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Voltage 2/24/2019



(Captain Charisma is seen in his office for the week at the DirecTV Arena. Honestly, he doesn’t look great. The sexy, golden god of a Voltage commissioner is sitting behind his desk, pale AF, with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. For whatever reason, men are total babies when they’re sick and apparently the Hall of Famer Matt Daniels is no exception. He coughs into a Kleenex, and lets out a sigh.)

???: You know Matty, you really look like shit.

(Veena Adams is also inside the office. Despite her neck brace and wheelchair, which is now bedazzled and hot pink, she looks immaculate. Designer dress, perfect hair, Louboutins on her feet despite the fact she apparently can’t use her legs anymore… she is super flawless. Captain Charisma doesn’t even have the energy to glare at her.)

Veena Adams: Like honestly, you look like you’re on your deathbed.

Captain Charisma: I feel like I’m on my deathbed. I’ve been sick all week, and it’s not getting any better.

Veena Adams: I really hope you’re not contagious. The last thing I need to go with my paralysis is your scarlet fever. Why don’t you just go back to the hotel? It’s not like you even do anything around here anyway.

(Captain Charisma sighs.)

Captain Charisma: There’s a reason we have general managers, and in Voltage’s case, a commissioner. You never know when something’s going to happen that forces you to make a split second decision.

Veena Adams: I don’t see you making any decisions about punishing Tyler Wolfe for what she did to me last week. Maybe it’s your stupid pneumonia that has wiped out your memory, but she superkicked me and as a result, I will never walk again. I already have a broken neck, but thanks to the impact of that superkick, my whole body went into shock. Like I could have died…

Captain Charisma: I find it hard to believe that after two years your neck isn’t healed, and that now you’re paralyzed from a superkick…


(Another sigh, and followed by a series of coughs from Captain Charisma. Veena rolls herself backwards to get further away from the germs.)

Veena Adams: Ugh go back to the hotel Matty. I already texted Uncle Ryan and told him what was going on with you anyway. He doesn’t think you’re fit to run Voltage tonight either. Clearly you’re just going to make everyone sick with your Zika virus, and that will put Voltage in jeopardy going forward. Zika is like super contagious and eats away at your flesh, and causes blood loss. Do you honestly want to infect every single one of us with that?!

(Captain Charisma truly looks perplexed.)

Captain Charisma: I’m pretty sure you have no idea what you’re talking about and I think all I have is a touch of the flu.


Captain Charisma: I’m not leaving. Besides, I have a meeting with Lethal Consequences later tonight.

(Veena glares at him.)

Veena Adams: Yes you are. I already told you I texted my uncle and told him what was going on and he agreed you’re not fit to run Voltage tonight. If you check your phone, I’m SURE you will see a text from him telling you to get the fuck out and that tonight, I’m in charge. I will handle your meeting with LC.

(Captain Charisma gives Veena a look, but she folds her arms over her chest. He digs his phone out of the pocket of his slacks and looks down at the screen. After a moment, he looks up and shakes his head.)

Captain Charisma: You’re a real bitch. You know that, right?

Veena Adams: Matty, I’m doing what’s best for your health AND for the betterment of Voltage which is EXACTLY what a good commissioner does for her show. It’s just for one week. Now go. I’ll see you next week in Rio de Janeiro.

(Captain Charisma is in disbelief as the scene fades to black.)

(EAW intro plays.)

(Because the Voltage techies are extra AF, they bless the EAW Universe with another amazing video recap.)

● The Woogieman speaks from the heart! Upon seeing Provencal and Chudd earn contendership for the Big Bhris Bhampionship, Woogie lets the world know he wants another shot at the bhampionship since his last match against Landerson ended in a double countout!
● Jack Ripley is seen entering the building with his sister, Jordie. An intense conversation between them takes place, with Jack listing out all the things he hopes to accomplish in EAW as a singles wrestler. Jordie lets him know she’s excited to watch him wrestle live for the first time and she will be sitting front row when his match against Charlie Marr takes place!
● The match between the Prince of Phenomenal and Landerson is highlighted. POP picks up a pretty decisive victory and declares he will be coming for the World Heavyweight Championship!
● Unfortunately we are all reminded that we no longer live in a world where MarrKade exists. Sofia Clarke’s interviews with Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade are recapped, including both men sending personal messages to one another at the end. :mjcry:!
● The tag team match between Denis Ryley/Xander Payne and Korey Gaines/Farrell V. It didn’t take long for this one to breakdown into chaos, with Korey and Denis unable to contain their disdain for one another. Jackson Blayde would get himself involved, getting a little revenge on Farrell from last week. Korey would get his own revenge on Denis. And somehow Xander Payne would escape from the melee completely unscathed!
● The brawl that ended the last match transitions into another edition of the Blaydemerican Dream! FARRELL V is the one who answers, dragging himself back out to the ring after taking a beating from Jackson already! Jackson and Farrell would brawl again, with Jazmin becoming an unfortunate victim of a big boot to the face! Farrell would show remorse. Jackson Blayde would snap. Farrell V would bleed. :wow: #WeLoveVoltage!
● The match between Myles and Lethal Consequences! A match that could have been a MOTW contender, quickly fizzled when LC decided he couldn’t be fucked with it. LC would walk out on the match, leaving Myles a victor via countout. Myles was not impressed!
● Captain Charisma announces Rex McAllister will return to action and he will be taking on Noah Reigner for the World Heavyweight Championship!
● Charlie Marr versus Jack Ripley is showcased. The back and forth action, highlighted with Jack pulling a victory out of nowhere!!! As Jack would celebrate with his sister at ringside post match, Charlie would sneak up behind Jack with a chair! Jordie Ripley would push her brother out of the way and eat that chair to the face! It would be one of the most talked about incidents during the week. The shocked faces of the crowd. Jack’s rage. Charlie beating the fuck out of Jack and walking back up the ramp as medics attended to a bloody Jordie.
● A stressed Captain Charisma finds Noah Reigner and Tyler Wolfe. CC gives Tyler with an opportunity to compete on Voltage against Daryl Kinkade as part of the talent exchange program the general managers and Commissioner Charisma 😀 have worked out. CC also informs Noah that if he does defeat Rex, he will be defending his championship against Xander Payne at Tempest.
● Finally the main event. Viz and Noah, in one of the best matches of the entire week! Neither man held anything back, and both went for broke. Evelyn Ridley would end up going through a table! Noah would finally end the match with a Killshot, and pick up a huge victory in this ‘Champion vs. Champion’ match. Backstage, Tyler Wolfe would watch. Veena Adams would show up and the two would exchange words. Tyler would lay Veena out with a superkick!

(‘33rd Blakk Glass’ by Sosmula & Zillakami is blasting throughout the DirecTV Arena in Buenos Aires! Tonight is the finale of EAW’s visit to Argentina and the fans are just as lit for Voltage as they were for Empire, Dynasty, and Showdown. The camera pans across their excited faces before cutting to ring! Both members of The Legion, Finn Edwards and Kyie Daniels, are standing by. Both of them have microphones in their hands. ‘33rd Blakk Glass’ fades out and the fans start to quiet down.)

James Peters: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Voltage. As you can see, two of Voltage’s newest signees are already in the ring!

Rich Russillio: Finn Edwards and Kyie Daniels are scheduled to face The Woogieman in a handicap match tonight, but it looks like both of them have something on their minds.

(Finn and Kyie look around the arena and take a moment to soak up the atmosphere. Finally, it’s Finn who starts to speak.)

Finn Edwards: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

(The crowd is a little shook because honestly, who is Finn Edwards to tell them to ‘shut the fuck up’?)

Finn Edwards: Tonight, Kyie and myself make our Voltage debut and honestly it’s pretty fucking insulting that we have been placed in a handicap match against The Woogieman of all people.

(Upon the mention of Woogie’s name, the crowd absolutely loses it. After all, The Woogieman is a living legend and no one inside The DirecTV Arena was worthy of his presence.)

Finn Edwards: I’m not sure why you people are cheering complete mediocrity. The Woogieman is the worst fucking wrestler I have ever seen in my life. Everything about this guy screams stupid. As I said earlier this week, he lacks any sort of actual talent. He can’t make it in the real fucking world. He damn sure can’t make it in EAW, and he sure as fuck won’t make it past The Legion. Voltage is fucking desperate for tag teams, and I guess that’s why we ended up here despite the fact we nearly beat those stupid fucking stoners on Dynasty last week. Captain Charisma knows that there’s no one on his roster who can even remotely try and compete for the Unified Tag Team Championships so I assume that’s exactly why we got the call to come here permanently.

