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2020 EAW Hall of Fame

( EAW Intro plays )

(We get a few highlights of the EAW Hall of Fame red carpet event that took place earlier, and we cut to the outside of the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The outdoor venue where a stage is set with fans socially distanced in the rafters and the stands all in face masks, as well as dozens of EAW Elitists and executives along with their families and friends occupying the floor seats. )

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…. for the first time in two years…….. WELCOME TO THE 2020 EAW HALL OF FAME CEREMONY!!!

( The arena applauds in excitement for the historical landmark event that is making it’s return for the first time of the modern era. )

Announcer: Please welcome this year’s Hall of Fame Host, he is ONE THIRD OF THE DYNASTY COMMENTARY TEAM, JAKE MERCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(“We Getting Money” by Sheff G hits as Jake Mercer makes his way from the back to an ovation, he makes his way to the podium sporting a black tailored suit with a Dynasty-red tie, his hair wrapped in a bun and his beard neatly trimmed, he gathers his notes as the music dies down before beginning to speak)

Jake Mercer: It feels so good to be back! After a one year hiatus, mostly due to preserve the integrity and prestige of the event by not forcing a class one year ago, EAW has finally opened the doors back up for the Hall of Fame and the timing could not be better. Granted, if EAW practiced this integrity preservation thing more often then half of the Hall of Fame wouldn’t need to be redacted but hey what do I know?! :mjgrin: So many people over these past two years have risen up the ranks here and have built and  solidified amazing legacies that will go onto stand the test of time in EAW history. When EAW needed leaders and for people to shine their star the brightest, these people stepped up and did so and we now are able to gather here tonight and celebrate their careers.

(The crowd applauds)

Jake Mercer: Despite all of the trials and tribulations that this abomination of a year has provided us on a personal, national, and global scale, it feels good to be able to unwind for once and have something to actually be happy about. EAW is closing in on it’s thirteenth season and heading into PAIN FOR PRIDE! (cheers can be heard).. There is truly nothing like this time of the year where all of the hard work and blood shed throughout the season pays off in our very own Super Bowl. Pain for Pride has grown throughout the past 13 years to become a pop culture phenomenon, a juggernaut, and a landmark in sports and entertainment. Tomorrow night we will see four out of five Hall of Famers walk into Pain for Pride and engage in battle, but TONIGHT we see them in their purest form. Raw, uncut, unfiltered, and for one night out of the year we get a look at the human beings that make the elitists and celebrate them all. 

Jake Mercer: Without further ado let’s get this thing started shall we?

( )

(We see Terry Chambers in a confessional)

Terry Chambers: I don’t know much about Ahren, but the few times we were in the ring together, I enjoyed it so much from the week up hyping up the match to what happened inside the ring between us. Much like TLA, a guy with limitless creativity. It’s not easy to have a character be such a threat in the main event scene but be such good comic relief at the same time but Ahren does it flawlessly. Ahren has earned this and all I can say to him is enjoy it and congratulations. 

(We see TLA in a confessional)

TLA: :goat: :goat: :goat: Nah for real ese it’s too bad to hear about all them allegations on Twitter. But it’s okay because we know that ain’t you and it’s all your pic base. So don’t worry about it none. You was a partner of SK and that means you a partner of me <3 I said what I said. You know that you came thru and changed the game with yo presence. Ain’t nobody doubted that you was gonna take this place by storm. Errybody had they eye on you first time they saw you and you made them all proud to be fans of your shit. Kept stepping up that game. Kept innovating. Y’all never got complacent and you earned this Hall of Fame ring like a motherfucker. Hope you enjoy it. Just gotta enjoy this moment and getting that Hall of Fame ring. Gonna get you all the pussy. Gonna get you more pussy than Jennipurr. :goat: :goat: :goat:

(We see Chris Elite in a confessional)

Chris Elite: Ahren though the Illionaires didn’t go as planned the rest of your career did you are literally a GOAT. The creative over the top promos without even doing scenes most of the time to our countless promo wars I’ve enjoyed all of it. You are great promoer and a great person in general and this is well deserved and I am happy we get to be in the same class.

(We see Kassidy Heart in a confessional)

Kassidy Heart: I don’t think I would be the person and competitor I am today if I hadn’t found myself thrust into the spotlight alongside Ahren. I learned a lot about myself and other people when I was a member of Magnum Opus. It doesn’t matter how the partnership ended, it’s what I learned from him during the better times that have actually helped make me better, not to mention our match last year at Pain for Pride helped me prove I could compete at the next level. Ahren has natural charisma and the ability to adapt to any hand he is dealt, even if it doesn’t favor him. Those are things you can’t teach someone, and it speaks volumes about the talent he actually has. He opened my eyes to a different perspective when it came to this place, and whether people believe it was the right one or the wrong one continues to be irrelevant. Ahren alienates a lot of people with his attitude and arrogance, and his natural talent is often overlooked because of it. Not many people could go from EAW Shopzone merchandise model to a multiple time champion, and now a bonafide Hall of Famer. I tip my hat to you, GOAT.

(We see Xavier Williams in a confessional)

Xavier Williams: Trill Fairy, Starboi, GOAT – now Hall of Famer. Who would have guessed that? It’s incredible that you’ve managed to go from where you were to where you’ve managed to reach. Someone who simply joined EAW because making a mockery of this business was fucking funny. I don’t even think that you first believed that Ahren Fournier would one day make the Hall of Fame. But, today your name reaches infamy. This moment is special, but the truth is that you still have so much more than you’re going to accomplish. I know that this and what you’ve managed to achieve so far is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you possibly could accomplish. Enjoy this moment, my friend. You truly deserve it.

(We see Cameron Ella Ava in a confessional)

Cameron Ella Ava: First off, Ahren Fournier is not Jamie O’Hara’s best friend.

Cameron Ella Ava: Secondly, there’s no denying how amazing the so-called character “Ahren Fournier” is. I don’t get how someone who once called themselves the “Thrill Fairy” managed to find himself in the Hall of Fame. Only can a guy like him wear a fucking tutu manage find himself in this position. People never really had to comment on whether Ahren was seen as someone seriously because he was a tremendous competitor. Knowing that he was on Showdown this season, it was inevitable that we would find ourselves in the same ring and we have on a few occasions. His wrestling is underrated in the ring and it deserves a ton of more love than what it gets at the moment. When Ahren became “The GOAT,” it’s what led him to the next level. It got him the Interwire Championship. It made him become EAW Champion. It’s what made Ahren a household name that cannot be compared. When Ahren if focused at a goal, he is at his most dangerous, and in a way, he becomes untouchable. Not only that, but he’s got a fucking cute cat.

(Open back up to the stage.)

Announcer: Here to induct Ahren Fournier into the EAW Hall of Fame, please welcome, EAW Hall of Famer…… JAMIE O’HARAAAAAA!!!!!

(““Ultimate Battle” by ZENTA [EAW Edit] hits to a large ovation as Jamie O’Hara walks to the stage)

Jamie O’Hara: Being inducted into the Hall of Fame was and is still one my greatest accomplishments. These inductions are the culmination of all the time spent here in EAW, all the hours lost, all the moments gained and perhaps the few times where you cared a little bit more than you otherwise should have. It’s cementing what you’ve done, a sense of reassurance that people will remember your impact, remember how truly special you were in being part of the few to have incredible success at this. It’s something nobody else can take away from you, it’s something that nobody can dismiss; not something willingly handed out, it makes your place in this class and those chasing future classes all so much more important and significant. I’m incredibly proud to be here to induct someone who fits everything that the Hall of Fame represents, who defines the very reason why the Hall of Fame exists, why we celebrate the efforts, celebrate the accomplishments and celebrate their contribution to EAW and our community. It wasn’t long after Ahren Fournier arrived in EAW that people started to ponder the possibility that we would see him be inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame someday. A number of people throughout the years have been earmarked for this spot, to be elevated to a status such as this and there are some that are overlooked or dismissed; “Maybe? Maybe they’ll get there”. Ahren proved those who doubted him wrong. Ahren is a success story that you would struggle to find a better example of. 

The ‘Trill Fairy’ was something people said shouldn’t have worked, seen as a joke and yet still, he pushed on, found success with it and again, proved them wrong. From there through to the GOAT, Ahren’s personality and brand of comedy has always been something that attracted attention; promos, matches, any segments and anything else he’s involved in, this legend has always been one of the most entertaining parts of not just the brand he’s on, but EAW as a whole. I became a true believer in what Ahren would inevitably accomplish when we faced off on Voltage at the beginning of 2018 where he got the best of me. Admittedly, I was shocked, I didn’t expect that yet I was excited. Excited to see Ahren had evolved, his character shifting and taking a new direction without losing steam. His creativity still there, his wit and smarts as present as ever. When we faced again the following week, it was some of the most enjoyable promoing I had done in quite some time on that brand; going against this incredibly talented writer once more. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind that Ahren was going to be great, was going to be anything less than the brilliant World Champion he went on to become. And while I wasn’t here as he became the GOAT, as he molded and shaped his character into the wildly entertaining and enjoyable Ahren Fournier we have today, when I did come back I got to witness the GOAT become the EAW World Champion. The culmination of your hard work, of the evolution of the character throughout the two and a half years prior. The very best of your creativity on show for everyone to see and for everyone to enjoy. Some of my most enjoyable moments of the last season has been when you and I crossed paths; whether it was War Games, the feud with The Illionaires or our blooming friendship throughout May, you always made it a GOAT time. 

Ahren, mate, I’m fucking proud to be inducting you into the Hall of Fame. How far you’ve come and how much further you can and will go. A fun, bright, funny, brilliant person, I hope this community doesn’t lose you anytime soon. You’re kicking goals not just here in EAW, but in life itself and this is an insignificant one comparably, but still one I’m glad to be a part of. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise, applaud and welcome the newest member of Elite Answers Wrestling Hall of Fame, of the 2020 Class, THE FUCKING GOAT, AHREN FOURNIER!!!!!

(Starboy by The Weeknd plays throughout the building, and the crowd rises to their feet. Ahren walks out on stage wearing a giant extravagant floppy hat, sun glasses, very expensive scarves, an overdramatic fur coat that says Ahren HOF 2020, and has a big smile on his face. This man is stunting on all the hoes at this moment. In his arm is Jennipurr wearing the same exact thing only in cat form. Ahren waves to the crowd soaking in all the praise and adulation. Ahren gets to the podium and instantly gets peeved)


(A geeky little intern is seen running in with a mini cat podium, and places it next to the actual podium before running off. He trips on his shoelaces and falls face first into the stage. A loud thud echoes through the arena, and a pool of blood starts to form)

Ahren: HA! NERD!… What a loser, run much?

(Ahren starts looking around as he notices everyone looking concerned for the nerds unfortunate fall)

Ahren: WTF get out of here you’re ruining my moment! Wow you’re so selfish I can’t even..

(The nerd lays unconscious, the pool of blood grows larger, and everyone starts to be really concerned)

Ahren: Sigh; really ruining my moment here guy. What are you a piece of shit or something? Sigh hold on folks lemme handle this.

(Ahren goes over to the downed man who seemingly passed out from the pain, and could be drowning in his own blood; and shoves him off the stage with his designer shoes. He goes back to the podium, and takes a deep breath before giving a big old smile)

Ahren: Sup assholes! I’m just playing; kind of… *ahem* Hey, he’s fine stop paying attention to the nerd, it’s me time, it’s Ahren time. Haha sooo! I didn’t write a speech so, this should be fun right?! Cool cool.. Where to begin? Ah I know! How about the beginning! Sike, Jenipuur you go first.. See I’m very considerate, and like to keep you on your toes. Or in your case Jennipurr, your paws.

(Jennipurr sits at her podium and starts leaning in, but doesn’t say anything. Ahren drops down to a knee next to Jennipurr putting his designer pants at risk.. You can tell how much Jennipurr means to him just based on this action. Ahren starts to meow behind her head.. This could be Jennipurr talking with Ahren feeding her lines because she’s nervous, or Ahren just meowing, it isn’t really clear.)

Jennipurr: Meow.. Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Moew Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Meow! Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. MoewMeow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Moew… Meow. Meow.. Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr..

Ahren: Omg thank you Jennipurr I appreciate it!

Jennipurr: Meow. Moew Meow meow

Ahren: Oh you’re still going. Ok yeah!

