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Pain for Pride

The Pinnacle Of Extreme


( EAW Intro plays )

( EAW History promo from exactly 365 days ago to NOW is shown on the titantron )

Promo Announcer: From Day 1… From The Cultivation of Wrestling has risen to the mind of any man. The name pro wrestling has been common in communities.. homes.. families… brotherhood… and well common. Now… the promotion that has symbolized extreme like no other… the event that has trafficked the likes of none seen before.. will finally show its name in the immortal lights.. into the stars… ladies and gentlemen.. This…………….. IS……………… E….A……..W……. Where stars are born…

( Camera shows pictures of CC, Shaman and HBB )

Promo Announcer: … And HARDCORE legends… ceated…

( Camera shows pictures of Ronn, Cassidy and Masters )

Promo Announcer: We come to you… with the EAW Free Per View of the year…. One year into the business… This is… PAIN… FOR…PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Camera zooms into t NYC skyline, as the blue sky hovers over The Madison Square Garden )

Stew-O: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! WELCOME TO THE GRAND ENSEMBLE! The slobberknocker of All slobberknockers! And The Grand Daddy of em’ all! Pain for Pride! And we are LIIIIVE in The Heart of New York City! And we want to give the EAW fans a treat here tonight!!

Deadprez: We want to give you a hundred percent of what EAW is capable of! And Pain for Pride is just the show to do it! And we have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR MAIN EVENTS TONIGHT!!! But before those main events! Let’s get the show on the road here!

( Camera fades outside in the parking lot to the car cluttered, street thugs holding a line of boomboxes that have Chainstein’s music playing on them)

Parking Lot Announcer: Yo ladies and gents! This aint’ a main event, but its a long time coming, you can listen to this song and keep on hummin. Its word life, the best man Chainy comin’ out, he’ll trash you like a can of spoiled tuna and trout. Here he comes! Its Chainy Baby! He’s from West New, Weights about 242, He don’’t need it but he get it man you got no clue, on the streets, in his sleep, he STILL got his crew!

( Chainstein comes out to his music plays on a boombox as The Crowd outside the building roars )

Stew-O: Here Comes Chainstein! Chainstein, who for months has been taking anything and everything that our General Manager of Showdown HAD! To throw right into this mans face! And it turns out, Chainstein is STILL HERE! And Chainstein wearing black short jeans, black Nikes and a sleeveless white tee!

( Chainsteins music stops as Cuck U. Fena rolls in the brawling spot with a Convertable, blasting his entrance theme as the crowd outside boos )

Parking Lot Announcer: Here’s The GM, And no doubt the M-A-N, its H-I-M, the soul shocker, whiter than the board of chalk and he spits faster than Evander hits. No playing his game son he has nothin to lose, but the fattest Chainstein fans couldn’t even fit his shoes. So Cuck U. F-E-N-A, C-E-N-A can blow anyone and catch D-N-A. He hustle big, he talk big, he weigh 206, he hails from Detroit, its your boy knowin Cenas belt is just a fake ass toy! ( Cuck U. Fena steps out of his car and goes face to face with Chainstein )

Deadprez: And it’s Chainstein! It’s Fena! It’s a war! And it’’s Pain for Pride, where the unpredictable can happen at the blink of an eye! Who KNOWS HOW THIS WILL GO!

( Glass breaks to signal the match )

Stew-O: CGC quickly goes for a clothesline but Fena dodges, kicks CGC in the nuts and sends him crashing through a pile of garbage can lids! A fan shows a sign to Fena saying “Cena rules” and Fena straight clotheslines the fan! He beats up the fan but CGC gets up and out of nowhere throwbacks Fena from behind! CGC takes Fena and goes on top of a limo and goes for a bodyslam to the top but Fena climbs down and hits a Fena-O-Matic! Fena sets a sitting CGC near the window of the limo and he goes back….AND BAM!!!! HE HITS A BIG BOOT TO THE SKULL OF CGC AS CGC’S HEAD CRASHES THROUGH THE GLASS! Fena covers CGC!

1……….2………………………BUT A KICKOUT! Fena picks up CGC and goes for a Lou thesz but CCG jumps off the car and Fena hits the car front!

Deadprez: CGC picks up CGC and sets him in the limo, he pushes him in and sets off the car! THE CAR DRIVES OFF AND IT’S HEADING TOWARDS THE PRODUCTION TRUCK! BAH GAWD! BAH GAWD! The limo crashes into the production truck! The car is on fire in the front and Fena climbs out bleeding from his forehead! CGC picks up a nearby gasoline cartridge and dumps it all over the van Fena came out, he picks up Fena, bodyslams him and picks him up again and throws him into the van. He locks the door and takes a match and lights it inside the van… AND BAH GAWD FENA COULD BE BURNING INSIDE THERE! CGC THEN LIGHTS THE OUTSIDE!!!!!!! BAH GAWD THE WHOLE VAN IS ON FIRE AND FENA IS INSIDE!!! The fans scream as fire is everywhere and EAW Security come and put out the fire! Fena slowly gets out and his shirt is ripped and burn marks can be seen on his chest and back! CGC picks up Fena and delivers a hard blow but Fena out of his might fights it off, lowblows CGC and hits a DDT! Fena is busted wide open he cannot continue in this match but he keeps on punching CGC! CGC escapes and Fena goes on top of a SUV, he measures CGC and connects a huge crossbody!

Stew-O: Fena suddenly goes on one knee holding his forehead and CGC takes advantage of that by taking a nearby needle, a sledgehammer and his signature chain, he measures Fena and BAM! A hard knock to the skull with the hammer. He throws that aside, measures Fena again and BAM! A hard knock to the skull with the chain! He takes the needle goes over the badly bruised Fena, he stabs the needle in Fenas cut! Fena screams in pain and is screaming “HELP ME!” but CGC wont let go and the ref pulls him away! OH COME ON REF! CGC gets up and goes in the van he came out of, and he comes back out with a Sniper Rifle! He points it at Fena and Fena doesn’t know what the hell is happening and CGC opens fire on Fena but FENA BAH GAWD MOVES OUT OF THE WAY RIGHT IN TIME! CGC picks up Fenas head, aims the gun at him but Fena gives a poke to the eye and he takes the gun and hits CGC across the face with it! CGC staggers back and Fena yells to the ref to stop the match but out of nowhere CGC hits a boot to the side of the head of Fena! He picks up Fena hits a Spinning Powerbomb onto the top of an automobile! He climbs on top of the automobile, does his “You can’t see me” taunt, dusts off his shoulders and puts down his fist for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but NO!

Deadprez: Fena moves out of the way and CGCs fist collides with the steel! Fena with his eyes almost shut, grabs a fan and smacks him! He thinks he’s CGC and screams to him “How do you like me now CGC?!” The Showdown GM needs some help out here but CGC pulls away from the fan and kicks him in the stomach. He brings him on top of a truck lid, he climbs the truck top and jumps and brings Fena with him to the top of a crane. He does his Five Knuckle Shuffle again and this he connects, he lifts up Fena into a firemans carry…..BAH GAWD CGC THROWS FENA DOWN TO THE GROUND WITH A HUMONGOUS FU!!! BAH GAWD BAH GAWD!!!!!!!!!! FENA IS FROZEN SOLID ON THE GROUND! CGC is not done though; he looks down at Fena, pats his elbow and goes for a WORLD LYFE ELBOW DROP!!!!



( Beer bottle Shatters as Crowd Boo’s when Fena’s music plays )

Parking Lot Announcer: The Winner of this Brawl… And The Superior to Cena Fans!…. Cuck! U. Fena!!!!!

Deadprez: Look at this! Police officers and ambulances are SURROUNDING The Parking lot! And as people are rushing over to Chainstein’s aid, Fena gives one final SPIT into Chainstein’s Face! Fena has just reigned victorious over Chainstein! And this is a message, As long as Showdown’s General Manager, Cuck U. Fena is around… Cena fans are as good as DEAD!

Stew-O: I dont know how Fena can do this! Chainstein and many others may be Cena fans, but Chainstein is just a human being! And Fena has so much power, making himself GM of Showdown, and all he can think about is destroying Chainstein! But I guess Fena must be proud of himself, Fena got what he wanted, But Fena proved himself right, That Chainstein can be the biggest Cena fan, but John Cena wouldn’t even save his ass from Fena! The winner of this hellacious Brawl!

( Dynasty Rebound Commercial plays )

( Camera fades back to the inside of the arena )

Deadprez: Well ladies and Gentlemen, We are back to the inside of this Arena! And you can still see the blue skies hovering above us, and rain is pouring down on us as a giant tarp is hovered above us!

( A Drumming Circle emerges from the back and lines down the Ramp )

( The Drumming Circle does a dance routine as Kofi Krazi’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out )


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen! This match is scheduled for one fall… and FIRST, Making his way to the ring! Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and Residing in Denver, Colorado… Weighing in at 220 poooounds… KOFIIIIIII KRRRRRAZIIIIIII!!!!!

Deadprez: Its only been little over a month since he debuted! And Kofi Krazy ALREADY has his own match at pain for pride! Kudo’s to him! But will Kofi’s month and a half help him defeat His opponent, who has been here since the very first EAW Showdown!? ( MVP’s music plays as Cheerleaders come out and Dance on the Stage, and MVP’s 4 Henchmen come out Carrying him on theyre Shoulders )

Announcer: And His opponent! From Miami, Florida… Weighing in at 230 Pooounds…. He is The Highest Paid Superstar IN EAW…. Montel Vontavious Porter.. M-V-P!!!

Stew-O: Here Comes MVP! The man who has tormented The likes of Luke, Hey Yo Chico, Rated R Shaman, and it used to be CC, but MVP has joined The Virus! And If you THOUGHT MVP had backup, He has the entire Virus! But Can This 4 man Security Squad be ENOUGH, for MVP to take on this young star? I mean, MVP could do it all by himself! But what role does the 4 Henchmen have in this? We’ll find out right now!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew: MVP goes right after Kofi with a huge knee to the gut. He tosses him into the ropes and hit’s a big clothesline. MVP grabs Kofi by the hair but Kofi elbows him in the gut and makes MVP let go.

DP: Kofi bounces off the ropes but Henchman #2 trips him up and MVP grabs him and suplexes him to the mat. Now with Kofi down, MVP tells the henchmen to get him a weapon. He kicks Kofi in the face as the henchmen get him a kendo stick.

Stew: MVP grabs the kendo stick and measures his opponent and swings but Kofi ducks and hit’s a swinging neck breaker. Kofi makes sure he doesn’t get too close to the ring ropes so he isn’t tripped up and grabs MVP as he gets up and sends him to the corner.

Stew: Kofi runs toward the corner and jumps up but MVP catches him in mid-air and power bombs him to the mat! The cover! 1.….2.…..kickout at two but MVP isn’t done yet. He takes off the padding revealing the unforgiving turnbuckle and picks up the kendo stick.

Stew: He swings and this time he connects with Kofi’s ribs. He swings again and smacks Kofi across the head with the Kendo stick .Kofi falls back but grabs him by the hand and uses all of his strength to irish whip him back into the corner.

Stew: Kofi’s jaw connects with the exposed turnbuckle FACE FIRST! He falls back and he is out! MVP goes for the cover.

Stew: But the damage has been done! Kofi is bleeding from the mouth and may have a broken jaw. Blood’s all over the place. MVP bounces off the ropes and does a low dropkick to the side of Kofi and sends him to the cement floor.

DP: The henchmen attack instantly and throw all sorts of punches. Henchmen #1 and #2 lift Kofi to his feet as #4 grabs a steel chair and hits Kofi in the face. And now henchman number 3 from the barricade! Does a bulldog onto the chair # 4 just dropped!

Stew-O: Kofi’s jaw is at an angle! He is severely injured here. But now he is going to be punished even more as MVP goes right after Kofi. He grabs the steel chair and hits him in the gut now the back! Henchmen number 2 and 4 hold Kofi by the arms and move him to the ringpost. They hold him in place so the back of his head is against the post as MVP grabs the chair, taunts and swings! But Kofi pulls henchman number 2 in the way and MVP smacks his own partner with the steal chair! There goes one of the henchmen! Kofi irish whips numer 3 into the post as the other two henchmen charge for him. But Kofi hit’s a big double clothesline.. Out of nowhere MVP comes with the chair but Kofi dropkicks it into his face. Kofi is gaining some momentum here!

DP: Kofi grabs the chair and goes right after Henchman 3 and hits him in the head. Kofi kicks Henchman 4 but he catches his foot as henchmen 1 gets up but Kofi hit’s a very impressive enziguri! He kicked number 1 in the head and caused them to hit heads in what I’d call a double enziguri! Kofi is looking under the ring and takes out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. He goes after MVP but MVP kicks him in the gut and hits an STO onto the steel chair! MVP grabs the steel steps now and puts it by Kofi. Now he is looking under the ring for something and grabs a table. He sets it up next to the steel steps and lifts Kofi to his feet. He smashes his head against the table and tosses him up on the table. He too climbs up there and sets up for a power bomb!

Stew-O: But Kofi tosses him over the top of his head and onto the steel steps! MVP falls right on his head! This match might be over! Kofi would go after MVP but Henchmen 1,2, and 4 come in with crowbars and beat Kofi to the ground. Henchman number 1 hops over the barricade and walks away as the other two henchmen throw Kofi back into the ring. Henchman 4 Irish whips Kofi into the corner and then irish whips his partner right into Kofi. Kofi probably doesn’t have a lot left. But tries to attack henchman 2 but he gets out of the way and hit’s a german suplex. Henchman number 4 gets Kofi to his feet and grabs the kendo stick but Kofi kicks him in the balls and throws him out of the ring..

DP: Now he goes after henchman 2 and throws a big right hand backing him into the corner and now he kicks him in the jaw sending him over the top rope. But MVP is on the apron with the chair swinging but he misses! And he hit’s the ringpost! Now Kofi hit’s the trouble in paradise on MVP! He falls to the floor. The three men get to their feet but Kofi jumps over the top rope with an insane dive falling on top of MVP and the two henchmen. 4 bodies lying lifelessly on the cement floor! Don’t forget about henchman 3 who was taken out of the match early! But where’s henchman number 1?

( Camera goes to crowd )

Stew-O: There he is and he’s got a shopping cart full of weapons! He gets to the barricade and steps over but looks over at a fan. Out of no where Kofi kicks the henchman in the face and lifts him up but Henchman 3 low blows Kofi and Kofi falls to the floor.

DP: I think that was all Henchman 3 had because he just falls to the floor lifelessly again as his partner gets on the fan’s side of the barricade. Henchman 1 sees a little kid wearing Masters shirt and holding a sign that says “Kofi Krazy”. What’s he got in mind? He grabs the kid’s sign and rips it in half! Now he grabs the kid by the shirt and pulls him to the barricade, raising his fist! But a fan stops the henchman and throws his Diet Pepsi in his face! The henchman let’s go and the fan throws lefts and rights! OH MY GAWD!!! IT’S NWOMATT! NWOMATT!!! CHICO’S OLD PARTNER WANTS TO HAVE SOME REVENGE ON THESE HENCHMEN! And now he hits an N.W.O CUTTER! N.W.O CUTTER ON THE CEMENT!

Stew-O: Now Matt is looking in the shopping cart. He looks for a while but he finally pulls out a screwdriver and goes down to the henchman. Matt clutches the screwdriver and drives the tip into the henchman’s face! He keeps hitting him with the screwdriver and rubs the tip against his forehead! BAH GAWD He’s bleeding! Deep, deep cuts on his forehead but Matt won’t stop! Meanwhile Henchmen 2 and 4 get up and attack Kofi but Kofi dropkicks number 2 and hit’s a DDT on the steel steps for number 4! Henchman 2 is up but Kofi grabs his head and rams it into the barricade. Kofi is hurting but has some momentum.

