

(‘Stop Breathing’ begins to play once more, and the fans cheer as Jake looks towards the crowd one more time, with a smile on his face for the reception given to him for his Hall of Fame induction. Jake turns and begins making his way out, and the camera pans back to Tyrone Montgomery.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Love him or hate him, Jake Smith has definitely established himself as a great. The fact that he was the winner of 2024’s Grand Rampage match was just proof of just how talented he really is. Jake Smith is another deserving member of the Hall of Fame, but that’s been the case for every incredible talent that has been inducted so far, and that’s not going to change as we move forward to our fourth. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s see the next inductee of 2024’s Hall of Fame class!

(Jake Smith is seen in a confessional.)

Jake Smith: Hey bitch.

Jake Smith: Just kidding. It always warms my heart to see people that I’ve known from before my time in EAW get their moment. When I first heard of you, I wasn’t even in the community and you were this sort of myth to me, a legend that I would only idolize from a distance. Then when I finally dipped my toes into it, meeting you was this amazing thing for me that can’t be understated. The same can’t be said for Pehrox because the first time I met him he yelled at me for not centering the text on my titantron, so thank you for that.

Jake Smith: Seeing you then finally join EAW and become assimilated into it as quick as you were was astounding. Now here we are all these years later and your resume speaks for itself. You’ve always been a very lowkey person, but there’s no doubt that whenever you’re put into the spotlight you put your best foot forward and that’s what’s gotten you here. Even now you’re still GoldenSkulls to me, and having the privilege of getting to know you and work with you is something that I will never take for granted. Thank you for everything and enjoy this moment.

(Limmy Monaghan appears in a confessional.)

Limmy Monaghan: One Piece sux

Limmy Monaghan: …I woulda fooled people a few years ago, that’s my reputation now. God fucking damn it. But, I digress; I couldn’t say congratulations enough. Before the Dynasty Big 3, before Myles vs Limmy, before Cash in the Vault, New Eden vs Insurgency in Grand Rampage, before your beloved return back at Grand Rampage 4 years ago – you literally introduced me to the concept of e-fedding. If not for you I LITERALLY wouldn’t be here. If not for you even deciding to edit, I wouldn’t be here, and that’s a nuts fucking butterfly effect. RENDER Wrestling is why Limmy Monaghan exists, and it’s so crazy. I wanted that Kenny Omega picbase back then and I SUCKED. If I had a dollar for how many times I’ve been denied that picbase I’d have two dollars, and I wouldn’t be able to spend it, this shit SUCKS.

Limmy Monghan: But, it was due to the effort YOU put in, the amount of hell YOU went through putting together these WWE 2K19 shows that I said fuck it and joined EAW. It was because of YOU that I got into One Piece. It was because of YOU that any of this started. Do you know how crazy the internet has got to where you can literally change someone’s entire life online? I couldn’t thank you enough. You’re fucking amazing and you deserve your flowers. Please never slow down, EAW without Myles is infinitely worse. You’ve pushed me whenever I needed it, whenever I felt as if I was stagnating, and our three matches this past year have been my favourites ever. Thank you.

(Roberto De La Rosa is seen in a confessional.)

Roberto De La Rosa: The work you have done for graphics and those videos man is some top tier stuff every time you get in that booth and cook it up. Same goes for the promos you be cookin as well, weird how you’ve held a world title for as long as I’ve been active here in EAW dawg well deserved if you ask me! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Myles. Wish I could say more besides congratulations on the induction and what I’ve said so far but your accolades and hard work say more about you than I ever could so congratulations again on the induction Myles keep it up!

(Donovan Duke is seen in a confessional.)

Donovan Duke: Myles is a very tough competitor and has only gotten better ever since I first met him years ago. We have had the pleasure of talking with him on a few occasions outside of competition and he was very respectful and very nice. Never had a bad moment interacting with him…unless he was trying to rip me apart when we were competing against each other. It’s a testament to how tough and aggressive he is when he is in the zone. Congrats on making it into the Hall of Fame.

(Cody Maverick is seen in a confessional.)

Cody Maverick: Literally nothing but great things to say about Myles. The work that he puts in on Dynasty as our world champion makes everyone collectively step up, I feel, and the fact that I got to not just face him but team with him meant a lot for me in my early goings in EAW. My promo battle with him was not only a true test for me but it’s some of the most fun that I’ve had. I’ve got nothing but respect for anyone but I truly do feel that he is the *perfect* guy to have reigned over Dynasty for as long as he has.

Cody Maverick: I wasn’t here for the past to speak on his accolades but what I can say from what I’ve seen now is that he truly is a Hall Of Fame writer live and in the flesh. I still hold on heavy to that match with him because he kicked my ass but I genuinely did learn a lot just observing what he’s done, but the props he gave me in private was the kick in the ass that I needed to go even further. Great person, great writer, extremely deserving. My GOAT. :salute:

(The camera fades into a confessional where TLA is shown petting a kangaroo laying on his lap.)

TLA: Orale Myles you know you the homie for real. Hoppin’ in hoppin’ out like you do. Getting married n shit to all kinds of people. I gotta step up my game I be tryna bribe my writers y’all be marrying them that is on a whole different level. But y’all best not forget where y’all came from.

(TLA is shown holding up a Poon Palace flyer.)

TLA: I know that yo ass done found luv up in the Poon Palace. Got you that Minerva poon for real. But don’t think we can’t take it away! Gonna have her working them poles and not yo pole ever again you fuck with me! Nah for real tho congrats on the induction amigo y’all a real one always been chill and an important part of the community y’all everyones homie out here.

(TLA wakes up the kangaroo which suddenly kicks open the door of the confessional and breaks free as the camera fades to black.)

(Bronson Daniels is seen in a confessional.)

Bronson Daniels: Another one who I find it really difficult to keep it short with, considering all that we’ve been through together, but of course, like the snake you are you didn’t let your good old buddy Adam induct you into the Hall of Fame, very rude of you.

Bronson Daniels: One thing I’ll say, is you’re uber-talented, from fucking day one, the fact one little titantron competition could’ve meant you never emerged onto the editing scene if you didn’t make the top 10 is wild to think about, but I’ll let you know that I was amazed by the creativity even with that very first tron, you are a once in a lifetime talent when it comes to editing, and then we get to the writing part, sheesh.

Bronson Daniels: I have a very strong personal connection with you, you talked to me during tough times and vice versa, we ran a whole fed together for a bit, many things that wouldn’t have lasted if it weren’t for how well we meshed together. You’ve always been the more talented one, I’ll always tip my hat off to you when it comes to that, and I’m very proud of anything you accomplish. In here, in editing even though we are both washed, and in your personal life. You’re an amazing person, Irfanul. I am very happy for you. I am very happy we were associated this entire season. I am very happy I could drop my World Championship to you. You were the perfect person for that.

Bronson Daniels: I love you in many ways, no Diddy.

(Usagi Senshi is seen in a confessional.)

Usagi Senshi: Myles is one of the people who had helped introduce me to this community and get me started in EAW, and that is something I will forever be grateful for. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have met so many good friends and people around here, and that includes him in itself. He is one of the best promoers who I have had the opportunity of being able to write against, and someone who I hope to see accomplish so much more feats moving onward.

Usagi Senshi: This is just the start for him and I know it, too. I am glad to have been able to join around the time that he had really started evolving as a character too. Congratulations, Myles.

(Ms. Extreme appears in the confessional.)

Ms. Extreme: Mr. Siobhan Destiny Vladislav has always been an exceptional character. He arrived at the company and it seemed like he had everything figured out. He had all the tools to be a future World Champion. It was just a matter of when. So when he left, it was a bummer because he had the potential to be something special. So, when he returned, it was like “great! He can continue down that road to establish himself” and it took quite some time, but he eventually found himself there.

Ms. Extreme: It has been amazing to see his own character evolve from a loner and someone who really didn’t care about titles to the beautiful relationship that he was able to flourish with Minerva. I thought the whole dynamic was just adorable. Both are complete badasses, but Minerva really was able to tame that beast. I thought that it brought a little more to Myles. I thought it brought a new layer to him that I didn’t think he was capable of. I’m all for people looking for new things to add to their characters. I’m all up for characters evolving and he was someone who took all of that and it made Myles that much better. Obviously, I knew that this was going to happen. Congratulations, Myles!

(Ronn Banks is seen in a confessional.)

Ronn Banks: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see this in you. Anybody who self teaches themselves how to become an elite level video editor in a short period of time after being inspired by watching Pehrox videos, I know they have it in them to do the same from an efed point of view too :wow:. It’s crazy how we even got to this point though. This started with me wanting a new intro video for EAW and wanting Pehrox to make it but Pehrox instead directing me over to some dude named Goldenskulls. I had no idea how I’m supposed to propose this idea to somebody who had never efedded before but apparently he knew what an efed was and was chill about it. He ended up making us this fire intro which exceeded all expectations at the time.

Ronn Banks: He made a few more videos for us after this and eventually by the end of the year decided he wanted to actually join EAW and give us a shot. The potential was always there but the dedication and consistency was the only question mark. It took some time but eventually you got there and the sky was the limit. You’ve emerged as a top level guy and being in the position of facing Jamie in the headlining match at PFP while walking in as a world champ and Hall of Famer, it’s not something to sneeze at. I’m very proud of you and I’m happy that you were able to persevere and become a fixture at the top. We’ve had some great battles that I won’t get too much into because I know you have ptsd :eyes:, but nonetheless.. you were a great opponent and it’s a pleasure to be able to be inducted in the same class as you. Congrats goat.

(Kassidy Heart is seen sitting in a confessional and she is holding up two things. One is a picture of Myles’ mother and the other is a picture of Myles’ father. She looks down at both of them and laughs.)

Kassidy Heart: As I sit here and try to think of nice things to say about you, I can’t help but giggle over how many traumatic moments you’ve had. I gotta say that Jamie flicking the picture of your dead parents off the chair at your wedding is probably one of my favorites. So much so, I just want to imitate it!