Jennipurr: meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Meow! Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. MoewMeow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Moew… Meow.Meow.. Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Moew Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Meow! Meow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. MoewMeow meow meow.. MEOW! Meow mew mew mew.. Meow.. Meow… MEEEOOOWWWW… Meow meow meow meow.. MEOW. Mew mew.. prrrrrrrrr.. prrrrrrrr Meow. Moew… Meow… Meow

(Ahren gives Jennipurr a kiss on the cat forehead as a tear falls down his cheek, before getting back to his own podium)

Ahren: Wow, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. But like you said Jennipurr, EAW has been a journey right from the beginning. I came into EAW all the way back in 2016, and right from the beginning I made an IMPACT! I don’t remember who I faced, but what I do remember is, ya boy won! Which is customary Ahren behavior you know what I mean my brothers? How bout my sisters out there, can I get a WOOT WOOT?!!

(Ahren waits for some woots)

Ahren: Cool cool. You know a lot of people come up here and say some stupid things such as “I nEvEr ThOuGhT iD gEt To Da HaLl Of FaMe”; and those people would be losers who I don’t associate with. I always knew that I was going to be in the Hall of Fame ok? ALWAYS. Even when no one else though that Ahren Fournier was going to be anything special, I knew. I still go back to this stupid poll that EAW had on their website that said, who of the new breed is going to be in the Hall of Fame. You know what they said? FAILURES. Nico Borg.. Hmm where he at? Trash. Ryan Marx… Hmmm where he at? Trash! Darkane… Hmm where he at? Trash. Who did these dumb people not say? AHREN! And I was like hmmm, ok bih, you want to see who’s going to be a Hall of Famer, I’ll show you. AND I DID! Hi. But I mean all those people wound up to be sexual deviants and pedophiles and all that shit so.. Don’t really think they have the best judge of character.. All I know is that I will bet on Ahren Fournier every single time. I always.. Ok on occasion I am known to put my best foot forward and give you my best. Can I be somewhat of a hot potato sometimes? Yeah, but that’s just what winners do. Let’s be real here I joined EAW with the sole purpose of standing out. I just wanted to do something different. It was never about wins or losses, I just wanted people to remember the name Ahren Fournier. I signed to EAW as a joke, and it went well; surprisingly. Why did I do this? Because I like having a laugh, simple as that. But when I starting going and things started going well, I got invested. I tried to one up my odd behavior more and more and do more outlandish things just so I could make myself laugh.. And if others laughed too well that’s cool as well. So was born the Trill Fairy. You know I got the idea of the Trill Fairy from this video on YouTube; basically copied a gimmick brother. The video was following this band named Issues and one of the band members said that he was the Trill Fairy and he would give people condoms in the middle of the night to people who he saw do trill things.. Or some shit like that.. So I thought, hmmm, funny funny, let me get on that. So the Trill Fairy was born.. Of course the tutu and fairy wings were just another way to be more ridiculous, and I think it worked. As the Trill Fairy I was able to go and win the Hardcore Championship, when I was anything but hardcore. I was also in that tag team with Autumn Raven for 2 weeks in that tag team grand prix, and we were able to get to round 2! You all remember that infamous team of Autumn Raven and Ahren Fournier don’t you?!! Of course you do. I was doing work though let me tell you!

(Ahren waits for claps.. But the crowd doesn’t understand why this is a point where they would)

Ahren: Um clap.. the fuck.. ?

(Crowd may or may not clap)

Ahren: Oh you’re too kind, thanks. But all good things must come to an end, and when I got drafted to the bane of my existence Dynasty, it all went to shit. So what did your boy do? What he does best COMPLAIN! AND MAKE THINGS RIGHT FOR HIMSELF! Yeaaaaah, that’s right. After complaing to the powers that be that Dynasty wasn’t really utilizing Ahren Fournier the way he was supposed to be, they put on their big boy pants, and sacked da fuck up. They obliged, I go to Voltage, and I become a big tough fighting boy. And it was at this point I wound up beating my best friend in the world Jamie O’Hara, and finally people saw me as this top guy ish.. HEY JAMIE REMEMBER WHEN YOU SAID I WOULDN’T BE WORLD CHAMPION BY THE END OF THAT YEAR! Yeah we laugh and laugh about it now when we’re hanging out relaxing all cool shooting some b ball outside of the school, naw mean? Anyways, Voltage was just what I needed, and I became Interwire Champion, but not just Interwire Champion, the GOAT Champion. And of course it was at THAT moment, the makings of the GOAT became apparent. I grew out my beard, shaved the sides of my head, grew a dope man bun, and became this sex GOAT you see before you. Mmm yeah you want a peak at the goods? Hmm? You want to see what the GOATS working with? TOO BAD! Anyway, Starboi, GOAT, it all started with that Interwire Championship reign that will never be touched ever by anyone in the history of EAW. I know I set a high bar but you have to realize it’s just what I do. And after HBB decided to try for like a month and take the Interwire Championship from the hottest star in the company by FAR.. It was time.. It was time for me to take advantage of a stupid blonde woman that thought I would care about her; when I was just using her for my own gain! HA, Kassidy Heart WHERE YOU AT?!!

(Ahren combs the crowd to find Kassidy. A spotlight is flashed over her head as she is sat next to her rapist/husband DDD)

Ahren: I just want to thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being so naive to think that I cared. I see you’re making the same exact mistakes again, that’s some good shit.. Some people just can’t learn their lesson. Clearly the chloroform got to your head as you are now a simp for your rapist. You truly are a lost cause huh? You have always been a sucker for a man with power hmm? Seems like you got a case of cabin fever, and can’t get enough of using big time men for the clout eh? Or perhaps it’s just a matter of Stockholm syndrome? But hey if DDD ever decides he’s tired of sexually abusing you, and moves onto his next stupid blonde barbie doll prey, and you want to tag team again with ya boi.. GIMMIE A CALL! JK lose my number immediately. But being able to stand side by side and ruining any momentum that Kassidy Heart had was the best thing that I could have ever done for myself. Because it was with the help of Kassidy Heart I was FINALLY able to do the thing that no one ever thought would happen! I became EAW Champion, and became the star of Showdown! And now, look at me! A big time Hall of Fame talent that everyone is jealous of.. In all actuality this night is about me, and no one else. Sorry if you thought your Hall of Fame experience was supposed to be important to you, but I’m gonna steal the spotlight real quick. Look how fancy my attire is; isn’t it dope af? Currently your Starboi is on the prowl. You might think that I have peaked, and that I’ve done all that I was going to do; but that is false. I have brought starpower to EAW; I don’t need Championships to be relevant, and that’s something my other Hall of Famers could never say! FUCK YOU LOSERS! TLA you dumb idiot. Dirti Diva pfft more like Dumb Diva! Or how about Rex McCacister.. No Rex McCuckister! Sorry I would clap during your speech but I’m sure I’ll be shleep! Or if it already happened I’m sure I’m shleep.. And of course.. Christopher Elite.. You know; in retrospect ILLIONAIRES was a complete failure. But we had good times right my brother? I mean, we were the most entertaining part of Showdown for MONTHS! Thanks to me, but yeah. Perhaps we should’ve put more work into the whole wrestling thing instead of focusing on how sports entertaining we were. To be honest, I don’t regret a thing, because the ILLIONAIRES was one of the most fun parts in my career; because I knew how to be entertaining despite you! Also it was the reason I have the fortune of beating up that ginger fuck at PFP this year! Twas the best of times twas the worst of times.. But we are both better for it. Make peace with the past and we can we be better for it in the future naw saying? Words of wisdom from the most intelligent man in EAW..

Ahren: Ok sigh, if I’m being completely honest.. I’d like to thank Mr. DDD for giving me the platform to be the GOAT, and giving me the confidence to strive to the levels that I have made it to. I don’t talk to you like ever, but I’m pretty sure you were the reason from the begging that I started getting the momentum that I was getting. I’d also like to thank my best friend Jamie O’Hara because if it wasn’t for you the GOAT shit would never have started. Your mean words to me gave me the motivation that I needed to get to the places that I needed to. It’s through great mental anguish that we find our most creativity; and I wouldn’t have become Star Boi or GOAT, or whatever without you. Like I said Chris Elite, I know that our tag team didn’t go the way that we both had expected, but it really was one of the most fun times in my career. Writing those segments, and being a part of the ILLIONAIRES revitalized my love for this shit. The ridiculous shit that I was able to write due to it was always fun as shit. Xavier Williams, you have always been a tur friend, and no that’s not a typo keep that in. I know you haven’t had much impact on Ahren whatsoever, but you’ve always been a ear to listen, and stuff. Kassidy for real I would like to thank you for listening me bitch and complain when I’m in my angry boy feelings. WHICH IS A LOT MIGHT I SAY! Ayyy. Without the storyline of us getting together, and having that all planned out all the way to PFP was a big boost for both of us I feel. At that point we needed each other, and we didn’t even know. It went from talking about a mixed tag team tournament that never happened, to a partnership that will stand the test of time. Until I turn on you again, because I’m a bad boy. Then of course we got the big bih herself, Cameron Ella Ava. The first time we met you were a huge bih to me, and I had no idea why; then I figured it out.. You were a bih to me, because you are in fact a gigantic bih. Naw you cool. I don’t know how I would still be here without your support. You a GOAT head writer, and an ever GOATer friend. We always be feuding and that’s probably never going to change. But I will say you’ve been one of my biggest supporters for a while. I try not to be a bih when things don’t go my way but I also luh to yell at you so.. Eh.

(music starts playing to get Ahren off the stage)


(music gets louder)


(music gets even louder)


(Ahren starts to walk off stage.. Before running right back)

Ahren: Thanks David Davidson I luh you!

(Starboy by the Weeknd starts playing. Ahren picks up Jennipurr and starts posing for the cameras in ridiculous poses. Soaking in all that attention. Ahren is then presented his Hall of Fame ring, waves to the crowd. He starts yelling at the person for not giving Jennipurr a Hall of Fame ring too, as they both walk off stage. Jake Mercer re-enters the stage.)

Jake Mercer: Ahren Fournier is indeed a baaaahd baaaaaaahd man. The Goat is literally the goat. I’m not serious when I say this. Ahren Fournier once was tested live on ACW (Animal Crossing Wrestling) and was proven to have the genetic make up of a half man, half hooves having beast. He’s technically a centaur but regardless, Ahren being the goat was always undeniable.

Speaking of animals though, some people know this next inductee as La Pantera Sexuale

( )

(We see Kassidy Heart in a confessional)

Kassidy Heart: TLA, you and I will forever share a special bond thanks to the fact you tried to end my life inside the Extreme Elimination Chamber this past December. I’m not sure why you thought throwing an exploding chancla at me would stop me from coming back even stronger, but here we are. You were like my second ever singles Intergender match here in EAW when we faced one another at The Palace, and at the time I remember being extremely nervous. To break kayfabe for a moment, I had NO clue what to throw at you when it came to a promo because you are a one of a kind rare talent that is able to bridge the gap between humor and seriousness, and all the other stuff in between. I was shook, and each and every time we are placed against one another, I find myself fighting harder and harder to be better and match what you’re able to do. You’re definitely one of my favorite opponents to date and I hope we get to do it again sometime. Congratulations on your induction, papi. Ryan, if you’re listening… sorry for calling another man ‘papi’ 😉 =P

(We see Terry Chambers in a confessional)

Terry Chambers: It’s hard to choose the right words when describing TLA. One of EAW’s most important pieces on the screen and off the screen, His creativity is unparalleled. A guy I’ve known a long time and a guy who’s always had my back in dark times, and he knows it’s the same thing the other way around, I’ll always have his back.

Terry Chambers: I’ve only been in the ring a handful of times with TLA but feel like he’s one of the better competitors I’ve faced, that’s how good he is. The night he won the World Title remains one of the greatest moments in this company, and tonight is only the cherry on top of his decorated career, and you know what, I just know TLA’s just scratching the surface.

(We see Chris Elite in a confessional)

Chris Elite: TLA ilysm you’ve literally been here since day one of my career and watched me grow. From the short jokes all the way to the thin ice jokes I am definitely glad to be going in here with you. My biggest rival and my best friend in this all. Not many thought we would be here or do half of the stuff we accomplished yet here we are and I’m glad we both got to witness each other’s best moments and we still have more to come.