DP: He charges for MVP but MVP gets into the ring now they are running around the ring and going in and out. Matt finally stops but now goes back into the cart looking for something. He pulls out several handcuffs now and throws them over the barricade. Now he throws the whole shopping cart over the barricade and now the henchman! All 4 henchman are down at the moment and the pile of weapons stop MVP from running. He has no where to go but up the ramp or in the ring. He enters the ring and grapples with Kofi as Matt handcuffs the henchmen to the ring rope. He handcuffs them one by one while Kofi and MVP square off with no distractions for possibly the first time in this match.

Stew-O: Remember MVP is probably fresher than Kofi because he had the henchmen watching his back the whole damn match while Kofi has a broken jaw and is bleeding! Kofi puts MVP in a headlock and backs into the ropes but MVP elbows his way out of it. But you also can’t forget about MVP getting thrown off the table onto the steel steps possibly injuring his neck and head. MVP rakes the eyes of Kofi and irish whips him to the corner. Matt is on the third henchman. Kofi is lucky to have some help here in this match but MVP hit’s the player’s boot! In the face and hitting the broken jaw of Kofi Krazy! More blood know as MVP goes for the cover!

1.…………..2.……………………….And……………………………….. KICKOUT!

DP: Kofi was barely able to kick out as he gets lifted to his feet but MVP sets up for the Play Maker and hits it! This things over! MVP can’t believe he just hit it and covers Kofi up again with his hand raised and the crowd booing.1.…………… 2………………..3??? Wait no! Kofi kicked out! KOFI KICKED OUT! HOW THE HELL DID HE DO IT?!!! It looks like MVP is just as surprised as you, DP. But he’s not done. He leaves the ring and goes to the shopping cart. He looks at Matt as he grabs two chairs but Matt knows 2 chairs and MVP against him would not be a good combination. MVP gets back in the ring with the chairs and sets one under Kofi’s head possibly setting up for a conchairto but Matt comes up on the apron and distracts MVP. MVP gets frustrated and tries to hit Matt but Matt jumps off and MVP hit’s the ropes with the chair which sends the chair into his face!

Stew-O: Now Kofi hit’s a neck breaker on MVP onto the steel chair! The cover! 1.…………2.…………….kickout!!! But that was CLOSE. All four henchmen are handcuffed as Matt looks under the ring for a weapon. He pulls out a ladder and rams the ladder into the four henchmen’s faces! The henchmen are basically out of this match! 2 are bleeding, 1 is unmasked, and all 4 are going to need some medical attention after this match up! Kofi climbs to the top rope and faces the crowd looking to see if MVP is getting up, which he is. This is a do or die situation for Kofi! But he still hits his SPRINGBOARD REVERSE DDT FROM THE TOP ROPES ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!

DP: Surprisingly he doesn’t go for the cover. Instead he tells Matt to set up the ladder in the ring and he leaves to get something from under the ring. Matt sets it up but it seems like Matt wants to cause some harm! He exit’s the ring and looks in the shopping cart. He pulls out…A STEEL CHAIR WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE! THIS ISN’T GOING TO TURN OUT WELL! Matt gets into the ring with the chair and does a CONCHAIRTO! A CONCHAIRTO WITH THE STEEL CHAIR WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE!!! MVP IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! BUT MATT HITS HIM AGAIN! AND AGAIN! MVP IS A BLOODY MESS! Now Matt sets the barbed wire steel chair next to MVP and rolls MVP on top on the chair, belly up.

Stew-O: Matt places the other steel chair on top of MVP and now climbs the ladder. Matt has the ladder set up and climbs it. He watches the bleeding MVP lie lifeless as he jumps for a FROG SPLASH!FROG SPLASH FROM THE LADDER ONTO MVP ON TOP OF THE STEEL CHAIR! Matt has done his part as Kofi slides a table into the ring. Matt rolls out of the ring and falls to the floor. Kofi looks under the ring again and pulls out 3 sheets of glass! SHEETS OF GLASS!!! OH NO! Kofi sets up the table now and MVP is lifeless! Kofi has the table set up and places the sheets of glass on top of the table next to the ladder! Now he walks over to MVP and lifts him to his feet. MVP is not responding at all! It’s all about punishment now! Kofi rolls MVP up on the table and glass and climbs the ladder!

DP: Kofi is all the way on top of the ladder! KOFI DON’T DO IT! THIS IS INSANE! MVP is HELPLESS! The henchmen can do nothing and MVP himself can do nothing! Kofi stands atop the ladder, taunts and JUMPS!!! DA BOOM! DA BOOM!!! DA BOOM Legdrop!! THROUGH THE SHEETS OF GLASS AND THE TABLE!!!! BAH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MVP HAS PIECES OF GLASS STICKING OUT FROM HIS BODY AS KOFI GOES FOR THE PIN!!!!!!! 1.………… 2.…………3!!!!!!!!

( Kofi Krazy’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he celebrates )

Announcer: Here is your winner… KOFIIII KRAZIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: OH MY GOD! Kofi has JUST won this match! Kofi has won his match on his FIRST pain for pride! IDK How “BALLIN” That makes MVP! BUT WAIT A MINUTE! NO!

Stew-O: MVP’s 4 Henchmen are using their Signature Metal Rods! And Masked man _# 1 grabs a Rod, and CHOKES OUT KOFI USING THE RING ROPES AND THE RODS! And Masked men _# 2 and 3 are BLASTING those Rods onto the Sides of Kofi! Masked man _# 4 Grabs his Belt, and WHIPS THAT BELT ONTO KOFI’S BARE BACK! And All 4 Henchmen are just Stomping and Stomping at Kofi! How could it happen this way!? How!?

Deadprez: This isnt right! Let kofi keep his victory! BUT OH MY GOD!!!!!!

( Lights Black out )

Stew-O: WHATS GOING ON!? What happened!?

( Lights turn on as DE is seen right behind MVP and the 4 Henchmen )

Stew-O: OH MY GOD! ALL 5 MEN TURN AROUND, and DE runs at masked man _# 1 with a HUGE boot to the face! And MVP is running into the crowd, and is LEAVING the arena! 3 more masked man are attacking DE! And DE pick up Masked men _# 1 and 2 and do… a DOUBLE Clothesline! And DE picks up Masked man _# 2 and DE does A BLACK HOLE SLAM! And Masked man _# 4 comes STRAIGHT at DE! And DE picks up Masked man _# 4 and does.. THE HELL HAMMER!!! THE HELLHAMMER!!! Ask Masked man _# 4 is driven STRAIGHT through the mat! Kofi Krazy gets up and waits for Masked man _# 3… and Kofi Krazi does.. THE JAMAICAN BUZZSAW!!!

( Kofi Krazy’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he celebrates in the ring )

Deadprez: And Kofi, Victorious with the Dark Emperor! As all 4 masked man have been LAID out! BUT WAIT A MINUTE! DE Grabs Kofi! And does THE HELLHAMMER!!!!!! And Kofi is KNOCKED OUT as DE does his Ultimate Ending! The Blood Clot! (Triangle Rear Naked Choke). And Kofi is bleeding from the mouth and the ears!

( DE’s music plays as he holds in that Chokehold nonstop )

Stew-O: Unbelievable! The Dark Emperor only 6 days after that 5 Car accident! Decimated MVP’s henchmen, and Is leaving Kofi Krazy a bloody mess! And…

( Regulator’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he runs to the ring with a Steel Chair )

Stew-O: OH MY GOD! ITS REG!!! REGULATOR HAS COME TO EAW!! COMING TO THE RING!!!! AND IT DOSENT LOOK LIKE DE IS GONNA BACK DOWN! Regulator SMASHES that Chair over DE’s head as Blood is pouring Down.. But DE is unphased! And Reg Jumps on DE with endless punches!!! REG throws punch after punch! And DE is returning the favor with jab after jab! And Reg kicks DE in the gut.. and Reg does.. THE REAL DEAL! ( Scizzors kick )!!! Reg is gonna finish DE off with the Chair Here! And DE gets up.. and Reg THROWS THAT CHAIR, but DE knocks it RIGHT out of regs hands with 1 punch! And DE Grabs Reg and does… THE HELLHAMMER!! RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! But Reg gets out of it and does.. THE REGULATION! But DE quickly slides out of the ring and is on the ramp!

( Regulator’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he stares down The Dark Emperor )

Deadprez: What an unbelievable Showdown against both men! Reg and DE have NO remorse for eachother, and Reg does NOT wanna tolerate Kofi being pushed around by DE! What will this chain of events lead up to!? We’ll find out on an upcoming Show!

Stew-O: But next! We have, 8 men, going for 1 prize! 1 Very BIG prize! And that Very Big prize is 1 step closer to getting you the BIGGEST prize in EAW! But what will these 8 men fight for tonight? Watch this!

( CITV 8 way rivalry promo is played )

( Camera fades back to the arena, with 2 ladders on each side of the stage, 4 ladders down the ramp and 2 ladders on each side of the ring )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for 1 fall! And is For The Cash in The Vault.. Breifcase!!!

( WWEfan-Taker-McMahon’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he comes out )

Announcer: First! Making his way to the ring…. From Los Angeles, California… Weighing in.. at 230 Poooounds… WWEfan-Taker-MCMAHON!!!!!!

Deadprez: Here comes the money Stew! As WWEfan is the first, of 8 men to come down this ramp and fight for the most PRIZED possession of The night! Because Titles aren’t anything at the moment, that your trying to WIN a chance, to win an opportunity to get it! And that’s what 8 men are going for tonight! The Cash in the Vault!

( Team I2K’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when they come out )

Announcer: And From NECRO VALLEY… The Team of Independent and Edge & TNA Rocks… TEAM.. I2K!!!!

Stew-O: Think about it. Team I2K coming out together, even though they KNOW there opponents tonight! How will these men interact with each other as opponents, when they KNOW that everything is on the line tonight! This is the place to see it, will This tag team be ripped apart by the lust of greed? or will both men interact well with each other?

( JBB’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out with a motorcycle )

Announcer: Weighing in at 245 Pounds… He is JOHNNY… BAAAAAD BLOOD!!!!

Deadprez: Ladies and Gentlemen only 4 – 5 days ago, JBB turned on his former tag team partner Trevor! And Since than, The Fans think that JBB lifted 200 pounds of “Deadweight” off of his shoulders! But will the lifted deadweight be enough for JBB to win this match?

( Brandon’s music plays as Crowd Gives a mixed reaction when he comes out )

Announcer: From The Valley of The Shadows.. Weighing in at 250 Pounds… The Black Shadow.. BRRRRRAAANDOOOON!!!

Stew-O: Here comes Brandon! Who has had personal experiences with both BOW and HBB, that aren’t really good since Brandon is like the only virus man in this match, while we have 3 of the Anti-Virus members! But Indy and JBB I’m sure are pretty occupied with Stan, and i think Brandon might only have to deal with HBB unless BOW gets in the action! ( Starr/Stan’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out )

Announcer: From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania… Weighing in at 240 Pooounds…. STAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!

Deadprez: And here comes Starr! A long time Rival of Team I2K! Starr and Indy have been going at it in wars of Words over the past month! And i think Stan is going to face Indy and ETR with absolutely NO remorse on his mind!

( HBB’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out )

Announcer: From San Antonio, Texas! Weighing in at 230 Pooounds.. He is the HEART… BREEEEAK… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!

Deadprez: Here comes the heart break boy! Who Bested WWEfan last Saturday on Showdown! And Now, HBB is heading strong into the Cash in the Vault match, has a lot riding on this match! Can HBB follow up and TAKE the Cash in the Vault Breifcase!?………….

( Silence portrays )

Stew-O: There’s only one person left! …..

( Book of Wrestling’s music plays as Crowd Gives a mixed reaction when he comes out )

Announcer: And! From The Chapter of Synn….. Weighing in at 235 Pooounds… THE BOOK.. OF.. WRESTLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNG!!!

Stew-O: Here Comes The Book of Wrestling! And as all 7 men in the ring are watching him come down, they all KNOW that this 1 man is defiantly something to watch out for! Last Showdown, BOW went as far as to Piledrive MvM straight into the middle of the ring! And even though MvM came out victorious, BOW is defiantly not joking anymore! And neither are any 7 of these men!

Deadprez: And JBB is running down to the ring he’s rolls into the ring but now everyone is stomping on Johnny Bad Blood, while he was entering, what an assault! But now Indy takes Stan into the turnbuckle corner and begins striking with great force. BOW slides outta the ring, and doesn’t want to waste anymore time, he grabs a ladder and brings it into the ring!!! WWEfan is brawling with the HBB trying to exact his revenge on him, from last week. Now Brandon is preventing BOW from setting the ladder and climbing, instead body slams him onto the folded ladder that BOW brought in! JBB is back up, he’s atop the turnbuckle flying clothesline hits ETR perfectly!

Stew-O: and rights and lefts to the downed ETR, he may bust him open ealry on. Indy sets Stann on the turnbuckle, Indy joins him at the top rope, but Stann counters, sending Indy outta the ring, into one of the ladders that was set outside the ring!! WWEfan puts HBB on the ropes, runs back, gonna clothesline him! No, HBB Flips WWEfan out of the ring! What an impact! 8 men, so much action in the early going! Stan and Brandon trade chops in the ring, Brandon gets throw out of the ring, but BOW is climbing the ladder, and no one is noticing! HBB finally does and is trying to pull BOW off, but he might just be too heavy!!! But here’s JBB and ETR, they’re all working together and bring BOW down hard into the canvas!! But that didn’t last long now the 3 are trying to take each other out to climb.

Deadprez: but WWEfan grabs HBB’s leg, he’s still outside, HBB slips, and he gets dragged down to the floor! Stan gets a table and sets it up at 1of the corners of the ring, and a double clothesline on JBB and ETR!

DP: WWEfan is now taking apart the Announce table, he grabs HBB but HBB gives him some right hands, and pushes WWEfan, and WWEfan’s back and spine hits the edge of the announce table! But Indy comes out of no where and clothesline HBB down into the mat! In the mean time, Stan is already on top of the ladder, hes gonna get it!! But Indy gets in the ring, climbs the other end, bounces Stan’s head on the top of the ladder, and and sends him crashing down! But JBB and ETR wobble the ladder, tip it back, and Indy crashes through the corner table!!!! Spear! Spear! Out of no where! JBB is out!!!! Brandon is back though, drop kick on ETR, missed, here comes a spear by ETR, he misses! BOW comes out of no where, he’s gonna double chokeslam them! Kick to the midsection of BOW by both men, but BOW doesn’t feel it, lets go, and clotheslines the 2, and all 3 men fly out of the ring!!!

Stew-O: Everyone’s down WWEfan gets HBB and puts him on the announce table here! He gets in the ring! He’s gonna get the case! Wait a minute, what’s he doing?? Hes grabbing the set ladder and moving it toward the ropes closest to HBB and the table He has the chance! He could have reached the Case! But he’s climbing the ladder!!!! HBB is out, WWEfan’s on top, No Way! This is mega, a crotch chop, insult! Leap of Faith off the ladder!!!! NOOOO!!!!! HBB MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! WWEFAN MIGHT BE DEAD!

