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Vince I. Pride

The 6ix God

Last name ever, first name greatest. Ya boi Vincent I. motherfucking Pride turned REVOLT upside down (it’s a TLOVER now, and the T is for Toronto), and now he’s here in EAW and he’s after one thing: TROPHIES. VIP gettin’ that championship gold and ain’t nuthin gonna stop him. They say first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the bitches. That may be true for most men, but VIP ain’t most men. VIP says fuck the process, let’s get it all at once. He already got bare bitches and cash, all Vincent I. motherfucking Pride needs now is some gold around his waist, and hell yeah fucking right he’s gonna get it. After all, he’s top two and he’s not two. From the Acura days to waking up in a new Bugatti, VIP has always been a muthafuckin winner. Haters gonna hate, but those fools just jealous. You can’t stop VIP from succeeding cuz it’s God’s Plan. Hear that? WE TAKIN’ OVER!

Osamu Arcichida

Xander Payne