(We see TLA in a confessional for his own induction)

TLA: The all time greatest of all time. Nobody can deny it. I’m the most unbiased source there is. Trust a vato on this one.

(We cut back to the stage)

Announcer: Introducing the lady that will be inducting TLA into the Hall of Fame, she is a Hall of Famer herself, a multiple time world champion, and most importantly a soon to be mother…. PLEASE WELCOME CAMERON ELLA AVAAAAA!!!!!!!!

(“ULTRAnumb” by Blue Stahli blasts through the speakers as a pregnant, but glowing Cameron Ella Ava walks out from the back in a diamond-studded walker with a couple of notecards in her hands. Cameron is wearing a tulle red dress as her smile glows underneath this spotlight. She makes it to the podium and places her notecards on top of there. Her entrance music dies down as she looks at the crowd in front of her before speaking.)

Cameron Ella Ava: Not going to lie, it feels strange to be up here. The last time I was up here, it was 2015, Scott Diamond was AWOL and couldn’t make the ceremony at the last minute and I was asked to come up here, stall for the time, but at least, I ended up getting a nice Hall of Fame ring.

(Cameron Ella Ava flashes her right ring finger where two Hall of Fame rings are placed on. One of them being Scott Diamond’s ring and the other one is her’s. Cameron flashes a smile for the cameras, posing with the two rings.)

Cameron Ella Ava: Hi, Scott. You’re not getting it back.

Cameron Ella Ava: Five years later, I return to this stage. It’s not because EAW finally accepted my proposal to induct me this year and forget that my other induction ever happened. It’s not because I’m here to steal anyone else’s rings — yet. It’s because I am here to induct a man who is more than deserving to join these elite groups of men and women, who have busted their ass for the business, given us moments, where we laughed, cried, and threw our remotes at our television sets in anger. A man who wasn’t like the other Elitists in this company’s thirteen-year history. He danced to the beat of his own drum and didn’t give a fuck about what people thought of him. This man “La Pantera Sexual,” TLA. Still to this day, we don’t know what TLA stands for, but I always assumed it was short for “Tlaxcala,” which is a small state in central Mexico. Perhaps, it’s just gonna be one of EAW’s mysteries that we’re always going to try to figure out for ourselves. To me, TLA has always been quite a mysterious person, but he doesn’t come off as shady. To the backstage scene, he’s always been the one guy with the one-liners that get the rest of the group to burst out laughing out of nowhere. He can probably make one of the grumpiest and hardass people in the locker room just crack a smile on their face for the first time in weeks. No matter where the city or locker room that he’s placed in, he has been the one man who can change the tone of the locker room from serious and pin-drop quiet to everyone smiling and having a good time. In a way, he has become the life of the party. He has made it comfortable for people to want to joke around behind the scenes and let their own personalities shine through. He is probably one of the funniest people in this company and it’s amazing to see him grow within his past several years in this company. New Breed Champion, 2x Interwire Champion, Openweight Champion, and World Heavyweight Champion. From an accomplishment standpoint, TLA has more than earned his spot in the Hall of Fame. Gimmick wise?

Cameron Ella Ava: It has gotten TLA his own set of haters. “TLA’s is nothing more than a comedy gimmick!” “TLA will never be World Champion cutting the promos he cuts!” “TLA will never be seen as a threat!” “TLA will never be a Hall of Famer!” Just hearing comments towards someone who only wants to put a smile on other people’s faces and make them laugh, it’s heartbreaking because TLA has always done his best in making sure that he spreads positive vibes more than his poons spread their legs. In a way, I can sense that it did discourage him at some point. He probably had occasions where he doubted himself and whether he would be good enough to become a World Champion, let alone a Hall of Famer. One of the first sights I had of TLA and his star power was on Voltage in Season 11. Despite wanting to see Jamie continue his record-breaking World Championship reign, there was always a part of me that wanted to see TLA get the big win. I’m a huge sap for an underdog story and to me, TLA was that underdog. Not many of the newer Elitists were around that time, but to be invested in TLA and his story from that moment to him getting his monumental moment at House of Glass in 2019 was one of the most satisfying and rewarding feeling that I had in this company. It gave me the glimmer of hope that I would find myself in that position. It made me trust the process even more. Just seeing someone like TLA gets their moment as he did, I could only hope that many of the men and women standing in the audience tonight, will get a moment similar to that. Seeing TLA get his moment was an inspiring thing to watch and it’s one of those classic EAW moments that everyone will be looking back on years from now. He was one of those people who busted their asses all their careers. He didn’t come into EAW as a flavor of the month. He wasn’t propped on a pedestal like you see the talent these days. He was ridiculed, mocked, and belittled for not being like the rest of the Elitists in this company. I’m sorry that he wasn’t too Game of Thrones for you or whatever the trend was back in the day. Not, that there’s anything wrong with Game of Thrones. :whoa:

Cameron Ella Ava: At the same time, I don’t like the idea of boxing someone like TLA because he is someone that you can’t keep in a box. He is one of the most creative minds that you could ever dream of. Yes, sometimes, you do need to keep a leash on his ideas or you end up with him doing a low budget parody video of a Star Wars video, where random Elitists cosplay as Star Wars characters. Not going to lie, that was hilarious, but not sure if management liked the idea or not. It’s not as hilarious as TLA somehow getting Vic Venom drunk and then, making him go out to compete against Drake King earlier this season. How can we ever forget about the conservative ring announcer that Empire had when it was first a thing? That was him, right? You may like his ideas, think they’re outrageous, both or whatever, but you cannot deny the fact that TLA is one of the most creative minds that this company has. When he is provided with the freedom to do whatever, his creativity is out of the window. He is so fucking extra that you can’t help, but wonder what he’s going to do next. I always look forward to his promos and at times, he makes it so difficult to despise him. I’ve faced TLA in the ring on a few occasions and he is a hell of a competitor. He has a ton of heart, but I suppose, that’s the Mexican in him. :wow:

Cameron Ella Ava: It may or may not be question marks on why I was chosen to be one to induct him. I was even confused about why I was picked, but at the same time, if I didn’t induct him, who would? Who would come back from the dead, walk here in a walker and do this induction? Who has been the one person who has hyped TLA and his story to the World Heavyweight Championship and made these newer colleagues in the back want to see him succeed? Who has been the one person who has believed in the talents that TLA has possessed since he got his first opportunity at a World Championship? Perhaps, there were a couple of other people than me, who have, but it was truly an honor that he selected me out of everyone that he’s interacted with and had history with. It just proves that the Mexican loyalty is there and it will never be torn apart. :wow: I’m more than thrilled to be up here, inducting TLA to the Hall of Fame. Not just from a colleague’s perspective or fan perspective, but from a friend’s perspective. He has been a clear inspiration to me when it comes to embracing my Mexican roots. He has been the one person that anyone coming into wrestling should look to as an example. If someone has told you that you don’t have what it takes to become a professional wrestler, just look to TLA. He’s wrestling in companies all around the world. Hell, he’s a …

(Cameron Ella Ava pauses as she looks at her notecards, almost like she can’t believe what she’s going to say next.)

Cameron Ella Ava: 2011 SAW Golden Dildo Winner.

Cameron Ella Ava: Man, TLA you got yourself a very interesting resume over here and that’s outside of EAW. But, it seems like I’ve rambled on a lot. Sure, TLA, would love to hear me praise and gas him up all night, but I think that he would love to get out here and give out his speech. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s more than my honor to introduce to you the inductee for the Hall of Fame, Class of 2020, TLA!!!!!!!

(“Ambitionz az a Ridah” by 2Pac hits as TLA steps out on stage and accepts the Hall of Fame ring as he stands at the podium with a smile on his face.)


(TLA runs off stage with the Hall of Fame ring.)

TLA: Nah let me go putos I ain’t gonna give no speech!

(Security is shown dragging TLA back out onto the stage.)

TLA: Damn y’all ain’t had to be so rough. You fucking up my suit pendejos!

(TLA adjusts the microphone and sighs as he prepares to make his speech.)

TLA: Oh shit this really happening huh? You really sure you want to put me of all people in your Hall of Fame? You know the last time I got put in an efed Hall of Fame I got jumped during my speech so forgive me if I’m a little nervous. Well first lemme give that shoutout to Cam you know she the realest and I couldn’t be happier knowing she inducting me into the Hall of Fame. We go way back and have had all them classic battles. I’ve fought against like all of her alts and shit been fire every time so you know that there ain’t nobody who a better choice out there. You know we gotta rep por la raza. Ain’t none of these gringos capable of getting the job done like we can.

:flag_mx: :flag_mx: :flag_mx:

TLA: Gracias por esta noche. Es un honor para mí. No esperaba estar aquí este año. Tengo todo el amor para todos cabrones en mi corazón. You know the Poon Palace gonna be open for business all night long tonight. All week long. All year long. We going all out cuz this some historic type shit right here. I be hyping my own shit but I give no fucks. Y’all ain’t know the struggle. Y’all ain’t been there since the beginning. Thru all the times I got fired out this place. Thru all the times I got held back in this place. This Hall of Fame ring going right here on my middle finger as I send all y’all haters a message. Y’all never thought I would be shit. Y’all never thought I could be shit. Y’all was wrong and I take all the pleasure in the world in rubbing it in yo smug arrogant faces. Cuz y’all had the chance to back me. I played nice by y’all. I worked hard. I helped out with shit but it wasn’t enough for some of you. Imma never understand it. But in the end I’m glad shit worked out the way it did cuz getting held down only made me stronger. I can handle whatever be thrown at me not because I deserve it but because I can. But that’s enough shade for one speech.

This a positive environment.

TLA: This that tranquilo environment. You know that I often envisioned my Hall of Fame moment or World Title moment as a big fuck you moment to my haters. But now that it is here I ain’t got any of that hate in my heart for y’all. This a real community a real familia and I most definitely wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all you fine people. I’ve made a lot of friends here and that is what really matters in the end. :wow: You know that this been a long road for yo boi. I been in this game a long ass time. I been in this company a long ass time. I been fired time after time after time but keep on coming back. I most definitely wasn’t perfect but I kept working hard and overcame as many of them trials as I could that were put in front of me. As far as I’m concerned if I can make it here then anyone can do it if you real about it. Which is why it matters even more to me that I got here as me. I ain’t had to change for nobody but myself. Cuz thru my time there been those who have tried to challenge my style. They say they ain’t like the way TLA talks, they ain’t like the way TLA be making them jokes. They say that TLA needs to get serious and start using them big ass English words.

But yo I think I’m doing iight.

TLA: In my career I have always tried to practice my own brand of tolerance. Now that aint’ mean that I’m not going to call out some of you cabrónes when you get on yo fuck shit. But despite that I be accepting y’all for who you is. Some people might think I am too accepting sometimes. I let my homies get away with too much at times. But at the same time I’d rather y’all not walk on them eggshells around me cuz first and foremost this efed should be a fun place. Not to mention that I believe in second chances. As someone who has been lucky enough to be given more chances myself at various points in my life and career I know just how important that can be. I can’t blame someone who might give up on they homie entirely after an incident. That’s they own business but in my career I have always made the effort to give people that chance. Some of y’all I ain’t been able to do that for. Like fuck off Eclipse I ain’t gonna give no rapist motherfucker a second chance. I give him a second chance imma be in his sex dungeon with the quickness. But for people who have pissed me off and who I’ve beefed with in the past I feel it is important that we was able to overcome our differences. Cuz I wouldn’t be getting this induction right now if I ain’t settled that shit. If I kept all that animosity towards Banks for firing me, or DDD for firing me, or held a grudge over my disagreements with Jamie. Even the people I’m going into the Hall of Fame with like SK and Rex we ain’t always seen eye to eye on shit but we got past that. There be people who were in this very Hall of Fame who not in this Hall of Fame any longer cuz they weren’t able to get past none of that shit. They still fuming over them grudges from 8 years ago.

They addicted to that salt can’t stop sprinkling it all over the dick they be eating.

