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Most Valuable Elitist #248

Rising Star of the Week

James Ranger

Our Rising Star of the Week is the man who at Reasonable Doubt became the number one contender for the Interwire Championship, James Ranger! At Reasonable Doubt we saw a triple threat ladder match between three of Showdown’s rising stars in Bronson Daniels, SKA, and the man who’d actually go on to win the match in what some may call one if not the most shocking, yet welcomed moments of the night. Congratulations to James Ranger, as now he has an opportunity to become Interwire Champion.

Beef of the Week

Malcolm Jones & Chris Elite vs Drake King & Darcy May Morgan

Our Beef of the Week for this week is for a match that actually occurred on Dynasty. Despite not being a free per view match and instead being a match for the Grand Prix, the Blicky Boyz and House of Leaders put on an incredible performance and proved that they’re four of the best Elitists not only on their respective brands but in EAW today. Their back and forth was one that will not be soon forgotten, and definitely deserves the title of Beef of the Week. What a showing from these four incredibly talented Elitists. 

Show of the Week

Reasonable Doubt

Show of the Week was for sure Reasonable Doubt. This was the final free per view event before Road to Redemption in December, and what a way to close out 2020’s brand events! At Reasonable Doubt we did not see any Championships change hands, but we did see the 24/7 Contract change hands as well as fantastic matches for the Interwire Championship, Answers World Championship, and more! So much was on the line at Reasonable Doubt and every match took note of that. Amazing show, everyone involved did excellent.

Match of the Week

Ronan Malosi vs Ryan Wilson

Match of the Week was the potential end of quite possibly the biggest rivalry of the year. When we saw that Ronan Malosi would be facing Ryan Wilson in a Chained Fury match we knew what we’d be getting into, and these two shattered expectations. Both men did everything they possibly could to put the other away and proved just what they’re really capable of, and in the end Ryan Wilson was able to put Ronan away, even if he didn’t do so all by himself. Congratulations to Showdown’s general manager, and Ronan Malosi put up a phenomenal fight even in defeat.

Promoer of the Week

Justin Windgate

Promoer of the Week for this week is the new 24/7 Contract holder, Justin Windgate! Whenever he and Jon Kelton are put in a match together a classic is pretty much expected at this point, and this week solidified that. Justin Windgate had to have known what was on the line and what he’d have to bring to the table, because while his promos have always been amazing this week he turned things up. In the end Justin Windgate is continuing to prove that he has not lost a step, and that he’s only continuing to get better.

Champion of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Most Valuable Elitist

Jamie O’Hara

After being victorious in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match, there’s no way we couldn’t have given both Champion of the Week and Most Valuable Elitist to Jamie O’Hara. The name of the match pretty much speaks for itself, and seeing what everyone put into that match makes it even more surprising knowing Jamie actually was able to win that match on his own accord. With a double foot stomp all the way from the top of the cell Jamie was able to retain that Answers World Championship, and at this point who knows if he’ll ever lose it? Congratulations to Jamie O’Hara on another successful Championship defense!

Written by John Helms

Dynasty 11/13/20

Showdown 11/14/20