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Most Valuable Elitist #242

Rising Star of the Week

Andre Walker

At Territorial Invasion, Bronson Daniels had the difficult task of defending his New Breed Championship against both Andre Walker and SEBAS in a triple threat. In the end, he was unsuccessful. After two unsuccessful attempts, Andre Walker would finally win his first Championship in EAW by dethroning Bronson for the New Breed Championship. Andre’s proven to be an excellent Elitist in his first year, and this is definitely well deserved. Congratulations to Andre Walker for his first Championship win!

Beef of the Week

See Match of the Week

Show of the Week

Territorial Invasion

It’s not like there was any other choice, but even if there were it’d be difficult living up to Territorial Invasion. From start to finish this was a show to remember, from the Championship matches seeing title wins such as Andre Walker’s, SOSA Henderson’s and the Realm’s, the Brand Warfare match seeing Voltage win Brand Supremacy, Ryan Wilson remaining general manager thanks to Alexis Chambers and Dr. Bethany Blue, and the Wargames match featuring some of the greatest in EAW that was won by Dynasty, this show was incredible. This event also saw matches like Kasey Kaos versus Ms. Extreme, the Unified Tag Team Championship number one contenders match, and a flag match between Nina Dobrev and Veena Adams, as well as the return of Kassidy Heart. This may have been one of the greatest shows of the year. 

Match of the Week


This and Beef of the Week were extremely difficult to choose seeing what everyone put into Territorial Invasion, but in the end Wargames had to take it. As soon as the bell rang this match proved to be one of the best this year has given us. This match gave us excellent match ups and great moments, and in the end Voltage nearly had it won but thanks to Drake King, Dynasty was able to take the three out before winning thanks to a monumental shooting star press off of the cage by Mr. DEDEDE. This match may go down as one of the greatest Wargames matches ever, especially seeing the level of talent inside of it. All nine competitors gave it their all and in return we got the greatest match of the week.

Promoer of the Week


Promoer of the Week is another category that was extremely difficult to choose, but Mr. DEDEDE takes it after his performance this week. Wargames deserves the title it has for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons is because it truly became a war of words throughout the week and this man is one of the reasons why. Mr. DEDEDE once again has shown us all how incredible “Gawdzilla” is, and in the end he became a big factor in Team Dynasty’s success, taking out Xavier Williams with a shooting star press off of the cage. Things went Mr. DEDEDE’s way, and seeing what he did this week you can’t say he didn’t work for this huge Wargames win. 

Champion of the Week

Jamie O’Hara

Champion of the Week for this week is the man who retained his Answers World Champion against Lethal Consequences in an Extreme Rulez match, Jamie O’Hara! This match was set up ever since Midsummer Massacre where Lethal Consequences won number one contendership to the Answers World Championship and Jamie retained his Championship against Jack Ripley, and at Territorial Invasion they delivered. It wasn’t easy, but in the end Jamie managed to continue his reign as Answers World Champion. Congratulations Jamie O’Hara on another successful Championship defense!

Most Valuable Elitist

SOSA Henderson

Our Most Valuable Elitist is the man who won his first ever World Championship at Territorial Invasion, the new EAW Champion SOSA Henderson. SOSA earned this opportunity by defeating Rex McAllister by causing Rex to get disqualified, but this time SOSA managed to actually pin Rex in a street fight, finally reaching the top of the mountain as he promised he would. SOSA proved many people wrong with this win, and the landscape of Voltage is bound to change with this man at the top. Congratulations SOSA Henderson, this was without a doubt the biggest win in his career, and a win that’ll never be forgotten.

Written by John Helms

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