TLA: I’m getting sidetracked again tho. So lemme give them shoutouts to everyone who helped me get to where I am today. Shoutout to the homies from NWF and AWL. Shoutout to all three brands in EAW. Voltage. Dynasty. Showdown. You know I got fond memories from all of them. I’m glad to be reppin’ Dynasty tho at this time that I go into the Hall of Fame. Cuz this that brand I started on. Back in 2014 when Dark Demon was writing the show. You know my debut match here never actually got posted. Homie got so mad cuz people ain’t reacted to his live shows that he refused to post it. Then when he did finally post the show he posted it without my match. Y’all most definitely cannot judge a book by its cover. Cuz the first time I joined this place I got fired real quick. The second time I joined I had Demon as a writer followed soon after by Senn. You know that I had to look the other way a few times with that shit. But I am glad that I stuck it out until EAW became a better place cuz it was always clear to me that it had that potential. Even if the management was basura it was clear there was a lot of talented homies on the roster and all they needed was a chance to shine and really take this place by storm. The same goes for me. Y’all ain’t know how many feds and how many writers take one look at me and all they see is some token Latino wrestler or a comedy gimmick. So I gotta give that special shoutout to my writers who took me seriously. Who saw that I could do more than that and could thrive with anyone they put me up against in any given situation. Much luv to y’all for giving me that chance to show what I can really do.

Hopefully there is still a lot more to come.

(Steroid Dawg is shown with the Hall of Fame ring around her tail.)

Steroid Dawg: *barks happily as if to say the Hall of Fame is racist for not inducting dawgs as well*

TLA: Damn. There’s always next year :wow: Steroid Dawg and Jennipurr gonna be in the same class I can feel it. Shoutout to all the people I have worked with over the years as part of the writing team too. I have straight up written more matches than I can remember. Been hustling at this for as long as I been fedding and I appreciate the chance to help out and return that luv that been shown to me. Shoutout to everyone who has made graphics and videos for me during my career. Shit has meant a lot and I am always impressed by those kinds of skills. I ain’t know shit about any of that y’all like wizards out here. Best keep blessing me with them videos and sigs and shit cuz you start cursing me imma have to beat yo culo. Shoutout to anyone else I’m forgetting. I ain’t naming names cuz there’s too many people to remember. I guarantee I’d forget y’all but every person I’ve met in this game matters and I thank you all for being a part of my life. Y’all some real ones and I hope to see some of y’all standing right where I am in the near future. Cuz like I said if I got here y’all got no excuse. I’m looking forward to see how you all kill it and change this game for the better in the future. Be better than I ever was and turn me into an irrelevant oldhead if you gotta. Cuz I am up here for my work right now but I am also a fan of this company and I get just as pumped to see y’all succeed as I do winning shit for myself. The future is looking real bright for EAW and you best not fuck it up cuz I am expecting goat things of you. If you can’t hang imma have to put you on blast.

(TLA is shown with his AK.)

TLA: We gonna have to take this shit to the streets. Gonna have to unload on some bitches. Y’all ain’t want this fire. You know that I run this shit and ain’t nobody taking it away from me without no fight. Nah I’ll go off on this whole crowd if I gots to. Fuck all y’all this my turf now. Gonna bring out the Poons. Got that good mota out here you know we sippin’ drank all the way to the bank. Got them bars. Gonna have them poles soon too cuz the Poons finna slip right on down we turn this Hall of Fame ceremony into a Hall of Poon cuz we bringing that blast from the past right on back. Imma bring another kind of blast back real quick too.

(Security is shown confiscating TLA’s AK.)

TLA: Yo they stealing shit from me. Fuck it. Hope y’all enjoy the rest of the show. Get hyped for that Pain for Pride. Cuz you know that we left our mark all over this industry you ain’t gonna separate me from it holmes. So when you stay looking at the show you best read the fine print and recognize that Sexual Panther Productions be presenting it right to you.

(TLA looks around in confusion.)

TLA: Yo where the fuck my lowrider at? You know that when I make my entrance I don’t walk. Fuck all that. Oh well guess we gotta do it a different way.

(TLA leaps off the stage into the crowd and crowd surfs across the fans towards the exit as “Ambitionz az a Ridah” blasts across the speakers. TLA is shown handing out coupons to the Poon Palace to the fans as he goes.)

(Jake Mercer comes back to the stage and begins speaking)

Jake Mercer: Jake Mercer: TLA’s greatness can’t be downplayed. The Latin Assassin has been all across the globe, any and every part of the world, and he has been pure entertainment. No lie, I once watched a 69 minute iron man match between TLA and Peruvian Legend and Opera singer Juan Diego Florez and YES I know it was odd to see him fighting a opera singer…but that’s a testament to TLA’s ability to turn a match that should have been trash into a magnificent affair!

But hey TLA don’t you get too comfy in that seat, because you’re about to have to make your way right back up to the stage in moments for this next inductee..

( )

(We see Kendra Shamez in a confessional)

Kendra Shamez: There’s no better underdog story other than Chris Elite’s. He will be looked back as one of the most important figures in EAW’s history. GOATsk is now in fact, HOFamerGOATsk

(We see Kassidy Heart in a confessional)

Kassidy Heart: Ugh, it pains me to admit this, but you really did kick my ass back at Grand Rampage. A lot of people don’t give you the credit for the talent you have in and out of the ring, and I find that unfortunate because there’s no one else like you in this business. You really don’t give a fuck and even though that rubs a lot of people the wrong way, it’s the absolute best attitude to have. There is no greater gift a person can give themselves than self-love, and that’s a quality I admire in you, Chris. We have definitely had our issues recently, and fuck you for highjacking the end of my season. But absolutely nothing but respect from the bottom of my heart for you as a professional wrestler and as someone who has worked hard to make themselves into one of the best to ever do this.

(We see Terry Chambers in a confessional)

Terry Chambers: True definition of a workhorse. He’s fought through so much adversity through his career to get to this moment and it was a pleasure watching him grow and evolve through time in person. Me and Chris give each other shit all the time but he knows the love and admiration I have for him. I’m proud to have been an opponent and even prouder to be a friend. Congratulations and enjoy this moment because you deserve it my dude. 

(We see Cameron Ella Ava in a confessional)

Cameron Ella Ava: I like to think that Chris Elite was someone who bought this newfound culture in Elite Answers Wrestling. We began with Chris Elite and before you know it, you get stars like Malcolm Jones, Serena Bennett, Andre Walker, who come in not looking like the rest of the crowd, but bringing their own unique flavor into this company and people seem to be digging it. In a way, Chris played a part in welcoming all of these new styles of promoing and wrestling into the ring that probably wouldn’t have been looked down upon a few years ago, but I’m so glad that he decided that he wasn’t going to be molded into other people’s standards of what’s good in this company and he went being himself and it opened the door to people not being afraid to do their own thing and that’s amazing.

(We see TLA in a confessional)

TLA: This bitch wants me to induct his ass and send in comments for this shit? Fuck outta here. I ain’t doing both. Smd

(We see Justin Windgate in a confessional)

Justin Windgate: I just wanted to come out here to give Chris Elite a major congrats on a Hall of Fame career. He may not know this, but he’s been a major motivation for me ever since I made my return to EAW. He’s someone that I had the opportunity to compete with in the past when he was known as Suicide Kid. We shared two Pain for Pride moments with each other in the pioneer days of this company, and to see him in the position that he was in when I came back was inspiring to me.. It sucks that I wasn’t around to witness his first world heavyweight championship reign, but at least I get to be here to witness this special moment in his life.. Chris, I’m glad that I was able to share the ring with you in my last match on Dynasty this season because you were always that guy that I looked to when I first came back.. You truly deserve this recognition and I can’t wait to see what more you do as you add onto this already impressive hall of fame career. From the Xtreme Classic to Suicide Kid.. Congratulations brother!

(We see Heart Break Boy in a confessional)

Heart Break Boy: There’s just something about Chris that spells ”Elite.” He is not only a great wrestler and phenomenon in the ring but he’s always had that factor to light up a room and be the life of the party. But inside that ring, his charisma oozes over 9000. It’s an honor to have known Chris, and I’ll never forget the moments we called ourselves the Migos and other bro related stuff. To be honest, I knew the day Chris going into the Hall of Fame would come at some point. It was just something special about him and you would just know. He was always around, always working hard to become the better version of himself. And he’s even paved a way for people to be themselves and escalated the game to a new level. OffSKet is a true legend and one of the greatest of all time!

(We see Malcolm Jones in a confessional)

Malcolm Jones: Chris Elite and I haven’t had the smoothest road but I will say he was one of the first established people to embrace me and not come off as a snobby prima donna too good for lil NEO folks. We related to one another and hit it off back in 2017 during a time when it wasn’t cool to be the way we were and a lot of people didn’t quite understand it, so it was cool to come across somebody who did. Teaming as the Blicky Boyz is always a fun experience when both of us are on point and I think it’s proven that when we are on point, there isn’t a team in this industry that can top it. Congrats on the induction and may this only be the beginning.

(Open back up to stage)

Announcer: Please welcome back to the stage, fellow 2020 Hall of Famer and human trafficker…… T…L….A!!!!!!!!!!

(“Ambitionz az a Ridah” begins to play but it is quickly shut off and replaced with a familiar sounding voice.)

Voiceover: In the briminal justice system, dickeating based offenses are considered especially heinous in Elite Answers Wrestling, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are known as an elite squad known as the Bozo Victims Unit. These are their stories.


(A Hall of Fame graphic of Chris Elite appears on screen before the camera pans down to show TLA already at the podium.)

TLA: Ayyy que pasa? I hope y’all having a good night so far. Just know I’m the one being inducted so you ain’t having nowhere near as good a night as yo boi! Nah nah enjoy yo selves. This a night for everyone. But right now this night about to become about a very special someone. It is my honor to be out here to do the induction and you know we really breaking boundaries with this one.

I have the honor to induct the very first black man into the EAW Hall of Fame.

TLA: Wait never mind. I am being told from backstage authorities he isn’t actually black. Also not the first. :lupe: My mind is blown right now. So we doing this shit in character or breaking the shit out that kayfabe? Yo fuck it imma do whatever I want. I have known Chris Elite for a long time. When I first met him he looked like this.

TLA: :damn: Look at them waves! However, we have been thru a lot together and over the years he has become a much different person. These days he looks more and more like this.

TLA: Something has changed but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

(TLA is shown motioning to security backstage.)

TLA: I’m just fucking around don’t let him quit. Nah nah for real tho SK is my truest homie we been down that road and back a long ass time now. We met back in the Stone Ages in NWF. Shoutout to Tougie. Shoutout to Danny. Shoutout to Moiz. That NWF Invasion coming any day now we taking over on these streets and there ain’t gonna be no survivors if you ain’t an OG. SK a true OG and a true survivor out here in this game. Ain’t a lot of people who could handle sticking out in this shit as long as he has. He been going since day one and don’t show no signs of slowing down. He had them ups and he had them downs. Never forget that a few years ago he was jobbing out in the New Breed Championship match at Pain for Pride despite being in the company for like 7 years or some shit at that point. The year after that he was main eventing the whole damn show as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Shit like a roller coaster with no seatbelt but homie ain’t never fell off.

TLA: The haters tried to keep us apart but true love will always find a way. When they came after us like nah TLA you don’t get to have multiple speeches. You greedy little bitch want to make this Hall of Fame all about you. Acting like I ain’t get to induct my boi SK. Fuck outta here you know that ain’t nobody else capable. SK got all them teams with Malcolm and Ahren and the Iconomy n shit but you know we got that history on lock. Done faced each other a million times and finna face each other a million more. SK got that consistency to change the game each time he steps into the promo booth. You know he gonna be gunning for you full stop and tear yo shit up. He that ruthless motherfucker with a phD in hating and he will tear you up until you got more holes than he got fingers.

Nah that’s the last one I promise beloved.

TLA: SK as a person is a real one. He ain’t afraid to speak his mind and call out any shenanigans when he sees them going down on his turf. He not one to back down from any beef and will cause all that drama if needed to stop the eaters from getting to the buffet. He might have made some enemigos out here but for whatever reason I never had any problems being chill with him. It always caused me confusion when I get a DM from someone and they like “SK got me all worked up” or “SK be starting shit with me” or “SK got my dick in his mouth and won’t open his jaw”. I get confused cuz from my experience he ain’t that hard to get along with. As far as I can tell that is the case for most people but the select few bozos who can’t take that heat. You know that they be taking shit too personal online and in many ways SK is out here proving whether or not you are man enough to handle EAW. Cuz if you be backing down to him in the chat then I ain’t think you ready to deliver that fire on the promo page. There is a reason why SK has lasted as long as he has in this business and there is a reason why so many of the dickeaters haven’t.

