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Road to Redemption (2007)

(Camera shows the crowd cheering)

Wwefan: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to EAW’s very first FPV, ROAD TO REDEMPTION!!! I’m the A.W.F Chairman,WWEFan-Taker-Kennedy, and we’re live from my hometown, Los Angeles, California!

MaK: And I’m MaKaVeLi, the current EAW Champion. And what a great show we’ve got for you tonight! Four titles will be on the line, the AWF Women’s championship, EAW hardcore championship, AWF championship and the title I hold the EAW Championship!

Wwefan: Evan will take on MaKaVeLi for the EAW championship in an extreme rules match!

MaK: HRDO will defend his AWF championship against the king of legends, Independent!

Wwefan: A divas battle royal for the Women’s championship!

MaK: And don’t forget, what everyone has been waiting for, 50 CENT vs RKA in an extreme rulez match!

Wwefan: Mr.Kennedy’s n.1 fan will be putting his championship on the line against The Master of Puppets!

MaK: Jerry will face Hornswoggle is God in a ladder match, winner gets a title shot for the EAW hardcore championship!

Wwefan: Wwextreme4life will go against Jayjayyyy in a first blood match!

MaK: The former EAW Champion Ronn, will face the man who screwed him many times, Mr.Magic in a tables match!

Wwefan: MVP_MVC will take on Adam P in a parking lot brawl!!

MaK: Jaden will also be revealing her playboy cover! And more surprises tonight! BAH GAWD what a great FPV this is going to be !And Wwefan,which match are you looking for the most?

Wwefan: Well,all the matches will be awesome. But I can’t wait to see these three matches, MaKaVeLi vs Evan,Mr.Kennedy’s n.1 fan vs Master of Puppets and Ronn against Mr.Magic!

MaK: Right now,Hornswoggle is God will be taking on Jerry,in a ladder match.The two faced each other twice before,the first time HiG won,Jerry asked for a rematch,but it ended in a no contest.

Wwefan: Also,the winner of this match gets a title shot for the EAW hardcore championship anytime!Don’t forget,HiG said last week that he has a big surprise for him at Road To Redemption!Enough talk and let’s get started!

Announcer: The following contest is a ladder match,where the winner gets a title shot for the E.A.W Hardcore Championship,making his way to the ring,from x, Jerrrryyy!!(He gets some cheer)

And his opponent,from Australia,Hornswoggle is GOD!!!

(His music hits,he gets a mixed reaction)

Wwefan: These two can’t stand each other,look at their eyes,both want to win this one so badly! The referee rings the bell!

MaK: HiG does few elbow smash’s,Jerry fight back with some punches and kicks,and hits a snapmare.He hammer’s Hornswoggle is God into the corner,and does a dropkick!

Wwefan: Jerry does few cruiserweight moves to take HiG down,he does a back kick,followed by a fame asser from the top rope.

MaK: Jerry goes outside the ring,and gets a ladder,he sets it up and starts climbing.HiG follows him,and smashes jerry’s head to the ladder.

Wwefan: Jerry tries to fight back,but HiG eye pokes him,and hits a powerbomb from the ladder!!

MaK: What do you think Hornswoggle is GoD meant last week on E.A.W by “I have a surprise for Jerry”?

Wwefan: I have no idea,I was wondering the same thing!Anyway,jerry blocks a kick from HiG,and hits a scoop slam!!He climbs the ladder,jerry looks confused!Should he continue climbing,or will that be a mistake?

MaK: Jerry continues his way to the top!

(True Wrestling Fan’s music hits,crowd look shocked and confused)

Wwefan: What the hell is TWF doing here?He has no business on here!!

MaK: wait! TWF enters the ring,and moves the ladder, as Jerry falls down! True wrestling fan does a gutbuster on Jerry,he gets him up,and hits his finisher,THE VERTEBREAKER!!!

Wwefan: No! What the hell is happening here?Stop this! True wrestling fan helps HiG to get up,he picks him up to the ladder!HiG starts climbing slowly!

MaK: HiG’s reaching for the title belt.Yessss,get it!! Hornswoggle is GOD takes the belt!!!! He wins!!

Announcer: Here is your winner,Hornswoggle is God!!

Wwefan: OH MY GOD! Nobody has ever done that, not even Mr. opportunistic MaKaVeLi.

MaK: At least I win matches unlike you,pornfan!

Wwefan: Hmph.Hornswoggle is God can get a title shot for the EAW hardcore championship anytime he wants now.

(The camera shows EAW’s G.M on his office)

GM: Good evening everyone,like you all know,today is a very special day for EAW,the first EAW FPV in history,ROAD TO REDEMPTION.That’s why I’ve decided to announce,that in three weeks from now,EAW will have the most important show in its history! A very special show, in which will even feature Legacy and War superstars.Matches will be announced soon so stay tuned!

Commercial: Oblivion is a Legacy PPV coming soon this month.See all your favorite Legacy superstars,including Crude,HRDO,Carlito is Cool,ARD and more!

MaK: Upcoming next,Jayjayyy will be facing the person who eliminated him in the extreme elimination chamber,WWEXTREME4LIFE!

Wwefan: Last week,the EAW GM announced that they will face off in a first blood match!

Announcer: The following contest is a first blood match,the only way to win is by making your opponent bleed.

