The Fallen Angel

The Fallen One

After spending more than a month here, a considerable change can be noticed in the Fallen Angel. While he used to be witty and sarcastic in this promos, he is slowly transitioning into being ruthless. Also, while he did one accept the fact that he won’t be able to win every match due to his condition, the mere thought of a loss hurts like hell now. This change was brought about by his first round loss in the King of Elite tournament. He now trains harder than before so that his mind and body are in the right state before a match. Wrestling has become an obsession now and each and every day the only thing he thinks of is how to train for the next match. While he realizes that training so much could break his body, he dosen’t care because he simply does not want to feel the pain of losing a match.

Written by John Helms

Eris LeCava

Jonny Airhart