2018 EAW Hall of Fame red carpet

( EAW Intro plays )


(“Hall of Fame” — The Script is playing all around the PA system of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada fades in. In the bottom left corner of the screen, the clock begins to count down from “60:00”. There are several camera angles that are being shown. There are production workers putting the finishing touches on the setup on the stage, and of course, the first few Elitists are beginning to arrive. The camera sweeps over for one last time over the sea of EAW fans before fading into Kathy Kush who is wearing a black sweetheart neckline dress with a flowing train. Her hair is tied up in a bun as she is with a mic smiling for the camera.)

Kathy Kush: What’s up, EAW Universe?

(The crowd behind Kathy begin to cheer, which make the brunette smile.)

Kathy Kush: I am Kathy Kush and I could not be more than honored to be coming to you LIVE at the 2018 Hall of Fame Red Carpet! Every year, we take a break from this hectic week, get dressed and honor those that have fought and earned their place in the Hall of Fame. Those same men and women who have paved the way for the Elitist of tomorrow! We’re in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas! With Pain for Pride XI around the corner, you gotta feel that this Hall of Fame Ceremony is not going to be like the others. If you thought last year’s Hall of Fame was emotional, then you have not experienced anything like this year. This entire event is amazing. It’s nice for those at home to watch the Elitist trade their ring boots in for heels and dress shoes! I am going to stop blabbing around and take it to Eve, who is looking extra glamorous tonight as she stands with the very first couple of the night! Take it away, Eve!

(Camera transitions to Eve who is dressed in a light blue, sleeveless dress. Her hair is down and curled up as she is smiling with the crowd behind her.)

Eve: I am so honored to be back here hosting the Hall of Fame Red Carpet! The crowd is electric right now and I can just feel the energy all around! Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with one of the first couples of the entire event. These two have a little of a “Gawd Complex” around them. Let’s hear it for the woman that is going to face Madison Kaline in a Grudge Match to determine the number one contender for the Undisputed Women’s World Championship and the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship! Astraea Jordan and Malcolm Jones!

(The crowd is heard cheering loudly in the background as Malcolm is showing off Astraea, almost like she is the best-dressed woman in the entire building and she might be! Malcolm is keeping it traditional with a black suit and tie. He has his shades on INSIDE the building, but who’s going to tell him not too? Astraea is wearing a slick red dress with a slit, which exposes her left leg. She’s traded in her braid with having her hair down and curled.)

Eve: Now, this is a couple that is dressed for perfection!

Malcolm Jones (twirls Astraea around): Look at that, Eve! The best-dressed woman in this entire event! She is making all the other women jealous! My woman is so remarkable! I love a true role model!

Astraea Jordan: You not looking bad yourself, Malcolm. We showing up tonight.

Eve: Indeed you two are. You two are showing up tonight decked out in your best clothing, but at Pain for Pride, you both are entering some of the biggest matches of your careers. It will be your first time in the Pain for Pride spotlight, how are the two of you handling the pressure that comes with your first Pain for Pride?

Malcolm Jones: Ladies first. Gotta love a gentleman, Eve.

Astraea Jordan: Pushing Madison down the stairs and costing her four months of her career was the best thing that I could have done. I was doing Empire a favor by getting rid of her. She was someone who was walking around high and mighty, but she could never back it up whatsoever. Me, on the other hand? I can back it up in the ring. #AstraeaBetter means that I’m better than all the women in the back. No one can outdo me when it comes to strength and athleticism. Being in this grudge match gives me the opportunity to prove that this girl can pop awf if you know what I mean. It’s going to be more than my braid that is going to give Madison hell at Pain for Pride. It’s going to be me – all of me. Madison might call herself The Mistress of Death, but she is going to literally be dead after I’m through with her.

Malcolm Jones: Just like Astraea said to Madison, attacking Chris Elite and everyone dear to him was the best thing I could have done. Just like I’ve been saying, there can only be one king and it’s not Chris Elite. Not even a little bit. I am going to do what Astraea is going to do to Madison, I am going to pop awf. I am going to prove to everyone that Malcolm Jones is no flash in the pan. Malcolm Jones is the future of Elite Answers Wrestling and the future starts at Pain for Pride! Astraea will walk out of Pain for Pride as the number one contender for the Women’s World Championship and she will become the next Women’s Champion. Season 12 will begin with two members of the Gawd Complex holding gold. That’s the way it should be, Eve!