Introducing first,from Toronto,Canada,Jayjayyyyyy

(Crowd chants “FUCK CANADA”)

And his opponent,from New York,he is a former AWF Champion,Wwextreme4life!!(He gets a lot of cheer’s,part of the crowd chants “ New York sucks”)

Wwefan: The match starts off when extreme dropkicks him,and hits a bulldog,he sends him to the ropes and does a one legged monkey flip followed up with punches.

MaK: Wwextreme4life hits a hurricanrana from the top rope.Xtreme goes for a running clothesline,but Jay catches him with an STO,followed by a very powerful clothesline.He lifts him up to the top rope,and hits a super sidewalk slam!

Wwefan: Wow..Is that supposed to make extreme bleed?

MaK: Shut up pornfan,and let him do his job!Anyway,Jay lifts him up for a body press slam,but xtreme reverses it into an arm drag and a kick to the body.

Wwefan: Wwextreme4life hits a side effect,and delivers a leg drop from the top rope.None of them is bleeding yet!

MaK: Xtreme sets up for a Twist of Fate,but jay reverses it into a belly to belly,he hits two german suplexes after that.Jayjayyy is dominating Wwextreme4life,but can extreme win after all this?

Wwefan: Anything on EAW could happen,Jay send him to the ropes,and hits a free all drop!The referee checks on Wwextreme4life,but still there is no blood..

MaK: The match continues,jay gets a table from under the ring,and sets it up.He goes for a powerbomb,but extreme counters with a bulldog!Wwextreme4life hits a hip toss,followed by a flapjack.He goes to the top rope,and hits a swanton bomb!

MaK: Extreme sends him to the turnbuckle,and does a back suplex!

Wwefan: Wwextreme goes for a flying DDT from the top rope,but Jay reverses it and lifts him,he hits the F-5 through the table!!He did it!!!!!!It’s over!!!!! It should be..

MaK: Wait!Wwextreme4life turns his face..and…………There is still NO BLOOD!Which means the match continues!

Wwefan: Jayjayyyy looks very pissed,he lifts xtreme up and does repeated powerbombs!!! !He goes under the ring,and gets a trash can.Jay goes back to the ring,but xtreme does a dropkick to his knees.

MaK: Wwextreme4life takes the trash can,and hits jay in the face multiple times..And jay is still not bleeding!

Wwefan: Xtreme does a knee attack on Jay,and pushes him to the corner,jay tries to get up,but gets drop kicked..Xtreme puts the trash can on jay’s face,and goes to the top rope!!

MaK: Oh no!We know what’s coming now!! Wwextreme4life hits a coast to coast!!!!(Crowd starts the “Holy shit” chant)

Is this the end of the match ?

Wwefan: jay turns,and BAH GAWD he is bleeding!!!Which means we’ve a winner!!!

Announcer: Here is your winner,Wwextreme4life!(Crowd cheer)

MaK: It’s over!! Nice battle!

(Video package is shown of the Extreme Elimination chamber that took place at Dia Del Diablo)

Wwefan: And now,MVP_MVC will take on ADAM P in a parking lot brawl,let’s see how this feud started!

(Promotional video is shown for MVP vs Adam match)

(Camera goes to the parking,where the Parking lot brawl between MVP_MVC and Adam P will take place)

Wwefan: MVP_MVC seems to be obsessed with destroying people!

MaK: And with gay porn too, as we found we few weeks ago..Anyway,adam slaps mvp,who slaps him back.MVP takes adam down and they start fighting on the floor,mvp punches him from left to right.

Wwefan: MVP goes for an enzuigiri,adam blocks it,and hits a half nelson suplex,and smash’s mvps head to a car.He goes for a big boot,but mvp moves out the way!

MaK: MVP kicks him to the groin,he pins adam..1..2..kick out..!MVP gets a baseball slide,and hits Adam all over his body!MVP goes for the pin..1…2…Adam kicks out at two!

Wwefan: MVP gets a box,and puts Adam’s head on it.He takes the baseball slide,and hits few shots with it!The cover..1…2…Kick out by Adam Perez!

MaK: MVP_MVC lifts him up to the top of a car,he goes for a suplex,adam counters,and ddt’s him through the car!!!

Wwefan: Adam pins MVP…1……2………MVP kicks out!Adam gets him up,and hits a spiral bomb,he goes for the cover once again…1….2…MVP gets a shoulder up.

MaK: OH MY GOD! Adam gets a sledge hammer!!But MVP_MVC low blows him,and takes it from him.Adam gets a shot with the sledge hammer!

Wwefan: MVP pins adam….1…….2……..Adam still kicks out!MVP throws him into a wall,and does a roll up…1…..2…..Adam reverses it into a leg lock!!

MaK: Adam tries to make mvp tap out,but still can’t he,MVP counters after few kicks to Adam’s face.MVP goes for a cross body,but Adam catches him with a belly to belly through a car!!!!!

Wwefan: HOLY SHIT!!!Adam pins….two…..and…..a kick out by MVP!Adam hits three german suplexes,and goes to the top of a car.He hits a flying headbutt,and goes for the cover…1…2….MVP moves a shoulder!

MaK: Adam is trying to lock the sharpshooter,but mvp is fighting back with few punches and kicks,adam finally locks it!!!!TAP!!

Wwefan: TAP!!!! MVP will tap!but no….MVP reverses it into a roll up…1…2…kick out by adam!

