Ms. Extreme

The Red Queen

Known as the “red-headed stepchild” of her family, Camille Jane Ava, or mostly known by the ring name, Ms. Extreme, made it known that she danced to the own beat of her drum. Much different from Cameron and Consuela, Camille made her way in the independent wrestling scene without the intention of pleasing others. As much as wrestling bookers resented her (and vowing that she would never wrestle in their promotion again), they kept inviting her back to compete because they saw the attraction that the redhead brought to their promotion. They saw that her stubborn and demanding attitude was effective as she was able to perform and steal the show wherever she fought. Her ability to brush off intimidating and shit-talking competition is something that pisses off people, but it’s hilarious to her. She no-sells the intimidating from any of her opponents and almost thinks of it as a joke because she’s not scared of it. She built different.

Outside of her “I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck” demeanor, she has a heart of gold and if anyone messes with her family, she will murder you and make you her bitch. She values the importance of her family. Despite her alignment, she always has her sisters’ backs (ex. Cameron Ella Ava, Consuela Rose Ava, and Candice Blair) or those associated with her family (ex. Jamie O’Hara; despite how much of a nincompoop he can be and Terry Chambers; despite trying to get him to unblock her). She is someone with trust issues, so it is difficult for her to accept people off the bat. She doesn’t have many people that she can consider her friends (besides Andrea Valentine and Raven Roberts in Season 13). She will be a little suspicious, but the moment you get an ally in Camille, she will beat the shit of anyone that makes it difficult for those she cares about. If there is something that people need to know about Camille is that she’ll always be loyal to her family despite the disagreements and differences that she may have with them.

Written by Fight Grid

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