( Crowd erupts, “EAW” chants)

Deadprez: Oh my god!!!!!! Heart Break Boy was able to move in time, and WWEfan crashed into nothing but table! Now Stan brings the ladder back to the center, HBB is in the ring, but with no energy! Stan is up for the 2nd time in the match! Meanwhile, Bow, JBB are teaming on Brandon outside ETR is setting a table outside, and signal something to BOW and JBB. Stan’s trying to unhook the case, HBB is on the turnbuckle! what the hell is he doing???? Sweet Chin Music in mid air to Stann!!!!! he knocks Stann off the ladder.. AND Stan hits the mat! Brandon is being placed on that table! BOW, ETR and JBB are worng together, but Indy is trying to help Brandon, but they’re just beating down on Indy too, and they put Indy next to Brandon on the table, JBB gets 2 chairs, and puts one on Indy and 1 on Brandon! This is looking sinister!

Stew-O: BOW climbs a turnbuckle, ETR climbs another, oh no, this is not looking good. But JBB stops both men, gets in the ring. He notices that HBB is atop the ladder, after deivering SCM to Stann, and JBB sneaks up, and pushes the ladder back!!! HBB FALLS OUT OF THE RING, ONTO THE CHAIRS, ONTO INDY AND BRANDON, THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!!

(Flashes are seen all over the Arena, crowd erupts)

Deadprez: BAH GAWD!!!!!! All 3 men have been laid out cold!!! BOW and ETR are still watching with an evil grin on the turnbuckles, but JBB pushes them both BOW off the turnbuckle!!!! He crashes and burns!! ETR sees it, turns around, and spears JBB from the top turnbuckle!!!!! BAH GAWD!! JBB rolls out of the ring, It’s Rated-R time!!!! He’s climbing up, but Stann pulls him back down, its down to these 2 men, Stann with an Irish Whip’s ETR comes back from the ropes, Stann goes behind him, the Olympic Slam is coming, but ETR escapes, dropkicks Stann! Stann is groggy against the ropes!!! Here comes the spear!!!! But Stann moves out of the way!!! ETR goes through the middle rope into nothing but floor!!!

Stew-O SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! Out of no where! HBB is back!!!!! Stann flies over the top rope!!!!! HBB is going to do it, But BOW is back in the ring, grabs HBB, applying BOwmission, but HBB low blows BOW, Sweet Chin Music, BOW is out of the ring, it’s all HBB now!!! It’s all in the clear now, he came back from so much damage!!! No way!! WWEfan is back from the hellacious crash through the table!!! They’re exchanging rights and lefts!!! And there’s another Sweet Chin Music!!!!! This time to WWEfan! He doesn’t falls but leans against the ropes practically unconscious! HBB is climbing, slowly but surely!!!!! It’s about over here! He’s at the top! He’s trying to unhook it, but WWEfan climbs the ladder as fast as he can!! But HBB chops WWEfan, slams his head on the Ladder, OH MY GOD, he is setting up for the Pedigree!!! a Pedigree off the Ladder! Shades of ShowDown!!!!!! WWEfan escapes, PAY CUT!!!!! PAY CUT OFF THE FREAKING LADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! A DEVASTATING PAY CUT OFF THE LADDER!!! WWEFan climbs the ladder again! He gets the case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( WWEFan’s Music plays as Crowd Cheers when he Dances and Celebrates in the ring with the CITV Breifcase )

Stew-O: WWEfan went through 7 other men! Just to overcome the odds, and after this brutal, hellacious ladder match, WWEfan was able to reach for the Cash in the Vault Title, and Now WWEfan has 1 year! To fight for the World Heavyweight Championship, or The EAW World Championship! 12 Months from now is the deadline! And ANYTHING can happen within that time!

Deadprez: Absolutley! Our Champions had better be prepared for Some Competition, because WWEfan may not be the biggest and baddest star in the EAW. but tonight he proved that He’s an E-fed Veteran for a Reason! And his name will be REMEMBERED in EAW History forever!
Stew-O: Congratulations WWEfan! Youve earned it!

( Camera fades backstage as WWEfan’s music fades out, to Rated R Shaman with Flashback )

Flashback: Ladies and Gentlemen…

Rated R Shaman of Sexy: SHUTUP!!!

Deadprez: Woah!

Rated R Shaman: “Ladies and Gentlemen” WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GONNA SAY! Flashback, Understand this! And you people in attendance and watching at home Listen Closely. You thought you knew me. Straight up. You thought you knew CC as an egotistical, self centered Bastard. But we ALL know that’s your “Hardcore Champion “. But you know what? Just because CC thinks he’s “all that” Doesn’t really mean he IS. To tell you the truth, CC and I are a lot alike! We’re both egotistical, we’re both jackasses, we’re both arrogant, but ya know something? We BOTH think we’re gonna win our match later Tonight. But we’re BOTH not going to win this Title. This title will be decided for one person and one person ONLY! And That Person who i KNOW is going to win this hardcore title… It’s me!

Rated R Shaman: You thought you knew me as some Gangster/Wigger Pretty Boy. To tell you the truth, I WAS that person. But even though my music when he comes out to that ring may stay the same… I’m gonna be under the Festus Effect! Why? Because after that bell rings, The Pretty Wiggerboy you called RRS is going to turn into…. A Sick, Evil, Brutal, Torture Entertained Son of a *****. Who will stop at NOTHING to win that Hardcore title! And even thought i Nearly BROKE SKO’s neck last Showdown, her Woman’s title match is still on. And CC can be in his closet all he wants… But CC, That hardcore match WILL happen tonight.. No matter HOW much Security You have!

Rated R Shaman: CC, I know you. In a match like this.. I know your going to pay your dues and Fight for what you claim is yours. But CC, if your not out in that ring ready for the beating of your LIFE.. Expect me to go out there… To go at the Ends of the EARTH… To find YOU. CC, we both know your back there tho…. Which is why CC…. You can WINK IN THE DEVIL’S EYE ALL YOU WANT!!! But The Fact… No.. .The TRUTH is.. CC, not even the DEVIL is going to back you up on your Sins! And not even GAWDDD will have Mercy on YOUR Soul! Because Champ… Whether its you or me… SOMEONE is going to suffer tonight… And im going to make DAMN sure.. That its you…. ( Rated R Shaman Storms out angrily )
Stew-O: But next! We have The 1st Title match!! The National Answers Champion, Impact, going ONE ON ONE with The Former Champion! The Game!

( The Game vs Impact Rivalry is shown )

( Camera fades back to the cleared Arena )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall… and is for The NATIONAAAL.. EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEME CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

( Impact’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out with HUGE pyro )

Announcer: FIRST, The Champion! Weighing in at 237 Pounds…. The IMPACT!!!! PLAYEEEER!!!

Deadprez: Well The Rated R Shaman was cutting a promo, on a title match scheduled for LATER tonight! But Right now, We have a Hellacious Rivalry that has been brewing for months! The Impact, Taking on a man who is planning on taking BACK his National Extreme title!

( A Mariachi Band comes out as Latino Game’s music plays and he comes out )

Announcer: And The Opponent… From England, Weighing in at 228 pounds.. LATINOOOOOOOOOOOO GAAAAAAME!!!!

Stew-O: Wait a Second! 1 Minute the Game is The Game, and now he’s LATINO Game! Either way! This match is set to be a Heluva Ride! And I cant wait to see who goes down For the 3 Count! And both of these men are staring off in the Center of the ring! Both of these men want to prove to each other that They’re the superior Extremist over The other! But which one is RIGHT?

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Deadprez: This TLC match is under way, and both men have chairs in their hands and they circle each other, both men looking to make the first move… and now Game goes for a chair shot, but Impact ducks and hits Game with his own chair! But Game blocks the attack with his own chair, and quickly kicks Impact in the mid-section.

SO: Now Game bounces off the ropes and runs at Impact with a chair shot, but Impact does a chair shot at the same time and both men are knocked down! But now Game slides out of the ring, he picks up a ladder and brings it into the ring… now Impact is up, he hits Game with some open fists. Now Impact grabs both of the steel chairs, one in each hand, and he slams them on both sides of Game’s head like a sandwich!

Deadprez: Ouch! Game may have a headache for a week after that, as he falls down to the mat in pain! And now Impact sets up that ladder that Game brought in the ring, he starts to climb up it! And this match may end right here!

SO: But no, Game manages to make a recovery and he pushes the ladder over while Impact was halfway up, and Impact falls and hangs up on the top rope… now, Game lifts the ladder up and runs at Impact, he uses it as a battering ram! But Impact ducks, and the ladder bounces off the ropes and slams back into Game’s face!!

Deadprez: That obviously didn’t go as Game had planned… and now Impact grabs Game around the neck, he hits a Swinging Neck breaker onto a steel chair!! And Impact sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring again, he begins to climb carefully… but Game is somehow getting back to his feet quickly, Impact sees this and he hits a flying Cross Body off the ladder! But Game catches him in mid-air, and he throws Impact over his head and right down to the cold floor at ringside!

SO: Impact just tasted the unforgiving concrete floor, to Game’s pleasure… Game may try to retrieve the title right here! But no, he steps out of the ring and picks up Impact… and Game leans Impact’s body against the ring post, he picks up a steel chair and swings for Impact’s skull! But once again, Impact ducks away from The Game! And the chair smashes into the ring post, and Impact hits a Big Boot, sending the steel chair right into Game’s face!

Deadprez: Impact picks Game up and throws him into the ring, Game crawls around and holds on to the ropes, Impact picks up the ladder and he leans it against the ropes… and now Impact is climbing into the crowd, and he climbs up on top of the ring barricade! AND IMPACT, DROP KICKS THE LADDER RIGHT INTO GAME’S FACE!!!

SO: Impact just sacrificed himself there, in order to incapacitate his challenger! And Impact is taking his time to get back to his feet, before getting up on the apron and picking Game up…. Impact is looking to Suplex The Game right here to the outside of the ring, where 2 tables are set up next to each other! But Game blocks the Suplex, and Game punches Impact in the face! But Impact responds with a big right hand! Game kicks Impact in the gut, and Game runs across the ring to bounce off the ropes, he runs at Impact! But Impact puts up a big Elbow to block Game’s attack… and now Game quickly slides a table into the ring and sets it up, but it seems that Game has another idea, as he climbs up to the top rope.

Deadprez: Here comes Impact, who steps up to the middle rope and tries to Superplex the Game through that table! And if this connects, it could be over for The Game! But Game head butts Impact out of desperation, and now Game WITH A SUNSET FLIP!!! It connects, but The Game misjudged his move as Impact gets driven into the canvas, and he was nowhere near putting him through the Table. The Game picks up the champion Impact and leans him against the table; he bounces off the ropes and runs at Impact! But Impact sees this coming, AND IMPACT REVERSES WITH A POWERSLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

SO: DAMN!! I didn’t see that coming, but now Game has been taken out for sure! Impact picks up a ladder, he sets it up right on top of Game’s body! And Impact slowly makes his way up the steps of the ladder…………….. and now he’s high enough to reach his title! He tries to grab it, but there’s Game from underneath who senses how close he could be to losing this match! He holds onto the bottom of the ladder and pushes it right over! Wait… somehow, Impact manages to hold onto the title belt, Impact is hanging from his title belt, 15-feet above the ring! And Game grabs his legs, trying to pull him down, but Impact is hanging on for his life!!

Deadprez: But now The Game grabs Impact’s leg and puts him in an Ankle Lock!! An Ankle Lock in mid-air, I’ve never seen this before! Impact is screaming in pain, he is helpless, and he is forced to drop down to the mat… Impact came so close to winning the match right there, but Game has stopped him from doing so. Game throws Impact over the top rope and he falls down to the floor, Game now leans the ladder against the turnbuckle as Impact finds his feet… Game runs across the ring, he jumps up and runs across the ladder and Cross Bodies Impact from the turnbuckle!!

SO: Just look at the carnage here! Now Game grabs Impact by his legs, AND HE SLINGSHOTS HIM FACE-FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!! Impact falls down to the floor, his face is bloody and The Game has a smile on his face! The Game takes his time to get into the ring, set up the ladder, and now he’s climbing to the promise land! The Game is gonna win this match, The Game is gonna win back his National Extreme title right here!!…… The Game has reached the top, he’s reaching for the belt… YES! BUT NO! Impact is somehow up on the apron; he leaps up onto the top rope and jumps onto the ladder! And now Game and Impact are trading fierce punches at the top of the ladder!

Deadprez: Game and Impact are using all the energy they have left here, and it looks like the end is near to this match! The Game grabs Impact’s head and smashes it against the top of the ladder! And now The Game pushes Impact, Impact is unable to hold on as he gets slammed right back down to the mat! AND THE PATH IS CLEAR FOR THE GAME HERE!!!


Deadprez: The Game has got this match in the bag, if he can only just climb that ladder and get the title! Game’s mid-section is in some pain here, but Impact looks unconscious as far as I can see, he may have some internal injuries… and now Game uses the ladder to lift himself up off the floor, he goes up to the first step…. now he climbs to the next step, he’s halfway up and slowly ascending the ladder. But Impact is showing some signs of life!

SO: The Game is up to the next step! He’s centimeters away from being able to reach for the gold! And Impact is forcing himself to get up! And Impact uses the ladder to stay upright… but Game is gonna clinch the gold!

Deadprez: Impact shakes the ladder, but Game somehow stays up on top! And Impact is trying to make his way up…. Game tries to kick him off, but Impact moves, Game slips and lands with his nuts around one of the ladder steps! Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

SO: And now Impact takes advantage of the situation, he quickly climbs up and tries to grab the title! But Game grabs him around the throat and climbs to the top himself! NOW BOTH MEN ARE IN THE DANGER ZONE!!! AND GAME TRIES TO PUNCH IMPACT OFF THE LADDER!



( Impact’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he celebrates )

Announcer: Here is your winner, and STILL The National Extreme Champion! IMPACT!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Well it looks like Impact is STILL on top of The Dynasty Midcard! And Even though Game Gave it all he had, it still WASNT enough to best our National Extreme Champion, from winning this matchup! But Good effort Game, and Good match to the both of these Superstars!
Stew-O: Game was about to finish Impact with the Frog Splash! But he, and i mean Impact STILL won this hard-fought, last man standing battle! But Tonight, Actually.. NEXT! We have another battle, between The TITANS of The E-feds Universe! As the FIRST Pain for Pride main event, of all 4 Comes straight at us! Lets take a look!

( Mr DEDEDE vs HRDO Rivalry is Shown )

( Crowd Boo’s as Helicopter intro plays )

( Camera fades to Mr DEDEDE with loud winds heard in the background )

Mr DEDEDE: ITS THE GAWD, LIVE!!! LIVE in The HEART of New York CITY!!!!! The Gawd is so excited! The Gawd is so enthusiastic! The Gawd is First off, Glad that NICK isn’t here to bug me first off! And ya know what? The Gawd is cooking up something big! The Gawd isnt cooking up pie, The Gawd isnt cooking up stroodle, The Gawd isnt cooking up steak, burgers, patties for none of you fat sons of bitches! The Gawd is going to cook up a can of WHOOPASS, open it up and feed it to HRDO’s candy ass, even if i have to use a spoon! Though after I get finished with him he aint gonna be able to eat shit without a straw! Than ya know what im gonna do? I’m gonna feed off of the energy of The MILLIONS…….. AND THE MILLIONNNSSSS…. Of The Gawds fans! That’s what I’m gonna do! Then The Gawd is gonna do this, The Gawd will take every risk there IS to take to make sure HRDO smells what I’m cookin’, too bad the only way he’ll be able to smell a damned thing is through a breathing machine! The Gawd says this, Pain for Pride.. WOOOOOOOO Pain for Pride is gonna be the 2nd highlight of my life! first time was getting my first piece of pussy! When The Gawd Whoops HRDO’s candy ass… ALL OVER MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!….