MaK: Shit!MVP goes for a running clothesline,but get caught with a crossface!!!! Adam still can’t get it 100 % locked!MVP reverses it into an armbar!

Wwefan: They both get up,adam does an elbow smash,and lifts him up to the top of a car,he goes for a powerbomb,but MVP does an eye poke,and hits the ……….C-4!!!!

MaK: MVP_MVC pins Adam prez…….1………………2……………………………..

Wwefan: and………………….3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ss-Hh-Ii-Tt!The homo won!

MaK: Your supposed to be happy,since you both are homosexuals!

Wwefan: Remember,as the chairman of Answers Wrestling Federation,I can fire anyone,anytime!

MaK: Yawn!

(Video package is shown of Jaden’s playboy photoshoot)

Wwefan: WOoOoOoO!Jaden will finally be revealing her playboy cover live right now at Road To Redemption!

(jaden’s music hits,crowd chants “Slut”)

MaK: DAMN! Jaden is looking hot tonight, and she gets a mic from the announcer.

Jaden: People have been waiting for this for weeks!Today is the day where I reveal my playboy magazine cover,and I want you guys to tell me what you think about it!

Jaden:are you ready?Here we go!! Show it!

(The playboy cover is shown)

MaK: OH MY Coc…GOD!!

Wwefan: Yummy!

MaK: can I have those fruity fruity delicious fruity boobs?

Jaden: So..

(Carlito is Cool’s music hits,the crowd boo’s a lot)

Wwefan: …What the hell is Carlito is Cool doing at Road To Redemption?

MaK:here comes the great interweb champion,Carlito is Cool!

CiC: Los Angeles,California! We’re in L.A, baby!!(Crowd cheers)

CiC: CiC says L.A is by far the least coolest city in the world!You might all be uncool,but I’ve got something very cool to show you!

(Video package is shown of Carlito is Cool attacking Mcroper in his hotel room)

(Crowd boo’s)
CiC: Now that’s cool!And as for you slut,nobody cares about your playboy cover.You have to prove that your cool,by doing what sluts like you does best for my friend down here!

(Jaden slaps Carlito is cool)

Wwefan: OH MY GAWD! CiC does a huge clothesline,he gets jaden up,and hits the BACK CRACKER!

MaK: It looks like he didn’t finish yet,he gets an apple,and spits in jaden’s face!(Crowd boo’s a lot)

Wwefan: This guy is so disrespectful,someone needs to stop him!!He is tired of beating superstars,and now he’s attacking divas?

MaK: AND WATCH OUT!! Carlito is Cool gets a chair from under the ring!!No don’t do it!

(Wwefan stands up and goes to the ring)

MaK: Oh my god!!! Wwefan takes the chair from carlito is cool and hits him in the face!(crowd goes crazy)

Wwefan opens the chair,he gets CiC up and hits the jackknife powerbomb!!!!BAH FUCKING GAWD!!!!
(Crowd chant “HOLY SHIT” and “ANDY”)

MaK: Wwefan throws Carlito is Cool outside the ring,and comes back to our table!Well done pornfan!

Commercial :
Night of Supremacy is a War ppv coming soon live on free per view.See all your favorite superstars in action,including Mr.DEDEDE,Y2J,DX -suck it and the returning Deadprez!

MaK: It all started when 50 Cent made a surprise appearance on EAW,claiming to be the best,and better than everyone.But RKA interrupted him,and challenged him for a rap battle.

,the two started arguing.50 told RKA he will have to beat Stone cold stunna and Fanatic in a handicap match,to face 50 Cent in a rap battle!

Wwefan: Rka did defeat them,but he was attacked before the rap battle took place.50 challenged him after that for a wrestling match at Road To Redemption,which R.K.A accepted last week on EAW!

(video is shown of the RKA and 50 Cent’s feud)

Announcer : The following contest is an extreme rules match!!

Introducing first,from new york,R……K……A……!(he comes out to a huge pop)

Wwefan: Yeah!!! R.K.A will finally have a chance to get his hands on 50 Cent!!What will the media’s reaction be,if RKA humiliated 50 cent?

MaK: Don’t worry pornfan,this will not happen!

(50 Cent and G-Unit perform “I Get Money” live)

And his opponent,from New York,he is 50 CENT!!!!!!!(Crowd chant “N.Y Sucks” “L.A”)

(He gets a lot of boo’s,Fanatic.Stone Cold Stunna are on 50‘s side too)

MaK: The King of New York 50 Cent himself is here on ROAD TO REDEMPTION!!50 enters the ring,and stands face to face with RKA.

Wwefan: Fanatic Teases,50 low blows RKA,and knee drops him.50 does a kick to rka’s groin and pins him..1…2…Kick out by RKA!

MaK: RKA tries to get up,but 50 kicks him in the face,and puts RKA in the sleeper hold!(Crowd chant “Let’s go RKA”).RKA gets up and reverses it into a back suplex.

Wwefan: And here come Fanatic and stone cold stunna for 50’s help,they hit a double clothesline,followed by a double sidewalk slam!Fanatic lifts him up to the top rope,and hits an arm drag,SCS gets a chair from under the ring!


Wwefan: 50 Cent pins R.K.A….1……2………RKA KICKS OUT!!!

