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Showdown 11/10/2018


(“Misanthrope” By Local H plays as the brand new Showdown intro is being shown for the television audience before we quickly cut to the SOLD out legacy arena in Birmingham, Albama as he have a pan shot of the live audience before we quickly cut to Pierre Mcguire and Deadprez at the commentators table)


Deadprez: Featuring Voltage and Empire scum but you know who the main stars are around here!

Pierre: Tonight looking big, we got some Showdown talent heading to Wicked Games to settle some differents but tonight is the prelude to that as Diamond Cage is confirmed to be here tonight and is going to answer the challenge of Scott Diamond!


Pierre: Um, yeah, let’s not waste anytime and get this show going right here, right now!

Terry Chambers and Drake King win after Shane Gates leaves Damon Diesel to fend for himself during the match – TBP

(Commercial Break – Wicked Games commercial airs)

“Still Unbroken” By Lynyrd Skynyrd hits to a BIG reaction from the crowd as Rex McAllister steps through the curtain with the World Heavyweight Championship draped on his shoulder as he continues making his way to the ring in his street clothes)

Deadprez: Before, I’d praise this guy as the best pure wrestler in EAW. But he’s Voltage trash now so get the strap.

Pierre: And we know he’s here to call out one of our own. This is surely going to be a big time confrontation right here, on Showdown folks!

(Rex enters and is handed a microphone as he waits for the cheers to die down so he can speak his peace)

Rex McAllister: I stand before you all here on Showdown, a place that I once called my home, a place where I spent all of my years prior to Season 12 honing my skills and growing into the man that you all see today. A man that can stand here and call himself a champion, but not just a champion, a WORLD champion. Not just a world champion either though, but the TOP world champion in this whole damn company. Now I know that may sound a bit self-centered to say, but I’ve been through a lot in my career to get me to this point and a lot of that can be attributed to the lessons learned and wars fought on this very brand and I hold all of that near and dear to my heart, I had an incredible journey here on this brand. However, as much as I would love to go down memory lane and play catch up, I am not here tonight to reminisce on the good ol’ days unfortunately. Long are the days where Showdown housed men like myself who represented the now and the future of this company. It seems as if these days, Showdown is a representation of the past, men past their glory years hanging onto whatever thread of life that is left to salvage their careers and reputations to where they think that it is a logical choice to make me a target.

Rex: Yes, I am talking about Heart Break Boy. I respect what you’ve done for this company and this business as a whole and I am well aware of your track record. I am also well aware of the fact that you think whatever you did or represented in the past will be enough to stand up to what I’m doing in the now. You don’t think I represent this company as a world the way that I should, you don’t deem me worthy enough, and to that I ask you, what makes you think that you are worthy? What have you done for me lately? You had an Interwire Championship reign and I applaud you on being able to do that, but the way you lost it pretty much negates everything for me. You were a man who we all once looked up to as one of the cornerstones of EAW and one of the cornerstones of several other companies. You’re one of the only men to transcend companies, eras, the whole nine, you were a jack of all trades, but that was then…. this is now.

(Rex McAllister raises his championship high in the air)

Rex McAllister: Fighting you at your best would have indeed been a dream match, prime Rex vs prime HBB I’m sure is everyone’s favorite matchup on EAW 2K19. I would have never picked a fight with you at this point in time however. We can’t go back to the 90s and get a prime Michael Jordan to face off with LeBron to end the debates unfortunately, and I had too much respect to take advantage of the vegetative state your career is in in order to prop up my own legacy and easily defeat you simply because of the value behind your name…. but this is a fight that YOU picked. YOU took it upon yourself to try to come up off of MY name as opposed to the other way around. I applaud the ferocity and fearlessness. I applaud the daring shoot for the stars mentality as the perception behind you losing your Interwire Championship is now “oh HBB had bigger things in mind, HBB bounced back and finds himself in the world championship picture” when the reality is that it is all smoke and mirrors. I refuse to be anybody’s copout. Eventually the truth comes to light, and on week from now at Wicked Games, HBB… the world will see you for what you actually are, and that is absolutely NO match for the best wrestler in the world.

(“Ice Tray” by Quavo hits to a huge pop as HBB makes his way out, walking up the ramp with a “King Mapago” sleeveless shirt and his wrestling pants, he enters the ring and is handed a microphone as he stands across from Rex McAllister staring him up and down. The music dies down before he begins speaking.)

HBB: Rex you are truly something else. That Goldprint must’ve really did a number on you huh? Damaged some brain cells or something because the delusions of grandeur is on levels I haven’t seen in years! Rex, you might not understand where I’m coming from because you’re, well…. you. But this isn’t just the Heart Break Boy speaking, this is the EAW fans speaking, this is your colleagues speaking, nobody values you as the top guy in this company, nobody values you as a world champion. Ask yourself this question, what has the circumstances behind your championship wins been and how long before those wins were negated by subpar reigns? Exactly. You won your first world championship back in April, you defeated a woman who was w-

Rex McAllister: You mean the mother of your children?