Eve: I wish the both of you luck at Pain for Pride —

Malcolm Jones: Luck is for losers, Eve. Astraea and I are winners.

Eve: Well, okay. I like to send things back to Kathy, who is there with her first guest of the night.

(Camera transitions to Kathy Kush who is smiling to the camera.)

Kathy Kush: If there is anything people are looking forward to Pain for Pride, it would be some of the main event matches. Right now, I have with me, the number one contender for the EAW Championship, Diamond Cage!

(Diamond Cage is seen wearing a black suit jacket with a white dress shirt that he may or may not have been forced to wear, matching with some slacks and dress shoes. He is also wearing shades inside because who is going to tell Diamond Cage not too?)

Kathy Kush: Cage, glad that you can stop for a bit of an interview? What I got to know is what is on your mind going into Pain for Pride?

Diamond Cage: There is nothing more than I want in this world – other than having my face on the posters – than to become EAW Champion. I have waited WAY too long for this moment, Kathy. I have been patient. I have scratched and clawed and busted my ass off for an opportunity like this. I earned it in the No Way Out Match at Wrath of the Dragon and now, I have the opportunity to headline Pain for Pride and become EAW Champion. I am sick of watching those get their title shots. I have gotten sick of the favoritism some people have gotten from this company, but now, those people are gone. I have been placed in the spotlight that I have been craving and now that it is on me, there is no way I am going to let this opportunity slip from my grasps. I vow to walk out of Pain for Pride with the EAW Championship! Rex McAllister better watch out because I am not holding back any punches!

Kathy Kush: I wish you all the luck in the world. I now go back to Eve with has special guests with her.

(Transitions to Eve, who is smiling with special guests with her.)

Eve: One of the more important and special moments about the Hall of Fame are the people who are inducting someone in this specific class and right now, I have a woman, who will do her part in inducting the late Brody Sparks into the Hall of Fame. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for the woman who will also be facing Sienna Jade in the unification match between the Women’s World Championship and REVOLT Freeweight Championship, Stephanie Matsuda and Monica Vaughan!

(Stephanie Matsuda and Monica Vaughan are shown in the scene. Stephanie is wearing a baby blue hi-low dress with a plunging neckline. Stephanie has her hair dyed blue and tied up to a bun. Meanwhile, Monica is wearing a little blue dress and has her hair down and curled.)

Eve: I am so glad that the two of you are able to stop by for a quick interview. You two are dressed to impress and I just want to know what are your minds are going through tonight?

Stephanie Matsuda: Tonight is a very important night. Not only for me and those inducting Brody, but for Monica as well. The death of Brody is still fresh in the minds of people and I still cannot believe that she is gone, but I was so honored to be asked to be one out of three people to induct her to the Hall of Fame. I was someone who was very close with her during my time with her in The Sanatorium. We were almost like sisters in a sense, so I feel like this is justified. Brody was an amazing talent that was taken from us WAY too soon and if she were here today, I would like to say that she would be a bigger star than she already was.

Monica Vaughan: I lost a cousin and that is something that I will never be able to erase from my mind even if I wanted too. Brody was such an important person in our family. She was someone who was a provider for the family at one point in her life. She was one of the most selfless human beings that you could ever meet and it is such a shame that she was taken away from this world. She would have been shook af to have found out that she was going into the Hall of Fame. In a way, she wouldn’t think she was worthy, but that is because she is one of the most modest girls that you could ever meet. I bet she is looking down at this night in awe and amazement. I am just very excited about what this night will bring!

Eve: As we move on from tonight and towards Pain for Pride, where you will face Sienna Jade in a Unification Match for the Women’s World Championship and REVOLT Freeweight Championship. What are your thoughts going into probably one of the biggest matches of your career?