I say that as he is prolly banned from the EAW discord as he reads this.

TLA: Some people don’t realize the kind of person it takes to be always walking on that thin ice like SK do. In this Hall of Fame class we got people like Rex McAllister. All due respect to him but he and SK couldn’t be any different yet they are both in the Hall of Fame this year. Same class. They are living proof that there ain’t just one path to be the best around here. Rex the model efedder. He keeps to himself. Does his job and does it well. Only ever has nice things to say about anyone. A true professional. Then we got SK and you know he spends as much time banned here as he does otherwise. He be throwing them flames every way you look calling out the bozos and ready to take on all comers. Who else could bring that same fire out of all they opponents and partners? Who else could take Shaker Jones and make him go in and step that game up? I could go on and on but I’m getting word that I gotta keep this short.

Which is very fitting also for SK :mjgrin:

TLA: We gonna get a ladder out here for you to reach the podium don’t worry lil homie. All I know is that SK may not be a knight in shining armor but he is more of a fighter than 90% of the bozos that pass thru here. He a real loyal motherfucker who lives, breathes, and breathes this EAW shit. I am proud to say he is mi amigo y mi hermano and just as proud to say that from this night on he will also he my classmate in the EAW Hall of Fame!

(“Invincible” by Pop Smoke hits as Chris Elite makes his way out to the stage in a custom made Christian Diot suit and some Christian Louboutin dress shoes, he removes his Cartier frames as he begins to speak)

Chris Elite: You know the vibes already man thank you TLA for those endearing comments ilysm. This is about to be the most humble yet cocky speech you’ve ever heard. First I want to shoutout some people firstly being the man that inducted me TLA has literally seen me go from Orton Hardy :mjgrin: to Chris Castle to Suicide Kid to the Hall of Fame Elitst I am now. From our grueling matches and promo wars to shit outside of wrestling. Shoutout to the two who believed in me when everyone else was calling me a charity case aka DDD and Banks and giving me a chance to show my abilities. Shoutout to anyone who has seen me grow as an Elitist and outside of EAW I know I piss a lot of you off but from the bottom of my heart I love you all. Now to be cocky anyone who doubted me and called me a charity case from the bottom of my heart suck my dick. It took me a long time to get where I’m at but I’m glad I did everything I did here in EAW. I’m glad to be in this hall of fame class which you ask me is the most star studded and deserved class in a long time. I knew after I beat DDD and my one hot summer that it would happen and I’d make it here and though I might’ve been salty it wasn’t last year or the year before I am actually glad it wasn’t. I’m glad to be in a class with my former tag team partner, my best friend in this shit, one of my biggest rivals and of course the goat Amber Keys. This is only the beginning though there is no letting up I am coming for everything they said wouldn’t get and more and this is literally just the beginning Chris Elite will be gone no time soon. You’ll have to deal with my random attitudes and me being the cocky muthafucka I am now for a little bit longer. More of my disrespectful promos and all of it that comes with me. When this is all said and done I want to go down as one of the best to do it and keep proving any doubters that I still have wrong. I love you all and I love this company and to my opponents tomorrow thanks for my first win as an official hall of famer 😘.

(“Invincible” picks back up as the fans give an ovation to Chris Elite who is waving back at them in appreciation before making his way back to his seat. Jake Mercer makes his way back up.)

Jake Mercer: Chris Elite has always shown the potential to be a hall of famer. You know, funny story…I remember when I first started out as an announcer for the GLT (Grapplers Legion Tournament), I was taken aback when a young man named The Suicide Kid appeared and he took everyone out in the tournament. It was like he had greatness written all over him.

Speaking of somebody with greatness written all over them, when you talk about tough, Serena Bennett should be the first name you think of. This girl is gritty, pretty, and at times…saditty! WOOO CHILE LEMME TELL YOU SUMTHIN! Serena Bennett went undefeated in the Compton Crips Federation for three years straight before she even came to EAW. They say vatos, bloods, and every gang around town has to bow down to Cuz!!!

(An awkward silence fills up the room as a producer runs up to the podium and whispers something to Jake Mercer, causing immediate embarrassment as he can be seen turning red)

Jake Mercer: Correction: Serena Bennett is not being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. What I meant was uhhh, fuck it just roll the footage!

( )

(We see Kendra Shamez in a confessional)

Kendra Shamez: A woman who defined an era not once, but twice. Amber, welcome to the HOF club. #OG

(We see Harlow Reichert in a confessional)

Harlow Reichert: I have a lot of respect for Amber Keys and the fearlessness and bravery she showed when she made her return to EAW. I faced her on Battle Ground in her first match back, and honestly, she hadn’t lost a step. To sit home for years and watch the sport you love pass you by after it rejected you, and return in shape with a point to prove is just nothing short of remarkable to me. One of my favorite matches on Empire is when I faced Amber last season for the right to enter Cash in the Vault. Amber was at her best, in the middle of a feud with Cleopatra, and I certainly wasn’t the same competitor I had been in our first match. I like to think I pushed her to her limit, and I know she took me to mine. It makes me smile knowing that I had that kind of match with a Hall of Famer, ignoring the fact Cleo got herself involved, and I’m happy Amber is getting the recognition she deserves. Love her or hate her, you have to respect her and she’s definitely someone I consider to be a pioneer in this sport for women’s wrestling.

(We see Chris Elite in a confessional)

Chris Elite: While I wasn’t around for Amber Keys beginning the matches and promos I did get to witness I can see why you are here. Outside of this yktv already ily had some of my best chat interactions with you many laughs and arguments even but ily anyway and you deserve this.

(We see TLA in a confessional)

TLA: Yo mami lookin’ real fine in that outfit you know that she all dressed up for the Hall of Fame n shit. She a real trailblazer out here and you got no choice but to put that respeck down on her name. She a straight up cougar you know she been slaying motherfuckers since the 1950s n shit she been holding down this fed a long ass time. You know she way back before my time and I ain’t around for none of that. I ain’t seen it personally so how the fuck can I speak on it? Well I got to know her ass personally the last couple years and now we tight I know that she a real one commanding that respect. She comes waltzing back into the company after being gone for who knows how long and gets handed the VP position. You know that had me shook and I’m like who the fuck this bitch think she is. I got all them feels of stranger danger in my system cuz I ain’t know what she gonna pull. But in the end she stepped up and she proved that she deserved that shit. Running this place and becoming a true leader in every sense of the word. She was mi capitán for that Team Dynasty shit and you know we was rollin’. I ain’t give my respect and trust to nobody that shit got to be earned and she did just that. I doubt that I’m the only one she earned that respect for. She may be out the Discord these days but just like last time she came back and rolled thru everyone proving that she belongs and I’m sure she could do exactly that if she ever come back thru again. Cuz she really done it all and this place be her home 4 life. Amber Keys got the keys to this casa. :wow:

(We see Cameron Ella Ava in a confessional)

Cameron Ella Ava: It’s unfortunate that I’ve never clashed with Amber Keys, but I loved watching her work in AWF and seeing her kill it there. I remember just getting into wrestling and despising Amber Keys because she would always cheat to win and it wasn’t something that I didn’t feel like it was morally right or I’m going to use it as an example, but as I got older, I looked back and I realized that she knew that she was that bitch. She knew how to work a crowd and have them wrapped around her finger. She couldn’t give a fuck about how people perceived her. She went out there with confidence and looked beautiful all at the same time. She was a total badass and it’s such a shame that it took her so long to get back into the ring and end her career in Elite Answers Wrestling, but at least, she’s here and she makes her place in the Hall of Fame.

(We see Cleopatra in a confessional)

Cleopatra: Amber Keys is one of a kind. I had an absolute blast taking over the Empire with her in the Queen’s Court and being on the opposite side at a certain point. It’s something about her that pushes you to do your very best. I’m thankful that she decided to return to the EAW because I wouldn’t have met such an awesome competitor, character, and overall great person outside of the ring. Everyone knows I have a saying that I’m the ”Greatest Vixen That Ever Lived,” but truthfully that honor belongs to Amber. Because she’s the true pioneer and leader for the female generations of this community. I truly miss my old road buddy. Thank You, Amber, love you!

(We see Ronn Banks in a confessional)

Ronn Banks: I ain’t even supposed to be appearing on this so that’s how you know it’s a big deal :wow:. But this isn’t about me this is about the legendary Dirti Diva aka Amber Keys. There are very few people who during my time playing this game I ever looked at as larger than life figures, who I looked UP at and felt like I needed to live up to their standard based on the reputation they built for themselves. As far as I was concerned, Dirti Diva was one of them. There were names like Mr. DEDEDE, HRDO, Crude, and Dirti Diva was right there alongside them. As a frequent Yahoo Answers user coming up, DD was like the talk of the town and the queen of the castle. Her relationship with Mr. DEDEDE was like the KimYe of Yahoo Answers at the time. Between names like herself and Mr. DEDEDE among a few others being advertised as members of AWF, I was intrigued to join and be among the elite. Being able to interact with these people who were “top contributors” and big names in real time on a chatroom felt like I was interacting with internet celebs in a sense. 

In turn it made me gravitate towards this game and take it seriously and really want to commit my time to it. Seeing the type of culture that she helped build and put into place which made AWF special, I was inspired to want to create my own version of AWF which is how EAW became a concept. As I became more of a fixture in the community I had the luxury of being able to form a friendship with DD which led to her becoming one of my closer friends in AWF and a lot of good times were shared, to this day I reference some old inside jokes that only she would get and mock her old isms. Unfortunately as we became bigger names in the game in our own right and AWF continued to grow, outside sources began to bring us apart and eventually her infamous departure from AWF happened resulting in a decade without being a consistent member. Despite our relationship being compromised back in the day and quite a few times to follow, the universe always had a way of bringing us back together all throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s. After coming back from a half a decade hiatus of my own I noticed DD visit the chat one random day in hopes of returning only to be trolled away from the toxic culture that made up EAW in 2017, but it wasn’t lost on me. When I retook charge in EAW I knew that major culture changes were needed and that we needed a big presence who could be a great fit, Dirti Diva immediately came to mind. I looked at it as a low risk high reward move and I reached out to her, and I got way more than I could ever imagine from her, it was like she didn’t miss a beat from AWF. So here we are, finally, 11 years long overdue but better late than never welcoming Dirti Diva into the Hall of Fame. Enjoy it beloved, this is where you belong.

(We cut back to the stage)

Announcer: Introducing the man who will be inducting Amber Keys, please welcome the Chairman of Elite Answers Wrestling, the Answers World Champion, and 2009 EAW Hall of Famer….. MISSSTTTEERRRR DEEEEDEEEDEEEEEEEE!!!

( “Let It Go” by A$AP Ferg hits and Mr. DEDEDE walks out to the microphone stand. )

( DEDEDE takes the microphone and waits for his music to die down. He looks around utterly confused, as though he just woke up from a dream and finds himself standing where he is )

Mr. DEDEDE: Wait a minute I’m inducting Amber Keys??? Aren’t we supposed to be rivals?!? :wtf:

Mr. DEDEDE: Nah I could have sworn she cost me millions of dollars now I’m inducting her?! :ohlawd: What kinda simp shit, Daddygawd would never. Mannnn this is breaking all kinds of kayfabe, my skins getting itchy. Now I know how Landerson feels like when he comes online as Hades every other 9 months.

Anyways it’s been a long time since I’ve written a Hall of Fame speech for somebody, and I think this induction is as one-of-a-kind as the person actually being inducted tonight. 

So I don’t want to make it like any other Hall of Fame speech where I rib them, crack jokes, mention funny meme moments and butter them up at the end. I’m going to go out on the ledge and push things to the boundaries even if it might become a little bit uncomfortable, alright? Okay, so here we go.

I wanted to start with an apology.

“Breaking news Mr. DEDEDE apologizing.” I think it’s fit if I do just that. I think before we have Ciana aka Dirti Diva, now most known under the character of “Amber Keys” accept her award, it’s only best if I tell her something that for all I know she might believe is water completely under the bridge. But I want to apologize to you, Ciana, on behalf of everybody in this game who treated you the way they treated you. 