Kyie Daniels: We would fucking kill those cunts who parade around with those belts like they are high fashion accessories. A real tag team would have defended those championships the second they got them. Instead, we have two whores who’d rather worry about their solo careers and the dick they’re sucking than be an actual tag team. So after we get done killing The Woogieman tonight, we are DEMANDING to face a real tag team next week. None of this handicap bullshit. None of this stupid fucking matchmaking. We are a real team and we want real tag team competition. So Voltage better fucking give us what we want, or we will rip every single person on this roster apart until we get it. Tonight is going to be a huge example of exactly what we are capable of!

Finn Edwards: Now bring the fucking meme champ or whatever the hell he is out here so he can get his ass beat and we can get the fuck out of this shitty country.

(Finn and Kyie throw their mics out of the ring and the crowd reacts to their words with absolute disgust.)

James Peters: Well for two guys who’ve only had one match in EAW, they certainly had a lot to say.

Rich Russillio: Can you believe they just disrespected The Woogieman like that?! I’m flabbergasted right now. That is not okay.

James Peters: Some people just don’t get it, Rich. But I’m sure Woogie will come out here tonight and teach them both a lesson.

(Bella Braxton has gotten inside the ring.)


Crowd: ONE FALL!!!



(The sold out crowd doesn’t like The Legion at all.)


(As if on cue, ‘If Ya Smell’ By Adam Massare hits the public address system! The crowd goes nuts as The Woogieman walks out onto the stage.)


(The Woogieman walks down the ramp, enjoying the crowd’s reaction to him. The cameras cut back to Finn and Kyie who are talking to one another. As soon as Woogie approaches the ring, the two members of The Legion slip out of the ring and start attacking Woogie! It’s a brutal double team!)

Rich Russillio: Oh come on! Woogie didn’t even make it into the ring!

James Peters: Finn and Kyie are wailing away on Woogie! This is so not fair!

(The Legion beat on Woogie some more before Kyie grabs Woogie and throws him into the steel ring steps! Woogie does make it up to his knees, but before he can return to a full vertical base, Finn comes crashing into him with a running kick to the side of the head! Woogie hits the mat and The Legion grab Woogie and throw him into the ring! They begin stomping away on him, despite the fact the referee is trying to get one of them out of the ring.)

Rich Russillio: Is this even an official match?!

James Peters: I don’t recall anyone ringing the bell.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Rich Russillio: O.

(Kyie and Finn work together to grab the blind-sided Woogieman up and they drag him over to their corner. Finn gets out of the ring long enough for Kyie to make the tag to him, making this an official match, and Kyie nails Woogie with ‘Kingdom.’ It’s a chickenwing gutbuster that sets up Finn’s ‘In For The Kill.’ Finn follows suit with the underhook piledriver and goes for the cover on The Woogieman.)




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


(‘In my mind’ by dynoro and Gigi d’agostino hits the PA system and The Legion starts to celebrate their victory.)

Rich Russillio: Total bullshit. Complete and total bullshit. These two pricks took advantage of the situation by attacking Woogie and beating him down before the match could even start.

James Peters: It’s honestly a travesty. I know The Woogieman wants to get back in the hunt for the Big Bhris Bhampionship and was hoping to get a big win tonight, but he was never given a fair chance.

Rich Russillio: Well I hope whoever faces The Legion next beats the shit out of them. You just don’t treat The Woogieman like that.

James Peters: Right?!

(Inside the ring, a dejected looking Woogieman is watching Finn and Kyie celebrate their victory while walking up the ramp. The former Bhampion slams his fist into the mat in frustration and pushes away the referee who’s trying to help him. The crowd watches as Woogie gets up and the moment he’s on his feet, they erupt into applause. Woogie nods his head in appreciation and pats his heart before gingerly making his way out of the ring.)

(Voltage fades to its first commercial break of the evening.)

(Commercial break for Sharpie markers featuring Drake King. He will never sign an autograph for you using one of them, but hey. Sharpie markers are definitely OK.)

(Voltage returns and cuts to the backstage area. The Woogieman has made his way back through the curtains. He’s headed to the lockerrooms when someone walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.)

???: Tough break.

(Woogie turns around and looks down seeing the GOAT himself, the Big Bhris Bhampion Landerson standing in front of him. Woogie takes a look at the Bhampionship resting on Landerson’s shoulder and shakes his head.)

The Woogieman: It’s no excuse, but I was double-teamed. I never got a chance to start the match, but what can you do? I’m sure I’ll face Finn and Kyie again, and next time I’ll be ready.

(Landerson nods his head. His eyes drift to his BBB title.)

Landerson: I know you want another chance to face me for this belt, Woogie, and while you and I will never see eye-to-eye, I will admit this. I’m sick of people reminding me that our last match was ruled a double countout. Neither one of us were able to get up and answer the 10 count and even though I did retain the Big Bhris Bhampionship, it wasn’t the kind of win I wanted.

(Woogie raises an eyebrow.)

The Woogieman: So what are you saying?

Landerson: Well earlier this week, I said you and I could face off next week for one last time for this title. But as I got to thinking, I decided I want to be the most dominant bhampion in BBB history. So what I’m suggesting is that we make the match at Tempest a Fatal Fourway. Provencal versus Chudd versus The Woogieman versus Landerson for the Big Bhris Bhampionship. When I defeat all four of you at the same time, I will truly have become the best BBB bhampion ever.

(The Woogieman smirks.)

The Woogieman: I accept, but don’t think for a minute that I won’t give this everything I’ve got.

Landerson: Oh I know you will because if you don’t win and I do, that’s it for you. There will be no more BBB shots for The Woogieman as long as I’m bhampion, and I plan on holding this belt forever and ever.

(Landerson extends his hand and after a moment, The Woogieman takes it. The two shake on their agreement.)

(Voltage cuts from the backstage area and returns to ringside. James and Rich are shown sitting behind their broadcast booth. Both of them look super excited!)

Rich Russillio: OH MY GAWD!!!

James Peters: :wow:

Rich Russillio: :blessed:


Rich Russillio: MATCH. OF. THE. YEAR.

James Peters: Noah Reigner versus Xander Payne for the World Heavyweight Champion! Jackson Blayde versus Farrell V for the National Elite Championship!! AND we’re getting The Woogieman versus Chudd versus Provencal versus Landerson for the Big Bhris Bhampionship!!! ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING AT TEMPEST!!!

Rich Russillio: Amazing. Simply fucking amazing. I don’t even know what else to say.

James Peters: What can you say, Rich?

Rich Russillio: Well, I can say that we are going to take another quick break.!

(And on that note, Voltage does fade to a quick commercial break.)

(Commercial break for March Madness featuring various EAW Elitists! Fill out your brackets today and see if you have what it takes to defeat your favorite Elitist in bracketology!)

(Voltage returns from commercial and Sofia Clarke is seen standing backstage.)

Sofia Clarke: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… Myles.

(‘The Soldier’ Myles steps into the picture and stands next to Sofia. Sofia gives him a smile.)

Sofia Clarke: Myles, it’s my understanding that you asked for some time tonight because you have some things on your mind.

Myles: Honestly, yeah. There’s a lot on my mind right now. Last week, Lethal Consequences robbed myself, as well as the EAW Universe, of what could have been an incredible match between the two of us, and for what? He’s unhappy about the possibility of having to face POP again?

Sofia Clarke: I think the situation with Lethal Consequences and POP is a little more than that. Those two have a history with one another that has kind of boiled over and reached a standstill.

Myles: Well here’s the thing, Sofia. Whatever is going on between the two of them has nothing to do with me. All I see is someone who walked out on a match with me because he’s not a happy person at the moment. LC is a bitch for that, and should him and POP have another match against one another, I hope POP sends him packing. I’m frustrated because the entire time I was on Battleground, I was dreaming of being on a show like Voltage. I want so bad to step inside the ring with everybody this brand has to offer. I would never refuse a match against anyone, and I certainly wouldn’t let someone who robbed me of something go unpunished. I guess that makes me a better competitor than a so-called EAW Hall of Famer. If POP had cost me the Openweight Championship back at King of Elite, I would ruin him.

Every week, the men and women who work for EAW show up and fight for the right to be recognized. They square off in incredible matches, hoping that someone will wake up and take notice of them. As athletes, we are forced to up our respective games time and time again. We all want to be successful and compete for championships, and we all want to score those big upset wins and make a name for ourselves. I truly feel like I got robbed of that last week, and it doesn’t help when I know I could have defeated Lethal Consequences because that’s how good I am. I want competition, Sofia. I want Lethal Consequences inside the ring again.