Mr DEDEDE: The Gawd will admit, we’ve been at each others throats! LITERALLY! But The Gawd is gonna finish this off, And The Gawd is gonna finish HRDO off right now! Tonight! And why? Because i am THE JABRONI BEATING… PIE EATING, ELECTRIFYING.. JET PLANE RIDING… And I DO MEAN.. JETPLANE RIDING!!!

( Camera shows Mr DEDEDE standing in a helicopter over Madison Square Garden )

Stew-O: OH MY GOD!


*DEDEDE throws down a rope/ladder attached to the Helicopter*

Mr DEDEDE: WHAT THE GAWD!!!!!! … IS!!!! …. COOKIN!!!!

( We cut inside the arena, and the crowd cheers as they see DEDEDE standing in the rafters. DEDEDE descends from a harness but appears to slide down a rope-ladder for theatrics, and he lands at the top of the ramp before an impressed audience which cues his music. Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as he taunts his way down the ramp )

Announcer: This Grudge Match is Scheduled for one fall! FIRST, making his way to the ring! From Miami, Florida, Weighing in at 270 Pounds….. MISTEEEEEEEEER DEDEDE!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Here comes The Self proclaimed Gawd! Making his way to the ring! And Some believe that he just may BE a Gawd! But if DEDEDE wins this battle, He won’t only be called Gawd, but he will have as much credibility to the wrestling world as a titan would have to the mythical world! Titans are above even Gods, and if DEDEDE wins, you’d better believe his legacy goes down with the titans as well!

( DEDEDE’s music continues playing as He raises his arm to the crowd, until a HUGE explosion shoots up from the stage and the turnbuckles. DDD jumps back because he is startled. )

( HRDO’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out with a Rusty Chain )

Announcer: And the opponent, From Orlando, Florida… Weighing in at 260 Pounds….. H-R-D-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew-O: Here Comes HRDO! The Monster that for over a year has decimated the likes of CiC, King and even Crude! And now, HRDO wants to add another huge name to that list! And that name is Mr DEDEDE! But will HRDO be able to pull off one of the BIGGEST matches of his life?? And its not just his life, its his opponent, Mr DEDEDE’s life! How’s it gonna be? Who will walk out Victorious in the 1 on 1 competition? We’re gonna find out as SOON as the Bell Rings!

( C.M Ronn’s music plays as Crowd Cheers as he comes out with a Referee Shirt )

Announcer: And! The Special Guest Referee…. From New Jersey… The CHAIRMAN of the Board of Extreme Answers Wrestling… ROOOOOOOOOONN!!!

Deadprez: Here Comes The Referee of this match up here! Because right now he is NOT The Chairman of EAW, right now he is The Special Guest Referee… CM RONN! And i think i know why Ronn made himself Special Referee! Because Ronn knows that these 2 men with a normal man watching them would KILL eachother! But Ronn is here to make sure that DEDEDE and HRDO dont wind up seriously injuring eachother or someone else!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: Mr DEDEDE and HRDO, circling the ring and Ronn standing there making sure no one tries anything funny. DEDEDE and HRDO lock up and HRDO is already leading in the Grapple, but DEDEDE uses his strength and over powers HRDO, and DEDEDE attempts a Scoop Slam, but HRDO gets out of it and pushes DEDEDE into the ropes, but DEDEDE returns with a HUGE Clothesline! HRDO immediately gets up, and HRDO throws a kick at DEDEDE’s sides, but DEDEDE blocks it and goes for The peoples punches! But HRDO ducks the final blow and HRDO Does a Scoopslam of his own! Ronn exits the ring.. and Ronn is actually THROWING IN a Steel Chair! And HRDO Grabs it, till DEDEDE low blows HRDO and does a Snap DDT! DEDEDE Stares at Ronn, and Ronn is explaining that he’s gonna “Rig” both sides of it! But DEDEDE is still yelling at Ronn till HRDO does a Rollup, and Ronn pins!

1…………2……….. but DEDEDE kicks out.

Deadprez: DEDEDE gets up using the ropes, and HRDO runs at DEDEDE and attempts to Clothesline him out of the ring, but DEDEDE kicks HRDO in the gut, and DEDEDE does a Swinging Neck breaker! But HRDO gets out of it, kicks DEDEDE in the gut and does the Same Swinging Neck breaker! HRDO Grabs DEDEDE, and HRDO goes for An Early Jackknife Powerbomb! But DEDEDE gets out of it, and DEDEDE reverses with A HURRICANA! Unbelievable! DEDEDE grabs the Steel Chair that was on the Ring Floor, and DEDEDE waits until HRDO stands up… and he does as DEDEDE SWINGS! But HRDO Ducks and DEDEDE Swings again, but HRDO ducks and DEDEDE hits the chair onto the turnbuckle. And while DEDEDE deals with the Vibrations, HRDO From behind does a German Suplex! HRDO does another German Suplex, and does the final Suplex into the middle of the ring! HRDO Picks up DEDEDE again and HRDO whips him to the Turnbuckle… and HRDO wants to settle this match with a Running Clothesline! HRDO whips DEDEDE again to another turnbuckle and HRDO does ANOTHER huge Clothesline!

Stew-O: HRDO makes his way to another turnbuckle, and DEDEDE slowly gets up… until HRDO does… THE FLYING CLOTHESLINE! But DEDEDE Reverses into… THE GRAND SLAM!!! The Grand Slam!!! But HRDO elbows DEDEDE onto the side of the head, and HRDO hits a HUGE Boot flat on DEDEDE’s face! But DEDEDE holds HRDO’s leg, and HRDO Falls flat on his back, DEDEDE Grabs both of HRDO’s legs and goes for.. THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!! But HRDO pushes out with his legs as DEDEDE falls to the outside of the ring! DEDEDE purposely did that and HRDO Runs at DEDEDE with a Baseball slide to the Outside of the ring! And DEDEDE falls right onto the Steel Guardrail! HRDO is outside with the Steel Chair, and HRDO nails that Chair into DEDEDE’s gut, and HRDO puts DEDEDE’s head flat onto the Steel Guardrail… SO HRDO CAN SLAM THAT CHAIR, RIGHT ONTO THE BACK OF DEDEDE’S HEAD! DEDEDE somehow STILL isn’t bleeding, and HRDO Grabs DEDEDE’s head and Rams it onto the Guardrail, and HRDO throws DEDEDE’s shoulder STRAIGHT into the Steel Ringpost!

Deadprez: DEDEDE is trying to recover his Shoulder, but HRDO Grabs a hold of his head and rams it RIGHT onto the Announce Table! But DEDEDE blocks the impact, and DEDEDE elbows HRDO in the ribs, and DEDEDE throws a huge Fist to HRDO’s face! HRDO slides onto the ring apron, and DEDEDE goes under the ring to get a Table! But look at this! The Referee Ronn is trying to pull DEDEDE away from the table, because he doesn’t want these stars to hurt each other THAT bad! But after Refusing to listen to Ronn, DEDEDE sets up The Table on the outside of the ring, and DEDEDE goes in the ring looking for HRDO.. Till HRDO Does a Huge Shoulder block! HRDO goes towards the top rope.. and there’s Ronn trying to talk HRDO out of doing this! But HRDO does… A FLYING CLOTHESLINE knocking DEDEDE down as SOON as he gets up! And I’ve had that happen to me before, not only is it painful, but its FRUSTRATING because as soon as you try to win this match, you’re knocked back down! And DEDEDE is crawling towards the ropes to try to get up, and HRDO again goes towards him until DEDEDE throws a Punch another… and DEDEDE does… THE PEOPLES PUNCHES!

Stew-O: HRDO is knocked down here! DEDEDE waits for HRDO stomping away! And HRDO is up… and DEDEDE does a HUGE clothesline, as HRDO actually FLIPS over! And DEDEDE for some reason taunts at the Crowd, when he KNOWS he has to finish off his opponent, if he wants his Status as Gawd to be recognized! And HRDO is NOT about to let DEDEDE do this! HRDO sits up, and DEDEDE stomps at HRDO, runs towards the Steel Chair, and when he tries to SWING it at HRDO… HRDO counter acts with a HUGE boot into DEDEDE”s Chair that runs RIGHT into his face! DEDEDE is running back to the turnbuckle, trying to relax and rest and heal himself… but DEDEDE THROWS his arm at DEDEDE and Goes for.. THE TOP ROPE CHOKESLAM!!! But DEDEDE Rakes HRDO’s eye and puts HRDO onto the Turnbuckle! And DEDEDE puts HRDO on top of the Turnbuckle… and DEDEDE goes for… A HUGE SUPERPLEX!!!! As BOTH HRDO AND DEDEDE are down! ( Instant replay shows how HRDO pushed DEDEDE during the suplex ) Ronn is in SHOCK! And Both men are knocked down, but HRDO is able to cover DEDEDE! And Ronn pins!

1……………….2………………….. but DEDEDE just BARELY raises a shoulder!

Deadprez: HRDO slowly gets up, and HRDO goes towards that Top Rope… and HRDO attempts…. A DIVING HEADBUTT!!!! HRDO wants to FINISH DEDEDE earlier than i THOUGHT he would in this match, but DEDEDE barely Rolls out of the way! And HRDO lands FLAT on his forehead as you can see it slightly bruised! DEDEDE slowly gets up, and DEDEDE Grabs HRDO and presses him towards the Ring Ropes.. and DEDEDE does a HUGE knife edge chop! And DEDEDE Does 3 more, whips HRDO to the ropes and DEDEDE does a spine buster!!! HRDO Crashes Straight into the middle of the ring! And DEDEDE covers! 1……………..2……………….. but HRDO kicks out! DEDEDE stomps away, taunting at HRDO… and HRDO gets up… as DEDEDE goes for THE GRAND SLAM!!! But HRDO reverses and lifts DEDEDE for…. The Samoan Drop!!! A move that BOTH of these men share! HRDO rolls out of the ring, and HRDO Grabs.. THE STEEL STEPS!!! And HRDO goes on the apron and throws those steps into the middle of the ring! HRDO picks up The Steps in the ring.. and HRDO tries to ram it STRAIGHT into DEDEDE’s head! But DEDEDE does a Drop Toe Hold.. as HRDO falls STRAIGHT into the turnbuckle, and his face rams RIGHT into the Steel Steps! As Blood comes pouring out of his mouth!

Stew-O: My God! HRDO’s been busted open on the forehead too! And DEDEDE Grabs HRDO into the middle of the ring, and stomps away at HRDO’s hurt body on the ground! DEDEDE Grabs HRDO’s legs once more, and DEDEDE attempts… A SHARPSHOOTER! A SHARPSHOOTER!!! And DEDEDE LOCKS IT IN!!! HRDO is trying to fight out of it! And DEDEDE is screaming louder than HRDO is! And ive never even HEARD HRDO, in my LIFE Scream out of pain! But DEDEDE is making that happen with that Sharpshooter! And DEDEDE wants to make SURE HRDO taps out to that one! HRDO is ALMOST at the ropes, as Ronn is watching closely, and HRDO GRABS The Ropes! But DEDEDE is STILL locking it in! And Ronn tries to pull DEDEDE off of HRDO, and DEDEDE pushes Ronn straight into the ropes! And LOOK AT THIS, RONN RUNS AT DEDEDE AND DOES A SHINING WIZARD!!! Ronn is NOT playing any games right now! WHAT kind of Referee is THAT!?

Deadprez: DEDEDE was only taking advantage!

Stew-O: DEDEDE is up, and DEDEDE grabs HRDO’s legs again and attempts ANOTHER Sharpshooter!!! But HRDO pushes DEDEDE off and DEDEDE lands on the ring Apron! HRDO’s legs, mostly knee’s are most likely ACHING, and HRDO goes up to DEDEDE and attempts a HUGE uppercut! But DEDEDE Shoulder blocks HRDO, and DEDEDE attempts to suplex HRDO to the outside, where the TABLE is! But HRDO is fighting out of it and attempts to Suplex DEDEDE over the ropes and into the middle of the ring! But DEDEDE reverses again and goes for ANOTHER suplex! And THIS TIME HE HITS IT! AS HRDO CRASHES STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE HERE!!!!!!!! Both men are laid out at the side of the ring! As Ronn is watching both men get up, DEDEDE is the first to throw a punch, and DEDEDE grabs HRDO’s head and rams it right onto the ringpost! And DEDEDE puts HRDO into the ring, but has HRDO’s head sticking out of the apron! DEDEDE elbows HRDO STRAIGHT in the throat, and lifts HRDO’s head and drops it onto the Ring Apron! And slides him back into the ring! DEDEDE grabs ANOTHER Table, and DEDEDE slides this one into the ring! DEDEDE sets up the Table and DEDEDE puts HRDO over The Table! DEDEDE climbs the top rope, and DEDEDE GOES FOR…. THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!!!!!!!! BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY!!! BUT HRDO ROLLS OVER AND DEDEDE CRASHES THRU THE TABLE!!!

Deadprez: DEDEDE is holding his Stomach that took the full impact of that crash! HRDO gets up, and HRDO waits until DEDEDE is up, and DEDEDE turns around as HRDO wraps his hand RIGHT around DEDEDE’s throat.. and HRDO DOES THE CHOKESLAM!!!!!! THE CHOKESLAM!!!!! And HRDO Covers DEDEDE’s throat with the boot!!!

1………………….2…………………………. But DEDEDE kicks out!!! As Ronn is shocked and surprised here! HRDO puts the Steel steps in place of the middle of the ring… and HRDO picks up DEDEDE.. AND HRDO IS GONNA DO THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER RIGHT ONTO THE STEPS!! But DEDEDE Reverses, rolling in front of HRDO, and DEDEDE Grabs HRDO’s tights for a rollup pin!

1…………….2…………but HRDO kicks out! DEDEDE has absolutely NOTHING left! And HRDO has 1 more trick in store!! HRDO grabs DEDEDE, pulls him to the center of the ring and does.. THE CROSSFACE!!! THE CROSSFACE!!! HRDO LOCKS IN THE CROSSFACE AND DEDEDE HAS ABSOLUTLEY NOWHERE TO GO!!! What IS there left!? What CAN DEDEDE do!? DEDEDE is SCREAMING and Crying as Ronn is asking him if he just wants to QUIT! But DEDEDE doesn’t know the MEANING of quit when it comes to this match! DEDEDE claws towards the bottom rope! And HRDO is locking the crossface in even HARDER! DEDEDE is only CENTIMETERS from the Ropes!!….. AND HE GRABS IT! HE GRABS IT! And HRDO is FORCED to let go of this crossface!