(Kassidy stands up and drops both photos before stepping on each of them with her gorgeous, silver diamond encrusted, custom-made Louboutins.)

Kassidy Heart: How funny is that, Myles Mustang?? Are you laughing like the rest of us did when Xander pissed on your parents’ grave? Or when Drake King attacked Minerva’s father and desecrated her mother’s grave? What about when you fucked up your own relationship because you didn’t wait for Voltage results to come out?

(Kassidy holds a hand up to her mouth.)

Kassidy Heart: Ooops! Look at me stepping out of character!

(She sits back down and smiles.)

Kassidy Heart: Honestly, I’m not Charlie Marr. I can’t do a whole Hall of Fame thing in character because my character most certainly does not reflect my actual thoughts on things (except for me being the greatest and all that, but nvm). I’ve never told you this, but when you first came to EAW and all the little kids were like OMG MYLES IZ HERE, I didn’t get it. I didn’t care. I wasn’t even sure why you were picked to be on the Battleground poster.

Kassidy Heart: Needless to say, it didn’t take that long for my opinion to change, nor did it take long for my stupid maternal instincts to kick in when it comes to you. The second Ryan Wilson labeled your match with Xander and Drake a piss break, I was livid. I made Noah switch King of Elite matches with me (and mind you, I was literally writing my own) and I set out to make that Triple Threat between you three a show-stealer.

Kassidy Heart: Obviously it didn’t take long for your doubters to see that you were the real deal, and my God. Are you ever the real deal. Talented, funny, a fucking incredible writer, one of the best personalities we have in this community, and someone I have devoted a lot of time and effort into cultivating. I LOVE Myles. There is NOTHING you can’t win with this character, and I am going to be perfectly honest with you. Drake King versus Methuselah might be the greatest match I have ever written, but no story I tell in the future will ever have as much passion or thought behind it as the rise and fall of New Eden did.

Kassidy Heart: The pairing of Drake King, Myles, and Minerva was special. Each of you have your own unique qualities that helped bring this story to life. I have never had as much fun telling a story as did this one, and it was my Magnum Opus. When I leave the world of booking behind, I will leave it knowing I did the best I could. I created something memorable and it is because of you, Omar, and Drake that I was able to leave something like New Eden behind.

Kassidy Heart: You are a dream to book and I meant it when I said that there is no one I enjoy torturing more than you. Your reactions and how you handle shit makes the job of a booker worth it, because you are the perfect handler. You get outraged! You get excited! You want to run away from the challenge! But you dig in and absolutely slaughter every so-called challenge that is thrown at you. You are one of the many reasons I am still in this game, at least from a booking standpoint, because when I see someone like you throwing bombs down on the promo page, I know my efforts as a booker aren’t in vain. You are appreciative and you don’t take your spot here for granted, and more than that, you have fun.

Kassidy Heart: You truly enjoy what you do and that’s not the case for everyone when entitlement and attitude runs rampant in this game.

Kassidy Heart: Thank you for just being you. Thank you for being kind and funny, and for taking everything in stride. Thank you for War Games, and helping Limmy and me achieve something that was very high on both of our respective bucket lists. I had an absolute blast working with the two of you during Territorial Invasion and for someone who has always put her brand before her characters, I have no regrets burying both Voltage and Showdown that week :troll:. We fired on all cylinders and uplifted one another, and that week is one of my favorite ever that have from the last six and a half years in this fed.

Kassidy Heart: And honestly, I hate to even give you this sort of ego boost, but thank you for sticking with EAW. I know you left for awhile after the whole Wildcard Era and Banks kept your Grand Rampage return a secret. The love you were showered with upon your return was amazing, genuine, and something that won’t be forgotten.

Kassidy Heart: EAW is a better place with you writing and editing. You are one of the best, in both creative realms you participate in, and no one will ever be able to take that away from you. As a promoer, you have my respect in and out of character, and as Kassidy, I don’t hand respect out like candy. People have to earn that, and from a character standpoint you have, and maybe this is arrogant of me, but that means something. Having a proper feud with you is one of the few things I have left on my aforementioned bucket list. Whether or not that happens, I don’t know, but I hope it does, that’s for sure. Myles versus Kassidy Heart in the main event of a Marquee Live Event is a dream match for me as a character and as a handler.

Kassidy Heart: THAT is how fucking good YOU are.

Kassidy Heart: I’m happy to see you getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, and in such a stacked class. To be alongside Minerva, Ms. Extreme, and Malcolm Jones is insane.

(Kassidy pauses, and then rolls her eyes.)

Kassidy Heart: Jake too, I guess.

Kassidy Heart: You are more than deserving of this honor; as a writer, an editor, and more importantly, as a person. Not many people can take a glorified jobber and simp like Buddy Murphy and make him into the feared and incomparable ‘Warlord’ ;). Congratulations, Myles. I am honored to have been your booker, and more than that, I’m just happy I’ve gotten to be in EAW at the same time as someone like you.

(A smile crosses Kassidy’s face as her confessional comes to an end.)

(The camera returns to the stage.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Here to induct Myles into the Hall of Fame, please welcome… Drake King!

(‘When Darkness Falls’ by Killswitch Engage hits after this, and Drake King begins walking out. Drake stares around the room, looking at all the different Elitists in attendance before slowly making his way over to the podium. Drake has a smile on his face as he approaches the microphone, and after a brief moment he begins to speak.)

Drake King: Right now I’d like to take the time to talk about a man of hard work. A man of many different talents. A man of greatness. An incredible World Champion who when it’s all said and done will go down as an absolute legend in EAW. A group as amazing as New Eden couldn’t have existed without him, and saying that doesn’t even scratch the surface of everything this man has done in all the years he’s been here.

Drake King: So now that I’m done introducing myself, let’s talk about Myles!

Drake King: I’m not sure how we allowed a parentless fraud like Myles to enter the Hall of Fame. Isn’t this supposed to be for the greats??? What’s so great about Myles? All he did was join EAW, immediately be better than the rest of us from the editing community, have an amazing tag team with Xander Payne, leave for a while, come back to one of the best live show reactions I’ve seen in the six years I’ve been here and become a three time World Champion with one of the best characters and some of the best writing I’ve seen in EAW! That’s not a big deal, right?

Drake King: On a serious note, everything I just said doesn’t even scratch the surface of Myles’ career, nor does it scratch the surface of what makes him such a valuable member of the community. I’ve never been great at explaining things so sorry if this sounds all over the place. To make this as clear as I can I will just start from the beginning, because for me the beginning wasn’t at the end of 2018 when Myles first joined EAW. In fact, it wasn’t even back when we were all in awful discord servers like BFC. For me it was back when I only knew Myles as not even GoldenSkulls, but as GoldenSkullsWWE, that guy on Youtube who made better wrestling edits than basically anyone I’ve seen without even a fraction of the attention others were given. I said it before but GS was the first person in the entire community I actually met thanks to randomly coming across his edits, and even back then in 2017 it was clear just how talented he really is.

Drake King: In fact, let’s see for ourselves just what he could do way back in 2017.

(After saying this, a video appears on the screen.)

( )

Drake King: GS himself told this story once before, but this very unserious video was something I challenged him to make, and the thought process was simply “What wrestler is impossible to edit?” Needless to say, I was proven wrong. Not only could GS do this with a wrestler that hardly actually wrestled, but over the years he only got even better and continued to prove that he’s one of, if not the best wrestling editor. There’s an entire list of videos that could be used to prove this, even going back as recently as his contributions for Pain for Pride this year. It’s not just him. EAW is filled with incredible editors who deserve a lot more credit for making stuff like the over ten minute long Pain for Pride video possible on top of match previews and Hall of Fame videos, but GS is an example of that greatness and has been for years.

Drake King: I think if we wanted to we could spend a very long time talking about what GS is capable of as an editor, but most of you already know how talented of an editor GS is, and if you don’t you can (and should) always check out his videos yourself, so I’ll move on.

Drake King: To be completely honest, back in 2018 and basically the entirety of the BFC community’s existence, GS was pretty much one of the few that was actually mature. I don’t even know if I’ve seen GS have an argument with someone before despite knowing him this long. I doubt anyone watching this could name one either, because he’s just not really the kind of person that anyone ever has a legitimate issue with. With that in mind, it’s not a surprise that when he joined EAW and became Myles, he became such a fan favorite. Not only was he creative and an extremely talented writer, something I’ll get to in a bit, but he was never a problem out of character.

Drake King: A lot of people could learn from Myles. There’s a lot of talented writers in EAW, past or present, but that’s not enough when you also have a bad attitude and are either unreliable, disrespectful to the people giving you opportunities in the first place, or both. I think by this point everyone has seen people like this, and while everyone has their situations and everyone will have those times they experience something they didn’t like, Myles has never made that a problem for anyone else. He’s someone that you can actually say has taken everything that’s been given to him, and even if there were occasions where he slipped up like when he almost ruined the relationship with Minerva, things ultimately worked out well in the end and there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t have been able to salvage that.

Drake King: Kassidy and Omar obviously deserve a ton of credit for that, but ultimately despite what happened Myles just continued to take what was given to him and he played his role to the best of his ability, leading to such a great Pain for Pride match ending. It says a lot about Myles’ range as a writer, and that’s what I’d like to address next because Myles is someone I believe doesn’t get enough credit as a writer. There’s a lot of people that just don’t get the respect they deserve for the writing they consistently put out, whether it’s because people just aren’t reading promos or what, but Myles has constantly faced the very best EAW has to offer and he’s delivered. He did it with DDD, he’s doing it with Jamie now, and there’s so many more names you can add to that list because Myles’ name belongs up there in that same conversation.

Drake King: Myles has been a great writer from the start even back in 2018. By now I’m sure Battleground has already been mentioned, as well as the fact that Myles was featured on the poster for its Wildcard event. It shouldn’t take long to figure out why he was featured on a graphic like that so early on, because he delivered from the very start. I’m not the kind to do that but if you dug up Myles’ promos from his first run, you’d see that they weren’t some embarrassing, hard to read promos. They were genuinely good even that early into his run, which is exactly why everyone was so excited and so happy to see Myles return in the 2020 Grand Rampage.