Stephanie Matsuda: I am prepared for this match. I’ve been preparing for this match the moment it got announced. I knew it would reach a point where there cannot be two main card champions on the Empire brand. There was no way that it could live with that for so long. There was going to be one of us that was going to get under the skin of the other one. We just are not capable of living in peace. I am glad that Flannery saw things the way most people did and created this match up! I think this is a matchup that people have been wanting to see for the longest time and I am way more than excited to beat the hell out of Sienna Jade and end her Freeweight Championship reign. Sienna will finally meet a competitor that is better than her. The competition that she has been facing? Weak. All of them. I am not like those other competitors. I’m better than all of them combined–

(The camera pans to REVOLT Freeweight Champion, Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart, known collectively as Jaded Hearts. Sienna is wearing a dark green evening dress with a sweetheart neckline which has a train flowing in the back with her hair tied up in a ponytail. Meanwhile, Kassidy is wearing a golden evening gown with a sweetheart neckline and a nice tan to her skin. She has her hair tied slick back in a ponytail.)

Sienna Jade: I think your interview is over.

(Sienna Jade approaches closer to Stephanie Matsuda. The two lock eyes for a stare down, but Stephanie decides to let Sienna win as she escorts Monica away from the scenery, leaving Sienna and Kassidy with Eve.)

Eve: Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart, can I have a moment with the two of you?

Kassidy Heart: You have our attention, so why not?

Eve: First, let me stay on the topic and ask the same question I asked Stephanie. Sienna, what are your thoughts going into this match with Stephanie Matsuda? Is it the biggest match of your wrestling career at Pain for Pride? What are the emotions you are going through with this match?

Sienna Jade: It is such an amazing honor to be out here to support those that paved the way for people like me. I can see myself belonging here one day. Maybe, next year! I think by defeating Stephanie Matsuda at Pain for Pride, it places me in the right direction for doing so and I would love nothing more than to prove why REVOLT will always be superior than EAW itself. REVOLT is one of the reasons why I became a star and by walking away with the top prize on Empire, this automatically proves that REVOLT is where all the stars come from. Not only from me but for girls like Kassidy and I look nothing more than to dethrone Stephanie and make her my bitch. Oops. Am I supposed to say that?

Kassidy Heart: You just did.

Eve: I don’t think you’ll be censored for that, but let me move on from the Unification Match to the Empire Tag Team Championship Match. Jaded Hearts will face The Crowe’s Nest Jael Arcana-Rosario and Raven Roberts for the Empire Tag Team Championship! The Crowe’s Nest have proven to be a force to be reckoned with and the two of you have the opportunity to dethrone dominating champions? What is your approach going into this tag team match?

Kassidy Heart: In the Tag Team Four Corners Match, neither Sienna and I took the pin. That was all in The Goto Sisters. There was always that “what if” lingering in the back of people’s minds of what if Jaded Hearts broke that pin? Would they be standing here as Tag Team Champions? I certainly think so. Sienna thinks so. I think that these people don’t want to see a bunch of freaks holding the Empire Tag Team Championships. I mean, they have been disgracing those titles for far too long now. I cannot stand another moment where Jaded Hearts are not Empire Tag Team Champions. I cannot stand another moment where I have to watch The Crowe’s Nest make a mockery out of those championships! I think it’s time for Jaded Hearts to take their spot as the top tag team on Empire.

Sienna Jade: I think it is time for someone to shut those Hot Topic dykes up. I cannot believe that they are walking into Pain for Pride with those titles on their shoulders. It’s so disgusting. Who knows what those titles have been through? Probably have a lot of dirt, grease, and bacteria just surrounding that once beautiful gold. I cannot handle it, Eve. Something needs to happen. People may think that I’ll be focused on beating Stephanie that I will not have time for this match, but they are sadly mistaken. I got time for both and I will win both. Pain for Pride will be Jaded Hearts night no matter what. I vow that I will walk out with both championships! I will forever prove that Sienna Jade is better than Stephanie Matsuda or any other hopeless girl that you put in front of me. I’ll do to Stephanie what I did to Ms. Extreme. What I did to Lexi Sheckler and Payton Darkstar. Stephanie will just be another victim in my list of people I’ve defeated.