At King of Elite, I made a statement. I defeated Drake King and Xander Payne in front of the entire world. Our Triple Threat match is the highlight of my career so far. I’m already better than the two of them, but what baffles me is despite defeating them both, I feel like I’m the one out of the three of us who’s on the outside looking in. On Showdown, Drake King was given a chance to earn a shot at the Interwire Championship. He gets to face Malcolm Jones at Under Siege. Here on Voltage, Xander Payne has been given a chance to face either Noah Reigner or Rex McAllister for the World Heavyweight Championship at Tempest, and he did NOTHING to earn that. Xander demanded a shot, and was unfairly handed it. Well, I want a shot at a championship too. Drake King and Xander Payne have both tasted defeat thanks to me. I think it’s only fair that I’m at least given a chance to earn a title shot like those two losers have gotten.

Sofia Clarke: Do you have your eyes on any specific championship, Myles?

Myles: It doesn’t matter to me. I just want to fight. I want competition. I want to face people who will actually stay inside the ring and get their ass beat. I didn’t come here to fight through Battleground and be named a rising star, only to sit back on my hands and let everyone pass me by. I came for opportunities and for championships. I have no problem taking what I know I deserve, especially when the people are considered ‘deserving’ are people I’ve defeated. I hope Captain Charisma, or Veena, whoever the hell is running Voltage right now, is listening and takes notice.

(The entire time, Myles’ voice was steady and passionate. The words he spoke were confident ones. Sofia and Myles both let his words linger and sink in with the EAW Universe, and Voltage fades to the ringside area.)

(Voltage’s feed switches to the ringside area and Bella is inside the ring, ready to announce the competitors for the next match!)

(‘If I Had A Heart’ by Fever Ray plays as POP walks onto the stage, and down the ramp.)

Bella Braxton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.. Introducing first from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 220 pounds.. THE PRIIINCE.. OF… PHEEENOOOOOMMENAAAALLLLLL!!!!

James Peters: POP was able to make pretty quick work out of El Landerson last week. Let’s see if he can continue that success, and carry it into this week.

Rich Russillio: Well he’s going to have his hands full against Xander Payne, so we’ll just see about that.

(POP’s music fades out and ‘It Follows’ by Cane Hill starts to blare throughout the arena as Xander Payne makes his way down to the ring)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.. Weighing in 255 pounds… “The PayneKiller”… XAAANDDERRR PAAYYYYNNEEE!!!

James Peters: Well his nickname doesn’t make any sense. Why would you want to kill pain? Wouldn’t you want to inflict it? Anyway nickname aside he’s an impressive competitor. Last week ended unfortunately with a double count out draw, and you know Xander is going to want retribution for that.

Rich Russillio: We know that winning is everything to both these men. We should be in for a good one here.

(Xander steps through the ropes and stares daggers at POP. POP stares right back at Xander not intimidated whatsoever. The ref calls for the bell.)

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

James Peters: And we are underway here. These two have now unlocked eyes as they start circling around the ring looking for an opening so they can start this match on the offensive. They both go in, and get into a collar elbow tie up. Xander is quick to get POP into a headlock, but POP pushes back, and they fall back onto the ropes. POP flings Xander off of him, and he goes bouncing off the other side, and is greeted by POP with a dropkick right to the face. POP isn’t done yet as he pulls Xander back to his feet, and gives him a slap to the face. That just angers Xander as he slaps POP right back, and POP falls to the mat. He just slapped the you know what out of him!

Rich Russillio: Xander now on the offensive kicks POP right in the stomach, and picks him up and delivers a chop right to the chest. Another one! Another one! POP now placed in the corner with nowhere to go. Xander backs up and runs full force into POP with a vicious corner clothesline and POP falls to the ground. Xander now going to the top turnbuckle, wasting no time. SWANTON BOMB!! NO! POP able to roll out of the ring. Xander lands with a thud right on his back, you can tell that hurts. POP rushes back into the ring, and looks to go on the offensive once more. He grabs Xander up, and delivers a Snap Suplex! Right on the hurt back of Xander. That’s a smart strategy James.

James Peters: That it is, POP now throws Xander onto the ring apron, and looks to deliver even more damage. Looks like he’s got him in another suplex position! He lifts him up! NO, Xander is fighting back, and he got loose! SUPERKICK! POP got with the superkick, and is dazed! Xander kicks POP in the stomach, and lifts POP up! POWERBOMB RIGHT ON THE RING APRON, THE HARDEST PART OF THE RING! POP flops on the ground grabbing at his back. Xander follows not far behind, and grabs a hold of POP’s hair. Xander lifts POP up, and runs right at the barricade! Running Powerbomb to the barricade! Xander has taken control over this match. He throws POP right back into the ring, POP trying to get up, but Xander is right there behind him. Falgoroshi!!! Falcon Arrow to the knee! That could be it! Xander goes for the cover.

Ref: One! Two! Th–

Rich Russillio: No! POP able to kick out! Xander gives a look at the referee! Notably upset. Can you blame him though? I thought it was over myself! Xander picks POP back up, PELE KICK! POP just caught Xander with the Pele and he’s staggered! POP now has Xander in position! CROWN OF THOORRRNEESSS!!! NO! Xander able to muscle out of it! European Uppercut on POP! Flings POP back off the ropes, POPUP POWERBOMB!! IT CONNECTS! Xander goes for the pin!


James Peters: WOW! POP with the sense to reach out and grab that bottom rope! What a stroke of luck. The ref is tapping Xander on the shoulder! He’s trying to tell him that POP got a hold of the rope! But Xander thinks he’s won the match! POP is beginning to stir.. The ref has finally gotten Xanders attention, and he’s not happy! He goes back to pick up POP.. ANOTHER PELE KICK!! POP now gets into position!. CROWWN OF THOORRRNESSSS! THIS TIME IT CONNECTS. POP goes for the cover..

Ref: One! Twoo! THREEEEE!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Bella Braxton: Here is the winner of the match.. PRINCCEEE OFFF PHENOMENALLLL !!!

Rich Russillio: That was a great back and forth match, but at the end POP just had a little bit of luck grabbing that rope, and Xander just wasn’t able to keep his cool.

James Peters: It could’ve gone either way, but POP’s veteran mind was able to know the tricks of the ring.

(POP rolls out of the ring, as Xander comes too. The number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship can’t believe what just happened to him. Xander is furious, and understandably so. He just lost a huge match to the Prince of Phenomenal. Meanwhile, POP has made his way to Bella and asked for the microphone. His theme music fades and he shakes his head.)

Prince of Phenomenal: What a surprise. I did exactly what I said I was going to do and that was defeat Xander Payne inside the ring tonight. Like always, I come through in the clutch and deliver on the promises I make. When I look at Xander, I don’t see a world champion at all. There’s no way that man will be able to take it to Noah Reigner or Rex McAllister come Tempest. As far as I’m concerned, I should be the one stepping into the ring against either one of them come March 23rd. If nothing else, I think I more than proved I deserve it tonight. I have never hidden the fact I want to be World Champion again.

(It was hard to disagree with the Prince of Phenomenal. The fans inside the DirecTV Arena knew that too. He was consistently consistent, and there was no denying his talent inside the ring.)

Prince of Phenomenal: I work tirelessly every single week to prove my worth to this company. I constantly put on great matches and have never shied away from any challenges. I’m not Lethal Consequences. All I want is for this company and for everyone else to respect me. I’m sick of listening to people throw the same crap at me. I have always been willing to evolve, step my game up, and go with the flow. And whether Daniels wants to admit it or not, I AM world championship material. I’m staking my claim to that title, and I WILL make sure I get what’s owed to me. Defeating Xander Payne PROVES that a talent like me NEEDS to be the one stepping up and being the rightful number one contender.

(POP hands the mic back to Bella and ‘If I Had A Heart’ by Fever Ray begins to play once again. Xander Payne is still in the ring, his eyes narrowed at the Prince of the Phenomenal. POP shrugs his shoulders and begins making his way up the ramp, while Xander just shakes his head in disgust.)

(Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial for vampire facials featuring Raven Roberts. Stab your cheeks, make ‘em bleed.)

(Voltage returns and opens up backstage. Acting commissioner, Veena Adams, is seen sitting behind Captain Charisma’s desk. She’s obviously not doing any work unless you count looking in the mirror and reapplying lipstick as work. Veena takes her time applying her Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipcolour in Rogue Louboutin. Once she’s done, she smacks her lips together and makes a duck face at her compact mirror. She carelessly tosses the $90 tube of lipstick back into her bag and that’s when the door of the office opens. Lethal Consequences walks in, expecting to see Captain Charisma behind the desk.)

Lethal Consequences: Where’s Matt?

(Veena looks around the office, almost as if she’s looking for Captain Charisma herself.)

Veena Adams: Uhhh clearly he’s not here. Can I help you with something?

Lethal Consequences: Uhhh I don’t know. Can you? Matt is the one who requested a meeting with me, and I’m a very busy man.

(Veena leans on the desk.)