Drake King: Jake, and many others already know, but I’ve basically been scared off from Grand Rampage matches ever since the two of us were as unorganized as possible writing the 2020 match. Despite that, one of my favorite things to look back on was the reaction when Myles returned in the match. If I’m remembering correctly, the entrance music alone was all that was initially said, and yet it still received that much of a reaction. That should tell you the kind of impact he had just from his first run in EAW. Mind you, that first run was only a year long, and at the time he had only held the Unified Tag Team Championships. Seeing his work and everything he’s done since returning, I believe we were all right to be glad he returned.

Drake King: Myles was always a great character, but I think it was after returning where he really got to showcase his versatility. From return Myles who cared more about fighting than the Championships, to New Eden which is still one of my favorite times in EAW, to Myles’ face run on Voltage once the group disbanded, to where he is now as the World Heavyweight Champion. Myles has been in many different roles and he has constantly delivered. Myles has always been amazing and over the years he has just continued to step his game up. This is exactly why I mentioned everything with Minerva in the first place. It takes range to be able to write this while also having all of the different gimmicks Myles has had, which just goes to show how talented he really is.

Drake King: It helps that he’s actually been putting in the effort, too. Not only is he an amazing writer and someone that can take what he’s given, but he actually tries. Whether it’s in Grand Rampage when nobody could stop promoing, Extreme Elimination Chambers like this past one, or even these singles matches where he’s consistently putting out some of the best promos, you can tell Myles is actually trying and that’s important. Myles is so good at what he does, and it can’t be said enough that this Hall of Fame induction was always going to happen.

Drake King: I’ve said it before, but Myles is one of the people responsible for some of my favorite times efedding. I don’t think there has ever been a promo week between us that I didn’t enjoy, and beyond that, we’ve probably said a hundred times now just how great New Eden was. Anyone that actually works with Myles knows how great he is. Whether it’s in a team or facing him you will see it for yourself, and that’s how it’s always been. It says a lot that despite everything that’s already been said, there’s still more I didn’t talk about such as Myles’ work for RW and his work throughout his Championship reigns.

Drake King: Myles has had three different World Championship reigns, on top of a National Elite Championship reign and Unified Tag Team Championship reign, and every single one of those reigns have been different. It says a lot about how far his character has come and where it continues to go. Ultimately none of this would be possible if Myles wasn’t written by someone as talented as GS. No matter what brand he was on, no matter what he was doing or who he was facing, he continued to show out and prove that he deserved to be where he is today. GS has always been one of my closest friends in this community, and it makes me beyond happy knowing that he was able to be recognized like this for all that he does. Honestly even now there’s more that could be said, but most of all I’d just like to once again say congratulations. Somehow, you got Buddy Matthews into the Hall of Fame.

Drake King: So to not keep everyone waiting any longer, everyone please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion and now Hall of Famer… MYLES!!!!

(‘Enemy Strike’ by Yuki Hayashi blasts through the building as the audience jump up out of their seats in applause. They continue to clap as they wait for ‘The Warlord’ to make his way out to the stage.)


(…The theme music continues to play.)

(…and continues some more.)

(…but there’s no sign of Myles.)

(The applause eventually begins to die down as the crowd looks around in confusion. Where is Myles? Where is this handsome, sexy man that we’re all looking for?)

(As more time goes on, still nothing. Until…)


(The audience looks over at the direction where the sudden noise emerged from)


(They can’t see exactly where the sound is being produced from, but they can make it out to sound like some sort of an engine, and then…)


(Suddenly a car accelerates through a glass wall on the side of the stage, revealing itself before driving up to the center of the stage.)

(It’s design?)

(The driver side door to the car opens up, and the crowd begins to cheer yet again as Myles steps out of the vehicle, embracing the crowd’s reaction with a smirk before walking over to the podium, passing by Drake King who he only gives a head nod to. With a cheerful look on his face, he makes his way to the mic as his theme music fades out.)


Myles: Wow. Where do I even begin? I guess I’ll start by giving a disclaimer that I’m not really all that good at giving speeches like this so I was kinda dreading having to do this myself, but rest assured, the honor of having my work appreciated with a place in this illustrious Hall of Fame is something that I hold an immense amount of pride in.

Myles: I don’t think I can truly express how much love and care I have for EAW. Over the years, this place has acted as a sort of escape for me, somewhere that would always lift my spirits up. When I had bad days, I would talk to you people and you would make me laugh. When I had bad weeks, I would have shows to look forward to and they’d take my mind off things. The entertainment, happiness and appreciation I’ve received from this fed and its community is something that I will always hold near and dear to my heart, and I hope that I’ve been able to give you guys even a little bit of those things back.

Myles: The people in this community are so hard-working, many of them contribute to so many different things, and in comparison I know I probably haven’t done nearly as much. But even if I’ve been able to make you laugh just a bit with some dumb little jokes, then I’m glad I got to do that at least. I’m glad I got to interact with you guys. I’m glad I got to spend my time helping, even a little bit, to foster such a supportive and talented group of people.

Myles: When I first left this company, I understand that I probably let a lot of people down. At the time, I didn’t even know if I was ever going to come back to be completely honest. But man, I am so, SO glad that I did. I’m glad I returned to a place that instantly accepted me back, even though you all had absolutely no reason to. To this day, the pop you guys gave me during my Grand Rampage return, and later on when I won my first World Championship, words can’t express how those moments made me feel. Genuine career highlights, not just because of what happened in those moments, but because of the people that made it special.

Myles: Life can throw curveballs, so who knows if I’ll have to take short breaks in the future or not, but I can assure you now that that’s all it will ever be; breaks. Never again will there be a time where anybody has to genuinely question whether Myles will be back; I can confirm that he will. I can confirm that from now, until years and years into the future where I’m ready to actually hang up my boots, EAW will always be my home. EAW will always be the place that I come back to, both for the sake of winning more and more championships, and for the sake of giving it all back to future generations.

Myles: From a boy who first entered this company with a level of hype that I honestly don’t know if I deserved at the time, to a full-fledged man who stands here today hopefully having lived up to it, I’m so thankful to all of you for allowing me to be apart of the EAW family, for accepting me and encouraging me, for watching me grow and helping me learn, for letting me be who I am and then making me better than even that as well.

Myles: So for all that and much, much more, thank you.

Myles: …Ahem. So, now that I’m done with the kayfabe portion of this speech, I can finally break character and let you guys know how I truly feel.

Myles: Truth is, I hate you all.

Myles: Years of slander, years of mockery, years of abuse, you thought I would forget it all? This chat has found so much joy in bullying me, and now you guys think you deserve to be thanked??? I don’t think so. Rather, I’m going to do what Charlie Marr did in his iconic kayfabe speech, but instead I’ll do it out of character, because I want you guys to know how I really feel about you.

Myles: Drake. There’s absolutely no reason for you to promo like that you cunt. Stop making it so hard to catch up to you bruh, it’s downright disrespectful at this point. Just when I think I’m as good as Drake King, I read a Drake King promo and then get pissed off. I remember back in 2020, you took my gimmick of hating championships and then did it better yourself, I still haven’t forgiven you for that. Having to deal with your character is so frustrating because he’s the most evil unredeemable person ever and yet you’ve been able to present him as someone who genuinely believes he’s doing what’s best for everybody. I think being able to write a character like that so well exposes the type of person you really are, so you can’t fool me. I know you’re secretly an evil guy, I’ve felt it since I first met you in the comment section of YouTube long before we got to EAW. So don’t try to get all friendly with me, I know who you really are.

Myles: Xander. You’re the reason I’m even here. You’re the reason why I’ve had to work my ass off posting all those promos for Grand Rampage, CITV, Extreme Elimination Chamber and every other match I’ve had. I’ve had to do all this just because you were too fucking lazy to complete the 2018 EAW Intro by yourself. You were also responsible for introducing the rest of the editing community to this place, including names like Drake and Limmy who ended up cooking me in big matches. If it wasn’t for you, that wouldn’t have happened to me. It’s all your fault, man.

Myles: Limmy. You fucking aura merchant. It’s genuinely annoying that some guy who used to have a Martin Kirby picbase can now have so much aura in everything he does, but you better never forget that it was MY character that helped you win your first championship in EAW. You should be thanking me every second of the day really, but nooooo. Instead, you choose to be ungrateful. I played a part in introducing you to some of your favorite anime, and what did you do in return? You stole all the coolest move names in One Piece and used them for your own finishers, leaving none for me. And to make it worse, you then used those finishers to destroy me at Pain for Pride 16, like the ingrate that you are.

Myles: Bronson. Along with Drake, this is one of the first people in this fed that I actually interacted with. I only joined EAW because I was first in the editing community, and I only joined that community because of this little bitch. Bronson decided to hold a Custom Entrance Video competition on YouTube, which I entered out of boredom even though I wasn’t really much of an editor at the time, all while telling myself that if I made into the top 10, I would’ve continued making those wrestling edits. Low and behold, I made it to the exact number 10 spot, and from then on I was trapped into this vortex of continuing to edit videos and then later on as a result, having to promo every week, instead of using all that combined time to do something else with my life. I blame this guy, Freakin’ Adam, for that. I would’ve had so much free time over the years if it wasn’t for you, dickhead.

Myles: Jake. Just like the other editors, I’ve known you for quite a while as well, unfortunately. You’ve become a talented writer and editor in that time frame, but I can’t say you’ve matured as a person all that much. Case in point, my Hall of Fame Video. You were tasked with making it and instead of giving me a normal edit, you decided to include all these references just to laugh at me. Everything from Malcolm Jones which most people here probably understood, to the random shot of a Koala that non-editors would probably need some more context on. Do you guys get why I’m doing this now though? These terrible people couldn’t even stop themselves from bullying me during my own Hall of Fame video, smh.