(HBB looks annoyed before continuing to talk)

HBB: Like I was saying, you defeated a woman who was well on her way out of this company. You defeated a Devan Dubian who hasn’t been the same in lord knows how long, and Diamond Cage who ended up being the one to take the title from you in one on one action. A month and a half after losing that title, you defeat Chris Elite…. the incompetent, inconsistent, uninspired fluke of a champion Chris Elite, the man who I am going to squash like a bug later on tonight just to prove my point. That’s supposed to impress me Rex? It doesn’t. Your track record or lack thereof is a result of circumstance and being at the right place at the right time. You don’t have a track record that we can all look back on and say that this was a championship reign that we can get behind and be proud of because you do nothing spectacular as champion. My track record speaks for itself however, I am a validated multiple time world champion who has defeated damn near everybody’s “GOAT” list, what about you?

Rex McAllister: Tell me more about what you did when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. We are living in 2018, a time where I am far more relevant than you and far superior to you in the ring. Not that it would be any different had a existed when you were at your best. I hold this championship and every other championship that I’ve ever held high and with pride because I know the work that I put in to be able to call myself this. If it was as simple as being at the right place at the right time then you would have capitalized on it before I did ain’t that right Mr. crafty veteran? You see, when someone is as sure about themselves as I am of me, I don’t let other people write my story for me because I know the truth and I know all that it took to get me where I am today and it was certainly not being some sort of opportunist.

HBB: Whatever helps you sleep at night. Which I’m sure is pretty hard to do these days knowing that you’re this close to having ANOTHER championship reign come to an end this year.

Rex McAllister: I actually sleep quite comfortably knowing that this thing is never leaving my side, especially not at the hands of some fossil like yourself. I get to represent my home brand of Voltage and bring it home for the fellas, put what is going to be perceived to be a big win under my belt, and continue onto successfully defend it in the chamber come Road to Redemption. You though? You’ll just fall flat on your face just like you did at No Regards. Besides, Wicked Games was supposed to be the best of Voltage vs the best of the other brands, clearly you aren’t near the best of Showdown after being Malcolm Jones’ ragdoll so you even being in the main event facing me is a disservice to the men who actually make Showdown what it is. I would have much rather preferred to get another go against my longtime rival in Cage.

HBB: I’m sure you would have, he’s another person perceived to be vastly superior than yourself especially as a world champion. You’re used to being his whipping boy so you’d have more of a copout than when I take that title from you. You should know a thing or two about letting your brand down, isn’t that what you did at Territorial Invasion? You picked two unprepared rookies to represent Voltage with you and then proceeded to eat the pin, securing Dynasty the victory. I would never.

Rex McAllister: That’s because you would never even be considered to represent any brand in 2018. You can’t keep up and when we face, that cold hard fact will be blatantly obvious.

HBB: The only obvious fact we’ll be finding out is why they call me the GOAT. We’re cut from a different cloth Rex, it doesn’t matter the year, the era, the time, the place, whatever… when I show up I show STOP. You better put on your best performance ever, because you’re going to need it to at least get the “Rex put on an amazing effort but it wasn’t enough” sympathy bag. World title mode HBB is a different type of beast, King Mapago in the flesh.

Rex McAllister: Well I’m the lion tamer and come Wicked Games I have an equalizer that will put an end to any of your hopes and aspirations. You picked the wrong one to try to come up on, and you will pay dearly. You see how I don’t need to resort to trying to get one up on you physically or retaliating from that goldprint from two weeks ago? It’s because I don’t value you as a competitor enough to feel the need to have some type of psychological advantage, I don’t need anything heading into our match and I’m STILL going to win.

HBB: Keep underestimating your opponents and thinking you got it all figured out, we see where it’s gotten you in the past. I don’t need to convince YOU of all people anything, my track record speaks for itself. You on the other hand? I’m not impressed. Now watch what I do tonight when I face the superior World Heavyweight Champion of 2018, because that’s your future.

(HBB drops the mic and leaves the ring as “Ice Tray” picks back up, Rex holds his title in the air to taunt HBB as HBB backs up down the ramp doing the waist taunt for the championship)

Pierre: Whoa, that was intense, these two men are going to go at it at Wicked Games.

Deadprez: HBB better bring that title to Showdown, the A show, we racking up 2/3rds of the world titles in EAW, that War Games match won’t mean a single damn thing here in EAW. The championships, the gold shows we are superior in every single way.

(Camera pans backstage to the parking lot as we see a dark tinted lamborghini pull up to the arena and out steps Diamond Cage with a noticeably serious demeanor on his face, he steps out the car and grabs the EAW Championship before walking into the arena but Eve runs up to him)

Eve: Cage! Cage! Can I get your answer to Scott’s challenge for a rematch for the EAW title?

(Cage looks at Eve before continuing to enter the arena and avoiding the interview as camera pans back to the Legacy Arena)

(Camera shows Aaron Fitzpatrick standing in the ring awaiting the next contest)

Fitzpatrick: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits as Cody Marshall makes his entrance, spitting at fans and yelling about hating dogs)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 305 pounds… COOOOOOODDDYYYYY MMMAAAARRRSSSSHHHAALLLLLLL!!!!

Deadprez: The big Texas bastard hasn’t had a great run. He lost to TLA at No Regards and dropped one to Chris Elite last week. And if I understand this man, he’s willing to do anything to get it back on track.

Pierre: Well he’s on Showdown, stiff competition across the roster. And his opponent tonight is one of the best.

(“Pray for Em” by Meek Mill hits as Malcolm Jones makes his entrance with the Interwire Championship around his waist)

Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 240 pounds…. he is the EAW Interwire Champion… MAAALLLLCCOOOLLLMMM JJJOONNNNNEESSSSSS!!!