Veena Adams: Oh right. He did mention that before I kicked him out of the building. Alright so, Matty has the bubonic plague, so my Uncle Ryan made him leave and put me in charge. I honestly have no fucking idea what Matty wanted to speak with you about, but I do know that people around here are annoyed at you.

(A smirk crosses Lethal Consequences’ face.)

Lethal Consequences: Well I guess the feeling is mutual. I’m pretty annoyed with people around here as well. They don’t seem to care at all that Lethal Consequences has zero desire to bless Voltage with his presence anymore. I mean, I am an EAW Hall of Famer. I’m a former champion. My matches always deliver. At King of Elite, POP robbed me of the Openweight Championship and instead of giving me a rematch, or just handing me my own World Heavyweight Championship shot, I was expected to fly off the handle and beat the shit out of POP. It doesn’t work that way. I’m tired of working for free. Voltage can either give me my rightful opportunity, or I will take my talent elsewhere. Dynasty and Showdown both suck. They could use a talent like me.

(Veena can’t help but roll her eyes.)

Veena Adams: Fair enough. So what is that you want, LC? I know you want to pay back POP for robbing you at King of Elite…

Lethal Consequences: What I want is my chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. The Openweight belt would have gotten me one step closer to that but POP’s obsession with me took that chance from me. I want Matt to fix it.

Veena Adams: Well Matty gave that fat fuck Xander Payne the chance at Tempest, and Vanilla Rex is getting his tonight.

Lethal Consequences: Right, and my good friend the Prince of Phenomenal just defeated said fat fuck right there in the middle of the ring and declared himself the new number one contender.

(Veena thought for a moment.)

Veena Adams: Alright. How about this? Settle your issues once and for all with POP and face him at Tempest. Since I can’t really change Matty’s match for Tempest, nor do I really want too because it’s whatever, I’ll make this match between yourself and POP a number one contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship. The winner will go to Grand Rampage and face whoever the fuck the champion is at that time.

(Lethal Consequences thought that over for a moment.)

Lethal Consequences: And after I beat the shit out of POP, I want him kept far away from me. That guy doesn’t belong in the ring with me.

Veena Adams: Fine. Whatever. Are you good now?

Lethal Consequences: Are you?

Veena Adams: Always. Oh and LC, before you go. Myles wants another match with you. It won’t happen next week, but on the March 10th episode of Voltage you’re gunna face him.

Lethal Consequences: I still don’t know who Myles is.

Veena Adams: I mean if you ask Ryan Wilson, he’s apparently a piss break but so is Ryan Wilson. Just do me a favor? Promote the match this time.

(Lethal Consequences doesn’t bother to reply. He walks out of the office having gotten what he wanted. It will be Lethal Consequences versus The Prince of Phenomenal at Tempest, and the winner will face the World Heavyweight Champion at Grand Rampage. Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Humira James Peters. Doctors prescribe Humira to treat rheumatoid arthritis, chronic plaque psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and non-infectious uveitis. :wow:)

(Voltage returns from commercial break and cuts back inside the arena.)

(‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Osbourne blares throughout the arena with a massive pop. Korey Gaines walks down the ramp with a smile on his face, happy to be a guest commentator here tonight.)

Bella Braxton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing your guest commentator tonight… KOOOOORRREEEYYYY GAIIINNNESSSS

(As Korey Gaines gets himself comfortable at ringside,’Galvanize’ by The Chemical Brothers blast through the speaker along with a mixed reaction from the Buenos Aires crowd. Gavin San Drakos steps onto the stage, scanning the crowd before walking down the ramp with a confident smirk planted on his face.)

Bella Braxton: INTRODUCING FIRST!! From New Castle, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 215 pounds…… GAAAAVINNNNNN SAAAANNNNNN DRAAAAKOOOOOSSS

(Gavin hops off the top turnbuckle, walking over to the corner, preparing for his upcoming debut match as ‘Type-03’ by Mick Gordon hits to rainfall of intense boos from the crowd. Denis Ryley arrives with a nasty smirk on his face, walking down the ramp with an extremely confident stride.)

Bella Braxton: AND HIS OPPPONENT!!! From Orlando, Florida, weighing in at 204 pounds….. DENNNNNNNIISSSSSSS RYYYYYLEEEEEEYYYYY!!!

(Denis Ryley hops into the ring, walking over to his corner as his theme song dies down. The referee signals for the ring bell.)


Rich Russillio: The bell rings as the crowd begins to buzz down. Denis and Drakos walk around the ring before engaging in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. OH!!!! DENIS BLASTS DRAKOS OUT OF THE RING WITH A FOREARM ACROSS THE FACE!!!! Denis wasting no time as he runs the ropes! He shoots through the middle of the ropes!!!! JUMPING KNEE STRIKE IN MID AIR AS DENIS JUST GOT CAUGHT RIGHT IN THE JAW!!!! Denis getting the opposite of what he wanted and just ate a knee strike from Gavin San Drakos!

James Peters: Gavin shoves him into the ring and quickly goes for the cover!


James Peters: Ryley powering out of the first pin attempt in this match. Denis tried to put Gavin away from the start, but he was swerved by Gavin’s knee strike. Gavin grabs his left arm, pulling his head back with his right arm as he rains down the edge of his shoulders onto his left shoulder. Gavin comfortable on the ground as he originates from a technical wrestling background, but Ryley sending knee strikes towards Gavin.

Rich Russillio: Gavin tries to stop it as he goes for another frenzy of shoulder strikes but Ryley moves around, wrapping his arms around his waist!!! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!! IT CONNECTS!!!! AND RYLEY ROLLS UP TO HIS FEET WITH GAVIN STILL ON HIS SHOULDERS!! BUT GAVIN BRINGS HIM DOWN!!! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! FOLLOWED BY A RAINFALL OF SHOULDERS…

Korey Gaines: You see, that’s a rookie mistake from Ryley, he went for the same move and that cost him.

James Peters: DENIS QUICKLY ROLLS HIM OVER DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!! AND PICKS HIM OFF THE CANVAS!!!! THE POWER OF DENIS RYLEY ON FULL DISPLAY HERE AS HE WALKS OVER TO THE CORNER WITH HIM ON HIS SHOULDER!!! He begins to climb up the turnbuckles! What in the hell is he thinking?!?! He is seated at the top rope with Drakos in his hand… HE LIFTS HIM UP!!!!

Korey Gaines: What in the he-



Korey Gaines: What a counter from Drakos! Denis almost had me there, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do that before.

Rich Russillio: Well the sky’s the limit here in EAW and these two men just proved it! Drakos now on the top rope, looking for another aerial assault! HE SOARS OFF!! DENIS CATCHES HIM!!! HE WAS LOOKING FOR A FLYING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT BUT DENIS CATCHES HIM IN AN ACCORDION!!! AND HE POPS HIM UP!!! EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! Denis lifted him up and blasted his jaw with a European uppercut as he was going down and Drakos can barely stand on his two feet!



James Peters: HE GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!!! What a sequence from Denis, almost putting Gavin away! Denis now hooking him up! He is looking for the patented falcon arrow! He lifts him off the canvas!! FALCON ARROW!!! NO!!! GAVIN COUNTERS WITH A STUNNER!!! DENIS MOMENTARILY STAGGERED AS GAVIN HOPS OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! HE HOPS ONTO THEM, SPRINGBOARDING OFF!!!!! BLAAAACKKKKKK FIIIRRRREEEEEEE DIIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!

Rich Russillio: DENIS DUCKS THE BLACK FIRE DIVE ATTEMPT!!! GAVIN RUNS THE ROPES AS DENIS CHARGES INTO HIM!! AND TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT WITH A BULLDOZING LARIAT!!!! Denis quickly runs into the corner as Gavin slowly makes his way up to his feet! He points at you Korey and charges into him! SUPERKICK!!!!


Korey Gaines: I got to agree with you James, both of these dudes are putting it on the line. As much as I hate Denis Ryley, he has been impressive tonight. Denis Ry-

(Denis Ryley has made his way out of the ring.)

Denis Ryley: What did you say? Huh?

Korey Gaines: I sa-

James Peters: Denis grabbing his headset and throwing it towards him! Denis is trying to get in the head of Korey Gaines as the referee begins to separate them. Denis with a smirk on his face as he overlooks Korey, he slides into the ring! ROLLING ELBOW!!! DENIS GETTING OUT OF HARM’S WAY AS HE CIRCLE AROUND DRAKOS!!!! HE PICKS HIM UP!!!! AND SLAMS HIM DOWN WITH A FALCON ARROW!!!! COVE- NO????? Denis Ryley isn’t going for the cover, instead, he is on his feet!