Myles: Ronan. Weirdly enough, you’re the only one that I’m not gonna hate on right now, because I’d rather acknowledge the fact that we’ve been on the same brand for multiple seasons now and yet, I don’t think we’ve ever promoed against each other, which is fine. It’s obvious that they’re saving it for the legendary dream match where we fight for the custody of Andre Walker, and I assure you, I won’t lose!

Myles: Speaking of… Andre. We could’ve been so good together, we could’ve lived this dance forever. 😔We could’ve been the greatest couple in EAW history but instead you decided to spend all your time breaking records and having one of the greatest rises to glory I’ve ever seen in this fed. I was here waiting for you and yet this is how you do me??? Disgusting.

Myles: Omar. I hope you ignored that last part of the speech, Myles and Minerva are definitely the greatest couple! But you’re not getting off scot-free just because you’ve played my wife and added so much depth to my character just by existing. Do you know the amount of times I’ve been insulted in promos because of Minerva???? People have accused me of being everything from a bad partner to a cuck, and instead of helping prove them wrong, you kept entertaining jokes about Chris Elite and shit. :francis:

Myles: From a mean wife to a meaner father, I don’t think Myles can catch a break when it comes to family. That’s right, I think I’m obligated to also talk about Jamie O’Hara, because this shitty dad has unfortunately been a huge part of my career, for all the wrong reasons. This guy has been kicking my ass for like 5 years straight now and although I may have learned something from each and every beating, you didn’t have to be so rude you know. Screw it, I’m going in-character. Jamie O’Hara, at Pain for Pride I’m gonna beat the shit outta you until you’re crying worse than Hathaway when you leave him to go raise your wrestling children instead!!!!! Alright, out of character again. Let’s move on.

Myles: Kass. You’ve been my head writer for most of my tenure, so it’s safe to say that my career wouldn’t be what it is today without you, and no, I’m totally not saying that because you’re a legendary writer who deserves all the praise in the world, I’m saying this because you’re a bully. In all those years that you’ve had control of my character, you’ve taken such pleasure in tormenting me, and in turn I’ve gained the motivation to become better and better just to spite you. That’s the only real effect you’ve had on me, so don’t get ahead of yourself and assume that all your advice and leadership has somehow ‘inspired’ me or anything, okay?

Myles: Ronn. You fucker, you dragged me into this place for editing and then hyped me up to start e-fedding just so you could end up ethering me. What kinda guy does that??? This dude believed in me from the start and promoing against him did actually help me improve in the long run, but none of it makes up for the fact that I’ve been unable to escape those jokes for almost 4 years now. 😒

Myles: Alright, there might be other names I haven’t mentioned which I should have, but I don’t want to go on for much longer so if I didn’t mention you just know that my hatred extends to you as well ❤️.

Myles: On that note, I want to thank myself for being peak and congratulate you all for being there to experience it. It’s kinda hard to end speeches so, No One But New Eden, and go watch One Piece. See ya.

(Myles stops speaking, and the fans cheer as ‘Enemy Strike’ begins to play once more. Myles glances towards his Hall of Fame ring before looking up at the crowd, and he has a smile on his face. From there, he turns and begins to take his leave as the camera transitions back over to Tyrone Montgomery.)

Tyrone Montgomery: As the World Heavyweight Champion, I think everyone here can already see just how great Myles is. This has been an amazing Hall of Fame class, and Myles is a more than welcome addition to it. Now we may be preparing for Pain for Pride and the end of this season, but before we bring this fantastic night to an end, we have one more induction for you all. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s see the final inductee of the 2024 Hall of Fame!

(Myles is seen in a confessional.)

Myles: For a second I thought that maybe I should get Kass to ghostwrite me a super romantic speech for this confessional, but I’ll speak from the heart instead, I guess. Omar, it’s been an absolute honor to have Minerva as such a huge part of Myles’ life and career.

Myles: As a wife for my character? Marco and Siobhan have had such a cute relationship… even though I manage to slip up every now and then. As a stablemate of New Eden? It was an absolute pleasure tearing the fucking house down alongside you (that third guy was mid tho). As an opponent? Not so much of a pleasure.

Myles: From the time where you first cooked me at Pain for Pride 12 for the Unified Tag Team Championships, to the time where you cooked me again on Voltage in a match that ultimately led to our characters’ relationship even being a thing, to the time where you cooked me yet again at Pain for Pride 15 a few years late, you’ve always been cooking me but I guess that’s your job… and writing this has also made me realize that you need to stop beating me up bruh I’m your husband. :russwtf:

Myles: Seriously though, 1) thank you for allowing me to be a part of your career, 2) Don’t pull a Bethany on me, and 3) Congratulations on the well-deserved induction!

(Holly Arrow appears in a confessional.)

Holly Arrow: Craziest thing just happened, I can’t lie. I just ran into Chris Elite and he told me to ask you if you’ll give him just one shot. And, well, since I had great success hooking him up with Zendaya, I’m sure it’ll work out this time!

Holly Arrow: I owe you a lot, both in character and out. In character, facing Minerva at Grand Rampage this year sparked my love for this character once again. While I didn’t hate this character, and I definitely enjoyed telling her story, it felt like… I’d be a failure if I gave up on her. But it was that promo week where I truly said yes THIS is what I want in EAW, THIS is what I want for Holly, and it’s because of YOUR talented writing and the way you conduct your stories that I came to that conclusion. So much so that I made it part of the character. It was always part of my endgame that she’d regain her passion for EAW, but it was never supposed to be there, but you forced my hand, and I couldn’t thank you enough.

Holly Arrow: Editing your Hall of Fame video was perhaps one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had in EAW. I didn’t think that I’d be able to live up to someone with the legacy that you have. You’re so largely important to this place, and I wasn’t sure I could make something remotely serviceable nevertheless GOOD. Knowing that you enjoyed it genuinely made me happy. It was an actual honour to do so, and I’m glad that I was able to make sure that you won’t have any regrets about this induction, especially one that was out of your control. You contribute so much more than you need to in EAW, like genuinely, you do not need to do as much as you do, and yet you do. We are SO lucky to have you. Congratulations!

(Jake Smith is seen in a confessional, as smoke is seen in the background and a firetruck is heard.)

Jake Smith: I think we all kinda expected this Hall of Fame induction to happen, especially for someone like Minerva. You have always been a talented writer top to bottom who deserves all his flowers for what he’s done for EAW while juggling a job at the same time. From having the privilege to write three stellar characters, each with their own unique personalities and success, to manning the ship on Saturday Night Showdown and taking up the mantle in such a trying time when you didn’t need to. Needless to say, your impact is felt.

Jake Smith: I’ve had the privilege of working a lot with you over the years and seeing what you can bring to the table whether it comes to script storylines and promo storylines is amazing, and more than I could ever do. There’s a reason that you’re in this position right now and that is because you are the exemplification of what it means to be a member of this e-fed. This is your moment, and I’m so happy to have you be immortalized forever here in EAW. Congratulations!

(Jake is seen fanning the stove as the camera fades from there.)

(The camera cuts to TLA in a confessional.)

TLA: Minerva getting that induction in reppin’ for Puerto Rico you know that real Romani turf out here frfr. Ain’t bout to drop no more g slurs you know this a progressive Hall of Fame induction n shit. Gotta be respectful you know they my head writer gotta kiss all that culo these comments more important than all my PFP promos.

(TLA is shown blowing kisses to the camera.)

TLA: Make me win at PFP I might slip y’all a lil somethin’ somethin’ if ya feel me. Nah for real tho congrats hermano you know this be real deserved n shit you a real one for real stay holding it down. All luv ese all luv <3.

(The camera fades out of the confessional as TLA is shown with tucking an envelope of cash out of sight.)

(Donovan Duke is seen in a confessional.)

Donovan Duke: What is there to say about Minerva that won’t be said multiple times already? Inside the ring, Minerva is vicious, ferocious, calculated, and as dangerous as they come. Outside the ring? Outside the ring, Minerva is one of the nicest and most helpful you could ever meet. I was always appreciative of all the help and advice given to me when I asked for it. Their dedication to EAW is amazing and their creativity is out of this world. The way they keep everything at such a high level is very inspirational. So it was only natural that the next step would be the Hall of Fame. Congratulations.

(Bronson Daniels is seen in a confessional.)

Bronson Daniels: Perhaps a forgotten part of history by you and definitely by others by now – is the fact that you, Omar, got to write my first two marquee matches, one of those involving my first title win at Pain For Pride of all places. To this day, two amazing matches that I go back to still, but those of course weren’t going to match up to what you went on to do when it comes to behind-the-scenes stuff, because ever since you picked up Showdown it’s been a must-read every week. Great creative mind, great person, thank you for paying some of my bills with the commissions of course, but how can we forget?

Bronson Daniels: The promos. *The fucking promos.*

Bronson Daniels: Your promos are some of the most creative in EAW both stylistically and captivating when it comes to content, you’re a one-of-a-kind writer, generational even, someone who hit the ground running from literally day one and hasn’t looked back since and currently has become one of the greatest of all time in Minerva, with an alt pretty much on par which is also EXTREMELY impressive, and of course, all the versatility and depth you show with each one of your characters which is the most impressive thing of them all. Enjoy this brother, you the main event, you the man, and will forever be immortalized in EAW for all your efforts and the amazing writing you bring with each Showdown and each promo across each character. Huge congratulations Omar.

(Drake King is seen in a confessional.)

Drake King: Like the others, there’s no way I could stay in character for this. After all both Minerva as a character and Omar as a writer have impacted me, and it’s all because of how creative Omar is. Running a brand and three different characters is already impressive, but it’s even more so once you consider just how creative you are and how unique every single one of your ideas are. From things such as you creating the New Eden name to full on stories that you’re responsible for, everything you do is great and shows the kind of writer you are.

