Most Valuable Elitist #249

Rising Star of the Week

Jon Kelton 

Our Rising Star of the Week is Jon Kelton. At Reasonable Doubt Kelton would lose his 24/7 Contract to Justin Windgate, but on Showdown he showed us just how fast he’s able to recover. On Showdown he took on Lucas Johnson in an Extreme Elimination Chamber qualifying match, and in the end he’d be victorious, granting him an opportunity at the Answers World Championship. This is a big match for Kelton and a great way to bounce back from Reasonable Doubt. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

Harper Lee vs SOSA Henderson

Our Beef of the Week is Voltage’s match between the EAW Champion and one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, SOSA Henderson versus Harper Lee. This was a fantastic back and forth that showed everyone just how talented two of EAW’s Champions are, and just what they’re capable of when they’re put next two each other. This was bound to be a great week once two of the titleholders in the company were placed in a match against each other, and they definitely delivered. 

Show of the Week


Our Show of the Week this week was Voltage! This show was action packed, seeing Specialists Chamber preview matches, Extreme Elimination Chamber qualifying matches, Darcy May Morgan finally cutting ties with Drake King, and even a Champion versus Champion main event which SOSA Henderson won, before being attacked by one of the Chamber participants! This was a great show to continue the path to Road to Redemption, and hopefully this type of show quality continues for the upcoming weeks!

Match of the Week

Liquid Swordz (Impact & Mr. DEDEDE) vs Mint Lads (Jamie O’Hara & Ahren Fournier)

Our Match of the Week was Dynasty’s main event, the Grand Prix match between the Liquid Swordz and the Mint Lads. This was basically just as amazing as one could expect it to be. A match between four former World Champions and four of the greatest Elitists this company has to offer fought to advance to the next round of the Grand Prix, and in the end the Liquid Swordz were able to get the job done. Congratulations to Impact and Mr. DEDEDE, but Jamie O’Hara and Ahren Fournier put up an amazing fight!

Promoer of the Week


Promoer of the Week for this week is one half of the team that defeated the Mint Lads on Dynasty, Mr. DEDEDE! This was Mr. DEDEDE’s first match since his loss at House of Glass, and Mr. DEDEDE’s proven just how quickly he’s able to bounce back from even the most painful losses. This week he put out another amazing week of promos that you can only expect from EAW’s Chairman, proving once again how amazing he is at what he does. Congratulations to Mr. DEDEDE, and once again to the Liquid Swordz for advancing in the Grand Prix!

Champion of the Week

SOSA Henderson

Champion of the Week is undoubtedly the man who won Voltage’s Champion versus Champion main event, EAW Champion SOSA Henderson. Voltage may not have ended the way he would’ve liked, but SOSA put on a fantastic performance against Harper Lee and proceeded to capture the victory against her. That was a fantastic showing one week after his last match ended in a double count out. A win like this will only help build momentum for SOSA heading into Road to Redemption, so we’ll see where he goes from here. Congratulations!

Most Valuable Elitist


Our Most Valuable Elitist for this week is someone that had an extremely strong showing this week, Azrael. Azrael started off his night earning himself a spot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, but that’s not all he did as after the main event match he’d make a huge statement as he took out the EAW Champion, SOSA Henderson. Tonight alone proved just how big of a threat Azrael is capable of being. Everyone competing in Voltage’s Extreme Elimination Chamber better make sure not to underestimate this monster, because he could very well become the next EAW Champion.

Written by John Helms

Showdown 11/14/20

Voltage 11/15/20