Rich Russillio: Denis Ryley standing tall at the corner, looking down at the helpless Gavin! Korey, he is smiling at you! He is trying to prove a point as he stomps his foot on the ground! He is charging up whatever he has in mind as the crowd begins to boo him! HE CHARGES INTO HIM!! ROLLING ELBOW!!! GAVIN WITH A ROLLING ELBOW OUT OF NOWHERE AS DENIS RYLEY WAS GOING FOR HIS SUPERKICK FINISHER!!!! COVER!!



( The crowd erupts in joy as ‘Galvanize’ by The Chemical Brothers blasts through the speaker. Gavin San Drakos gets up to his feet, looking down on the defeated Denis Ryley as his hand is raised by the referee. )

James Peters: Gavin San Drakos wins his inaugural appearance on EAW television tonight against Denis Ryley in an incredible match! Gavin San Drakos proved why EAW chose to sign him, pulling out an outstanding performance for a first of what I’m sure will be many victories!

Korey Gaines: I was really impressed by this match, but it was ruined by the ego of Denis Ryley. If I was Denis Ryley, I would’ve kept my eyes on the prize and stayed in my lane, but he chose to focus on me and not on Gavin and that cost him tonight.

Rich Russillio: Congratulations to Gavin!

(Gavin celebrates his victory as Denis Ryley pounds his hand on the mat in frustration. Korey’s eyes are locked on Denis, and the two men stare one another down as Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for iMacs featuring Sienna Jade. Have Impact buy you one today!)

(Voltage returns from commercial and cuts to Rich and James behind their broadcast booth.)

Rich Russillio: Last week, an unfortunate accident took place at the conclusion of the match between Charlie Marr and Jack Ripley.

James Peters: Ripley pulled off the victory and was celebrating outside the ring with his younger sister, Jordie. Marr would sneak up behind Ripley and attempt to take him out with a chair, but in a tragic turn of events Jordie would push her brother out of the way and take the chair shot to the face.

(Voltage cuts to a replay.)

(REPLAY: Charlie sneaks up behind Jack, getting set, and swings the chair. Jordie Ripley screams at her brother! Jack turns and right as the chair is about to connect and hit him in the face, Jordie takes it upon herself to shove Jack out of the way! The steel chair connects with her face and skull and she crumbles to the ground, sending everyone beside her scrambling in various directions.)

(Voltage cuts back to James and Rich.)

Rich Russillio: As a result of this accident, Jack Ripley is not in Buenos Aires with us this week.

James Peters: But EAW cameras did catch up with him at his home in Las Vegas.


(The scene opens inside the home of Jack Ripley. It’s a pretty fancy home, but given the fact he comes from money, is a former high roller, and an EAW Elitist, this really isn’t surprising. The camera focuses on Jack though, not his really expensive home. The former PURE Champion looks angry and rightfully so.)

Jack Ripley: I’m pissed. I’m just really fucking pissed. There is nothing that sucks more than watching someone you love get hurt at your expense. Fucking Charlie Marr and his shitty fucking disposition. His hatred for me and the shit we’ve been through with one another in the past boiled over and he attempted to take me out. Instead, he took my sister out. And honestly, I can’t fucking process it right now. I just know that I do shoulder some of the blame. Jordie was at that building because I let her come to Voltage with me. She was at ringside because I didn’t insist she stay in the back and watch the match on the monitor. She’s always been a headstrong person, so truthfully she probably wouldn’t have listened to me anyway. Anyways, the point is, Charlie Marr is fucked. I’m not about to let this fucking go. Jordie is fine, by the way. She’s got a busted up face and a concussion, but she’s fine. Charlie better be fucking glad she’s fine. It’s funny how this guy carries himself. He’s making enemies left and right. Next time we’re in the same building together, I’m going to beat the fuck out of you Charlie Marr. I have worked my entire career to keep my personal life separate from my professional life. Yeah, I came into this business with my best friend, but that’s different. David could handle himself. This is different. Jordie is my baby sister and I’m fucking protective.

Charlie Marr, I know you’re going to see this. I want you to open your ears and listen to my words. Whenever our paths cross again, I’m going to make you pay. I have never fucking liked you. You are a piece of shit. You aren’t worthy of the opportunities you have gotten here in EAW. You are a sorry excuse for a wrestler, and I think by now we all know you’re a shitty fucking person. You don’t deserve your job here, and you damn sure don’t deserve to be hailed as a future world champion. World champs don’t act like you do. They don’t fucking parade around spewing hypocritical nonsense and making an ass out of themselves. They don’t act like a grade A cunt, and attack their fucking partners and innocent people in the crowd. You have no business acting the way you do, especially when you’ve never been able to accomplish anything worth writing home about. You fucking suck at this. The fact you think you reigned supreme even in defeat just leaves me scratching my head. Like what, bitch? How the fuck does that work? All you did was piss me off and make me fucking angry. Do you honestly want to do that? Do you want to go toe-to-toe with the Straight Shooter again? How many fucking times do I have to beat you in order for you to realize that you can’t fucking compete with me??

(Jack shakes his head.)

Jack Ripley: The next time we’re in the same building together, you better watch your fucking back. I’m going to strike and I’m going to fucking show you who is a true stone cold killer out of the two of us. You don’t fuck with my family, and you don’t get to brag about leaving me in a heap on the floor. You snapped and threw a bitch fit, and that is the only reason you ever gained some kind of advantage. Fuck you Charlie, and fuck everything about you. You better be on high alert.

(Jack takes a deep breath and stands up, walking out of the camera frame. After a few seconds, the scene fades to black.)

(Voltage fades to a commercial break.)

(Commercial break for winter featuring Io Ishimori. It’s coming.)

(Voltage returns and Bella is set to announce the competitors for the next match.)

Bella Braxton: The following contest is scheduled for..

(She looked around the arena, and it didn’t take very long at all before they finished..)

Bella Braxton & Fans: ONE FALL! ..

(Bella smiled at the crowd participation.)

Bella Braxton: Introducing first … from Tower Hamlets in London, United Kingdom. Weighing at Two hundred and Forty pounds … CHARLIE MARR!

(Skepta’s “It A’int Safe” rips through the P.A. system, only to be muted out by a loud chorus of boo’s from the Argentinian crowd. Marr would walk onto the stage, slowly with a devious grin on his face.)

James Peters: Charlie Marr is a man who has made himself known in the EAW by becoming a man possessed. He has a mean streak in him that is unrivaled by anything we’ve seen before, and what he did to Jack Ripley’s sister was atrocious, Rich.

Rich Russillio: Charlie doesn’t care about Jack, Jack’s sister, you, me, or anyone else. He’s going to do what he wants, to whom he wants. But James, tonight – he’s not going to be against just anyone. He’s against our President!

James Peters: Yes, the National Elite champion. Charlie co-held this championship with former tag team partner, Daryl Kinkade. Charlie has to know that if he were to pick up a victory tonight, that could propel him into the title picture.

Rich Russillio: But I have two questions, though. One; does he want the championship, and two; can he defeat Jackson Blayde?

James Peters: If he has anything to say about it? I’m sure the president of Blaydemerica will be leaving in a bodybag..

Rich Russillio: :damn: !

(Charlie has climbed into the ring, where he waits motionless for Jackson’s arrival. His music comes to a fade, and is replaced by “Real American” by Rick Derringer. The boos remained, just not as loud and prominent as they were.)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent, from Memphis, Tennessee – the capital of Blaydemerica – weighing in at two hundred and twenty-nine pounds. He is the National Elite champion .. JACKSON BLAYDE!

(Jazmin would lead out the champion. The personal assistant would carry his National Elite championship folded and clutched against her chest. Jackson made his way onto the stage, oozing arrogance. Confidence. He stopped on the stage, spreading out his arms when confetti guns on either side of the stage shot out red, white and blue confetti. Charlie rolled his eyes in the ring.)

Rich Russillio: And there he is! Our Champion! Our President! JACKSON BLAYDE! What are you and all of these people doing, James?! Get up! Salute your president and applaud your champion!

James Peters: Sit down, Rich. You’re embarrassing.

Rich Russillio: No, what’s embarrassing is you not giving Jackson the praise he deserves.

James Peters: We’ll see if Charlie gives him that ‘praise’.

(Jackson marches down to the ring, mouthing the lyrics to his theme song. Normally, Jazmin would enter the ring first and the duo would pose with the title. But Jackson looked up, into the eyes of his opponent – and after seeing those dead eyes, he urged Jazmin to stay outside.)

James Peters: Well, ruining tradition – Jackson keeps Jazmin on the outside, and enters by himself.

Rich Russillio: Yeah, because we all saw what happened to Jordie. Jackson is taking preventative measures to ensure the safety of the first lady. Farrell V already tried to assassinate the FLOTUSOB.

James Peters: FLOTUSOB is not something we should make a thing…

(Jackson slips into the ring, never taking his eyes off of Charlie. Once settled, he gives the nod to the referee.)