I don’t mean to reopen old scabs, but I’m not going to pretend you had every reason to stay away from this game after the ACW/AWF/EAW war popped off. Yes, most of us were young then. Most of the people that were around back then aren’t even around now. But you are thankfully around right now, and so was I. And a lot of us allowed you to be basically turned on and exiled and spoken ill of, and you didn’t deserve that. Nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves to spend their time in a place that’s meant to be fun for everybody being abused and singled out the way you were. And if nobody said it to you before, someone might as well say it to you now. On behalf of this game, we are sorry.

Also on behalf of this game, we would like to thank you. 

Thank you for letting the past remain in the past. We are grateful that you took Ronn up on his proposal to give EAW a chance. We are thankful you gave EAW the benefit of the doubt, and I remember seeing your sign up excited as fuck because it was another ‘one of us’ back in the midst. 

Sure, we’ve had moments were people from the older days of this game come back, and 9 times out of 10 they aren’t able to adapt to the current environment whether it’s due to their gap in creativity, or their consistency, or personality differences that just aren’t up to speed with these times. It happens so often that I couldn’t help but wonder what you’d make of this game.

And just like that, these minor “anxieties” were quickly quelled after seeing your first written work. So not only is DD back but she’s a great fucking writer. 

Then it became, not only is DD back but she’s a great, CONSISTENT, writer. 

Then it became, not only is DD back but she’s developing her character and piecing together her backstory. Then it became, not only is DD back but she’s created a unique, GOAT new character #FoxCares fleshing out another side of her personality with the one and only “Serena Bennett.”

Then it became, not only is DD back but she’s more of an active community member than me :damn: !!!!!!

THEN IT BECAME, not only is DD back but she’s a writer, VP, helping with the sites, beloved in this community, respected as a writer, and an overall leader.

Ciana, no matter what role you have today, tomorrow, or had in the past in EAW, you didn’t owe any of us any of this. I always have this mentality that nobody is owed, but when you see people on the board like our writers, my co chairman Banks, and even the amazing promoers and community members in this fed, it’s important to remember, we are all donating our time. That isn’t lost on me, keeping my mind on this has made me learn to appreciate what we have more. Especially in times like these where there is so much wrong with our world, to have something we mutually pour our energy into makes me feel connected with every one of you. 

And the fact, Ciana, that you are right here with us is profound for a multitude of reasons. You were away from our circle for over ten years, and came back as influential as you were back in 07. Even now as you focus on your role as a promoer, and do such an amazing job at it, people gravitate themselves to you for a reason. Because you are magnetic as a personality, as a community member, as a writer. It’s who you are, and it’s who you’ve always been.

As much as I hope you talk your shit in your speech, something tells me you’re not going to rub it in everybody’s face that you and Jenny literally brought Xat chatrooms to the fed. Something that has set our corner of this game apart from so many others. I don’t think AWF or even EAW would have the energy if it had if the chatroom wasn’t such a central part of how members interact. It would be such a different hobby. It probably seems so small, something along the lines of “well I used this in Yahoo 360 so I figured naturally we bring it to AWF”, but that’s just one example of your impact. And it’s a massive example. Any time you’ve taken up responsibilities in EAW you didn’t just fulfill them and be done with it, you did them well, and continue to do what you do amazingly.

 Not going to turn this into a promo although it’s probably too late. Obligatory Test Me Not. But I’ve gotten a lot off my chest just now that deep inside I’ve always wanted to express, and I think it’s important on a personal level that I thank you, for all of the experiences over the years. I am grateful that you were willing to allow the final story of the Amber Keys character to carry out in our feud stemming from Battle of Egypt last year, leading into our match at Road to Redemption.

The entire concept of what we did, being able to flesh out that side of Amber who still feels scorned from the wrongs that were done to her a decade ago. The ability to take a story that comes from a real place and turn it into something that was thoroughly enjoyed. And your willingness to buy into it, that seriously touched me. I will always be thankful for that.

You are deserving, you are worthy, you are gifted. You are so valuable to our game and our community, your work as a writer in my opinion has only gotten better. As much as you’ve accomplished, and as much as you deserve to celebrate what you’ve contributed, I believe deeply inside that you have so much more left. 

Not everybody from our generation cared about much more than chatroom banter, very few of us transitioned to the era of creative writing, even fewer have made it to where they’re able to be a model figure in this modern era. You are of a select few in a rare and dying breed. Always remember that. You have a gift, and all of us are grateful for it. You have my respect and so many others can say the exact same thing. So come out here and flex on us queen :wow:

Without further adieu, it is a privilege to welcome out the newest member into the 2020 EAW Hall of Famer, AMBER KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

(“All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True” by A Skylit Drive begins to play as Amber Keys walks out onto the stage with a wide smile across her face. She takes a second to twirl and show off her custom-made gilded-feather mermaid gown, fashioned after the signature dress worn in by the main character in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. :wow: )

(Mr. DEDEDE is shown applauding and smiling at Amber as she approaches the podium. He extends his arm for a congratulatory handshake but Amber simply looks down at his hand, slaps it away, and throws her arms around his neck to pull him in for a hug. The audience applauds the sentimental gesture. As they release, Mr. DEDEDE steps off to the side allowing Amber to position herself in front of the podium. She grips either side of the podium tightly anxiously as her music dies down and the audience continues to applaud, an overwhelming sense of joy reading across her face. She takes a deep breath as she waits for the audience to calm down, pulling out some note cards out from the front of her dress.)

Amber Keys: Hi.

(A short burst of cheers starts up again from the audience.)

Amber Keys: This is a moment that I used to fantasize about as a life-long wrestling fan. I must have been fifteen years old when I first started writing the first draft of my Hall-of-Fame speech. But alas, due to the circumstances I’m sure you have all been made aware of by now, I threw all those rough drafts away a decade ago. I put my dreams of professional wrestling success on the backburner, and trashed any hopefulness I once had to ever receive this prestigious level of recognition from EAW completely. The only way I ever saw myself being honored by Elite Answers Wrestling in any fashion was in a dream. A dream composed of ambitions and goals I had surrendered to the turn of time, a dream I had no choice but to forget about entirely because I’d been excommunicated, cut off due to my own personal decisions that were considered reprehensible to some. I believed that EAW would never be a place I could consider home. That I would never belong, that I couldn’t fit in, that despite me being THE specialist in the art of extreme, I was an evil-doer, entirely worthless to Extreme Answers Wrestling, the industry, and beyond. I believed I would never be respected. I would never be recognized as a forerunner in the industry. My legacy was to be erased, swept away, disregarded entirely. And yet, here I stand before you. And it feels better than it ever did in any dream.

(Amber pauses for a brief moment as a select few members of the audience applaud.)

Amber Keys: All it took for my dreams to come true ( :mjgrin: ) was to completely relieve myself of any sort of fear, anxiety, shame, pain, all of it. I had to do exactly what I did in 2002 and jump headfirst into completely new territory, fully submerge myself in the art of sports entertainment after being so far removed for many, many years. It paid off then, and it has certainly paid off now. I will always be proud of what I accomplished in my career. The inaugural, two-time AWF Women’s Championship. A former AWF Tag Team Champion. An EAW Empire Tag Team Champion. The first woman on primetime television to main event both AWF’s War and Legacy. Now, finally, there will be no denying what my accomplishments have meant to this industry, to women’s wrestling as a whole. I’m so very thankful to know that, finally, you’ve all accepted me.

(She takes a deep breath and adjusts her notes with a shaky hand.)

Amber Keys: It is proving to be increasingly difficult to express exactly how it feels to have been so well-received by EAW’s audience. An audience I once thought outgrew me and my flair for the dramatic. An audience I assumed shared the same beliefs as those who fought their hardest to dismantle my legacy and turn the rest of the wrestling world against me solely out of spite. Granted, my behavior behind closed doors was not reflective of a woman who was held in such high regard as I had been by most of my comrades, it took many, many people by surprise. But despite it all, I was welcomed back with open arms, even when I might be one to argue I never should have been given the opportunity in the first place. I’m not proud of what the many alternate versions of Amber Keys, The Dirti Diva, may have done throughout her career–but if given the chance, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Everything happens for a reason, and everything is the way that it should be. I’m thankful for every last individual I came into contact with throughout my career. The list goes on forever, but for the sake of brevity, I will keep my acknowledgements short:

First, to the friends I’ve made in the past that didn’t get the opportunities to connect with the EAW Universe for a second chance as I did, I will always be thankful for the time we spent together in the early stages of my career. I will never forget any of you, and you’re part of the reason why I love this sport as much as I do today.

Secondly, to the friends I’ve made in the modern-day EAW, to those I’ve competed against and alongside with, you have all enhanced my character and livelihood in your own unique ways. I’m eternally grateful for your trust and willingness to work alongside me. I hope that one day, I would have earned the honor of being considered a meaningful contributor to each of your own stories.

Finally, there are three (3) people who I would not be The Dirti Diva without. I owe my success to these three individuals and I mean that wholeheartedly. Without them, Amber Keys would be nothing.

(Amber flips to a fresh note card and takes a deep breath, smiling as she continues to speak directly to each individual mentioned.)

Amber Keys: To Cleopatra. (A small pop is heard from the audience.) After winning the Empire Tag Team Championships, the second best thing to happen to me since joining EAW was finding you. To know that I had your support and admiration throughout my EAW career means the world to me. Your support is what carried Amber Keys to new heights, what allowed me to be deserving of EAW’s Comeback-of-the-Year award, what made the Queen’s Court one of the most iconic stables on Empire at the tail end of its run. I cherish what we accomplished together. We told beautiful stories, shared some exciting matches, and made some very memorable moments that will live in my cold heart forever. There’s nobody like you, Cleo. You take my breath away. Thank you for being all that you are. ▲;

(A close-up on Amber shows that tears are beginning to well-up in her eyes. She tilts her head back so as to avoid ruining her makeup.)

Amber Keys: To Mr. DEDEDE. (Amber turns her head over her shoulder and flashes a smile at the EAW chairman.) I’m so very lucky that I was able to both start and finish my professional wrestling career with you. Despite all that we’ve said and done–to each other and to others–I can’t think of an individual more dedicated, more passionate, or more open-minded than you. The level of sophistication that you bring to Elite Answers Wrestling is unparalleled, second to none, and I’m sure you don’t even need me to tell you that. I am proud to know you. I am proud to have been able to work with you. And I am still so proud to see how much you have been able to accomplish in the Answers Wrestling Federation, in Elite Answers Wrestling, as a chairman, as a father, as a businessman, as a husband, as my friend. You are a unique and beautiful soul and even if at the end of the day, I were only to remain known as a footnote in the illustrious career of Ryan Adams, then it still brings me joy to know that I was never once forgotten by you, that I still mattered in some fashion, that I still contributed to your story in any way, no matter how small. It is a miracle that thirteen years ago, you saw something in me worth associating with at all, and I’ll forever appreciate what I learned from you over the years. I owe so much to you, Ryan. Thank you for everything.

(Amber sniffles and wipes her nose on her wrist. Visibly emotional, the audience starts a round of cheers and applause to encourage her to continue. She lets out a light chuckle as tears start to stream down her face again. Her voice begins to crack as she progresses through her last round of thanks.)

Amber Keys: To Ronn Bank$. (She pauses, allowing for the audience to give a pop at the sound of Bank$’s name.) The universe has a very disturbing way of forcing us together despite all of our various efforts to disassociate from each other over the years. But I’m thankful for all fate has done for us and for our friendship. If you didn’t re-enter my life in the fashion that you did, I have absolutely no idea where I would be right now. If you didn’t make the calls and pull the strings to bring me into EAW and put me onto Battleground, if you didn’t encourage me to give this sport my all, if you didn’t coach me through the adjustments that came with all of this, if you didn’t keep believing and supporting in me for the many years that you have, it is perfectly acceptable to say that I could have never received this honor. That I would have never remained motivated to stick around long enough to do something meaningful. That I would have never stood up to the plate and took back what I owed myself. In many ways, I owe my life–and of course, my career–all to you. Compassion, self-sacrifice, and an unyielding desire to continue to succeed despite any and every obstacle that comes your way are just some of the few things I admire the most about you, and I hope that after all these years, some of it might have rubbed off onto me by now. I have terrible ways of showing it, but you are a dear friend to me, one of the very best that I have to this day. Not to mention that there is no one that comes close to you and your legacy in this business. You are the caliber of talent each and every last one of us should aspire to be, and I would be lying if I said you didn’t inspire me in damn near every way. I admire you greatly, Mr. Banker$on. I have zero idea how I could ever repay you for all you’ve done for me, but I will aim to do so, each and every single day. Thank you for your faith in me. Thank you for your unconditional support. Thank you for giving me the second chance I never would have given myself. 