Pierre: There’s no one who oozes confidence like the Interwire Champion.

Deadprez: Malcolm won the Interwire title off of Heart Break Boy and has backed down from no one, not even someone like Impact. This is a true champion.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: We are underway and Malcolm Jones moves towards the center of the ring, looking ready for the challenge, but Cody Marshall is unmoving and just looks at Jones with a big snarl! CODY CHARGES LIKE A GUNSHOT AND TAKES MALCOLM DOWN WITH A HUGE LARIAT!!! He drops down on Malcolm and grabs him by the head! Just bashing his skull against the mat! Cody is in a state of madness right now! He presses his full weight into Malcolm’s shoulders and tries an early pin!


Not even a one count! Malcolm looks dazed but he’s got a lot left in him! Cody grabs Malcolm by the wrist and begins to pull him up! But Malcolm breaks free and rolls under the ropes and out to the apron! Cody goes to attack Jones! But Jones drives his shoulder into Cody’s beer belly! Malcolm now reaches up and grabs Cody’s head, puling it through the ropes! Malcolm turns the big man by the skull— AND MALCOLM DROPS OFF THE APRON AND EXECUTES A DISGUSTING NECK BREAKER ON CODY MARSHALL!!!!

Deadprez: Cody drops and clutches his neck while Malcolm climbs up onto the apron again! Malcolm lines up as Cody rises to his feet! Malcolm springboards!! TORNADO DDT— NO! Cody stays on his feet and keeps Malcolm up! SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Cody crushes Malcolm down to the mat! Cody rolls off of Malcolm but he’s still clutching his neck! Jones clearly tweaked something in Cody’s neck! Malcolm rolls away from Cody to get his breath and pushes himself up to his knees. Cody is getting back up to his feet though! Cody turns and tries to rush right to Malcolm! But Jones pops up and hits a dropkick right to Cody’s knee! Cody drops down to a knee and Malcolm follows up with a step up enziguri to the back of Cody’s aching neck! But Cody doesn’t drop! But Malcolm not slowing down either! He comes in quick with a swinging neckbreaker! Malcolm looks around frantic for his next move while Cody is down! He wants to keep the pace high where Cody can’t keep up! Malcolm looks to the turnbuckle and swings himself to the top in one leap! He lines up! 5 STAR SWAG SPLASH! BUT CODY PULLS THE KNEES UP!

Pierre: THE RE-UP!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL?!? MALCOLM SAW CODY PULL THE KNEES UP AND SWUNG HIS LEGS FORWARD AND ADJUSTED HIMSELF INTO THE LEG DROP ACROSS CODYS THROAT!!! What body control!! And now Malcolm hooks a leg with both arms and pulls it back for the pin!




NO! Cody still kicks out! All this damage to his neck and he’s not done! Malcolm is beside himself! Hes arguing that the ref was slow counting! But the ref tells him the match goes on! Malcolm goes over to continue working Cody! But Cody rolls out of the ring and catches his breath! He reaches back with both hands to massage some life back into his neck! Malcolm looks irritated as the ref starts to count!


BUT MALCOLM WITH THE SUICIDE PLANCHA INTO THE TORNADO DDT! He just planted the big man into the floor and Jones is fired up! He’s stomping into Cody now as the ref slides out and yells at Malcolm to get back in the ring!

Malcolm (off mic): SHUT THE F—K UP! I GOT THIS!

Deadprez: The referee continues to yell at Malcolm as the champ now goes to grab Cody by the head and pull him up! Malcolm planting forearms into Cody’s head as the referee begins to count again!


Cody tried to shove Malcolm off but Malcolm follows with a dropkick that sends Cody into the barricade! Cody still stands though!


Malcolm just goading Cody into position! Cody turns around— RUNNING NECKBREAKER!


BUT CODY CATCHES MALCOLM OUT OF THE AIR! Malcolm is shocked and Cody takes off running!




Cody now takes Jones by the head and hurls him! Malcolm flips over in the air and his spine connects again but now into the ring apron! He may have just hit his head on the way down!


Cody grabs Malcolm and pulls him up and lifts him into his shoulder! Cody rolls Jones back into the ring now!


Cody rolls into the ring and breaks the count! The ref gets back in! NO! ITS IMPACT! IMPACT JUST RAN IN THROUGH THE CROWD! HE YANKS THE REFEREE DOWN OFF THE APRON! THE REFEREES HEAD BOUNCES OFF THE APRON AS HE FALLS! Cody looks back and looks ready to fight but Impact stops him and points at Jones!

Pierre: Impact signaling for Cody to lift Malcolm up now! Impact yells some instruction to Cody and CODY LIFTS MALCOLM UP FOR A WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER! NO! Cody holds him up elevated like that and Impact leaps up! EVISCERATION! He connects it from an elevated position! Impact holds Malcolm on the ground now by the face and yells at him like a maniac!


Deadprez: OH COME ON! Impact spits in the face of the Interwire Champion! And now he rolls out of the ring and wakes up the referee! Impact rolls the ref into the ring just as Cody pulls Jones up again! RAPTURE! Two handed Chokeslam plants Malcolm down! Cody makes the cover as the ref struggles to count!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner by pinfall… COOODDYYYYY MMAAARRSSHHAALLLL!!!

Deadprez: Man these guys just screwed my man Malcolm Jones our of a good win tonight!

Pierre: Cody would do anything to get back to winning, and. Suppose that includes help from Impact!

