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Most Valuable Elitist #258

Rising Star of the Week


The Rising Stars of the Week were both MITSUBACHI and Adam Lucas! Ahead of their upcoming King of Elite match against Insurgency, these two captured a big victory as they managed to defeat the Unified Tag Team Champions, the Realm. This was only their second match as a team, so a win like this is huge for Adam and MITSUBACHI, and is without a doubt a sign for great things to come. Good luck at King of Elite, and congratulations!

Beef of the Week


This week’s Beef of the Week goes to the tag team match between IDOL-GUN and MASOCHISTxMANIFEST. These are two experienced teams going at it, and of course these four Elitists managed to deliver. IDOL-GUN are still relatively new to the scene, but in a short amount of time they’ve proven themselves to be two extremely talented individuals. Not much else needs to be said about Myles and Minerva knowing how much they’ve accomplished by now, but once again these two proved just how good they are together. What a great performance by both teams.

Show of the Week


Show of the Week for this week was Dynasty. The show started off big, as it was revealed that the Visual Prophet would face Impact at King of Elite, but the show only kept getting better from there. Mr. DEDEDE would challenge Andre Walker to possibly the biggest New Breed Championship match of all time, and the show would feature a huge Champion versus Champion match between Dynasty’s two World Champions. All in all this was a fantastic show on the road to King of Elite. 

Match of the Week

TLA & Drake King vs Jake Smith & Consuela Rose Ava

Match of the Week for this week was Voltage’s main event match between the team of TLA and Drake King versus the team of Jake Smith and Consuela Rose Ava. From the start this wasn’t expected to be like any other match, and this was proven as Drake would abandon TLA late into the match. In the end TLA would still fight valiantly, and while his numbers disadvantage got to him, this was still a great way to close out Voltage. 

Promoer of the Week

Hikari Kanno & Miku Sakai (IDOL-GUN)

Much like Rising Star of the Week, Promoer of the Week couldn’t just go to one person this week. Instead, it’s going to two as our Promoers of the Week are Hikari Kanno and Miku Sakai, better known as IDOL-GUN! Starting off the week with a fantastic promo as a team, IDOL-GUN continued their streak of great showings, even if they didn’t actually capture the victory on Voltage. Their promos alone have been something to be proud of, and hopefully these two are able to keep up the great work heading into King of Elite.

Champion of the Week

Lethal Consequences

Champion of the Week for this week is Dynasty’s World Heavyweight Champion and the winner of Dynasty’s Champion versus Champion match, Lethal Consequences. It may not have been a clean victory, but on Dynasty Lethal Consequences managed to put away Serena Bennett, the Universal Women’s Champion. Regardless of how this happened, that’s a huge victory and a great way to gain momentum heading into King of Elite. Things are definitely looking good for Lethal Consequences after that win, congratulations!

Most Valuable Elitist

Kassidy Heart

Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the first woman in history to make it to the King of Elite finals, Kassidy Heart! In the main event of Showdown Kassidy would compete against the number one contender for the Answers World Championship in Bronson Daniels, and she’d capture the victory via submission after making Bronson pass out. Defeating the man currently fighting for the Answers World Championship right before the King of Elite finals is a big deal, so congratulations Kassidy!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 1/31/21

Elitist of The Month – January Edition!