Stew-O: But hold on! HRDO is STILL holding it in! And Ronn is pulling him off of DEDEDE, and Ronn throws a HUGE kick to HRDO’s head!!! And HRDO is FURIOUS! HRDO sits up, and GRABS Ronns throat! But AGAIN from behind, DEDEDE does a Desperate Low Blow! And DEDEDE with the REST of his stamina shoulders HRDO’s leg, and when HRDO gets up DEDEDE does a FINAL Clothesline! And Both men are on the Ground, and they have absolutley NOTHING left! DEDEDE gets up, and DEDEDE picks up HRDO, whips him to the ropes and DEDEDE does.. THE SAMOAN DROP! And DEDEDE Claps and Taunts to the Crowd! DEDEDE gets up, and DEDEDE stampede Stomps at HRDO… and HRDO gets up slowly.. turns around.. and DEDEDE goes for.. THE GRAND SLAM!!! But HRDO slides DEDEDE’s arm off of his shoulder.. does a Headbutt and HRDO does a HUGE Uppercut! Knocking DEDEDE Down! HRDO goes onto the ring apron and climbs onto the top rope… and HRDO goes for.. THE DIVING HEADBUTT!!!! But While HRDO is in midair, DEDEDE KIPS UP and BOTH HRDO AND DEDEDE’S HEADS KNOCK INTO EACHOTHER AT FULL SPEED! And DEDEDE is BLEEDING! And HRDO is Bleeding as well! DEDEDE SOMEHOW summons enough strength to get up.. as does HRDO.. AND HRDO GOES FOR ANOTHER CHOKESLAM, but DEDEDE throws HRDO’s arm off of his throat.. and DEDEDE hits.. THE GRAND SLAM!!! GRAND SLAM!!!! GRAND SLAM!!!!! AND DEDEDE FALLS UNCONCIOUS over HRDO! And theres the pin!

1………………….2………………………….. BUT HRDO STILL KICKS OUT!!!

Deadprez: This is unbelievable! DEDEDE and HRDO are putting each other at the ULTIMATE Test! And is been 15 Seconds and DEDEDE is finally up, but dangling onto the ropes. DEDEDE waits until HRDO gets up… and DEDEDE goes for.. THE SPINEBUSTER! But HRDO Reverses with a DDT! HRDO picks up DEDEDE… and HRDO puts DEDEDE on his shoulder and goes for.. A Running Powerslam!!! And DEDEDE is planted right in the middle of The ring! HRDO Grabs DEDEDE, and DEDEDE throws a punch, but HRDO Ducks and HRDO goes for.. ANOTHER CHOKESLAM!!! AND HE HITS IT AS DEDEDE IS DROPPED RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! HRDO KNOWS 2 Choke slams aren’t gonna be enough to beat DEDEDE, and HRDO picks up DEDEDE and sets him up… AND DEDEDE DOES THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!! AND HRDO HITS IT AS DEDEDE HAS BEEN DESTROYED!!!!!! And HRDO is INCHES away from the pin!………. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE! OH MY GOD!!! Ronn Grabs HRDO!!!!!!!!! AND RONN DOES THE GTS!!! GO TO SLEEP ON HRDO!!!!!! THAT SON OF A BITCH RONN!!!!!

Stew-O: DEDEDE is up! And DEDEDE grabs his shoulder pad… and throws it STRAIGHT into the Crowd!!! AND Mr. DEDEDE DOES THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN E-FED’S ENTERTAINMENT!!!! THE PEOPLES ELBOW!!!!!!! AND DEDEDE’S ELBOW IS DROPPED RIGHT INTO THE HEART OF THE MONSTER HRDO!!!!! AND DEDEDE PINS!!!!!!!!!!!! 1..2…. But HRDO KICKS OUT!!! After that FAST pin! DEDEDE is at the corner… and DEDEDE attempts to go for the BIG ONE HERE!!! Its been an eternity.. and DEDEDE runs at HRDO with…. THE SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DEDEDE NAILS HRDO WITH THE SPEAR!!! AND PINS AGAIN!!!!


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he and Ronn celebrate )

Announcer: The Winner of This match… MISTEEEEEEEEER DEDEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: This is sickening! How Could DEDEDE stoop so low! DEDEDE could’ve won this match, he had EVERY ability to! And DEDEDE has Ronn doing all of the Dirty Work, cheating his way into a victory! That isn’t fair to himself and Especially to HRDO!

Stew-O: Well Anything goes Deadprez! And that means DEDEDE won FAIR and SQUARE. Just because of ONE GTS, You say our Chairman is the bad guy? That isn’t right! DEDEDE FINISHED the job with the Spear, and you’d better believe the last pin was a FAIR count! And…. OH MY GOD!!!


( Mr DEDEDE’s music plays as he continues to celebrate )

Stew-O: Ya See prez? DEDEDE didnt like what Ronn did EITHER! But Facts are Facts! Ronn SCREWED HRDO, and on Dynasty, there’s gonna be HELL to pay! But right now, lets watch DEDEDE celebrate this victory with his friends and family in the HEART of New York City! Madison Square Garden!

( DEDEDE leaves as music stops and Camera fades to the announcers )

Deadprez: But ladies and Gentlemen… NEXT, we have another Title on the line! And its between the 4 WOMEN of EAW, who have been at each other fighting FOR each others throats! of this 3 turned 4 way title chase! Lets see how it was all panned out!

( SKO vs Alexa vs Jaden vs Jenny 4 way Rivalry Shows )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall…. And is for the VACANT.. EAW.. VIXENS CHAMPIONSHIIIIIIIIIP!!!

( Jenny’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when she comes out )

Announcer: FIRST, making her way to the ring! From Chicago, Illinois… Please Welcome.. JENNYYYY!!!

Stew-O: Jenny since Day 1 has been chasing the EAW Womens/Vixens Championship! And Jenny HAS been Champion before! But Since Cassie Defeated Jenny at The Grand Rampage, The EAW Vixens division has changed rapidly! And even though Cassie and HBKFan is gone, Jenny is STILL here and is STILL gonna fight for the Women’s Championship!

( Sabina/SKO’s music plays as Crowd gives a mixed reaction when she comes out )

Announcer: And The opponent…. From Detroit, Michigan… SKO…. SAAAAAABEEEENAAAAA!!!

Deadprez: Sabina has been a HUGE part of not 1, but 2 feuds heading into the Grandest Stage of EAW, Pain for Pride! First off is The Captain Charisma vs. Rated R Shaman of Sexy Feud that has been rapidly changing from day 1 to month 7! And Sabina not only broke RRS’ heart/trust that he had for her, he won CC the Hardcore Title! And Now Sabina is here, in a fatal 4 way FIGHTING for The EAW Vixens Championship!

( Jaden’s music plays as Crowd Gives off a mixed reaction when she comes out )

Announcer: Next, here comes JADEN!!!!!

Stew-O: Jaden has only JUST been added to this fatal 4 way, Pain for Pride Women’s Title match! And since, which has only been about 6 or 7 days, Jaden has been in great Spirits and is intent on winning herself The Vixens Championship! Will The Underdog.. or… Under puppy come out on top of this one? ….

( Alexa’s music plays as Crowd Chants “Hoemo” and Boo’s as she comes out )

Announcer: And Finally, From Boston, Massechuchettes, AAAALEXAAAA!!!

Deadprez: And heres last but not least! Alexa! Who has told us ALL, on main stream internet, that as SOON as she wins the Vixens title, right in front of us on our desk, she’s gonna take the title to wherever she pleases, and drop EAW like a hot potato! But the question is, will she REALLY win the Title She SAID she would? Or will what she said go down into Scraps? We’re finding out.. RIGHT now!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: These 4 Women are in the ring! And They ALL wants to fight for one precious thing, and that is The EAW Womens/Vixens Championship! And there goes Alexa and SKO throwing fists back and forth at eachother! And Alexa is leading in the punches as Sabina is backed into the turnbuckle, But SKO throws a kick at Alexa’s abdomen, and Jenny Grabs Alexa and does a Neckbreaker from behind! Jaden takes advantage of the hurt SKO, and Jaden throws punches at SKO, does a headlock takedown and does a Dropkick. Jaden picks up SKO, and whips her to a turnbuckle, and Jenny from behind does a Bulldog on Jaden! And Alexa does a bulldog on Jenny and right after it she meets a Springboard Moonsault turned into a DDT by Sabina! And Sabina finds a Singapore Cane on the ring Corner, and Sabina is waiting untill Jenny gets up, so Sabina can SWING the Cane at Jenny, but Jenny does and Jenny does a Back to Knee breaker.

Deadprez: And Jenny does another neckbreaker shortly after on Sabina! Jenny grabs the Cane, and here comes Alexa with a Lou Thez Press! But Jenny swings as the Cane is hit RIGHT over the head of The Attacking Vixen! Jenny gets on the middle rope now, and Jenny is holding the Cane as a sword, and Jumps off the Turnbuckle and Jabs Jaden in the Ribs as Jaden holds herself! And Jenny takes the opportunity to SMASH that Cane over Jaden’s back, and uses The Cane to do a Russian Leg Sweep! And Jenny pins! 1……………..2………………… but Jaden kicks out! Sabina is up, feeling sore from that neckbreaker, and Sabina runs as Jenny and kicks her in the side, and Sabina does a Dropkick landing Jenny on the apron, holding the ropes! And Alexa RUNS at Sabina’s leg, tripping her as Sabina and Jenny bump Head To Head, Knocking Jenny out of the ring! And Alexa leaps up, and does a Spinning Heel Kick, and covers Sabina with the pin.

Stew-O: 1………….2…………………. but Sabina kicks out. And Alexa is stomping away at Sabina, not letting anything give, and Alexa picks up Sabina, and rams her head into the Turnbuckle, and Alexa backs up and does a Thunderous Boot Press on the back of Sabina’s back! But Sabina Ducks and Alexa lands Crotch first on the top rope, and Jenny is on the apron, and SMASHES A Steel Chair over Alexa’s head! And Sabina grabs Alexa and does a Bulldog, as Alexa’s head lands RIGHT onto the middle of the ring! Jadens up, and Jaden throws a clothesline out of Desperation on Sabina, but Sabina Backbodies Jaden to the Apron! But Jaden uses her flexibility, and Jaden springboards off of the Ropes and does a Hurricanrana, and Sabina flies STRAIGHT into the Steel Ring Post, Shoulder To Steel! Sabina is laying down on the apron… and Jaden backs into the ropes and does a Baseball Slide… as Sabina FLIES off the apron and hits face first onto our announce table!

Deadprez: Thats gotta hurt! Sabina’s face planted right on the Table, as she tries to recooperate… BUT JADEN again Springboards off of the ropes to the outside.. and Jaden attempts a Crossbody, but Sabina catches her with ALL the strength the has, and Drops her Gut First onto the Steel Guard Rail! In the ring, Alexa and Jenny are in a fist fight, but As of now Alexa is leading up on it, and Alexa has Jenny backed up into the Turnbuckle, and Alexa pushes Jenny into the Turnbuckle with Shoulders to the ribs! And Alexa throws a HUGE right hand, and Jenny isnt feeling too good! Alexa whips her to the other turnbuckle, and Jenny reverses and as Alexa is running towards the Turnbuckle, Sabina outside TRIPS Alexa as she falls face first onto the Center of the ring! And Sabina drags Alexa to the outside of the ring by her foot, and Sabina grabs Alexa to ram her face first onto the Announce Table!

Stew-O: Sabina rams Alexa’s face on the Apron, throws her into the ring, and Jaden is back up and throws Sabina into the ring! Jaden goes under the ring and grabs a Barbedwire Rope! And Even with cuts on her hand, Jaden slides into the ring with it, and Jaden grabs Jenny, and CHOKES her out with that Rope!!!! Alexa and Sabina are both on the ground trying to recooperate, and Jaden is trying to force the LIFE out of Jenny!! If Jenny bleeds from the neck, she could DIE! And Jaden would KILL to get that Women’s Title, as Jaden TIGHTENS the Grip in that Chokehold! Jaden DRAGS Jenny with that Barbedwire Rope!!!!!!! Jenny tries everything she can to Elbow out.. UNTIL Jaden meets a HUGE Shining Wizard by Sabina! Sabina goes onto the top rope, and Sabina waits till Jaden gets up for a Crossbody!! And Jaden is up… SABINA JUMPS AND CRASHES INTO JADEN AS BOTH WOMEN ARE DOWN!!!! And Alexa is up, and takes advantage of The Battered Jenny, and Alexa throws BRUTAL Closed fists to the forehead of Jenny, OVER and OVER again, as Blood streams down Jenny’s face! And Alexa pins!

1……………..2………………….. but Sabina breaks the pin!

Deadprez: Alexa knows Sabina isnt doing too great after that Crossbody, and Alexa picks up Sabina and does a Scoopslam! And Alexa goes onto the top rope.. and Alexa attempts a Flying Hurricana, waiting until Sabina gets up.. and She does as Alexa JUMPS for the move, but Sabina ducks and Alexa meets a HUGE Superkick by Jaden! And Sabina does an STO, as Alexa SMASHES back first into the center of the ring! And Sabina gets up, and meets a few punches by Jaden, but Sabina controls the back and forth shots to the heads, and Sabina does a Spinning kick, and Sabina goes for a Roundhouse kick, but Jaden does a back bend, and does a Buzzsaw Kick on Sabina! AND Here comes JENNY with a Standing Moonsault on Jaden!!!! And Jenny hooks the legs, and pins! 1…………………2………………….. but Jaden kicks out of that one! Alexa is up and with a Steel Chair, and SMASHES it over Jenny’s back, and Jenny is on her knees and Alexa SMASHES it over her face!!!!

Stew-O: Alexa puts the Chair on the Ground.. And Alexa is trying to STEAL Jenny’s finishing move! Alexa attempt A DDT RIGHT onto the Chair, And here comes Sabina actually HELPING Alexa, and JENNY’S HEAD SMASHES THROUGH THE CHAIR! And Alexa covers Jenny, 1………… but Sabina throws Alexa off and Sabina Covers, 1……………… but Alexa throws Sabina off and Covers, 1……………… but Sabina does a HUGE kick to The Head of Alexa! Sabina picks up Alexa, and Sabina picks her up and goes For The Alabama Slam! And Alexa lands onto the turnbuckle, and Sabina RUNS at her with a Clothesline, but Alexa jumps out of the way and Sabina bumps right into the Turnbuckle! And From Behind Jaden does a SchoolBoy Rollup pin! 1……………2………………….. but Sabina jumps on the Apron and lands a legdrop on the pin! Breaking it up! And all 4 Women are out of it here! They have close to nothing left here!

Deadprez: Jenny is first to get up, and Jenny picks up both Alexa and Sabina, and Jenny does.. A DOUBLE DDT!!! And Jenny HAS the matchup in the bag as she covers Alexa! 1………………2…………………. but Alexa puts her foot on the rope! Jaden is up and Jaden goes towards Jenny, as both women compare punches with eachother, and Jaden grabs Jenny and does a Powerbomb! Jaden sets up Jenny and Jaden goes to the Top Rope for The 450 Degree Splash! BUT WHILE JADEN IS ON THE TOP ROPE, SABINA IS ON THE APRON, GRABS JADEN AND POWERBOMBS HER RIGHT ONTO THE ARENA GUARD RAIL/FENCE! Both of these women are putting they’re bodies on the line JUST to win this Women’s Title! In the Ring, Alexa picks up Jenny, and Alexa is going for The Widows Peak!!! Alexa is gonna finish this Matchup! AND ALEXA HITS IT! AS JENNY LANDS FLAT ON HER KNEE’S, AND ALEXA IS GOING TO PIN!!!

Stew-O: But Wait a Second!!!! Sabina runs in the ring… AND CLOCKS ALEXA OVER THE HEAD With The Womens Title Belt!!! And Alexa is midly Bleeding from the nose, and Sabina picks up Alexa… and Sabina kicks Alexa in the gut.. AND DOES THE UNPRETTIER!!! THE SHADES OF HER BOYFRIEND CC!!!! And Sabina Covers Alexa!