(Amber tucks her notecards away and looks up into the crowd. Tears fall from her cheeks down onto the podium as she smiles.)

Amber Keys: To everyone at Elite Answers Wrestling, no matter the level of your involvement, you all have made my dreams come true. I love you. And thank you.

(“All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True” picks back up as Amber positions herself in front of the podium, smiling and waving out into the applauding crowd in attendance.)

(Jake Mercer comes back on stage)

Jake Mercer: Jake Mercer: Amber Keys has been away from the game for some time but she cannot and will not be forgotten. He immortalized status as an official EAW HALL OF FAME STAR IS UNDENIABLE! She may have been denied access to the vip section of the clubs she used to try to enter back when she was bussing tables and waiting on food for patrons just to pay for her training, but now she has the literal keys to walk anywhere and command unrivaled success. Amber Keys once submitted “Litty Sashay” in All Sass Superstars but that was nothing compared to her EAW run. From A.S.S. to here, Amber Keys has opened every door and blew everyone away everywhere she has been!

Jake Mercer: With the return of the Hall of Fame this year, we see many faces from the company’s illustrious past. We also recognize how many faces have come and gone, the changes that have happened. Obviously with myself as the biggest new blessing to be had…

(The crowd gives a slight boo as Jake grins on the stage.)

Jake Mercer: But of course many of those changes being that so many who we can recall having just started out only several years ago, have become the ones we hold this ceremony specifically to honor. This night stands as a testament to the work, dedication, and relentlessness of the men and women we honor. And there is one man who perhaps more than almost anyone has personified the idea of hard work and dedication over the recent years. A fighting mentality to go in and deliver in every match. And an eye to the future for guiding those who have come after himself. Someone who has represented the spirit of EAW both on and off the screen. 

We all know who that person is. Rex McAllister himself. He not only has an already incomprehensible and illustrious EAW career, he not only is with one of the most talented women in professional wrestling, but he’s capped off a career that he could retire and be proud of and STILL continues to perform at a high level. Who would have known back in the day when Red McCallister was going by the name “Dino McCastle” that he would be what he is now? I once witnessed Dino survive a 27 man battle royal to become a number one contender for the Prehistoric Historic Championship League. To think, he went from those humble beginnings to this! Such a marvel that deserves appreciation!

( )

(We see Harlow Reichert in a confessional)

Harlow Reichert: Every single person who is new and comes into this company needs to look at Rex McAllister on how to conduct themselves on and off camera. He exudes confidence, poise, and always maintains a level head no matter what the situation is. Rolling with the punches and accepting that things won’t always go your way is so important and really, no one handles that better than Rex. He’s gifted, and truly talented in every aspect of this sport. I remember Xavier telling me that Rex is a great example of someone to look up to and to model myself after, and I’ve never looked at anyone else for an example on how to conduct myself. Rex is every bit the standard bearer that people label him as, and this honor could not go to someone more deserving.

(We see Terry Chambers in a confessional)

Terry Chambers: Everybody knows how I feel about Rex. One of the biggest rivals but yet one of my good friends at the same time. A guy who always gave the best advice whenever it was needed. Another workhorse for this company and blue collar worker. I was there in the beginning when Rex started and I knew this guy was going to get here some day. Rex is one of the toughest and smartest people I’ve ever stepped in the ring with, and I’m glad to have had those battles and look forward to more in the future. Congratulations.

(We see TLA in a confessional)

TLA: TLA: Awww shit my homie Rex out here. Getting all up in that Raven ring earlier getting up in that Hall of Fame ring now. You know I only got the most luv for Rex we been here a long ass time together. Been years and years since we faced each other but our careers been all parallel n shit the whole way thru. You know when Rex turned heel by attacking Andrea I was shook. I felt personally betrayed but tonight we are putting all that shit behind us to celebrate the man, the myth, la leyenda. Rex McAllister got them iron fingers. The kind of fingers that Chris Elite has because Rex’s fingers just won’t quit! You know they be pumping out promo after promo after promo. Y’all might say that he has no life but it is clear that he is a true Hall of Famer for that very reason cuz this fed truly is his life. He be that living embodiment of all the shit that EAW represents. Rex is a real caballero in every sense of the word. He all about that honor and following the rules and doing what’s right. Rex that perfect efedder out here making us all wonder if we can live up to his example. Well fuck all that shit cuz nah we can’t. We can do this shit our own way but never like Rex. Y’all best recognize there is only one. Rex McAllister will live forever unlike the lizards he kills.

(We see Cameron Ella Ava in a confessional)

Cameron Ella Ava: Cameron Ella Ava: Rex McAllister is one of the most consistent wrestlers that has ever graced EAW. He is what you call a model wrestler. He is the first one to come to work and the last one to leave. He is someone who is always so determined to improve and push himself to the next level. Not only that, but he’s one of the nicest guys in the back. For someone to be an amazing wrestler, but be so humble at the same time, is amazing. That’s how you carry yourself in the back. That’s how you get people to want to see you succeed in this company. Rex is confident in his skills, but I’ve never heard him be overconfident. I’ve never heard him become arrogant. He is hardworking and he never stops working. Rex, you need a break. You need to sit down and relax and hopefully after Pain for Pride, you get some time to recover. It will be something that you deserve. For you being in the Hall of Fame, it’s about damn time. You deserve this moment and it’s great to see all of your hard work pay off.

(We see Chris Elite in a confessional)

Chris Elite: Rex one of my biggest rivals since I rejoined in 2015 many promo battles, many matches shit we was even a tag team once but we won’t talk too much about that considering how it went. You definitely deserve this and probably should’ve been in before but I am glad we get to go in together.

(We see Xavier Williams in a confessional)

Xavier Williams: I still remember the day. You were an unknown on Showdown doing anything that he could to prove his worth. You never complained. You were always grateful, and you never let anyone down. I pulled you under my wing knowing the potential that you held, but I never imagined that you would turn into the Elitist that you have. You are the epitome of what every Elitist should dream of becoming. You are a workhorse. You have become a standard bearer, and every single time that anyone has held a shred of doubt in the name Rex McAllister – you’ve gone out and proved every one of them wrong. I am so proud to see your day come, Rex. I know how hard you’ve worked to get here and you haven’t taken your foot off the pedal from the first day that you entered EAW. You deserve everything that you’ve had in EAW and I have absolutely no doubt that there’s going to be so much more waiting for you in the future. This is a special day and I truly hope that you enjoy every piece of it. Congratulations, bud. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

(We cut back to the stage)

Announcer: Here to induct Rex McAllister into the EAW Hall of Fame, please welcome James Ranger and Raven Roberts!

(Music plays briefly as James Ranger and Raven Roberts step out from behind the curtain together, James in his suit and Raven in an elegant black evening gown. Both wave to the crowd as they approach the podium, James stepping to the microphone first.)

James Ranger: To whom in the audience, that must understand…I stand up here to honor a man that, when I first saw him..was a spitfire just breaking ground into the e-wrestling world. I knew little of the man known to all as Rex McAllister. I knew of great things, praises from a fellow colleague in the B.O.D. He spoke of Rex quite highly, placed him in a tournament to crown the vacant world championship. He was booked to compete in the tournament as well, and he said to keep an eye on Rex and I would see what he saw. 

(James chuckles a little)

Janes Ranger: I have never seen such purpose in someone so unseasoned. I couldn’t fathom where the well of skill Rex was showing then started and where it ended. I knew he was a storm of reckoning, a breath of fresh air to the company. I couldn’t have been more excited to test him. Needless to say, he bested me to become the next world champion. I was quite content, despite losing that match. He had gave his all to have the crowning achievement so early in his life. I knew without question that he could carry a company now and forever. 

James Ranger: Rex McAllister embodies what is phenomenal in today’s e-wrestling: the ability to adapt, overcome your obstacles, and to thrive when there’s change happening around you at lightspeed. It’s an honor and pleasure…. congratulations, my friend.

(James steps away from the podium, making way as Raven Roberts now steps up, adjusting the microphone down a bit.)

Raven Roberts: Man, I cant believe it’s Pain for Pride time again. It’s this time of year that brings out the very best in all of us. There’s something about all of this. Something just changes in the air. Everything is exciting. Everything pumps you full of adrenaline. And you just can’t wait to get to that ring. But tonight is about taking a moment to stop, to reflect. Tonight is about honoring those who have cemented themselves as bastions of this industry. Tonight… I am here to honor the one… the only… Rex McAllister. First, and maybe the most obvious thing that I want to say is how incredibly proud I am of Rex and everything he’s accomplished to be here tonight. And second, I just want to let you all know, don’t worry. I’m not here to talk about marriage or any of that tonight. 

(The crowd erupts in applause as Raven laughs at herself on the stage.)

Raven Roberts: Okay, okay. But what I am here to talk about is a good man, a kind heart, and a dear friend. The first time I actually met Rex, we just randomly started chatting. I had been in EAW for maybe a month or so. And instantly he was just a cool guy to talk to. Maybe you’ve heard this story before. “Rex McAllister encouraged me and it helped me get better, and I owe a lot of my growth to him.” Or something along those lines. It’s a story that many have, and I’m no different. When my first Pain for Pride came and went back in the day, I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t react well. I didn’t like the stories I was put in. I didn’t like the results of things that were happening. I was very new to a lot of this. And truthfully, I didn’t comprehend that maybe I still had more growing to do. That maybe I needed to place a little more faith in things than I was willing to. Rex was someone who spoke to me and helped me see that. And he helped me see the value in sticking around and remaining a part of this amazing community. He reached out a hand and helped me up so that I could dust myself off and get ready to go again. I can genuinely say that if it weren’t for Rex, there would be no Raven Roberts in EAW today. And many share that same story. Because he’s always been one to help. One who wants the best for anyone else around him. When he performs for a match, he never takes away from a competitor without giving something back. And when he helps produce matches behind the scenes, he puts his whole heart into making everyone involved look their best. 

Raven Roberts: I have to personally thank him because beyond just that simple guidance, he’s been so willing to work with me on so many things from a story perspective. Willing trust me with his person, with his character. And that isn’t a trust that’s ever easily given. Through working alongside him he’s helped me grow both directly and indirectly in every way imaginable as a part of EAW. And the ways he helped me have opened my eyes to the people I saw coming into EAW after I did. People who have come to define both the present and the future of EAW. Rex took me under his wing and helped me. And anyone I have helped, encouraged, or just told them I’m proud of them, has Rex to thank… or blame for that. (She smirks.) And as things press on, I can only hope to have half the ripple effect of positivity that he has had on this place. Because if there is one person short of our staff who wishes the very best for each and every person seated here tonight, it’s Rex. He has always cared so deeply about not only his work here, but his impact on our community. And as we are standing here tonight to honor him, I’d say he’s done at least a few things right. So without further ado, it is my genuine honor to induct my husband, my tag partner, and above all else, my dear friend Rex McAllister into the EAW Hall of Fame. 

(‘Alive’ by P.O.D. begins to play as Rex McAllister makes his way out on the stage wearing full traditional black tuxedo attire minus a tie. He noticeably holds a piece of paper in hand. With a smile locked on his face, Rex immediately meets up and embraces his wife, Raven Roberts who is wearing a bright red midi dress. She holds the embrace with her husband, having what would seem to be words of encouragement for him before they briefly share a kiss and walks up to the podium where the microphone sits in place. He adjusts it slightly. Rex nods his head, pausing as he takes in the surreal moment.)

Rex McAllister: Thank you….thank you. Umm…shit. This e-fedding thing, man. If someone would’ve told me back on November 12, 2015 that I’d be standing here nearly five years later going into the Hall of Fame, and about to main event Pain For Pride for the third year in a row, I would’ve said you were either lying or that you needed to get your head examined (small laughter), because there was no way that was ever gonna happen. My whole time in this e-fed has seemingly been dedicated to proving what constant time and repetition can do, and making do with what I had and just constantly building on that. So I guess I’m glad that my original thoughts of what I wanted out of this at first and what I believed would come out of this were wrong. The moment I found out I was gonna be a part of this in the year 2020, at first the only two questions that kept running through my mind were how’d the fuck did I get here? And was it all real? 