Eve: I wish both of you girls luck and back to Kathy Kush with another special guest!

(The scene transitions to Kathy Kush who is standing by two more guests.)

Kathy Kush: Standing right next to me is a so-called power couple of Elite Answers Wrestling. Both approach some huge matches at Pain for Pride, so to give us their thoughts on their matches. Give it up for Jamie O’Hara and one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, Cameron Ella Ava!

(The camera goes out a bit to show Jamie O’Hara and Cameron Ella Ava. Jamie is keeping it traditional with a black suit and tie and black shades (another guy who wears shades inside, I see?). Meanwhile, Cameron is wearing a red sweetheart cut evening gown with a slit cut, exposing her left leg. Her hair is down and curled. Both are looking at one another before looking over to Kathy.)

Kathy Kush: Cameron, Jamie, the two of you approach some huge matches on your respective parts. Let me start off with Cameron. How does it feel knowing that you are walking into two different matches? What is your mindset going into both these matches?

Cameron Ella Ava: I’ve fully embraced that double booking is second nature to me. It doesn’t feel right without Cam competing twice right? But, I’ve been preparing for both these matches for the past six weeks and I can say that I’ll be prepared. I’ll be prepared as I take on Zakkii in her last match in EAW. I think it is heartbreaking to see her go, but there is that ego inside of me that wants to defeat her and send her packing. She is really a nice girl, but that does not mean I am planning to go easy on her because that is the last thing that I want to do in this match. Haruna and I have the history. Her first and second matches against me, she managed to defeat me. She managed to defeat me as Hall of Fame Champion and that is a big deal. That is something very impressive to consider. With Mr. DEDEDE, I can say that The Dragon Slayers and Daryl Kinkade and Charlie Marr have no chance of defeating DDD and myself. We have been training our hardest for this match and just like I said, I think I’ll be ready. Can’t speak for DDD, but I think that he will be ready as well despite the injury setback we suffered a few weeks ago. Pain for Pride DDD is a scary thing to watch, but I am glad he’s on my side of the spectrum.

Kathy Kush: Jamie, I know things have been personal between you and Impact, so what are your emotions going into this match?

Jamie O’Hara: I still cannot shake the fact that my historic World Heavyweight Championship reign ended at the hands of Impact. I still cannot process it in my mind. The more that I think about it, the more I feel it will be a great thing for me to knee that son of a bitch straight in the nose. There is nothing more than will make me happy than defeating Impact. This is very personal for me. Right now, I’m supposed to be happy that I am headlining the Class of 2018, but right now, I just want to beat the hell out of Impact. It’s such a conflicting feeling for me. I can’t quite explain it. I am trying my best to avoid wanting to find Impact wherever he is and throwing his ass off the stage. I want to say that this night is about me and for Cameron and everyone else, I got to think of the positive and be grateful for being part of this class.

Kathy Kush: Jamie, what happens if you don’t defeat Impact at Pain for Pride? You will never be able to challenge for another World Championship again.

Jamie O’Hara: Losing is not an option for me. Impact can make this as personal as he wants, but he is scared. He is scared of knowing because I’m better than him. He thinks by taking away any chances of a third reign is going to ruin my life, but he will never live to see that happen.

Kathy Kush: Now, to transition to a lighter note. Jamie, you are headlining your Hall of Fame Class, how does it feel knowing that?

Jamie O’Hara: It is such an amazing honor. It is something that I never envisioned in my life, but I’ve always wanted it to happen. It’s another thing I get to cross off my EAW checklist and I’m still in disbelief that is happening right now. I get to share this entire night with my friends, family and the fans and it’s just a sentimental feeling.

Kathy Kush: Cameron, what do you have to say to Jamie?

Cameron (looks at Jamie): I’m proud of you. I am going to say that a billion times tonight, but there is no one in this world that is more deserving of this honor than you. When you’re up in that stage, take it in because you will never get a moment like that again–

???: Hey Cammy, Cam, Cam, Cam!