1……………………..2……………………………. AND 3! WE HAVE A NEW EAW WOMENS CHAMPION!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Sabina’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when she celebrates )


Deadprez: Sabina has Won this Womens Championship! Sabina has won the Womens Championship, and has went through hell and back in this matchup, just to hold, The Womens Gold! And Sabina DID it! Sabina got the Womens Championship that she so well Deserved![‘

( Replay Shows the highlights of the match )

Stew-O: And while Many things have happened in the 1 match, Sabina took the win by Smashing That Womens Title belt in her hands over Alexa’s face! And Finishing her off with The Unprettier! Congrats Sabina, You’ve Won Your Title, and I can guarentee ya, You keep this title, itll be MANY MORE Title Defenses to come!

( Sabina leaves as her music fades out )

Deadprez: Well Ladies and Gentlemen we’re gonna need to take a coffee break, We’ll be right back!

( Midsummer Massacre Promo plays )

( EAW V2 promo plays ) ….

( Captain Charisma vs Rated R Shaman of Sexy Rivalry Shows )

Deadprez: We’re back, and We have… The 2nd Main Event of The Night!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is Scheduled for 1 Fall…. and is For The EAW…. HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIIIIIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Akon, Topic and Sean Biggs walk out as They start Rapping )

Sean Biggs & Topic: I’m from the hardknock acedemy
Automatically had to be
carryin automatics sprayin sparatic inaccuarate
Clips to the back of it
barrel cockin it immaculate
Learn to move packages in n out of los angeles
We savages, bustin off rounds
sprayin bannana clips
knockin pills off like Anna Nicole Smith
Shit, I’m in the hood walkin with choppers
Cock em and pop em coppers glauks be talkin like…
blockedie block, block I’ll probly popped hoffa and possibly jus forgot where I tossed em
this niggas obnoxious, me and top got your picture in the cockpit
she wanna pitstop, jus see how the cock spit
these boss’s deposit the profit they watch as we cop it
on top of the ostrich and fox’s
It use to be the lil guys in stress now ima boss where i’m from,
with the last stress on my chest..

( Rated R Shaman of Sexy Comes out with Black Ripped Jeans as Crowd Cheers )

Announcer: First Making his way to the ring! From Los Angeles, California…. Weighing in at 220 Pounds… THE RATED R…. SHAMANNNNN OF… SEXYYYY!!!

Akon: See I know you’ll like my swagger
No strap when i come through
Chain hangin like Ali Baba
Know me, yah Know how I Do
The way that i move nigga (ya never gonna get it)
Cause i’m to smooth Nigga (ya never gonna get it)
I thought you knew nigga (ya never gonna get it)
You aint got a clue Nigga (yah never gonna get it) …..

( Mysterious Music plays )

( Massive Explosions Pan through the Air as Pyro Showers into the Crowd and into the Ring)

( Captain Charisma’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s but noone comes out )

( The Virus’ Music plays as Crowd Boo’s even more when he comes out )

Announcer: And…. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada…. Weighing in at 227 Pounds….. He is The EAW… HARDCORE CHAMPIOOOON… CAPTAAAIN.. CHAAAAAAAAAARISMAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Here Comes Captain Charisma! Making his way to the Ring as His Cold Blue eyes, Meet RRS’ Angry Brown Eyes! BOTH of these men HATE each other, and if CC steps into the ring, World War 3 will come Sooner than what the politicians believe!

Stew-O: Here it is! The Match that both of these men, have waited practically FOREVER for, Captain Charisma, The 4 Time and Current HardCore Champion… Taking on The Rated R Shaman of Sexy, 1 on 1, in what will be known as a SLOBBERKNOCKER! CC and Shaman are both in the ring… And Both Men are trading punches!!!!! Fast as lightning, both men WONT let up here! CC is first to do a HUGE slap across RRS’ Face, and RRS does a kick to the ribs, one to the gut and RRS goes for a Swinging Neckbreaker! And CC gets out of it, and CC does a kick of his own, does an Elbow across the side of RRS’ Head, and CC whips Shaman to the ropes, and when Shaman comes back CC does a Spinning Heel Kick! But as CC is in the air, RRS JUMPS on CC and as CC lands on the ground from that kick, RRS does an Elbow across CC neck! And RRS gets up again and attempts a Dancing Leg Drop, but CC gets up before RRS Can Connect, and Shaman hits The Ground HARD on his leg! RRS is sitting up in the ring, and CC bounces off the ropes and attempts a baseball slide, but RRS does a Drop Toe Hold and CC’s head is sticking out of the ropes!

Deadprez: RRS Goes towards The Ropes, and Does a Springboard Leg drop on CC”s head! As it hits and RRS lands outside of the ring Safely. RRS finds a few weapons laying around, and RRS gets a Shopping Cart, a Trashcan and a Wooden Baseball bat! RRS throws The Bat and The Trashcan in the ring, but When RRS Has the Shopping Cart in his hands on the Apron, CC has The Bat in his hand and SMASHES it in 2, as RRS Falls off and falls Face first on the Shopping Cart! RRS is holding his face, and CC goes outside the ring, and Grabs RRS’ Head, and Rams it RIGHT into the Steel Ringpost! CC goes under the ring, and CC grabs a Metal Baseball Bat and CC SWINGS at RRS’s head, AND THE BAT IS DENTED AS RRS IS NEAR BLEEDING! And CC grabs RRS’ head and smashes it onto the Apron, and rolls him into the ring as both men are back in! CC picks up RRS , whips him to the ropes, but RRS bounces off the ropes and returns at CC with a Spinning Heel Kick in Midair! And RRS attempts to hook at CC’s leg, 1………… but CC kicks out, and RRS seems to now have an idea, what its gonna take to keep CC down!

Stew-O: Neither of these men have ever went toe to toe with each other, in an official 1 fall match up… But both of these men seem to know eachother So Well! And RRS knows that like u mentioned before Deadprez, You GOTTA keep your opponent down, and for RRS, i believe that if u have him grounded, your halfway to beating him! But RRS is stomping at CC, and RRS Grabs CC’s leg and RRS Drags it towards the Steel Ring post under the lowest/1st Turnbuckle pad. And RRS goes outside the ring, Grabs CC’s leg and RAMS it into the Steel Ring post! And RRS Grabs a nearby Steel Chair, and RRS Guillotine’s and SMASHES that Chair across CC’s leg! And RRS Grabs Both of CC’s legs, and PULLS his body smashing his Crotch STRAIGHT into The Steel Ring post! RRS is back in the ring, and RRS Came with a Table that he put on the Turnbuckle! RRS Grabs CC, and RRS puts CC sitting in front of the table in front of the Turnbuckle… and RRS Jumps on that Turnbuckle…. and Goes for a CANNONBALL THRU THE TABLE, but CC moves as RRS CRASHES through the Table here! And CC now has RRS slightly Grounded with the pin! 1………………..2…… but RRS kicks out!

Deadprez: CC is up, and CC is slightly limping, but picks up RRS, and throws a Forearm into the face, and CC throws a HUGE Closed hand, right into RRS’ Temple! And CC kicks RRS into the Gut and does a FaceBuster.. and CC picks up RRS again, kicks him in the gut AGAIN and does a Reverse Facebuster! CC grabs the Trashcan now… and CC has the lid RIGHT in his hand, ready and waiting for RRS to get up.. and RRS gets up, turns around as CC SMASHES The Lid over RRS’s head… BUT RRS ducks and does The Shaman Spear!!! But CC Moves and Throws RRS SHOULDER TO STEEL into the Steel Ringpost! RRS is sitting in front of the Turnbuckle, and CC does a Running knee STRAIGHT onto the Jaw of The Shaman of Sexy! And Captain Charisma picks up RRS…. and Does a Clothesline From Hell, but RRS Ducks under CC’s arm, Grabs CC by the neck from behind, and does a Back to Knee Breaker, and Turns it into a Elbow Slam! RRS puts CC at the middle of the ring, and RRS attempts a Corkscrew Leg drop! And CC gets PLENTY of it! And RRS takes advantage of that damage and RRS grabs a Baseball bat found in the ring, and RRS puts it in between CC’s Legs! RRS Climbs to the top Turnbuckle!!!

Stew-O: And RRS Does a diving head butt RIGHT ONTO THAT BAT, WHICH COULDVE CRUSHED THE GRAPEFRUITS, OF OUR HARDCORE CHAMPION! And RRS’ Head looks little bruised, and RRS goes out of the ring and grabs a Ladder and a Table from under The Ring! RRS goes into the ring.. and CC is slowly getting up, and does a Huge Thumb to the eye! And CC throws RRS out of the ring, and CC sets up The Ladder in the middle of the Ring! CC throws The Table outside.. and CC Sets up The Table on top of Our Announce Table!! And RRS isn’t gonna take any Chances, as He STRIKES CC from behind with The Same Metal Baseball bat, used Earlier in the match! RRS Grabs The Bat with both hands… and CHOKES OUT CC BY PRESSING CC’S NECK INTO THE RINGPOST WITH THAT BAT!!! CC is backed into the Ring post.. And RRS backs up.. As RRS SWINGS that Bat RIGHT into The Head of CC!! But CC ducks and RRS hits SO hard, he drops the bat due to vibrations… and CC does a kick to the Groin of RRS… and CC grabs RRS… Climbs The Table.. and Lays RRS down on the Table!!! CC Climbs into the ring… and CC climbs Step by Step onto the Top of the Ladder… and CC WANTS TO END THIS MATCH EXPLOSIVELY!!!! CC ATTEMPTS A FROGSPLASH RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! BUT RRS COUNTERS WITH THE SHAMAN SPEAR.. AS CC IS HIT IN MID AIR AND BOTH MEN CRASH INTO THE RING!!

Deadprez: BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY!!! CC was gonna take EVERY chance there was, and RRS made SURE he was not finished! And Actions speak louder than words! PRIME Example! As RRS Covers CC with 1 Forearm, 1………….2……………… but CC kicks out of that one! I Don’t know how, but RRS defies Gravity, The Laws of Physics, every match he’s in, and RRS does it all to win what he wants, and Thats The EAW Hardcore Championship! RRS after 12 seconds picks up CC, kicks him in the gut and Attempts an Early Corkscrew Neckbreaker!!! But CC pushes out and RRS bounces off of the ropes, and CC ducks as RRS was attempting a Shining Wizard! RRS turns around.. And CC meets RRS with.. THE FAME ASSESOR!!!! AND RRS Crashes into the middle of the ring, and CC goes back to the turnbuckle to regain his stamina in this 1 fall Matchup here! CC Climbs to the top rope as RRS gets up, and CC does a Flying Shoulderblock! CC bounces off the ropes as RRS quickly gets up, and does another Shoulderblock, And Another! And CC waits till RRS is up, and CC KICKS RRS IN THE GUT AND ATTEMPTS AN UNPRETTIER!!!! But RRS Reverses into a Sit out FaceBuster! RRS and CC are back up, and RRS Controls CC with numerous Punches to the head/face, and RRS backs into the ropes and CLOTHESLINES CC to the outside of the ring!

Deadprez: Both men are out of the ring! And RRS picks up CC, and puts him IN the Shopping Cart. And RRS drives the Cart up The Ramp.. AND RRS GOES TO THE STAGE WHERE NEXT TO IT, IS A PIT OF BARBEDWIRE TABLES!!!! RRS IS GONNA DRIVE CC OFF OF A 20 FOOT DROP!!! AND HE DOES AS CC LANDS HEAD FIRST, 20 FEET THROUGH A PIT OF BARBEDWIRE TABLES!!!!!!!!!! CC has Been CRUSHED here!!! RRS Grabs CC, and RRS Rams CC’s head onto the Exit door, and Throws him RIGHT through it, until CC and RRS are in a Hallway backstage! RRS picks up CC, and SLAMS his head onto the Wall! OVER AND OVER again! And Blood is gushing out of CC’s nose! And RRS Grabs a Chair, and CC Secretly Grabs a chair as BOTH men Smash Steel Chairs into each other! And CC Smashes a Chair onto RRS’ Gut, and RRS was caught off Guard as CC SMASHES that Chair over RRS’ head! CC and RRS are fighting down a hallway, and they go into a room with TONS of Beer bottles lying Around! And CC picks up a bottle.. AND SMASHES IT OVER HIS OWN HEAD, AND CC GETS ANOTHER BEER JUG, AND SMASHES IT OVER RRS’ FACE!!! And CC Grabs a Television… and CC THROWS it over RRS’ head!!!!! AND BLOOD IS DRIPPING ALL OVER HIS BODY!!! RRS gets the TV off of him, as GLASS is everywhere! And CC Grabs RRS as both men are brawling in the main hall!! CC and RRS start fighting, and both men go up a flight of Stairs and enter a door, which leads to The Crowd Area!! CC attempts to THROW RRS DOWN THE ENTIRE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS, IN THE ARENA AT MADISON SQUARE GUARDEN! But RRS Trips CC as he falls FACE first down The Stairs!!! And both men reach the Arena Security Fence! And RRS Clotheslines CC over it as BOTH men are back at ringside! RRS picks up CC, and RRS climbs the Announce Table, and puts CC on the Table on top of it! RRS Goes into the ring, sets up the ladder… CLIMBS IT.. AND RRS DOES THE CORKSCREW MOONSAULT ON CC!!!! AND BOTH MEN CRASH THROUGH BOTH OF OUR TABLES, AS AN EXPLOSION CRASHES THROUGHOUT RINGSIDE!!!

Stew-O: RRS Is gonna cover!!!! 1…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….2…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………… NEW CHAMP!! NEW CHAMP!! NEW CHAMP!!!…. BUT CC STILL KICKS OUT!!! CC IS FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE HERE! RRS and CC are laid out at Ringside! Both men have NOTHING as of now! And after 10 Seconds, both men are up, Groggy and Bloody and Glass torn but UP… and RRS Grabs CC’s head, and RAMS it onto the turnbuckle! And Both men are back in the ring, as RRS kicks CC in the gut… AND GOES FOR THE CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER! But CC pushes RRS as he runs at the Turnbuckle and Does a Whisper in the Wind!! But CC moves as RRS lands on his feet, and CC does a Lou Thesz Press on RRS! CC grabs Something from his pocket.. AND ITS A BAG OF BROKEN GLASS AND THUMBTACKS!!! CC POURS it in 1 Big Pile… and CC waits till RRS is up!!! AND CC RUNS AT RRS…. AND DOES THE CHAMIKAZE!!! THE CHAMIKAZE!! AS BLOOD MIXED WITH GLASS FLIES ALL OVER THE RING!!!! CC COVERS RRS!!! AND THIS HAS TO BE IT!! 1…………………2……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………… BUT RRS KICKS OUT!!! RRS KICKS OUT RIGHT THERE!!! CC Grabs RRS… and CC Grabs a Barbed wire Rope From his pocket.. WRAPS IT AROUND RRS’ NECK AND DRAGS RRS OUT OF THE RING, DOWN THE RAMP… AND CC CLIMBS UP THE PFP TITANTRON!!!!!!! Both men are STILL throwing punches at each other! And CC smashes RRS’ Head into the Titantron! CC AND RRS ARE 40 FEET IN THE AIR!!! DONT DO IT CC, YOU HAVE YOUR WHOLE DAMN CAREER!! AND CC GRABS RRS.. AND GOES FOR THE UNPRETTIER!!!! 35-40 FEET FROM THE TOP OF THE TITANTRON UNPRETTIER!!!! BUT RRS PUSHES CC OFF OF HIM AND BOTH MEN ARE THROWN OFF, AND CC FALLS FLAT ON HIS BACK!! AND RRS IS FALLING AS WELL AS PLUMMETS THROUGH THE STAGE AND MAKES A GAPING HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! BOTH MEN ARE OUT, BUT RRS COULD BE DEAD FROM THIS ONE!!!!! THIS HAS TO BE IT!!!