Drake King: Minerva’s development as a character is another case of this, as she started off as an already unique character and over time only got better. Minerva has always been a fantastic character and it helps that your promos are some of the very best, so I think we all knew that it was only a matter of time until she made it to the Hall of Fame. As a friend I’m very happy to see this just like I am for the other names inducted, but I’m also glad to see this as someone who’s had so many opportunities to work with you. This was so well deserved, so once again, congratulations.

(Usagi Senshi is seen in a confessional.)

Usagi Senshi: One of my good friends in this community, someone who has always had my back no matter what, as well as one of the most intriguing and versatile characters that I have seen here in EAW. He has done some of his best work when it comes to Minerva and that is exactly as to why I am so glad to see him finally getting what he deserves in a Hall of Fame induction. There is so much more to come after this as well, and that is a scary thought to think about knowing that he really has just begun.

Usagi Senshi: Keep up the great work man, you are loved by this whole community and this is only the beginning for you when it comes to being a legend of this industry.

(Roberto De La Rosa is seen in a confessional.)

Roberto De La Rosa: A very deserving person of the honor of being a Hall of Famer here in EAW that is something nobody can deny. The work you put in is amazing from the promo work to the stuff behind the scenes is all appreciated and you do an amazing job at it as well. Minerva is such a great character and to see her win another championship this season was awesome to see even if you buried me brother!!!

Roberto De La Rosa: Jokes aside, you’re an awesome person in this community and it’s nice talking with you on the occasions we do talk. Overall I just have to thank you in general for giving me the chance you gave me last season to step up my game and finally get my footing in EAW cause I know you told me before that you almost sent my ass to former talents and now I stand here as a champion in EAW for the first time and that doesn’t happen without so many people including you for giving the opportunity to do better and for that I am grateful so congratulations on the induction very well deserved!

( We see Jay Jerry Johnson in a confessional. )

Jay Jerry Johnson: Since I don’t have any interaction with Minerva as a character yet, I’m just going to speak as myself because Omar and I had a good relationship especially when I was helping him with Showdown show writing. As I mentioned, there’s another part of my message that I want to share with Omar here. Back when I was part of the Showdown writing team, Omar, as the head writer, helped me immensely in improving my match writing and it reminds me how much thank you I owe him, which I should have given earlier, but now that Omar has been introduced to the Hall of Fame, I’m taking this opportunity to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for believing in me and allowing me to learn from my mistakes and grow into the match writer I am today.

Jay Jerry Johnson: Omar gave me the chance to show my abilities as a match writer for Showdown and it taught me to value every match I write for EAW shows. I would still be clueless and probably eternally terrible as a match writer without Omar’s guidance. Earning your place in the Hall of Fame shows not just how great you are as a writer, but also how much you care for others. Everyone knows how phenomenal you are as a writer. You should be very proud of that. You have honed a talent that nobody will ever be able to replicate. Your contribution to EAW has made us trust and admire you. Congratulations once again.

(Jon Kelton is seen in a confessional.)

Jon Kelton: When I first came back to EAW, one of your promos was amongst the first that I’d read in my attempt to familiarize myself with how far EAW had come in terms of writing potential and prowess. After reading one, I ended up going down a rabbit hole of your work and I was so certain that you had already been inducted into the Hall of Fame. It wasn’t until months later that I realized that wasn’t the case. But at the same moment, I was beyond certain that this was going to be a formality. Saying that this is well-deserved feels like an understatement. In truth, this is just the first induction of many. And I’m just happy to say that I’ve gotten to watch you take those steps that you have to get where you are and where you deserve to be. Congratulations brother.

(Ms. Extreme appears in the confessional.)

Ms. Extreme: From the get-go, I knew that Minerva had something special within her. It may have been seen as a tough road in the beginning as she was trying to figure out the ins and out of this company. It’s difficult to see how things work around here when you’ve gone to other places and everything seems to be a lot clearer. With EAW, there’s no exact formula for how things are going to go. Even ‘Trust The Process’ is fucking confusing some of the time.

Ms. Extreme: Minerva was one of those people who was a fresh breath of air. It had been a while since we got a female character with an edge towards her. Someone that was an actual badass. Like, there was something very captivating about her. I just didn’t know what. One of my all-time favorite opponents, someone who I would find myself tearing the house down. Our Hardcore Match at King of Elite back in 2021 goes down as one of my all-time favorite matches. It felt like everything from the promos to the matches and direction our characters went meshed well. Like, do you ever like promo against someone and it’s not just ethers and burial, but someone who could match your level of storytelling and psychology? That was with Minerva and me. Obviously the fucking goat in all aspects of this company and someone that I have always respected and admired. Very deserving of this wonderful achievement. Congratulations, Minerva! You made it!

(Ronn Banks is seen in a confessional.)

Ronn Banks: Congrats on this induction, it is more than deserved. Back when I used to actually recruit via twitter, you were actually one of the first twitter efedders I reached out to in hopes of getting you to join REVOLT at the time and although you weren’t able to then, I kept tabs and tried again down the line for EAW. I’m glad you finally gave us a shot and embraced us and trusted the process. You have always been an incredible writer and somebody extremely versatile and creative and the success you’ve managed to attain over the years is no surprise. In recent years you’ve taken on the job as Showdown writer, during a time where the SD writing position was not stable and we’d gone through quite a few in a short period of time, and you’ve made it yours and you’ve really brought stability to the brand and that is something I don’t take for granted. Thank you for all you do for EAW and congrats on the latest of many accomplishments you have been able to achieve over the years!

(Kassidy Heart is seen sitting in a confessional with a smile across her face.)

Kassidy Heart: It’s difficult to start this off so I’m just going to say I’m speaking as myself, Cryssi, to the person that you are, Omar, so you know this comes from my heart.

Kassidy Heart: I told you the story of my first impression of you. It was something along the lines of this bitch is coming in and getting pushed to the moon, fucking great. Needless to say, I didn’t like you 😛, and it would actually be a couple more years before we started to build a rapport with one another. It certainly wasn’t a good start for us when an unnamed Elitist (who is in this discord right now, hehe) dragged you into a convo with me to complain about my booking. Needless to say, that was strike two. Then you landed on my brand and honestly, I don’t even remember what got us talking about shit that wasn’t efed related, but here we are, and I can honestly say that you have become one of the best friends I have ever had.

Kassidy Heart: It helps that we are just alike. If you weren’t Puerto Rican, I could make the case that we were siblings but let’s be honest. As cool as my mom is, she’s not your mom who’s a legend in her own right. We pretty much see this game through the same pair of eyes and that is equal parts frustrating and gratifying. When our conversations are on point, they’re full of laughs, jokes, and healthy banter. When our conversations aren’t so good, one of us usually rage quits :mjlol:.

Kassidy Heart: What’s a friendship without a little toxicity? :troll:

Kassidy Heart: Trust me, I’ll get into your efed and behind the scenes stuff in a bit, because we all know I’m not about to limit my comments to 200 words or less :mjlol:, but I want to keep on topic about our friendship, because it’s truly one of my favorite things in this lifetime. There is no one else I can have such macabre conversations with and actually enjoy them. If people only knew how much time I spent diagnosing your GI symptoms and giving you two more years to live, they would wonder why we even talk at all. But you have the same sense of humor that I do, and it’s very rare to find that in someone else.

Kassidy Heart: As you know, Monday was not a good day for me. The two of us spent quite a bit of time ‘discussing’ some creative differences we were having, but what I didn’t tell you at the time is that there was something going on at work that day that made me smile despite being annoyed with you. We had a patient who came in for a routine colonoscopy but what was found was some out of control hemorrhoids that kept bleeding. For all you listeners, despite hemorrhoids being the primary cause for rectal bleeding, make sure you get checked if it becomes persistent!

Kassidy Heart: Anyways, the hemorrhoid was banded and shaved, so that the bleeding would (hopefully) stop, but what was so gnarly about this is that when you looked at the hemorrhoid it looked EXACTLY like a candy corn, yellow part and all. I know how much you love Halloween, so now when you see candy corn you can think about hemorrhoids on top of the other wild shit I have freaked you out about when it comes to my day job.

Kassidy Heart: You’re welcome.

Kassidy Heart: Of course, we don’t just talk about your upcoming death (tick tock, bitch), we talk about life and you actually have some pretty good advice. I’m grateful for you and for all the things you have done for me throughout the years, and I’m so glad we overcame those very awkward first impressions.

Kassidy Heart: Imagine if we hadn’t.

Kassidy Heart: We wouldn’t have the type of bond that we have. We wouldn’t have another person we could be our true, authentic selves with, and I’m so grateful for that. I don’t have any issues with admitting that friends are few and far between for me, because I’m an introvert and I prefer my space and to keep to myself. So when I do find someone I click with, it’s rare, and it’s wonderful, and even if you piss me off, I wouldn’t trade you for anything (unless it was money and in that case, bye).

Kassidy Heart: Who you are as a person is reflected in your writing. You’re creative, dedicated, and full of passion when it comes to doing something you enjoy. It goes without saying that all three of your characters are special and different, showing off your talent as a promoer. And your commitment to EAW isn’t just as a promoer. Even before you took over Showdown, you were helped with segments and matches. You were busting your ass and making sure an incredible story got told. Now you have your own brand, but even since you’ve taken Showdown, you’ve still given me a helping hand with matches and the occasional segment and I’m grateful for that.

Kassidy Heart: As for Minerva, the character that is getting enshrined tonight, what can I say? I poured so much time and energy into her, and you have handled every curveball with ease. If there is one thing I want the rest of EAW to know, it’s that reading shows is so important. As a booker, you expect guys to promo about what is going on with your character and any Omar character is a great example of this. Even if you don’t agree with the results, you still sell whatever happens to any of your queens. So many times, we see people disregard what they’re given in storyline and do their own thing, and I can’t fucking stand that. Thank you for always going the extra mile and working with whatever you are given. That’s why you’ll always be one of the best people to book and why I have always made sure to have someone of yours on my brand.