Fanatic and SCS grab RKA,50 insults him,and slaps him!(Crowd boo’s).Fanatic goes to the top rope,and hits the money shot pin …

MaK: But RKA moves out the way,and does multiple kicks on SCS,Fanatic goes for a clothesline,but RKA hits a sweep!RKA send him to the corner,and hits few running shoulder thrusts.Tony Yayo comes to the ring,but RKA kicks him from the top rope,and tosses him out the ring!

Wwefan: 50 gets a baseball slide from under the ring,and hits him in the back,he chokes him with the weapon!!50 still can’t him to tap out!!RKA does few elbows to 50 cent’s head,and hits an arm drag!

MaK: R.K.A goes to the top rope and hits a flying hurricanrana!He pins 50..1….2….Lloyd banks attacks the referee to stop the cover.RKA whips him into the corner and does the RKA kick,followed by a swinging neckbreaker! RKA throws Lloyd on Yayo out the ring!

Wwefan: Fanatic and Stone cold stunna try to enter the ring,but RKA dives through the ropes!He comes back to the ring, 50 cent goes for a clothesline on him,but RKA moves out the way,and hits a face buster!

MaK: He hits the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH from the top rope and pins 50 Cent!!!!!!!!!(Crowd counts to 3)

Wwefan: That’s not fair,RKA should be determined the winner!

MaK: The referee is down,nothing is officially without the presence of the ref!

Wwefan: Come on,we need a second referee on here!!!

(The Game’s Wouldn’t Get Far’s song hits)

Wwefan: What the hell!!!

(The game enters wearing a referee shirt,crowd goes wild)

MaK: BAH GAWD!!! Los Angeles’s own son, 50 cent’s long time rival,The Game is here at ROAD TO REDEMPTION!!!! And he is wearing a referee shirt!!!!

Wwefan: RKA goes to the top rope,and hits a second frog splash on 50 Cent!!!Game tells R.K.A to pin 50!!

(Crowd gets up in their feet)

MaK: RKA goes for the cover…….1……….2……….3!!!!!!!

Wwefan: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! RKA wins it!! 50 Cent lost!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: Here is your winner,R………..K………..A !!!

(His music plays,he and The Game celebrate)

MaK: What a shocking appearance by The Game!!!Look at the crowd still chanting his name!

Wwefan: What a great PPV Road to Redemption has been so far!

MaK: eh…Anyway upcoming next,is the last chapter of the war between the former EAW Champion Ronn and Mr.Magic,when they face off in a tables match!

Wwefan: It all started in the Extreme Elimination chamber,Magic eliminated wwextreme4life and Evan,but failed to beat ronn,who pinned him.Magic helped MaKaVeLi to win at the end,screwing ronn over the EAW championship!

MaK: Magic screwed ronn a second time,in the n.1 contendership match!

(Video package is shown of the Ronn/Mr.Magic feud)

(Ronn’s music hits,he gets a HUGE POP)

Announcer: The following is a table match,introducing first,from New Jersey,Ronnyyyyyyyyyy!

And his opponent,from HELL,Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.Magic!!(Magic gets a lot of boo’s and the “u suck “ chant start)

MaK: Finally,we ‘re seeing this!! This shall decided who the better man is between Magic and Ronn.

Wwefan: Only one man will win this one!The match start off,when magic tells ronn to look up,he goes for an eye rake,but ronn blocks it,and does an armbar!

MaK: Ronn dropkicks him,and hits a facecrusher..He goes for the cover..1…2…Magic kicks ou!Ronn goes to the top rope,but Mr.Magic pushes him out of the ring!

Wwefan: Magic goes outside the ring,and smashes his head to the steel steps.

MaK: Magic comes to our table,oh wait,he’s looking on wwefan!He is calling you out pornfan!Come on don’t be a coward as usual!

(Wwefan stands up)


Ronn gets a chair and throws it through magic,who moves out the way,wwefan gets the chair shot!!

MaK: HaHa Magic owned pornfan!!Screw Andy,Magic 4 Chairman!

Magic starts running,ronn follows him,they turn in the ring multiple times.Magic goes back to the ring,ronn enters,but gets hitten with a few kicks.Magic hits a huge clothesline,followed by a powerslam,he pins Ronny…1…2…Kick out at two!

Ronn is bleeding! He will tap!! TAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!(Crowd chant “ Let’s go ronny”) Magic screams “SHUT UP”!! Ronn is fighting with all the power he still has!Ronn can’t find a way to escape!! He low blow’s magic and hits a roundhouse kick!

(wwefan gets up and comes back to the announcer’s table)

MaK: WOAH! You’re still alive?

Wwefan: Ugh, ronn had better beat magic! Anyway,ronn sends him to the turnbuckle,and hits a clothesline,followed by a running bulldog! Ronn goes to the top rope,and hits a side kick!

MaK: Ronn goes for the anaconda vice but magic counters,and hits a chokeslam!!He goes now under the ring,and finally gets a table!!!!!!!!!!! Magic sets it up!

Wwefan: Mr.Magic gets ronn up,and smashes his head to the table.Magic clotheslines him onto the table.Magic tries to put ronn on it,but ronn keeps trying to block him with few punches and kicks!

MaK: Magic hits him with repeated elbow’s,and lifts him up to the turnbuckle,he goes for a superplex through the table!!


MaK: RONN WINS IT!!It’s over!!

Announcer: Here is your winner,Ronn!!!!!