Deadprez: MY GOD!! MY GOD!! This Match is for both of these men’s CAREERS!! That’s what is at STAKE here!!! Both CC and Shaman are down, and The Referee has no other choice, but to call out the Trainers, EMT’s and Referee’s bringing out 2 Stretchers! CC and RRS are being set up on two stretchers! And both men are being carried down the ramp! And I don’t know what’s going on, but this match seems to be over! Both RRS and The Hardcore Champion CC are being carried out of this Arena! And out of This Match!

(Camera fades back to The Commentary )

Stew-O: CC and Shaman just CANT continue this match any longer! And its DAMN obvious, after taking that 40 foot Drop off of the Titantron! Neither of these men could take it anymore! And RRS promised himself that CC WOULDENT walk out of PFP with the Hardcore Title. But CC instead will be CARRIED out, Hardcore Champion! And What an Explosive match it was, as we have to clean up ringside, And We’ll be right back!

( Showdown Rebound plays )

Deadprez: Ladies and Gentlemen, We are now heading in, to Our Showdown Main Event, Which is The Legend in the Making, Masters, Taking on The EAW World Champion, T.A! And let’s go back, on the simulated months and months of Warfare between these 2 men!

( TA vs Masters Rivalry Shows )

( T.A’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he comes out with Mr. C and Brandon )

Stew-O: Here Comes our EAW World Champion! Tyler.A! Tyler, the man who many say STOLE The EAW Championship on the First Showdown, because he literally DID steal the EAW Championship.. and Than after his break from EAW, returned and Again what many assume STOLE The EAW Championship from HBB and Independant, on the 10th Showdown in a Triple Threat Match! And in a span of 12 Showdown’s, TA and Masters have been at a War for The Very Title, That defines our Company! The EAW World Title! And Here comes Tyler right now, who is accompanied by Mr. C and Brandon, as he makes his way to the ring with a promising look on his face!

( Masters’ Music plays as Crowd Cheers when he comes out with a Sledgehammer )

Deadprez: Here Comes The Germany Born, E-feds Legend in The Making! Masters has been dominant in EAW since the first match he’s been in, and He’s lost his share at his day, but Masters knows Deep inside, that if he wants to EXPLODE in his Career, he needs to win 1 Match, that we’ve all been anticipating, SINCE EAW Returned to become an Independant E-federation! And Now Masters, after being knocked out of the title competition time and time again, has FINALLY had his chance to fight 1 on 1 for the title. Because the LAST time Masters got a fair shot at The EAW Title, was on the First Showdown against Mike Waggz, which Masters was about to win until that very man in the ring, TA screwed him out of The Title! And Masters wants to redeem himself!

( Both men stare down in the ring as The Referee raises the title )

Announcer: This Match is Scheduled for 1 fall…. and is For The EAW… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!! First! On this Corner, Weighing in at 240 Pounds.. Standing in, at 6 ft 2…. He is The EAW.. WOOOORLD CHAMPIOOOONN….. TYLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Crowd Boo’s as he taunts to the Crowd )

Announcer: … AND The Challenger… From Berlin, Germany, Weighing in at 265 Pounds….. STANDING IN… at 6 ft 6…. He is The Legend in The Making… The King of Kings.. The Cerebral Assasin…… HE IS MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTEEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!

( Crowd Cheers as he taunts to the Crowd )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: TA… Masters… Both men circling The Squared Circle for The Richest Prize of The Business! And here’s both men locking up, and Masters throws Knee’s to TA’s Gut! And Masters with his taped hands/gloves, throws a mean right hand to TA’s face, and TA throws an elbow at Masters’ Sides and TA attempts a Reverse Scoop Slam, but Masters gets out of it, goes behind TA and attempts a Bulldog.. but TA pushes Masters into the Turnbuckle, as Masters’ upper body feels the effects when TA runs at Masters with a Clothesline. TA picks up Masters, but Masters is still left on his knee’s, and TA presses his knee across Masters’ Forehead, and Masters trips TA onto the ropes, as he falls neck first! Masters Grabs TA’s head, and CHOKES out our EAW Champion, and Masters quickly pulls back the ropes as TA hits the Canvas. Masters goes onto the ring apron and grabs a Trash Can Lid he found… and TA Runs at Masters attempting to Shoulder block him off of The Apron, but Masters quickly SMASHES the Lid over TA’s head, but TA moves quickly, and Masters misses as TA does a Hip toss on Masters, sending him back into the middle of the ring!

Deadprez: TA puts the Trashcan Lid on his arm as if he’s holding a shield, and TA goes on the apron and climbs the Turnbuckle, waiting for Masters to get up, and TA does a Shoulder block, But MASTERS REVERSES with a Spinebuster! But TA SMASHES that Trashcan Lid over Masters head, before he can Smash TA into the ring! Masters is still up, and TA does a Running Elbow across Masters’ Chest, and Masters is knocked down, he gets up, and TA kicks Masters in the gut, bounces off the ropes and does a Face Buster! Masters is up, and TA bounces off the ropes again to do a Bulldog, PLANTING Masters’ Face right into the Center of the ring! TA knows he cant finish Masters just like that, and TA Grabs Masters’ Leg, and TA attempts a Reverse STF, but Masters quickly kicks out, and Masters gets up, and TA tries to Grab Masters’ Head, but Masters Has The Sledgehammer in his hand… and PLUMMETS IT right into TA’s gut! And TA is bent down, as Masters SMASHES the Sledgehammer over TA’s back! Masters picks up TA, grabs his head and rams it onto the turnbuckle. And Masters sets up TA on the turnbuckle, climbs it and does The Turnbuckle Punches to TA’s Head!

Stew-O: 1………..2…………3………..4………..5………..6………. But TA slides under Masters legs, and TA grabs Masters’ Legs as Masters falls off the 2nd Turnbuckle, and his face plants RIGHT into the Turnbuckle! TA takes advantage, and throws closed fists at Masters’ Face, and TA whips Masters to the other turnbuckle, and TA does a Turnbuckle Clothesline! TA is still not down, but Masters slowly walks off the turnbuckle… and TA finds a chair at the corner of the ring, and TA SLAMS the Chair into Masters Head! Again knocking him down! And TA quickly covers him with the pin, 1……..2………… but Masters kicks out, and Masters is up, and TA attacks him, but Masters throws HUGE rights and lefts to TA’s gut, and Masters throws another EXPLOSIVE Right hand into the Jaw of The EAW World Champion. Masters is backing up into the ropes, and Masters does a Shoulder block, Knocking TA Down, and Masters Grabs TA’s head, and possessions it sticking out of the Ring Apron. Masters goes on the Apron right next to the Turnbuckle.. Runs towards TA and does a HUGE leg drop across TA’s Throat!

Deadprez: Masters slides TA out of the ring, and Masters throws another right hand, as TA limps towards our Replaced Announce Table. And Masters grabs TA’s head, and SMASHES it over the Table, and Masters is Pulling out one of our moniters! We need that! Masters has it out, and Masters is ready to SMASH it over TA’s Head! But Masters RUNS at TA, and TA ducks as Masters his his head RIGHT into the steel ring post, and The Moniter didnt do any good either! TA picks up Masters, and throws him Shoulder First into the Steel Ring-Post! And Masters who is on the apron slides into the Ring, as TA searches under the ring, and pulls out a Broomstick. TA Slides in with it, and TA SWINGS the Broomstick into Masters’ Side, And TA does a Drop kick on Masters, Sending him down. Now TA Climbs the Top rope, with the Broomstick inbetween him… AND TA DOES A MOONSAULT!!! But Masters rolls over and TA Crashes into the middle of the ring! Masters Anticipated that moonsault, and Masters slowly gets up, and picks up TA.. goes behind him and Attempts a Masters Lock!!!!! But TA slides out of it, and does a Sunset Flip, But Masters Grabs TA’s leg… AND DOES THE INDIAN DEATHLOCK!!!!

Stew-O: MY GOD!!! THE DEATHLOCK THAT HAS LED SO MANY PEOPLE INTO DEFEAT!!! And MASTERS REMORSELESSLY HOLDS IT IN, APPLYING PRESSURE AND TA IS SCREAMING, AND WAVING HIS HANDS WHEREVER THEY CAN REACH, DESPERATLEY TRYING TO ESCAPE!!!! But That Pays off! Because TA Grabs The nearby Trashcan lid… and SMASHES it over Masters’ Head, Escaping That Deadly Hold for now! TA uses the ropes for support, and Masters uses the ropes to get up, and this time MASTERS does The Running Turnbuckle Clothesline. And Masters puts TA on his shoulder.. and Does a Running Powerslam right into the middle of the ring! Masters isnt wasting any time here, he picks up TA, whips him to the ropes and Masters does a Facebuster RIGHT onto his knee, and TA is still up, and Masters does The Spinebuster!!! Masters has TOO much Momentum, and TA Turns around, AND MASTERS KICKS TA IN THE GUT.. AND HITS THE PEDIGREE!!!! But TA Reverses into a Backbody Drop, JUST getting out of the clutches of Defeat! TA Grabs Masters, and TA presses him against the Ropes, and throws a HUGE chest slap, and does a Hip toss on Masters.

Deadprez: TA grabs Masters head, and TA does a Rear Naked Choke! And TA Turns that Rear Naked Choke into The Triangle Chokehold!!!! AND TA IS NOW AT THE VERGE OF VICTORY, TA has Masters RIGHT where he wants him! But Masters uses his leg strength… and Masters is standing up, and TA is STILL on him! But Masters reaches from behind, and throws him RIGHT into the mat! TA gets up quickly, and Masters throws a Right hand, but TA Blocks, throws his left hand, Masters blocks.. AND from the outside of the ring, Brandon Grabs Masters’ Leg! And Trips him as Masters falls face first into the Canvas! Now Both Mr C and Brandon Slide into the ring, And Mr. C picks up Masters and does… THE GRINGO KILLAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! AND BRANDON PICKS UP MASTERS AND DOES…. THE CANADIAN DESTROYERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MASTERS HAS BEEN LAID OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING HERE! And TA Covers Masters again! 1……….!!!!………..2…………………… But Masters kicks out!!! Now Mr C and Brandon pick up Masters, And They both whip him to the ropes.. And Masters returns with A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE. TA Runs at Masters with a Crossbody, but Masters quickly Grabs his sledgehammer, and rams it RIGHT into TA’s Ribs.. And rams it AGAIN into TA’s Jaw!

Stew-O: TA is damn near bleeding! And Masters is FURIOUS, as Mr C and Brandon get up.. and Masters stare them down.. AND both men run out the ring, and up the ramp!! And From Behind, TA Does a Devastating Low Blow! But Masters is TOO angry to feel the effects!!!!! And Masters turns around, kicks TA in the gut, and does A Double Undertook Powerbomb!!!! And TA has been planted! And Masters hooks the leg! 1……………2……………….. but TA kicks out! Masters picks up TA, runs behind him.. AND MASTERS FINALLY HOLDS IN THAT MASTERS LOCK!!! TA Has NOWHERE to go, as Masters locks this hold in TIGHT! TA is slowly losing Consciousness!!! And The Referee Grabs TA’s hand, and Drops it once… The Referee grabs TA’s hand… and Drops it Twice… And here’s the third hand.. and drops it again.. BUT TA Breaks the fall, showing signs of Consciousness! Masters applies even MORE pressure to this hold!!! And TA is in SO much pain! And I don’t think The EAW World Champion can take it anymore!!

Deadprez: Masters doesn’t look like he is gonna let go anytime soon!

Stew-O: Definitely Not! And Masters is just trying to Rob TA of his Consciousness, and if TA doesn’t tap, Masters will make sure TA is so weakened, that TA CANT kick out of the pedigree! Masters knows now that TA is weakened.. and Masters turns the Masters lock.. INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! And Masters does ANOTHER German Suplex!! And Masters has TA in his clutches, climbs the top rope and does… THE TOP ROPE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! AND MASTERS HOLDS IN A PIN!!! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KICK OUT! 1………….!!!………2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………3?????? NO! TA kicks out after 2 and 7/8ths! Masters is shocked! It Should have been the END for TA! Masters goes to the outside of the ring… and Masters Grabs… SOME LIGHTER FLUID!!! AND Masters grabs a Table, sets it up outside the ring.. AND MASTERS SETS THAT TABLE ON FIRE!!!!! Masters goes towards the ring.. But TA meets Masters with a Flying Crossbody to the outside!!! And TA is up, picks up Masters.. AND PUTS HIM ON THE TABLE!!! TA goes into the ring, and TA puts a Trashcan in-between him.. AND TA FLIES OUT OF THE RING WITH A MOONSAULT, AND SMASHES RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!! AND BOTH MEN ARE UNCONCIOUS OUTSIDE OF THE RING, NEITHER MOVING A MUSCLE!!!!!

Deadprez: This isn’t good at all for Masters! And TA Slowly Drags himself over Masters!! And pins! 1……………….2……………………. but Masters kicks out!!! TA grabs Masters, and sends him inside the ring, as TA follows. Now TA goes towards the Turnbuckle… AND T.A IS THINKING TRIBULATION!! (Spear) Masters slowly gets up! And Masters unknowingly turns around… AND TA RUNS AT MASTERS, AND HITS THE TRIBULATION!!!!! AND TA HITS IT, AS MASTERS IS KNOCKED DOWN!!!! AND THERES THE PIN!!!! 1…………………..2…………………………… BUT MASTERS KICKS OUT!!!! TA KNOWS What he must do now, if he wants to win this match up! TA taunts to the crowd.. and to himself! TA is SCREAMING into Masters ear, that he is NOT a Joke!!! TA kicks Masters in the gut now, and TA does THE T.A. TWIST OF FATE!!!!!!!! But Masters pushes TA out of the Twist of Fate, and TA bounces off the ropes.. as Masters does a Double AA Spinebuster!!! Masters waits until TA gets up! And Masters does…. THE PEDIGREE!!! THE PEDIGREE!!!!!!!!!! BUT TA REVERSES WITH A BACKBODY DROP!!!!

Stew-O:I thought this was it! But apparently, TA is FAR from finished! Both men are on their knee’s… and TA turns around as Masters hits TA STRAIGHT in the Mouth with the Sledgehammer!!!!!!!!!!! And TA is Busted WIDE open! Masters kicks TA in the gut YET AGAIN! AND MASTERS DOES THE PEDIGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND TA’S FACE SMASHES INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING!!! AND THERES THE PIN!!!

! 1………..!!!!!!!……… 2…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE A NEW EAW WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Masters’ Music plays as Crowd Cheers when he Grabs The EAW World Championship, and Celebrates with the Crowd )


Deadprez: THE LEGEND IN THE MAKING! HAS JUST WON THE EAW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! MASTERS, AFTER 7 MONTHS OF BEING BATTERED, AFTER 7 MONTHS OF OBSTACLES, MASTERS HAS OVERCOME ALL OF THE ODDS, TO WIN THE EAW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! MASTERS, THE LEGEND IN THE MAKING HAS PROVED HIMSELF THAT HE CAN BECOME THE EAW WORLD CHAMPION!!! AND MASTERS DAMN SURE DESERVES THIS TITLE!!!! Tyler, has been a fighting Champion, no matter how much help he has had from the Virus, he has paid his dues, but Masters has TAKEN The EAW Title, From his Wrath!!! Masters has returned all the Sins TA has dished out, with that ONE pedigree! And with the 3 Count, Comes our NEW EAW World Champion!!

