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Shane Gates

The Natural Born Killer

Shane Gates has done it all. A icon in japan Shane started wrestling in 2002 only because he could make good money. He then found a passion from doing that. Then in 2004 Shane took a big career leap and went to Japan to further improve his wrestling talent. His Main mentor was legendary A Japanese wrestling Champion by the name of Handa Seishisai. Handa taught him many things and Made Shane what he is today. Shane is one who demands respect and will not hesitate to put somebody on the shelf permanently. Shane has also been in the hardcore wrestling scene in japan and has the scars to prove it. His most brutal one is on his back, a nasty scar that nearly covers his back. He suffered it from thrown onto 3 barbed wire boards off a ladder. So Shane has been through it all and has lived to tell the tale. He takes his criticisms not to heart but thinks of them as motivation to hurt people. Don’t tick off Shane or you might just end up losing your career.

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Scott Diamond