(Cody walks up the ramp with a smirk on his face. He glances and nods at Impact who’s standing on the stage with an evil grin at Malcolm, who is just starting to crawl across the mat in Impact’s direction but clearly in no condition to stand up)

(Commercial promoting Thursday Night Empire: Dream Match Triple Threat! Astraea Jordan versus Sienna Jade versus Cleopatra! Only on FOX!)

(The camera cuts to The Poon Palace in Birmingham, Alabama where the fiesta is in full swing. EAW commentator Deadprez is shown having crossed the street from the arena to attend the party as he looks for the new Openweight Champion. Deadprez has to dodge and duck from all the poon being thrown in his direction as he moves towards the center of the party where TLA is shown sitting in a hot tub with a dozen Poon Palace girls as well as Steroid Dawg and the Openweight Championship which has been given an inflatable device to float in the hot tub.)

Deadprez: Good evening TLA may I have a word?

TLA: Ay mami like I was saying Cody Marshall be threatening Steroid Dawg but that’s only cuz he knows he only got a chance at intimidating dem bitches. Amirite? Speaking of bitches did you see Kevin Hunter on Dynasty? Vato was big mad! Chica you in the Poon Palace tho we ain’t got time for mad only got time for that tranquilo shit yo.

Deadprez: Excuse me TLA. I wanted to interview you on your Openweight Championship victory last week.

TLA: Yo mami you fine why you ain’t come down full time to the Poon Palace! We gonna hook you up with some real dinero and shit. Gonna make you a star. Ain’t even worry about it. The champ got you.

Deadprez: TLA por favor… necesito hablar contigo…

TLA: Oh shit who is the gringo? Is that Deadprez? How the fuck did he get past security? We slippin’. Def gotta build that wall around the Poon Palace amirite mujeres? Iight iight you wanna come in here and ask questions. This ain’t no interview. This is La Pantera Sexual’s night of celebration! We out here in the Poon Palace and you wanna come in here in yo little suit and ask yo negative questions. Tryna rile me up. Tryna hate. Get this man the fuck outta here.

Deadprez: TLA I am on assignment. I’m not leaving.

TLA: Well if you gonna stick around at least hit the bar up and buy some drank but I ain’t answering shit from you.

Deadprez: Oh so you won a title and now you think you are too good to answer my questions?

TLA: Nah nah it ain’t like that compadre. It’s just that I already answered all of the questions from someone else. You just a little late in showing up!

Deadprez: What… what do you mean?

(One of the women in the hot tub turns around to reveal Showdown backstage interviewer Eve wearing a revealing gold bikini as she smiles at Deadprez and waves.)

Eve: Awww you’re so cute showing up here to do your job! Don’t worry partner. I got this covered.

(Deadprez leaves in sorrow as he returns to the arena to do commentary.)

Eve: I feel bad for him to be honest.

TLA: We will hook him up with a gift card or some shit later. Don’t even worry about it chica. Tonight is a night of celebration. The fiesta don’t stop.

Eve: Maybe not tonight but there is no guarantee that this title reign will last forever. Are you worried about any of your potential challengers? You never know who you might be facing. Could be someone entirely new on a different brand or even Kevin Hunter or Cody Marshall or someone out for revenge.

TLA: I be takin’ on all comers. Haters said that TLA couldn’t win the big one and as far as I’m concerned this Openweight Championship is a big one. Kevin Hunter and Cody Marshall thought that they could underestimate yo boi and they suffered all them consequences. If they want to get they culos whipped yet again they know where to find me! Based on the fact that even Deadprez got up in here we clearly got some serious security flaws so legit anyone can come find me anytime they want to. My door always be open. I’m pretty sure that Jacob Steele has already slipped into the Poon Palace at least three times tonight lil hoppa don’t know when to stay away.

Eve: But to get a World Title shot you have to defend that championship against someone from every brand. Are you confident that you can do it?

TLA: Do I not look confident to you? I can do anything! I know it won’t be easy the brands gonna be selecting they top luchadores to try and take the strap off me. I say that they ain’t got a chance. I am in my prime and am gonna take all these washed up has beens and green ass rookies down. This is my time and I plan to go all the way with this thing ese. Take on all comers. Bring the best you got from each brand and imma drop ‘em all with that quickness. Bring on Voltage. Bring on Dynasty. Bring on the vatos straight outta Showdown. Most definitely bring on all the sexy mamis from Empire! We gonna get them all in the Poon Palace by the time this reign is over! Come on now Eve stay a little longer you ain’t even gotta get back to work.

(Eve is shown climbing out of the hot tub as she puts on a towel.)

Eve: I have a show to go cover TLA but maybe I will come back here later after it’s all over. That is unless you actually feel like showing up to work.

(Eve winks at TLA as she leaves.)

(Camera transitions to a short advertisement for Voltage airing tomorrow night)

(We open back up on Showdown to see Aaron Fitzpatrick preparing for our first match up)

Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Higher” by The Score hits as Kassidy Heart makes her way out with Ahren Fournier, her Empire Tag Team Championship strapped around her waist)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, making her way to the ring accompanied by Ahren Fournier, from Sydney, Australia by way of San Diego, California, weighing in at 120 pounds… she is one half of the Empire Tag Team Champions… KAAASSSSSIIIDDDYYYY HHHHEEEEAAAARRRRTTTTTT!!!!

