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Rex McAllister

Rex is a fierce competitor who loves a good fight, and can give intensity a run for it’s money. Rex is strong willed, commanding on the mic, intense, passionate and a little zealous. He’s old school personified. This elitist simply loves what he does, and he goes to great lengths to show it in the ring. He’s proven time and again to be one of the toughest most tenacious young competitors in all of EAW who doesn’t back down from anybody. Like most elitists he strives for success on all levels in EAW and will stop at nothing to achieve the goals he sets forth for himself.

However, Rex will be the first to tell you. There isn’t a soul alive that can turn him back when he’s determined to go after what he desires. No longer present is the need to being absolutely moral; a crowd pleaser, but instead more or less morally ambiguous, willing to bend the rules when needed(basically when left with no choice). This season has been dictated by his choices to finally take what he believes should be his. He does not care about what obstacles are placed before him. He will stop at nothing to ensure that he eventually goes down as being hailed as one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots, and at this point he’s still got plenty to prove to both himself and the EAW brass that he can indeed reach that level of renowned notoriety, which will always give him the proper motivation to go after everything he seeks to achieve before he brings his career to a close.

Scott Diamond

Jack Ripley