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Ms. Extreme

The Red Queen

A serious and demented woman who has let the years of watching her sisters’ success consume her on the inside. As she watched Women’s Wrestling evolve in front of her, she feels resentment for not playing as big of a part as she wanted too. She does not make friends and her deranged attitude can sometimes be her downfall. Ms. Extreme has taken a break from wrestling due to her back injury and five years later, she is ready to face her fear and take the wrestling world once again. She is ready to create her own revolution and revolt (get it?) what people think they want to see in a female wrestler. She wants to continue the legacy she was in the process of building. She may or may not play nice, but that’s all up to how you approach her.

Updated as of 4/24/18: Ms. Extreme has embraced the reputation as a woman who doesn’t like to listen to authority figures. Still, as someone that dances to their own beat of a drum, she wants to begin where she left off before her horrid injury–fighting men. She does not like to color inside the lines and tends to be unpredictable about what she wants to do next. There is no knowing what she is going to say or do, but it is going to be something that the crowd will either love or hate. She believes in accomplishing something huge, it will big a huge slap to the high uppers that she accuses of holding her back. So, you will always see her seizing her opportunities.

She has loyalty to a few people: her sisters, her tag partner and any close friends that she allows her trust towards. So, everyone else will be an enemy unless they have something that she can benefit from.

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