Wwefan: Yeah!!!Very impressive!! Ronn finally got his revenge!!

MaK: hmmm…is this ronn’s redemption?

Wwefan: Hold on what now? Ronn takes a mic and goes to the ring!

Ronn: No matter who wins tonight between MaKaVeLi and Evan for the EAW Championship,will lose to me…And if you ain’t down with that,I got two words for ya……………BATISTEROIDS SUCKS!!!

*WAR Rebound*

MaK: And now,it’s the battle for the EAW Hardcore Championship,between the current champ,Mr.Kennedy’s n.1 fan and Master of Puppets!

Wwefan: I’ve been waiting a long time for this match!! Two of the youngest superstars competing in a match where there are no rules or limits!

(Video package is shown of the MOP/Ken feud)

Announcer:The following contest is an extreme rules match,for the EAW Hardcore championship!

(MOP’s music hits,he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd)

Introducing first the challenger,from Las Vegas,THE MASTER OF PUPPETS!

And his opponent,from pittsburgh pennsylvania,he is the current EAW Hardocre Champion,Mr.Kennedy’s n.1 fan!!!

Wwefan: The future of E.A.W is in this ring! Can MOP end Kennedy’s title reign?There are both very talented wrestlers!

MaK: Master of puppets tells the referee to give him a mic,he gets it.

MOP with a cheap shot on kennedy,he starts punching him using the mic!

Wwefan: MOP clotheslines him to outside the ring,he hits a dropkick from the top rope on kennedy.MOP gets the ring bell,and hits kennedy in the face..he goes for the cover..1…2…kennedy kicks out!

MaK: MOP gets him up,and DDT’s him onto the ring bell!Master of Puppets pins him again…1…2…Kick out by Kennedy!

Wwefan: MOP moves the steel steps,and takes kennedy to it!! He goes for a piledriver!! But kennedy reverses it into a back body drop.Kennedy catches mop with a running headbutt,he throws him back in the ring!
MaK: Kennedy hits a neckbreaker,followed by an elbow drop from the top rope…The cover…1……2………MOP kicks out at two.

Kennedy takes mop down after some clotheslines.Kennedy hits a wheel kick ands pin his opponent…1….2……but the Master Of Puppets kicks out again…

Wwefan: Kennedy gets him up,and goes for a back suplex,mop counters,and does a small package…1….2…..Kick out by kennedy.

Kennedy hits a dropkick to MOP’s knees,and send him to the ropes.He catches him with a facebuster.

MaK: Kennedy pins MOP…1….2….Kick out! Kennedy goes outside the ring,and brings the ring bell!

Wwefan: Kennedy tries to him,but mop moves out the way!!MOP hits the playmaker on Mr. Kennedy’s n.1 fan,and pins him..This has got to be over….1…….2………Ken gets a shoulder up!!!

MaK: BAH GAWD!!!! Nobody has ever survived after the playmaker!!

Wwefan: MOP pins him for the second time…1…2…Kennedy kicks out again!!

MOP gets him up and send him to the turnbuckle,he goes for a running clothesline,but kennedy moves out the way and lifts him up!
MaK: Mr.Kennedy’s n.1 fan hits a backbreaker,and goes to the top rope,he hits the Kenton bomb……!!! But MOP moves out the way,and does a roll up…1…2…….3!!

Announcer: Here is your winner,and the new EAW Hardcore champion,THE MASTER OF PUPPETS!!(Crowd boo’s)
wwefan: OH MY GOD! We’ve a new champion!!What a cheap win!!!!

MaK: Kennedy lost his championship belt after a roll up by MOP!

(video is shown of MOP’s victory)

Wwefan: OH MY GAWD! Hornswoggle is GOD is coming from the crowd!!

MaK: Oh No! What’s happening now!! HiG does a very powerful clothesline to MOP’s back,and tells the referee to ring the bell!!

Wwefan: What? No! Hornswoggle is God will face Master of Puppets for the EAW hardcore championship RIGHT NOW!!!

MaK: HiG takes the championship belt,and hits MOP in the face.He pins him…1…2….But stops the cover! He gets him up,and hits the Emerald Fusion!! He goes for the cover…..1…….2…………….3!!!!!

MaK: OH MY GOD!!!How smart from HiG!!!History was made tonight!!Not only HiG won,but mop had the shortest title reign in history!

Wwefan: Two huge victories in one night! Woah! Very impressive!I can’t wait until EAW next week!

MaK: Neither can I,this is SHOCKING!!!Master of Puppets and Kennedy’s n.1 fan look very pissed while Hornswoggle is GoD is celebrating in the ring.

*Dia Del Diablo DVD Commercial*

Wwefan:Coming up next, The current AWF women’s champion,RAW diva will be defending her championship,in a battle royal.Will we see a new women’s champion or will raw diva be able to retain?What do you think,MaK?

MaK: I think someone needs to win the title belt from that wanna be dude!

How about jenny?She is a talented diva unlike the rest!

Announcer : The following is the divas battle royal,and its for the AWF women’s championship!

(The challengers come,including Jenny,Mickie Lee,DiRTi DiVA,Curious girl,Wrestling Queen,HBG,Angelica,Marsh,Viva)

Wwefan: WOOHOO! Here comes my lovely ladies!

MaK : *Dreaming*

(RAW diva’s music hits,she comes out to a lot of boo’s,the crowd chant “ U have no boobs” )

Wwefan: BOOOOO!Get some boobs and chop your dick off before you come here!

