Ryan Wilson


Since he joined the company in August 2017, Ryan Wilson has been trying to make it to the top of the company. Following his No-Disqualification match with Cage in 2019 during Christmas in Dubai which he has shown a side of him rarely shown during his tenure here so far it opened his eyes to a simple fact: He forgot himself, forgot who he was and where he came from. Fighting Cage reminded him of what made him a powerhouse on the independent circuit. He must return to his roots in order to reach greater heights and eventually finally win his first solo Championship which has eluded him for so long. His past success on the independent circuits staring back in 2015 in Sanctuary of Wrestling where he first started is intimate with hardcore and extreme based matches along with actions and philosophy outside of the ring that allowed him to be a force to be reckoned with wherever he went up until when he joined EAW. Against Cage, he realized that he had lost his way and that he needed to return to a way of being that brought him success and in 2020 Showdown is going to witness the evolution of Ryan Wilson that has always been there.

Written by Anna C. Flowers


Ahren Fournier