Shane Gates

The Fucking Dynasty

Shane Gates thinks he is one of the top wrestlers in the world. The so called Dynasty had a rough upbringing as a young boy in Huntington Beach California due to a abusive alcoholic mother and a father who wasn’t really there for his son due to his wrestling commitments. The son of the Great Maximillian Gates a famed wrestler from the 1970’s era from wrestling Shane vowed never to be like his mother and passed mostly everything in school but there was a dark side to Shane as a boy. He would tend to violently beat up the ones who hurt him or his friends, earning him the name “Shane the Killer” in school due to how severe the injures the people hurt by him would sustain. In high school Shane changed for the better and instead of using his brawn he used his brains and kept away from the bad influences at the time. In his pastime away from school Shane would train with his father and his stepmother wrestler since His father divorced from his abusive mother when Shane was only 12. Shane started his wrestling career at the age of 18 in 2002 and the rest is history. He won multiple championships in Japan and was a world renowned wrestler. He decided to step away from the limelight of wrestling in 2014 for sometime to take care of his father who fell ill, Shane thought his father would get better but it didn’t. His father would die a year later and Shane decided to pick up the pieces and start wrestling again. Making his rounds in the U.K showing off a more darker and violent side representing his grief and anger balled into one. This aggression caught the attention of a scouter in EAW who decided Shane would be perfect for a job in EAW. 2 seasons later and Shane Gates has re-awoken his hidden potential he thought he lost when his father died Shane now believes he is the Dynasty and will do anything in his power to prove it. Alongside his partner in crime and girlfriend fellow wrestler Angela Grant Shane wants to show the whole world why he is the true Dynasty of EAW

Written by Fight Grid

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