MaK: At least,she has a cock unlike you.Anyway, The referee rings the bell,all the divas are fighting in the ring.M4 hits a double clothesline on Viva and HBG.Jenny and mickie attack Wrestling Queen,and hit a double DDT,followed by a double leg drop.

Wwefan: RAW diva elbow smash’s dd ,she lifts her up and hits a scoop slam.Angelica bulldogs cg,and does a dropkick to her face! HBG and viva are trying to stop marsh,hbk grabs her hair,they hit a double suplex!

MaK: Viva does a splash from the ropes,and HBG hits a cross body from the top rope on m4!They tried to throw marsh,but she grabs the ropes! Viva does a clothesline to HBG’s back,she goes for a back suplex,HBG counters and superkicks her out the ring!

Announcer: Viva has been eliminated!
MaK: Bah Gawd! The first challenger is gone!And good thing it’s the Mexican hoe,no viva,means no pollution…BECAUSE MEXICANS SUCK!
Wwefan: At least Mexicans aren’t the world’s biggest joke like Canadians!Back to the match, M4 enters back the ring,and hits HBG with a very powerful knee!

M4 lifts her up and hits a body press slam to outside the ring!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: The Heart Break Gal has been eliminated!

MaK: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! Marsh is the most powerful women in AWF history!!

Wwefan: Jenny and mickie hit a double dropkick on marsh,and does a a double sidewalk slam on CG!Jenny goes to the top rope,and hits a flying clothesline on DiRTi DiVA,Raw diva and wrestling queen!

MaK: Jenny and mickie goes for a double back suplex on Angie,but she reverses it into a neckbreaker!Angie hits a spinning kick on Mickie,and smashes her head to the turnbuckle.

Wwefan: Jenny and Mickie send Angie to the ropes,Angie ddt’s Mickie and does a hurricanrana on Jenny!!!!!!!

MaK: BAH FUCKING GAWD!!What a great double move!!Angelica send Mickie and Jenny to the turnbuckle,and hits a running cross body! Angie goes for a moonsault from the top rope on Mickie,but she moves out the way!

Wwefan: Mickie hits a powerful clothesline,to drive angie and herself outside the ring!

Announcer: Angie and Mickie have been eliminated!

Wwefan: WOAH!!!Both were eliminated at the same time!The current women’s champion,RAW DIVA,is still in the ring.DiRTi DiVA dropkicks curious girl from the top rope,she lifts her up and hits a spinebuster!

MaK: Jenny goes for a running clothesline,but marsh catches her with a spear!BAH GAWD!! WHAT A VERY POWERFUL SPEAR!RAW diva picks WQ up,and puts her in the corner,she hits few running shoulder thrusts!

Wwefan: RAW DIVA eye pokes wq and hits a suplex !She goes for a cross body,but wq reverses it into a back body drop to outside the ring!

Announcer: RAW Diva has been eliminated!

MaK: OH MY GAWD!! RAW DIVA is no longer the AWF women’s champion!! A new champ will be crowned tonight at ROAD TO REDEMPTION!

Wwefan: Marsh goes for a powerbomb on jenny,but dd attacks her with a knee strike!

WQ,CG,Jenny and DD are looking at each other! They team up on Marsh!!!!!!!!(Crowd goes crazy)

MaK: Wrestling queen hits a queen bee on marsh,Jenny doesthe RKJ ,curious girl with a running elbow attack,and Dirti Diva hits a lionsault!!!!They get marsh up and throw her out the ring!

Announcer: Marsh has been eliminated!

Wwefan: Can you believe this?? Marsh is out!!Wrestling Queen attacks Jenny from her back with a clothesline,she goes for a running headbutt,jenny moves out the way,wq grabs the ropes,but jenny hits a jawbreaker to eliminate wq!!!!!!

Announcer: WQ has been eliminated!

MaK: The only ones left are DD,CG and jenny!Jenny is outside the ring,besides the ropes,dirti diva goes for a cross body,but jenny reverses it into a hip toss!!!!!!

Wwefan: DD grabs the ropes and she is still in the match!Jenny and dd start fighting outside the ring(besides the ropes).

MaK: But……….CG comes and hits a HUGE CLOTHESLINE TO ELIMINATE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOD!!CG is the new AWF women’s champion!!

Announcer: Here is your winner,and the new AWF women’s champion,Curious girl!!!!!!

(crowd cheer)

Wwefan: Curious girl is the champ for the first time in her career!

MaK: Don’t forget,Curious Girl is the only diva from EAW to ever win the AWF Women’s championship in history!

Wwefan: CG helds the championship,and starts celebrating in the ring!!

*Legacy Rebound*

(Camera shows Curious girl backstage with the title belt,MVP_MVC appears)

MVP: Hey champ! Congratulation for the win!

CG: Hmmm thank you!

MVP: Notice how we both won the same night?

CG: Yeah awesome..

MVP: But guess what? I’ve a huge surprise for you!Opens this box right here!

(Curious girls opens it,out comes Little Dick King)

(LDK starts dancing as CG leaves… MVP_MVC joins LDK,and they french kiss as camera fades back to the ring)

Wwefan: HaHa..I was right all time,King..I meant Little Dick King is a homo!
MaK: Damn right! I’m glad King is no longer the AWF Chairman,I’d rather see funaki and not king owning Answers wrestling federation.But it doesn’t matter who is the Chairman,because this is MY KINGDOM!