(The camera moves to find Mr. DEDEDE in a black suit and tie with shades as well. What is up with them wearing shades inside? The world will never know. But, he puts his arms around the couple, squeezing himself in the middle of them.)

Mr. DEDEDE: I am so sorry for interrupting your sweet moment with Jam Jam, but I just wanted to let you know that I am going to save you a spot in the front row with me. There is no way the fiancee of the headliner of this class is going to sit in the back and watch all of this happen! Oh no, no, no! Not under my watch–

Cameron Ella Ava: That’s okay, I can–

Mr. DEDEDE: I insist. As The Sheriff, it is my duty to have you get the best spot in the house! Anything for my tag team partner!

(Mr. DEDEDE side hugs both Cameron and Jamie before running off to do who knows what while Cameron and Jamie look at one another.)

Jamie O’Hara: Is it too late for me to be your tag team partner? :eyes:

Cameron Ella Ava: I’m afraid so.

(Camera transitions back to Eve smiling because she has another special guest with her.)

Eve: Remember the discussion on people wanting to see the main event matches at Pain for Pride? Well, we got our next guest and he is one out of the four World Champions defending their titles at Pain for Pride. Ladies and Gentleman, the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Elite!

(Chris Elite appears in the camera scene wearing a nice mauve colored suit. He is standing with his hands together as he waits for Eve to ask her questions! Behind Chris stands Big Mike, who is wearing a grey suit.)

Eve: Now, our World Heavyweight Champion looks sharp in this red carpet!

Chris Elite: Why wouldn’t I, Eve? The Champ of the entire event needs to show up in style! I can almost promise you that my suit costs more than any of the women’s dresses here!

Eve: Perhaps, I’m not here to argue! I’m here to ask questions and I’m here to ask you what are the emotions you are going through when facing your former best friend, Malcolm Jones for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Chris Elite: I gotta admit, Eve. Over the past number of weeks, Malcolm has done his job at trying to make this as personal as possible. A little too personal for me. To have to go to lengths such as attacking Big Mike? What did Big Mike ever do to deserve this kind of treatment? I thought they were boys! I thought we were going to go out and put on a fantastic performance, instead Malcolm wishes to play this game? For a second, he almost got the best of me, but I refuse to let myself be humiliated as I am a few days away from headlining Pain for Pride! I am going to walk out still champion, Eve. I am out there to prove every dickeater wrong in this match. Those that call me a fluke or a charity case, I am here to prove that Chris Elite is none of that.

Eve: Well, there you have it. I wish you good luck Chris in your match and now, back to Kathy with two more beautiful guests.

(Kathy Kush is standing next to the Empire representatives for Cash in the Vault – Consuela Rose Ava and Raven Roberts. Raven is wearing a dark blue dress with a plunging neckline and her hair down and curled. Consuela is wearing a black lace sweetheart neckline bodycon dress with goes down to her knees. She has her hair straight and slick. Both women are surprisingly not wanting to beat up one another even though the different alignments.)

Kathy Kush: I am here with two of Empire’s representatives for Cash in the Vault – Raven Roberts and Consuela Rose Ava! Now, ladies, there is a reason why I pulled the two of you to the side to do the interview. Do I want to know what’s your mind process on being the first women in the match since Pain for Pride 7?

Raven Roberts: There was no doubt in my mind that I would get this unique opportunity at Terminus. I knew for the best on Empire, I deserved a grand opportunity never heard off before. Cash in the Vault makes these unique opportunities on Empire mean something in this world. There is no other girl on this roster that is worthy of an opportunity to call herself Ms. Cash in the Vault. There is no other girl that can come close to what I have to offer in the ring? Consuela Rose Ava? I don’t think so? Devan Dubian? Yeah, no!. The Crowe’s Nest dominates. Chelsea will walk out still be Specialists Champion. We’re still holding the Empire Tag Team Championships and I will be Ms. Cash in the Vault and make history by becoming the first woman to win the match.