Deadprez: One of Empire’s best has come to Showdown! Damn if she was single I’d be gettin them digits…

Pierre: She and Ahren aren’t dating I don’t think. Just working together.

Deadprez: You deadass?

(“Don’t Stop” by Inner Party System plays as Noah Reigner walks out with his Cash in the Vault briefcase, followed by Evelyn Ridley)

Fitzpatrick: and her opponent, making his way to the ring from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 184 pounds… he is the 2018 Cash in the Vault winner… NOOOOAAAAHHHHH RRRREEEEIIIGGGNNNEEEERRRR!!!!!!

Pierre: The Assualt Rifle from Voltage! We have two world champions and the Cash in the Vault holder in the building on the same night.

Deadprez: But there’s a lot of history in this match. I don’t think Noah is focused on the world title tonight, regardless of the scenario.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: We are underway and these two just eye each other, neither making the first move. Noah watches Kassidy with a confident grin, Kassidy returns by staring a hole through Noah with a look of hatred and disgust.


Evelyn: Do what you do best, Noah!

Deadprez: Cheering sections are fairly clear. But these two know each other from way back. Both know what the other is capable of.

Pierre: AND KASSIDY FIRES OFF LIKE A GUNSHOT! She darts for Noah but Reigner side steps and Kassidy runs right past! Noah looks very proud of himself… AS KASSIDY RUNS STEP BY STEP UP THE TURNBUCKLES AND FLIPS BACKWARDS INTO A FLYING STARGAZING! Flew backwards and caught Noah into the falling inverted DDT! She knew Noah would underestimate the tactic and planted him into the mat! Kassidy immediately slides to Noah’s legs! Trying to get the Kassi! Kassi! Kass—

Deadprez: You really just gonna say that whole thing?

Pierre: Looking for the Brazilian Heel Hook! But Noah twists his leg and kicks her off! Noah scrambles back, clearly surprised by Kassidy’s execution! And maybe a little shaken from the impact of his head on the mat! But Kassidy isn’t letting up! She rushes over to Noah and a double foot stomp into the solar plexus drives the air out of Noah’s lungs! Kassidy is dominating early!


Deadprez: Kassidy glances back with a smile at Ahren… BUT THATS ALL NOAH NEEDS! Noah grabs the back of Kassidy’s leg and slips up, pulling her into a dragonscrew! Noah stumbles back, reassessing and gathering himself again! But Kassidy already rising to her feet! Noah comes in! Step up enziguri! Kassidy stumbles over into the corner and Noah follows! RUNNING FLYING DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE! Kassidy’s head jus snapped back and Noah trying now to match Kassidy’s intensity! Kassidy is stunned and Noah now pulls her out! HE HAS THE WRISTLOCK! COULD BE THE UFO ROGUE CUTTER!!!!


Pierre: Ahren is now up on the apron! Noah turns and sees him and uses his free hand to give him the middle finger while maintaining the wristlock! BUT KASSIDY SNAPS OUT OF IT! She twists out of the wristlock and slides behind Noah while keeping hold of his arm! WITCHES HAMMER! That was Sienna Jade’s ripcord rolling elbow! A nod to Kassidy’s tag partner! Kassidy drops down for the cover!




REIGNER KICKS OUT! Kassidy looks frustrated and she looks over to the top rope! She climbs up and lines up! She’s pausing now… Evelyn Ridley is up on the apron now yelling at Kassidy! Kassidy’s eyes are like lasers drilling a hole through Evelyn with pure hatred… can she really hate someone that much?

Deadprez: I’ll let you ask her. But Kassidy sets her feet… diving dropkick! Kassidy kicks Evelyn off the apron and sacrifices herself to do it as she lands on the apron! Kassidy in pain but she sees Noah still down! Kassidy springboards… AIRHEART!!!

Pierre: NO! NOAH GOT HIS FEET UP AND THE FLYING HEADBUTT PUTS KASSIDY RIGHT INTO NOAH’S BOOT! Kassidy rolls over and she’s clutching her face! There’s… there’s blood! Kassidy has a gash over her cheek after falling facefirst into the upkick from Noah! And now Noah sees his chance! He moves to hit the ropes… going for the running Killshot!

Deadprez: BUT AHREN GRABS NOAH’S FOOT AND PULLS HIM OUT THE RING! AND NOW THE TWO ARE IN EACH OTHERS FACES! BUT EVELYN COMES FROM BEHIND AND NAILS AHREN WITH THE CITV BRIEFCASE! Evelyn yells for Noah to finish the match! And Noah gets up to the apron as Evelyn goes to hit Ahren again! But Ahren rolls out of the way and moves behind to run Evelyn into the barricade! Now he’s kicking Evelyn right in the ribs as she falls to the ground! DIVING DOUBLE KNEES FROM NOAH TO AHREN!!! Noah leapt from the apron and drove two knees into the back of Ahren’s head! Ahren is driven forward and into the barricade himself as Evelyn moves to the side! Now both members of House Reigner beating down on Ahren!

Pierre: SUICIDE DIVE! KASSIDY HEART THROWS HERSELF THROUGH THE ROPES AND CRASHING INTO NOAH AND EVELYN! And now it’s just a brawl! Noah is sent over the barricade and into the crowd as Kassidy is now wailing on Evelyn with right hands! The referee has no choice now but to count!


Evelyn tried to cover up but now Ahren is back up and takes Evelyn from behind! THE CLIMAX! Ripcord knee and now Evelyn is down!