Kassidy Heart: Minerva being in the Hall of Fame is well deserved, and even with all she has accomplished, there is still MORE for her to do. There is no limit or ceiling with this character, and that is something I need to embrace. The greats of this place such as DEDEDE, Impact, Cameron, and Jamie have been handling their respective character for YEARS and have none stale. Minerva has that type of longevity and yes, even now, there are still more stories to be told.

Kassidy Heart: I will wrap this up by saying congratulations on getting Minerva into the Hall of Fame. She deserves it, and more than that, you, as a person, deserve this type of recognition.

(Having spoken from the heart, Kassidy smiles again at the camera, and the scene fades into the next confessional.)

(The camera returns to the stage.)

Tyrone Montgomery: Here to induct Minerva into the Hall of Fame, please welcome… Constance Blevins!

(‘Forgotten’ by Avril Lavigne hits. Constance Blevins strides out onto the stage with a beaming smile to fit the moment. She’s wearing a nice looking black shanny faux-leather moto jacket with matching colored belted flare jeans, and brownish/tan colored luna lace up heels. It’s noticeable that she’s carrying with her bouquet of many light colored roses, but all of them appear to be one in the same. Along with them she carries a black rose. Soon Constance arrives at the podium. Still beaming with a radiant smile, her passion showing through for the moment at hand.)

Constance Blevins: Pain For Pride week. As an elitist, this is no doubt the best weekend of the whole year.

(Constance pauses, and exhales.)

Constance Blevins: And this year especially, gosh. Wow. You don’t even understand the goosebumps rising up under this jacket right now.

(Constance pauses again, noticeably nervous. But eventually she gathers her thoughts.)

Constance Blevins: It’s got me thinking back, reminiscing on old times…just thinking about the path, the road that Minerva took to get to this point.

(Constance pauses, the expression on her face showing how proud she is for her friend and sister in arms.)

Constance Blevins: And, I guess I can sum it up for you like this.

(Constance stands up the small bouquet of roses, ones of various colors.)

Constance Blevins: You can take many rose colors and turn them into a majestic bouquet, each representing a different facet of one’s journey. That journey presents its share of challenges, but the journey can serve as a comforting reminder of the beauty and growth that can be felt along the way.

(Next Constance reveals the black rose and adds it to the bouquet.)

Constance Blevins: But a black rose? It stands out in the bouquet, a unique and striking symbol amidst all the others. It represents the challenges and darkness that Minerva fought through, the tough times and struggles that tested her strength and will. Everything that came with finding acceptance and validation.

(As the people in the audience applaud, Constance exhales once more, the thoughts and words coming to her.)

Constance Blevins: You know, I could stand here and speak about all Minerva’s accolades, and I probably will before long. But everyone here already understands what her impact and presence means in this company. What kind of competitor she is. Someone who has a great mind for the business, knows who she is and who she isn’t. She was, is, and always will be a wrestling prodigy well ahead of her time with an aura and style all of her own who continues to raise the bar for women’s wrestling, making her a trailblazer in her own right..

Constance Blevins: Minerva. She did what she always believed she would. She flipped this place on its ear, and I couldn’t be any more proud of her than I am right now.

(The people in the audience continue to clap for Minerva as Constance continues.)

Constance Blevins: She showed that you didn’t have to be a pretty blonde damsel in distress Barbie doll princess….because as history will show. She instead won everyone over as the one true ‘Princess Killer’.

Constance Blevins: This moment has been in the making for quite some time, and I’m very humbled to have been chosen as one of the first she thought of to do this.

(Constance nods as a matter of fact. She takes a moment to collect her thoughts again the best she could.)

Constance Blevins: You see, Minerva….what makes her special is the fact that she was able to take what others did before her, and not only make it her own…but make it that much better.

(Constance pauses, her mind and her heart feeling heavy. She exhales again.)

Constance Blevins: Many memories will always come to my mind when it comes to you, Minerva. And perhaps we’ll be able to have a chinwag on our own time about it all, but what stands out for me most is the sisterhood that we formed years back that’s proved to be unbreakable regardless of where our lives have taken us.

Constance Blevins: Our reign as the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions still remains to this day as the longest reign of any team that’s ever existed, and I want you to know that that year of fighting at your side to prove that we belonged was the absolute best and most fondest days of my EAW career, Minnie.

Constance Blevins: Our match for your first Iconic Cup at Clash of Kingdoms will always go down as one of my all time favorite Heavenly Hell moments along with Unifying the Empire and EAW Tag Titles. Our sisterhood is forever.

Constance Blevins: Minerva took edginess to new levels and showed what it meant to be a real baddie, and that’s what I grew to love about her. She did that before anyone else, because that’s who she is. She’s an innovator. The bar has been raised and the standard has been set so high for authenticity that the only one who could ever reach it is her.

(Constance pauses again, this time her eyes well up, and she’s filled with gratitude and pride.)

Constance Blevins: I love everything about you, Minnie. You know that by now. I love how you were able to grow up in this place and learn about yourself while getting better and better year after year. Going from being very dark and almost mystical at the start to eventually becoming the beautiful grown woman you are now. You’ve accomplished and done it all.

Constance Blevins: Your name will forever be synonymous with EAW after this no matter what the future holds for you, Minnie. Multiple times an Iconic Cup winner. Multiple times a singles champion with the National Elite Championship and EAW Championship. Two times a Universal Women’s Champion, and by the way. You once snatched a timid and virtual unknown talent away from the pits of obscurity and showed her how to be a strong independent woman that should take no crap from anyone. So do me one more favor and show those two future World Champions in waiting why this is your era and your time this weekend.

Constance Blevins: You are one of one, Minerva, and I love you very much from the bottom of my heart.

(Constance can’t help but to beam again, her smile genuine and wholesome. She looks directly toward the audience now.)

Constance Blevins: Please, everyone. Help me in welcoming into the EAW Hall of Fame class of 2024. ‘The Black Rose’!!…’The Princess Killer’!!….

Constance Blevins: MINERVA!!!!

(“Blood, Milk, & Sky” by White Zombie starts to play as the audience stands up and gives a huge applause. Minerva in a black dress starts to make her way up on the stage, she gets to her former tag team partner, Constance Blevins, they two embrace in a huge hug that last for a bit, you can see Minerva say thank you to her before she finally makes it to the podium, looking out at all her peers, the EAW fans and everyone in attendance.)


(The music dies down, and she smiles.)

Minerva: To ALL my EAW fans and those that have supported this company for so long…. THANK YOU! I couldn’t have done this without you!

(More applause from the fans as it finally quiets down.)

Minerva: Wow, I had all this stuff I wanted to say, and I wrote it down and now I feel like I need to speak from the heart. I know most of you know this, but I was a small town Gypsy girl that grew up in the outlands of Texas, migrated from Romania and really didn’t have much except my mom and dad… of course also, wrestling. Growing up I never knew that one day I would be wrestling for the biggest company in the world, yet many years later, here I am. I started wrestling at 18 years old, I have been doing this for almost 9 years, 6 of them are with the EAW. I traveled through other companies like WNW, GCW, and SCW but they never felt like home, though I will say when I first came here, I sure as hell wasn’t treated like one of the girls. I look a lot different now then I did when I first started, the “Goth” chick, but I learned my lessons pretty fast by the veterans of this company like Cleopatra, Raven Roberts, Andrea Valentine, and Kassidy Heart to name a few. I had to earn my stripes pretty quickly.

Minerva: I didn’t have many friends, just admirers because of my big bum, but no one talked to me except one person, Constance Blevins. If there was anything comparable to peanut butter and jelly, it was me and Constance. The two of us were against the world and that was the first time I really felt like there was a camaraderie with another Elitist, winning my first ever gold and becoming an Empire Tag Team champion, but not just, unifying it as well. The road we traveled was long and arduous, and from there after we went our separate ways, that is when it really started for me with an Iconic cup and winning my first Universal Women’s Championship. After that the ride was non-stop, going through my ups and downs, learning as I went, my big moments and painful ones. The thing about professional wrestling is that it is a constant revolving door and the greatest of all challenges. Always looking for ways to climb the proverbial ladder and with the talent in this company, the best in the world, very few make it on this stage.

(There is a loud cheer and some applause as she nods and continues to speak.)

Minerva: Every season I have been in from Season 12 to our current one 17, to the next one and the one after that, as we continue on to the legendary 20th and beyond, Minerva will still be a staple here in the EAW. I remember all the competition I faced, some of the memorable ones for good reasons and bad, but every single one was for a reason, and build to this moment. When I first began wrestling the likes of Jake Smith, Xander Payne, and Myles at my first Pain For Pride, all now Hall of Famers and I married one of them, and it wasn’t the accused murderer or the Kodiak Bear. It was that night when I realized that I was going to be in EAW until I retired. The feel of this place is still to this day amazing, it gives me goosebumps to enter the ring.

Minerva: Thinking back to winning my first World Championship and Main Eventing Pain For Pride during the Pandemic year in an empty stadium, to finally having fans the following year wrestling another Hall of Fame legend like TLA, I have been on both sides of the fence, but much as I did some really dastardly things in my career so far in the EAW, I matured along the way and I cannot promise that I will never do something that no one likes, it is the nature of the beast, but I can promise you one thing that you will always get my best. And with that I have a bunch of people to thank. First off Mr. DEDEDE or Methuselah for making sure the lights stay on in the EAW. HRDO for giving me a second chance at the Iconic Cup which opened doors for me back in the beginning of 2020.

Minerva: I can’t never thank Ronn Banks enough for if it wasn’t for him reaching out to me one day with a contract in hand offering me a spot in this company, who knows where I would be as I was in a really bad place then and was even contemplating pursuing something else instead of wrestling, but he reached out and offered me the chance to change my life, so thank you for that.

Minerva: I can’t thank Constance Blevins enough for being my partner, believing in Minerva, showing me the ropes and really being that special friend who never judged me by my appearance. I love you Constance and we are sisters forever.

Minerva: I can’t believe I am about to say this… but I want to thank Drake King. We had a good run with New Eden and became the talk of the town, and even though that rat bastard betrayed me after I was RIGHT the entire time and saved his butt on so many different occasions, it was those eleven months that made the Minerva that you see today, that took me to that next level, and I never looked back.

