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Most Valuable Elitist #241

Rising Star of the Week


After capturing a victory in the main event of Showdown against two Elitists he’ll have to team with next week, Maxwell was the best choice for Rising Star of the Week. Maxwell’s been picking up a lot of momentum heading into Territorial Invasion, and at a very quick rate this man is proving that he can be a really big player for the Showdown brand. Congratulations on yet another victory Maxwell, and good luck at Territorial Invasion.

Beef of the Week

Darcy May Morgan vs Justin Windgate

For Beef of the Week, we had to give it to the match between Darcy May Morgan and Justin Windgate. This isn’t the first time these two have met in the ring nor will it be the last, yet just like every previous time they’ve faced they both did amazing. These two have yet to slow down even after their history with each other, and while Darcy has beaten Justin every time they’ve faced in the past, Justin has shown that he can do more than hang with Darcy both in the ring and in their promos. Both Elitists were fantastic picks for their respective Wargames teams and this week they proved that.

Show of the Week


The final Show of the Week before Territorial Invasion has to go to Voltage. Voltage opened up with Drake King delivering his third sermon of the week before being interrupted by an attack from Team Showdown, and since then the show proved to be an amazing final show before Territorial Invasion. This show saw the match between Kasey Kaos and Ms. Extreme being made an inferno match, a fantastic match between National Elite Champion Sienna Jade and Korey Gaines, an incredible rematch between Darcy May Morgan and Justin Windgate, and a Brand Warfare preview match between Harlow Reichert, Terry Chambers and Xander Payne. The show would end in chaos, proving that the EAW roster are just as excited as us for Territorial Invasion.

Match of the Week

Liquid Swordz vs Chris Elite and Charlie Marr

Match of the Week for this week had to go to the main event of Dynasty, Chris Elite and Charlie Marr versus the Liquid Swordz. For the second week in a row the Liquid Swordz proved their excellence as a tag team, but Chris and Charlie put up an amazing fight against the two, which is exactly what’s needed from the two seeing as they’ll be competing in the Brand Warfare match. In the end the match went without a clear winner as members of the Voltage roster would interfere. Despite that, this match was outstanding and definitely deserved the title of Match of the Week.

Promoer of the Week


Even though his match went without a winner, Mr. DEDEDE once again showed just how incredible he is at what he does this week. Mr. DEDEDE’s promos were amazing this week, especially knowing he has very storied history with one of his opponents Chris Elite. As always Mr. DEDEDE’s promos and Gawdcasts were admirable, and if he hadn’t before, this week should have shut down any questions as to whether or not he’s lost a step. At this rate the EAW Chairman will no doubt be a big problem for Team Voltage and Team Showdown come Territorial Invasion. 

Champion of the Week

The Visual Prophet

Our Champion of the Week for this week is Dynasty’s World Heavyweight Champion, the Visual Prophet. The Visual Prophet is heading into a Championship defense against Andrea Valentine at Territorial Invasion, but this week he’d take on one of the Elitists competing for the New Breed Championship in SEBAS. In the end Viz would come out victorious, once again proving how dominant of a Champion he is on the road to Territorial Invasion. Andrea Valentine definitely has a huge challenge ahead of her. Defeating this man has never been easy, but right now he’s proving to be a bigger challenge than ever.

Most Valuable Elitist

Darcy May Morgan

The Most Valuable Elitist for this week is Miss Cash in the Vault herself, Darcy May Morgan. Her match against Justin Windgate this week had high stakes seeing as this was a match between two of the Elitists competing in Wargames next week, and Darcy May Morgan delivered. Capturing yet another win against Justin Windgate, Darcy proved Voltage may have an advantage over team Showdown heading into Wargames. It may be too early to celebrate as this isn’t Wargames just yet, but Darcy May Morgan definitely proved just how big of a deal she’ll be in this match.

Written by John Helms

Voltage 9/20/2020

Territorial Invasion (2020)