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Most Valuable Elitist #260

Rising Star of the Week

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Beef of the Week

Ronan Malosi vs Bronson Daniels vs Jon Kelton vs Lucas Johnson

This week’s Beef of the Week goes to the Interwire Championship number one contendership match! All four Elitists involved in this match had such a fantastic performance, and honestly that was to be expected knowing what was on the line. It was only the week after King of Elite, but with a big Championship opportunity on the line you could expect four Elitists like Ronan Malosi, Bronson Daniels, Jon Kelton and Lucas Johnson to all show up. Amazing performance by all four men!

Show of the Week


Show of the Week for the first week after King of Elite goes to Dynasty! All three brands had big matches from contendership matches to Champion versus Champion matches, but Dynasty had just as much to bring to the table this week. From the Visual Prophet’s return to in ring competition on weekly shows, to the PURE and World Heavyweight Championship matches, all of these matches were fantastic. There was also a lot to happen between the Visual Prophet and the alliance of Veena Adams and Charlie Marr, the aftermath of Mr. DEDEDE’s last two losses, and the show would end with Xander Payne standing tall, sending a message to the World Champion. This was a great show and a fantastic way to get back on track following a successful King of Elite!

Match of the Week

Lethal Consequences vs Harper Lee

Match of the Week this week goes to the World Heavyweight Championship match between Harper Lee and the Champion himself, Lethal Consequences. This was a great match, and while it was bound to be an uphill battle from the start for the challenger, this match would end in controversy following the referee being knocked out. Xander Payne would make an appearance, powerbombing both competitors before putting Lethal Consequences on top of Harper. This was a great match all around even with the surprising finish, fitting for a World Championship match.

Promoer of the Week

Ronan Malosi

This week’s Rising Star of the Week and Promoer of the Week goes to the new number one contender for the Interwire Championship, Ronan Malosi! After winning such a match against three other Elitists who had such a good performance there was no doubt that Ronan deserved to be Rising Star of the Week, but his promos throughout the week showed us all why he deserved to be number one contender. Ronan Malosi is no fan favorite in EAW, but this is a week where he really showed out and that’s something that can’t be denied. Congratulations Ronan Malosi!

Champion of the Week

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Most Valuable Elitist

Darcy May Morgan

After winning another one of the most competitive matches of the week against another one of Voltage’s many Champions in Hikari Kanno, there’s no doubt that Darcy May Morgan was this week’s Champion of the Week as well as Most Valuable Elitist. After cashing in successfully to become the Universal Women’s Champion, Darcy May Morgan had a tough task ahead of her on Voltage as she’d go up against one half of one of the fastest rising tag teams in the company. Hikari Kanno and Darcy May Morgan had a fantastic match, but after Hikari’s plan to use her Unified Tag Team Championship against Darcy went wrong, the Universal Women’s Champion was able to get the victory to close out Voltage. Congratulations to Darcy May Morgan!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 2/21/21

Dynasty 2/26/21