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Payton Darkstar

The Queen Of Xeno Strong Style

Here’s what a few intrepid wrestling reporters have figured out: Sometime in early 2018, there was an accident at a remote wrestling school in northern Alberta. A young woman who was training at the school took a bad bump, landing on her head, and sustained a head injury that resulted in memory loss. The trainers at the school sent her back to the dorm she was living in, and then destroyed her enrollment records, in an effort to cover their tracks. The woman returned the next day with a completely new identity, one that she apparently believed whole-heartedly… that she was an alien Warrior Monk from the Darkstar Nebula whos small starship had crashed to Earth just outside High Level, and who was now stranded. She told the trainers that she knew that the only way she could ever get back home was to become recognized as the greatest female fighter on Earth. She hitchhiked her way across Canada and somehow snuck into the United States, arriving at the offices of REVOLT! Pro Combat and demanding a spot on the roster…

Stephanie Matsuda

Stella Star