Consuela Rose Ava: To some people, they are going to be looking at me since Cameron was the first female to enter Cash in the Vault at Pain for Pride 7. She did not win, but in a way, it has motivated me to do something that she was not able to do and that is win. We got a hell of a competition in this match and it is anyone’s for the taking you have established talent from Devan Dubian to rising stars such as Noah Reigner or even Raven right here, so I think no one should be counted out. Just like I stated, it is anyone’s for the taking, but I want to win the match. There is not knowing what I can do when I get my hands on a ladder, but it should be pretty fun to see what happens!

Kath Kush: Now, let me transition to something else – Raven, this next question is more towards you, but earlier we listened to Jaded Hearts and their comments going to Pain for Pride and I wanted to you what were your thoughts?

Raven Roberts: Jaded Hearts? Sienna Jade and Kassidy Heart are just two little girls in a environment full of women. I am not going to concern myself with two little girls. They must have gotten separated from their parents. Hopefully, they were able to find them before trouble arose (laughs and gives a wide smile).

Kathy Kush: On the topic of the Hall of Fame, who are you looking forward to seeing be inducted?

Consuela Rose Ava: Obviously, the two in the top of my head are Brody Sparks and Jamie O’Hara. Brody and I have a connection since I consider her the woman that basically propelled my career and I ended her six-month reign last year. It’s such a shame that we won’t be facing each other in the ring again. With Jamie, he has grown to be such an important member of The Ava Family and he is someone who I have looked up to since I arrived in EAW and to see him getting the recognition that he deserves is great.

Raven Roberts: I’m interested to see what Brody was all about. I’m not as familiar with her as some of the other girls in the back, but I can tell how influential she was to the EAW family as a whole. I want to extend my knowledge on Brody Sparks and by hearing the speeches of people who knew her the most is going to be something I really need to listen closely too. Also, it should be interesting to hear what Jamie, Madison and Generation Genesis all have to say. I am using this night to be more informed about the history of EAW and I cannot wait.

Kathy Kush: It should be very interesting to see what the two of you pull off in Cash in the Vault. I wish both of you luck during the match. Back to you, Eve!

(The camera goes back to a smiling Eve, who is there with her next two guests.)

Eve: Not just the Hall of Fame, but Pain for Pride itself is where personal issues are brought into the open and I am here with two guests with personal agendas at Pain for Pride. Ladies and Gentleman, the man that will be facing CM Banks and the man who will take part in the 24/7 Battle Royal, please give it up for Theron Nikolas and Las Vegas’ own, Jack Ripley!

(The camera pans to Theron Nikolas who is wearing a grey suit and white dress shirt with shades. Meanwhile, with Jack, he is doing a traditional black suit and white dress shirt with a tie. Just like Theron, he is wearing shades inside because why not? Both men are talking to one another before looking to Eve, who will ask her questions.)

Eve: Now, these are two men who are dress sharped tonight!

Jack Ripley: Why wouldn’t we? It’s the Hall of Fame. Everyone’s dressed nicely and Theron and I had to be the nicest dressed people in this entire event! Plus, it’s in my hometown and this red carpet would not be complete without the hometown boy, right?

Eve: Right. We are fully aware that we are in Las Vegas, your hometown, but at Pain for Pride, you are aware that you are going to be in 24/7 Battle Royal. What has been your mind process going to a match with the mentally of everyone for themselves?

Jack Ripley: I think there is no one in that match that can be compared to me. I am a three-time Unified Tag Team Champion. I was a part of one of the greatest tag teams in EAW history! This will be a great opportunity to prove that Jack Ripley doesn’t need David Davidson. Jack Ripley can rely on himself and be the best in that ring. The rest of my competition in that Battle Royal? They’re trash. They are not competition to me. There is only one man that sticks out in this match? Me! There is no one that can come close to my talents in the ring. There is no one that can touch me in that ring. At Pain for Pride, I am going to eliminate every single individual out of the ring and be the last man standing. I am going to be the man that walks out with that contract and with the future title reign in my grasps.

