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Most Valuable Elitist #240

Rising Star of the Week


Rising Star of the Week for this week is a new member of Ronan Malosi’s team heading into Territorial Invasion, Maxwell. Maxwell would compete on Voltage this week against newcomer Taven Storm and Voltage’s own Kensingten Calhoun-Astor. Maxwell would capture the victory in that match, definitely boosting his momentum heading into Territorial Invasion. Maxwell has shown that he has a lot of potential, if he keeps this up he could definitely do an amazing job come Territorial Invasion.

Beef of the Week

Malcolm Jones, Darcy May Morgan & Drake King vs Minerva, Myles & Ahren Fournier

As soon as this match was announced, it was clear that it’d deliver. This was a match between Voltage’s Wargames team and three members of Voltage’s Brand Warfare team, and after what these six brought to the table there was no doubt that it was Beef of the Week. All six Elitists put on an amazing performance, and if this is what we see at Territorial Invasion then Voltage may have a chance at bringing home a victory in both Brand Supremacy matches.

Show of the Week


Show of the Week this week has to go to Dynasty. A lot went down on Dynasty this week, including Sarah Price being given a week to fall in like with Mr. DEDEDE otherwise she’d be fired, which is what opened the show. This show also featured matches such as Terry Chambers versus SKA versus MITSUBACHI, as well as Mr. DEDEDE making his in ring return as he and Impact faced the Grand Athletes in the Dynasty main event. That as well as matches like Nina Dobrev and Veena Adams’ flag match being announced, this show was a great one as Territorial Invasion draws closer.

Match of the Week

Liquid Swordz vs Grand Athletes

Our Match of the Week this week is the match between the Unified Tag Team Champions the Grand Athletes versus the reuniting Liquid Swordz. This was Mr. DEDEDE’s first match since Pain for Pride way back in June, and there’s no doubt that it delivered. The Grand Athletes put up an amazing fight showing why they deserve to be Unified Tag Team Champions, but in the end Mr. DEDEDE was able to pin Limmy Monaghan, obtaining the win for the Liquid Swordz.

Promoer of the Week

Malcolm Jones

Promoer of the Week this week is going for Voltage’s Wargames team Captain, Malcolm Jones. There were a lot of potential candidates for Promoer of the Week, but this week Malcolm gave us all a taste of what’s coming at Territorial Invasion, and if his performance this week didn’t excite you, who knows what will. Malcolms showed out as usual, and with that said there’s no doubt that he was the perfect choice for Voltage’s Wargames team Captain heading into Territorial Invasion.

Champion of the Week

Rex McAllister

Champion of the Week is the EAW Champion, Voltage’s Rex McAllister. Early in the night SOSA Henderson would challenge Rex to a street fight, and Rex would agree, however that wasn’t all that’d happen in the night. Rex and SOSA would later on work as a team to face Sienna Jade and Adam Lucas, and Rex and SOSA did get the win but not without a bit of controversy. SOSA would be the one to get the pin, but that would only happen due to him tagging himself in after Rex had already taken out Sienna. Despite the controversy, Rex deserved Champion of the Week seeing what he accomplished this week.

Most Valuable Elitist


Most Valuable Elitist this week no doubt goes to the man who made his in ring return this week on Dynasty, EAW Chairman Mr. DEDEDE. It was like he never left as he and Impact took on the Grand Athletes. From his promos throughout the week to his work in ring as he managed to capture the pin for his team in Dynasty’s main event, Mr. DEDEDE helped prove that the Liquid Swordz are very capable together and just might be able to win the Wargames match on their own. After a very successful return to the ring, Mr. DEDEDE proved that he was this week’s Most Valuable Elitist. 

Written by John Helms

Voltage 9/13/20

Dynasty 9/18/20