Wwefan: Ha!Coming up next,the AWF Championship is on the line,Independent will get his first ever title shot against the current champ,HRDO!

(Video package is shown of the HRDO/Indy feud)

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall,and it’s for the AWF Championship!Making his way to the ring,the challenger,from hell,THE KING OF LEGENDS,INDEPENDENT!

And his opponent,the current AWF Champion,HRDO!!!

(He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd)

Wwefan:INDEPENDENT will be making his AWF return match tonight!Can he beat the HRDO?HRDO never lost a single match before.

MaK: HRDO is asking Independent to shake hands,indy shakes it.But hrdo slaps him and does an eye rake.HRDO spears him and gives him some punches.

Wwefan: HRDO send him to the turnbuckle and hits a huge running clothesline…HRDO pins indy…1….2….Kick out at two.
MaK: HRDO gets him up,and send him to the ropes,he does a samoan driver..HRDO goes for the pin..1….2…Kick out by Independent!

Wwefan: HRDO puts him in the sleeper hold!Two minutes already passed,as hrdo still has it locked,Indy is trying to reverses it in any way,but can’t.

MaK: Indy gets up,and reverses it into a back suplex,followed by a chop lock.He send hrdo to the ropes,but get caught with a scrap buster!!

Wwefan: HRDO goes for the cover…1…2…Kick out at 2!HRDO send him to the ropes and hits a very powerful big boot! He tosses him into the ring post,and hits a huge clothesline!
MaK: HRDO lifts him up to the top of the turnbuckle,and hits a cross powerbomb!!HRDO pins Independent….OnE….TwO…..and a kick out by Indy at two!

Wwefan: HRDO clotheslines independent out the ring,he goes after him,and goes for a clothesline,but Indy moves out the way,and HRDO fells on the steel steps!
MaK: Independent starts stomping hrdo,he throws him back into the ring,and pins him…..1…..two…..Kick out at two!Indy gets hrdo up,and hits the widowmaker!!Independent goes for the cover…!

Wwefan: One…….Two……………….But H.R.D.O gets a shoulder up!Independent send him to the corner,and goes for a flying forearm smash on,but HRDO moves out the way,and hits a german suplex….Two german suplexes…

MaK: THREE GERMAN SUPLEXeS!!H.R.D.O goes for the pit fall from the top rope,but Independent moves out the way,and hits the i2k spear!!!!!!

Wwefan: But hrdo moves out the way,and the referee gets speared!

HRDO lifts him up for the bottomless drop,but Independent reverses it into a swinging DDT!!

MaK: And……….INDEPENDENT spears H.R.D.O!!! He goes for the cover…..But the referee is down!Indy is trying to get the referee up!

Wwefan: What the hell!! A masked guy is coming from the crowd with a steel chair!!What the fuck is happening??

MaK: The masked guy enters the ring,and hits Independent from the back.He hits Indy in the body more than 20 times,and puts HRDO’s hand on Indy!He gets the referee up and makes him pin the challenger!

Wwefan: The cover……..One……………..Two…………………..Three….!!!

That’s not fair!!!HRDO retained because of some unknown person!

Announcer: Here is your winner,and still the A.W.F Champion,H.R.D.O!

MaK: D-A-M-N!I didn’t see this coming!Who’s the masked guy anyway?

Wwefan: I have no idea! HRDO gets a mic..

HRDO: Who are you?

(The masked guy doesn’t answer)
HRDO: I repeat,who are you??

(The masked guy ignores HRDO)

HRDO: You don’t wanna tell me huh?I will find out by myself!!

(HRDO’s removes the mask)

MaK: O-H MY GOOOOOOD!!!! IT’S C-R-U-D-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wwefan: HOLY SHIT!

MaK: Crude is beating the living hell out of HRDO,he takes the championship belt,and hits him in the face!!Crude puts H.R.D.O in the infrared lock!

Wwefan: Crude still has it locked!!HRDO is hurt,this is the first that HRDO is bleeding!

MaK: I still can’t believe that crude helped HRDO to retain!! This is Crazy!!

Wwefan: Crude holds the title championship,and screams without a mic “This belt is MINE!”!

*Territorial Invasion Promo*

*EAW Rebound*

Wwefan: And now,it’s the main event time. MaKaVeLi is defending his EAW heavyweight championship for the first time in A FPV against the n.1 contender.Only one man will walk out as the winner!

(Video package is shown of the MaKaVeLi/Evan feud)

Announcer:The following contest is an extreme rules,and it’s for the EAW Championship.

Introducing first,the current EAW Champion,from Montreal,Canada,MaKaVeLi!

(he comes to the ring to a lot of boo’s accompanied by his girlfriend jenny)

And his opponent the challenger,from Ohio,Evan!!

Wwefan: MaK eye pokes evan,who eye poke him back.MaK slaps him,evan slaps him back!MaKaVeLi pushes evan,evan pushes him back!

MaK goes for a clothesline,evan catches him with an arm drag,followed by some punches,Evan lifts him up and hits a sidewalk slam,he goes for the pin..1…2…MaK kicks out!