Eve: Jack, you are very vocal about this match. Now, let me transition to a man who has been very vocal to authority figures. Especially, one by the name of Ronn Banks. Theron, you have made it your mission to expose some of the backstage scenes that EAW refuses to bring to the light, but that seems to have gotten under the skin of Ronn Banks —

Theron Nikolas: Has it gotten under the skin of Ronn Banks? I certainly think so. Good. It should get under his skin because everything I have been saying from Showdown: Battle Without Honor or Humanity to now has been nothing but the truth. There are certain people in the back that are favored more than others! There are people in the back that are the reason for people getting shafted to the side while watching their buddies shine. Me? I nearly had to bust my ass to get my title shots. Meanwhile, people like the Heart Break Gal are protected and get as many shots as possible without doing anything at all? That makes me sick to my stomach and I am so glad that she is gone because it gets rid of some dead weight that has polluted the locker room. With CM Banks, he is one of the authority figures that I hate. Somehow, all authority figures have targeted me and made my life a living hell. I said enough was enough and I am so glad that Jack right here sees the reasoning for all of this. It makes it known that there is one less idiot in the world —

(Theron pauses and stops speaking as he locks into the eyes of…Ronn Banks, who stares at him back. Banks is wearing a grey suit and black tie. He has his hair slicked back.)

Ronn Banks: I hate to be like Sienna with Stephanie, but I think your interview is over. I recommend that you save your energy for Pain for Pride because you might not have a career after I’m through with you.

Theron Nikolas: It will be you without a career after Pain for Pride. But, I’ll let CM Banks have the spotlight like he always does. Come on, Jack. Let’s find our seats.

(Theron aggressively brushes his shoulder against Banks’ as him and Jack escort themselves out of the camera shot, leaving Banks with Eve.)

Eve: Banks, now that I have you here, can I just hear your words about everything that Theron just said?

Ronn Banks: I have tried my best to run the ship to the best of my abilities. Many people have abandoned it the moment they found out about this merge, but I always thought, sometimes you gotta lose a few people to make this process a reality. I have done whatever it took to make my roster happy, but there are those like Theron Nikolas, who are going to be unhappy no matter what happens. He thinks by defeating me, it would be some giant middle finger to the board, but I refuse to be that victim that makes all of that happen. If he is so sick and tired of the so-called “favoritism”, then why does he just leave like everyone else did? No, there is a reason why he’s still here. He still wants to cash in that King of Elite crown. He wants to be EAW Champion and will not stop until he’s on top! I plan to knock Theron down a few steps in order to prove that I still got it. That I never lost it as a matter of fact.

Eve: Banks, I wish you all the luck in the world —

Ronn Banks: No, no, no. You should be wishing Theron luck because he is going to need it when he steps into the ring against me. I will assure you that he will have no career after I’m through with him.

Eve: Well, I cannot wait to see you vs. Theron, Banks. Back to you, Kathy.

(Camera transitions back to Kathy Kush who is there with another guest.)

Kathy Kush: To some people, Pain for Pride is known to be the last matches for certain people. Last year, we saw the retirement of Lioncross. At Pain for Pride V, we saw the last time CM Banks wrestled in an EAW ring until Pain for Pride X. But for my next guest, Pain for Pride is her last match in professional wrestling as a whole. Ladies and Gentleman, Zakkii!

(The camera gets a shot of Zakkii who is wearing a long purple dress with a plunging neckline with a white fur coat around her shoulders. She is smiling at Kathy as she waits for her question to be asked.)

Kathy Kush: Zakkii, at Pain for Pride, it is your last match ever. You have been through so much. From a change of opponents, you were preparing your match against Azumi Goto before she was attacked backstage. Now, you’re stepping into the ring against Hall of Famer, Cameron Ella Ava. How does someone prepare for a match against a Hall of Famer?

Zakkii: I’ve defeated Cameron Ella Ava in the past. I suppose, that is something that people tend to forget, but I’ve gotten the best out of her from two different occasions and I am looking at Pain for Pride as the third time I get the best the best out of her. I respect Cameron as a wrestler. She is one of the women in the back that I have looked up too. She is one of the few that doesn’t like to bring up my past failures. She loves to keep it relevant and in the moment which is something I really respect from her. However, that respect goes away the moment I face her in the ring. I want to win and go out with a victory in my last match. How do I take down a Goddess? Well, I suppose you will figure that out at Pain for Pride. I have a different approach going into this match than I did last week, but I am excited for Cameron to see that I am a completely different woman from Haruna.