Kassidy, with blood streaming down her face, is stomping years of anger and hate into Evelyn Ridley! Ahren watches her go with a look of pride!




And now he moves to Kassidy… WHO HITS A SHOTGUN DROPKICK ON NOAH!


Noah drops the chair and tumbles back into the ring post! He tries to get back up…


METEROA!! Kassidy takes Noah out just as he was getting back up!


Kassidy sees Evelyn Ridley climbing back t her feet and Kassidy goes to pull Ahren Fournier back up! The two now look to end Evelyn as they get her up on their shoulders for something!


BUT NOAH WITH A CHOP BLOCK ON FOURNIER! Evelyn is dropped to the ground and Kassidy turns around…




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Fitzpatrick: The result of the match is a no contest due to double countout!

Pierre: the match may be over but the fight isn’t! Noah goes to check on Evelyn as Kassidy reaches over and grabs the chair! She picks it up and Noah turns around…. KASSIDY DRIVES POINT OF THE CHAIR LEG RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES OF NOAH REIGNER! Noah collapses and blood is flowing down his face now! Kassidy now smashing the chair into Noah! She looks around and doesn’t see Evelyn! Kassidy turns!

Deadprez: KILLSHOT! The bicycle knee from Evelyn Ridley catches Kassidy in the nose! Now Ahren comes from behind! Turns Evelyn around! PROTECT YA NECK! Clothes line from heel turns Evelyn inside out! And now Ahren checks on Kassidy… BUT NOAH IS BACK UP! The two begin trading blows now! Each has ahold of the others head and isn’t letting go! Ahren targeting the cut between Noah’s eyes from the chairshot and opens it up more! Now he drives Noah backwards into the ring apron!

(Officials and security run in from the ramp and through the crowd)

Pierre: FINALLY SOME HELP! Security pulls Ahren off of Noah and restrains him and they pull Noah back by the arms as well to restrain him! BUT KASSIDY FROM BEHIND KNOCKS THE GUARDS TO SET AHREN FREE AND BOTH CHARGE AT NOAH! They knock him and the other guards back into a pile of bodies! BUT HERES EVELYN RIDLEY! SHE LEAPS OFF THE APRON INTO A SPLIT LEG FOOTSTOMP TO PLANT A FOOT INTO THE SPINES OF BOTH AHREN AND KASSIDY!

Deadprez: HERE COMES MORE SECURITY! And now we have people tackling Evelyn Ridley! All four are restrained and held back but none have stopped trying to escape!

Pierre: We need to cut to break! We will try to have this sorted and cleaned up when we return! Stay tuned folks!

(Commercial for the new self-help book: “How to Do Your Job When Everyone Hates You” by Flannery McCoy)

(Road To Redemption teaser)

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the main event of the evening!

(“Odee” by A Boogie hits as the crowd erupts into cheers!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first being accompanied by Big Mike weighing in at 210 pounds… he is “Gawd Given Greatness” CHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIS ELITE!!!

(Chris Elite makes his way down to the ring being followed by Big Mike as he steps into the ring looking ready for anything.)

Deadprez: HBB has accused Chris Elite’s entire career of being based off of luck! He has made this personal!

Pierre: Well I can see how luck plays a role in any wrestler’s success but Chris Elite is a very talented hombre. It will take a lot more than luck if he wants to beat HBB here tonight.

(“Ice Tray” by Quavo hits as the crowd again cheers in a respectful standing ovation!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent weighing in at 220 pounds… he is the legendary Hall of Famer… “The Golden Boy” THE HEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT BRRRRRRRRREAK BOY!!!

(The Heart Break Boy makes his way down to the ring walking right past Big Mike without looking intimidated at all as he steps into the ring.)

Deadprez: HBB says that he feels Chris Elite has become “too comfortable” in his role here in EAW. He achieved some success and now he has gotten lazy and is coasting on it! What a lazy jackass!

Pierre: Calm down Dead. I’m not sure that is true at all. Elite has taken some hard Ls lately but this man is a former World Heavyweight Champion. I’m sure he is gonna bounce right back!


Deadprez: Both men lock up in the ring! Elite quickly grabs the arm of HBB but HBB grabs the face of his opponent shoving his hand hard into the eyes of Elite trying to break free. But Elite holds onto the arm wrenching harder sending HBB to the ground. HBB rolls through freeing his arm from the lock but Elite still holding on. Elite grounded now as HBB goes for a quick cover! But Elite immediately kicks out before the referee can even make a one count! Elite backs away into the corner as HBB comes after him. Elite in the ropes as the referee holds HBB back. Full reset now as both men pace into the ring locking up… HBB immediately takes down Elite with an arm drag! Elite right back up as he grabs HBB around the head in a front facelock! HBB backs off into the ropes as the referee forces the break. HBB grabs Elite and tosses him over the ropes to the outside!

Pierre: But HBB lands on his feet on the outside! He reaches under the bottom rope and drags Chris Elite underneath with him. Both men exchange shots on the outside before Elite slams HBB’s head off the apron and then whips him into the barricade… but HBB leaps up onto the barricade and runs across it… flying Axe Handle off the barricade takes Elite down! HBB tosses Elite back into the ring and immediately follows grabbing his leg and stomping away on it repeatedly! Really doing some damage here! Elite kicks HBB off as he runs into the corner but HBB follows with a Spinning Elbow Strike! No! Elite dodges and throws HBB into the corner. Elite lights up the chest of HBB with a series of hard back hand chops! HBB tries to fire back with a right hand but Elite blocks it and begins to hammer away at HBB’s face with a series of strikes!