Jackson Blayde (off mic): THREE DINGS ASSHOLE!


James Peters: Welp. That’s one way to ensure we get the appropriate number of dings. … Jackson and Marr begin the match, slowly circling around the ring. Jackson has a traditional stance, while Marr sways back and forth in some kind of hybrid fighting and shoot stance. Jackson is the first one to make a move, lunging forward – grabbing Marr in a tie up. He’s used his power advantage, pushing Marr into the corner. Clean break initiated by the referee.. CHEAP SHOT BY JACKSON!

Rich Russillio: MARR DUCKS THE SHOT! Kicking at the leg of Jackson. That’s surely going to leave a bruise on our president’s leg.

James Peters: Well.. more pressing is the fact that over and over, Marr has caught Jackson’s leg with stiff kicks. The National Elite champion is beginning to favor that leg. Marr has turned and sprinted to the ropes, coming back and hitting a front chop block – taking Jackson down at the knee. Jackson flips onto the mat, holding onto his knee in pain. Jazmin looks worried..

Rich Russillio: SHE SHOULD BE! That is a formerly injured knee, James! Marr is a mad man.

James Peters: I mean… it was barely an injury, Rich. I’m pretty sure it was just a sprain or something minor.

Rich Russillio: Are you doubting the legitimacy of Jackson’s war wounds?

James Peters: Regardless. Marr has moved into stalking Jackson, targeting that knee with kicks and stomps. The referee is telling Marr to back up, and that gives Jackson time to roll onto his hands and knees, well one of them. The one targeted is out-stretched, trying to return some feeling to it.. RUNNING KNEE LIFT!!


James Peters: Dragging Jackson toward the ropes a little, Marr steps out onto the apron.. Slingshot Elbow drop! Driving the point of his elbow into the heart of the National Elite champion. Quick cover!

(ONE! TWO—!)


James Peters: Jackson is quick to roll to the outside of the ring, dropping to the floor. Jazmin moves to his side, checking on him. Marr rolls to the outside as well – sitting on the apron and watching with a sick smile.

Rich Russillio: What a sick human!

James Peters: Jackson’s leg must be throbbing, but he returns vertical. He looks up to see Marr, now standing on the apron. Marr throws a kick to Jackson, but Jackson catches his foot! Jackson pulls him down off of the apron, dropping him to the floor hard! Jazmin is quick to leave the scene. Jackson’s already pulled Marr up, only to bury his shoulder into Marr’s stomach and drive him forward – crashing him spine first into the ring apron.

Rich Russillio: That’s it. Jackson’s taking control. Driving him into the apron a couple of more times.. Then into the crowd barrier! Jackson has a distinct power advantage and he’s using it to power Marr up and tosses him into the steps!

James Peters: The referee is leaning out of the ring, telling them to get back in before he begins the count. Jackson’s hands are up in protest, but he reenters the ring. Marr is stirring on the outside, but also follows Jackson in. Marr’s through the ropes.. Jackson quickly wraps him up.. BIG BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Marr is driven into the mat, only for Jackson to pull him back up and do it again!

Rich Russillio: Blaydemerican Suplexes for everyone, James! He’s got him up for a third to complete the trifecta…

James Peters: THUMB TO THE EYE! Jackson’s grip was immediately released. Marr hits the ropes directly behind him .. Dropkick! It was enough to put Jackson on the mat. Jackson’s up quickly, only to be met with another. Up again, and whipped into the ropes.. Snap Powerslam from Marr!

Rich Russillio: I don’t like this. Marr is beginning to gain momentum. Dragging Jackson back up, he’s whipped into the corner. Marr rushes in.. Running European Uppercut! No! Jackson’s hit hard and stumbles out of the corner. Marr’s up to the middle rope, pointing at Jackson.. DEATH OR GLORY! JACKSONNNN!!!

James Peters: JACKSON EATS THE DIVING UPPERCUT HARD! Immediately Marr crawls over Jackson, hooking the leg and yelling at the referee. … BUT JAZMIN IS ON THE RING APRON!


James Peters: The referee is dealing with Jazmin, telling her to get off of the apron. Marr’s returned to his feet and marches to the ropes, grabbing a handful of Jazmin’s hair and pulling her into his face. Charlie is going to murder her!


James Peters: That knee strike hit hard and Marr drops to his knees. He looks out of it, Rich. That strike was hard enough to knock saliva from his mouth and send it into the crowd.

Rich Russillio: Well, if it landed on someone – they need to be tested immediately.

James Peters: After taking a few steps back, Jackson charges at Marr. Rich, he’s looking for the..

Rich Russillio: BLAYDE RUNNER!!!

James Peters: NO! MARR AVOIDS THE KNEE! Marr moves up to his feet. Jackson turns around.. CHARING CROSS!!!! That discus lariat almost takes Jackson’s head off and the champion is down! Jazmin is in complete shock, and I think Rich has just had a minor heart attack. Marr’s crawled ontop of Jackson again..



James Peters: Marr, furious, drags Jackson up to his feet. Boot to the stomach, doubling him over and hooking both arms. He’s going for it. The Queen is Dead!!…. But Jackson powers his arms free.. Huge back body drop!!

Rich Russillio: That’s it, Jackson! Now is your time to shine. Bring this home, baby!

James Peters: Jackson’s dropped to a knee in pure exhaustion, but is up right before Marr. Marr turns around right into the waiting kick from Jackson.. FRACTURED DDT!! Spiking Marr’s head into the mat hard, Jackson flips Marr onto his back and hooks his leg.


James Peters: Marr gets the shoulder up, JUST before the three count!

Rich Russillio: Don’t drag this out, Jackson. Hit this troll with the Blayde Runner and end this! Show him why you’re the champion of the nation, and our hearts!

James Peters: :rolling_eyes:

(Both men take a moment to come to. Jackson moving closer to the ropes, leaning over the bottom one. Jazmin conceals something in her hand, handing it to Jackson.)

James Peters: WAIT! Jazmin just handed something to Jackson! Now both men are to their feet. I think it’s brass-knucks, Rich. Jackson’s slipped them on.. RIGHT HAYMAKER!


James Peters: He whips around Jackson, taking him down with a School Boy roll up..

(The referee drops down into position..





Bella Braxton: And here is your winner… CHARLIE MARR!

(Charlie slips out of the ring quickly as his music begins to play. His arm raised high and a smile on his bearded face.)

James Peters: You weren’t wrong, Rich. Looking at the replay in our monitor, Charlie definitely had a hold of Jackson’s tights in that roll up.

Rich Russillio: This is a travesty. Our champion and president was just cheated out of a victory by a goddamn TROLL! An evil gremlin!

James Peters: Jackson doesn’t look too happy right now.

Rich Russillio: Would you be?!

James Peters: He and Jazmin have both followed the referee out of the ring and are arguing with him. But it’s not enough to have him overturn the decision. The senior official has made his call, and he’s making his way backstage. Jackson and Jazmin are furious.

Rich Russillio: They have every right to be!

James Peters: HUGE victory for Charlie Marr tonight. He just got a win over the National Elite Champion.

(The cameras continue to follow Jackson, Jazmin, and the referee as Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Kraft Dinner. It’s just Kraft macaroni and cheese, but for whatever reason, Canada calls it Kraft Dinner.)

(Voltage returns from commercial break and Bella is back inside the ring.)


Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(‘I Smell A Massacre’ by The Butcher Babies begins blaring across the PA system. Tyler Wolfe steps on stage and is immediately given a mixed reaction from the crowd.)


(Tyler pauses halfway down the ramp and takes a few seconds to appreciate the moment. This is an opportunity the young Australian has been craving and she’s more than ready to seize it and make the most of it.)

Rich Russillio: I’m excited to see Tyler Wolfe inside a Voltage ring here tonight. Time and time again Tyler has expressed her desire to spread her wings in EAW and compete somewhere other than Empire.

James Peters: Yes, Tyler’s attitude towards female versus female competition is well documented, and honestly there’s not much I have to say about it, especially since she claims to be a feminist. Personally, wrestling is just wrestling to me. I don’t care if it’s man versus man, woman versus woman, or man versus woman. I don’t see why lines have to be drawn, and why everything seems to get blown out of proportion.

Rich Russillio (sarcastically): Well we’re just men, James. Because we have a dick we will never get it.

(Tyler slips inside the ring, takes her corner, and gets herself set. Her music fades out and is replaced by ‘Snakeskin’ by Example. The crowd erupts into thunderous cheers for the former National Elite and Unified Tag Team Champion, Daryl Kinkade.)


James Peters: :blessed: THE KINK OF ELITE!!!

Rich Russillio: :blessed: We stan a resilient king!