(Brief pause, grinning) 

But then I remembered, it was because of all of you that I get to stand here. My peers. You all made it possible. You’ve all made this run in e-fedding everything I imagined it could be and more than I ever expected that it would be. Everyone, from friends, all the outstanding promoers, match and show writers…there’s so many names, it’s such a long ass list that it seemingly goes on forever. You’ve all in one way or another played a small part in keeping the passion I have for this ignited. I’m incredibly grateful for being able to be a part of this Hall of Fame class in particular, because if there was any set of writers with the same competitive drive and consistency to keep pushing the overall grade scale of this place higher, and really pushing me to put out my best anytime we were booked on a card against one another it’s been people like TLA, Chris Elite, DD, and Ahren Fournier. It’s always been an honor to face top notch competition like them. But I don’t get those opportunities without people like Xavier Williams, like Mr. DeDeDe, Ronn Banks, Kassidy Heart, Diamond Cage, Impact, in some capacity based on the roles they played at different check points of my e-fedding experience being able to see something that they obviously felt fit their overall vision for myself and the fed. Without them as well as all the other handlers in this community that I’ve had the privilege to work with, there is no Rex McAllister. 

(Brief pause, audience applause)

This is also where I want to thank you, James Ranger, for being here for this, and for the kind words. Over a month ago shortly after I got the news about this induction, I knew I wanted you to be a part of this because you’ve been there from the very beginning, even before EAW.  I know there’s some that know this, but many more that don’t. But before I was an EAW Elitist, there was the WWX, World Wrestling Xistence. It was there that I met James Ranger. James you were one of the very first that was able to help me to see and understand that even as competitive as I wished to be to find out how good I wanted to be at this, that it’s just as much about working selflessly to help others further their journey as it was my own to ensure that everyone was able to thrive in the long run. You were pretty much responsible for birthing the idea of Rex McAllister the World Champion and making it a thing going back to our time in the other fed. The influence you’ve been for me, the belief in me as a writer you’ve always had and continued to support right throughout the last five years has helped mold the type of overall outlook and understanding I have of e-fedding that I have today. You’ve always checked up on me and kept close enough tabs on EAW to not be too surprised by this, which I’ll always appreciate about you. I’m glad you decided to give this place another shot, and I know with time you can do great things. I can’t wait to see what you do from here. You’ve been a rival, an ally, a friend, and an overall upstanding great person and positive influence on my e-fedding come up story. So once again, thank you.

E-fedding though, it isn’t exactly what I would consider ideal for someone like myself to pick up on so late in the game compared to others to become decent at, and given today’s outstanding, creative, and hard working writers that produce straight fire promos weekly, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this current talented crop of writers that have been amassed over the last couple years especially, people I know within this community and love to work with when we get the chance. Writers that are really ahead of their time in many ways when it comes to creativity, like the Visual Prophet. Someone who forwards this place with every bit of creative energy he puts into writing segments, writing matches, putting out promos that leave you wanting to read more week in and week out. Writers that are really coming into their own and adding new elements to each piece they put out like Drake King, like Jake Smith, like Xander Payne, Charlie Marr. Guys that leave me literally scratching my head, wondering if they really have been in this thing for two years or ten, they’re really that good and only getting better. And of course, with great influences like Mr. DeDeDe, Ronn Banks, Impact, Diamond Cage, Xavier Williams, Cameron Ella Ava, Jamie O’Hara constantly at the helm, that always gives us all several more reasons to keep putting out our best to keep this ship running strong for the long haul. Another thing about it all that makes that type of attitude and how contagious it can be to want to become the best writer that you can be, is how addicting challenging yourself can truly become. I’d be lying to you if I said I’m not addicted to seeing how good I can become at this, because like most in the beginning there was doubt that would surface when I was a bit rough around the edges. I remember going a little over three months sitting on exactly one victory and thinking, you know…I kinda suck at this. (chuckles, brief pause for shared audience chuckling) But, I’m glad I got to go through that, because that allowed people like Xavier Williams to step in, take me aside to tell me that I had all the potential in the world to rise up and become something great. He was the first to come out and tell me that he believed in me, and that meant so much to me. He didn’t have to do that, but that showed me how much he cared about where my e-fed career was going at the time and more importantly where it could go with the right direction. He deserves a lot of credit for his selflessness in doing that because it was around that time that I was considering walking out on all this before I really even did anything.  Thank you, Xavier, that is something I will never forget. 

(Brief applause. Loud applause. Shot of Xavier Williams in the audience looking on, clearly happy inside for all the success of his former protege.)

Now, Xavier was also the head writer of Showdown back then in season nine, and another thing I can appreciate that he did for me aside from him seeing something in me and giving me that much needed confidence boost was how he had the awareness to see a bigger picture and having faith to put me up against a lot of the midcard guys and a few main eventers that really helped me continue to develop stronger skills as a writer. I loved that he did that, because that later gave other head writers the incentive it seemed like to see what else there was to this Rex McAllister character, and many others deserve credit for that too, even those that have moved on that came before the merger and since. 

It’s been unbelievable to me how many have had this greater vision of what Rex could be than I myself ever had, because I feel like a lot of who I am as Rex in terms of being selfless when sharing the spotlight, that kind of comes from my shy side. I’m a very shy kind of guy who stays to himself for the most part. A lot of times I write how appreciative and humble Rex is with whatever he’s achieved and then when it’s some sort of feud or match I’ll have his pride come out a little when it comes to that, but in actuality I’m almost embarrassed by all the attention because of the fact that others have had this whole other vision that saw Rex achieving more, reaching the pinnacle twice, winning this winning that, when I’ve been pretty content to be in the background, writing matches and giving advice to others whenever it’s helpful. However, those special moments all you match and show writers have written has brought out that prideful side of my personality more and more, which I’m grateful for because it helped us all do this together to be here today.

(Brief pause for applause)

I gave a shout out to Xavier earlier for helping me improve during my early development as an e-fedder overall, but I’d also like to formally thank people like DDD, like Cage, like Banks, like Kassidy, and even Raven for most of the later development and expansion of the Rex character. I know for certain they have all had thoughts and visions for the shows and stories that Rex has been a part of that were eventually brought to fruition. Their belief in me as a writer and continued support over these last couple of years as Rex the character as he rose to this point will never be lost on me. Ryan/DDD, you’ve always had great advice for me when it’s come to character development, showing this innate ability to conceptualize a thought right on the spot and provide such great insight that has always helped me carry out a vision I may have had, but was a bit unsure where to start with its execution and how to fill in some of the blanks. I can still remember back to our promo week against each other in 2016 a couple weeks before Pain For Pride IX, and how great an experience that was as someone who’d at the time only been in fedding for a total of ten months, then you telling me that you hoped I’d stick around because of how much more this e-fed had to offer, and I remember taking those words to heart and it made me that much more curious to find out. That’s truer here than anywhere else. Someone like Diamond Cage understood that when he decided to give me a chance to run with the ball going back two years ago all the way to the big show. Ronn Banks and Kassidy Heart who came after really cemented the Rex McAllister character, but I’ve always been thankful that Cage gave me that initial chance because that’s all I ever felt like I needed. As most know that led to Cage writing a match of the year for Pain For Pride Festival that pretty much immortalized the Rex character, no doubt, but that there was nobody else that he wanted to work with in that event was the ultimate compliment, so thank you Diamond Cage. Thank you DDD. Your contributions toward my development and expansion as a writer, I’ll never forget.

(Pause, audience applause)

Being on Voltage these last couple of seasons and really gaining the confidence of such head writers like Ronn Banks and then later Kassidy Heart, I’ve really loved what they have been able to do with Rex. They put him in so many different situations that have only continued to help me with the direction I want to go with Rex. From Banks having drafted Rex first at the outset of season twelve, to putting him in championship situations right away to, War Games, Road To Redemption in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. All I’d known before season twelve was Showdown, so starting out on a new brand under a new writer I honestly didn’t really know what to expect, all I knew is this guy made Rex his number one pick and all I could think of was doing what I could to justify being a number one pick, and it’s really no different behind the scenes of all this. I write matches for this guy for the Dynasty brand weekly, and it’s the same mentality there too. It’s amazing working for Ronn. This guy absolutely loves when new people come on board, and more so when they stick with it because he’s got such an amazing gift creatively that you’d be crazy to not want to work under any brand he’s running because there’s a good chance he’s going to take it straight to the top. When the man tells you he’s going to do something special with your character, you’d better believe he has every intention of doing just that. Ronn, thank you for always supporting me and for being a humble, upstanding person and helping me in areas where I’ve needed it in the past. You really are the man. Thank you.

And then there’s Queen Kassidy. Kass you know you’ve always gotten the Rex character the best. You’ve always been able to get a very good feel for what direction a character needed to go in order to get the most out of the handler as a writer, and Rex has been no exception. From the very start that you took the reins as a Voltage head writer over after Road To Redemption twelve there was already this great amount of respect and trust established between us from one writer to another because of knowing what the other was trying to do creatively that really made me comfortable with the transition from Bank’s way of establishing storyline feuds based around the titles that were on the brand at the time to your vision for building feuds and telling stories that played more on a character’s emotions that weren’t necessarily about titles, and how they would ultimately react and come out of it all in the end. That was something that she had told me once in a conversation we had early on back on discord when it came to the talk about writing styles, which intrigued me instantly once I found out she was becoming a head writer. Playing a huge role in establishing a great story such as the Fire and Ice storyline, one that just seemingly came out of nowhere that I never really expected I would see play out. I can honestly say that in all my time of e-fedding that I never would’ve thought I would see a storyline like that one play out as well as it did. It’s definitely a tribute to the constant commitment of each writer involved to keep working, staying in constant communication with one another and brainstorming all these different concepts and ideas to help build and evolve the story from scratch and turn it into something people can enjoy and relate to. Kass you’ve always believed in me as a writer and have always been a cool person to bounce ideas off of. You’ve never stopped short of looking out for my best interests, checking in every now and then to make sure everything was solid from this end. Thank you for everything you do for the Voltage brand, and for everything you contribute to this community. Thank you for always being awesome, Queen. This place wouldn’t nearly be the same without you.

(Pause, audience applause)

This last thank you goes out to Raven Roberts. The Robin to my Batman. The Chewbacca to my Han Solo. Aside from being a good friend and someone who has constantly been a great supporter of my work, more specifically with Rex, you’ve been almost like a second conscience when it comes to this e-fedding stuff. We’d only spoke briefly over the phone recently, and I had to absolutely laugh that you actually remembered back to the first time we met over discord by exchanging silly entrance gifs of Roddy and Billie Kay. But now that I think back to that time, I just remember getting a pretty positive vibe from that initial interaction, and from there things really kicked off for both of us the  next season almost simultaneously with our characters being thrown into the high profile stories. But on the side we kept in touch quite a bit and kept bouncing ideas off each other, which eventually led us to the Fire and Ice collaboration concept. As I mentioned earlier this is something that Kassidy played a huge role at getting started after that end of the year wacky superlative awards post that had Rex and Raven dubbed as cutest couple that never were, or whatever. But she loved her Ravex, and it was really hard for both Raven and I as writers to deny that there was definitely chemistry there, and you all sort of more or less know how the rest goes. But overall, Raven, working with you has always been an absolute honor and pleasure. Like Kassidy, your contribution to this community can’t ever be overstated enough. The people you’ve had a hand in developing into what they are today like Terry Chambers, Drake King. You’re an outstanding writer, storyteller, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of working alongside you collaboratively in the Fire and Ice storyline. I truly believe without us having ever begun to work with one another that things wouldn’t have turned out nearly as good for our characters as they have. So thank you for being someone that’s always been easy to work with, and for being a good friend. Till death do us part. (Smirks)

(Brief pause for applause.)

There’s so many more people in this place I’d like to talk about and even more that I would love to work with for as long as I’m here but I know with patience and time I’ll get my chance to do that after this. I have honestly never been happier as a writer and I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for that. Thank you.

(“Alive” by P.O.D. hits as the crowd gives a huge standing ovation, Raven and James rejoin Rex on the stage to embrace him. Rex then waves to the crowd mouthing thank yous off mic and the music transitions to the traditional EAW Hall of Fame music. Rex continues to wave and bow at the crowd and flashes his ring to the camera and crowd as the camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by John Helms

EAW Pain for Pride 13 Red Carpet.

Pain for Pride XIII (2020)