Stew-O: Its been Kjors, HBB, TA himself, MvM, DEDEDE, and all of those men have been bad, but now Masters has shown us ALL, that he Can rise with the BEST, and The BEST is HE! The Legend in The Making, The Kaiser of E-feds! Masters!!!!
Deadprez: And Ladies and Gentlemen, The Excitement is still to come! Because tonight.. We have The Triple Threat Match, of ALL Triple Threat Matches! We have The EAW World Heavyweight Champion, JayJayyyyy, Defending his Championship against The Legend Assasin MvM.. and The Coolest Superstar, of The EAW Roster.. Carlito is Cool!

( Masters music stops as he exits the Arena )

Stew-O: Man, What a match! And…
( Camera stares at the Stage for 60 Seconds )

Deadprez: Whats going on? …

( Camera shows Captain Charisma and The Rated R Shaman of Sexy Brawling onto the Ramp )

Stew-O: MY GOD PREZ! ITS CC AND SHAMAN!!! BOTH MEN ARE STILL BRAWLING!!! LAST WE SAW THEM WAS EARLIER, WHEN THEY WERE BEING CARRIED OUT BY A STRETCHER! AND NOW BOTH OF THESE MEN ARE BRAWLING!!!!! RRS Grabs CC, and rams his head STRAIGHT into the Arena Security Fence! And RRS throws CC into the ring, and throws in a Bag of Thumbtacks and Nails!!! Now Both CC and Shaman are Trading Punches! And CC does a Head butt, and CC grabs RRS’ Head and rams it into The Exposed Turnbuckle!!! CC kicks RRS in the gut.. and CC does… THE UNPRETTIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT RRS PUSHES OUT, CC turns around, and RRS kicks CC in the gut.. AND DOES A CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT CC pushes out! And both of these men exchange punches! RRS kicks CC in the gut, and does a Facebuster! And RRS does.. a Dancing Leg drop!!!!

Deadprez: This Hardcore Title match is STILL on! RRS grabs That Bag filled with THOUSANDS of Tacks and Glass!!! And RRS POURS THEM into the middle of the ring!!! RRS picks up CC! BUT HERE COMES SABINA, AND SABINA, THE WOMENS CHAMPION DOES A LOWBLOW ON THE RATED R SHAMAN OF SEXY!!!!!!! CC kicks RRS in the gut…. and CC does.. THE UNPRETTIER!!!! AS RRS’ FACE IS PLANTED INTO THE RING!!!!!!!!!!!! CC COVERS RRS!!!! !……………..!!!!!!!!!………2!!!!!!!!!!!……………….. BUT RRS’ WILL IS TOO DAMN GREAT! AND HE KICKS OUT!!!! CC is SHOCKED!!! CC is gonna need to rely on THE BIG GUNS! CC stalks RRS! And CC RUNS AT RRS as he gets up.. and CC DOES THE CHAMIKAZE!!!!!!! But RRS kicks CC in the gut! AND RRS DOES THE CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!!!!!! AND RRS PINS!!!!! 1………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………….2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………… AND CC KICKS OUT!!!! BOTH MEN ARE NOT GONNA GIVE UP AN INCH!

Stew-O: RRS is up, CC on his back and both men are in eachothers faces… blood dripping from their mouths, both cold eyes staring deep into eachother.. And CC IS SCREAMING! He’s on The ground! He wants to get up! But he CANT. A Force has PARALYZED him! His physical limitations FORBID HIM to get up! RRS goes onto the Top Rope! AND RRS DOES THE CORKSCREW MOONSAULT!!!!!! THE CORKSCREW MOONSAULT!!!!! AND RRS LANDS RIGHT ON CC!! And THERES THE PIN!!! THE PIN!!!


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( The Rated R Shaman of Sexy’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he Clutches The Hardcore Title, and Stares Deep into his opponent CC )

Announcer: Here is your Winner… and the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW EAW Hardcore Champiooon!!! The Rated R!!! SHAMANNN OOOF SEXYYYY!!!

Deadprez: 2 TIMES! 2 TIMES! 2 TIMES THAT THE RATED R SHAMAN OF SEXY HAS BEEN HARDCORE CHAMPION. But after 7 vicious months of anarchy, The Rated R Shaman of Sexy, has BESTED his sworn enemy, alltime Rival Captain Charisma! The Rated R Shaman has brought up the END of this Fued! Both men have given nothing less than theyre ALL! Both men have ceased to prove to eachother, that THEY are The Best! But The Rated R Shaman of Sexy proved it! Proved that He is the true Hardcore Champion, of The Extreme Answers Wrestling Federation! But u wanna know whats gonna be his toughest challenge? KEEPING The Hardcore Championship….

( JayJayyyyy vs CiC vs MvM rivalry Shows )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Three-Way Match, where the first Competitor to score a Pinfall or Submission will be the EAW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Cassidy: It’s time folks! It’s time to find out who will walk out of Madison Square Garden with one of the most Coveted titles in the history of E-feds! Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Cassidy, Former EAW Champion, FILLING IN for Deadprez, all for this EAW World Heavyweight Championship matchup! And I wanna make sure that I call this match exactly how I see it!

(CiC’s music hits and he gets major heel heat from the crowd and he walks on his way to the ring wearing a ‘CiC 4 CHAMP AT PFP’ shirt)

CA$$IDY: And here comes Carlito is Cool! This man has never Main Evented a PPV like this before, and he believes it’s his time to shine now, but can he truly do it??
Announcer: Introducing the challengers, First, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 221 pounds, Carliiiitoooooooo…….. is…………… COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!

(Crowd chants ‘CiC SUCKS! CiC SUCKS! CiC SUCKS!’)

(MvM’s music blasts through the arena and pyro rains down the entrance ramp and the lights flash as he poses in front of the titantron before walking out to the ring confidently to a huge pop from his hometown crowd)

Announcer: And making his way to the ring, weighing in at 248 pounds, he is New York City’s own, the UNDEFEATED….. M-v-M!!!!!!!!!!!

SO: This man boasts the most Impressive Streak in all of E-feds, but he has never been a World Champion in his dominant career… will tonight be the night that he finally gets the gold he’s dreamt of? Or will the Streak come to an abrupt end in front of his hometown crowd??

(Suddenly an explosion hits the titantron and fireworks start firing around the arena, then Jayjayyyyy’s music hits and the Crowd Cheers as he walks out to the Entrance Ramp)

(Jayjayyyyy holds his Championship Belt high up in the air as Fireworks continue to explode and suddenly Dollar bills start flying down from the arena and into the Crowd)

(A camera man picks up one of the Dollar bills and shows it to the camera, it has Jay’s face on it and is written ‘In Jay We Trust… Your World Heavyweight Champion’)

SO: The current reigning Champ is here! And he’s making his presence known, with specially customized Jay Dollar bills and a huge firework display! He seems to be confident…

Announcer: And on his Way to the ring, from Scarborough, Canada, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the Longest Reigning Champion in EAW History, and he is the reigning EAW World Heavyweight Champion….. JAY….. JAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

CA$$IDY: This one is going to be a Battle like none other! But who can call himself EAW World Heavyweight Champion after the Battle? The bell rings and this contest has Begun!

(Crowd chants ‘MvM!’, ‘Jayjay!’, ‘MvM!’, ‘Jayjay!’)

SO: The crowd seem to be split between supporting hometown hero MvM and the World Champion Jayjayyyyy…. and now Jay makes the first move, going for a grapple with CiC… but MvM pulls Jay off him and whips him into the turnbuckle, he runs at him and hits Jay with a running Clothesline into the corner. But there’s CiC from behind, putting MvM in a Side Headlock and running across the ring, he goes for a Bulldog but MvM blocks it and throws CiC down to the canvas.

CA$$IDY: Now Jay fires some big lefts and rights to the mid-section of MvM, he whips him across the ring but MvM comes back with a big boot to Jay who falls down to the canvas… and now CiC gets back up, MvM kicks him in the knee and hits an Atomic Drop, he bounces off the ropes and almost Beheads CiC with a huge clothesline! Now MvM with the first cover of the match up. 1…….. 2…. but CiC kicks out with ease.

SO: Now MvM and Jay are trading punches, the crowd are cheering both men on here… but it’s Jay who gets the advantage and backs MvM into the corner of the ring, and Jay hits MvM with one big punch to the jaw, MvM falls against the ropes and Jay clotheslines him out of the ring! MvM has been taken down to the floor at ringside, and Jay goes to concentrate on his other challenger CiC… Jay hits CiC with some Knife-edge chops, now he puts him in position and nails a Pumphandle Slam!! He hooks the inside leg. 1……. 2…… but CiC kicks out.

CA$$IDY: Now MvM is getting to his feet at ringside, Jay sees him and takes a run towards the ropes, he dives through the middle rope and takes MvM down with a diving Shoulder Tackle! And that may be a Huge blow to MvM’s chances of winning the World title here at Pain for Pride, he’s crawling around on the floor in pain and Jay is recovering! Now Jay picks MvM up, he slams his head against the ring steps and you can just hear that devastating impact! And now Jay does the same thing again, he is punishing MvM badly!

SO: Now Jay picks MvM up, he Scoop slams him onto the concrete floor, which is followed by screams of agony from MvM! But here comes CiC in the ring, with a Baseball Slide aimed at the World champ! But Jay catches CiC’s legs, and he slams him down to the floor! Now Jay lifts CiC up on his shoulders, what the hell is he gonna do here??
CA$$IDY: And this time, Jay drops CiC face-first onto the ring barricade! And you can be sure that will rearrange CiC’s facial features! Jay makes the cover on CiC here, and this match could end right here at ringside! 1………. 2………. But CiC gets a shoulder up… Jay continues his attack on CiC, he picks him right up and he’s going for a Crucifix Powerbomb!!! He’s got CiC up in the air to hit this move that won him the World title!!

SO: But dammit, I knew that was coming!! MvM sneaks up from behind and Low Blows the World champion! And that allows CiC the time to reverse the Crucifix powerbomb, and CiC hits a Tornado DDT on Jay, right down to the concrete floor!! MvM lifts Jay up into a Fireman’s Carry, while CiC climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle… what the hell are they planning here?? AND CIC HITS A DIVING LEG DROP ON JAY, AT THE SAME TIME THAT MVM DROPS HIM TO THE FLOOR WITH A SAMOAN DROP!!!

CA$$IDY: I AM SPEECHLESS!! MvM and CiC have just… they’ve just… I’ve never seen double-teaming like that! Jay may have been taken out of the equation completely!
SO: Now Jay and CiC both take turns to stomp away at Jay’s helpless body! Jay tries to get back up to his feet, but MvM stops this from happening with a kick right to the temple of the World Champion! And MvM is shouting instructions at CiC, and CiC is looking under the ring, he brings out a wooden table!! It looks like CiC and MvM are going to do even more damage to Jayjayyyyy!
CA$$IDY: CiC picks up the table and he climbs over the ring barricade, he walks down the side of the crowd and sets it up near EAW’s technical equipment… he comes back to ringside, now he and MvM drag Jayjayyyyy’s body up the entrance ramp… and I think I have an idea of what they’re about to try!

SO: MvM and CiC pick up Jayjayyyyy, no don’t do this!! You may be putting Jay’s career…. no no no, his Life!! At risk here! They’re gonna throw him!


CA$$IDY: The odds are stacked in MvM’s favor here! But now he’s just gotta show how professional he is, and finish off the match to become our new Champion, just like he guaranteed!

CA$$IDY: MvM just made the ultimate sacrifice! He thought what he had done had won him the match for sure, but it backfired COMPLETELY as CiC landed on top of the World Champion!! And for that senior official referee, Cyril Punnoose, it’s probably the end of his career!
SO: Here comes a brand new referee, as the old one is quickly taken away on a stretcher… the new ref checks on all 3 men, because neither of them are moving!

(Crowd: ‘MvM! MvM! MvM! MvM! MvM! MvM! MvM! MvM!’ ‘Let’s go Jayjay! Let’s go Jayjay!’)

CA$$IDY: It’s CiC who seems to be making the 1st move here… he Slowly, Slowly, crawls to his feet, but he’s barely able to stand as he takes some time to recuperate… now MvM is moving, but CiC picks him up and throws him over the barricade and back to ringside. CiC climbs over the barricade, he slides MvM into the ring and now climbs to the top rope himself…. MvM stands up, and CiC hits a flying Cross Body which he follows up with a pinfall! 1……. 2….. but MvM rolls over and lifts CiC up, he hits a nicely executed Backbreaker! Now MvM takes the protective covering off the turnbuckle, and he wraps it around CiC’s throat!!

SO: MvM is choking the holy hell out of CiC here, CiC looks like he’s fading! CiC’s eyes are going back in his head and blood is dripping from his lip…. now MvM stops choking him out, he poses, and the crowd respond with a very mixed reaction! MvM stares down at CiC as he coughs up blood and holds his throat in pain…. MvM is stalking his prey here! He’s ready to hit the M….. K…..

CA$$IDY: But I didn’t see Jay there! Jay is up, he jumps right into the ring and he seems to have discovered an inner strength, as he fires quick punches at MvM, who is unable to hit back! Jay Irish whips MvM against the ropes, and now Jay hits a Back Body Drop! BUT MVM GETS RIGHT BACK UP AND HITS THE MKO OUT OF NO-WHERRRE!!!!
SO: JAY IS OUT OF THIS!!! Now CiC gets up, he hits an enziguri kick to the back of MvM’s head! MvM falls down and CiC quickly jumps right on top of Jay for the cover!!! WILL THIS BE ENOUGH!??

1………………………………… 2…………………………………………………. NOOOO!!! JAY GETS A SHOULDER UP RIGHT ON THE COUNT OF 3!!!

CA$$IDY: But CiC is gonna waste no time on arguing with the ref, since that was INCREDIBLY CLOSE!! He picks the World Champion up, AND CIC WITH THE BACKSTABBER! NO, JAY SEES IT COMING AND MAKES A CRUCIAL REVERSAL!


SO: CiC just took a page out of MvM’s book, with a huge and painful kick to the face! And CiC falls down on top of the World Champion Jayjayyyyy, who isn’t moving! IT’S A COVER!!!

1………………………… 2……………………….. 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! CIC WINS IT! CIC WINS IT! CIC IS THE WORLD…. CIC IS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

(CiC’s music plays as MvM and Jay lie on the canvas knocked out, while CiC looks shocked as he grabs the EAW World Heavyweight title belt)

Announcer: The winner of this match, and YOUR NEW……. E.A.W. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! CARLITO……………. IS………….. COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!


(CiC poses on the turnbuckle and holds his championship high up in the air proudly as an outstanding firework display goes off above him and around the arena)

CA$$IDY: Dreams do come true at Pain for Pride! We’ve witnessed the end of the longest title reign in EAW history, and this is a new era for Dynasty! Carlito is Cool is… the EAW Heavyweight CHAMPION!!!!!! Unbelievable…

( WWEfan’s music plays as he comes out on the stage and signals that he is on the Hunt for The Title )

Stew-O: Thank you for being with us, At the pinnacle of E-feds! We’ve seen Title Defenses! We’ve seen rivalries ended, we’ve seen careers BORN! And Legends made!!! And This has Been… PAIN-FOR-PRIDE! Thank you everybody! And Goodnight! I’m Stew-O

Ca$$idy: And Im Cassidy! And we’re signing off!

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

Grand Rampage (2008)

Midsummer Massacre (2008)