(Drake King rolls his eyes but then says “thanks”.)

Minerva: The Ava’s are another. Has some great matches with Cameron in my first season, always some hard fought bouts with Candice Blair, but especially Ms. Extreme. Camille is a special talent, and I was so glad to be a part of this Hall of Fame class with her. We had wars and I really grew a lot with Ms. Extreme, a woman that I admired since I started in the EAW. You can’t help but get better when facing Camille, and to know that she gets her Main Event this year really means a lot. Camille, I see you sitting there, and I just want to say THANK YOU and I am sure we will face each other or even team up again.

(The crowd cheers, Camille points at Minerva and winks.)

Minerva: I would like to mention TLA who is one tough hombre, and I have had some wars too with him. I mean you are one of the best and most entertaining Elitists in this company, and are the measuring stick. Yeah, we were once on the same Territorial Invasion Team, and I probably should thank you for having a Poon that looks like me when Myles was with you guys at the Palace thinking about who could be the fifth member. And though we have fought on a Lowrider, and had owls terrorize you, we have had some classics. Gracias.

Minerva: Jamie O’Hara. I am going to be honest here, you are one of the most formidable opponents I have ever had and a staple in the EAW. You have been the top guy since I came in until now and that is a testament of who you are and what you do. Now, on a personal level, you tried to ruin my wedding, bashed my brains in with a lead pipe, booted me from being a part of Voltage War Games, beat up my dad and husband, I really should stab you with my heel right now, but I get you. But aside from that, you are tremendous in the ring, and I cannot take that away from you. Thank you Jamie for being you and making me into one of the best competitors in the game, that was your tenacity and ability which makes you unique. I applaud you even though at times I want to kick you in the balls.

Minerva: Next would be Raven Roberts and Rex McAllister. I made their life a living hell, but have always respected them as both people and competitors. I did them wrong, but I will never forget our Pain For Pride moment, and the fights we have had over the years and the electrical burn scars I still have which I deserved. First and foremost, I expect to see you up here one day Raven and welcome back to the EAW. Secondly Rex, we had some blood pilled and you earned my respect earlier in the season. Overall, these two were a huge part of my journey and thank you.

Minerva: Kassidy Heart and Sienna Jade. Two of my most formidable rivals and I feel like it would be a dishonor to not mention you two. Sienna Jade really brought my bad side out especially when we first met and then had our match back in 2020. I think this was one of the first times that I felt like I was wrestling a true legend, and I wanted to recognize you for that even if you are a bitch. As for Kassidy Heart, you gave me my first loss ever in this company and are the best in the planet no matter what anyone else says. You are the toughest woman I have ever faced and most importantly, you truly are the one that has set the bar for the rest of us. That helped me this past year and I know you hate my guts, but I wanted to say thank you to you as well, and I’m sure you threw darts at my picture.

Minerva: I would also like to recognize two other Hall of Fame inductees here tonight, Jake Smith and Malcolm Jones, two wrestlers and Elitists that I have had the pleasure of wrestling in the past and for Malcolm, I almost threw his pregnant wife off the Voltage stage… sorry. As for Jake, I don’t know what else to say, we met in the ring, had our matches, but you are one of the hardest working wrestlers in this company no matter how much people make fun of you. Congratulations to you both.

Minerva: There are so many others that I want to recognize and thank, especially some of the key competitors I faced throughout my years here, and who I am about to face this weekend. Elitists like Milli Banks and Hikari Kanno, my two opponents at Grand Rampage, let’s forget the banter for a second, I respect the hell out of you two and let us tear the house down, knowing that whatever happens the Women’s Division is in good hands. Elitists like Xander Payne, Donovan Duke, Andrea Valentine, Ryan Joseph Wilson for taking credit in feud of the year, to Jack Ripley, Miku Sakai, Charlie Marr and our battles, Harper Lee, the tough competitor she is, Holly Arrow who one day I hope to see as a World Champion, Terry Chambers, Dr. Bethany Blue who has helped me out so much in the past, Adam Lucas who I hope they fix whatever is going on to Chris Elite who will always want to take me out to dinner even though once he thought I was a witch and hit me over the head with a crucifix so I had to blow him up and the list goes on and on because every single one of you that I didn’t mention played a huge part in my career so far and there will be many more memories to make, so if I didn’t mention your name, forgive me.

Minerva: Finally, I want to thank the love of my life, Myles. We have come such a long way from the first time we met in the ring, to the second, and I thought it was so adorable when you tried to protect me after Team Dynasty attacked us and we barely knew each other. It is crazy how Territorial Invasion is the event that started what we have now, and I can’t think of a better person to continue my journey with. These past few years we have had our challenges, ups and downs, but we shared being World Champions, hell, you took one of those titles from me. We separated for a bit but our love and passion for this business and each other is untouchable. Tonight is not just about me, like our wedding a month ago or so, this night is about US, as you too are inducted into the Hall of Fame. We did it Myles, we got here together, though the trials and tribulations, we are finally here. To see us get this far together makes me the happiest woman on the planet, to see what you have become and the champion you are, the loving husband that I know you will be, I cannot wait to spend the rest of our careers and lives together.

(She blows a kiss to Myles who blows one back.)

Minerva: Seriously…. THANK YOU for this moment, to recognize me for everything that I have done in the EAW good or bad, that I am able to still entertain you today and will continue to do so for many years to come. It is Pain For Pride Season…. And MY HEAVEN? BECOMES YOUR HELL!

(Everyone stands up to applause as Minerva with tears in her eyes smiles and waves, before licking her index finger and pointing to the crowd…..)

(…. But now it is Omar’s turn to talk about those that made this happen out of character.)

Minerva: I started playing this game as I was graduating from college around 2002 and it was more of a pastime type thing, ran one character, once a week promo type thing, nothing major, on and off, it really wasn’t until 2012 that I started to dedicate more time to it, and create some characters, and in 2017 I made Minerva, saw Priscilla Kelly wrestle an independent show, was like, yeah she would make a good pic base, let me make this character, and I love Greek and Roman Mythology, studied it extensively and I made Minerva. My experiences with her at first were okay, went to a place called WNW which I don’t even think it is around anymore, and the owner of the place about a year in, started changing match results after posting shows because of a couple of handlers that funny enough Kass knows them from her experiences outside of EAW too, so I left and shelved the character for about 7 months, but in-between I had her in a buddy’s angle fed just to practice promoing with her.

Minerva: After the whole WNW thing, when we had active characters on Twitter, “X” now, Banks reached out to me, saw what was playing out, and invited me to join Revolt. At the time I was pretty sour about what happened, I needed a break while I was running a few characters in another fed I had been in for 7 years, so I told him maybe soon. I will give him credit, he was persistent and after those seven months, he reached out again and this time Empire had been created, there was some change in EAW and he was looking for new characters and fresh blood, by then I was all for it and joined in December 2018 and never looked back.

Minerva: I never thought that I would ever find a place with a group of handlers that became so tight and loved to have fun. Every efed I was in was cutthroat, if you won too much they hated you after a while, if you sucked, they were your best friend, it was fake, but EAW was different, I saw the camaraderie, how people supported each other, I never saw any fed that went out of their way to create threads congratulating people for a title won, or some great accomplishment, it was nice to see a support system, and after about a year, once I figured out how the process worked, because it did take me time, I knew this was the place to be.

Minerva: I know that this is e-fedding, but when your character is entered into the Hall of Fame, for the handler it is a big deal, you have been recognized by your peers as being part of a select few and that is a small percentage considering how many characters come through here each and every year, to represent the EAW and that to me is an honor, and I have won a lot of awards in the past for my culinary skills, but when you are recognized for a hobby and something that you do not get paid to do, it feels different, because this is out of fun, and at the same time it does become a part of your routine. With that said, I just want to say thank you, and recognize some very important people that helped Minerva get here, and if I do not mention some of you, trust me, if you had any storylines, or matches with Minerva, you were a part of it too. I also included the Hall of Fame class this year and handlers, because it just made more sense if I just commented on everyone in the speech. Okay, here we go.

Minerva: First I want to thank Ronn Banks. Honesty man, without you, this character wouldn’t be here right now and be a part of something special like this. I didn’t know about EAW until you reached out to me, and when I checked the site, I was really impressed with the awesome graphics team and the efforts by so many people. You also gave me the opportunity to run Showdown and be a part of the staff, which I appreciate immensely, it gives me the chance to give back as well and watch so many young handlers and talented writers grow their characters and love being a part of their moments. But most of all I want to thank you for believing in this character and all my incarnations, especially this one. For giving me the opportunity to create something great with this crazy woman I created and trust in me to give her the necessary chances to prove herself and anoint her with titles and accolades. I appreciate that night when I came to you after like maybe 3 months in, that I appreciated the chance but maybe this wasn’t for me, and the famous words trust the process came into play, as you sat in a parking lot running to a 24 hour store and taking the time to talk me down from leaving, looking back at that is when I knew this was the right place for me. Congratulations on Malcolm Jones entering the Hall of Fame also, He was always a great shit talker and a fun character to engage with, we never really had too much except for New Eden and the one off with Bethany where Malcolm made her wrestle Andrea in gelatin for his own pleasure, but I am glad to see him finally immortalized, you deserve it. Thank you bro, for all of this.

Minerva: I want to thank Ryan (Methuselah) for helping create this place and making sure that it is still running close to its 20th season today. This is a goldmine and your creativity and insight that you have has been a tool I have used for this character. Mr. DEDEDE as a character is just on another level and any interactions my Minerva had with him, was really fun and I hope it happens again one day. I always appreciated the small talk we have, and the help you have given me the last six years, a true testament in leadership with Banks, you two have given us this platform for our crazy characters to beat the shit out of each other and then laugh about it on Discord later, Thank you once again.