Kathy Kush: It is going to be sad to see you go, but I wish you all the luck in the world with this match. I hope to see you go out on top! I am going to send it to Eve who is going to take us home with our last two guests.

(Eve is standing with the last two guests – Layla Lockhart and Andrea Valentine. Layla is wearing a little blue dress with a flowy train on the back. She has her hair in a bun. Andrea has a pink sweetheart evening gown with a diamond belt. She has her hair curled up. The two girls are smiling and laughing at something before looking back at Eve.)

Eve: Andrea, Layla, the two of you are my last guests on this red carpet before we sign off! I am so glad that you can talk to us last minute. I will make this quick, but how are both of you feeling about your matches? Layla, you are the one of the Empire representatives in the match for the 24/7 Battle Royal. Andrea, you are the Empire representative for the Openweight Championship match. What is racing through your minds?

Layla Lockhart: Being the one of the Empire representatives in the 24/7 Battle Royal, that is a lot of pressure to me. In a sense, the whole world is going to look at everything I do since I will be the one of the females in the match. I have been in the ring against talented women and I may have fallen short with some of them, but I am determined not to fall short of the prize here. A contract that assures me that I will be a future champion. I will have my entire future in my own hands and the best thing about it is, I can control it. I can do whatever I want with it. However, I am more focused than ever to be the last woman standing in the ring. That is all I would like at Pain for Pride.

Andrea Valentine: The thought of representing Empire at Pain for Pride when it comes to the Openweight Championship is such a huge honor for me. I am so glad that Flannery McCoy trusted me with an opportunity like this. I know, I haven’t been able to win something big yet. I was the runner-up in the Iconic Cup. I’ve defeated both Aria Jaxon and Stephanie Matsuda back-to-back. I managed to come this close to becoming Empire Tag Team Champions with Consuela. There is nothing I would love more than to defeat TLA, Hurricane Hawk and Andrei Sokolova in this match and become Openweight Champion! I would love nothing more than to bring that championship home to Empire. There is no one else in this match with as much heart as me. My heart for wrestling cannot be compared and the heart of Empire is what is going to get me far in this match. These competitors may think I’m just another pretty face or arm candy, but at Pain for Pride, I’ll just be the Openweight Champion.

Eve: Now, Andrea you are one other the people inducting Brody Sparks tonight? What does that mean to you?

Andrea Valentine: It means the world to me. Brody and I were really close and she was one of the women that got me in the talks to be part of EAW. It sucks that she is not here to see me compete and win the Openweight Championship at Pain for Pride. I like to imagine that she would be rooting for me backstage. She would be the first one to hug me despite victory or loss. In my speech, I will go a little more in-depth about the type of human being Brody was to me and I hope that all of you enjoy that.

Eve: I hope so too. Thanks for your time, Andrea and Layla!

(Layla Lockhart and Andrea Valentine nod and escort themselves out of the camera shot. Soon after, Kathy Kush enters the frame standing next to Eve. As seen by this time, the crowd has gotten bigger as the audience’s seats are filled up. The seats on the floor are filled with Elitists and their guests. The camera sweeps over a now full T-Mobile Arena as the clock in the bottom reads “1:00”. The shot transitions to the correspondents Eve and Kathy Kush.)

Eve: This is turning out to be a pretty eventful night so far huh, Kathy?

Kathy Kush: Most definitely! It’s the Hall of Fame. I would not expect anything less.

Eve: Well, I hope that you all have enjoyed this Hall of Fame Red Carpet! Thank you for joining Kathy and me here on the red carpet! Hopefully, you had as much fun talking and seeing the Elitists dressed up as much as we did, but I think it’s time we find out seats. Signing off, I’m Eve and she is Kathy Kush! Have an amazing night and hope you enjoy the show!

(The two women smile and wave to the camera before the clock goes “0:00” before fading to black.)

Written by Fight Grid

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