Deadprez: Elite backs up as he charges in… Double Running Knee strike to the corner! No! HBB MOVES OUT THE WAY AND ELITE CRASHES AND BURNS!!! Elite falls back into the ring as HBB capitalizes by wrenching the ankle of Elite on the ground. But Elite kicks HBB off! HBB thrown back against the ropes as he comes running back… but Elite slides under the bottom rope and grabs the leg of HBB. Elite rams HBB’s leg into the metal ringpost! Absolute savage! HBB falls to the outside holding his leg in pain as Elite slams his face against the apron and then tosses him back into the ring. HBB slowly back up but Elite grabs the leg… Elite lifts HBB up… Atomic Drop connects! Elite goes into the cover!



Pierre: Kickout! Elite pulls HBB back up as both men begin to trade punches… HBBB kicks Elite hard in the gut sending him back against the ropes. But Elite fires back with a Clothesline taking HBB down! HBB back up as he spins up against the ropes… Elite charges… clothesline over the top rope as both men go to the outside from the momentum! Elite grabs HBB and tosses him back into the ring before going for the cover! NO! HBB REVERSES THE PIN INTO ONE OF HIS OWN!!!



Deadprez: Kickout! HBB pulls Elite back up to his feet from behind as he goes for a Back Drop but Elite elbows him hard in the back of the head! Elite breaks free… But HBB grabs the head of Elite… Snap DDT connects! Both men down as they are slowly recovering now with the crowd split 50/50. Elite pulls himself up in the corner as HBB backs up into the opposite one himself. HBB charges in… Running Corner Dropkick connects! Elite rocked back before HBB comes back in with yet another Dropkick! And another one! Elite somehow still holding himself up in the corner! HBB with a vicious Clothesline! Elite finally falls down in the ring! HBB goes to the top rope… FLYING CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP CONNECTS!!! NO! ELITE REVERSED IT INTO A PINNING COMBINATION!!!



Pierre: Kickout there by HBB! Elite now stomping away at the legs of HBB… he hooks the leg… and locks in a Figure 4 Leglock! HBB screaming in pain as he is trapped in the middle of the ring. There is no way he is getting out of this! HBB trying to turn over to reverse the hold! But to no avail! He is so screwed! Wait no HBB making some progress. He is almost flipped over… He does it! He flips over to reverse the hold! Now Chris Elite is the one taking all the damage! Elite desperate as he reaches the ropes forcing the hold to break. That was a close call but Elite got out of it. HBB’s legs took a lot of damage tho as he is having trouble getting back up… So Chris Elite hammers him with a hard kick to the head! Elite keeping HBB down with a series of hard kicks… Wait HBB grabs the leg and takes Elite down!

Deadprez: But Elite just springs right back up to his feet! HBB can’t believe it! Elite grabs HBB! Belly to Belly Suplex connects! HBB back up… Elite walks right into the Goldprint! No wait! Elite ducked it! HBB caught up on the ropes as Elite pulls him down… HBB kicks Elite hard in the gut and drops him with a DDT! Big Mike up on the apron now… GOLDPRINT CONNECTS! Big Mike taken down off the apron from that devastating kick! Now HBB just has to finish Elite off! HBB turns around… GOLDPRINT! NO! CHRIS ELITE DUCKS YET AGAIN!






Pierre: Calm down Dead! This match ain’t over yet! Chris Elite pulls HBB back up as he slaps him across the face yelling at his opponent to stay down! Elite with a series of hard shots and a Clothesline! No wait HBB ducked underneath as he runs off the ropes… Running Forearm Smash connects to the face of Elite! Both men down now… HBB springs back up to his feet! He is rallying these people behind him! HBB waiting for Elite to get back up… He does and HBB grabs him… HBB lifts Elite up above his head… A thunderous Body Slam connects! HBB now climbing up to the top rope… he flies off the top with a Diving Elbow Drop rocking the entirety of Chris Elite’s being! Now HBB signalling to the crowd that he is going to end it all! Elite slowly back up to his feet. HBB CHARGES IN!!







(“Ice Tray” by Quavo hits as The Heart Break Boy has his arm raised by the referee in victory. Chris Elite is shown being comforted by Big Mike on the outside.)

Deadprez: HBB nearly lost this thing. That is a guarantee. Chris Elite would have had the win there with that Box Office Smash on any other night but on this night it was the Goldprint that came out superior.

Pierre: I have to agree but HBB has beaten Chris Elite as well as the current EAW Champion Diamond Cage. He has been on a roll lately and it may only be a matter of time before he has some gold around his waist yet again. I think that…

(“Still Unbroken” by Lynyrd Skynyrd hits as the crowd becomes unglued.)

Deadprez: What the hell?!?!?

Pierre: He’s still here?!

(Rex McAllister steps out onto the stage holding up the EAW World Heavyweight Championship above his head as The Heart Break Boy looks on.)

Deadprez: After a brief confrontation with HBB earlier it looks like Rex decided to stay and enjoy the festivities up close and personal.

Pierre: Rex McAllister laid down the challenge to face The Heart Break Boy at Wicked Games and he has shown up to remind HBB that his future lies outside the borders of Showdown!

