Osamu Arcichida

Osaka’s Greatest

Osaka’s Greatest’, Osamu Arcichida, is no stranger to the business of wrestling. Fighting his way to the top through the ranks of wrestling in Japan, he always dreamed of making it to EAW. He did. But he never made it to the main roster… instead fighting in the supposed ‘B-league’ of EAW, NEO. After disappearing to wrestle once again in Japan, ashamed of his several losses in EAW and shunned as a Midcard worker. After his youngest brother’s death, Osamu vowed to change his attitude about the wrestling business. Instead of shunning the fans of wrestling, instead of disrespecting the business, he would welcome support and he would learn from the industry veterans. Osamu would use this new found attitude to take EAW and Voltage by force.

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Lethal Consequences

Xander Payne