Veena Adams

Coming up as the pampered and spoiled rotten ”golden niece” of EAW legend Mr. DEDEDE, Veena Adams has been gifted with the kind of luxury that most others can only dream of. Veena has lived a lavish lifestyle and has completely take it for granted. She is rather ungrateful and self serving as well as self-congratulatory in each of her pursuits. She has been afforded the best trainers to groom her into the best professional wrestler she could possible be at such a young age. Veena clearly has a head start into this business and she’s not ashamed of it. She has an air of arrogance about her and has striking similarities to her uncle in some areas of her personality, especially when it comes to her vanity and selfishness. She has a great sense of entitlement to the spoils of the business and believes she deserves every little perk she gets from being the niece of arguably wrestling’s greatest legend. She will often rub in the perks in her contract in peoples faces, as well as rub in her upbringing to remind people how much lesser they are than her, but she has no trouble backing it up in the ring. A flaw in her character however is that despite how highly skilled she is and how much natural talent she has, Veena can sometimes be a bit lazy and uninspired and sometimes become complacent, which could potentially hold her back from reaching her full potential. She has no problems up-and-leaving a match whenever she feels overly challenged, and she will always have an excuse for it.

Written by John Helms

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