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Sakuya Goto

Front Pacific Voyager

Sakuya just basically the daughter of the mother ocean herself. Born in a family of fisherman, Spending her daily life sailing across the Pacific Ocean with her father to find some fish back when she was still in an early teenager. She ended up being a wife of a Cruise captain so everything in her life is all about the blue ocean.

Sakuya stops wrestling after an injury that needs an advanced treatment to be healed. During that time, Sakuya had a beauty salon near the coast of Okinawan beach and in that salon, she meets the love of her life. A Trans-pacific Cruise Line captain named Hideyuki Hirose. Hide really concern about Sakuya’s career and willing to pay as much as it needed to make Sakuya fight in the ring again, or at least to make her dedicating her life in the wrestling world instead of working outside of it and throw her dream away. Sakuya is perfectly healed now and she’s heading to America, to test her new self.


Prince of Phenomenal