The Power of a Gawd

(EAW Intro Plays)

(The Fight Grid music begins to play before cutting to the EAW Studio in Newark, New Jersey where Molly Waters stands in center of the stage.)

Molly Waters: Hello and welcome to Fight Grid where we cover everything regarding your favorite EAW Elitists! My name is Molly Waters and I’m your host! And we have a major development tonight involving fan favorite, Chris Elite!

(Camera pans to have Molly on the right hand side as a screen opens up to show blurry cell phone footage of what appears to be an EAW live event.)

Molly Waters: Last night in Showdown, Chris Elite expressed some major frustration when he learned he would be facing Jason Mavis in a Grand Rampage qualifier. Well fans at a live event in Longview, Texas got a special treat as Mavis and Elite faced off a few days early. This fan footage was sent to us via Social Stream. Special thanks to @RassleFan6969 for the video.

(The footage sharpens and begins to play as we can hear the bell ring. Jason Mavis quickly moves towards Chris but Elite dodges out of the way and let’s Mavis run shoulder first into the steel post.)


(Chris pulls Mavis out of the corner before grabbing a rear waist lock and turning around. He throws Mavis head first into the turnbuckles with a German suplex. He looks around and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He lines up and executes the 630 senton that he calls You Gotta Love It before hooking a leg for the pin.)


(The bell rings and the footage fades.)

Molly Waters: Elite handily wins the match. But that wasn’t all. He would then take to the microphone where another fan managed to capture his words for the crowd. Special thanks to @JimboBigTex45 for this video.

(The new footage begins to play as Chris Elite is inside the ring with a microphone. Mavis has already left.)

Chris Elite: So that… that’s the guy that’s supposed to be keeping me out of the Grand Rampage. That’s the guy I have to get by. I beat him in less than a minute here. I am so fucking tired of being looked down on lately. I’m a former New Breed Champion, currently the hottest title in the company, your welcome for that legacy. I am the man who ended Jamie O’Hara’s run as World Heavyweight Champion and reigned as the Champion, even winning the Pain for Pride main event. I’m the man who holds a Gawd Contract because I beat The Gawd himself, Mr. DEDEDE! I was a favorite to win Elitist of the Year! I’ve accomplished all of this, but I’m still just viewed as another guy on the roster in the eyes of everyone on Showdown. I’m looked at like I can’t climb the mountain again. A qualifier for the Grand Rampage? How many nobodies have just been announced for the damn thing and I have to go through Jason Mavis to get there.

(Chris pauses and the crowd Buzzes. He looks around and looks as though the gears are turning in his mind.)

Chris Elite: You know what… I don’t even want to be in the damn Grand Rampage. You know what I want? I want another crack at Ahren Fournier.

(The crowd goes wild at that statement.)

Chris Elite: You guys wanna see that? Ahren only beta me by technicality beat at King of Elite. But his next challenge is gonna be Malcolm Jones, who I beat in the Pain for Pride main event, and TLA, who I beat at Under Siege. So why in the hell am I being left to qualify for one-in-thirty shot at a world title match? I mean… I do have this Gawd Contract…

(The crowd begins to buzz as Elite grins.)

Chris Elite: But you know what… I’m not gonna be accused of abusing my power, of taking the cheap way in. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna use my booking power. That little qualifier… yeah. That shit is cancelled. And that tag match that Ahren and Kassidy were so excited for? Also cancelled. This Saturday Night on Showdown… Chris Elite challenges Ahren Fournier one on one and if I win, I am inserted into the match at Grand Rampage, making it a fatal four way!

(The crowd goes wild at the announcement. Chris drops his microphone and stands on the corner turnbuckle as he pounds his chest for the cheering fans. The footage feed then cuts and the camera centers on Molly.)

Molly Waters: So there you have it, Chris Elite utilizing his Gawd Contract power and declaring his path! Can he win the match and get his way into the EAW Championship match? What will Hurricane Hawk do in response to this? We’re still waiting for official confirmation of everything but be sure to stay tuned for any and all further updates, right here on Fight Grid.

(EAW Network Logo Buzzes.)

Written by Fight Grid

Voltage 4/7/2019

Most Valuable Elitist #177