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Stephanie Matsuda

Cloud, The Iconic War Queen

After winning the Women’s World Championship, Stephanie now turns her eyes to the future. As the new Face of Empire, Cloud makes it her responsibility to raise the bar for the biggest women’s brand in the world. Stephanie only cares about her city, her students, and her family – which includes The Zaibatsu. Her success is their success. She’s aware of how cutthroat the industry can be and makes it point to gain as much influence and resources as possible to protect herself and her allies against the business. Her mentor was killed by her ex-fiance in the ring; She was forced to end the career of the woman she loved; A man she called brother betrayed the children he swore to protect; She lost her best friend to fame and fortune; She will do anything to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

Layla Lockhart

Consuela Rose Ava