(Daryl walks on stage and can’t help but smile. The crowd has always been on his side. He acknowledges them, letting them know he appreciates them, and begins making his way to the ring.)

James Peters: Tonight marks the beginning of the rest of Daryl Kinkade’s career. Without Charlie Marr around, Daryl has the chance to finally show the EAW Universe why he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Rich Russillio: I will never be okay with the split of MarrKade, but honestly, I’m a little excited to see what both of them can do on their own. D-Kink has always been an incredible wrestler. We saw it time and time again when he was the National Elite Champion. There’s absolutely nothing tying him down to another person right now.

James Peters: It’s exciting for sure. This match tonight is a hell of an opportunity for Daryl. Tyler is an incredible wrestler. I expect these two to leave it all out there tonight and may the better wrestler win.

(Daryl gets inside the ring, sheds his jacket, and gets set for the match. His music fades out and the referee goes to signal for the bell.)


(Veena’s voice cuts through the arena like a knife and everyone turns their attention the stage. The New Breed Champion, The Visual Prophet, Nina, and Veena have made their way out of the back. Nina is once again reduced to wheelchair duty and is pushing Veena.)

Veena Adams: This match is not happening.

(Inside the ring Tyler and Daryl look at one another, clearly confused about what’s going on. Tyler walks over to the ropes and glares down the ramp at the trio on the stage.)

Tyler Wolfe (Off Mic): The fuck you mean?!

(The Visual Prophet has his own microphone.)

The Visual Prophet: It means the match is not taking place, sweetie. Don’t you listen? Don’t you know that Voltage is the home of the Sovereign? Kings only.

Veena Adams: It will be a cold day in hell before I ever let a piece of shit like you grace a Voltage ring by yourself. These people don’t give a fuck about you and they sure as hell don’t give a fuck about ring rats turned wrestlers. I’m not about to have everyone at home change the channel because you’re going to attempt to wrestle. That’s not how Voltage works. If you want to have a singles match against a man, you can wait until the Iconic Cup rolls around or go to another brand. But it’s not happening on my show, and guess what bitch? I’m acting commissioner tonight so I can do whatever the fuck I want. That’s why I’m officially cancelling this stupid singles match. You shouldn’t have superkicked me last week, Tyler. At the end of the day, I’m a fucking Adams and that means more around here than you could ever imagine.

(The crowd erupts in a chorus of jeers and Tyler Wolfe looks crushed. For the first time in a very long time, the Walking Weapon is literally speechless.)

The Visual Prophet: But don’t cry, Tyler baby. It’ll be okay.

Veena Adams: Actually, I hope you do cry, Tyler. I want to see you crack and crumble. I want to see you drown and I want to see you reduced to nothing more than a sideshow act. I know how much you LOVE being associated with your boyfriend, the World Heavyweight Champion, Noah Reigner, and I’m SURE it’s always been your dream to stand by his side and gain some notoriety. We LOVE sluts who use their famous boyfriends for clout. I also know that this crowd desperately wants to see Daryl Kinkade compete tonight. Right?

(The crowd does not want to agree with Veena at all, but she is right. They want to see Daryl compete. The reaction is a rather subdued cheer.)

Veena Adams: So we’re going to have a tag team match!

(Daryl takes a deep breath and Tyler’s look of shock has been replaced by one of pure rage.)

Veena Adams: Tyler, you will get a chance to have everyone see you for what you ACTUALLY are, and that is Noah Reigner’s lesser half when you team with him against Daryl, and our former World Heavyweight Champion, Rex McAllister. Now I know we were all promised a World Heavyweight Championship match for a main event, and you will still get it. This match is going to be for the World Heavyweight Championship. Tyler, if you do what you do best on Empire which is lose matches in various ways, then Noah is losing his championship to Rex.

The Visual Prophet: It sucks to suck, baby. Good luck.

(Viz and Veena exchange smiles, and inside the ring Tyler is fuming. Daryl is leaned against the turnbuckle, a thoughtful look across his face.)

James Peters: I don’t even know what to say right now…

Rich Russillio: I mean, I know some things I could say, but I’m scared of Mr. DEDEDE.

James Peters: This match fucks Daryl just as much as it fucks Tyler. If Daryl gets pinned tonight, then Rex isn’t walking out of here with the World Heavyweight Championship…

Rich Russillio: And if Daryl pins either Noah or Tyler, then Rex still gets to call himself the World Heavyweight Champion.

James Peters: Jesus Chris, what a shit show…

Rich Russillio: We gotta break. I guess when we come back, we’re going to have the World Heavyweight Championship defended in a… tag team match.

(Commercial break for Fancy Feast cat food featuring EAW Champion Ahren Fournier and his beloved cat, Jennipurr.)

(As EAW returns from commercial, the cameras show that Viz and Veena have joined commentary. Nina is standing behind Veena. “Still Unbroken” by Lynyrd Skynyrd hits and Rex McAllister makes his way to the ring. He doesn’t exactly look thrilled with this situation.)

Bella Braxton: Making his way to the ring, the partner of Daryl Kinkade… REEXXX, MCALLISTER!!!

(“DON’T STOP” by InnerPartySystem is quick to follow as Noah Reigner follows, with an annoyed look on his face.)

Bella Braxton: And their opponent… the partner of Tyler Wolfe… The EAW World Heavyweight Champion, NOOAAHHHH REEIIIGGNNNEERR!!!!

James Peters: It doesn’t look like this needs much further explanation. Tyler Wolfe and Noah Reigner vs Daryl Kinkade and Rex McAllister, and it is for the World Heavyweight championship!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

James Peters: The match is now underway as Tyler Wolfe and Daryl Kinkade are legal. The two look like they’re about to lock up, but Tyler now is glancing over to you guys.

The Visual Prophet: Allow her. Let her be intoxicated, by the Visual Prophet.

James Peters: Well, it doesn’t look like she’s going to intoxicate anything, as Tyler now is regaining focus, BUT DARYL POWERS HER RIGHT INTO THE CORNER!!! Daryl now putting the boots to Tyler early on! Daryl being forced to back up by the referee now, but it looks like he has something in mind. Tyler gets to her feet AND THERE’S A SUPERKIC-, No, Tyler caught his foot, and she turns him around! German Suplex, but Daryl flips out of it, and lands on his feet! Tyler realizes and attempts a Clothesline into the corner, but Daryl gets out of the way! Noah tags himself in though! Daryl charges right at Noah at the apron but Noah catches his arm, and hits him with a forearm! Daryl stumbles back now, AND THERE’S A SLINGSHOT SPEAR BY THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!

Veena Adams: For now.

Rich Russillio: And if Noah and Tyler keep up this momentum, it doesn’t look like anything will change. Noah now backing into the corner as Daryl slowly gets up to his feet. Noah now, charging in, KILLSH- OH WOW!! DARYL MANAGED TO JUMP RIGHT OVER NOAH!! Noah gets back to his feet, AND HE RUNS RIGHT INTO A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! Daryl now backs up into his own corner, AND THERE’S THE TAG TO REX!! Rex now picking Noah up, and he throws him right into Kinkade! SUPERKICK BY DARYL, Rex follows it up now, WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!! REX ISN’T DONE, HE PICKS HIM BACK UP, AND THERE’S A SECOND!! HE BRIDGES HIM FOR THE PIN!!


Rich Russillio: KICK OUT BY NOAH!! Rex gets to one knee now, as he puts Noah into a chinlock. Noah reaching towards Tyler but Rex is able to pull him back, AND THERE’S A GROUNDED SLEEPER HOLD!!! Rex has it locked in and it looks like Noah has nowhere left to go! Noah is trying to hit desperate forearms now to the jaw of Rex, but he’s unable to reach him! Noah though is able to hit the knee of Rex, before rolling himself into a pin!


James Peters: Rex kicks out, forcing him to release the hold! Both men are quick to get to their feet and Noah is quick to attempt a Lariat, but Rex is able to duck under it before hitting Noah with a chop to the chest! Noah now hits Rex with a chop of his own, and the two are going back and forth with these chops! Rex hits Noah with another chop, and another, and another! Rex now responds with a forearm to Rex! Noah hits a second forearm! Rex now with a huge right hand! Noah gives one right back, and now they’re just slugging it out! Neither man are willing to let up, but Noah now hits a knee lift right into the gut of Rex, and Rex is hurting! Noah with a second knee lift, and Rex is down! Noah doesn’t care though, as now he’s just stomping on the face of Rex, over and over again! Rex is getting pummeled by Noah, but now he’s able to catch one of his feet, and Rex is able to get back up, before hitting a dragon screw. Noah now is holding his knee as Rex approaches him, but the Assault Rifle rolls out of the ring.