Minerva: Next is Rex McAllister. I’m going to say it now, you with Constance Blevins was the turning point in Minerva’s career as a rookie in this game, without Constance I don’t think that Minerva would have reached the heights she did so fast. I love tag team wrestling, and when we created Heavenly Hell, we hit it off right away. You became my brother from another mother and while we held those titles, bouncing off ideas and creating such awesome content, these two characters meshed so well, I was sad when it ended, but it became a different chapter for both, but Minerva as a character along with myself, always attributed the ability to transition into her role that she has today thanks to you and Constance, it couldn’t have happened without you, same goes with Rex’s character, the feuds they had, the hatred and animosity, it made for some of the best material we wrote ever. I am glad that you decided to come back, and this place was different without you bro. Thank you for everything that you have done for Minerva and thank you for doing her Hall of Fame induction, it meant the world to me.

Minerva: Which leads me to Raven Roberts. You were one of the few handlers I clicked early with, really showed me the ropes, explained the game, and to be honest, I watched Raven like a hawk and saw her growth as well into becoming a legend. Your character was my first Main Event opponent for Minerva and back then, I knew that she had a great future when sharing it with you. I am glad that Raven got her revenge on Minerva because what she did to her was pretty fucked up, but there is still unfinished business there and one day we will do it again, as opponents, or who knows maybe as allies. Either way, like I told Rex, I am glad that you are back, one of Minerva’s biggest adversaries, I appreciate you bro, thank you and I want to see Raven here next year.

Minerva: Jake…. Jake… Jake… you are not only Kass’s child, but you are my lifeline and someone that has helped me so much throughout this game with ALL of my characters but especially this one. Just in general I appreciate you so much and what you do for us on a daily basis, a lot of people do not know what happens behind the curtain, but you have always been a driving force and someone who cares about the game and the people in it, you are such a good sport with the abuse that you take on a weekly basis, I mean Jake Smith is now accused of Murder, and getting arrested, which I found hilarious, and since I kept all of this with one speech, I want to comment on your Hall of Fame induction, if there is anyone that deserves this it’s you bro. That character is nuts, from our time with Bethany and still taking jabs, to having the honor of booking your first World Championship. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, from writing matches to segments, to posting Showdown when I am in a bind, to making graphics for both the EAW and for me personally. You truly are the glue that keeps this together, THANK YOU and congratulations on the Hall of Fame induction!

Minerva: Cam…. And especially with your character Ms. Extreme. Cam, you and I are always intertwined somehow, we have had our ups and downs, are good times and our misunderstandings, but both on a personal level and on a game level, you have always been one of my favorite people to work with, Ms. Extreme has always been for Minerva one of the absolute best, as an ally, opponent, doesn’t matter, these two are like sisters from another mister and one day they need to team up, but I wanted to tell you that you have always been a huge part of my journey here, if not as a booker for Minerva back in 2019-2020 with her time on Showdown, and I guess that would fall for either one of us booking, or a writer for you or a writer for me, to all the fun storylines we have had with both characters, and the great sport you have been throughout all of this, to see how far you have come with Ms. Extreme and finally being immortalized for your hard work and dedication to this game is inspiring and it feels special having these two orange haired vixens being inducted in the same class. On a personal level, thank you for always working hard for me and showing me the ropes when I was just starting off, and all hail the Red Queen!

Minerva: Adam Lucas, Chris… we have been friends for a long time from our days in the SCW, and I am glad that you came to the EAW. Adam Lucas was the first time that I was actually able to play a more subtle and face Minerva when they first met, and I think you were using the Lexis King pic base at the time. They developed a cool bond and always had respect for one another. But in all, just having you here along for the ride and seeing Minerva outside of the EAW before she came here and used in your fed was pretty cool, all with her old look, and how she has grown, you have been there from the infant stages. Thank you bro for being my friend and I expect to see Adam Lucas here one day.

Minerva: A couple of shout outs to Limmy the lil’ GOAT, Pehrox (Xander Payne) and Adam (Bronson Daniels). The work that you guys do along with the rest of the media staff here is unbelievable, the awesome videos for the entire EAW and for Minerva, the graphics that you do for me Pehrox, just always there giving me advice when I first started booking Showdown and being my right hand man, to Adam and Limmy making all these incredible vids, Adam also doing Minerva’s entrance video, and just being a part of this great experience, whether Minerva was involved or not with your characters, which Limmy and Xander have both faced her in the past, I just wanted to shout out you guys as a team and thank you for all that you do!

Minerva: Drake King. You are one of the cornerstones in the EAW. Not only such an evil character but a great storyteller, your writing as a Voltage writer and one day soon a Voltage head booker has not only come a long way, but arguably one of the best. And then our interactions, whether it was trading off ideas for segments, to talking and planning, I will say the most fun I have ever had as an e-fedder was New Eden and that is saying a lot. Drake, Myles, and Minerva were the trio from hell, sorry.. “heck”. and I don’t think there will be anything like it again, that year we were all together was just amazing, man, the things we did, the promos we cut, the events we were a part of, that was some magical stuff and in truth it made me fall in love with the game more and the EAW as a whole. But as a person too, you are a good man, great morals and Kass’s other child. From our match with Harper Lee this year, to everything else, you keep doing you, including so much for this efed and continue being you, but most of all I want to thank you for the everything you have done for Minerva, as a Voltage writer, as an adversary, and probably her most hated, and as an ally no one can take away what we did in that year. Thank you for everything you have done for Minerva and me, and what you will continue to do moving forward in any capacity. #NoOneButNewEden

Minerva: Myles, our characters have come a very long way. When we faced in Minerva’s first PFP in that crazy Fatal Four-Way Unified Tag Team Championship, to meeting up again a few times and finally teaming together for Territorial Invasion, these two hit it off right after that and became inseparable, and I think that layer for Minerva really added to the character because since that time for her first three years she was a loner, so this added wrinkle was such a huge character arch for her, and then when New Eden former, like I told Drake, that was one of the best times I had in e-fedding and it was because of Drake and Myles, we were so awesome together and that really built out and it led to our characters becoming World Champions and getting closer together. This ride has been truly what made Minerva the character she is now, and you are a major part of it. Never did I think this woman would get married, and make it tot eh Hall of Fame all in a span of a few months, but here we are and they will continue int heir journey together and I cannot wait to see what happens from there. But I also want to say thank you for sticking with it, we hit a rough patch but they made it. As a writer you are one of the best, and Myles is one of my favorite characters and to watch him grow into the beast he is now is pretty badass. Like I said before, we both made it in the Hall of Fame with this eccentric couple, and for them to be inducted on the same night, the last six months especially has been a wild ride. A huge congratulations goes to you for making it to the Hall of Fame, you deserve it man, and thank you for all that you have done for Minerva, let’s keep moving forward! I appreciate you.

Minerva: I want to also call out a few handlers that have also been a huge part of Minerva’s journey and I am quite sure they will continue to be. Kendra, as Sienna Jade, the first real feud I had with a character of her stature, thank you for always being real. Karl, the same, Impact is one of the best and my interactions with him taught me a lot about Minerva and just watching your work inspired me. Sae, this weekend is huge for you with both Milli and Halsey Neel, being tag team partners, stablemates and opponents, you are the future and am happy to see it grow under your umbrella. Terry Chambers, Terry, we had a hell of a feud in 2020-21 that spilled into this past season, I appreciate you always bringing out the best in the character and hope to see you stick around. Zane, you son of a gun, keep being you bro, our match this past season was awesome, and you have grown so much as a writer with ARIA. Jamie… Jamie… Jamie…. It feels like we have been opponents forever and also allies once. Jamie O’Hara has been such an important part of Minerva’s journey from the first time they faced in 2019, whether it was singles or tag team, to New Eden, and our match last year at PFP, to now with Hikari and the past few season, you always brought out the best of me, thank you brother for being the GOAT. To ALL the writers out there now that I didn’t mention, the Hans Grayson’s, Michael Machina’s, Drake Armstrong’s, Solomon Stane’s, Kirk Redwood’s, and so many others, keep at it, you all continue to raise the bar and will hopefully see you here one day.

Minerva: Finally…. Kassidy. You have been one of the most important people in Minerva’s EAW career, because you molded her into who she is today after drafting Minerva in 2020. I didn’t know what to expect on Voltage, and it was a rocky start at first, but after the New Eden storyline began, we never looked back. You have done something with her that I never thought could have been done, and that is make her one of the best females in the EAW and a force to be reckoned with. You made the character into so much more than even I thought, and pushed me to be better than I have ever been before. As a booker, a character, and a board member, you have been so key to the development of Minerva, to the point that without you, I don’t know if she would have ever gotten this far. Her Hall of Fame induction I credit a lot of it to you, for believing in me as a writer and the character to be a consistent threat and main event player on Voltage. But most importantly above all else, for being one of my best friends in this crazy land of the EAW. That means more to me than anything, and I want to thank you for taking that shot in Minerva, to making it known that you can build so much around her, win or lose, it always meant something, but what I enjoyed most is the back and forth we have, the idea bouncing, the talking shit in general about our booking styles, the things we like, we don’t like, it didn’t matter, because at the end of the day, you are my friend and that is what matters most, This game has given me many of those and mostly all in the EAW. Just know that I love you all and thank you for everything that you have done. Kass, I appreciate the time you take out of your busy day to help us in the EAW, what storylines you come up with on Voltage for Minerva, and always being there to make sure that we all are having fun in this game, which I know at times can be tough as a booker, but you have been my inspiration. Friends forever, and THANK YOU.

Minerva: That is all I have…. Let’s keep making memories EAW…. And once again…. SHE MADE IT! Goodnight!

(‘Blood, Milk & Sky’ by White Zombie hits, and the crowd explodes with cheers for Minerva. Minerva has a big smile on her face looking towards the audience, wearing her Hall of Fame ring. The fans continue to cheer and show their support to the newly inducted Hall of Famer, and as Minerva takes her leave, the camera begins fading to black.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by John Helms

Voltage 6/16/24

Pain For Pride XVII – Day 1