Evan sends him to the ropes,and does an elbow smash,Evan gets him up,but MaK reverses it into a small package…1…2…Evan kicks out! MaK hits a hurricanrana pin from the top rope…1…2…Kick out by Evan!Evan goes for a suplex,MaK counters and hits a neckbreaker,he goes for the cover..1…2..Evan kicks out again!

MaK send him to the turnbuckle,and hits a clothesline,followed by a bulldog.MaK goes to the top rope,and hits a Houston hangover.MaKaVeLi goes for the cover…1…2…But evan kicks out at two!

MaK goes under the ring,and gets a chair,but evan hits a diving through the ropes!Evan gets MaK up,but he is eye raked.MaK hits a running bulldog onto the chair.MaK pins evan…1….2….Kick out..!

MaK goes for a clothesline,but evan catches him with the drop to hold through the steel steps!!Evan goes for a suplex through the steel steps but mak blocks the attack with few punches in the face and body.

MaKaVeLi takes him up,and hits a PILEDRIVER on the steel steps !! BAH GAWD!!!!(Crowd chant “HOLY SHIT”)

MaKaVeLi pins evan….1…….2……………BUT EVAN GETS A SHOULDER UP!This match is getting greater!

MaK smashes evan’s head to the Spanish team announcer’s table,but evan reverses the attack after multiple kicks.Evan does a knee smash,followed by an arm wrench.Evan clotheslines him onto the Spanish team’s announcer table,and hits the angle slam!!!!

Evan goes for the pin…1…..2….Kick out by mak!

*N.O.S promo video*

Wwefan: And we’re back live again,evan gets a table from under the ring,and sets it up.Evan puts MaKaVeLi on the table,jenny tries to stop him from attacking MaK,but he lifts jenny up and puts her over MaK!!

Evan goes to the top rope!!OH NO,what the hell is he doing now?

Evan goes for the cover…..It must be over this time….1………2………….BUT MaK GETS A SHOULDER UP!!

I don’t remember seeing any match like this before!

(video is shown of Evan’s shooting star press on MaKaVeLi and Jenny)

Evan goes under the ring again,and gets this time a BARBWIRE BASEBALL BAT!MaK and Jenny are getting up,Evan tries to hit MaK with his weapon,but he moves out the way,and jenny gets hit!!MaKaVeLi hits a quick chop block to evans leg,followed by a swinging neckbreaker.

MaK gets two chairs,he stomps evan,and puts his head in one of the chairs…and……MaK hits the conchairto!!! OH MY GOD!! Evan is bleeding!

MaK hits it for a second time! MaK goes for the cover…..1……2…….Kick out by Evan!!! No fuckin way!!!!MaK takes him back to the ring,and tosses him into the ring post.MaK send evan to the other turnbuckle,and goes for a running clothesline,but evan moves out the way,and drop kicks him in the face! Evan puts him in the top of the turnbuckle,and goes for a super suplex,but MaK reverses it into a rolling powerbomb!! MaK goes for the cover…1…….2………But Evan kicks out at two!MaK gets Evan up,and send him to the ropes,but even counters after a flashback,they clothesline each other at the same,and both mens are down!!

Evan tries to get up MaK,but he is low blowed,MaKaVeLi sets up the unprettier,but Evan counters,and goes for the EVAN BRAIN BUSTER!!!!

But MaK eye pokes him,and puts him the in the T4L(WALL OF JERICHO)!!!!EVAN WILL TAP!!!TAAAPP!!!

(Crowd chant “Let’s go Evan” ).

Evan is trying to counters,but MaK still has it locked!!Five minutes already passed,and evan didn’t tap yet!Evan is about to reach the ropes,but MaK takes him back to the middle of the ring! !T-A-P! !Evan reveres the T4L into a sunset flip pin!! BAH GAWD……1………….2………………….But MaK kicks out!

MaK looks very surprised,Evan goes for a cross body,MaK moves out the way,and hits a snapmare followed by a dropkick to evan’s face. MaK goes to the top rope,and hits a leg drop..!! But Evan moves out the way,and does the EVAN BRAIN BUSTER!!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!This must be the end of MaK’s title reign………….1………………2………………….But jenny jumps on evan from the back to stop the cover!!!!

Evan tries to kiss jenny,but she goes out the ring,and starts running around,Evan follows her!! MaK hits a rope flip on Evan,and gets a table.He throws it to the ring,and takes Evan back to the ring.MaK sets up the table,and tries to put Evan on it,but he counters after multiple punches and elbow’s to MaK’s head,Evan smashes mak to the table.And goes to the top rope,jenny starts disturbing evan,but he kicks her in the face…..But MaK gets up and hits him with a brass knuckles!! Noooo!! It seems like it’s over now!!MaK goes to the top of the turnbuckle,and hits the UNPRETTIER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! OH MY GOD!! MaK goes for the pin……1………….2………….3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: Here is your winner,and still the EAW Champion,MaKaVeLi!!

(MaKaVeLi’s entrance song hits,as he checks on Jenny and celebrates)

Wwefan: OH MY GOD WHAT A GREAT FIGHT!!This is one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen!!!MaK is still the champ!!What a great night we had tonight!!Ladies and gentlemen,I hope you enjoyed our great FPV,Road To Redemption!I seriously can’t wait until this week’s EAW!! I’m wwefan,goodnight everyone and see you next time!

( Screen fades to black )

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

Consuela Rose Ava

Grand Rampage (2008)