Rich Russillio: Rex now slowly following behind, BUT NOAH SWEEPS HIS LEG, DROPPING REX OFF THE APRON!! Noah now dragging Rex back up, AND HE TOSSES HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!! Noah turns around, RIGHT INTO A DIVING CROSSBODY BY KINKADE!! BUT THERE’S TYLER WOLFE, GRABBING DARYL AND THROWING HIM RIGHT INTO THE BARRICADE!!! Tyler isn’t done yet, as she picks him up once more, AND THROWS HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!! Noah and Rex slowly get back into the ring before the count of 10, but Tyler and Daryl are still going at it outside! Tyler now picking Daryl up one more time, but Daryl is able to push her off of him, BEFORE HITTING A V-TRIGGER KNEE!! Noah now, running through the ropes! SUICIDE DIVE TO DARYL!!! Everyone is down, except for Rex who’s in the corner trying to catch his breath




The Visual Prophet: Looks like the champion is bleeding.

James Peters: You’re right, as it looks like that ring post has busted him open! Noah had this match won, but Daryl now is just destroying him! Daryl rolls Noah back into the ring, BEFORE GETTING HIT WITH A LARIAT BY TYLER!! Tyler now running back up to her corner, and she’s reaching out for Noah to make the tag! Noah though isn’t responding, nor is Rex! Daryl meanwhile is recovering outside the ring, and he’s slowly able to make it back up to the apron! Both Rex and Noah are slowly stirring, crawling to their respective corners, AND BOTH ARE ABLE TO MAKE THE TAG!! Tyler quickly runs towards Daryl, but Daryl hits a shoulder block on the apron, BEFORE CONNECTING WITH A SLINGSHOT SPEAR OF HIS OWN!! Daryl now backing up into the corner as Tyler finds herself in the corner! Daryl now runs in, but misses the Uppercut! Tyler now WITH A HUGE HALF & HALF SUPLEX!!

Rich Russillio: Daryl now using the ropes to pull himself up, and the two now lock up, for the first time in this match! Daryl is able to power Tyler into the corner, and the referee is forced to pull them apart, AND THERE’S A SLAP TO THE FACE BY TYLER!! Daryl, holding his jaw, AND THERE’S A LARIAT, but Tyler ducks it, and she hits a forearm, causing Daryl to stumble into the corner! Tyler now with a huge Lariat in the corner, but she’s not stopping! Tyler Wolfe with repeated Lariats, but Daryl ducks under the last one, AND THERE’S A GERMAN SUPLEX!! Tyler, reaching out to her corner, but nobody is there!

Veena Adams: I told you, she’s Noah’s lesser half. She’s nothing without him.

Rich Russillio: Tyler now is seated in the corner, with nowhere else to go, as Daryl gets back towards her, and is once again stomping a hole in her! Daryl picks Tyler up now, and he’s setting it up! THE BEAUTIFUL LIE, NO, IT DOESN’T CONNECT!! Tyler with multiple punches to the gut, and she’s able to get out of it! Tyler now hitting Daryl with forearm after forearm, but Daryl is fighting back! These two are not holding anything back against each other!

James Peters: Tyler goes for a hard punch, but Daryl is able to catch her hand, before giving a kick to the midsection. Daryl now, WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!!! THE AFTER MIDNIGHT CONNECTS, AND THERE’S THE COVER!!


James Peters: TYLER GETS THE SHOULDER UP!! Daryl with a look of disappointment as he looks over at Rex, as this match is still on! Daryl now climbing up to the top rope, and it looks like he’s ready to end this! ANGEL OF THE EAS- TYLER GOT THE KNEES UP!! AND THERE’S THE SMALL PACKAGE PIN!!! TO KEEP THE TITLE ON NOAH!!!


James Peters: DARYL KICKS OUT!! Both competitors get to their feet, and Tyler attempts to throw Daryl out the ring, but he lands on the apron! Daryl now, with a second slingsho- NO! TYLER CATCHES HIM ON THE ROPES!! WOLFE’S BANE!! THE SPIKE DDT CONNECTS, AND WOLFE GOES FOR THE COVER!!!


James Peters: REX BREAKS IT UP!!! Tyler now, attempting thay Michinoku Driver, but Rex scurries out of it, and he attempts to send Tyler over the top rope with a Clothesline, BUT TYLER PULLS DOWN THE ROPE, AND REX GOES OVER IT!! Rex now falling onto the apron, and Tyler, CAR CRASH SUICIDE DIVE!!! Tyler now slides back into the ring, RIGHT INTO A ROLL BY KINKADE!!!


James Peters: TYLER KICKS OUT!!! Daryl immediately picks her up though! CRADLE DDT!! Daryl now crawling back towards his corner, but there’s no one to be found! Tyler on the other hand, is crawling towards her partner! Daryl doesn’t realize it! Turn around! Daryl, realizing Rex is getting up, finally focuses on the mat- KILLSHOT!!! THE KILLSHOT CONNECTS!!! BUT THERE’S REX!! REX CHARGES AT NOAH, AND THROWS HIM OVER ONTO THE APRON, AND REX NOW, WITH A SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES!!!! REX IS DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN TO GET BACK HIS TITLE!!

Rich Russillio: What a spear! Both men are down outside the ring, and the referee is forced to start his count!

Referee: One!.. Two!..

Rich Russillio: Daryl now, crawling towards the ropes, as the referee is at a count of three!

Referee: Four!.. Five!

Rich Russillio: Daryl now rolling out the ring, restarting the count! Daryl now trying to take a breath and recover after that Killshot, before rolling Noah back into the ring with Rex’s help! Daryl follows now as Rex gets back to his corner! Daryl now slowly makes his way to Rex, and there’s the tag! Rex now quickly gets over to Noah, AND HE LOCKS IN A BOSTON CRAB!! IS HE GOING TO TAP!? IS THIS THE END FOR NOAH!? Noah, trying desperately to get to the ropes! But Rex is pulling him away! Wait, but Noah, able to turn himself around, and he kicks Rex off of him! Both men get back to their feet, but Noah with a kick to the midsection of Rex, and now he sends him into the corner! Noah now, with multiple shoot kicks to the chest of Rex, before backing up. Noah charges in now, WITH A KNEE STRIKE INTO THE CORNER, BUT REX GETS OUT OF THE WAY AND ROLLS HIM UP!!!


Rich Russillio: KICK OUT, but Rex now, WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!! Rex hit the Spinebuster, and I think he’s getting ready to put this one away, once and for all!

James Peters: Rex now, grabbing the leg and it looks like he’s getting ready for the Rex lock, but Noah kicks him into the corner, AND NOAH HITS THE KNEE THIS TIME!!! Noah now leaning on the ropes, but he makes the tag to Tyler, to finish this match!

Veena Adams: By finishing the match, you mean with her getting pinned right?

James Peters: Think of it however you’d like, Tyler is dragging Rex up to his feet, and she has something in mind! Tyler with a kick to the gut, AND THERE’S THE CANADIAN DESTROY- NO WAY!! REX CATCHES HER, AND HE POWERS TYLER ALL THE WAY TO HIS OWN CORNER, AND THERE’S THE TAG TO DARYL!! Now what are they thinking? WOW!! A SLINGSHOT SPEAR AND NECKBREAKER COMBINATION!! Daryl now going for what may be the last pin of this match!

Veena Adams: Just like I said.


James Peters: NOAH BREAKS IT UP!! Daryl though, WITH A SUPERKICK TO NOAH, BEFORE THROWING HIM OUT THE RING!!! It’s just Rex, Tyler and Daryl now, as Tyler is leaning in their corner! Daryl runs in, BUT TYLER MOVES OUT THE WAY, AND REX IS TAKEN OUT BY DARYL!!! Daryl turns around! BINGO HALL MASSACRE!!! THE CANADIAN DESTROYER CONNECTS!!!! TYLER WITH THE COVER!!!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


(Noah slowly gets back into the ring as he’s handed the title, and both his and Tyler’s arms are raised)

Veena Adams: FUCK!!!


James Peters: They did it! Noah is still champion! What a matc- wait, where is the Visual Prophet going?

(Viz discards his headset and slips inside the ring with his New Breed Championship!)


James Peters: Talk about ruining the moment, BUT THERE’S REX WITH A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK!! VIZ FALLS INTO THE ROPES, AND REX NOW, SENDING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! THERE’S DARYL NOW!! TOPE CON HILO!!! VIZ IS OUT!!! Rex now, rolling out of the ring to go check on Daryl, but, what?! Daryl shoving him off, and now he’s just storming up the ramp, clearly disappointed after the outcome of the match. Daryl has a chip on his shoulder, and it looks like it just grew that much bigger. Nonetheless, that’s all for Voltage.

Rich Russillio: Jesus Christ, that ending was insane.

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Showdown 2/23/2019

Most Valuable Elitist #171