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Remi McQueen

The Punisher

Growing up in small town Somerset left a bad taste in the mouth of Remington Matthews. She hated that there was nothing to do for a teenager growing up apart from the multiple church functions. She also hated the drug culture that permeated her High School years. With many of her contemporaries falling to either pregnancy, or addiction Remi wanted nothing more than a way out.

A way out found her when, at the age of sixteen, she attended a battle of the bands. A local singer, Elyse Norton, noticed Remi in the venue, and the two hit it off. Elyse had come from a family with a history of pill addiction and abuse, and rather than go down the same path she found a creative outlet for her frustrations. Remi, similarly, had taken up guitar playing as a means to escape from her frustrations. Thrilled at finding a kindred soul, Remi began spending as much time as possible with Elyse.

The relationship with Elyse seemed to further harden Remi’s personality, and she often got into arguments with her parents and classmates, sometimes these turned physical. This continued until her 17th birthday when she moved out of the house of her ultra conservative parents and into an apartment with Elsye. This brought a calming effect over her as the two spent more and more time playing music together, and talking of forming a band which they eventually done.

Daisy Thrash

Prince of Phenomenal