Deadprez: I hope that HBB whips this Voltage trash and brings the gold home to Showdown! Get this man outta here! OUT! OUT! OUT!

Pierre: I am glad to have a great champion like Rex McAllister out here on Showdown. He is a reminder that there are great wrestlers in other brands and companies all around the world. We should be honored to have him here with us.

Deadprez: Pierre I will smack the shit outta you.

Pierre: Shit well we better end the show before that happens. Good night everyone! HBB smiling as he looks on at Rex McAllister on the stage. He wants that title! Will he be able to capture yet another world championship in his illustrious EAW career? ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED AT WICKED GAMES!!!

(– Final Commercial Break – // plays for the EAW2K19 video game featuring a new arcade DLC Diamond Cage mode with the 8-bit version of his theme , play all of your favorite matches in the new 8 bit arcade mode and climb the ranks with current EAW World Champion!

(Camera opens up to the Showdown arena before we see Diamond Cage step through the curtain with the EAW Championship in his hand without any music as the crowd looks on not really knowing what to make of this sudden entrance)

Deadprez: Cage would normally come out here to some shitty grunge song but he looks like he has something on his mind he’s been wanting to say for years.

Pierre: I don’t know, but he’s in the right now and just snatched the microphone away from Aaron.

(Cage taps on the microphone a bit before he puts it to his mouth and begins to speak)

Cage: Seems like everyone wants to fight me right? Everyone wants to take from me, everyone wants to do something to me? Well that’s alright, that’s perfect, I knew the moment I won this EAW Championship, people would want to take from me, I made myself the target. But what else do I have to prove? Why do I have to prove anything to anyone in EAW? I’ve proven time and time again that these “elitist” are not on my level, everyone wants to shoot from the hip, everyone thinks they are so big and bad and fucking tough around here making idle threats. I see Voltage roster members coming to my show, and talking about “I’ll cash in on Cage and win the EAW Championship” and I take it with disrespect, because are you that much of a pussy and realize you can’t beat Rex McAllister? A man I put down for this very same championship, or maybe you think it’s like every other title reign, maybe I’ve put myself through absolute hell to keep this EAW Championship to the point where maybe I’m on the decline? That means absolutely not a fucking thing to me. I won’t lie, I’m hurting, my body hurts, my body hurts ever since I made this deal to be a fucking wrestler. And you got Ahren Fournier and that piece of ass Kassidy Heart thinking that new form alliance is something? I’m supposed to fear some wannabe great in a plague mask? I’m supposed to be afraid of the Heart Break Boy’s whipping boy for the last two months? Fuck out of here, and she’s running off at the mouth because she don’t believe in that man, she has to keep preaching that I’m next on the hit list but where are you Ahren, come on Ahren? Please make yourself relevant, bring here too because she can’t fucking fight for you. Everyone making threats but I don’t feel threatened because I know the mile of shit that I crawled through to get this EAW Championship and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to take it from me just because they fail everywhere else and want to make a name at my expense.

(Cage is shown staring deeply into the EAW Championship before he speaks again)

Cage: And Scott.. It would be easy for me to just say I beat you at the Hell In A Cell and I’m better than you and the whole world knows it but that isn’t enough. It’s never enough, I knew this is what you wanted. I knew it, you want your career to end, you think you putting your career on the line is only a driving force for you? It’s a driving force for me as well. I welcome this challenge, but with this title I consider myself the best, the absolute best because this is the only World Championship that matters, not that title on Voltage, not Empire and sure as hell not Dynasty. The only title that matters is the title with the initials of this company, EAW. and with that I am EAW. I’m not a champion on his last legs that’s ripe for the fucking picking, and I’m certainly not handing this EAW Championship over, I refuse to kneel to anybody, I refuse to be taking lightly by anybody and I refuse for my title reign to be ended by anyone in EAW who isn’t man enough to finish the job. Nobody in EAW can break me, I’m the unbreakable champion, I’m the unstoppable champion. And I’ve proved it, fighting twice, more title defenses against more men than this EAW Championship has ever fucking seen. And it won’t stop, I accept your challenge, but you aren’t the only one putting something on the line Scott, you won’t make this all about you. Because if I can’t beat you again that makes me a hypocrite, that makes me an absolute failure. So along with my EAW Championship, I’m putting my life, my career on the line as well because IF I can’t beat someone who isn’t on my level, a low rank competitor hanging onto broken shambles of his career then I don’t deserve the title and I don’t deserve to be in this business any longer. You put your balls on the table, I put my balls on the table, now show me Scott, because soon one of us won’t be around any longer, show me why people thought you were a threat in 2012, show me why people saw you as one of the men who would carry this company before you became a half ass performer, have some kind of gratitude and pride to give me a fight in which my end could be reached as well. Because I promise the story will end the same way, somehow, some way, Diamond Cage will leave with this EAW Championship whether anyone in this company or around the world likes, I don’t give a fuck.

(Cage throws the microphone down and begins storming up the ramp as the crowd looks on in shocked)

Pierre: No! This isn’t what we need, this rivalry has gotten so personal, that both men, Scott and Cage have put their careers on the line, all for the EAW Championship! Showdown is going to take one hell of a hit from this cause the challenge was just accepted from the EAW Champion!

(Cage continues walking up the ramp not looking back as the camera transitions to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Dynasty 11/9/2018

Voltage 11/11/2018