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Most Valuable Elitist #261

Rising Star of the Week

Candice Blair

Rising Star of the Week for this week was Candice Blair! This week on Voltage Candice had a very important match against Kensingten Calhoun-Astor, as her winning would mean Lisa Wren would finally be free from her imprisonment. In the end Candice did manage to capture the victory, and thanks to her Lisa Wren may finally have the opportunity to return to Voltage. Congratulations to Candice Blair and Lisa Wren!

Beef of the Week

Andre Walker vs Limmy Monaghan vs The Visual Prophet

This week’s Beef of the Week goes to Dynasty’s triple threat match between the Visual Prophet, PURE Champion Limmy Monaghan, and New Breed Champion Andre Walker. With two current Champions and a former World Heavyweight Champion this match was bound to be great, and in the end as expected it delivered. All three Elitists put a lot into this match, and both Andre Walker and Limmy Monaghan had the opportunity to capture a huge victory all while the Visual Prophet continued to prove just how amazing he is.

Show of the Week


Show of the Week for this week was without a doubt Voltage! This week Voltage had a huge show, featuring multiple brand versus brand matches. In the end this show had much more to deliver, such as a match to determine Lisa Wren’s fate, and a huge EAW Championship match in the main event between Minerva and Terry Chambers. We even got confirmation of a National Elite Championship match between TLA and Myles! This was one huge show, and definitely deserving of Show of the Week.

Match of the Week

Terry Chambers vs Minerva

Match of the Week this week goes to Voltage’s main event, the EAW Championship match between Minerva and the Champion, Terry Chambers. These two have history with each other and there’s no doubt that this was a free-per-view main event worthy match. These two had an incredible Championship match, and in the end it looked like we might have seen a new Champion being crowned but Raven Roberts would interfere and have the match called off, creating a shocking ending to one fantastic match. 

Promoer of the Week

The Visual Prophet

Promoer of the Week for this week is the former World Heavyweight Champion, the Visual Prophet! His match against Andre Walker and Limmy Monaghan was this week’s Beef of the Week because of how fantastic everyone’s promos were in that match, but the Visual Prophet this week showed everyone why he had such a good 2020, and why his 2021 may just go the same way. His promos throughout the week were fantastic, and he made sure to show both Andre Walker and Limmy Monaghan that there really is nobody like the Visual Prophet.

Champion of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Most Valuable Elitist

Jack Ripley

Champion of the Week and Most Valuable Elitist for this week is Showdown’s Answers World Champion, Jack Ripley! On Showdown Jack would defend his Answers World Championship against Harlow Reichert in a match previously confirmed, and in the end Jack would come out victorious in a fantastic match just before learning that he’d be facing King Kass at Under Siege for his Championship! This is a huge match, but in the end Jack was able to end Showdown standing tall after his Championship defense, so congratulations Jack Ripley!

Written by John Helms

Showdown 2/27/21

Voltage 2/28/21