The Visual Prophet

Big Viz

FINALLY, after two seasons Biz has made it to the top. The World Heavyweight Championship is his and he looks at any and all challenges ahead ready to charismatically prove his opposition wrong . A gifted wrestler who has inexplicably bulked up even more by adding 25 pounds of muscle and yet is still as flexible and quick as he was previously. Viz has been less blouse and cross dressy as he was but he still is a grade A troll. Viz still will do whatever he has to do to gain the mental edge ahead of an encounter. If things get too personal or too far, Biz will always have his infamous Prophetic Visions match and unique wizardry like powers he can lean on. But, Bae prefers to fight most his matches in as fair of a way possible. He still owns Kimmy so never forget that a ferocious tiger can appear when needed. 💋

Written by Fight Grid